(i loved him so much:(


taehyung eating a burger while giving life advices and being an all-around goodball (aka the 45 minute vlive that made me feel hungry and sentimental at the same time) pt. 1

  • some Empire officer: we need a plan
  • Thrawn: fortunately, while you were saying 'we need a plan', i devised a plan, invented a new weapon to carry it out, learned a new language and repainted the break room. also, i captured the rebel leader. good work team, you all deserve the rest of the day off :)

tony stark is the best developed character in mcu. the tony from iron man 1 to tony in the spiderman homecoming trailers is so different, but yet still the same person. it is really hard for movies to capture a character’s growth without it seeming like they are completely changing them and i really appreciate the skill that it took to keep that from happening to tony. ten years of growth has made this selfish childish adult turn into this old soul. one who sacrifices himself. one who grows attachments to people and is afraid of loosing them. one who is trying to learn from his mistakes. one who is trying to lead others to do better than him and shelter them with the love he never really got.