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Creepypasta #1052: The Beast In The Dryer Liked To Eat My Clothing When I Was Seven

Length: Long

The beast in the dryer liked to eat my clothing.

I didn’t know why, but he told me he loved the taste of my socks, sweaters, underwear, pants, shirts, tights, whatever he could gets his paws on. He told me he lived on soap, little girl’s clothes, and prayers at night, but if I wanted to sneak him a candy bar now and again, he wouldn’t complain. Because I was seven, this made perfect sense to me. 

The company was nice when I was down in our scary, unfurnished basement doing laundry. I was forced to do my own laundry because my family was giant and difficult to manage, so I had lots of time to sneak out a pair of socks, a shirt I didn’t really like, or an old and holey pair of tights. In return for his “snacks,” the beast was the best friend I’d ever had. I’d tell him about my day, about my friends. I would even tell him all the secrets I was scared to tell my parents, like how I found my oldest sister Victoria naked with her boyfriend, or how Daddy talked about money problems when he thought we were all asleep, or how my fourteen-year-old brother Levi snuck out every night and came back smelling sweet and rotten. The beast told me I was a good observer, that I noticed things nobody else did. He said this made me very special, especially because I didn’t go blabbing all these secrets I carried.

He said, “Dolly, you’re a special girl and I’m a special beastie, which is why we’re such good friends.” Dolly was his nickname for me, since he said my real name, Diana, was very stuffy. I kind of agreed.

I liked talking to the beast in the dryer so much that I started offering to do other people’s laundry. My nine-year-old sister Millie, who was the meanest person in the world, told me that because I offered she wouldn’t flush my goldfish down the toilet. Levi said thanks and gave me a brownie that made me feel funny and then throw up. Victoria said I could, but I was to absolutely never look in her drawers or touch her “lingerie.” The second-meanest member of my family, my twelve-year-old brother Danny, told me now I had to do his laundry forever, and I’d better give it to him all folded and neat, or else he’d “mash me.” My siblings were horrible and I hated them all. I told the beastie.

“I was being helpful and really nice,” I lamented to him as I folded Danny’s laundry, making sure his shirts were nice and neat. “Nobody even said thank you but Levi, and he gave me that dumb brownie. I think it was a prank.”

The beast snorted furiously. “Dolly, don’t you think about that. You’re so polite and kind to your brothers and sisters. They just don’t appreciate you. But I do!” The dryer rattled and I could tell he was mad. He cared about me so much, even more than my mom and dad. “I appreciate you more than anybody else, and don’t you ever forget that.”

“They don’t appreciate me,” I repeated. “You do, though.”

“That’s right,” the beast affirmed. “Now, do you have any snacks for me today?”

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I’d never heard of Thoroughly Modern Milie before this request, but I loved using a song from a musical. It made deciphering the story easier. So thank you to @flamemurphy for requesting that I do a fic based around “What Do I Need With Love”. I’m quite happy with this one, but let me know what you think anyway. Enjoy, my darlings!

Everytime I hear the song “What Do I Need With Love” from Thoroughly Modern Millie I immediately think 40s! Bucky and I think it’d make a great story.

“What Do I Need With Love?”

“Buck, come on, what’s up with you?” Steve pressed.

Bucky unlocked his front door, leaving it open for Steve to follow as he stepped indoors and tossed his key onto the table.
“I’m tellin’ you. Absolutely nothing. I’m fine.”

Steve watched as Bucky went about his usual home routine. He kicked off his shoes and placed them neatly under the sofa, shrugged off his jacket and threw that less neatly over the armchair, and he opened up the fridge to fetch two beers. Though he appeared to be doing much the same thing, something was definitely off about it.

It seemed as though his mind was elsewhere, that he was constantly thinking of something or someone else.

“It’s that girl, isn’t it?” Steve deduced, as a smile pulled its way onto his lips. “That girl you were talking to. The waitress.”

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Brad Simpson Imagine: Cute Times with Bradley

Request: I really loved your tristan and millie imagine it was all cute and fluffy and yeah haha um could I have a brad one something being cute like that (so not typically cheesy) where he just really loves you and youve been together for a while

“(Y/N) are you ready?” Brad shouted upstairs
“I’ll be down in a minute I shouted, rushing around in my room looking for the new perfume and the bracelet Brad’s family had given me for Christmas. We were off to his family’s annual summer barbecue, it was lovely because all of his family got together, even the boys from the band, and they all just chilled. I’d been with Bradley now for around 3 years so I’d been too quite a few of these barbecues, however I never got to see his family as much as I would like which is why I was really looking forward to going and spending some time with them. I walked down the stairs in my blue flowery dress, wedged heels and my hair in loose curls, much to Brad’s amazement.
"You look beautiful” He mumbled
“Thankyou Bradley” I smiled, kissing him on the cheek “Are you ready?”
He nodded and we set off from the house, hopping into the car and turning the radio up full blast as we jammed out too Uptown Funk. 

Pulling up at his house, it was decorated with lights and we could already hear the 80’s tunes blaring from the speakers in the garden. As we walked up the driveway and knocked on the door, Brad’s mum came rushing to greet us, hugging Brad and then me.
“Here they are, my favourite little couple, oh how I’ve missed you" 
We were led into the house and immediately Brad and I were separated. He went to speak with his cousins whilst I made my way around his family members, saying hello and making general conversation. I also ended up on karaoke with Nat, his older sister. It was such a laugh, we get on so well and I think that means a lot to Brad. I then went outside and played with his youngest cousin on the swings, pushing her and watching her as she pretended to be a fairy princess. I joined in too and we even did a duet from Frozen, she was Elsa and I was Anna. I hope Brad didn’t see, I’d never live it down, Finally, I ended up talking to Con and James, two of Brad’s bandmates and two of the more familiar faces at the party tonight. All of a sudden, my hand was grabbed and I was dragged away from James and into the garden. It was dark now and the fairylights lit up the tree house that Brad used to play in when he was younger.
"Where are we going?”
“Up there” he pointed as we both began to climb
Once we made it, the view was beautiful. The clear starry sky was something like I had never seen before. We sat with our legs dangling over the side of the tree house and my head resting on Brad’s shoulder. 
“I’m so lucky to have you” He mumbled
“I’m lucky to have you too Bradley”
“I wanted to get you on your own because I feel like I haven’t spent enough time with you tonight”
“Oh it’s okay, I’ve been keeping myself entertained”
“I believe you have…Do you wanna build a snowmannn?" He mimicked
"I was hoping you hadn’t seen that” I replied burying my head into his chest.
“Nah it was cute man, and it meant the world to Ella, she looks up to you a lot”
“She’s a good kid”
“I can’t wait for us to have our own children one day, you’ll be the most amazing mum, god I’m so lucky to have you”
Our conversation was then interrupted by the ladders of the tree house shaking and Brad’s mum shouting up 
“I can see you two love birds up there, don’t make me come up and get you”
“Coming mum” Brad shouted as we both giggled and made our way down to go and spend the rest of the night with his family 

After Midnight- Chapter 1

Summary: Cinderella au! Adrien is a commoner, living under the thumb of his overprotective guardians, yearning for days gone by when he had a mother and father, when he was free. Marinette is a Princess, the only heir to the kingdom, and the pressure is on to find a suitor. But how can she hope to find one who truly loves her? One who finds her clumsy, silly side endearing rather than annoying? One who isn’t just looking to elevate their status? Luckily her birthday is coming up, and everyone in the Kingdom has their own Fairy God Kwami.

Rating: SFW!

Can also read on ao3  or FF.Net

After Midnight

“Come on, it’s for your own good you know.”

Adrien Agreste shuffled closer towards the injured lamb, his footsteps soft. The lamb eyed him, tossing its head two and fro nervously.

“It’s just a little graze! No need to act like such a frightened little lamb right? What are your friends going to think?” Adrien whispered, in what he hoped was a reassuring manner, crouching down as he rested one arm against the edge of the wooden paddock, “I don’t want to spend all morning chasing you down. My chores will never get done, and your leg will be worse in the long run. So really this helps both of us.”

The lamb didn’t budge.

“Well now you’re just being stubbaaaan,” Adrien chuckled, shaking his head. He decided to switch to his backup plan. Dipping his hand into the feeder, he pulled out some treats for the quivering lamb, who took a suspicious sniff, before slowly hobbling over to him. Success!

Twenty minutes later, the freshly bandaged lamb was back with his mother and Adrien was rubbing his stomach from being kicked one too many times. Although irritated at the newly forming bruise, his heart glowed triumphantly, for now he had a chance to go to market. If he finished his other chores before lunchtime, Nathalie had promised she’d take him there.

The idea of travelling even forty minutes into town filled him with an excitement which others might find peculiar. After all, people went to market every day. Normal people anyway. Unfortunately, Adrien’s father was convinced his son was everything but normal, and so Adrien Agreste had grown up naïve to the world beyond his humble cottage. He wasn’t even allowed to go to the aforementioned marked without his guardians in tow.

It hadn’t always been that way. Once upon a time, he had frequented town hand in hand with his mother and father. But that was a long time ago indeed, and those days were far behind him now, no matter how much he wished they weren’t.

As Adrien raked the hay in the stables, Millie the Mare shooting him cheeky glances whilst he worked, he paused. Resting against the top of the rake, he stared at the vast expanse of green hills and forests before him. The morning sky was a pale, endlessly cold blue. The breeze swirled idly around, waiting to be warmed by the newly risen sun. But the Spring chill clung to Adrien’s arms, refusing to budge no matter how hard he worked. Dewdrops settled amongst the grass beyond the stables and, if he squinted, he could just about see the town beyond the light mist. The castle was a silhouette of spires and towers. He sighed wistfully.

One day… one day he’d be able to go anywhere and do anything. His father couldn’t keep him cooped up in the cottage forever- he wasn’t even here! He’d been gone for four years, his mother even longer than that.

So wrapped up in thoughts was he, that he didn’t see Millie trotting out of the stable until it was too late; only alerted to her escape once she’d given a mischievous snort.

Adrien span around, eyes widening with horror as he saw Millie dash off down the hillside into the woods.

“MILLIE NO, NOT AGAIN!” He yelled, vaulting over the gate and giving chase, cursing himself all the way. What an idiot he’d been! He’d left her stables off the latch, allowing her to escape for the third time this month. Adrien heard shouts from behind him, no doubt his guardian Nathalie had seen him running beyond the bounds of the cottage. He didn’t care. That mare belonged to his mother.

Ignoring the increasingly panicked cries from behind him, Adrien headed straight into the heart of the woods.


Princess Marinette, heir to the throne and self-confessed screw-up, flopped face-first onto her bed with such ferocity that she bounced a few times, a faint whine rumbling in her chest as she did so. The sound of laughter filled her room, but it was not her own. On the contrary, she’d never felt less like laughing in her whole life.

“You did that on purpose. Please tell me you did that on purpose,” she heard her handmaiden giggle, felt the bed sink as Alya came to sit beside her. Marinette buried her face further into the duvet.

“What do you mean?” she cried, mouth half full of bedsheet, “offended the crown Prince of Dullith? Embarrassed myself and made a mockery of my Kingdom again? Of course I didn’t mean to!”

She tilted her chin up, meeting Alya’s eyes for the first time since hurrying back to her room in disgrace. The handmaiden shot her a sympathetic glance. Alya ran a hand through Marinette’s hair soothingly and Marinette sighed, resting a cheek against her bed and closing her eyes, willing the morning to have been a bad dream. It had started off so promising…

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My 1989 Secret Session experience

So, here’s my story about the best day of my life. It all started on Tuesday 7th October when I woke up to an email from Taylor Nation asking to know more about me, I cannot tell you how surprised I was for this email to appear as I had been desperately hoping Taylor would do a UK secret session but of course, I never thought I would actually get picked to go since Taylor has never noticed me online at all - but as I learnt Taylor never liked a post on my Instagram so she could surprise me, can you believe that?! So when I got this email, I was literally screaming with excitement - my mum thought it was because my dog died! 

But to be honest, when I read over the email I honestly didn’t believe it was real and thought someone was playing a sick trick on me. Though, I had some hope from the fact I had read multiple fans secret session stories which said they received a call soon after the Taylor Nation email. 

So this email basically resulted in me literally having my phone glued to my side waiting for a call - to say the least it was stressful because I was so scared they would never call me back if I missed their call. However, on Wednesday I left my phone for just 5 minutes and came back to a missed call which was from Taylor Nation, I then panicked as I kept calling them receiving and was getting no response, but then I finally got called back and I found out the best news of my life: I was being invited to a secret event in London involving Taylor Swift on Friday, 10th October!

On Friday I travelled to London from where I live in Wales, then went to where I was told to meet for the secret event which had the code name of ‘Enchanted Galaxy Party.’ When in the location, I got told to go in to a room full of other Taylor fans, this moment was where it started to sink in: I was soon about to experience a dream sequence of events this night.

In the room full of fans, Taylor’s team checked off we were here, took our belongings from us, and then scanned us (for security and all that). This took at least an hour and I was growing SO anxious about what was to come. But finally, we were told we were going up to a different room following a security guy’s heart-warming speech all about us being chosen specifically by Taylor to come to this event (not gonna lie, he made me cry).

Once we were then taken up in groups to Taylor’s room I was overwhelmed by the lovely looking food set out, however sadly no one ate it! The excitement was too much for anyone to have an appetite I think. So we all quickly went up to the little living room area of the room where there were pillows set up in front of the chair the actual Taylor Swift would soon be sat in.

Then out of nowhere the queen herself, T Swift, walked in the room and I started crying because my inspiration was there, right in front of me. Now what was next was she played her new album 1989 exclusively for us and explained the story behind each song – it was soooo fascinating as being the Taylor worshipper I am what’s better than to hear the meaning behind your favourite artists songs? However, this part of the event I’m not going to go in to much detail about as Taylor trusted us with keeping the album secret and I will for sure not disrespect her. But, oh my god, what I will say is 1989 is the most beautiful, smart, catchy album my ears have ever been blessed with hearing! Yes, I knew 1989 was gonna be good but hearing it finally for myself was a whole new level of amazing and way better than anything she has done it the past. That comment about her other albums being practice is 100% accurate and that’s a big statement since I’m obsessed with all her albums - obviously. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time whilst hearing it.

Halfway through the album listening session Taylor gave us cookies and cupcakes and shared a cookie with a fan which was extremely cute. Now i’m gonna list some more memorable things I want to mention: 1. Her iPhone lock screen is adorable fan art of her cats 2. Her well know dance moves were amazing and her lip syncing whilst she played us her new song was the best thing to watch,  she’s the cutest 3. Random, but I feel like her hair looks darker in person and she is so petite but crazy, crazy tall, I couldn’t get over it! 4. There is no denying that she’s genuinely the kindest person ever 5. She made a sweet comment thanking us fans for “fighting the battle” when loads of people sent her hate, she mentioned how really people should focus on her music 6. She told us about the “back in the studio uh oh” tweet she made a while back 7. She said how her dream collaboration was once Kanye West and laughed about it 8. Taylor wanted to play the songs louder for us saying “I feel like they can’t even hear it” but wasn’t allowed too cus it would be heard outside her room 9. She mentioned how she likes how these days interviewers are asking her about important things like feminism and not so much about her love life.

Once she played us all the new sons she put on ‘Shake It Off’ and we all got up and had a full on dance party, this was so surreal and for half of the song she was dancing right in front of me, I couldn’t quite believe it!

Then it was time for each one of us to meet Taylor and take the Polaroids. I have never been so happy in my life as when I went up to Taylor and she said “Hi Millie!” Inside I died right there, I couldn’t believe my favourite person in the world knew my name! She said how in my photos on Instagram - which might I add she ‘taylurked’ me on - she thought I looked “beautiful without makeup" in (BEST. COMPLIMENT. EVER). In addition Taylor also said to me how she was glad I could make it to the event since she had to make sure people were actually British by “checking if they put a ‘u’ in colour” and things.  Then, when I hugged Taylor, of course I said how much I love her, how happy she makes me, how she is my favourite person and how ultimately this is the best day of my life, her smile was the most beautiful thing and I have never felt so happy. Then she asked me what pose I wanted to do for our picture together and I said I wanted to do “something cute, you choose” and she suggested lying on the floor “it would be cute, like we are lying on the cold hard ground get it?” Then she led on the floor and I led next to her and I was freaking out inside that the actual Taylor Swift’s face was by mine! Then afterwards, my Mum came up to take a Polaroid with me and Taylor, we talked about my sister and the video Taylor recorded for me when she met my sister, Taylor said “that was for YOU??? Where I sounded creepy right?!” She also said how me and my sister both had pretty names. Then soon it was time to go and she thanked us for coming and for supporting her, I told her “I will support you forever” - ahh she makes me so cheesy. 

It was amazing. I couldn’t believe I had just had a conversation with Taylor, listened to her unreleased album and spent like 4 hours in her hotel room. Yes, life seems unreal right now!

Endless thank you’s Taylor!! I never thought I would ever meet you, I can’t explain how genuinely happy you make me and thankful I am for you, I will never forget that night. I’m in dream land.

So in conclusion, my life has well and truly been made.


Book: Dumplin’
Author: Julie Murphy
Pages: 384
Release Date: September 15, 2015
Publisher:  Balzer + Bray
Rating:  ★★★★


Self-proclaimed fat girl Willowdean Dickson (dubbed “Dumplin’” by her former beauty queen mom) has always been at home in her own skin. Her thoughts on having the ultimate bikini body? Put a bikini on your body. With her all-American beauty best friend, Ellen, by her side, things have always worked … until Will takes a job at Harpy’s, the local fast-food joint. There she meets Private School Bo, a hot former jock. Will isn’t surprised to find herself attracted to Bo. But she is surprised when he seems to like her back.

Instead of finding new heights of self-assurance in her relationship with Bo, Will starts to doubt herself. So she sets out to take back her confidence by doing the most horrifying thing she can imagine: entering the Miss Clover City beauty pageant—along with several other unlikely candidates—to show the world that she deserves to be up there as much as any twiggy girl does. Along the way, she’ll shock the hell out of Clover City—and maybe herself most of all.

With starry Texas nights, red candy suckers, Dolly Parton songs, and a wildly unforgettable heroine— Dumplin’ is guaranteed to steal your heart.


“I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life. I’ve thought too much about what people will say or what they’re gonna think. And sometimes it’s overly silly things like going to the grocery store or going to the post-office. But there have been times when I really stopped myself from doing something special. All because I was scared someone might look at me and decide I wasn’t good enough. But you don’t have to bother with that nonsense. I wasted all that time so you don’t have to.” - page 25 of Dumplin’

I’ve never been skinny and I will most likely never will. It’s not for a lack of trying though. I remember trying Slim-Fast before I was even ten years old and doing Barbie workout videos. Throughout the years the scale has gone up and it’s gone down, my confidence has too.  Whenever I come across a book with a plus size character I’m always skeptical. How will they be portrayed? As a villain? As a slob? As a crazy cat lady? As the depressed girl who can only find happiness and love if she drops a hundred pounds? Those books don’t feel so good to read and often leave readers feeling worse about themselves. Going into Dumplin’ I was a little apprehensive and a little scared with how this could turn out. Would I be able relate to Will or would this be another misrepresentation for the community?

Dumplin’ was a really good book.  It’s about a sixteen year old girl named Willowdean who is in search to find her confidence again. Now, a lot people feel that Will didn’t have any confidence to begin with but I feel like anyone who goes to a public pool in a swim suit and has body image issues is incredibly brave and courageous. A lot of people don’t have the confidence or fearlessness to do that. To me, Will was confident in herself even in the beginning of the book. She knew who she was but as time goes on she feels less and less secure about herself and her body.  This story isn’t about losing weight, or doing drastic things to change yourself to be likeable. This story is about Will trying to find who she is and be okay with it.

What I loved about this book, besides it’s message, was the dialogue; it was witty and refreshing. There were so many lines that I found inspiring and I’ll share them down below! Please if you read anything in this review go read those quotes! It was great to see a “fat” girl find happiness without losing a single pound or losing herself. I also enjoyed the romance in the story; it was very cute and reminded me a little bit of my favorite show, My Mad Fat Diary. Overall I thought the book was pretty good. There were a few situations that I felt were… not realistic but I get why they were written into the book. Another “issue” I had with Dumplin’ was how some chapters ended so abruptly. This left parts of the story feeling unfinished.   However, I believe the message of this story is worth more than anything else! 

I highly, highly encourage you to check out some of the below quotes from Dumplin’!

Quotes from Dumplin’:

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5SOS Preference : He Gets Recognized When He Picks Kid(s) Up From School

Luke: “Hey there Jazmine.” Luke says smiling as his daughter comes running up to him after a day at school away from him. “Hi daddy!” “How was school today?” “Good.” “You’re Jazmine’s dad?” Luke turned to see Jazmine’s teacher walking up to him. “Yeah, i’m Luke.” She smiled huge. “Wow, i was kind of and still am a huge fan of you. You guys are awesome and it’s because of you and your band that i have done what i’ve done. Thank you.” Luke grinned. “You’re welcome, if i may ask, what was your favorite song and member?” Jazmine’s teacher blushed as she answered Luke. “Heartbreak Girl and Calum.” Luke smirked. “Of course. Um, thanks for teaching Jazmine today, and everyday, but i’ve really got to get her home to do homework and all that other fun stuff.” The teacher waved her hand to wave off Luke’s words. “She has no homework, just, spend time with her before you have to leave again, okay? I know how much she loves you and misses you when you’re gone.” Luke looked down at his little girl who hugged his leg and nodded. “Will do. Come on Jaz, let’s get home. I’ve got to cook you and mommy a good meal before i have to go.”

Calum: He parked the car and shut if off, waiting for your son, James and daughter, Cora to get out of school. While he waited, he heard a knock at his window. He unrolled it to give the stranger a smile. “Can i help you?” “You’re Calum Hood. From 5 Seconds of Summer. You guys were amazing back in the day.” Calum nodded. “Yeah, it was fun. I take it you’re a fan.” She nodded. “Yeah, i’m friends with your daughter, Cora, i can tell she’s your daughter, looks just like you.” “Yeah she does, her mother hates that but what can you do.” The fan took a step back. “Your daughter is lucky to have a dad like you in her life.” Calum put his arm out the window. “Why do you say that?” “You were in a huge band, at the top of the world and yet when you found out you were going to be a dad, you were willing to risk losing it all just to be there. Granted the band still made it and all that, but you risked everything for your family, that takes a lot of courage.” Calum nodded. “It does, but my family comes first, the other boys understand that and all. May i ask why you’re not in class?” “I had a nose bleed and left early, but as i was leaving i saw you and had to talk to you. Also, to thank you.” “For what?” The fan smiled. “Because of you, your band’s music and all, it kept my mom alive. She wanted to give everything up but when she found you, she had a reason to live. I’ve always wanted to thank the people that saved my mom.” Calum had a proud smile on his face just as Cora and James walked out. “Still feels so good hearing stuff like that. Come over with your mom someday, i’m sure Cora and James wouldn’t mind having a classmate over and i’d love to meet your mom.”

Ashton: He walked through the classroom doors where his daughter, Millie sat in front of the teacher. “Sorry i’m late, what happened?” he asked sitting next to his daughter who looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but there. “Oh, Millie hasn’t done anything wrong.” “Then why was i told to come and pick her up here instead of outside like normal?” Millie’s teacher clasped her hands and smiled. “Mr. Irwin, she’s wearing a 5 Seconds of Summer t-shirt.” “And?” Ashton was beyond confused and the teacher let out a deep sigh. “I’m a huge fan of your band and when she told me that you were her father, i was not believing it at first, that’s why i called you here to pick her up.” He shared a look with Millie who just shook her head. “Can we leave now dad, i wanna go home and not come back here.” Her teacher was shocked. “Why wouldn’t you want to be here anymore?” Ashton answered for her. “Because i can already tell you’re going to treat her differently then the other students, i don’t want that to happen.” “I can assure you it won’t.” Ashton stood up, taking Millie’s hand as he did so. “You say that now, but i can’t hold you to it.” “And why not?” Ashton shrugged. “I don’t really have a good solid answer to give you. I appreciate you being a fan of the band and all, you’ve helped us get far and beyond our dreams, but i don’t want to take the chances of other kids bullying her because you’re giving her more attention then them. I’m sorry but, from now on, Millie’s being home schooled.”

Michael: “Well well, Michael Clifford, how are you doing today?” Michael looked up from his phone to see a very attractive woman, around his age, walking towards him, her shirt revealing everything that it could without actually showing anything. “I’m doing well today, and yourself?” “Great now that i’ve met my childhood idol who i said i was going to marry after i impressed him with myself.” Michael cleared his throat and nodded, straightening up. “Nice to meet you too, but to be quite honest here, i’m just picking up my son and daughter and then i’m going home to my wife and then we’re leaving as a family for the hospital where my wife is expected to be induced for our third baby.” The woman pouted. “But you’re my idol i’ve been in love with forever.” “And i appreciate that, in a way, but you’re here which means you have a child here, and i’m thinking that’s your son running up to you now and there’s my kids waiting for me. It was really nice meeting you and when you get home with your son, tell your husband or fiance that he’s lucky to have a girl like you in his life!” And with that Michael hurried his two children into the car and drove off. “What was that daddy?” His daughter, Alice asked while Bentley looked on curious also. “A crazy fan of daddy’s.” Bentley laughed. “A girly likes daddy.” Michael laughed. “Yeah, i suppose so, but the only girls daddy will love is your mommy, your sister, and the new baby.” Alice smiled. “You love mommy don’t you?” Michael gave his daughter a smile. “I sure do baby doll.”

(I hope you guys like this, it didn’t go exactly how i wanted it to, but i wanted to give each boy a way different scenario, also i still like it a bit, and i really hope you guys do too) xxbrexx

5SOS Preference

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Holiday Cuteness (Requested)

Ashton: It was your first Christmas spent together and everything just had to go perfectly. However, it was going the complete opposite. At the beginning of the season you had promised one another that anything holiday would be done together, and done successfully. So far, you had burned the cookies that were supposed to be shaped like Christmas trees, they were now little circles of black, the time you tried to hang the Christmas lights ended with a quick trip to the ER and the time you were putting up the tree you ended up falling down the stairs and breaking your glass ornaments. There was still tons of decorating to do and no motivation to do any of it what so ever. “I think we’re Christmas cursed.” You told Ashton one afternoon. He quickly furrowed his eyebrows at you, “What the hell are you talking about?” He ended with a chuckle. You plopped down on the couch next to him, his arm going immediately around you. “Every time we try to do anything Christmas-y we fail. Miserably. You sprained your wrist, I fell down the stairs, god knows whatever else-“ “Y/N, stop it!” Ashton cut you off with a loud giggle, “You’re turning into some conspiracy right before my eyes.” “I just wanted to have a good Christmas, Ash.” You pouted, moving your legs into your chest and wrapping your arms around them to comfort yourself. “It’s not even Christmas yet, we’ve still got time babe.” He told you, rubbing your back. You groaned, sprawling your legs out onto the couch and laying your head on his lap. “I hope you’re right.” He kissed your forehead, “I know I am.” The next day you had to run to the store to pick up some more baking supplies since the first time had been a failure. While you were gone, Ashton had completely taken out all of the decorations that were in a box and hurried to put everything up in its place. He decorated the tree, which was something you thought was never going to get done, and made sure to put the first part of your present underneath of it. He also made sure to fix the lights so they would be on by the time you got back. Even as the time was ticking down before he knew you would be walking through the door he made sure to hang up the final touch on your holiday decorations, this one going right in the kitchen entrance, earning a wide smile on his face when he was done. “Ash I’m home, can you-holy shit.” You stopped in your tracks, your eyes falling over the wonderful lights and colors in your living room. Ashton stayed in the kitchen entrance, a motive behind his ways. “Did you do all this?” You asked once you turned around and saw him. “Yep, do you like?” He asked, his arms crossed over his chest. “Do I like? Ashton this is amazing! And did you even get hurt in the process?” “Well, I got a little glitter on me but I think I’ll be ok.” You shook your head at him, holding in a loud bit of laughter. Ashton smirked as you walked up to him, sliding your arms around his waist. “Why did you do all this?” You asked him. “Because, you need to see that we’re not under some holiday curse. And because I love you.” “You are seriously the greatest. And I love you too.” You pulled away from him, but he caught your arm, “Uh-uh, I put this here for a reason.” “Hm?” Ashton looked up at the mistletoe he had strategically hung and your puzzled face was replaced with a smirk, “I’m definitely not going to kiss myself.”

Michael: Michael wanted this season to be the best you had ever spent with anyone. His agenda all month long included nothing but filling your days with the business of holiday fun. Today, in specific, he was most excited to take you on a tour of lights on a horse-drawn carriage. “You are going to be blown away today Y/N.” He told you, beaming with happiness as he pulled into the parking space. Your eyes wondered over all of the light fixtures, mainly red and green, that were shaped like reindeer and snowflakes and all the things that anyone could associate with the holiday season. “I cannot believe you’re actually taking me on a horse-drawn carriage.” Even as the words came off your lips it was hard to contain your smile and your heart from beating out of your chest. You held Michael’s hand and walked up to the window, “Hi, I had a reserved carriage ride.” The woman nodded her head and began looking through her clipboard as he told her. You kept an eye on the pathway that had the horseshoe prints indented in the gravel, getting more and more impatient. The woman directed over there as a carriage pulled up. It looked like something straight out of a fairytale with a strand of white lights around it, assembled so it created this fancy swirl. You squeezed Michael’s hand, “Oh my gosh, Mikey look at it!” The horse was a piece of chocolate, its hair blacker than the night sky. Michael looked terrified as the horse neighed and became antsy, taking steps side to side. Once you were sitting on the red cushion of the carriage, the scene straight from the same fairytale as the horse began trotting its way through the light displays.  Michael sat with his arm securely around your shoulder as you cuddled into his side, watching and listening the music that played over head that was connected to the blinking of the lights. “Michael look!” You patted his leg, pointing over at Frosty the Snowman and his family dancing along to the song. He knew it was your favorite classic movie and laughed at you as you sung along to it. “Y/N you’re almost as cute as Crystal.” He smirked, pointing at Frosty’s wife. “Well you’re almost as cute as Frosty.” You snapped back at him. The next minute was spent arguing playfully about who was cuter then who, Frosty or Crystal. “Alright, how about we just agree that Chilly and Millie are the cutest.” Michael looked apprehensive and rubbed his chin in deep though, “Hmm, I suppose.” “You suppose?” You chuckled. Michael leaned into you and kissed your cheek, “I actually suppose you’re the cutest.” And you blushed, but silently agreeing.

Luke: He ruffled through his backpack that he had brought with him. The couch wasn’t exactly the most comfortable place in the world, but it was his only option seeing that your father wasn’t really set on you two sharing a bed. For the holidays, you had invited Luke to stay with you and your family. When you first got to your house, it was actually quite funny, Luke had you take him straight to your bedroom so you could begin unpacking, but within minutes your father was up there and asking “What’s going on here?” and “I thought we had a deal that you bring the boyfriend only if he sleeps on the couch.” A part of you thought you could get away with it, but the other rational part that knew your father so well, knew it would never slide. It was worth a shot though. Right before you went up to bed you made sure to spend the time with Luke until you were literally prying your eyes to stay open. “I’m sorry we can’t sleep together.” You had told him sympathetically. Luke nodded his head, “Nah, it’s alright. It might be a better idea I stay down here so that we don’t wake your parents.” He joked, wiggling his eyebrows but earning a slap in the arm. As he lay there unable to sleep, he decided it was a good idea to find your card and sneakily go into your bedroom and set it on your night stand so that when you would wake up, it was the first thing you would wake up to and spend the rest of the day smiling at the thought of it. Once he found the light blue envelope with sparkled snowflakes he quietly crept up the stairs. When he reached the top floor, he had completely forgotten which room was yours. “Why do all the doors have to look the same?” he thought to himself frustrated. There was light peering underneath the door closest too and figured that your parents were already asleep so they wouldn’t have a light on so he hurried to the door and opened it, holding out the card in front of him. So you might have been awake and he wouldn’t have been able to surprise you, but it was still a nice gesture. However, when the door was wide open, it wasn’t your room. Instead your father walked over to him with a menacing look on his face. “What are you doing?” He asked harshly, grabbing the card from Luke’s shocked fingers and opening it. He brought out the card and opened it, reading the whole thing. By now Luke was completely red out of embarrassment. “Is this for Y/N?” Your father asked and Luke nodded with a shy grin on his face. Your dad handed the card back to him and grinned, “Well, she’ll love it. And her room’s the next one down.”

Calum: It was way too early to even think about getting up, yet there you were, walking down the steps and hearing the loud cheers and giggles. “Did he even like them?” Your son whispered, “Duh he ate them. Maybe he just wanted a taste.” Your daughter answered him. They were huddled over the plate of cookies left for Santa and whispering back and forth about whether the jolly man liked the cookies the three of you had baked a few days ago. “Mom, look at this. He didn’t even finish one!” “Talia, we put out five cookies. There are only three there!” You laughed at her and watched her eyes go wide. She pinched her brother, “I told you!” “Shouldn’t you two be opening presents?” You asked them and they ran off to the tree where the presents were marked with their names. They were practically yelling with excitement talking about what they think they could have got. “Wait kids you know the drill.” “Yeah, no opening until Dad wakes up too.” Your son, Thomas, told his sister. “Who is ready to open presents?” Calum came hurrying down the stairs, giving you a good-morning kiss and then running over to his kids as they beamed up at him. You joined them, becoming more and more nervous for the time that would come when you would give them a gift from you as they each tore open their gifts from “Santa”. Every time Talia opened something she would hold it up, wanting her picture taken with the new toy. “Oh no way!” Thomas exclaimed, opening up a box that had a Neymar jersey and he held it up to his chest. There was a mixture of happiness and jumbled exclamation that mixed with the sound of paper crunching together as the time passed and they had finished opening their gifts. The rule is every Christmas that no toy gets opened until the paper mess has been cleaned up. “This is the best Christmas ever.” Talia grinned holding one of her new shirts in her hand. You had to hold in a laugh as you walked to the hall closet and grabbed out a bag for each Thomas, Talia and Calum. It was a bit of a huge surprise that you knew would either alter the mood positively or negatively, you hoped for the more positive one. About three weeks ago, you found out you were pregnant with your third child, leaving today the perfect time to tell the rest of your family. It’s the perfect Christmas present for the family and left you more and more excited as you handed the bags over to each of them. “What’s this? I thought we said no gifts.” Calum wondered as you set the bag in front of him. “Just open. You two too!” You flung your hands for them to begin and heard the kids start whispering to one another about their speculation. “What the heck…” Thomas said taking out the shirt that said “best big brother” and same with Talia except hers said “best big sister.” Calum’s bag on the other hand was a picture of the ultrasound. And although there wasn’t a full fetus already in your belly, there was enough to tell that there was definitely a baby. “Y/N…” Calum dropped the bag and walked to you, standing right in front of you. “Are you…?” He asked, knowing you would know what he meant. “Yeah.” You grinned, “Pregnant.” He placed his hands on your stomach and crouched down, “Holy shit-sorry kids-but holy shit! You’re pregnant!” “Wait, no way, I’m gonna be a big sister?” Talia shot up and rushed over to you, Thomas not far behind her. “Yep.” You told her and she started jumping up and down, “Ok, now this really is the best Christmas ever.”  

Preference #6 High School au

A/N: I’m sorry that it took me three weeks to write this but yeah I don't really have an excuse. I hope you like this, i’m sorry about any spelling mistakes and please request something :) 


It was a normal crapy day at school for you, you stared off with double english which you didn’t mind but you hated the people in the class, well actually you hated Ashton Irwin, the most popular guy in school, also the biggest douche along with his 3 main friends Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford you wouldn’t mind them if they didn’t use girls every weekend just so they can jack off then act like they didn’t know them the next day and it pissed you off especially when he tried to get with you, but you being smart you told him to fuck off and you weren’t falling for his little trap lets just say that all the girls looked up to you the next day because you blew Ashton Irwin off and no one blows him off. You sat with your best friend (y/b/f/n) you started talking about what you were going to do on the weekend. “Hello class, today your are starting your assignment in pairs” your teacher explained as everyone cheered “but I will be choosing the partners” everyone groaned, you sighed hoping that you would be pared with someone good “I don’t want the one person to do all the work and you will also need to allocate sometime after school to do this assignment” the teacher explained you looked down waiting for your named to be called along with your partner “(y/n) (y/l/n) and Ashton Irwin, you two are partners” you sighed “good luck (y/n)” (y/b/f/n) said as she patted your back and went to her partner. “Hey (y/n) ” Ashton said as he sat down “so when are we going to meet up so we can do this assignment?” Ashton asked, but why did he want to know? We all know how this works; the jock just sits back while the smart person does all the work and you put their name on the paper when you hand it up. ” what do you mean?” I asked ” you know we need to do this assignment so when do you come over to my place or when do I go to yours?” I tilted my head confused ” well I thought that I would do the work then put your name on it because that’s what usually always happens” I explained “it doesn’t always have to happen” he smiled, why did he want to work? I need to get to the bottom of this. ” fine, what time do you want to come to my place so we work on this stupid project” I sighed ” what ever time suites you, I don’t really care” he smiled ” what’s your problem?” I asked ” what do you mean?” He tilted his head slightly to the side ” you’re being nice, what happened to you acting like a dick all the time and acting like you run the place with your friends?” I asked he frowned “we don’t act like we run the place and I don’t act like a dick” I frowned ” um yeah you do, you should see you from everyone else’s perspective” I explained ” but anyway what time do you want to meet and where so that we can get this project over and done with” I asked ” how about five o’clock at my place?” He asked ” yeah okay that sounds like a good idea” I sighed, he wrote his address on a price of paper that he pulled out from his book and handed it to me ” here you go, I’ll see you at five o’clock tonight then” he smiled “yeah okay see you then” I smiled back, the bell rang signalling that it is recess, he walked out the door but turned around and winked at me, I swear to god I am going to kill him he is such a dick, I walked out the class room with (y/b/f/n) ” so how do you feel about working with Ashton?” She asked ” I am going to kill him I swear to god, I don’t think I can do this project with him, I can’t stand him” I explained ” oh come on, every girl in schools ways to be you right now and just give him a chance, plus you’re only doing a project with him, it’s not going to last that long” (y/b/f/n) explained “I guess I have no other choice, I’m seeing him tonight at five o’clock so I’ll tell you how it goes later” I said ” okay just try not to kill him” (y/b/f/n) joked and you both laughed ” yeah i’ll see how that goes”.


“ (y/n) it’s time to get up and go to school” mum called from down stairs,  great another new school another day of trying to make new friends another day of getting lost, this isn’t give first time I’ve moved, it’s probably the tenth or so, dad moves around all over the world with his work, the thing is he managers bands/ artists so whenever a new person or group gets assigned to him we have to move there for a year or so this time he is managing a new band who to him will be the next bug thing, there from Sydney which is where I grew up so it is good to be back home after ten or more years being all over the world, “ I’m coming mum” I yell as I find my new school uniform, I hated being the ‘new girl’ you can practly feel everyone judging you when you walk down the halls, you feel everyone’s gaze on you, I guess I should be used to it after so many years of moving but I guess it’s just one of the things that I will never get used to. I put on my new school uniform and a little bit of make up, making sure that its not to much that everyone can notice it. I slowly walk down the stairs I don’t know if its that I think if I walk really slow I won’t have to go to school, or that I am generally too tired to walk any faster. I walk into the kitchen to see mum and dad eating breakfast and talking about the new band that dad will be managing “ they’re a great bunch of lads, they’re also very young but they know what they want and they don’t seem like they’re going to give up on their dream anytime soon” dad explained to mum while I got my breakfast and sat down at the table “ how old are they?” I asked curious “ two of them are your age one a year older and one two years older” dad explained “ that’s so cool” I was tempted to ask if any of them where hot but I restrained myself because dad would scowl at me and say no. “ Are you ready for your first day at your new school?” Dad asked “ to be honest, no not really, I never am, that’s the worst thing about moving is that I have to go to a new school with new faces and make new friends” I explained “ I know honey but I promise this is the last new school you will have to go to and if we stayed in Sydney this was going to be the school your mother and I wanted you to go to” dad explained “ its not that i hated moving, i mean at first I did, moving from country to country, city to city, I hated leaving my friends behind but I guess after a while I didn’t get too attached and I told other people not to so it wasn’t a hard leaving the people but more the places I don’t know why but I always found it hardest leaving the place not the people but  I’m glad that were staying here for the last couple of years of my schooling life” I smiled “come one ill take you to school, lets go” dad said as be grabbed his keys and walked our the door me following closely behind him. “ We’re here, have fun and try to make new friends, I love you” dad said kissing my cheek “ I’ll try dad, i love you too bye” I waved as I watched him drive off. Looking up I saw this massive school, a place I knew I was going to get lost in just trying to find the office, buts its not the first time I have been to a big school so lets just hope it went as well as lat time and not get lost. I made my way to the front desk, looking at all the walls; it really was a beautiful place. I remember when I was little I always drove past here and I knew that I wanted to go here but when we started moving all around the world I never thought I would get the chance. “ hi I’m (y/n) and I’m a new student” I smiled at the resptionest “hi (y/n), welcome to your new school I hope you have a great time here,  met me show you to your first class, it’s English” I followed closely behind her not wanting to get lost “here is your class, have fun” she smiled and walked off, I walks into the class and my eyes landed on a tanned dark haired boy and hell he was hot.


“(y/n) if I have to call your name one more time this class you will get a dention” Mrs White said as I rolled my eyes, it’s not like this is the first time that she has said that, it happens almost every class, I get call out by her for talking in class. The bell rang saving us from listing to her annoying voice until next Wednesday, I walk out with about 7 of my friends to our lockers putting our books away and getting our lunch , we walk to our table meeting up with the rest of the group “hey guys” I smiled as I sat down “ hey (y/n)” Milly smiled “guess what I found out today” she smirked “oh god what?” I laughed “ well there’s another person with a crush on you” she giggled “again really?” I laughed “yeah and it’s Luke Hemmings you know the nerd? That just happens to be really cute but no one needs to know that we think that because it will ruin outlet rep and that’s what we don’t want” she smiled “ what’s with people and them having crushes on me?” I asked “ uh let’s see 1. your the prettiest girl in school 2. you’re popular 3. you’re nice to most people despite you being so popular” Grace explained “ why are you single though I mean you have a guy ask you out everyday” Holly asked “ I don’t want to lead a guy on and then break up with him after a few weeks because I can’t handle pretending to like someone when I don’t like them and I don’t get asked out every day” I explained “ see that’s what we mean you care about other people apart from Mrs White but no one likes her, and you at least get asked out once a week” Lani explained “ I do not” I scoffed “ you do” everyone says in unison “ fine, whatever, I’m not going to argue about this” I sighed putting my hands up in the air in surrender. The bell rang alarming everyone that lunch is over and it’s time to start to move to your period 5 class, which mine happened to be maths, one of the classes which I was failing at. I walked to my locker getting the books that I needed for math, I walked into the classroom sitting at my usual table up the back with most of my friends, the jocks sat at the table next to us, in front was the table with Luke and a few of his friends and up the front was the people that had no friends in the class, “ crush boy just walked in” Milly whispered to me “ whatever” I said back. “ okay class as most of you know we have a test in a couple if weeks so I would start revising if I were you so you can get the best mark possible for you and for some of you I would get a tutor because if you want to pass this year you need to pass this test” Miss Flecher explained while looking at me “ I’m guessing your the one needed a tutor” Milly laughed “ just cause I suck that much” I laughed back  "can everyone please turn to page 168 of the text book and work from questions 1-8 and if you need help don’t be afraid to put your hand up" Miss Flecher smiled as she sat down at her desk looking at what must face been other students work, I open to page 168 and groan after scanning over the questions “ fuck I don’t get any of this, ugh I’m going to fail this year” I sighed trying to understand the question “ if you want I can help you” josh said “ no offence josh but let’s face it, you don’t even understand it so don’t even bother with trying to help me" I retorted back ” wow blowing off the most popular guy in school for help how do you feel right now because most girls would die to be in your pestionion right now" Milly laughed “ I feel amazing because let’s face it someone had to tell him right?” I laughed. The bell rang alarming everyone that it was time to go home “ have a nice weekend everyone, (y/n) and Luke can I please see you after class” Miss Flecher asked “ have fun babe, I’ll see you later” Milly smiled as she walked out of the class, we waited for everyone to get out of the classroom before Miss Flecher spoke “ you guys aren’t in trouble so you can relax” she smiled and I saw Luke’s shoulders loosen a little “ (y/n) as you are aware you aren’t doing to well in this class and you need to pass the next test to pass the class so I was wondering if Luke you could tutor (y/n) to get her up to the standard” I looked over at Luke hoping he would say yes “ you don’t have to if you don’t want to Luke” I smiled “ do you want me too?” He asked “ only of you want to, I mean it is taking time out of your day to help me” I explained “ I’ll do it” he smiled. Yes.


“Hey Mikey” I smiled as I opened the door for my best friend “ Hey (y/n)” he smiled as he walked into my house “ so the usual?” I asked “ yep” he smiled, he made his way up stairs to my room as I got some food and drinks, I walked into my room seeing Michael already putting a game in the play station “ so what are we playing today Clifford?” I ask “ how about call of duty? Or are you going to wine again about how I am way better then you?” He smirked “ in your dreams buddy, we all know that I’m better” I smirked “ you keep telling your self that babe” he said, damn his cocky side is hot as fuck. Wait what. “I will because its true” I smirked knowing that he had no come back to that. 5 hours, 4 bottles, 8 packets of chips later we decided that it was best if we stopped because we had school tomorrow which sucked. “I’ll see you tomorrow” he smiled “yeah bye, don’t miss me to much” I laughed “you wish” he hugged me goodbye then went to his car and drove out the driveway and speed down the street an I still wonder how he got his license, I chuckle as I go back inside closing the front door and going straight to the pantry, the good thing about your parents being away for a month is that I can eat whenever I want and have as many people over as I want which would only be about 5 people, the four boys- Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and my best friend Michael Clifford also Lucy who has been my friend for almost as long as Michael. I grab another bag if chips and a bottle of soft drink (soda) and walk back up to my room going straight onto my computer to look at my tumblr and seeing if any if my favourite writers have up dated any if their fan fictions because yes I am on of those girls who reads fan fiction because hey boys who plays in a band is hot and if you think not you really need to get a better taste in boys because the way the jump around of stage makes my knees go weak just thinking about it. After hitting post limit twice and reading 50 different chapters of some fan fiction I look at the time realising that its almost 12am I curse under my breath because I won’t get to sleep until about 1:30am and I have to get up early for school tomorrow. I get up and walked into the bathroom taking a shower to clean myself up because I won’t have time tomorrow morning because my guess is that I am going to wake up about 5 minutes before Michael comes to pick me up. I get out of the shower seeing that its almost 1am I quickly brush my teeth and go to bed. My phone ringtone goes off waking me up from my bloveded sleep, I grab my phone seeing that I have a text message Mikey Poo “ you better be ready in 5 minutes” And as I predicted I woke up 5 minutes before I had to leave, great. We arrive at school, Michael and I walking in together “ why aren’t you guys together yet” Lucy wines “ because Josh is hot” I say as Josh the most popular guy in school walks past “ oh please he so is not, I don’t see why every girl is into that dick when I’m here” Michael exclaims “ his hot, your not” I laugh “ so not true” he protest “ whatever Mikey, keep telling your self that” I smirk as I stop at my locker “ but still, you guys would be the cutest couple in school if you dated” Lucy says “ you know Lucy guys and girls can be best friends with out having feelings for each other” I say but it’s not true because I’ve had a crush on Michael since grade 4 but no one needs to know that “ speak for your self but I’ve seen the way he looks at you and it’s not a best friend look” she explains “ he doesn’t like me oh my god” I reply “ Oi, Luke does Michael like (y/n) as in more then a friend” she asks Luke “ well I probably shouldn’t tell you this because he will kill me if you find out, but yes he does”.

A/N: I’m not really happy with Michaels but I was running our of ideas, please request something you would like me to write about :-) x