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the week after bitty gets settled into college coach spends a lot of time in the home office with the door shut. when suzanne asks, he says he's just watching tape to get ready for the upcoming season and he didn't want the noise bothering her. she doesn't call him on it, even after all of their home videos of bitty's figure skating competitions and hockey tournaments have migrated into coach's office

this is so pure i just

so suzanne calls bitty like every other day after he leaves and they talk for a really long time, just chatting about home and about hockey and about baking and all that jazz and yet. coach hasn’t called bitty yet and like sure bitty could call /him/ but…and its been a couple weeks and like. they’ve talked because suzanne will drag coach over to talk to bitty but its always kind of gruff and quiet bc we all know coach isnt the most open with his emotions

but then suzanne is just going around cleaning the house and she goes into his office to grab the trash and take it out and the computer is on and paused on one of eric’s figure skating videos from when he was like… 8 years old? Ish? and suzanne just kinda stands there and looks around a bit and all of the videos from bitty’s figure skating and hockey years are sitting on the desk (and like. its a TALL pile). and half of the videos are out of their case so suzanne just smiles and shuts the door and later that night when she calls bitty she casually mentions that coach misses him and bitty is kinda surprised but then suzanne tells bits to call coach.

so bitty calls coach the next day and coach is at work but he’s like. kinda surprised and awkward when bitty calls but there’s like. genuine warmth in his voice and they chat for like almost an hour and a half about how school is going and how the football team is and coach really wants to know if eric is enjoying himself and if the boys are treating him nice because he remembers that the football team wasn’t that nice to bitty (and believe me he put a fuckin stop to that the second he heard about it) and shes like. so relieved bc eric sounds so happy?? 

and like coach isn’t great with his emotions but at the end he’s just like. “i’m glad you’re happy, son.” and the ‘i miss you’ isn’t said but eric gets it anyway and he just smiles super big and is like “miss you too dad” and its just. so pure and good and coach loves his son a lot and suzanne just wants them to talk and realize that they care about each other a lot even if neither of them are good at expressing it.


Too bad, but it’s too sweet… it’s too sweet

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What makes Harry so special to you? I totally get it but can you put it into words?

ok i tried like twelve different times and no matter how i phrased this it sounded melodramatic and annoying, so skjdhfjsh whatever!!! harry is at least 90% of the reason i…keep going? in my very very worst times when i haven’t been able to find a good enough reason to Keep Going for myself, he’s been the reason i’ve managed to force myself through it. and in my very best times when i’ve been doing Well he’s always made them that much better, yk? he just makes me really, really, realy fucking happy. like so!!!! unbelievably and overwhelmingly happy. he makes me want to do and be better. honestly this is true for 1d as a whole bc they were all incredibly instrumental in dragging me out of a rly dark period i was in when i first landed in this fandom but, for as much as i don’t actually know him, i always felt a v special and strong connection to harry that only got stronger as i stuck around and i can’t say w/certainty that i’d still be here w/out him? idk i don’t like to give other people credit for me like…still being alive bc i know it’s not good to discount how hard i’ve worked to overcome things, but he’s been such a huge crutch for me. like yk those lift chairs old ppl use when they have trouble standing up on their own? they probably would’ve been able to do it on their own eventually and they still struggle and stumble a bit even with the chair, but the chair makes it easier and makes them feel a little safer and more stable? in a shocking analogy i genuinely never thought i would make, harru’s been my lift chair.


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