(i say that with as much affection as possible btw)

Catalonia situation

I’ve seen several posts about Catalonia, and the topic is even trending and I wanna give my opinion.

To be honest, I saw it coming. There’s been a lot of tension for months, and today is just an example of bad choices and selfish people. First of all, for those who don’t know, today, the catlonian government scheduled a referendum to decide if they’re separating from Spain. This is illegal btw, it’s stated in the constitution that communities cannot separate, and that’s what they want to do.

The separation would also affect Catalonia in the werst possible way. Their connections with the EU would break, as much as they deny it, they lose all advantages that the EU has, and their situation would pretty much break apart.

I’m not saying the way the police acted is jutifiable. I’m disgusted by it, and horrified of calling them the spanish police force, the ones supposed to protect us. Violence is never the solution, and apart from hurting properties and people, they give the image that Catalonia has of Spain much more credibility. They’ve just made the flames stronger.

Spain is not like that, we’re not a fascist country as I’ve read people say. Some didn’t even know what was going on! Most of us just want this to end, there’s no point in all of this hate, it will lead to nothing.

What happened today is unexcusable, but what the referendum will go nowhere, it’s illegal, it’s invalid, and the way it was carried out was a joke. People voted wherever they wanted, however they wanted, putting as many votes as they felt like. That’s not the way this should go, that’s just pettiness and people who where taught that the country they live in is against them. Far from it, Catalonia is a part of Spain as important as any, and it’s hate hurts everyone. Today cannot be repeated, ever again.