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Summer is here!!! (for some people)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been active few weeks again, finals are over last week and I needed to recharge and drawing random stuff after drawing not so long. I don’t really had that much energy to begin with.

Here is crappy pic of the three assistants in swimsuits that I randomly thought of, I’m changing Gogo’s for sure. Also there might be spamming


The Originals - Freelin + “…for what it’s worth”

Imagine Woozi hugging you whilst reassuring you that things will be alright when you start getting overwhelmed.

my beautiful children, it is I, Cassie, returned from the Field. I was with you ever so briefly last week to celebrate the acquiring of Tickets, but other than a few check-ins here and there I’ve been almost entirely MIA. 

THAT CHANGES TONIGHT! One of my rewards for my hard work was saving all the Late Late Show things and all the interviews and videos for once I was done at the tradeshow. I can’t wait! You’ll probably see some delayed reactions content from me, so please indulge that.

Also, I want to say to any of our Mancunian followers and anyone with friends or loved ones affected by the absolute tragedy on Monday night: we love you. We will try to support you any way we can. As always this is a safe space, so if anyone wants to talk, we’re here for you.

ALL my love ALWAYS,


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I really respect the way you're so good about saying that your opinions and beliefs have changed and evolved. A lot of people are usually too proud to admit that. It's a really great quality.

wow, thank you so much :’) that really means a lot

I want people to know there are like the nicest people ever andi love them so much and everyone needs friends and i know i can rely on people online to listen to me, cuz these guys here are frigging awesome

and frigging apreciate your friends and dont cause drama and dont hurt my friends , not these , not any of them

like sometimes i am such a bad friend and im sorry if i ever pissed you off, but im trying just like anyone else, and i am undeserving of any kind of kindness why are you being so kind to me you should be shouting my ass of “GO BACK TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK”

I love you all so much and i’m sorry i’m bad with words

(also if anyone  finds me that popular over used gif of a woman crying pls lemme kno cuz idk what its called)

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Who's tanner, petulla, getter

tanner petulla. he’s also known as getter

he used to be a pretty big dubstep/edm artist and that’s how he got signed with owsla, skrillex’s record label. he was with them for a while before he started his own label, shred collective. recently he’s been getting tired of the edm scene and the people in it, so he’s been branching out and making music that’s more along the lines of hip hop under the name terror reid while he finishes his last edm record. he also has a metal album he’s working on. other than that idk what else to tell you, he was the guy in the green suit in the hood rich music video, and a lot of people know him from the “suh dude” vines with nick colletti

8 Facts: Bad

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Some of these may be common knowledge. Some, maybe not.

1.) Bad enjoys going to night cafes during the warm wee hours of summer. Lounging around at a table outside, with a book and a beer, in the stillness of a sleeping city - it’s a small but important delight to him.

2.) He inherited his carnelian-hued hair from his father. His mother has inky black, curly hair, which may be where some of the wave in his comes from.

3.) Caramel is Bad’s favorite sweet dessert. He doesn’t like chocolate anything.

4.) He enjoys being a heat sink. Whenever a friend or loved one is sick with fever or over-warm, he doesn’t mind being the cool side of the pillow for them.

5.) Despite his brother Lars being younger, Bad still tends to look to him for some social cues. He has a lot of respect for his adopted blood, and trusts him to help with his occasional awkwardness.

6.) Unsurprisingly, his favorite hat he wears now and then is stolen property.

7.) As a part-time bartender, Bad has a decent mental catalog of drinks. His most requested drink (and also his favorite to make) is the eye-tini. A Forsaken specialty, it involves the layering of several strong herbal liquors in a red, purple and black stratus. It is topped with real eyes. On holidays, those eyes may come from exotic sources, but in the interest of cost tend to be mostly animal in origin.

8.) The crescent-shaped scar under Bad’s left eye may be tied to a bitter memory, but enough comments in his youth about its shape did lead to his ongoing fascination with the moon and astronomy in general.

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