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It's 3 months into 2017 and I have yet to see a chelfie from u :(

i’m so sorry babie ;__; my mental health has been terrible AND my physical health has actually been even worse and uhh everything is really bad for me rn so being cute is like the least of my priorities ;n; but you’re so sweet actually wanting to see a picture of me? i’m blushing x99 like PLEASE… i wanna hug you

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Oh lord have mercy I just gave my self terrible(wonderful) angst idea for the Dragon!AU. You know Sucy is part dragon right? What happens if she's a full dragon that turn into a human form like the dragons in Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid with a long life span. In LWA anime Sucy was alone until she meets Lotte and Akko. She really liked Lotte and Akko, mostly Lotte. But she can't get close and have a romantic relationship because Sucy has long life span. But here's the kicker, Lotte confesses first

Why are u hurting me like this


UNKNOWN’S ROUTE - Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC

Just sharing how I got Unknown/Saeran’s ending in the Christmas DLC
I’ve read somewhere that you have to miss all the chats in Day 1 to get the Saeran ending. I tried that twice, it didn’t work. This, however, really works.

1. Get Seven’s route.
- this means you have to get as many hearts from him as possible. If he’s a participant in a chat, it’s easy to get hearts from him. Just choose the troll and hilarious answers and it usually gains a heart from him lol. HE ALSO DOESN’T LIKE CHRISTMAS. He has a terrible past about it or something. So if the chat comes to a point where you have to choose about how u feel about xmas, choose the option that says you’d rather be alone or something like that. The emo one will give hearts from Seven lol.
- if he’s not a participant in the chat, just try to distribute the hearts equally to the other RFA members. You’ll get hearts from Zen if u choose the romantic answers and compliment him (of course). You’ll get Jaehee hearts if you choose answers that tells her not to work too hard and get some rest. Yoosung hearts - Rika obviously lolol. And Jumin hearts - if u try to be as business-like and reasonable with the answers.

2. On day 2 aka Christmas day, you’ll know ur on the right path if you receive a text from Unknown asking you where the event is going to be.
- Tip: save your game before you answer his text about the date and/or location of the event. (see second picture)

3. If Unknown asks you for some information about the event, give him the information he’s asking for. This will lead him to text you more.

4. If he continues to text you and you continue to reply truthfully to his texts, you’re going to get his ending!

On the other hand, if you did not answer his texts asking for information about the event on Day 2/Christmas Day, you’ll get Seven’s route. (This is why i advise to save before answering - see tip above - so you can get Seven’s route without having to go through Day 1 again)

One of my fav parts of the brick is when Javert is like

“Monsieur Madeleine I have to confess… I broke the law… i wanted to arrest u bc I thought u were a criminal but you clearly aren’t and I’ve really offended u so please fire me”

And Jean Valjean is like “nah I’m actually not that offended ppl make mistakes its ok you can go”

“Wait what no!! I broke the law you gotta fire me”


“But I made a terrible mistake I don’t deserve this job!!!”

“It’s okay man you can keep your job literally don’t worry”

“I’ll just consider myself fired and I’ll keep fulfilling my duties until you replace me sir”

“Lmao kay”

problematic parrish
  • gansey: *buys adam something he doesnt already have*
  • adam: FUCK YOU
  • gansey: b-but i thought you would like it
  • gansey: then-
  • gansey: thats the point-
  • gansey: i know adam i am a terrible person pls forgive me
  • adam: *backflips* *punches wall*
  • ronan: lol hey
  • adam: ok i forgive u im fine

Request: i was really wanting a harry imagine about how your first kiss feels maybe both p.o.v. if u want :) thanks :))

– –

Hey, so as I’ve said, my blurbs/imagines tend to turn into stories. So this may not really be what you had in mind, but I hope you like it anyway. - Courtney xo

Kiss Me Kiss Me

here’s to teenage memories…

Samantha’s POV

Harry was my first. No, not that first. And not my first love either. Not even my first boyfriend really, because whatever it was we were doing, I wouldn’t constitute as dating. I don’t really know what we were. Just…friends? Hanging out? Whatever you’d wanna call it.

Okay, okay so I had a terrible crush on him. But my point is, he was the first boy I’d ever kissed.

And what a kiss it was… To this day I can still remember it, still remember what it felt like. I even remember what I was wearing, as silly as that sounds.

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hey I’m opening up commissions to save up for a new computer cuz like it says mine is kinda dying. It sounds terrible and idk how much longer its gonna last me but hopefully long enough. So if anyone would like to help me and commission me I’d be grateful ;- ; even reblogging would be fine

Or if u wanna donate like a dollar that’d be cool too (I use paypal n its y_tech_p@yahoo.com its also the email I use if you wanna contact me there for commissions)

It’s just for a full body and simple poses so I can’t do anything super extravagant but if a character is more complex in design I might up the price a little

for extra characters it’s +$20 for both and they have to be interacting with each other in some way for the $20 to be valid

I can draw furries, ocs, guys,

I won’t draw anything nsfw (suggestive can be fine)

How you dare coming back?

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Featuring: Damon and Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert

Words: 2409

Warning: some angst.

Tags: @vashanatasha

Request: requested by @vashanatasha:

“Hey B. Could u write 16. How you dare coming back? with Kai? Please”

Notes: I know I always say it but I really feel bad for taking so long with the requests! I hope the wait has been worth it and you like it V!

PS: I know I already wrote this one with Tony Stark but since it was requested as well with Kai Parker from TVD, I decided to make it as well :)

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You thought you had found love for once and for all after all those terrible mistakes. Out of nowhere he had appeared in your life, colouring it, making you feel more alive than ever before, making you question yourself about everything. It hadn’t been easy. Kai Parker wasn’t easy. He was a psychopath and a sociopath, a dangerous combination. Everybody told you to stay awake but you just couldn’t, somehow you were attracted to him and, for some reason, he was attracted to you as well. You were like two satellites one around the other until you both put all the cards over the table.

Happiness had never been more authentic for you in your whole life. He was the one, you just knew it. It didn’t matter all the bad things he had done. He was a new man which was something that surprised everyone. It didn’t matter the fact that you were just human, he loved it. It made you two live every single moment like it was the last.

But you didn’t lie to yourself. You knew he had changed, you knew he was better than before, but you still knew he was dangerous. You knew he could hurt many people if someone pissed him off, you knew how much he could hurt you but you trust him and you knew he would never do anything that would harm you.

You were wrong.

He left as suddenly as he had come into your life months ago, leaving you with a hole in your heart and in your life. He didn’t leave a note or gave you an explanation. You just woke up after spending the night with him, he was gone and no one had seen him. He had just vanished. Immediately, you payed the Salvatore brothers a visit. They had always been fighting Kai so you accused them of doing something but soon you found out they were as surprised as you were. At least Stefan.

Damon just told you all the things you didn’t want to hear: he had left you, he never cared, he was mad, a psycho and a sociopath who didn’t care for anyone. He had fun but he got bored and you had to move on with your life. Which you did. It took you moths, crying and pain but eventually you started to go out again, to smile and to laugh. Of course you still missed him, like hell, and you knew you would never feel that way again but your life wouldn’t stop and you couldn’t forget to live it.

“You look good” Elena told you when you two were having brunch at the Salvatore mansion.

“I feel good”, you nodded with a slight frown. “Better at least”, you added with a shrug.

“I’m glad”, she smiled at you. “We kinda missed you around”, you smiled thankfully at her just when Damon came into the dining room.

“Don’t get too excited. She missed you. I never complained”, he said wrapping his arms around Elena from behind.

You were so happy for them. Damon had fought for Elena during so many time, he totally deserved to have her. Maybe he was an ass sometimes but you could see how much they loved each other and, from your experience, you knew that was the most important thing. It didn’t matter what people say. They were in love, they were happy and they had to take it.

“He missed you too, don’t listen to him” Elena smiled up at him.

He kissed her forehead before letting go of her and going to the fridge to grab something drink. Then, he abandoned the room, leaving you two alone. With a sigh, you left the fork, not being hungry anymore.

“Are you alright?” Elena asked.

“Yes…” you mumbled and then chuckled sadly. “Just…seeing you and Damon made me think about…you know” you explained.

“I’m sorry…” Elena apologised holding your hand and giving it a tight squeeze.

“It’s ok. You don’t have to worry”, you gave her a reassuring smile. “It’s…hard but it’s ok. He made his choice”, you shrugged.

She smiled at you sadly but decided to change topic which you appreciated. Talking about Kai was still something really sensitive for you and you rather not thinking about him. When you finished your brunch, you helped Elena cleaning up, ignoring her complains about it, and left the mansion since you had some stuff to do at home.

When you parked your car out of your house, you saw another car parked there that you didn’t recognised. It was a black Porsche you had never seen which was something strange in Mystic Falls where everyone knew everyone. Maybe it was a friend of your father or your mother but they were both out of town so it would be weird. Still confused you got out of your own car and locked it before walking towards your house.

The moment you opened the door you realised it had been unlocked. Since it hadn’t been forced, you assumed someone had used the spare key hidden in the plants. At that point, you were starting to freak out so you took out your phone and texted a simple SOS to Elena, knowing it would be enough.

Slowly, you walked in the house and closed the door trying not to make any noises. All you had around to defend yourself was an umbrella so you took it and started walking further into your home. First, you peeked into the kitchen which was empty, then the living room but it was just like the kitchen. It was time to go upstairs. The moment you were on the second floor, you saw your room opened and immediately you knew where you had to go. You always closed the door of your room when leaving. Always.

Slowly, trying not to show how scared you really were, you walked to the room trying not to make any noise. You walked into your room, taking a deep breath and looked around, feeling how your breath got stuck in your throat the moment you saw the man who had break into your house.

“Kai…” you mumbled, feeling how you could easily faint just there.

He was there sitting on your bed, with his hands clasped together as he rested his arms on his knees. The moment you walked in the room, he looked up at you and then at the umbrella you were using as a protection.

“I hope you weren’t trying to kill someone with that”, he commented pointing at your ‘weapon’.

Slowly, not believing what you were seeing, you put the umbrella down, next to the door but without taking your eyes from him. Four months after he left you completely heartbroken, he just appeared there in your room, like nothing ever happened, like this was the most ordinary thing in the world.

Your emotions were too confused, just like you: on one hand you wanted to go, hug him, kiss him, tell him how much you had missed him; on the other hand, all you wanted to do was punching him, kicking his ass, telling him to go to hell. But you were completely frozen. No words could come out of your mouth and your brain couldn’t form any sentence or any word.

Just when he got up you heard more noises downstairs and voices shouting your name. It was Elena. And of course she would bring Damon and Stefan. Kai looked at you with a frown when he recognised the voices but you were still frozen.

“(Y/N)!” Elena exclaimed running into your room. The moment she saw Kai, she stopped on her tracks, looking as shocked as you were. “Kai…” she said.

“What the…?” Stefan said when he walked in the room.

“Family reunion. Wonderful” Damon sassy voice mumbled behind you.

“How you dare coming back?” Elena asked with fury in her voice.

“You called them?” Kai asked you. All you could was nod, feeling how everything was spinning around you.

“Elena…take me out of here, please”, you mumbled not being able to take your eyes away from the man who broke your heart.

“Sure”, she said taking your arm carefully and dragging you out and downstairs to the kitchen where she started preparing a cup of tea to calm your nerves.

From there you could hear heated voices up in your room. Probably the three of them where having some kind of arguments but your head could even think about it at the moment. Everything was too confusing.

“Here…it will help you”, Elena said placing a cup in front of you before she took a seat next to you. “Hey…look at me”, she whispered trying to get a reaction from you.

Finally you looked at her, not really knowing what to say. She looked at you, not knowing what to expect at that moment.

“What is he doing here?” You finally asked, quieter than you expected. Elena sighed taking your hand.

“I don’t know but…he coming right here…has to mean something”, she said squeezing your hand.

“What if I don’t want anything to do with him anymore?” You asked.

“That’s it?” His voice said from the kitchen door. You looked at him to see him standing there with Damon and Stefan behind him.

“Let’s give them time”, Elena said getting up and walking out with the Salvatore brothers after her.

“You don’t love me anymore?”  He asked.

Instead of replying you turned to grab the cup with your hands and took a sip from it, trying to earn some time to figure your feelings out.

“(Y/N)…” he said moving closer to you.

“I don’t know what I feel right now, Kai”, you finally told him. “I loved you, more than anything, and then you left. I cried, I grieved you, I was getting back to my old me and now…you’re here, like you never left, how am I supposed to react?”

“I had to leave. There was a reason”, he said with a frown.

“Care to elaborate?” You asked sarcastic. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“I really was hoping I could explain all of this over dinner or something”, he said.

“I have no time for dinners or any kind of that shit. Talk now or you can leave just like you did once”, you said coldly. He gulped as he heard your tone and nodded.

“This woman, a witch, was looking for me. She…wanted something from me. Something I couldn’t give her, not anymore. So when told her no she…threatened me. She told me she would…” he closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. “She said she would kill you and…send you to hell, literally, if I didn’t do as she said. I had no other option than leaving. I couldn’t risk you.”

“What did she wanted you to do?” You asked frowning.

“She wanted me to…look for a vampire slash wizard. She wanted his magic and I was the only one who could transfer it”, he explained.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You inquired. He chuckled a little and looked at you like he had always done. With such love in his eyes that made you look away.

“Would you have let me go?” He questioned. Biting your lip you looked at him, ready to say yes, but the moment you looked into his eyes you knew you would have done anything to keep him with you. So you looked away. “Exactly”, he said.

You sighed and looked down at your hands, not knowing what to say. He did have a good reason to leave but still, he could have left a note instead of just disappearing. It would make his comeback much easier and his leaving much forgivable. But at that moment you didn’t know what to do. Yes, you still loved him, he still made your heart race and your whole body shiver with just one look. Now that he was just there, you craved his touch. But you were too hurt and you didn’t think you were ready to forgive him just yet.

“Tell me something, please”, he said trying to take your hands but you pulled them away.

“I… I understand why you left Kai but… I can’t just forgive you right now and just go back to being your girlfriend all over again”, you said looking at him. “I love you. Of course I do but I still need time to heal”, you added.

“I understand…” he nodded. “Do you want me to go away?” He asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

“I would like you to be around but…not like before, at least not for now”, you replied. He looked a bit confused but nodded anyway. “I’m sorry”

“No! You don’t have to apologise, I’m the one who messed it up and I’m sorry”, he said.

“Okay…” you said.

Then silent came. It was awkward and it made you want to run upstairs and lock yourself in your bedroom for days. Eventually, you got up to put the cup into the washing machine. When you closed it and turned around, you gasped when you found Kai so close to you.

“I need to ask you something”, he said. You nodded, signalling him to speak. “Can… can I, at least, kiss you?” He asked.

A kiss. Something you’ve been dreaming about for months and now he was just there, in front of you, asking if he could kiss you. Yes, he could, you wanted him to, but probably it wasn’t a good idea. You looked at his lips for a moment and sighed, there was nothing you wanted more in this world than feeling his lips once again so before you could think about it anymore you nodded your head once.

The look in his eyes turned to surprise but then a tiny smile appeared in his lips and he closed the distance between you two, cupping your face like he used to do and then his lips were over yours, kissing you slowly and time stopped. It was like he had never left. Butterflies in your stomach, shivers down your spine and a stupid smile on your lips as you kissed him back. You would heal, maybe it was too soon, but eventually you would be ready to be with him again. And when the day came…it would be forever.

GOT7 Reaction | Seeing their ideal type at a fansign

| Could you please do a BTS and GOT7 reaction when they see their ideal type at a fansign? Thanksssss ❤️ | Here u go fam! ~Admin Hedgehog (i got carried away with yugyeoms I’m sorry my bias is showing)

Mark: he would get really really shy and giggly to himself, and would be terrible at making eye contact with you bc he’s so shy~~~

JB/Jaebum: ahh this sucker would be a weird mix between super giggly and low-key flirty but he would try his best to give you signals that he likes you, without showing favoritism. 

Jackson: can u say king of skinship like good god he’s gonna try to be all over you without making it a big deal, but while he tries his best to show that he likes you, he wouldn’t act on his feelings in such a public area

Jinyoung: our prince would be extra polite and give you lots and lots of smiles and hand touching, holding your hand and writing a cute note on your album/poster.

Youngjae: sweet awkward bean would give so many awkward giggles and would try to gather up his courage to hold you hand before you move on to another member, and he may or may not be successful, but he would appreciate it if you made the first move and held his hand first lmao

Bambam: my meme son would be sO EXTRA EXTRA holy shit he is going to be doing The Most™ to show his affection for you but when it comes down to it he might show his cute and sensitive side and be really shy to ask you out, especially since its v dangerous to show extra affection with all the other fans there and his hyungs right there as well.

Yugyeom: I remember an interview where he said if he saw his ideal girl on the train, then he would walk over to her and ask her if she had time to get a coffee or something IDK but the point is that even though he’s at a fansign and lil maknae is getting a lil more confident, he is in front of more fans and his hyungs and his manager, so i think he wouldn’t try anything but he might try to figure out who you are so that he can maybe stalk u online for a while before messaging u (MAYBE)

me : * playing with my action figure *

me : * pretend the two action figure are two of my fav character i ship with *

me : 

ppl who believe artemis is some stiff uppity pretentious asshole really confuse me??? this is a child who loves to make shitty puns no one understands n will finger paint w his little brothers???? he’s awkward n endearing at best and condescending n manipulative at worst. he’s not a horrible person n ppl that believe he is are???? so strange


@aboutmikasa Here you go! Don’t really know if it counts as an eskimo kiss…

Fun fact: you requested this in the summer. I’m sorry it took this long.

Bonus fact: I kinda started to hate this the moment I started coloring >< and now I just really dislike it :/

Anyway, happy holidays!

Mitch Marner - Cinnamon pancakes

This may be oddly specific idk but can u do one with Mitch marner where Like wearing his shirt and like it’s the morning like in pjs ya know and you are just singing 2000s love songs to each other like jumping around singing randomly to each other and like at one point he finds out that you can sing really good and he’s like damn (I’m terrible at explaining things I’m sorry). 

“And I dream about you all the time, I’m here without you baby” You sang into the spatula.

You had spent the night at Mitch’s house, which meant pancakes. Mitch loved your Cinnamon Pancakes. So that’s how you ended up in Mitch’s kitchen, in nothing but  Mitch’s shirt. You had your playlist on which is why you were saning into a spatula.

“Baby you’re still with me in my dreams, and tonight it’s only you and me, yeah!!!” You heard from behind you. Which caused you to jump a little. You turned so that Mitch was pinning you against the counter.  He placed his lips to your then pulled away so he could keep singing to you.

“”It get’s hard but it won’t take away my love, whoa, oh, oh. I’M HERE WITHOUT YOU BABY!!! BUT YOU’RE STILL ON MY LONELY MIND! I THINK ABOUT  YOU, BABY.” He said dancing around the whole kitchen with you in his arms.

You giggled as you finished off the song “And I dream about you all the time, I’m here without you, baby. But you’re still with me in my dreams and tonight, girl, it’s only you and me.” You placed your arms around Mitch’s neck. “What?” You giggled once you saw Mitch’s face.

“You’re….baby you’re really good.” He said looking at you in awe.

“Thank you.” You said smiling down. You could feel your face getting red. Before either of you could say something Irreplaceable started playing in the background.

Mitch gave you that smile.

“NO!” You said laughing trying to get out of his arms.

“TO THE LEFT!” He pulled you back into his arms.

“I have to flip the pancakes.” You giggled.



He pulled you back once more and placed a kiss on your nose.

“I love you.” He said looking into your eyes. “But I love your pancakes more.” He joked.



Im not a hero. I’m a stormtrooper. 
                                           Like all of them, I was taken from a family I’ll never know. And raised to do one thing. But my first battle, I made a choice. I wasn’t gonna kill for them.

  • Me: Wow I really like this show, I think I'm gonna look up some memes for it :P
  • Me: *searches for show on Tumblr*
  • Me: Ahaha, good times, this is great content :)
  • Me: *sees a spoiler*

Drawing Y Bakura: The placement of this lock of hair looks good but it its absolutely covering too much of your eyes.

Drawing Yugi: I still dont know how the fuck I think your bangs work, child.

Drawing Malik: I forget…everything. I forget…every time I’ve done this.

Drawing Yami Malik: The urge to make you a good half head taller than Malik and twice as wide is overpowering.

Ryo: Youre probs really tired, stressed, and you have a terrible diet so u look like me. *goes to upload* FUCK I FORGOT THE BAGS UNDER YOUR EYES.

Drawing Atem: Yugis hair is easy and yours is not and all I do for you is angle it up a little why is the world so cruel.

Drawing Jounouchi: How the fuck does your part work? You know what I dont care. Have 1000 freckles cuz you had like 3 in a fanfic I read once.

Drawing Kaiba: You are so…normal looking…


Drawing Otogi: I…dont understand anything about your hair. I love it but oh my god. What are angles.  Are these spikes? Are they waves? I can’t do this alone.

signs as tv shows

aries : American Horror Story 

why : super interesting to watch with some scary parts!! perfect for aries

taurus : Love ( on netflix)

why : because it tunes into taurus’s hopeless romantic side with lots of witty humour

gemini : friends

why : because it puts u in a good mood and is very positive and fun

cancer : stranger things ( on netflix)

why : since all of the characters are sweet and sensitive like u and its suCH a good show

leo : the walking dead

why : because all the leos i know love that show and it keeps u awake when u watch it since its very dramatic

virgo : greys anatomy

why : because everyone likes this show lmao

libra : the bachelor / bachelorette

why : fuck i love this show its so cheesy but its super entertaining and the characters are so terrible usually but its funny

capricorn : jane the virgin

why : its a really good show and there are so many plot twists u guys will love it

sagittarius : its always sunny in philadelphia

why : this show is so fucking funny like u guys and DannY devito oh my god

scorpio : orange is the new black ( on netflix)

why : lol this show is so twisted and dramatic and ugh the friendships and the romances its so gOOD just watch it please scorpio

aquarius : x files 

why : because ya’ll are weird af but still  super cool like this show

pisces : bobs burgers

why : this show is so lighthearted and cute but super funny



I finished the extra stories of the Saiki 3DS game about two weeks ago,surprisingly there’s not much information(or game review)about the game on tumblr?so here’s a short game review:D !(With no spoilers)
I really like the stories!
so much fun to use telepathy!the dialogs are funny but I (still)can’t get used to the fact that Saiki talked(a lot?)in the game , like in the manga he NEVER or merely speaks 😂😂😂
and I love the saiki customization (?)too
but sometimes the game&camera controls is pretty annoying😓I got really pissed off when I kept failing one of the missions (cuz the damn camera controls asdffhghk)that one was so harddddd
I’m planning to play the game again as I think I missed a lot of the dialogs (because most of the time I was too lazy to look up dictionary lmao)
feel free to ask me more about the game~(and u r gonna bear my terrible English hahahahahaha )


OF COURSE I had to draw Junkenstein & Hog-Monster!! But Halloween has come and gone and I wasn’t liking how the coloring was coming out so I cropped it and left it be, I like the sketch so much more. :/ 

I have never really drawn McCree and had to fix that!! I actually had a few good games with him recently too, at launch I was a terrible cowboy. U_U Gonna throw some color on that one on the bottom (it’s cropped a lot so this is just a preview). Hopefully that won’t take me a month to color. D: