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Sidlink Drabble: Size (Doesn’t) Matter

Um first of all, I really love @dratinimartini‘s Big King n Tiny King au they got going on and wanted to write something for it. I got their permission don’t worry.

Anyway this is dedicated to @rosypumpkinstudios​ because they are so swell o/

“I’m sorry, Link,” Sidon muttered as he gazed down at Zora’s Domain from his throne. When he heard an inquisitive hum from his right shoulder, the Zora king leaned back into his chair and crossed his hands together. “I know I explained it over and over…but I still feel guilt. Part of me hoped I wouldn’t grow as large as my father was…” A sigh escaped his lips before he could contain it and he bit against his bottom lip.

He risked a brief glance to the Hylian perched on his shoulder and frowned. Link had barely changed throughout the years–literally. Perhaps it was the effects of the Shrine of Resurrection preserving his body for over a hundred years, but Link had barely aged considering how many years had passed since he and Sidon quelled Vah Ruta. The only major difference between then and the present was how long Link had grown his hair out, the regal and flowing silky blue coattails he wore, and the silver chains, necklaces, and bangals decorating his upper half. And of course, the golden crown fitted with a Zora sapphire resting atop his head.

Link cocked an eyebrow and slid down Sidon’s shoulder, towards his forearm and skillfully sat against the muscle of his husband’s arm. He gazed up at Sidon with a knowing, slanted smile and immediately shook his head.

“I’m being serious, Link. I completely understand if you…” His voice trailed off and he winced. “What I mean to say is, I…Are you happy with this? We aren’t able to embrace each other as we once did. Not to mention, it can be very hard for me to leave the Domain if we wanted to have some private time.” A guilty pang appeared on Sidon’s face. “Let alone the fact that intimacy between us is…complicated.”

Link rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“I still love you as much as I did the first time I ever saw you…but if being my husband ever becomes too much for you, my sweet–”

Link guffawed and immediately cut Sidon off. He waved Sidon closer with the crook of his fingers. He reached out to the edge of Sidon’s forehead and soothing ran his hands along the coarse skin. He pecked several affectionate kisses along Sidon’s crest. Link hummed as he then nuzzled his face into the Zora’s skin and moved the trail of kisses down against the rim of Sidon’s eyes and arrived at his cheek.

“Oh, my pearl,” Sidon whispered softly and ran the tip of his finger back down the Hylian’s head. He stopped when it hovered along the curve of Link’s back and rested it there. “I love you so much.” Carefully, calculated, Sidon pressed a single kiss against Link’s head.

Link giggled and slowly pulled away. He reclined against the groove of Sidon’s arm and smiled up at the Zora king. Link looked so handsome–so breathtaking–dressed in the Zora garb and he really did belong there in Zora’s Domain with Sidon; despite the differences between them now.

“How about after the Embassador from Hyrule Castle comes, we go swim in the Reservoir Lake?” Sidon suggested as he gingerly poked Link’s bare gut, stirring a mixture of a gasp and a cackle from his husband. “They should be here by the end of the hour.”

Link immediately smiled and nodded.

Sidon’s heart melted at the sight and it only reminded him why he loved Link so much.

с пулей в голове, с горем пополам
кровь и молоко
не помогут нам

its not his blood, hes fine. mostly  🌼 🌼 🌼
(song is “юность” by mujuice, not gonna link to it bcs tumblr is a dick like that)


i didnt like how i drew kabuki so i went and tried making him more like an animal and not a circle with triangles attached to it + a human body


There were 8 in the bed and the Crying Child said,
“Roll over! Roll over!”

So they all rolled over and Nightmare Bonnie fell out–CLANG!

i am so sorry but this wouldn’t leave me alone. in the second panel N. Cupcake’s thinking ‘shit man’ or smthn of that. i have no idea how they all fit in that bed–but show of hands, who else was that kid that crammed EVERY TOY they had in their bed with them?

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anonymous asked:

I noticed that each Gaster Sans always has their cigarettes in their mouths, I have not seen any of your art showing them exhaling the toxic chemicals-I mean, smoke. Not that I have a problem with your art, I'm just curious why they are often illustrated with burning sticks in their mouths often.

I think I did a couple inhale/exhale (tho I forgot I am sure the Don pic had some inhaling)

but the reason is being, I dunno if u know, many smokers often smoke not to just for consumer reasons (nicotine, socialising), but also to get some time away for themselves.

A cigarette stick would have the most (dramatic looking?) smoke usually just *after* we inhale it, in which either the person holding the smoke inside their lungs, or they exhale ‘em out. There’s a resting period before they inhale it once again- and these periods are the ones I like to depict, these ‘resting’ periods.

The ingredients of cigarettes also plays a part. 
The smoke from cigar is heavier than cigarettes- their resting period (depending on the room condition) could produce a more visible smoke and cigar users do not ‘inhale’ them as often as cigarettes user. 
Western cigarettes are very light and fast burning, often the smoke is whiter and faster moving, and also faster to dissipate.
Indonesian cigarettes are heavier, sorta inbetween cigar and western cigarettes.

I know this because I used to be a huge chainsmoker years ago at the rate of two packs a day XD- stopped being one because I moved to Canada where a pack of cigarette would cost me 10 packs in my home country back then…

Les Amis de l’ring

Enjolras - Legolas (because of his golden locks)

Grantaire - Aragorn

Bossuet - Pippin

Joly - Merry

Bahorel - Gimli

Combeferre - Gandalf

Courfeyrac - Boromir

Jehan - Frodo

Marius - Sam


Feuilly - Elrond

You have been blessed

Please file your complaints in the trash

Made together with @grantairelibere

Cheryl Blossom deserves better too.

Episode 13 was great and all. But seriously, the ending was kinda disappointing when the core four went to Pop’s. It was like they just helped Cheryl mow their enormous lawn or shit. 

“AyE fOr sAviNg thE chEErleAdeR!!”

Not even one of them stopped by Thorn Hill to check on her.  Not even a phone call or a text. Did they think Cheryl’s gonna be okay after she tried to commit y’know? 

Friendly reminder: She is an actual human being who’s going through horrible things in her life right now. Yes, that’s not an excuse to be a bitch to everyone but her being a bitch isn’t an excuse for everyone to let her suffer on her own.

Cheryl bombshell Blossom deserves so much fucking better. I literally want to hug her right now.


me listening to  BEAUTIFUL normal version:

*intense dabbing* 

me listening to BEAUTIFUL Acoustic ver.

*dramatic tear* just like … less beautiful