(i mean that in a loving way)

John’s hands. One on Sherlock’s nek and the other on Sherlock’s arm. Doesn’t it remind u something? It’s exactly the same way Sherlock hugged John in TLD. Coincidence? Nope. In this show coincidences don’t exist. It means, if you think about it, that Sherlock not only remember how John hugged him, but also that Sherlock thinks that it is the way John want to be hugged, I think. It is the way John makes feel someone loved and safe and it is probably the way Sherlock felt and so Sherlock did the same when John needed, he hugged him with one hand on John’s nek and the other on John’s arm. Bacause in that moment John needed love and to feel safe.

I…I don’t know if it makes sense but this hug, John’s hug, hit me and reminded me of Sherlock’s hug.
I don’t know what to think now, I need a blanket.
Also, I feel really stupid cause probably someone just noticed it ages ago soooooooo now it’s time for me to go. And hide. Bye.

if you’re looking for a high risk high reward kind of way to make thursday interesting: make a list of the five most influential relationships you had in your life. i don’t mean romantic, but they can be. it doesn’t have to be people or even something tangible, a relationship with music counts. but if it is people? write out what changed you and what your journey was with them and what happened between you two. and tell them. tell them they mattered to you. watch what happens, because the plain truth is that we don’t tell people enough that their love for us made us better. just for a day, in this whole ugly world that’s trying to kill any form of kindness: be thankful. it’s important. imagine what it would be like to get that kind of affirmation that you matter. just… watch how it changes someone to hear that. i don’t know. i think it’s sort of cathartic to be vulnerable like that. but i love you. and you matter. 

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Do you have any fics dealing with feeling worthless as a bottom? I'm very femme-y and I love being taken care of in bed. Being aggressive and dominant don't come naturally to me. I've accepted that I'm a giant softie who likes a more dominant partner. The problem is THEY do the work. I can initiate a kiss and fondle and go down on a girl and all that stuff, but I'm truly in my element under a nice pair of breasts, feeling safe and taken care of. It feels selfish/greedy, though. :/

Maggie absolutely loves topping her.

She loves how pliant her body is underneath hers, loves the sounds she makes, loves the way her eyes flutter closed, the way she scratches at her back, the way her own back arches helplessly. The way she screams her throat raw on Maggie’s name.

She loves the way that badass, take-no-prisoners, ruthless, perfectionist, take-care-of-everybody-and-what-do-you-mean-I-have-needs-too DEO agent Alex Danvers surrenders to being worshiped by her. Submits to her love. Writhes and begs and whines and lets everything go for the prayers she plays out on Alex’s body.

The way Alex trusts her.

Fully, completely.

The way Alex gives her everything by taking everything: the way Alex gives her everything by letting her love her, by letting her adore her, by letting her be trusted.

But the first time Alex’s eyes flash and she asks with her eyes, with her gentle touch, with her body, if she can put Maggie’s wrists above her head and return every bit of worshiping she’s gotten in their first times, Maggie doesn’t hesitate.

Because Alex’s desire to please her, to touch her, to do everything with her, to her, is palpable. Is radiating.

And god, does Maggie want her.

Want to be taken by her.

And god, does Alex take her.

She makes sure Maggie’s head is resting perfectly on her favorite pillow and she kisses every centimeter of her face and she takes her time stripping her naked, and every time Maggie tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to, that they can stop whenever Alex wants, that she doesn’t owe Maggie anything, Alex pffts and Alex rasps, “do you want me to stop?”, and Maggie splutters – no woman has ever made her splutter before, and she wonders if she picked it up from Alex or if Alex was just always fated to have that effect on her – and she shakes her head and Alex grins and Alex continues.

Alex is a quick study – of course Alex is a quick study – and she takes her time bringing Maggie to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, her mouth exploring her breasts, figuring out exactly what rhythm of her tongue over her hardened nipples makes her whine loudest, pant hardest.

Takes her time figuring out which spots on her stomach make Maggie giggle and which spots – when Alex’s teeth gently, and then at Maggie’s desperate urging, not so gently, graze her skin – make Maggie unravel.

Takes her time figuring out that Maggie has no problem keeping one leg up on Alex’s shoulder so Alex can fuck her deeper, can fuck her harder, can reach deeper inside her, touch places in her body, her soul, that no one has ever bothered to explore.

Takes her time figuring out that if she puts her thigh between Maggie’s legs and arches to take one of Maggie’s nipples into her mouth at the same time, it won’t take her long to cum. Hard. Again.

And because Alex is a quick study, Alex imitates Maggie’s constant checking in, her constant questioning – “are you sure, babe?” “do you want this, Maggie?” “all good?” “like that?” “do you need a break?” “do you like when I lick your clit like that, or like that? Both? Mmm, excellent” – and Maggie is so swept away, so caught up, in being the center of this gorgeous woman’s attention, the sole focus of this brilliant soldier-scientist’s incredible brain and body power, that her answer, truly, madly, deeply, is always yes Alex, please, god, don’t stop, Alex, Alex, Alex.

But when Alex wipes her mouth on her bare shoulder and kisses the insides of Maggie’s thighs, a satisfied, deeply affectionate but also deeply smug grin on her face after making Maggie cum for the upteenth time, Maggie panics.

Panics because it’s almost sunrise, and she’s done nothing for Alex all night.

She can’t count the number of times she’s cum, and the only thing she’s done has been begging Alex for more.

The only thing she’s done has been selfish preening and worthless whining and god, how can she be this self-involved, this lazy, this unwilling to work for such a gorgeous, perfect, dedicated woman?

How can she have let Alex dedicate herself solely to her pleasure and offer her absolutely nothing in return?

So she panics.

She panics, and shame sweeps through her stomach because maybe this, this, this is why she’s never truly bottomed for anyone before, because she isn’t lazy, she isn’t selfish, she isn’t worthless, she isn’t greedy, she isn’t… except she is. Because the last few hours – god, the last few incredible hours – prove that she is exactly those things.

“Hey, hey, hey, I’ve got you. I’ve got you. Did I hurt you, are you okay?”

And suddenly Alex is out from between her legs and crawling up to where she could cradle her body, hovering because she’s unsure of whether to touch her, but concern is radiating from her eyes – genuine, full-throated concern – and that concern just makes the shame sweep harder through Maggie’s stomach.

“You didn’t hurt me, I’m fine. It’s nothing, it’s whatever, it – “

“No, Maggie. It’s not whatever. Your whole body tensed up, you… it matters, Maggie. You matter.”

Alex’s face is a map of confusion, a map of worry, a map of god please tell me I didn’t hurt you.

Maggie makes a futile grab for the covers – being naked right now is just a reminder of how selfish she is  – and Alex immediately lunges down the bed to get them and tuck Maggie in.

“No, no, you don’t have to… see, that’s just it, Danvers, I…”

“I’m sorry – “ Alex drops the sheets and holds up her hands immediately in soft surrender.

Surrender. Surrender.

“No, Alex, I’m sorry, you didn’t do anything wrong, I just…”

She looks away and she clenches her jaw and she can feel Alex staring down at her, can feel Alex thinking, can feel Alex calculating.

“We’ve never had sex quite like that before,” Alex observes softly, so softly, after a few long, silent moments.

Maggie still won’t look at her, and she desperately tries to control the burning in her eyes, the churning in her stomach, but she tries to remember the trust that led her to let Alex top her to begin with, so she nods.

“I’ve never really… taken the lead.”

Maggie nods again.

“Was it bad? Was I bad? Because I can get better, I – “

“No! No, Alex, you were… you were amazing, it…”

“You can tell me if I – “

“No. You were perfect, Alex, I promise, it’s not that – “

“Then what is it, Maggie? You can tell me.”

A long silence. Alex rests her body down on one elbow and holds out a hovering hand, a question in her eyes. Maggie nods again and Alex strokes her hair softly.

And that’s exactly what Maggie needs, which is exactly why Maggie breaks.

“Why would you… what did you get out of all that, Alex? I just… I just laid there, I didn’t do anything for you, I… how selfish could I be, it… I didn’t do anything for you, Alex, all night, I just – “

“Maggie, wait. That’s not… are you kidding? Do you seriously want to feel how wet I am right now?”

Maggie pffts at Alex’s earnesty with wet eyes. “Nerd.”

Alex smiles with relief and kisses her forehead.

“Maggie, I… I’m so glad you let me… top you? Is that the way to say it? I…” Alex pauses and searches Maggie’s face for the right words. “Maggie, you’re always in control of everything. You’re always responsible, you’re always making decisions. Life and death decisions! And you… you always take care of me, you always just… you make me so happy, Maggie, and I… you deserve it. You deserve to be taken care of. You deserve to lay back and let me worship you, because you… you’re amazing, Maggie, and you deserve to let go, you deserve to be cared for. And – and… it’s giving me a gift, Maggie. You trusting me like that. You letting me lo… letting me care for you like that, that’s a gift, Maggie. It’s perfect. You’re perfect, and you deserve to be shown that. And, if you’re worried that you weren’t doing anything for me… you’ve gotta be kidding. That was the… sexiest, hottest… thing I’ve ever done… the… you… I came, you know. A bunch of times, not that that was the point, but I’m just saying, feeling you like that, touching you like that? Listening to you like that? I came. Because it was so incredible, I just… I didn’t make a big deal out of it, because I wanted to focus on you. You deserve to be focused on, Maggie. I promise I love…d it. I promise.”

Another long pause, another thick silence.

“So you’re saying you liked it. Cause that’s… that’s what I’m getting.”

“Oh my god, you’re never going to let me live that down, are you?”

“Not a chance, Danvers. Not a chance.”

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Now everything make sense. Camila unfollowed lucy when the relationship between lauren and lucy was strong and real. So, why she unfollowed lucy if she has no reason? The possible reason is because she had jealousy and feel bad to see lauren with another girl. And if you think, camila was friend whit lucy at the beginning. Something get wrong. And i think camila left the band in part for this situation, it's very difficult to be in love with someone who's in love with another.

But the way Lauren & Camila acted towards each other during this whole time doesn’t look like people who broke up and are trying to remain friends - I mean there’s some serious flirting going on - and Lauren shared her opinion on “cheating” very clearly, even if it’s only in the mind. That’s also why it’s been so hard for me to believe in Laucy, because for the past year I’ve been living and breathing Camren through this blog, so when I think about a timeline it’s made of Camren moments and none of it adds up with Lauren being in a romantic relationship with someone else - and I get that they presented the relationship as an “on/off” thing, but I don’t see Lauren two timing Camila, or Lucy for that matter. Despite what certain anon may think, I do care about Lauren being happy and if that’s with Lucy or someone else then fine, I just don’t think that that particular relationship happened the way it was told. I do have massive respect for Lauren and for Lucy for giving out that message, for coming out and deciding to represent the community - I just don’t believe that the story coming with the message is entirely true. But that’s just my opinion, which I keep strictly to this blog, without ever tagging directly the girls - so I don’t particularly like being called a “bully” or being associated with the crazy/mean part of the fandom who’s spreading hate on twitter and instagram (for you @ot5-always ) I would never be mean to Lauren or Lucy or even directly get in contact with them concerning that subject, I’m just giving out my opinion, maybe it’s completely the wrong one, maybe at some point we’ll get real pictures of Laucy as a couple, and when I say “real” I mean candid and not staged, and then I’ll believe that Laucy was indeed real, but until then I’m still more convinced by Camren than anything else because we do have images and videos, hours of it, and these are the only proofs I need.

And for the all twitter thing, it was actually Lucy who unfollowed Camila only a couple of days after liking one of her posts - a very weird thing to do.

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GOD BLESS YOU!! I was so sure you'd make them suffer like a ton when Sans left and I am terribly sorry I didn't believe you would actually do a happy thing ;;w;;

Bruh, i was always pointing out that i want a happy ending for them XD how could u ever suspect me of being so cruel…

…but i am the best person ever and i forgive you UwU

[Saito Souma blog 032317] An important announcement.

Everyone, good day, I’m Saito Souma.
This time, I’d been given the honor of spreading the news myself!

Just as announced everywhere else, I, Saito Souma, shall be making my solo artist debut under SACRA MUSIC!

The first single is to be released on June 7, 2017, Wednesday!
It’s called “Fiche Story”!
Amazingly, THE Oishi Masayoshi-san had been put in charge of the lyrics, arrangement, and composition!
While there’s a lot I can’t say yet, it’s a quirky pop song, and definitely became something embodying the things I like.
I really want everyone to hear this tune I love very soon!
If you’ll grab hold of a copy, I’d be pleased!
I’ll be in your care!

It’s been a long time preparing for this, so I think I’m really happy to be finally able to convey this to you all!
To be honest, when I first started going on the path of a seiyuu, whenever there’d be talk about me going on stage, I never could imagine how the me singing songs would look like.
I’m a seiyuu until the very end, so I thought I wanted to be someone who just supports the productions I’m in.

However, as I’d challenged various things in my role as seiyuu, I’d gradually begun to think stuff like “I wanna do things like this more,” “What else should I do for the sake of broadening my range?”
If the me from that time would feel something along the lines of “becoming part of [the music industry] is a delusion!” at today’s news, now I’m boldly taking a step forward.

While it’ll take a bit longer before we can say anything more concrete, I have a lot of feelings about promoting things about me singing songs, about performing in front of everyone!
To everyone who’d been supporting me, if this new “Saito Souma” I’m conveying to you pleases you, I think I shall devote myself so that you may want to call on me!
From now on as well, the seiyuu Saito Souma will also be in your care!

Also, accompanying this turn of events, an official webpage and Twitter account had been established!
Either one is managed and updated by the staff team, and aside from this blog, they will convey various news!
Please look upon both of these kindly!

Official webpage

Twitter account

That being said, that’s the news about my debut single’s release!
Please look upon me kindly, and cheer on me continuously!
Well then, until next time!

Saito Souma

souma blog tag | my translation index | please do not reproduce this translation anywhere without credit and permission. | the original title was フィッシュストリ. i chose to take it as “fiche”, short for microfiche, where stuff was printed on really tiny-like for easy storage, cuz it fit with the “story” half and sounded like a word Souma would use? …he also could’ve meant “fish”, though. fish story. souma, why | translated 参りたい as “you may want to call on me”, but it could also mean “you would like to fall madly in love with me”…Souma pls stop reading my mind | thanks for reading!

But seriously, is there any bigger Malec shipper than Ruelle?

I mean, you got Fear on Fire, which is essentially what Malec’s whole relationship is about.

Where Do We Go From Here is the best way of describing Malec post wedding kiss. 

I Get To Love You “cough cough” Magnus ‘When it’s too heavy to carry, remember this moment with me.’ Alec ‘Whatever may come; your heart I will choose.’ “cough cough”

Is there any better song to look at early Malec trying to figure what this is than Storm?  I am caught off-guard by you? Sound familiar.

And of course. The one. The only. War. Of. Hearts


That being said, the second you start idolizing someone in the industry, you create a dichotomy between you and them. You create a hierarchy. This is the thing I like the least about the industry. When saying ‘celebrity’ and 'normal,’ you’re implying that maybe 'celebrity’ is something greater or less than 'normal.’ That’s not the case. That’s sort of been my whole message. The second you start going crazy about someone you admire, you put them in a space that makes them almost unattainable — you put them in a space that is distancing and objectifying. The second you’re looking up to someone, you’re still looking up. They’re looking down. That’s a really strange way of interacting with a person. I love when people come up to me and ask a strange question or get a little invasive. That’s my favorite thing! It means there’s no wall putting them in fear of talking to me. That’s something Dylan and I wanted to make very apparent as we went to school, did the dorm system, and sat in class with everyone. People idolize celebrities in a way that is unhealthy for them. It’s something that’s sold to them by the same companies that air the TV shows. I don’t want people to think of me as something more than themselves. I want people to think of me as just a person.

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hello! is there a reason why virgo moon/venuses are considered much more detached placements than sun in virgo? i always see virgo moon or virgo venus being described as incredibly detached placements to have, but the sun is not described that way. is it because the realm of emotions being in such a logical grounded sign the reason behind the detachment found with moon in virgo? and the planet of love being in virgo means their approach to love would be too logical and unfeeling, right?

No Virgo placement is really detached, I don’t know where people get the idea that earth signs are unfeeling. They may be logical and primarily cerebral over emotional, but earth signs definitely have emotions. They just don’t prioritize “feeling” over “reasoning.” The latter is more important to them. Especially Virgo placements. Virgo moon/Venus tends to rationalize all their experiences in the realm of emotion so it may be expressed with less feeling but the feeling is still there. I think that’s mostly misinformation, the idea that Virgo moon/Venus is more detached than Virgo sun, because that sounds like people are mixing up the meaning of having a planet (active component of the psyche) posited in a sign (stationary symbolic/energetic mode & function) and attributing Virgo sun traits to other parts of the chart, or simply misinterpreting things. I don’t know. But Virgos being earthy/Mercurial doesn’t make them emotionless, it just means they would rather not express their feelings in the same way fire or water or air might be inclined.

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Headcanon of the bros s/o as a super shy person that is kinda a crybaby? btw love your blog keep up the amazing work! ^^

sure thing! and thank you so much for your compliment, it really means so much ;u;


  • He might have initially thought that their shyness would be an annoying trait that would get in the way of their personal growth, but eventually he’d come to learn that he has his own shy sides that he feels he can show around this person. 
  • Since he is the more assertive one out of the pair (being heir to the throne doesn’t exactly allow for any shyness), he feels the need to stick by his partner often if he ever needs to save them from situations they feel uncomfortable in. But he honestly doesn’t mind it; he likes being needed, a lot more than others might think.
  • He would try to gently nudge his partner to do things they might think are scary but end up not being so bad. Like when talking to someone new, he’ll give them a little pat on the back and say, “Go on.” At the end of the day, he really does want his partner to feel okay with themselves and try to improve upon their crippling shyness.
  • Once he finds out that they cry easily, he has to take differing procedures whenever they start to tear up. If it’s just because a movie didn’t give the protagonists a happy ending, he’ll sigh (fondly) and pull them to him to kiss their hair. If it’s because someone crossed a line, he will definitely find who did it and make them regret it. 


  • His mother hen tendencies practically double in regards to his partner; he often has a “they’re hopeless without me” mindset whenever they’re in a pinch and thus isn’t very surprised when problems arise from their shyness. If it weren’t already obvious, he is very good at saving people and pretty much considers it his job.
  • He might become confused at some points. Though their quiet demeanor and gentle heart are undeniably endearing, he sometimes wonders if their extreme shyness is something they’ll have trouble with in the future, then worry he’s not doing enough to get them to open up and grow as a person. 
  • Ignis probably comes off as more of a babysitter than a romantic partner when in public with them. The way he fawns over them and makes sure they’re comfortable at all times may even seem saccharine at some point, but it’s because he genuinely adores them and the last thing he wants is to see them cry. 
  • When he’s especially torn over how he takes care of his partner, he’ll hold them gently and sigh. “What am I to do with you? Everything you do somehow makes me want to spoil you rotten.”


  • Oftentimes he’s unable to relate to moments that make his partner uncomfortable, since Gladio’s idea of an awkward situation is vastly different from normal standards. He usually doesn’t see a reason for his s/o to get flustered when a seemingly obvious solution to the problem exists, but they’re just too nervous to see it. 
  • Thus, he’s not the best at helping them out in uncomfortable situations, since most of the time he sits back and consciously leaves his partner to try to figure out the best way out of it themselves. He’s the opposite of Ignis, who spoils his partner by letting them depend on him all the time. It may seem too harsh, but the bottom line is that he also wants to see his partner grow and come out of their shell.
  • At the same time, he likes their shy nature because getting them flustered is easy (and therefore fun for him). He’ll often say it’s not that he hates their shyness, but just that they can’t stay that way forever or else they might miss out on a lot of opportunities in the future.
  • If they end up crying over something trivial, even he can’t get frustrated. “You’re adorable,” he’ll laugh while petting their head.


  • He probably thinks that his partner’s shyness is the cutest thing in the world. His favorite thing to do is shower them in compliments, then watch them go red. Having such an effect on someone is something he can’t seem to get over. It’s too fun and too cute to watch. 
  • Prompto also insists on sticking by his partner’s side as much as he can, because the thought of them wandering off somewhere or being approached by scary people is enough to scare him. He’ll always remind them to call him if they’re ever in trouble, because “your hero Prompto is always at your beck and call!”
  • He doesn’t see their shyness as a problem. If they aren’t comfortable doing things, then he’s more than happy to help them or do it for them. The idea of pushing them out of their comfort zone makes him worry his partner might have a meltdown at some point. In general, he’s very sensitive to how they might feel in certain situations, and says he’s just fine with the way they are. 
  • Usually if his partner’s in trouble, he’ll just grab their hand and run away from the situation if possible, or try to puff up his chest and look aggressive to possible predators. (It usually doesn’t work.)

(whgwbhgbhhw THIS ENDED UP BEING SO LONG oops,)

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Choose between Mox and Dean to spend the rest of your life with. Also cause we're thirsty like that...what do you think Mox and Dean would be like in bed? 😍😘❤️👊🏻--M and R


Alright! Thirsty Thursday is on!
If I had to choose between Mox and Dean? Hmmm that’s tough but I’d probably end up going with Dean. As much as I LOVE that wild, young, energetic Moxley; Dean’s character is a little more… mature? I mean as mature as he could probably get. His kind of unstable would make a better stable husband and family man. Like think about it, Dean has had more practice with relationships and sexual encounters. (Also, I just LOVE older men)

Mox in bed:
This son of a bitch would be up to try anything. He’s young, early 20s so he’s still learning his way around a woman. He’ll listen attentively to what you ask him to do, but he’ll do it so good that your moans will be what eggs him on. Loves biting and clawing, if you both don’t come out with bruises or scratches then Jon Moxley isn’t satisfied. Rough sex is the best sex. Think of Christian Grey saying “I don’t make love… I fuck.” that would be Mox. However, at the end of the day, he loves to snuggle. He makes sure you’re sprawled across his bare chest, your head spinning, as he smokes a cigarette.

Dean in bed:
Damn. Dean Ambrose is one kinky mother fucker. He’s done a lot of things when he was younger and knows what women like. He loves to eat pussy. LOVES IT! Anything to make a girl squirm with pleasure. Dean needs to be in control, he likes any position that allows him to take over the depth and speed. If you call him daddy it causes a shiver to run down his spine and his eyes to roll in the back of his head. Ambrose just loves to fuck. He’ll make sure to sneak a quickie in when he can. But when you both are finally home, he makes sure to take his time with you. When the love making is over, he likes to wrap his arms around your body and fall asleep on your naked, exposed breasts. (Also, he snores.)

Hope this is enough for your thirst girls! 

I actually sat down and shut my mouth and actually just listened and you know, accepted every bit of information with no judgement… I knew that it was my job to show, you know, that people that are on the spectrum are just regular people, literally, just how we talk, how me and Becky [Becky G, Yellow Ranger] talk, they feel the same way, they have the same emotions, they wanna be loved, that want people to love, they want relationships they want, you know, connections, and it’s just like I was really excited to be able to play that ’cause I know it means so much to so many people, ’cause all of us are affected by it… and it’s something I feel like we needed to have in this movie to be honest.
—  RJ Cyler, who plays Billy Cranston (the blue power ranger) in Power Rangers (2017).

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People hate Starco because it is a heterosexual pairing? I mean, there's mutual respect and love and care in their friendships and Marco is neither abusive or misogynistic. I see nothing wrong with Starco besides the fact that it's not yet canon!

preach it, starco has such a beautiful and organic chemistry that i havent seen in a while. they both support each other and have improved each other in the best ways. plus its interracial!!! i understand if ppl dont ship it but if youre gonna call starco shit bc its “het”, apprently abusive and cliche and unoriginal, pls look at the facts.

There is no spoon

I loved the pop-culture/sf reference extravaganza of this episode.

David is stuck in a corner of his mind that looks like a coffin with only himself to talk to. And David’s superego is British in a nicely meta way that plays both on Dan Steven’s nationality and American stereotype that British accent means one is smart (also that moment of American doing a really bad impression of British accent while Stevens was imitating Patrick Stewart - stellar).

And then to break out of their prison the rational mind David tells himself there is no coffin and to science the shit out of what is happening.

Meanwhile, Syd gets the glasses that show you what is real - including real monsters. In black and white of course (true They Live style). And it’s also a silent film with dialogue cards and everything. And then Lenny was doing her best Beetlejuice/Edward Scissorhands impression.

This is episode was made of references. And that’s even without all the Professor X fighting Shadow King cartoon David recreated. That was a cherry on top.

just a little public service announcement because of some of the comments i’ve gotten lately:

- when i talk about dee and dennis i am talking about their dynamic in a strictly platonic way. when i say they are the bonnie and clyde of my dreams i mean i love their scheming. i do not “ship” them for obvious reasons

- when i talk about charlie and mac i am /mostly/ talking about it in a platonic way. i go through moods where they are all i want to talk about but that doesnt mean im over mac/dennis blah blah blahblah. 

- the only dynamic on this show i go for romantically is mac and dennis. which is clear if you’ve been following me for five minutes. 

- i do not “hate” dennis. look at my url. i post more about him than anyone else. i like to tease him and expose him because he makes it so easy. its 100% out of love. my dennis reynolds callout tag is a thing of beauty but its done out of love.

i shouldnt need to make this clear but here we are 

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For your Guardians AU (which I love very, very dearly by the way), I was wondering which animals you had assigned to all of the miraculouses? I haven't gone back and reread it in a while, so if you listed them in a chapter and I don't remember I'm sorry 😬 Much love for you and your writing


Actually, I have ~not~ revealed all the animals yet! Well, not to the public. But I assure you, you will know every single one by the end of the story.  In the meantime, here is a handy dandy kwami reference guide! I’ve been meaning to release one of these for a while so thanks for giving me an excuse to. ^-^

There are a grand total of 20 gods, and 16 of them successfully manifested as kwami. 13 of them are still alive.

unlucky thirteen… ;)

These are the Miraculous animals that have been seen so far:

  • Ladybug
  • Black Cat
  • Fox
  • Chameleon  (This is Nurru’s deceased partner; Kaoss)
  • Butterfly

Canon Kwami we haven’t seen yet but will appear:

  • Turtle (Life)
  • Peacock (????)

Here’s four I may or may not have mentioned but you won’t meet in the story cos they ded:

  • Frog (Water)
  • Owl (Truth)  – this was the Fox’s partner. If he was still alive, his host would be Lisitsa’s partner.
  • Bee (Blessing; Light Magic) – this was one of the two gods who did not successfully manifest since they did not have a Miraculous to act as a conduit.   In chapter 14, this kwami was represented by a “bright yellow orb” and would have manifested as female.
  • Unknown Lizard (Curse; Dark Magic) – this was the second of the two gods who did not successfully manifest since they did not have a Miraculous to act as a conduit.  In chapter 14, this kwami was represented by a “magenta orb” and would have manifested as male and as some manner of subtropical lizard.

Upcoming Kwami:

  • A winged mammal
  • A beetle
  • A big cat
  • A cervidae
  • A very large land mammal
  • A bear
  • A rodent

I won’t give any specific animals yet but you’re more than welcome to take a guess! :)

And these are the remaining ‘forces’, all of which belong to the unspecified kwami above + Duusu:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Memories
  • Possibilities
  • Death
  • Light
  • Darkness

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Dear 1DHQ and whoever else needs to know - I am very very very very convinced that Louis Tomlinson is a fully functioning heterosexual member of society. He is in NO WAY gay. He HATES Harry Styles. He also LOVES Simon Cowell, Eleanor Caldwell (insert other name here if gf has changed in past 10 mins) and Freddie Is My Queen... hold on I mean Freddie Reign. So now that you have COMPLETELY CONVINCED ME can the narrative move on? This is getting tedious - A NON-Larrie (I promise)