(i punched myself it's fine really)

Fuckable Nerd- Marcel Imagine

“so what way is going to be? Wanna fail or pass?”

“umm I guess I’ll do tutoring and make upp all the work.”

“okay. you’ll have some one helping you okay?”

“really, who?”

“marcel styles”

“Mmm Marcel The nerd?”

“Don’t be rude im doing you a favor y/n!” My teacher scolded me, so I guess I was on the brink of failing and if I don’t pass I won’t get my credit, but I don’t want that, every credit counts.

“Fine geez, was just kidding,”

“Well ‘Just Kidding’ actually doesn’t mean anything now a days. Go find him and tell him that he is going to tutor you and that I’ll pay him with extra volunteer hours or credit”

“Wait, me?! That’s your job Ms. Keller, People are going to see me talking to him,”

“well that’s what you get for not passing your assignments and for being rude. I have gave you so many chances y/n, is it whether you do what I tell you or I’ll call your parents, you choose.”

“no please, not my parents, they are busy with work, and I can’t be a bother to them please, Ms. I’ll tell him myself okay, and I’ll do every single assignment, I promise.

“fine,” she sighed. “go and please really learn okay.” I nodded and thanked her and I was out the door on my way to find Marcel’s locker.

On my way there I could hear punches being thrown, and seeing a guy vulnerable with no help on the floor, it was no one else other than Marcel.

“Fucking twat you think its okay to ignore me while I’m fucking talking to you.” I heard Dave the cockiest jock in school say to Marcel.

“I-I’m sorry Dave, just please no more.” I heard Marcel sobbing in pain, I couldn’t handle it anymore, I didn’t think it was this bad; I got one of the textbooks on the floor and threw it at a good aim, straight to Dave’s skull.

“leave him the fuck alone! What has he done to you, fucking idiot, the only twat here is you!” I yelled furiously at dave and got another textbook, and threw it fast enough to hit him straight in his nose.

“Fucking bitch, defending this no life hoodrat,” he muttered,

“That’s you bitch, go fuck yourself, and get the hell out of here, I swear I catch you again, and something bad will happen to your precious Ferrari, keep that in mind cunt,” I scream for the last time and he was out like a light.

“Marcel. Hey are you okay,?”

“Y-y-yea, thanks y/n”

“no you’re not, your bleeding, oh my gosh come on, let’s go to my house, let me help you please.”

He hesitantly looks at me, and slowly nods,

“Here, put it on your nose, so you won’t drip anymore blood.” I say as I take of my scarf and give it to him.

*at my house*

“o-ouch!,” he screams in pain as I try cleaning his nose.

“I’m sorry! Here, we’re done I say and look at him straight in the eyes, and give him a small smile.

“you’re amazing you know that, just know you are very strong, and I admire that of you.

I grab his hand and massage his knuckles; he starts breathing a bit heavily and squeals lowly.

“are you okay?” I giggle at him and he starts blushing like a red tomato.

“umm I-I have to go, thanks,”

“no wait Marcel! I need to talk to you.”

He stares at me wide eyed; he nods and sits down on the other side of the couch.

“So I’m like failing bad, and Ms. Keller told me to tell you if you could tutor me? And kind of help me with it, and that she will repay you with extra volunteering hours or credit, your choice.”

I was kind of nervous of what he would answer, cause he didn’t even stare at me when I was telling him this, I even thought he was ignoring me but I really needed his help he was literally the only hope I had..

“umm, what do you think?” I ask him, I didn’t knew I needed him so bad, I was literally about to get on my knees, and beg him, cause he wasn’t even responding, he was like in deep thought.

“w-when do we start?” he stuttered.

“You’ll help me!?” I squealed in excitement and jumped up and hugged him.

When I pulled back he stared at me wide eyed,

“umm sorry, if I made you uncomfortable.”

“w-w-well you h-helped me with Dick so I g-guess this is a way of A thank you,” I looked at him and started laughing hard.

“OH MY GOSH I-I cant even you, called him d-dick instead of dave” I said in between breaths, still laughing.

“O-oh im sorry , didn’t mean to offend your b-boyfriend.”

“Pfft, boyfriend?! Dick?! Nooo! We never dated, it was just a one time thing, a mistake more likely, nothing else.” I said.

“Ohhhhhhhh, eww. I-I think y-you could do w-way better. You’re to beautif- nice! For him.”

“aww marcel, that’s sweet of you.” Knowing he called me beautiful.

“s-so let’s get started.” He said and got on the floor and got his Science Textbook out.

*3 hours later*

After me reviewing, learning and writing all the notes marcel told me that are important we were done with all the make up work and I was starving.

“ughhh thank you so much marcel, honestly.”

“no need to thank me, r-really. If a-anything you s-saved me from d-dick.” We both started gigilling, and for the first time, I saw him really smile, and that warmed my heart.

“Ok, are you hungry, cause I am, so im going to order pizza ok, so don’t plan on leaving!” I said and bent over to pick up my book bag and take out my phone out.

“umm y/m, w-wheres the r-restroom,?” he asked in a hurry.

“just go straight in down the hall right there, all the way down.” I said, as I grabbed my phone and ordered the pizza through the app.

After 10 minutes later, the pizza had arrived, and Marcel, was still in the restroom which was a bit weird, so I went to check on him.

As I walked down the hall I could hear groans and low moans, I was in shock against the door listening, was he really wanking? Of course, when I bent down to get the phone, he probably saw and my skirt and maybe he caught a full view of my ass, I wasn’t even wearing decent underwear just a lacey thong.

I felt kind of, bad so I did the unthinkable and opened the door quietly and saw the sexiest sight in front of me. Marcel with half of his shirt unbuttoned, some strands of his slicked back hair hanging in front of his face, with his eyes closed jerking off his long thick cock.

“need help there Marcel?”

He stopped jerking off and looked at me in fear.

“y/n, i-I’m s-s-sorry. Is cause O-oh fuck, y-your skirt, and t-t-thong I saw it.”

“Its okk, come here,” I reached for his hand and take him to my room.

“N-no don’t you don’t have to”

“Its fine Marcel, I’ll get down on my knees for you, anytime.” (; I say and start to jerk him out and tease his dick.

I take his shaft in my hand and wrap my lips around his tip. I hear Marcel growl and I began twirling my tongue around his pink head. Using my tongue, I licked his hard length, and take him deep in my mouth. He starts to fuck my mouth every time I bob my head down. I take him deep, listening to his groans every time his cock hit the back of my throat. I could tell he was close by the way he twitched in my mouth so I pulled him out, finishing off with your hand.

“F-fuck that was s-so good y/n”

“have you fucked anyone before Marcel?” I ask him and he turns red and shakes his head.

“want to fuck me right here right now?” I ask him and start to take my clothes of slowly and stand in front of him in my lace black bra and thong.

“Y-yes.” He moans and stares at me with lustful eyes.

“Fuck me like you own me Marcel, I won’t stop you.” He nods his head fast and I give him a condom and gets bare naked so he can put it on and I take off the remaining clothes I have.

He crawls back on top of me and sticks two fingers inside of me and begins to pump fast.  

“Ah fuck!” I scream.

“You okay y/n?” Marcel asks worried.

You nod. “Keep going.”

He nods and continues to slam his fingers hard inside of you.

“I can’t wait any longer y/n” He growls.

Marcel positions his throbbing dick at your entrance then slams his entire length into me.

“ohh fuck yesss” I let out a throaty scream.

“You like that?” He asks while slamming into me hard, making his cock go deeper inside of you.

“Mmm fuck yeah.” I moan grinding up against him, biting my lip.

“Yeah, you fucking love it?.” He asks slamming into me a few more times before I feel my walls tightening against his dick.

“Marcel, I’m going to-”

“Do it baby, cum for me.” He says. Then we both cum into each other.

Once we both come down from our highs Marcel looks over at me.

“i-I guess this is my time to g-go.” He says and stands up to get his boxers.

“You wanna leave?”

“u-umm, no but you probably have something else to do.”

“No I don’t, I don’t want you to leave, lets cuddle. Stay, with me.” I give him a small smile and gets under the covers and hugs me and enjoy the moment until I remember that I’m hungry.

“THE PIZZA!” I ran down the hall and get it, and take it back to my room and place it on the bed, I take a slice and shove it down my mouth and look at Marcel staring at me in admiration.

“My kind of girl,” he chuckles and kisses my lips and takes a slice. I blush, kiss him again and feel butterflies in my stomach.

“My fuckable nerd.”




talking to the moon | part one

part two / part three

ashton + reader
word count: 1069

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: you’re pregnant with ashton’s baby but he doesn’t want it


“I’m pregnant.” 

His eyes went wide, searching mine for any signs of mischief. He wanted to know that I was kidding, that I wasn’t 3 weeks pregnant with his child.

Instead of a reply, all he did was remain frozen, his face completely drained of colour. He looked like he was going to be sick, and that was not a good sign.

I wanted to give him some time to process the information that was just shoved in front of him, but we must have stood there in silence for a whole minute.

“Ashton, say something.” I pleaded, not being able to stand the silence any longer.

He let out a huge sigh, running his fingers through his newly-cut hair as he turned to pace up and down the living room.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

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'Things said at the conference' meme.
  • 1: "I have a condition."
  • 2: "Is this what it's like to be blind?"
  • 3: "My butt is damp."
  • 4: "Does anyone have some glue?"
  • 5: "Don't look at my boobs."
  • 6: "Does anyone have white duct tape?"
  • 7: "Oh my god, dogs."
  • 8: "They don't have a window."
  • 9: "Her legs are gonna lose circulation."
  • 10: "That'll be long, like my dick."
  • 11: "I thought you just petted me."
  • 12: "HoLY SHIT."
  • 13: "Let's get rekt."
  • 14: "There's a Starbucks around the corner, I dunno which corner though."
  • 15: "Why does everyone want to have sex with me?!"
  • 16: "I was beautiful once, I was beautiful!"
  • 17: "I thought he said 'fill me up'."
  • 18: "Ah, FUCK!"
  • 19: "I don't have diseases, how dare you!"
  • 20: "Oh fuck off!"
  • 21: "What am I suppose to be doing anyways?"
  • 22: "That is one hell of a nose."
  • 23: "I'm getting food, and then I'm getting food for later, and then I'm getting food for later later."
  • 24: "Where is your project? Where is MY project?"
  • 25: "Caution: may get wet."
  • 26: "Hello! Fuck off."
  • 27: "We're broke, we're like homeless."
  • 28: "I just want my noodles!"
  • 29: "That me."
  • 30: "Kill him."
  • 31: "Just get the fucking food, damn it!"
  • 32: "I can't do maaath."
  • 33: "Let's get it."
  • 34: "I love these pants."
  • 35: "My eyebrows have bad dandruff."
  • 36: "I got your dollar sweetheart."
  • 37: "Get the Bible out, ask Jesus."
  • 38: "Get in my pants!"
  • 39: "White boys make me nervous."
  • 40: "I am going to fight him."
  • 41: "I'm going to fight her."
  • 42: "I'm going to fight everyone."
  • 43: "What did you do?"
  • 44: "No seriously- what'd you do?"
  • 45: "Who's this chick?"
  • 46: "I don't like her hair."
  • 47: "POOL SEX!"
  • 48: "I'm just gonna be over here."
  • 49: "When nature calls, you don't leave a voicemail."
  • 50: "I thought you were about to say 'take your clothes off.'"
  • 51: "Oh, wait, no- that sounds really bad."
  • 52: "You can hang off the pole like a bat."
  • 53: "We all need pillows!"
  • 54: "My eyebrows are uneven."
  • 55: "This is fancy."
  • 56: "Who wants to see my underwear?"
  • 57: "You, my friend, are an author."
  • 58: "You, my friend, are a weird dude."
  • 59: "I thought that maybe one day I could grow up to be Indiana Jones."
  • 60: "Vagabond Traveler/Scuba Guy."
  • 61: "You ready to go look for crocodiles?"
  • 62: "If you itch your butt wrong you fall in the water."
  • 63: "And then the guy says "KILL IT! KILL IT!" and I was awake."
  • 64: "So its just me and certain death."
  • 65: "So my brother ended up getting malaria and his girlfriend dumped him."
  • 66: "I came to Honduras because my shirt was made here."
  • 67: "I gave the guy who made my shirt my shirt."
  • 68: "I'm a really horrible farmer."
  • 69: "Did I just see Larry the Cable Guy?"
  • 70: "Cancel her muffin basket!"
  • 71: "This guy won't let me flirt with him."
  • 72: "I made a mistake."
  • 73: "Kinky."
  • 74: "You guys are gonna have to fight me- I just took my bra off."
  • 75: "I'm weak."
  • 76: "Shut up! I have a plan."
  • 77: "I punched myself in the face."
  • 78: "Its fine. This is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is on fire. This is fine."
  • 79: "She's kinda wet."
  • 80: "Now try to get out."
  • 81: "I can fit."
  • 82: "She's my mommy. Get the fuck over it."
  • 83: "They went Super Saiyan!"
  • 84: "It sounded like he said 'Porn Shop.'"
  • 85: "Clean that white shit up."
  • 86: "Shut the huckle up."
  • 87: "I'm just a pile of meat."
  • 88: "Buy a fucking watch."
  • 89: "I do good."
  • 90: "Oh great, now they're talking about masturbating."
  • 91: "You're gonna tear my nose off!"
  • 92: "Don't you hate when you get something stuck in your mouth?"
  • 93: "A-cheese-ment."
  • 94: "Crap! Where are we?"
  • 95: "Don't touch the bread!"
  • 96: "I have to pee."
  • 97: "Why is she laughing in the bathroom?"
  • 98: "Somebody just died."
  • 99: "Pee time!"
  • 100: "It's really hard to suck out."
  • 101: "I'm taking my bra off."
Getting to You chap 2

a/N: Don’t worry I didn’t forget about The Dating Game I already had started on the next chapter I might just alternate between the two stories because I have no self control even after saying I was going to pace myself THAT was a bust because I ended up writing chapter 2. So in some good news no Zalex for y’all who I tortured but its not going to be that easy! anyway here ya goooo. 

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