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i have a three-chapter test on thursday and friday for ap hug and i haven’t really read the textbook until today…my teachers are all cramming tests into this week since grades are due ://

a word of advice: don’t try to cram three chapters. start reading them like 2-3 weeks in advance even if you think it’s too early. you never know what’ll happen the week of the test!

okay so i originally made this post a few days ago and then saved it as a draft, and now i remembered to post it so yeah..the test is over, i managed to get an A on the essay portion (praise the lord), and we’ll see what i get on the multiple choice in a few days!

Three’s Company (Part 4): Out On a Limb

Title:  Three’s Company: Out On a Limb

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  After breaking up with your fiance, you’re forced to move in with your twin brother, Bucky, and his best friend and roommate, Steve. Living with your brother is one thing. Living with the man you’ve harbored a crush on for the majority of your life is another. What could possibly go wrong?

Master Post

Characters:  Steve Rogers, Female Reader (Y/N Barnes), James “Bucky” Barnes, Brock Rumlow (mentioned), Natasha “Nat” Romanoff,

Word Count:  2849

Ratings: PG-13

Warnings:  slight angst, sexual tension, unrequited love

Author’s Notes: This is my first Marvel series and AU. I write Supernatural on @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog. I drew inspiration from the television show “Three’s Company,”  the movie “What’s Your Number?” and a bunch of other things. Thank you to the amazing @mamapeterson and @climbthatmooselikeatree for helping me - beta work, bouncing ideas off of them, and overall encouraging me.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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yoongi; i don’t like you(r cooking)

❝to say yoongi was excited or at the least interested in you was an understatement. on the other hand, do you know what is undercooked? your chicken pie.
►3341 words // scenario, post-based

Yoongi wakes up to a shit ton of noise outside his door and already he can foresee this is going to be a terrible day. Out of all the days he gets a break and it’s going to be one where the management decides to play a game of ‘what noise does Min Yoongi hate the most on a peaceful and quiet day?’ Oh yeah, Yoongi dreads for when they carry out a renovation or quote services to improving your stay here unquote bullshit.

So what does he do?

He, apparently, walks out of his bedroom with a disheveled appearance that paints him to be a caveman hibernating for god knows how long and yanks his front door open in irritation. With eyes barely able to open and mouth still full of cotton, he only registers what’s going on when his conscious saves him the guessing and reveals the answer in a form of a person with… a pie?

He gives himself a wakeup call to rub his eyes and shake off the sleepiness heavy in his system, willing to a couple of seconds before he confirms that he’s not seeing things. Blinking two consecutive times, he still sees a pie. Okay, it is a pie. No doubt about it there.

His eyes direct him to the owner of the pie and it’s a face he’s never seen before. Admittedly, he isn’t good with faces but if he saw this one… let’s say chances were high he’d recall.

Yoongi decides to be polite… first.

“Can I help you?”

Nervousness shows in your smile, anxiety trembling at your fingertips as they drum the bottom of aluminium casing. Shifting your weight from left to right, the will to man up and say something dipping in your eyes before you find the words to speak, he only waits patiently (not bad, Min Yoongi).

“H-Hi. I live next door and I wanted to come down to-”

“That old lady finally decided to sell her place?”

Look, Yoongi can only try to be polite.

“I’m sorry?”

“…oh shit. Okay, what I meant was-”

“Yes, she did,” You cut him off before he can try to explain himself and if that wasn’t the definition of being saved by the bell, Yoongi doesn’t know what is. He sighs in relief and shakes his head, eyes clenched shut with a soft how do I say this and he does say it as: “I’m kinda… how you call it…”

“…direct? Honest?”

“Woah, one assumption at a time,” He holds a hand up, the other resting by his hip and when your smile drops from the slight hospitality, he breaks out into a grin, “Both right, by the way,”

“Good to know the few times I decide to be a smart ass it works out,”

He puts his hand out, “I’m Yoongi,”

You juggle the pie on your forearm, a free hand inching out to place in his for a small shake, “I’m Y/N, as I would’ve introduced before,”

“Ah, right,” Yoongi retracts his hand, as to how yours return to hold onto the pie, “You new here?”

“Have you seen me before?” Your head tilts a little at the end of your question, and Yoongi finds it easy to smile in the early of the day when he should be asleep. In other words, he’s one hell of a grump if he’s interrupted in his sleep so to be smiling at this hour where he’d murder anyone who dares threaten his rest… it speaks miles of Yoongi’s patience here.

“If I did, I would’ve remembered that face,”

There’s an indirect wink when your face scrunches up at the answer but it’s not necessarily… bad? It’s just - well - however you try to put it, ah, whatever.

“I made you a pie. You know, since we’re going to be neighbours,”

And you can cook?” After the implication you’re pretty, it’s more or less a little too much for two compliments in a row so you hand him the pie regardless whether he was ready to hold onto three hours of dedication and time. He snorts at the lack of your response but at the spark in his eyes as you back away, you wave and give a reply of: “I try sometimes. See you around,”

Yoongi only clicks his tongue and backs into his apartment, watching you enter yours with a hint of red cheeks. As he closes the door behind him, padding his feet to the kitchen is where he takes a spoon to whip a generous bite. With a mouthful of the taste of chicken that’s… undercooked. He forces it down his system before setting the whole pan aside with a cough.

“She wasn’t kidding when she said she was trying.”

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I was thinking maybe richie starts dating this really cool girl in high school who's exactly like him. Her hair is more wavy then curly, her eyes are big and brown and she has the biggest brightest smile. Eddie is really jealous cause they have the same sense of humer and like to hang out the same places and she's even kinda dorky and gets along great with all the losers and eddie knows he tells this girl everything . You can end it however you want. They probably break up and reddie happens idk

- Eddie had been in love with Richie for three years now and he had no intention of telling him this. He knew Richie wouldn’t return his feelings and he didn’t want to hurt their friendship.

- He thought he had made his peace with this, but when Richie introduced his new girlfriend it still hurt like hell.

- For some reason, Eddie had hoped to hate Amanda, but he couldn’t. She was funny and sweet, and she seemed perfect for Richie in every way. All the losers thought so and she became a member of their club in no time.

- Richie stopped hanging out with Eddie alone, and he only ever saw him with his arm around Amanda these days. He even stopped calling Eddie by his nicknames, while he had a thousand pet names for “Panda.”

- Eddie felt like he had been replaced and he slowly started to distance himself from the losers. He only hung out with them if he was sure Richie and Amanda wouldn’t be there.

- He went without seeing Richie for nearly three months when he ran into him at the Barrens. Richie had made plans to meet up with Stan there, while Eddie had made plans with Mike. But, mysteriously the two other boys never showed up.

- “I haven’t seen you around in a while.” Richie said tentatively.

- “Maybe you were too busy with Amanda to notice me.”

- “Amanda and I broke up two weeks ago.”

- That made Eddie look up. He didn’t understand why they had broken up when they had seemed so perfect for each other. 

- Richie was scuffing his dirty sneakers and biting the inside of his cheek before he continued.

- “I had all these confusing feelings for… for you, and I thought they would go away but they just got worse. And I thought that if I dated Amanda, I would get over you, but that obviously didn’t happen.” He looked up from his dirty sneakers and continued. “I’m an idiot, Eds, I fucked up every-…”

- Eddie pulled him into a kiss before he could even finish his sentence.

- “I’m an idiot too, Rich.”

- “Wanna be idiots together?”

- “I thought you’d never ask.”


- Amanda started dating Bev after this. Richie and she have this running gag that their relationship was so bad, it turned both of them gay.

Thanks, a million times THANKS!!






I’M CRYING TEARS OF JOY. OH DEAR ARCEUS!! I didn’t think I’d reach that amount of follows! I’m not that good ;—;)


Now I don’t know what to do for you ;n;) A draw my life thingy? 13 things about me? selling my soul to the annoying dog and recording it to you??– I DUNNO. I HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED THE INKBERRY WEEK AAAAA–

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On a more serious note: I won’t probably be here until sunday 16th or a bit more. I’m going trough serious economic problems, and my country is having very serious problems that may get worse from this monday so, it may get a little hard to use the internet. I’m scared of what will happen but, at the same time, I want that to happen so we can end this all at once. 

Anyway, I’ll keep making my silly things and posting them if I manage to steal some wifi xD so, don’t worry about this blog being inactive! It’ll just be a week. I mean, I used to post here like… three times a month?? Idk–


ALSO– GUYS, WOULD YOU LIKE TO READ SOME FANFICTION MADE BY ME? I have tought about it and I realized that I can’t make serious comics like Epictale, Aftertale or whatever BUT I want to give an story to a few of AUs I made like a year ago. I’m kinda good at writing (that’s what they say on wattpad to me) and I think that writing an story could be almost as good as making a comic ^^) of course, I’d add some pics and covers for the chapter and all of that to make it more appealing but, would you guys want that? I’ll also need someone to translate the chapters to english since I’m very lazy–

Thank you ;u;)…

Another Broken Soul (1/6)

.Summary: Modern AU. Emma arrives in Storybrooke to start anew with her life. What she didn’t expect is to find someone there who she met ten years before, in completely different circumstances.

Ratings: General.

Disclaimer: I don’t own either Once Upon A Time, or its characters (I’d like to, at least some of them, but I don’t).

I’m not a writer, this is actually the first OUAT fanfic I’ve ever written, it came to my mind months ago, and I needed to get it out of me in some kind of form. I was a huge comic reader when I was a teenager, so I decided to try and mix two passions of mine and this is the result. I hope you enjoy it, ‘cause it was made just for fun. I’ll try to update this story with a new chapter every two weeks.

Chapters: One; Two; Three; Four; Five; Six.

Acknowledgements: A big thank you to the lovely @laschatzi for being my patient beta (I’ll be forever in debt), and to @mayquita for her enthusiasm!

A huge hug to @erienne1983 one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. She’s not part of this fandom, but she’s always supportive whenever I need her. I love you sweetheart!!

Please don’t crop or repost, just reblog. Thank you!


Chapter One.

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heheh so I went to my main account specially to find this manga cap I post BACK IN OCTOBER 29, 2014, 20freaking14! I can’t believe it’s been more than three insane years of loving this manga/anime so so much (started watching the anime first. Never heard of it before, my best friend tried hard to made me watch it because it didn’t caught my attention at all but she made it in the end and I’m glad she did)

 I know I draw sweet cozy ship-related things that probably doesn’t actually show exactly how I feel about haikyuu but this serie inspires me and motivates me in so many ways even with my own things that has become something really important for me specially because it makes me genuinely happy. I rewatched season 3 last week but then felt like going back to rewatch S2, and gosh I really got to notice how excited and happy it actually made me. I needed to say it, I needed to share it because probably three month ago I would never say something like this, like out loud (?). Because of so many things in my past until recently, I was still feeling embarrassed for so many things that I like (not only haikyuu) and never wanted to share it or accept that I like them because I was afraid of being judged… but I don’t want that anymore, why should I hide the things that makes me genuinely happy!? Anyway I was feeling a bit emotional while watching the anime again. Even when it can seem ridiculous for some people, for me to accept it and share it is really important and I wanted to share it here because here, I found so many lovely people that enjoys haikyuu and my art so much and that has been really supportive and has inspired me to keep working hard and drawing the things I like.

so that (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

oh well not just that,  I went to find that manga cap because

Today I catched the shot ahahh and thought that  I WOULD NEVER BE OVER THIS PANEL/SHOT, NEVER I didn’t even know why is one of my faves of both manga and anime…. oh well yeah, probably because of Oikawa’s freaking perfect face, really I remembered reading that chapter for the first time in 2014 and thought that those faces/ expressions were  beautifully drawn xD

ok I should… probably… run now ᕕ(╯°□°)ᕗ


My present for them ♡

On monday I had the chance to spend the day alone with two of my favorite boys. Lohan’s preschool called early in the morning to ask if we could keep him at home because his teacher was absent for the day and my mother could not babysit him and Kaïs because she had an important appointment. I decided to cancel all my appointments of the day to stay with them and it felt so good so spend my time playing with my boys but also alone with Lohan while his baby brother was taking a nap !

Even if I always try to give them as much attention as they need, to each of them, this made me realize that I don’t spend enough time alone with each of my children… Especially with Lohan, my oldest, my first born. My adorable little man will be three years old in a few weeks and I suddenly realized how fast he grew up… how fast our family grew up. Not long time ago he was the little person that changed my whole world, he changed our whole lives. He taught me what wild, unlimited, uncontrollable and unconditional love feels like because he turned me into a mom… into his « mommy » ! He’s no longer a only child because two little sisters and a baby brother have joined our family but these feelings haven’t changed. My heart just swelled with love for these four little persons that I love more than anything in this whole world.

For them, I wrote my first children’s book, their book since it tells their own adventures. Totally inspired by our bed time stories.  A moment that is close to my heart and they love it, they never or almost never go to bed without their bed story ! This book has been an incredible adventure that started this summer and tells the adventures of two little boys Lohan and Kaïs but also two little princesses Aëlys and Iris.

The timing was tight and the workload was huge but we finally set the release date to be : November 25, 2017, on Lohan’s birthday day. It will be available online but also in bookstores. I hope this book will also be part of your little ones bookcases.

On another note that I would like to add to this post: My littlest bear turned 10 months old yesterday, on November 7th. He amaze us every single day, especially now that he can stand by himself, holding our hands or hunging on the furniture. It’s totally crazy, because he’s the youngest of the house and I know that soon enough he will be taking his first steps and runing around with his siblings. Just like his brother and sisters, my little baby is growing up. What comforts me right now is to still have those precious moments when he nurses, he suddenly becomes my small little baby again and I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything in the world.


i know it’s way too early for this, but have some doodles of this character i made like three weeks ago named Kris! :D he’s my holly jolly Christmas boi

he can change his looks/design at will and also he collects mugs with stupid and vulgar sayings on them because why the heckers not

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Your thoughts on why Tony is always with Cait instead of Sam. Sam also admitted he was in Amsterdam on NYE and North Carolina after Thanksgiving via pictures. Is the body language different between Sam and Cait opposed to Sam/MM and C/T? Absolutely. but I am having a hard time justifying S/C being a couple when they don't attend events/spend holidays together. If Sam shows up somewhere &the blonde wanna be posts pictures from the same place, I gotta throw in the towel. I am barely hanging on

Ya know…. why does anyone HAVE to be in a relationship at all? Seriously? I have to say, observing Cait for these past couple of years I have often thought she’s not the type of woman eager to shackle herself to a man. I don’t even think she’s all that keen on marriage.

Against my better judgement, I shall throw you all a bone 🍖:

Remember my “What If” post I made a few weeks ago? Well. I didn’t come up with that on my own. An anon dropped a three part statement into my inbox and said not to post it but I could paraphrase as I liked. So I did. Now, I don’t put a whole lot of credibility in anon info, for obvious reasons. But….

This anon claimed to have worked on the show at one time. Said they were together in the beginning but one of them (didn’t say who) wanted to focus on career and ended it much to the dismay of the other. As far as SOs, anon said they didn’t know if they had others, but no one working on the show had ever seen one or heard about one.

Is it true? 🤷🏻‍♀️ But, there you have it.

(IBVS) Inexplicable

Man. Tricking you guys into thinking you know what’s going to happen in IBVS is so much fun.

Isaac didn’t like parties.

So why the hell was he at a party?

These thoughts were all that could occupy him as he stood in an outer room by himself sipping Diet Coke.

He didn’t even like Diet Coke. It didn’t taste like anything. Why did everyone like Diet Coke? He just saw it on the table earlier and thought maybe, just maybe, this time he could understand why people liked it. Yet, it failed him.

At least he wasn’t drinking beer, though, because it was there. Isaac hated the idea of drinking. There were too many risks that came with it, plus he despised feeling sick, so he avoided it. There was no way he was going to self-inflict a headache or nausea.

The party was being held at the house of some random popular girl. Drew wanted to go; he was invited by her. Oddly, Nevin didn’t show any signs of caring… he seemed distracted. After that, Drew just walked up to Isaac and was like, “Go with me!” And because everyone always did what Drew wanted, the ones inviting him didn’t really care either, and voila, Isaac was at a stupid party.

Isaac threw his drink in the trash, contemplating making his disappearance now. It wasn’t like anyone would notice, even Drew. He was probably too busy getting comfy with everyone else at the party.

The freckled teen stopped for a moment, briefly considering this. If Drew got really popular, and everyone liked him more than Edward, would he become the new king?

Isaac rolled his eyes. This sh#t wasn’t supposed to make sense.

He pushed the front door open, walking out into the surprisingly brisk, windy cold.

“Sh#t, why didn’t I bring a coat?” he mumbled. Just lovely. He would have to make the fifteen minute walk home in this dumb weather.

Maybe if he ran…

“If it isn’t the nerd,” he suddenly heard behind him.

Isaac internally growled in frustration.

So close to escape.

“What’re you doing at a cool kid party?” Edward asked, standing in the doorway, hands in the pockets of his red sports jacket he was seldom seen without.

“I got dragged along by DJ,” Isaac responded bitterly, rubbing his arms. “Literally just about to leave.”

“Ah yeah, this party does kind of suck, all things considered,” Ed said with a shrug, his somewhat snobby tone fading just a bit. “Freakin’ Dreamboy, though. Everyone is obsessed with him.”

“That’s because he’s a living rendition of a teddy bear. Maybe he’ll usurp your damn throne.”

“Hah. Like that would happen. He’d at least have to start playing football or basketball and start working out five days a week.”

“I dunno, small and cuddly kids are on the rise.” Isaac walked down the porch stairs. “Anyway, I’m going home. Good day.”

“It’s pretty cold out, isn’t it?” Ed asked.

“Yeah, and?”

“I’m thinking about leaving too. Why don’t I give you a ride home?”

Isaac stopped in his tracks.

“What,” he said.

“I mean, you could just walk home in the cold, that’s certainly an option…”

Isaac turned around, a skeptical look on his face. “All right, what do you want from me.”

“Nothing. I just don’t see why not,” Ed insisted.

Isaac was quiet for a few moments, thoroughly thinking it over. The car ride would only be five minutes or so.

In the end, there were more pros than cons, his childish personal feelings being the main motivator for him not wanting to.

“… fine. Where’s the car,” Isaac finally said.

“That’s it in the driveway,” Ed told him, jumping off the steps and running towards it.

Why would Edward be doing this?

The bastard. He was probably trying to get Isaac to lower his guard, give him some sense of security, or get something out of him later.

Wait, what if this was a trap? He was getting into Ed’s car–everything about that screamed bad idea. Just a few months ago, this would’ve meant something like getting left in the middle of no where, at best.

Isaac pulled the passenger door of the van open. Ed’s car was surprisingly clean. There wasn’t even anything on the seat.

Then again, Ed probably gave someone else a ride here and it was just still clean from…

“What are you doing? Get in,” Ed told him, already igniting the engine.

“Yeah yeah yeah,” Isaac said, swinging in and closing the door. He glanced around the car, observing the interior. There wasn’t a whole lot to look at, save the planet-shaped charm hanging from the mirror and several papers and magazines in the dash. Isaac looked down at Ed’s car keys, which had a superhero keychain attached to it and, of course, a membership chip for the local gym.

Ed backed the car out of the driveway. He almost hit the mailbox in the process.

“Dude, can you even car?” Isaac asked.

“At least I have a license, unlike someone,” Ed grumbled under his breath.

“Tch. Fair.”

The majority of the car ride was awkwardly quiet. Surprisingly, neither of them said a word. Ed just drove, and Ink gazed out the window into the lamp-lit streets.

For some reason… Isaac was feeling a small, inexplicable nervousness. Some strange tightness in his chest.

He looked back over at Ed, who was just focusing on the road.

What if… he really was trying to be nice? What if he didn’t want something out of it? What if Isaac was just being unreasonable and immature for way too long?

It was interesting. Ed was almost bearable to be around when he wasn’t talking.


Before he realized it, the car pulled into the parking lot of the complex Isaac lived at.

“This is where you live, right?” Ed asked, looking over at him.

“Oh, uh… yeah,” Isaac replied, snapping out of his trance.

“What are you looking at, nerd?”

“Umm, you?” Isaac said rather matter-of-fact.

Ed looked away. “W-why. Is there something on my face?”

“No, just…” Isaac trailed off, not sure why he was still sitting there looking at Ed, who leaned onto the steering wheel. Isaac took his seatbelt off, still not able to tear his gaze away. “It’s nothing…”

Why did he feel so nervous?

Isaac reached for the car door, looking away.

“Um, Isaac…” Ed started, looking up from where his head was on the steering wheel. Isaac paused, glancing back at him.

Neither of them had any idea what to say. Ed slowly sat up, his and Isaac’s eyes locked. They both felt it. They had no idea what exactly it was they were feeling, but they felt it.

Suddenly, Ed’s hand rose to the side of Isaac’s head, and in an instant, he leaned forward and brushed his lips against Isaac’s.

The smaller boy froze, completely still and eyes wide as they remained close enough that their foreheads touched.

Ed removed his hand and promptly turned away.

“… god, that was a mistake,” he said. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that.”

“Error–” Isaac started, his senses finally catching up as he felt his face heating up. “Wait wait wait. Error.” He lifted a hand up to his own face. “Oh my god, Error.”

“Shut up, okay? I’m f#cking stupid. I know,” Ed grumbled.

“Hey. Edward Cullen. Look the hell at me,” Isaac said.

Ed looked back at him, shaking just a little bit.

“I’m gonna do something really f#cking stupid too,” Isaac said under his breath, quickly leaning in to kiss Ed. The other froze up in surprise, but soon began returning it, putting his hand behind Isaac’s head.

“This is such a bad idea,” Ed spoke.

“Everything about it…” Isaac replied.

They kept kissing, these thoughts becoming less important as it went on.

It was about one in the morning. Isaac stared up at the ceiling, unable to sleep.

He reached over for his phone, squinting in the light from it. He noticed some concerned messages from Drew about his location from about an hour ago.

Isaac let out a sigh, replying with a simple “sorry, my phone was off. I went home early. wasn’t feeling great.”

He went over to his and Chris’s text conversation. The last text either of them had sent was three weeks ago…

Chris seemed so distant lately.

Sure, he’d been hanging out with Nevin, but nonetheless, it felt like he was just getting further and further away.

Isaac slowly started typing.

“hey Chris.”
“long time no text huh?”
“error and I kind of made out in his car. it was weird”
“whatever. you told me so…”

A ‘read’ notice appeared under it, but there were no signs of a response coming.

“are you there?”
“sorry, you’re probably too tired for this sh#t”

“good night”

Okay, I NEED to vent.

This is a fuck managers. It’s mostly a rant about nothing, just an annoying member of management who cannot get out of his own head.

It’s about my supervisor who is actually one of my closest friends, however, I’m really sick of him at work. To make this easier, let’s call him Simon (NOT his name).

Simon has worked for the company for about five years, as a supervisor for about two years and in our store for the past 18 months. As a supervisor in general I would say he was hardworking, a motivator and very, VERY fast paced. The guy drinks about 4 coffees a shift and is constantly running around. He’s a genuine and sweet guy as well, the way he talks about his better half (and her family), his parents and so on would make your heart melt. He’s also VERY dirty and quite forward with people so he’ll ask people about anything. 

Sometimes him being so fast-paced makes him difficult to work with. You’ll start a shift with him and he’ll tell you to do a task, but, not explain it properly. It might be something like fold down all the jackets hanging on the back wall, put them away through the back and put out the new jackets in their place. Tasks like this are common and also quite lengthy, but, in Simon style he’ll say “so yeah that’ll take about an hour?” and then speed off, come and check on you in an hour and get annoyed that it’s not done. My pet peeve with him is when you’re opening with him and you and another member of staff need to stock up the store - often a manager will tell you what to stock up so like you’ll only do a zone, or you’ll only do a particular item, or you’ll stock up stuff for “back to school” or “Christmas presents” - other times managers will let you use your judgement and do whatever is low - not Simon. Simon gives the vaguest idea of stocking up ever and basically makes you do the entire salesfloor. He’ll also make you “walk” with him as he points out obvious low stock. You’ll tell him it’s low because we have none in stock and nothing else to replace it with and he’ll just be like, “Nah we have loads of them in the stockroom.”

As Simon is very vague with stocking up, the likes of me and older staff tend to take our times with this and do the sales floor whilst newer staff may only do gaps and stock that looks low. None of this is good for Simon, the first takes too long and he huffs and puffs and asks why it’s taking so long (because we’re doing the whole shop fuck sake) and the latter is even worse and has Simon getting annoying because people should know what they’re doing. This is exactly what he does with every task and it’s frustrating as fuck. 

I always think Simon is stuck in his own head, like he’ll have an idea of how something should pan out but because he doesn’t explain it well enough, or think it over rationally, it doesn’t pan out in the way he thinks it will - I mean, it’ll be more than fine 99.9% of the time but it won’t be what he imagined. We did a few performance reviews where we were also told to give management feedback and I think everyone gave this exact same feedback about Simon. 

ANOTHER thing that annoys me about Simon is his ignorance. So, as I said, he’s a very kind person but he doesn’t understand a lot. Take me for example, his friend outside of work - he knows me and he knows my partner very well - but, he doesn’t understand that I’m mentally ill. I mean, he knows I’m mentally ill he just fails to understand. Like the day I took a panic attack and had to get sent him, before I left he was like, “But [name] you were fine this morning!” He seems to think every mental health issue can be sorted by a good diet, exercise and sleep. Lifestyle changes do help with mental health, I know that, I’ve managed to change my lifestyle before to reduce symptoms but I tried explaining to him that sometimes I feel so down I can’t eat and when I do I’m physically sick, that sometimes I have no energy to go to the gym and that however hard I try, I’m still not sleeping at night - even with a bedtime. He also thinks all of lifes problems are sorted with a night out. He’ll ask me time and time again if I’m going out on a Saturday night. My response is always the same, “No, because I’m working here at 8am on Sunday.” Drinking worsens the symptoms of my mental health and when I try and explain this to him it goes over his head. This is the same for a few of us, one of the new guys is very socially anxious and Simon’s response to this was to send him out in the mall to switch notes for pound coins. A simple task but for someone who is new and shy made him incredibly on edge. He also made him to this at like, 11am, when the mall only opens at nine so he was out for a good 40 minutes trying every single shop before getting something.

The main reason I’m posting this is due to two recent issues I’ve had on shift with Simon. He’s never apologised either, which makes it much more annoying. 


Anyone can give a 10% discretionary discount at my work, but, the only real approved use for this is for either students with a valid student ID or if an item is faulty. Often if a customer is nice I’ll give them a 10% discount if they’re buying a lot and I’ll file it under student, my manager doesn’t mind this and thinks it’s a nice touch. I’ll often do it as well if kids are buying a lot of stuff using their own money, as if they have a card for high school of some sort we can give them student discount too, so I’ll often just ask them if they’re at high school and give them it.

Recently, I was serving this really nice lady and her young pre-teen son. They came in the day earlier and spent loads as they were buying stuff for her husband and I was helping them with sizes. There was one we didnt have and I ordered it for next day delivery to the store, this worked out great for the mum and they had been bought a school bag for her son for his birthday that he didn’t like and they were gonna exchange it. I put the bag they wanted behind so we could exchange it. When they came in the day after they also bought the kid two jackets, a pair of trainers and jogging bottoms and a runner top for his P.E kit. They were extremely nice and their total came to about £350. So, I gave them the 10% discount as the boy actually did have his “young scot” card. 

Simon came behind me after the customers left and said, “You should know we stopped doing student discount two weeks ago.”

He seemed really annoyed and made out like everyone know and it was common knowledge. NOBODY told me this. As I asked other staff over half of us didn’t know this and a few weeks later they started doing student discount again too!

Number 2 - the cash desk drawer/sticker machine

I had been on the cash desk earlier that day but hadn’t been on it for a few hours. I started serving a customer and put them through the till, I ended up getting stuck on for two or three transactions and they were all card.

Simon pulled me up as the cash drawer was bent and said it was because I slammed it shut. I mean, I do this, but, so does everyone. And, the cash drawer had been bent all day. I suspected it was one of the newbies trying to get it open, or our manager being an idiot and left it. I told him it wasn’t me and he just shrugged, “If you say so.”

Now, we also have a very old sticker machine. It always breaks and you have to be forceful with it. 

It stopped working on this very same shift, it kept repeating itself “price?” *enters price* “price?” … Simon didn’t seem to understand what I was telling him when I said it was broke and showed me how to “reset it” which I know how to do already but whatever. When I tried typing in it when Simon reset it he just sorta shook his head at me and telling me I was doing it wrong, etc (I wasn’t). The machine crashed again and then I RESET IT, Simon watching. He then told me to wait for it to load (I was confused as it was loading) and went away. I started doing something else nearby for about 30 seconds when Simon came over and told me it wasn’t gonna fix itself. 

“You told me to let it load.”

“No I didn’t.”



As much as I love Simon he doesn’t listen. If you tell him about his management flaws he seems to override this in his head. 

I feel sad, but, I’m gonna have to go to my manager about this because it’s genuinely making work stupidly difficult and everyone agrees.

Series: Toxic ;; Texting Series

Pairing: Kim Taehyung/Reader

Word Count: 852

Summary: Hoseok finally reveals the truth about Yuna.

one ;; two ;; three;1 ;; three;2 ;; four ;; five ;; six ;; seven ;; eight

There’s more under the cut!

You were anxious, to say the least. The way to school seemed much longer now that your mind was swirling with unsaid words and unvoiced thoughts. There was a heavy feeling in your chest; you were honestly scared of what Hoseok might say. As much as you wanted to actually see the whole situation from every point of view possible, you were scared of having the truth unraveled to you. But then again, you thought that it was pointless to ruin someone’s life because of a crush – though, it felt personal because you did love Taehyung.

It hurt you physically how much you loved him but couldn’t express that freely.

Only Jimin knew of your longing, but he wasn’t a part of this drama, and neither did you want him being pulled in. You sighed softly to yourself as you finally settled in your seat. Taehyung greeted you as usually, full of energy with that boxy smile of his, and seeing him made you forget about things. You melted when he hugged you like you were his whole world, and you returned the embrace just as tight, “Tae, it’s 7 in the morning, how do you have so much energy,” your tone was light, as you were giggling just as he was.

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Summary: The moment when Jughead can’t take his dad’s drunken stupors anymore and decides to leave.

The slam of the door.

The whoosh of the fridge door opening.

The telltale clink of the bottle cap being removed.

Jughead knew these sounds all too well, and didn’t even bother checking to confirm his suspicions.


“Your old man’s had a rough day, Jug. I need this.”

Jughead ignored his internal dread as he watched his father plonk down in front of the box television, drowning out his troubles one swig at a time.

While he understood why his dad sought out alcohol every night, once the lights had been dimmed and curtains shut; he didn’t agree with his method of coping.

Jughead’s eyes followed his father as the older man got up and limped to the fridge, opening it and grabbing another beer.

He bit his lip, contemplating whether to bring this second one up, and let his gaze meet FP Jones’s, as he limped back to the chair in front of the TV.

He must’ve already had something before coming home; his eyes were unfocused and red.

“Um, how was your day, Jug?” His father mumbled.

Jughead looked back down at the macbook in his lap. The cursor of the next chapter in his book blinked before him, like it was uncertain; it mirrored Jughead’s thoughts.

“Fine, dad. I got an A+ on an English essay.” He said, his eyes following the upward motion of the brown bottle as FP Jones took another sip.

“Good, good.” The older man turned his attention to the TV set in front of him, slouching downwards, swiveling the chair from side to side.

The next few minutes passed in silence. Jughead tried to focus on his writing, but continued to keep an eye on his dad.

In all honesty, he was afraid. FP Jones had gotten drunk the last night, and the one before that, and countless times before. His mom wasn’t here to chastise him (not like it helped anyway) and Jellybean wasn’t here to let her innocent gaze guilt their father into putting that dreaded liquor down.

He let his mind wander to three weeks ago- the day his mom had decided she’d had enough, packed up her suitcases, made Jellybean do so too, and stormed off to her parent’s house. Jughead was meant to go with them, but some part of him forced him to stay and look after his dad.

It wasn’t like he was succeeding, anyway.

His thoughts were interrupted when his dad stood up once again, albeit unsteadily, lopsidedly stalking to the fridge.

Jughead set his laptop aside and stood up. “Hey dad, it’s late.”

“Then go to sleep, Jug.”

“Dad, I mean-”

“Goodnight, Jug.”

Jughead walked forward and grabbed the bottle in his dad’s shaky palms. “Dad, that’s enough, please-”

“What are you gonna do, huh? Jug? You don’t understand. Go to your room.”

“Dad, please, stop-”

Jughead’s dad took a step forward. Jughead took one back, skin paling.

“Listen, Jug. You love me, yeah?”

Jughead pursed his lips and nodded.

“Then go and sleep.”

“Dad, I can’t, if you keep downing one beer after another.”

FP Jones placed a threatening palm on his son’s chest.

“You don’t know what it’s like. Your wife hasn’t left you. You haven’t lost your job. You haven’t been forced to do ungodly things just for some cash, just so I can sustain you. You didn’t have to give up half your savings for hospital bills. You didn’t-”

He broke down, putting his head in his trembling hands.

Jughead’s heart broke, unused to seeing his father so fragile and open. He took a step forward, reaching out to comfort his dad, but stopped midway when his dad shot up and flipped a table over.

Jughead’s eyes widened in fear. “Dad, stop-”

Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Second paid no heed to his son, dragging his hand across the small kitchen’s counter, sending condiments, empty beer bottles and papers to the floor. He slammed the cabinet doors, his scream of frustration mingling with its noise.

Jughead moved in front of his dad, throwing caution to the wind.

“STOP!” He yelled, wincing when his dad’s hand came down and struck him on the cheek.

Everything stilled. Time froze. Both men stared at each other, one with surprised wide eyes and the other with bloodshot ones.

Yes, Jughead had watched his dad fall into a multitude of drunken stupors, but not once did his dad ever raise his hand against him. Not even when the whole family lived under the same roof.

But now, things had obviously changed. An alarm blared inside Jughead’s mind, telling him to leave immediately, before it gets worse.

Jughead stepped away, arms in front of him, incase the stockier man decided to take things further.

The latter was the the first to break the silence. “Jughead, I didn’t mean that-”

“I know you didn’t, dad.” Jughead’s voice came out soft and broken. He stepped away and gathered whatever belongings he could see.

“Jughead, I’m sorry, please stay…”

Jughead looked up at his dad. The man was strong, years of working at a construction site had ensured that, and Jughead’s cheekbone ached. Hopefully, a bruise wouldn’t form.

“I need to get away for a while, dad. Only temporarily.”

“No, Juggie, don’t-”

“Temporarily, dad.” Jughead said, not meeting his eyes. He didn’t know if the words coming out of his mouth were true. “I’ll call you.” That included. His dad clamoured after him, begging him to stay, but Jughead couldn’t bring himself to give in.

After ensuring that he took some spare clothes and the bare necessities, he opened the door of their less-than-adequate trailer and spared a look back at his dad.

“I’m sorry, dad.”

And then he shut the door behind him.

Little did he know that it would be the start of the worst period of his life till date- misery and loneliness awaited him, but Jughead remained oblivious as he walked away from the pleas of his father, gritting his teeth and planning his next course of action.

Threes a Crowd, Fours a Party

Pairing/ Reader X Alex Hogh Andersen X Eric Coulter X Roman Godfrey

Rated M ( Smut, Double pen,)

Word Count/ 1,311

A/N Stripping in a small town has its benefits; no one will remember your face and what you did that night, except you and them of course ;)

For @readsalot73  sorry it took so long. If you like it I might make a part 2 ;) Enjoy.

Tagged: @sparklemichele @oddsnendsfanfics @ariwolff14

Songs/  Cookie- R. Kelly , All the Time- Jeremiah Ft Lil Wayne & Natasha Mosley.

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A Lion’s Friend and a Viper’s Love

A Wattpad request. I do not own Oberyn or Jaime. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: angst and little fluff, Modern AU

Pairings: Oberyn Martell x reader x Jaime Lannister

Originally posted by daily-men

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You laughed at Jaime’s lame attempt to flirt with you again.  Jaime Lannister was your best friend and the two of you flirted back and forth all the time. It was how you communicated most of the time, although most people thought there was something going on between you. In truth, you were looking for someone else. Someone…different. And, from the looks of it, he’d just walked through the door of the Lannister’s club, Casterly Rock.

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okay so, let me start this off by saying that about two week ago i just had this idea of  “…… crap i wanna make a riddler blog” out of nowhere. which in itself seemed quite innocent - right? well…. i burn through blogs in a heartbeat. make them, leave them in like three days because i made another. i’ve only had few blogs that i had for longer. the week before i made this blog, i had already made two other’s. so i didn’t think this was gonna go anywhere as well, because i know myself.

but a week later  &  i’m still here. somehow i found a muse that will stick with me for a long time again in the fashion disaster that is e/dward n/ygma. not only that, but i am here with some awesome people that have supported me for this past week and helped me get to my first milestone. a 100+ followers !!

i love you all and i wanted to give a shoutout to the people that i have come to adore.

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anonymous asked:

What about an "everything run-down and suddenly a guy falls through the ceiling; now there's a hole in the ceiling of my bedroom"-AU thing? c:

The first time it’s a leg through the kitchen ceiling. 

Derek finishes chewing his mouthful of cereal, stares up at the twitching foot. 

“Uh, little help?”

He stands, pushes the table directly underneath the flailing leg and pushes it back up. A face appears through the hole in the plaster, and it’s a nice face, albeit a little sweaty and shocked looking. 

“Uh, thanks, dude.”

“Derek,” Derek supplies, waves a hand dumbly from where he’s standing on the table. 

“Right, thanks,” the guy grins, and it lights up his face. Derek feels his knees sway a little. “Sorry for interrupting your breakfast.”

“It’s… fine.”

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click HERE to find (107) 276 roleplayable gif icons of the lovely zoey deutch. these gifs were made entirely by scratch by yours truly and I will be doing regular updates.  please feel free to add this to gif hunts with or without my permission, but don’t be shy to hit a girl up if you’re gonna put them in your gif hunt! just don’t claim them as your own bc that is shady af. if you found this useful, please like/reblog it.

Only With You Chapter 4

Summary: Shiro and Allura break out of the daycare.
Rating: G
Pairing: Shallura 
Also on: ao3
Notes: Canon Allura is bossy as shit. Baby Allura is 10x worse.

Shiro looked up towards the clock with his brows drawn together in confusion. It was analog clock so he couldn’t exactly read it, but the tiny sticks were in different places than what he remembered when he looked up at them not too long ago. It also didn’t help that, at his age, he had no perception of time. How much time had passed? An hour? Four hours? 78 minutes?

He had absolutely no idea. 

Not that he was complaining. The time which dragged on wasn’t such a nuisance because he actually enjoyed playing with Allura. That was because she wasn’t embarrassed to be seen with him and made him realize that none of the other kids were bothered by his white forelock.

But even with the surprising acceptance of his peers, he still didn’t prefer to be the center of attention. Everything was still new to him - his newfound confidence, new country, a new friend - he was still testing the waters and his place in it. Sometimes the other kids would wander into their play area wanting Shiro’s attention and he would cautiously give it to them.

Kids are naturally drawn to new things and Shiro was the newest addition to the daycare, so unsurprisingly they flocked to him like moths towards a flame. However, they tended to overwhelm him with their endless questions about his hair and origin and they constantly probed him about his life. When their enthusiasm started to draw in too much attention, he would become visibly uncomfortable and began to sink into himself. When that happened, he unconsciously reached towards his head only to meet his hair. He was left wishing he had his cap back on for a safety net. Allura immediately picked up on this and a cold look from her towards the poor kids would silently send them on their way.

They had moved on from building a space robot to constructing a castle. They had a solid game plan; hoard as many pieces as possible. Well, it seemed like a solid game plan at the time until their greed almost caused a mini-revolution by a mob of angry toddlers demanding their fair share of building blocks. Amy quickly dismantled the toddler uprising by suggesting a reasonable compromise that split up the blocks evenly amongst the children. The compromise immediately resulted in Allura wanting to abandon construction because she said there weren’t nearly enough building blocks to do it right. “Go big or go home,” she had told him sternly with her arms folded stubbornly before she dragged him somewhere else.

Now they were in a rather secluded part of the daycare, away from probing questions and the proletariats, coloring in artbooks, courtesy of another one of Allura’s personal stashes. Shiro decided on an animal-themed book while Allura was still looking for the perfect flower to fill in. She laid on her stomach while she lazily flipped through the pages, her head resting on her open palm. She looked up just in time to see Shiro check the clock. Again.

“Why do you keep looking at the clock?” she asked in a bored tone. “It’s not like you can read it. Papa changed it from the glowy numbers to the sticks a week ago.” She paused on a page, made a face, then continued to flip through them.

“I can so read it!” he defended with puffed cheeks. His outburst made him go slightly over the lines of his lion picture.

“Oh, yeah?” she challenged with a smirk on her face. “Then what does it say?” Oh, she was so ready to prove him wrong.

Too ready.

“…1:23,” he said slowly with shifty eyes, avoiding her gaze. He honestly just counted from one to three and made it sound like a time. Allura wouldn’t know if he was lying because it’s not like she could read the clock. She couldn’t tell time, either. He could get away with this.

Allura looked at him then looked at the clock with squinted eyes then back at him once more, her blue eyes studying him carefully searching for the lie he set out. She set aside her coloring book and sat up, looking around the daycare. She didn’t believe Shiro. Not one bit, but she didn’t have the knowledge to call him out on it, but she knew someone who could. “Amy, what time is it?!” she yelled across the room when she spotted their caretaker.

“Allura, you know I’m not allowed to tell you that,” Amy answered from across the room. She was busy cleaning up spilled juice from the floor. Her back was facing them, so her reply sounded muffled and strained.

Allura rolled her eyes and let out a loud, exaggerated sigh out of spite. While she fell with her back on the ground she threw her arms above her head and entwined them in her silver hair. She began to speak in a nagging, mocking voice, “Allura, you can’t know the time. Allura, you can’t take all the blocks of your super awesome castle. Allura, no, you can’t keep a bee farm.” Her shoulders shook with each syllable that left her mouth.

“I can hear you, Allura,” Amy warned in a light voice.

“I trained those bees! They were ready for the circus, Amy!” Allura pouted and rolled over onto her stomach. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter.” It did matter. She could never do anything fun. “Why do you keep looking at the clock?” she asked Shiro again, only this time more curious. Her sudden anger of her bee farm was a distant memory.

Shiro raised an eyebrow. There was so much he wanted to ask her but her attention was already focused solely on him. He was starting to get used to the intensity of her stare, but he couldn’t say it didn’t leave him feeling funny.

He let out a sigh and continued to color in his lion before answering her. “My mama said that she would be back really soon, but it’s been forever since she left me here,” he confessed. Shiro knew that this interview was important, but how important was it that she abandoned her child with complete strangers for 5 hours? “She said that she was having an interview with her new boss today and if he likes her, we can stay here.”

Allura was suddenly off of the floor and in his face. She snatched the black crayon from his hands and threw it across the room. Shiro’s mouth fell open in shock then his face took on a look of anger, “Why did you do that?!”

“I had to.”

“No, you di-”

“Yes I did,” she interrupted. She really didn’t have to throw his crayon across the room, but it felt right and she didn’t know how to express herself without harming others. She was pretty sure that crayon was gone forever because it rolled under the cubbies where no fingers could reach. Oh well.

“I can never finish this picture, now!” He pushed his hands towards his incomplete black lion. Why did she always ruin his creative plans? He couldn’t build a plane because she wanted to build a robot. They couldn’t build a castle, because it had to absolutely have every single block in the entire daycare, and now he couldn’t even finish coloring in his awesome black lion.

Allura rolled her eyes at him. “There are plenty of other black crayons, Shiro,” she assured. “See? Look.” She picked up another crayon from the box and offered it to him.

“That’s brown!” he whined as he looked over in the box searching for a replacement. “You threw the only black crayon way over there and I don’t even know where it went.”

“It went under the cubbies,” she informed blankly. “You can’t reach it and no one else can either. It’s gone forever, trust me. But listen!” She tossed aside his irritation the same way she tossed aside his crayon, ignoring his dismay as her voice was getting more and more excited. “Your mama is talking to my Uncle Zarkie. I heard them talking about the inter-interview earlier,” she stumbled over the word. It wasn’t foreign to her but it was the first time it had left her mouth.

“Okay…” he said slowly, unsure where she was going with this. He was still extremely bitter about his lost crayon.

“Shiro.” He lost count of how many times her hands found his face, but here he was again. Face to hand contact. “Why should we wait for her, when we can go to her?” The look in her eyes scared Shiro. He didn’t know why, but he knew every instinct in him told him to put distance between them.

“How?” His eyes were narrowed as he looked at her up and down, still at a loss.

She looked around carefully, her blue eyes taking in as much detail about their surroundings as possible. When she was finished, she turned her gaze back to Shiro, her voice low. “Do you trust me?”

“No, not even a little,” he answered at a lightning speed. “How can I trust you when you threw the only black cray-”

“Shiro, forget the crayon!” she hissed while shaking his face. “This is important. We can go find your mama. I know where they are!”

His eyes lit up with delight. “You do!?” he said. His face then took on a look of confusion. “But…how are we gonna get to her? We’re stuck in here.”

“We’re not stuck, Shiro,” she said slyly. “I can get us out of here.” The look of mischief once again found its way to her face and Shiro once again found himself afraid of her and the trouble he was sure to get in.

Shiro looked at her for a minute with questioning eyes before realization hit him like a bus.

He stepped back away from her, shaking his head rapidly. “We just can’t leave!” he shouted. Allura hurried and put a hand over his mouth before he caught Amy’s attention.

“Shh!” she hushed him angrily. She looked over her shoulder to see if Shiro’s outburst had drawn attention and luckily for her, it hadn’t. She was getting out of here, with or without Shiro. She was lying to herself because she knew Shiro was definitely coming with her.

Shiro moved her hand from his mouth before he continued in a hushed tone, “Allura, we’ll get into trouble.”

“Only if we get caught.”

Shiro frowned.

“C'mon Shiro! I do this all the time, you just gotta trust me!” Shiro folded his arms over his chest, frown cemented in place. He duplicated the pose he’d seen his dad do dozens of times when he disapproved of Shiro’s actions. It was the ultimate dad pose.

Turns out, Allura was the absolute worst person to hit with the “Dad Pose”. She was completely unphased by it. Instead of backing down, she puffed her bottom lip out in a frown and somehow made her blue eyes wider. She brought her hands together in front her in a silent plea as her voice took on an innocent tone. “Shiro, pleeeease? I’m trying to help you get to your mama and I’m tired of being in here. Let’s go on an adventure.”

“We’ll get lost…” he tried to reason with her. He was never one to break the rules and he didn’t want to get into trouble his first day at the daycare. However, he knew that Allura was determined to drag him down with her.

“We won’t get lost,” she promised. “I know every part of my castle.”

Shiro thought it over. Allura seemed extremely confident in her jailbreaking skills to the point where she was almost cocky about it and he did miss his mama. She said it would be a short day, but he was starting to get worried about her. She was gone for what? 9 hours, now? What if something bad had happened to her? What if she had tripped down the stairs? What if her new boss was being mean to her?

…What if she didn’t get the job?

What would happen, then? Then his family couldn’t stay here and his parents would have to split up again and he’d have to move houses. He and Allura could no longer be friends if he left. He pushed these thoughts from his head and sucked in a huge breath. “Let’s do it.” His voice full of determination.

Allura couldn’t contain her excited squeal at Shiro’s approval and she threw her arms around him in a brief hug. The way her eyes lit up made Shiro’s heart sing. If he could make her look that happy for the rest of his life, he would do whatever it took. If that includes breaking out of daycare, then so be it. Allura straightened her posture, eyes lit with determination as she scanned the area once again. She was looking for a certain someone.

Suddenly, Allura grabbed Shiro by the hand and led him to the play area towards a red-headed boy playing with building blocks. Allura suppressed her sudden anger about seeing her blocks being used for a something other than a massive castle. Her castle was going to be legendary, but now it was only a distant memory. “Hi, Reggie.” She forced a smile and gave a small wave. Shiro followed suit, waving awkwardly behind her.

The boy looked up at the pair with brown, unimpressed eyes. He looked slightly annoyed. Probably thinking back to the Great Building Block Scandal Allura had put everyone throughout of sheer greed. “What do you want? My blocks? Amy said that no one was to give you any more.” he said as he pushed his portion of blocks behind him, hiding them from her.

“I don’t want your blocks, Reggie, “she assured him. "But, I do need to get out of here.”


Shiro raised an eyebrow. “Again?” he whispered to her. His comment earned him a glare from Allura.

“Yes, again. Are you gonna help me or not?” she demanded. Shiro could tell that she really needed to work on her patience. Almost everything she wanted was something that she wanted immediately with no pushback.

“Yeah…I’ll help you, but I want something back,” Reggie bargained. He was looking towards the direction of Allura’s secret stash of goodies. Allura’s eyes narrowed. She knew that no one knew exactly where her stash was because she moved locations every week to not draw in suspicion, but Reggie’s gaze was dangerously close. She knew she had to relocate soon.

“Name it,” Allura answered. She was more than willing to give up her personal luxuries for freedom. It was something that the entire daycare knew about. Allura was notorious for breaking out of daycare on a weekly basis, but as clever as she was, she could never do it alone. A colorful ball here, a packet of cheese crackers there. They wanted sweets? Then let them eat cake. She had many things to bargain in exchange for the help of the other kids.

“Don’t name the crayons because Allura is just going to take them from you and throw them under th-OW!” Shiro’s rant was interrupted by an elbow to the gut. He glared at the back of her head and before he could retaliate, Reggie started again.

“I want your animal coloring book,” he said. “The one Shiro was using before you came over here.” Shiro opened his mouth in protest. Did no one want him to be happy?

“Fine,” she agreed, then whispered to Shiro after feeling his disappointment, “I have a better one hidden by the glue sticks.” She turned her attention back towards Reggie. “Okay, we’re gonna do Plan C.”

“What’s Plan C?” Reggie asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Reggie! You and me only have one plan,” she growled while raising her index finger.

“Then why would you name it ‘Plan C’ if there’s no Plan A or B?” Reggie asked back casually.

“Reggie, I’ll throw that artbook under those cubbies so fast…” she threatened through clenched teeth.

“Okay, Okay!” he backed down. He scanned the daycare with the same seriousness Allura possessed earlier before looking back at them. “Get ready,” he told them. Allura dragged Shiro to an area that was slightly hidden from Amy’s view, her eyes peeking around the corner to watch everything unfold.

Reggie stood up and made his way towards the caretaker, trying to lead her away from the door. “Amy! Amy! Look how fast I can run! See look!” The red-headed boy then proceeded to run as fast as he could up and down the play area. Before Amy could tell him to stop, or at least slow down, Plan C moved on to phase two. With a strategic twist of his foot, Reggie came crashing down onto the carpet, face first. He immediately let out a high pitched wail that only a toddler could pull off. His eyes filled with tears as he made his face alarmingly red. His tiny fist slammed on the floor in a repeated banging motion, selling his charades.

And the Academy Award goes to…

Amy rushed to the seemingly injured child to see if he had truly hurt himself, leaving the pathway to the door open. With the coast clear, Allura ran to the entrance with Shiro right on her heels. She looked back to see if Amy was still distracted. She met Reggie’s crocodile tear-filled eyes once more before she aggressively pushed Shiro down to his hands and knees, much to his silent protest, so she could climb on top of him to reach the door handle. “Be the lookout,” she told him strictly. No surprise to her, the door was locked. It was a different lock from last time she had done this earlier last week, but she was sure she could get through it. She reached to the far right of her to the check-in desk to grab a long flower shaped pen and used that to reach and slide the piece of metal out of place.

The sound of the lock sliding out of place was music to her ears. She quickly got off Shiro who was taking his role as guarding footstool way too seriously. She helped him up and hurriedly pulled him out of the daycare before she carefully closed the door as quietly as possible. She could hear Reggie scream louder to drown out any noise they may have caused. He was doing a great job. She might just throw in two artbooks; he deserved it.

They were now on the outside of the daycare looking up towards the artificial clouds. Allura turned to Shiro with a smirk on her face and nudged him playfully. “See? That wasn’t so bad.” She started to walk down the hall knowing that he would follow her.

“I guess not.” He stretched his sore back before he followed Allura. “Where do we go now, Princess?”

She cocked her head at the use of this nickname towards her. “Princess?”

“Yeah, because that’s what you are,” he answered honestly behind her. He was sure that whatever journey he was about to embark on, it was bound to get them in trouble. He honestly didn’t care because as long as he was with the princess, he could deal with anything. Mainly because he knew that she could probably scheme her way out of any trouble might get into.

“I need your back again to reach the elevator buttons,” she told him when they reached the sliding metal doors.

“What do you use when you don’t have my back to reach things?” he asked. He didn’t want this to be a recurring thing. Allura wasn’t gentle in the slightest.

“I use a broom.”

“Then why didn’t you bring a broom this time?”

“Because I have you,” she said as if it were common sense. “Now get down so I can reach.”

Shiro got back into position as her personal step stool so Allura could call the elevator. It came quickly much to her delight and they made their way into the car. She climbed on his back one more time to press the floor they needed.

“What happens when we get there?” Shiro asked as they felt themselves being lifted up several floors. He was not a huge fan of surprises. He liked to know things in advance and wanted to know exactly what was going to happen, when it is was going to happen, and how it was going to happen. He liked to have a solid itinerary before any major event. It was a characteristic he picked up from both of his parents.

He had to admit that he was nervous about what was going to happen when, no if …- actually he was right the first time, so when they got caught. He was absolutely sure that he wouldn’t leave this place without a firm lecture from his mama. She was gonna tell his Dad later on when they got home and his dad was going to do the “Dad Pose” and Shiro didn’t think he could handle that right now. So much had happened today in such little time. It had only been…15 hours since this morning, right?

“We gotta be sneaky,” she told him. “My Uncle Zarkie has a lot of people who work for him. We have to avoid them because if they catch us, they’ll send us back to the daycare and then we can’t find your mama.”

The car came to a stop and they both peeked their heads out in opposite directions to check their surroundings before Allura quietly led them through the lobby. This floor was completely different from the lobby Shiro walked through earlier. Whereas the lobby downstairs had vibrant golds and reds, this area had darker tones. Deep shades of purples and greys were the main color scheme here.

The area wasn’t as busy as Shiro thought it would be. He thought it would be littered with adults who were eager to catch them sneaking around, but he was only met with a couple of couches, plants, and a single desk with a receptionist sitting behind it and taking a phone call. The entrance to the Galra Branch was just behind her. Allura knew that the door was locked and the only person that could open it was the woman behind the desk. There was a button that unlocked the door that was incorporated into the woman’s desk. Allura was too short, even with Shiro, to reach it. There was no possible way to sneak around the woman to reach the button or to even fashion up something long enough to reach the button that released the lock. She would have to face the woman head-on.

Not that it bothered her.

“Allura, what are you doing?” Shiro hissed when Allura came from behind her hiding spot behind a potted plant. She held her hand out and Shiro reluctantly took it and allowed Allura to lead him to the front desk.

The women didn’t seem to be phased by her presence but took on a look a surprise when noticed that this time, Allura wasn’t alone. She put whoever she was talking to on hold before she addressed the children. “Good afternoon, Allura,” she said her a warm smile. “Who’s your friend?” She folded her hands together as she looked over the desk at the children.

Allura put on the same forced smile she gave to Reggie just minutes ago. “Hi, Mia,” she responded. “This is Shiro. He’s new here and we need to find his mama. She’s with Uncle Zarkie, so can you please let us in?”

Mia raised a brow. “Why does he need his mother?” she asked leaning forward more to study the boy over her desk. “Are you alright?”

Shiro let his eyes fall from the receptionist, hoping his white bangs could cover his face enough to hide him. He was not a good liar. If he spoke, he knew he was going to immediately ruin things for the both of them. Luckily for him, Allura chose that exact moment to physically step in, shielding him from Mia’s dissecting eyes. “No, he’s not okay! He’s feeling a little sick and only his mama, who is in there, can help him!”

She continued to look at Shiro with a raised brow. “He doesn’t look sick.” Her tone was flat. A quick nudge from Allura sent Shiro into a fake coughing fit. It wasn’t perfect, but it was sellable. However, if this friendship was going to work, Shiro needed to seriously work on his acting skills. Did he even see Reggie? Now that was acting.

“See?” Allura pointed towards Shiro, who was hacking away, completely over exaggerating the situation. “He needs medical attention…from his mama.”

Mia rolled her eyes at their rendition of the black plague. “Okay, Allura. I think it’ll just call Amy and have someone escort you two back to the daycare,” she said while flipping through a phone book searching for the right number. She had no idea why she didn’t have the number on speed dial considering she had sent Allura back to the daycare on numerous occasions this month alone.

Shiro stopped mid-cough, eyes wide with fear. This was it. This is the moment they would get into trouble and he’d get the longest lecture of his short life.

Allura stepped forward. “But Mia, if you call Amy, then that means that you’d have to hang up on your boyfriend,” Allura said in a voice that was way too innocent to be considered as such. Mia’s hands froze over the pages and stared at Allura with wide eyes. Allura blinked back owlishly with a grin on her face, tilting her head to the side in a silent challenge. Allura didn’t know it yet, but what she was doing was definitely considered blackmail.

They stared at each other for what felt like forever. Shiro was nervously looking at both of them wondering who was going to cave in first. From the time he’d spent with Allura, he knew it wasn’t going to be her. He knew that if Allura was going to go down, she would sure put up a fight. Mia’s eyes narrowed at the girl before her fingers went to the button that unlocked the doors. “Go. If they ask, you came in through the vents again.”

Allura broke into a huge smile. “Yeah, sure Mia! Thanks!” She pulled Shiro along with her before she entered the door.

Mia waited until the two disappeared behind the double doors before she turned her attention back to the phone. She almost ran her hands through her hair, messing up her perfect bun. “…She did it again, Gavin…yes again…oh, you have not met Allura Altea, you have no idea…”

Allura and Shiro entered the Galra Branch. In this area, the purple color scheme continued, except it was little darker than it was on the outside. It reminded Shiro of a fortress. It was way busier in here than it was in any other location Shiro had seen so far. There were individual cubicles that separated each employee to help them focus on their work. It was eerily quiet despite the fact that the room was completely crowded. A couple of employees were walking around, however, none of them had noticed Allura or Shiro. The two hid inside of an empty cubicle to go over their game plan before moving forward.

“Okay, so my Uncle Zarkie’s office is that big one.” Allura pointed the office that was separated with walls from the rest of the area. It had a large door that Shiro was positive that Allura needed to ruin his body for. It also had large windows that were covered with dark shutter blinds so he couldn’t see inside.

Shiro expected to see guards patrolling the area, but there were just employees looking for a water break. He memorized their pattern before he moved forward, signaling Allura to follow him. He took the lead on this mission. He was sure Allura’s trained eyes picked up whatever he had missed. They stayed low to ground to keep out of sight. They didn’t exactly blend in - not with Allura’s snow white hair and his bright orange shirt, but they did their best to time their movements perfectly to not draw in attention from the employees.

Shiro was about to take a step forward before he was harshly pulled back inside a cubicle. Allura placed a hand on his mouth before he said anything to give away their position. Not even a second later, an employee walked by with a mug in his hand. Allura removed her hand and Shiro let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. She peeked her head out before she cleared them and let him take the lead again.

As they got closer to Zarkon’s office, Shiro took his steps more cautiously. There were more employees here. Each step he made was meticulously planned, careful not to alert anybody. However, as soon as they turned a corner into a cubicle for a hiding break to plan their next few steps, a man was in their path. All three froze in their spots and no one made a sound. Shiro stared at the man with wide eyes afraid that they had finally been caught. Well, they had a good run. Back to the daycare they would go.

The man looked at Shiro then to Allura with a questioning brow. He opened his mouth to address them before Allura narrowed her eyes, placed her index finger over her lips and shook her head slowly. The man sighed and let the single paper in his hands drop to the floor. “Oh no,” the man said dryly, almost like a robot. “My paper fell. Let me turn around to retrieve it.” He turned his back to them to pick up the single sheet from the floor. “Gee, I hope no one sneaks past me because if they did, now would be the perfect opportunity to do so.” Allura took the diversion as the perfect chance to push Shiro into the next cubicle to secure their location.

The man quietly laughed to himself as he picked up his report before he returned to his workstation. He unlocked his computer and quickly sent out a mass email.

From: Thace Waterson
To: Fellow Minions
Subject: Code White
Allura is in the building. Watch your mouth and pretend you don’t see her.

PS: Whoever stole my lunch, I am coming for you.


“That was close,” Allura whispered once they were under the desk in the cubicle opposite of Zarkon’s office. Shiro was busy trying to catch his breath while Allura scoped the area. He had so much adrenaline running through his veins right now. He had no idea how Allura seemingly controlled that man. Was she magic? That would also explain her white hair. She was a magical princess. “We’re almost there. We just gotta open that door.” Her words snapped him out of his thoughts and he refocused himself. He looked up at the large door. If he thought it was big before, it looked huge now. From his angle, it looked like it went on forever.

“C'mon, Shiro! Let’s go!” Allura yelled at him once the coast was clear. He was immediately on his hands and knees before the entrance to give Allura the height she needed to open the door.

“Hurry!” Shiro hissed when he noticed movement around them. He didn’t want to get caught when he was so close to his goal.

“I’m trying!” she growled back. Allura was stretching out as much as she could, but her fingers couldn’t quite grasp the handle with enough pressure to pull it. She stood on the very tips of her toes and the action had Shiro clenching his teeth as it added unwanted pressure on his back.

From: Michael Ulaz
Subject: Holy Shit
This is the cutest fucking thing I have ever seen.

PS: Thace, I took your lunch. Fight me.


Shiro tried to hunch his back to give her more height to work with. He thought it helped when he heard the hiss of the door opening. Joy was replaced with worry when he felt Allura lose her balance at the loss of the one thing holding her up. She fell forward onto the ground with her hands breaking her fall. Before he could ask if she was alright, a huge man stood before them. Shiro looked up to see the scariest man he had ever seen. He was so big and intimidating and his face looked like it had a permanent frown etched into it. He looked on in fear as the man picked up Allura and brought her to his face. “No!” he yelled with reached out hands trying to get her back.

The man looked down at Shiro with amber eyes. He raised his brow before turning attention back towards the captured princess he held at arm’s length. “Allura,” he said slowly. “Please don’t tell me this is Aiko Shirogane’s son, Takashi.”

“That is exactly who he is and he likes being called, ‘Shiro’,” she replied without hesitation or fear.

Zarkon rolled his eyes before readjusting Allura in his arms, dangling her from under his arm. Before he opened his mouth to speak, Shiro spoke up with a brave voice. “Let her go! Where’s my mama!?” he demanded before grabbing a hold of his leg and holding on tight. Extra tight.

He had to make sure Zarkon felt his raw strength.

Zarkon looked on with a blank face as he ignored his employees’ conjoined sounds of, “Aaaww,” and muffled laughter at their display. He heard the familiar sound of a camera clicking followed by a flash and rolled his eyes with annoyance.

Zarkon lightly shook Shiro off his leg then stooped down to Shiro’s height when the boy finally let go. “She’s probably looking for you,” Zarkon answered before up-righting and placing Allura down beside Shiro. His face briefly took on a look of surprise at the way Shiro placed his body between them, staring him down. Was he that intimating?

God, he hoped he was.

Zarkon was unphased by Shiro’s silent threat and looked at Allura with a frown. “Allura, I thought I told you not to be a bad influence on him? I specifically said him. Out of all the kids, you choose the one I told you not to corrupt.”

“I’m not a bad influence, Uncle Zarkie!” she defended folding her arms in a pout. Shiro’s eyes widened. This was her Uncle Zarkie? He didn’t think he would be so…scary. “I was showing him around the castle,” Allura explained. Oh, she was such a good liar. Everything left her mouth so easily with confidence. Shiro didn’t know if he should praise her for her skills, or be terrified of them.

Zarkon sighed before he stood upright. “Let’s go back to the daycare, then.”

“But I need to find my mama, first!” Shiro said desperately. They didn’t come all this way just to go back to the daycare.

“She’s probably at the daycare right now looking for you.” Oh. Well, maybe they did come all this way just to go back to the daycare.

Zarkon picked up his goddaughter and placed her on his hip and the other reached out towards Shiro who reluctantly grabbed his large hand. He made his way back towards the exit before turning back to face his employees. “Why did no one tell me Allura was here?” His eyes scanned the area wanting an answer.

“I sent out an email.” Came the small reply from the back of the building.

“Hmm.” He continued his journey back to the lobby. They passed the receptionist before they stood in front of the elevators.

“Hello, Mia, who I am seeing for the first time today.” Allura was only a good liar when she felt like being a good liar, apparently. The elevator car came to them they all stepped in.

“Shiro, can you press the 4th floor for me?” Zarkon requested.

“I can do it!” Allura suggested before almost throwing herself out of Zarkon’s grip, reaching to press the button. She didn’t get far as Zarkon tightened his grip on her and he took a step back putting distance between Allura and her current obsession with ruining his life. He wanted to keep Allura as far as away from the buttons as possible. He didn’t want a repeat of what happened this morning. Shiro stepped forward to do as he was asked. He struggled a bit, but he could reach it. Before, they needed to use teamwork because Allura had to press the 11th floor which was towards the top of the panel. Now it the 4th floor was more in reach so the child could press it by himself.

“Are you still mad at me?” Allura asked Zarkon. She was referring to the elevator incident that happened earlier that day. Zarkon turned his hard gaze to her but didn’t answer her. “Oh, C'mon! It could not have been that bad.”

“It took five minutes to go up seven floors,” he informed her.

“Is that a long time?” she asked half interested while toying with his tie. She looked down at Shiro who was staring at the door, anxiously tapping his index finger on his thigh. She started to wiggle her body, pushing against his chest singling that she wanted to be put down. He set her down carefully and watched as she stood beside Shiro cupping their hands together. “We’re gonna get your mama back!” When he didn’t answer back, she stepped in front of him, lowering her head to make him meet her eyes. “Are you okay, Shiro?”

“What if she’s mad at me?” he confessed quietly. He didn’t want to disappoint his mama, but leaving to find her was something he had to do. He had to make sure she was safe and he knew that only he could protect her. Well, him and his dad. But his dad wasn’t here, so he felt the responsibility fell on him like it always did. For most of his life, he had always just been him and his mom and he always did her best to make her proud. But now? He knew she wasn’t happy with him. The thought of his mom scolding him broke his heart. The adventure was fun and thrilling, but now all he felt was guilt.

Allura felt somewhat responsible for Shiro’s feelings. “Don’t worry, Shiro,” she reassured him before giving him a hug, which he timidly returned. Zarkon felt a small smile creep to his face at watching the exchange between the two children.

The elevator came to a stop and the trio stepped out. Zarkon led them towards the daycare quickly hoping to calm things down just in case his new hire was tearing into Amy. Just as he predicted, Aiko was questioning Amy with such intensity. Amy was doing her best to explain the situation. “I’m sure he’s with Allura. I know this sounds weird, but trust me, they’ll show up eventually.”

Aiko raised her voice, “Eventually?! What do you mean? My son is missing!” She slammed her hand on the check-in desk.

Zarkon cleared his voice behind them to signal his entrance. “Hello again, Mrs. Shirogane. I have your son.”

Aiko whipped her head back towards her boss, eyes seething before they were replaced with relief when she saw her son. “Takashi!” She dropped her purse right before her arms were filled with the warmth of her child.

“Mama!” Shiro cried into his mother’s shoulder, burying his face into her neck. Allura looked at Mrs. Shirogane embrace her son and something dark briefly flashed in her eyes. She looked away, choosing to focus her attention on something, anything but them. Zarkon kept a watchful eye on her.

Aiko straightened Shiro to look at her. “Don’t ever do that to me again! Do you understand me?” Shiro winced at her tone. “What were you thinking, Taka-chan?” The use of her nickname eased Shiro’s guilt.

“I wanted to find you!” Shiro explained. “You were gone for like 19 hours! I got scared!”

“Takashi, honey. I was only gone for an hour and twenty minutes…” she told him.

“Mama, I can’t tell time!” he shouted. “I don’t know that!”

“So you did lie!” Allura accused. She knew he couldn’t tell time!

For the first time, Aiko saw Allura. She was hiding behind one of Zarkon’s legs now, peeking out between them. Shiro left his mother’s embrace to go to Allura. He grabbed her hand and brought her to stand before his mother. “Mama, this is Allura. She helped me find you,” he introduced his new friend. He hoped his mama liked her.

Allura stepped forward. “Hello, it’s nice to meet you,” she spoke in Japanese before she gave Aiko a respectful bow. Aiko raised a brow in surprise at the polite introduction. She switched to English before continuing. “I’m sorry I took Shiro out of the daycare. Please don’t be mad at him anymore. It was my fault!” she told Aiko, defending her friend.

Aiko looked at the two children who were looking back at her with puppy eyes. Shiro never did puppy eyes before, so he must have learned it from this child. She let out a breath. “I’m not mad at you, Takashi. You just scared me. I thought something bad had happened to you.”

“I know, Mama. I’m sorry,” he apologized again. Aiko smiled before hugging him again. She then realized something.

“Taka-chan, where is your cap?” After she calmed down, she noticed that she could fully see his birthmark. She read his body language and he didn’t seem ashamed of it anymore like he was this morning.

Shiro’s gave her a big smile. The biggest smile she has seen from him since they moved from Japan. The sight warmed her heart and all of the anger she felt before completely melted away. “Allura said she liked my hair and told all the other kids that I looked cool!” he told her excitedly. “Mama, I have so many new friends now, but I like Allura the most!”

Aiko looked up at the snow-haired child with a smile. “Thank you, Allura for taking care of my son.” Allura smiled back at her and gave a small bow. Aiko then turned her attention towards Zarkon who watched the scenario patiently. “Is Allura yours, Mr. Galra?”

He let out a laugh. “Heavens no. She is my goddaughter. It is with my deepest apologies that she caused all of this.” He cleared his throat. “However, I must warn you: this probably will happen again, Mrs. Shirogane. Allura is known for leaving the daycare quite often. She usually ends up in my office or her father’s. We do have security all around and throughout the building and Allura knows better than to do things…too dangerous. She knows exactly what is strictly off limits and she will never leave the building. She knows this place like the back her hand, so she will never truly get them lost if that helps ease your worries.”

Aiko blinked, taking in what her boss just told her. She didn’t exactly like the idea of her toddler roaming this giant building unsupervised with a girl they just met. Out of all kids, he had to make friends with a spy kid. A spy kid who was her new boss’s goddaughter, at that.

Aiko grabbed her purse before she stood upright. “That’s fine, I suppose. It’s strange, but I know Allura could be the one to break him out of his shell.” She looked behind her at the children who retreated into the daycare to gather Shiro’s things.

“Allura has a tendency to do that,” Zarkon spoke. “That girl can bring anybody out of their shell.” Zarkon was too proud to admit it, but he knew that his life changed the day he met his goddaughter. He smiled more than he ever did after she was born. He would do absolutely anything in his power to make her happy. Luckily for Allura, Zarkon was a very powerful man.

“You mentioned that she often goes into her father’s office,” Aiko started. “Is her father an employee of yours?”

Zarkon smiled. “No, her father is Alfor Altea - My business partner and the Co-CEO of Voltron Tech.” Aiko’s mouth hung open. Not only did her son befriend a jailbreaker, but he befriended the child who was directly related to two of the most powerful men in the western hemisphere.

Zarkon laughed at her expression. “Don’t worry. It won’t be so bad,” he told her. “Coran plans the best playdates.”

“Coran?” she asked. ‘Please don’t let it be anybody important.’ she thought.

“Coran Smyth, our advisor.” Fuck. Another powerful person Allura had a direct correlation to.

“Don’t look so frighted. We’re actually decent people outside of work,” he told her. “Now, I must head back to work. It was a pleasure meeting you Mrs. Shirogane. I’m pleased to know that the Galra branch met your expectations.” Zarkon turned to leave before Allura ran up to him, holding her arms up demanding to be lifted.

“Can I come with you?” she asked when she was lifted to his eye level. “We can get ice cream.”

“If I remember correctly, you didn’t eat your vegetables last night and your father told you no more sweets for the rest of the week.” he paused taking in her fallen expression before smirking. “But I won’t tell him if you don’t, kiddo.” He was rewarded with a squeal of delight and a smothering hug from his sunshine.

Allura turned in his arms to wave back to Shiro. “Bye, Shiro! I’ll see you tomorrow, right?” she asked him.

Shiro looked up at his mom in question. “Yes, Shiro will be back tomorrow, Allura.”

“Yay! I can’t wait to have adventures with you, Shiro! We’ll be friends forever!” Shiro couldn’t help but smile because he wanted nothing more to spend forever with Allura.

“Bye Princess!” Shiro waved goodbye to Allura before looking up at his mom. “I like it here, Mama,” he told her as he grabbed her hand as they left to leave.

“I know you do, Taka-chan. I like it here, too.” She squeezed his hand affectionately before they left the daycare.

In the elevator, Zarkon trusted Allura enough to let her press the elevator button this time. “So, kiddo, tell me: How did you get past Amy this time?”

“Plan C.”

“Oh, that’s a good one. That Reggie kid has a natural talent.” Zarkon’s tie kept Allura busy. Her natural tendency to touch things that didn’t belong to her was taking over. He pulled out his cell to text Alfor that he had his daughter and that they were going to be in his office for probably the rest of the day. A second later his phone chimed with Alfor’s specific text tone.

“Who is that child on your leg?”

Zarkon looked at the picture his best friend sent him. It was when he first foiled the toddler’s plans of breaking into his office. He had Allura in his arms, while Shiro gripped tightly at his leg, face in a frown full of determination trying to protect his friend. The picture was taken by one of his Minions and was probably circulating the office by now. Zarkon smirked before saving the picture and replying.

Allura’s new partner in crime and probably your future son-in-law.


Zarkon only laughed as stepped out of the elevator.