(i love that movie)



One of my favorite subtle jokes in the Megamind movie is how it apparently doesn’t even occur to Hal that “Space Step-Mom” is just as fake as “Space Dad” and he is 100% ready to murder Megamind for cheating on her.


Tank Girl. 

“Black and blue, the face of Tank Girl.” 

“The volatile Molatov girl.” 

“Tank Girl cover, c. 1995.” 

“One hour ahead of the posse.” 

“We all have friends at Bell’s end.” 

“Duck season?… Rabbit season?” 

“All new 21st Century Tank Girl cover, the cock rocket.” 

Aside from Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett is most known for his earliest crazy creation, Tank Girl, which started as a strip in a magazine called Deadline in 1988. Instantly, people fell in love, and it quickly became a comic series. 

Tank Girl is immensely popular, even to this day, for a reason. It’s a good look into Jamie’s art and how it influenced his later works. Crazy scenarios, fucked up characters, that eccentric, apocalyptic feel… Artists all over the world look to these comics as inspiration. 

The character Tank Girl is also immensely popular. She’s badass and weird and gross and vulgar and sexual and violent. She smokes, and fucks, and shoots, and has fun- She’s dating a bloody kangaroo for God’s sake! Tank Girl isn’t sweet or pretty or kind or gentle. She’s fucked up, in the best way possible. 

Tank Girl as a whole is such a bizarre and brilliant series, and the pictures here in Jamie’s artbook (including some fantastic parts of the comics) really show that. Really amazing, really raw and weird and beautiful. ❤️ 

Imagine watching Yellow Submarine with John Lennon. Whenever his character comes up on screen, he elbows you and leans over to whisper “That’s me,” in your ear. Every damn time.