(i make) good girls go bad

when is a girl gonna hold my hand and kiss me like i’m the only girl in the world and look cuter than i do in my t shirts?? free snuggles all the time?? i want that i had a bad day, let’s go for a drive with the music up and windows down kind of love. i want dedication and who the fuck cares how far away from each other we get as long as we both make sure we get back. self love is really cool and all but i can’t give myself hickies and good sex and my shotgun seat is empty and i want someone to raise dogs with

She's a keeper if:

-she always gives you a good morning and goodnight text

-she knows all your favorite things and surprises you with one when you’re having a bad day

-she tells you you’re beautiful and makes you feel it by the way she looks at you

-she admires your body and proves it to you in bed

-she rubs your finger with her thumb while you’re holding hands

-she makes you feel like everything’s going to be okay, because she supports you through it all

Down to Mephisto’s Cafe PT.1

Just a Girl

There are ups and downs to being a world famous rugby player.

The sport, the cash, and the kickass merch are all things Ginny Weasley can live with. The glam, the press, the stalker fans and photo shoots, she can do without. 

But sometimes the things that bite you in the ass, have perks of their own.

Who knew Pansy Parkinson could make bad look so good.

Parkinson Studio- Before the BBC Before the BBC Sponsor Party

Ginny: Hey, so, not to be that girl, but how long is this going to take? I did just get back from a match… My ass, and now feet, are killing me.

Assistant Velma: *unsympathetic* 

Pansy: Not long, now that I am here.

Ginny: *gives Pansy a once-over* Huh, what a shame.

Take all the time you need.

Pansy: I intend to.

*reaches for Ginny’s chin to inspect* Not a bad job…

At least I don’t have to fire anyone

Ginny: Well, Mum and Da stopped after me so I guess I am the masterpiece they were always looking for but never found in my brothers.

Pansy: *ignores Ginny* Her hem needs to come up a quarter of an inch.

Ginny: *muttering* Well I think my hem is fine.

Pansy: Oh really?

Assistant Velma: *tsks* It’s not everyday someone gets dressed by Ms. Parkinson, I would watch your mouth.

Ginny: And how about getting undressed by Ms. Parkinson? How often does that happen?

Pansy: *directed at Velma* That will be all.

We’re done.

Ginny: ….Alright. Thank you Ms. Parkinson. I guess… I’ll…go…

Pansy: Go? Oh no, darling. You misunderstand.

The only place you’re going tonight is the BBC Sponsor Party, correct?

Ginny: Right.

Pansy: You obviously need help navigating this world, and who better than myself? You will be taking me, I’ll send over appropriate attire, see you at seven.

Ginny: Seven it is.

Pansy: Don’t be late.

Ginny: *happy dance*

Assistant Velma: Oi! Watch the pins!

Ginny: Sorry!


5 a.m. Thoughts

Someone who’s going to hold my hand in the car and outdo my goofy dancing. Someone who’s going to let me pick on them, giving it back twice as bad. Someone who will come over at 1am when I’m too afraid to sleep alone. Someone who won’t mind sitting up at 5am when I’m physically sick from my anxiety and nightmares. Someone who understands that I have horrible days but that they make my good days that much better. Someone who kisses me at every comma in my sentences. Someone who will wrap me up when I lean into them, in the middle of the bar or in the middle of the kitchen. Someone who traces their fingers along my back and answers my hundreds of questions. Someone who listens to me ramble on about politics and things that make me feel one way or another. Someone who remembers my favorite flower and song and weather. Someone who doesn’t make me question how they feel. Someone who wants me, through & through.
That’s the girl I want.

Play time with Daddy 2 (part 1)

“Here now.”
I sigh knowing full well what’s coming next. I’m just so sleepy. I whine “I don’t want to play right now daddy”
“That doesn’t matter baby”
He’s right of course, when daddy wants to play I have to be a good girl, or else daddy will punish me.
“Here now.”
Daddy’s on the bed, and I’m on the other side of the room checking my phone. Daddy’s already stripped down to his boxers and tshirt. I’m wearing the dress daddy approved for me today. “I’m not going to say it again” he warns. I take a step towards daddy but he puts his hand up as if to say stop. “Hands and knees” he commands. sometimes Daddy will make me crawl as a reminder that I’m his sex pet, usually when I’m bad. I can already tell daddy doesn’t wanna play games today. I sink down to my hands and knees and crawl to daddy, he grabs my face.
“What are you?”
“Daddy’s property” I respond
“You going to be a good girl for daddy today?”
I nod and smile.
“Turn around and bend over” he commands. I turn facing away from daddy, my head to the carpet and my ass in the air. Daddy reaches over and grabs something from the drawer. I await anxiously for whatever is about to happen next. I feel daddy lift up my dress revealing my lace pink thong.
“Does baby wanna play with her toys?” Daddy asks.
“Yes please daddy”
Daddy moves my thong to the side. “Spread your legs” he orders.
I do as I’m told. I feel the tip of something cold against my button. Uh oh, I think to myself, it’s lube. Without warning daddy shoves my butt plug into me. I instinctively jolt away and daddy spanks me for my bad behaviour. I quickly move back into position, my legs spread, and my button filled. I hear a buzzing noise. “Do that again and you won’t get this for the rest of the week.” Making his point, Daddy pushes my favourite toy against me. It’s my little vibrator. Daddy puts in my panties against my clit. “Turn around, and take off dress baby”. I lift my head and turn facing toward daddy, I obediently lift my dress over my head exposing my bare breasts. Daddy rarely has my wear a bra anymore. He likes to watch my nipples get hard when he teases me in public. I sit there with a mix of both pain and pleasure. Daddy points a stern finger to his crotch, letting me know what he wants. Without hesitation I pull his boxers down and begin sucking is cock. The intensity of the clit stimulator and butt plug causes me to suck daddy’s cock more profusely, daddy moans in response. I lick daddy’s shaft from top to bottom. Taking my hand I begin stroking daddy’s cock, while I lick and suck his balls. Daddy moans more. I then swallow all of daddy’s cock as he begins to thrust into my mouth. He grabs my head rather softly and guides my pace. I can tell daddy is enjoying himself. He quickly stands up and pulls my face close. Daddy takes his cock and begins hitting my face with it. I stick my tongue out and daddy hits that too.
“You like daddy’s cock in your mouth?”
I nod my head as daddy continues to dominant my mouth.
“Are you daddy’s little cumslut?”
I pull away from daddy’s cock “yes daddy.” Daddy pulls my face back to his cock and I continue to suck it with enthusiasm, just as daddy’s taught me too. I begin to squirm.
“What’s the matter baby?”
“My panties are soaked daddy”
“Show me”
I know what daddy wants. I reach down into my panties and glide my fingers along my pussy. There instantly soaked. I pull them out, show daddy, then lick my fingers.
“You like the way you taste baby?”
“Yes daddy”
“Come here” daddy motions me to get on the bed. I do as I’m told, remaining in my hands and knees position.
“Good girl” daddy says. my heart flutters. “What do you say we take out this thing?” Daddy tugs on my butt plug.
“Yes please daddy” I beg
Daddy pulls it out, and a sigh of relief escapes me. Daddy takes off my panties and removes the clit stimulator. “Open your mouth” daddy orders. I do so, and daddy sticks my panties in my mouth. “No noise” he says. I nod my head obediently.

You're No Peter Parker! || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: you unintentionally get super drunk at a party, forcing your friendly neighborhood spider-man to come to your rescue as he escorts you home.}

tonight’s been a stressful night for me, so i need some peter parker fluff. i promise i’ll work on requests as soon as i’m better…my anxiety has been through the roof and today was a particularly bad day….

but i’ll get better, i promise. so here, how about me and you indulge in some peter fluff?

**please if you have any respect for the writer at all, do not repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine.**

warnings: drunk kisses, tbh


You had no idea what crazy part of your brain thought that attending a party was a good idea. You weren’t the particularly social type, and the fact that you were surrounded by girls making out with several guys from the next door fraternity house made this all the more unbearable for you.

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anonymous asked:

Have any feelings about Supercorp?

Oh yes. I have many a feeling about Supercorp. 

BUT I have an insane amount of feelings for Evil!Kara x Lena Luthor AU

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“What intrigues me is that people kind of naturally want to label or pigeonhole the characters. They want to make it easy for themselves to go, “All right. There’s the good guy, there’s the bad guy, there’s the girl. Okay, I get it now.” But life isn’t one-dimensional. The world isn’t simply divided into good versus evil. I think we’re all capable of both. So any time the hero does something I’m not crazy about, or the bad guy does something I can relate to, I’ll find it more interesting.” -  Alexander Skarsgård.

lyrics bios (requested

Lana :

go play a video game

it’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you everything i do

heaven is a place on earth with you

i heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true?

you’re no good for me but baby i want you

being a bad bitch on the side it might not appeal to fools like you

can you make it feel like home

don’t make me sad don’t make me cry

sometimes love is not enough

‘cause you and i we were born to die

Halsey :

all we do is think about the feelings that we hide

all we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign sick and full of pride

i’m bigger than my body i’m colder than this home

i’m meaner than my demons i’m bigger than these bones

goddamn right, you should be scared of me

i couldn’t stand the person inside me i turned all the mirrors around

i’ve grown familiar with villains that live in my head

you’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece

i’m a wanderess i’m a one night stand

don’t belong to no city don’t belong to no man

i’m the violence in the pouring rain i’m a hurricane

they think i’m insane, they think my lover is strange

that’s the beauty of a secret you know you’re supposed to keep it


i think i talk too much i  need to listen

i think i try too hard how i look, what i do, what i’m sayin

i spend too much time explainin myself

Troye Sivan :

never knew loving could hurt this good

you make my heart shake bend and break

in the crowd alone and every second passing reminds me im not home

blazed eyes empty hearts buying happy from shopping cards

my happy little pill take me away

only fools fall for you

Sweet Girls (a poem)

Sweet Girls

Crazy to count Springs
and judge the warmer ones good
and the cold ones bad.
There’s something about
an unreliable Earth that feels good
like she’s still got something left
to show us that’ll really shake
our limbs.

The trees last month
were making black pretzly shapes
against the clouds. Now they’re
comparing flowered dress patterns
against the blue sky, softly murmuring
to each other through the wind.

And I’m just going to sit and watch them
being fussy, trying things on for kicks.

Sweet girls, as glad as I am it’s Spring,
too blissed out to count the ones past
or the few that might be remaining

“Okay, Poppy. Mommy’s going out” ‘…and hopefully won’t be coming home tonight’ Kaylynn added to herself. “Be a good girl.”

Right then Kay’s phone rang. She was going to ignore it, but figured she better check in case it was Don. It was.


“Hey Kaylynn. It’s Don.”

“Hey, I was about to head over to your place.”

“I’m sorry, Kaylynn, but my dick boss is making me stay. I probably won’t get out of here for another couple hours.”

“That’s too bad.”

Woo, okay, this is waaaaaay overdue, but I didn’t want to make the post until the art was ready to go, so.

Some may recall my ‘Spider-Gals’ tee design from a while back. Well, the good news is that it won a prize! WOO! Bad news? It didn’t get printed up as a shirt D: And that was a bit of a bummer because my whole goal was to create a shirt with a bunch of cool characters on it, and. No shirt!

SO, I decided to do another tee design as a kind of ‘thank you’ as well as a fulfillment of my initial mission and thus here is ‘SPIDER-GALS 2.0′

Available here and here

Once again want to thank the folks who spread the word and rated the tee design! YOU ALL ROCK. :D

For Goodness Sake (Deleted Song)
Shoshana Bean & Kate Reinders
For Goodness Sake (Deleted Song)

This is a cut song called “For Goodness Sake” and it takes place right before Defying Gravity. 


Glinda (spoken): How else can you be of any help to those poor monkeys? To any of the animals? 

Don’t be so stubborn, for goodness sake

Now you can do the things you say you want

So if it isn’t quite the way you want

Remember what what’s at stake

Or do you want to make the bad things stop?

Only if you can be the one on top

Why don’t you see we have a

Golden opportunity to take?

For goodness sake

Elphaba (spoken): You are such a hypocrite!

Who are you fooling, for goodness sake?

You’re playing charity and all the rest

But once you’re Princess at the ball the rest

Can go jump in the lake

So be the Wizard’s chief apologist

Become his golden girl if you insist!

But don’t tell me it’s all some altruistic

Noble choice you make

For goodness sake

Glinda (spoken): Well, at least I admit it!

Elphaba (spoken): What’s that supposed to mean?

Glinda (spoken): You had to show off, didn’t you? You just had to do that wretched spell because you wanted him to notice you! No, not just notice you – admire you!

Elphaba (spoken): Shut up!

Glinda (spoken): Well, he’s noticed you all right! But I’d say you’re the hypocrite!

Elphaba (spoken): Shut up!


I hope you’re happy

I hope you’re happy now

I hope you’re happy how


You’ve enhanced your reputation!


You’re the center of attention!


You’ve advanced another station!


And did I forget to mention?


I see right through you

(I see right through)

For goodness sake

(For goodness sake)

There may be someone who knows the truth


Who knows you’re just a fake!


You’ll never care for goodness, not one bit!


And all you want is to be right, admit!


So when it comes to being hypocritical


You take the cake


You win the prize

Well, guess who sees

Through your disguise?

Your pieties


Your beauty (something)


So pretty please

Give me a break!

For goodness sake!

Both (spoken): HYPOCRITE!

Y'all want a hot tea?Here we go.I bet money that Abel didn’t even ask Selena to follow him.I bet money,that Selena invited herself on this.This is why is always Selena follow Abel around and never the otherside.Is always Selena.

Eh,good lucky for the good sis,she will need.Baby girl probably think that being clingy with Abel will make she falling in love with him.Lmao,i’m feel bad for her.Selena is really desesperate.No one can’t deny this.

Let Me Help You {Scott McCall} // smut

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*so i thought of this in my class and i thought this would be a good one so i just wrote it. sorry if mistakes.*

request; n/a

warning; oral, cursing, and smut

request here


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When I was a kid I hated wearing dresses or anything "girly" and would cry and scream the whole time people would try to get me to wear them. Now that I'm older and have figured out I'm agender, there's times when I want to wear a pretty dress or skirt or something, but I know if I do I'll have family and other people seeing me as a girl and I don't want that.

a lot of people, including me, know what that feels like anon. but if you want to wear a dress and it’ll make you feel good, go for it! you don’t have to wear it in front of others if you think their reactions will make you feel bad; you can try wearing it alone in your room in front of a mirror?

- mod emery