(i might just play sims 3 all day)

nekogirl52 replied to your post “Has anyone created a Sims 2 Uberhood in Sims 3 yet?”

OMG I wish something like that existed. I’d so play it. <3

I’d play it… Then my NRaas mods would come in and assign Mortimer Goth to be a mafia boss or something and then I’d remember why I stick to Sims 2.

Jokes aside, one of the main things I find frustrating about Sims 2 is how not all sims age at the same time, so if I want to keep consistency in their aging I have to play with each household the same amount of days, or use mods to add on age days. I love Story Progression in Sims 3 for that reason. However, Sims 3 has boring characters. So, if I could bring Sims 2 to Sims 3, I could have the best of both worlds…

If I can’t find it I just might start looking up how to create it myself tbh

anonymous asked:

Hi! Your last built is very aesthetic!!! Could you put the house up for download??? Please and thank youuu.

Hello!! I’m so glad you like my build! I’m sorry but I can’t upload it right now. It will be downloadable in the near future though! It’s just that I’m a bit of a stickler and I like to share my gameplay lots/sims after I’m done playing through them. Since pets is coming out in like 3 days and that lot has 8 people in it, I feel like i might rush through this part of my gameplay to where they’re all living in different locations. (did that make any sense? lmao)

Also, since it is an “apartment” building (in that it doesn’t actually function like the apartment buildings that came with city living) that has eight different sims with different styles in their apartments, it has a lot of cc in it, so I might have to delete/change a few things before I can upload just to relieve myself from hunting down all that cc and linking it.

TDLR; so sorry but I can’t release it at this moment, but it will be downloadable in the near future! It’ll just look a teeny different if I can’t find a link to one certain cc and the creator’s tou doesn’t allow for me to include it in the build.