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Am… am I the only Inuyasha fan who actually kinda likes Moneca Stori’s performance as Kagome in the English dub?

I mean, I can totally see why people don’t care for it, I ain’t judgin’ or anything. But I suddenly feel very lonely in my “Likes Kagome’s English Dub” corner over here. XD 


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I stopped watching season 3 but hearing this is incredibly sad :( I was kinda counting that they won't go that route and just make her non white and be done with it. Not blaming flo at all, I love the girl but the writers of CW, they can shove it. They're effing things up since they 'rescued' SG.

I mean, yeah, while i’d say most of it is the casting/producers fault, she has done multiple latinx roles, so at a point, it does become her responsibility to acknowledge the wrong there and work to fix it. she’s a good actress, and i hope she gets to keep working, but not by taking latinx roles.

I know a lot of people have spoken up about this so i doubt any one on the sg staff can claim that they don’t know the issue is there; the blame kinda goes all around, tbh. 

I’m probably gonna catch some heat for this, but I keep seeing these “ positivity ” posts about OCs, especially of the “ love / respect / support female OCs !! ” variety, and I just want to say:

my opinion of or interest in your muse / OC is NOT determined by their gender.

I will not automatically love, respect, support, enjoy or be interested in your muse just because they’re female. you don’t get brownie points for that, just like you don’t and shouldn’t get brownie points just for writing a muse that is gay, trans, POC or disabled. real people are more than just their labels, and fictional ones should be no different.

so while I am all here for supporting OCs, I am not here to blindly support “all” of them; not female ones, not male ones, not non-binary or trans ones. I support interesting, original and well-developed OCs. that’s all that matters to me.

I’m doing a lot better in a lot of ways but I still absolutely feel like that friend who just annoys the crap out of literally everyone but y'all are too nice to say anything


……yeah they had me with the fuckin long hair

also decided im gonna give the other, lighter blue hellsite a try, even though i have no clue how to use it and i am afraid >>> find me on twitter

Lance plays games with kids all over the universe. When they laugh at him for losing, he shows them how to play fútbol and wipes the floor with them in revenge. He learns new pick up lines from pretty people at liberation parties and teaches them ones from Earth in return. He pets all sorts of pets, furry and not furry and big and small, though he nervously begs off petting the ones with poisonous spikes. He learns jokes from castle servants with loose lips. Learns curse words from street vendors with looser lips. Tells stories about home to people who almost lost theirs. Puts his feet on hundreds of different beaches, sand digging familiarly into the spaces between his toes. Learns millions of different ways people say hello, goodbye, and I love you. And even though it really sucks, being so far away from his own little beach, the knowledge that things like that are universal - things like games and jokes and love - makes the universe feel just a little bit smaller. 

do you think god stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he’s created

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