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Wales's Google Search #22

why do people not appreciate orchestral music


Heathers Week: Day 2- Favourite AU/Headcannon

JD power ranger jokes aside my favourite Headcannons are probably just LGBT Heathers ones (boring I know but I love it) so here’s what I think and you can disagree or whatever

Heather Macnamara- Lesbian 

I think a lot of people think this especially Mcnamawyer and Chandlmara shippers. I’ve honestly saw very few people disagree with the fact that Mac likes girls, it’s basically a fact, and it’s the only reason I’m gonna watch the reboot. 

Heather Chandler- Lesbian

I used the musical gif specifically because I’m still debating what I think about movie Chandler. I would say a lot of people agree because on movie night every time she came on stage, the whole chat just said “gay”. Like come on she had no reason to be like that with Veronica in Beautiful if she’s straight.

Veronica Sawyer- Bisexual

Once again I think like the entire fandom agrees (I’m so basic). She has to be attracted to chandler, like who isn’t? and holding hands with Mac at the end is adorable, but she obviously had feelings for JD and finds guys attractive so ayyy Bisexual Veronica. I also think movie Veronica is bi, like the cute little head rest thing with mac is cute and she like fucked JD in a car so.

Heather Duke- Aromantic Asexual

I used movie duke because I don’t have the same opinion on musical duke. I haven’t saw a lot of this but maybe that’s just ‘cause I haven’t went looking. I know I joke about Duke’s “oh shit I’m gay” moment after Veronica kisses her cheek but in all honesty I can’t see duke being in a relationship, or wanting to be in one for that matter. Dude she just wants to take over Chandler, be a bitch and rule the school in peace, she doesn’t need some other person taking up her time.

Betty Finn- Asexual Lesbian

Finally sweet, sweet, under appreciated Betty Finn, gay, gay, adorable Betty Finn. I love her and idk why but I think she’s gay af and totally has a crush on Veronica but I also think she’s ace, like hand holding and cuddling? YES. Sex? Nopedy Nope Nope.

This was far longer than intended, feel free to give me your opinions on this or other characters.

anonymous asked:

Oh thank god you reblogged that video! I've always wanted to ask this but somehow I forget it every time. Why did Louis say "I think Harry is fucking with me?"? What was Harry doing? What did Happened? And what did Louis mean? I mean, is it like an english expressine for soemthing? Thank you!

yeah, he meant it as “i think harry is playing a joke on me” or “i think harry is teasing me”. i don’t remember the exact context (or if we ever managed to piece it together) but harry was talking to fans asking if they were a couple/on a date at the time.

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You're honestly one of my fave people here. You're nice, helpful and have a great sense of humor. I always look forward to your posts!

I’ve received so much love from you guys today and it means so much to me. I’m sitting here typing with tears in my eyes. 

I always joke about how I can read your mind with my corner-buddy e.s.p. It’s been a running joke here since the beginning. But today, it’s as if you all are the magical ones, because you’ve really cheered me up when I needed it.

So thank you, Precious Anon. I’m so happy to meet so many people just like you. You’re wonderful!

I don’t just type out “I’m happy if I’ve made you happy” as some throw-away comment. I really mean it each and every time I say it. 

You guys are just the best friends that one could have! Thank you!

I just wanna take this minute to tell you how much I love and appreciate you guys. I say this almost all the time like a broken record but I’m serious every time I say it. I have met some of the sweetest people on this website through being part of the phandom and I can’t tell you guys are how much your love means to me. Whenever I’m feeling upset at the world or feeling anxious and depressed, I come on here and talk to you babes or read tabinof or watch dan and phil because all these things bring me out of that sadness.
I’m so grateful for all of you for being so accepting and sweet and I hope to talk to SO many more of you and become pals, cause we need to be reminded that we aren’t alone in times of hardship and to be reminded that we do belong somewhere in this world, love you guys. 💕

Every time I see a Bughead fan say that Bughead isn’t endgame I die a little inside.  Are we too jaded and worn down by shipping tropes that we can’t even consider this couple as endgame as a possibility? I have no magic crystal ball to see into the writers’ minds but I don’t understand why people are ruling it out.  Because of the BAV triangle’s prominence in the comics? Because Kevin said Betty and Archie were endgame in the pilot? Because Archie will get what he wants as soon as he gets his head out of his ass no matter how Betty has grown and changed and developed since the pilot? Because pilot couples (even though Archie rejects Betty) always end up together? Ummm…

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So, anyways, it just makes me sad that fans are already setting themselves up for disappointment when this show is still so new and a whole bunch of things could happen.  And, if the Bughead story goes the way I think it’s going to go by the season finale, I think we should at least consider endgame a possibility.

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Tbh, I'm really tired of seeing K-Pop fans bring up Ladies' Code when anything bad happens. It's like the work the girls do doesn't matter, and they only get brought up in conversation as symbols of tragedy.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This so much. Everyone always saying stuff like ‘omg I cry every time I see lc I can’t imagine if that happened to my bias’ or 'omg I hope xx are alright after what happened to lc I’m scared of car accidents’ ?????????? R u serious ??????? So now Ladies Code invented car accidents ????? MOVE THE FUCK ON

Hi guys! As a way to say thanks for eight thousand of you (WOWIE), I’m going to be doing my very first faves page! But before I give the details I just want to say that I appreciate yall sO SO MUCH!! Every time I get a sweet message from you guys or another person follows me it makes me so happy that people like me and my blog :,) y'all rock I love each and every one of you 🤘🏼anywaysss:

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You should do the "five things i like abt myself" tag thing bc i have no clue as to who to tag and i want to act like i at least tried

fhdgaj ok ok I think I’ve done this before so I’ll try to come up with new things but if not then Oh Well

1. I say this every time but I really like that I can draw it’s my one defining trait
2. mmm what I wear? I like my clothes
3. My taste in books + my ability to read them very quickly
4. My skill at rhythm games,, 
5. My sense of humour I guess lmao


I don’t know what”s gonna happen in season 2, nor does Yakov