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Four Floors — An OUAT AU

…alternatively titled

“How to Stay Sane After Years of Pining for Emma Swan, by Killian Jones”

A four-floor apartment building filled with rather colorful characters, and enough tension to fill a small lake. An Apartment Building AU, if OUAT were a primetime comedy.

AN: Because I just wanted to write some CS and I need to write it in the context of the whole show and everyone’s little corner of the universe and this is like that one time when I started a fic and didn’t finish it, so I make no promises here because what are my life choices. Also, yes, there is a character from a completely different canon and I’m sorry but I’m not. (I had to write her too I’m sorry no I’m not I’m really not.)

Fair warning: humour is my hometown, but angst is where I work. 

fyi, AU tags: Best friends, Non-Magical, Older Brother!Killian, Frankenwolf, Pan Darling, Outlaw Queen, all canon ships and brotps included and humor to spare (fave Captain Charming for the future… if this thing even has a future…)

Chapter 1 » Frenemies

“So, Mr. Jones. This is quite a work you’ve got here. Care to share how this all came about?”

“Did you mean the story, or the book?”

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