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1/2 (i.e. the great GA debate) I agree completely. I used to think that the GA was a barrier to destiel, and how in the world can they make it any clearer without actually going textual, but then it would seem shocking/out of the blue. Then it dawned on me that that's not the case at all. The GA is not a barrier, not in the way i was thinking. The story is a slow burn one, GA or not. You have ppl like your husband, who would need it spelled out but would be ok once it was.

2/2 But ppl like him aren’t a barrier b/c there’s not much spn can do about those who need it to go canon and be spelled out before they see it. But they’ll be fine once it is so no barrier there. And as far as the homophobic viewers? I assume spn doesn’t care much about losing them, as they are such a small factor and i can’t imagine SPN even considers what they want in terms of dean’s sexuality and destiel. Plus i think those who would leave prob did so after Chuck’s reveal, so.

Yep. There’s been queer subtext in this show since day 1, but there’s always been the option of reading it as a “joke,” or the show making fun of itself. Look at 5.09 for proof that the show itself knows this.

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But recently, and especially in s11, something has changed. The subtext is still there, stronger than ever, but how it’s being presented is very different. There’s no obvious “joke” reading to the queer representation being presented. Canon gay couples are not being presented as comedic.

In Dean’s speech to the Stynes in 10.22, he used the line, “for the ladies, or the fellas. I don’t judge.” And he really meant it.

In 11.02 Jenna casually tells Dean that her first kiss (and it’s implied her first sexual experience, discussed in the same sentence) were with a girl, and Dean doesn’t even blink at this admission. He continues to relate to her in the exact same way. It’s normalized, rather than presented for shock value or a laugh.

In 11.04, the entire conversation with Sam about wanting to have something more with someone, not marriage, but something with someone who understands the life, and all that, was a very deliberately gender-neutral conversation. Not once did either of them use a feminine noun or adjective in that whole conversation. Almost as if the gender of the person Sam was implying Dean might consider settling down with was entirely irrelevant. Again, normalizing the idea for the general audience.

In 11.15, Sam’s childhood “crush” on Rio is narratively paralleled with Dean’s childhood ????? on Gunner. In fact, Sam’s crush seems positively mild in comparison to Dean’s feelings toward Gunner. It was noted several times that Sam had a poster of her above his bed and Dean teased him about how strongly he’d felt about her as a kid. But as their first meetings played out simultaneously on screen, with Rio commenting on the poster thing while Sam gets a lil blushy over the fact, Dean’s getting all flustered and blushy because he didn’t have a poster of Gunner, he committed a crime once (his first B&E!) in order to be able to watch his childhood crush on television. 

In 11.16, the mother of the victim in the case Sam and Dean are investigating casually mentions that her wife is away on business and is on her way home to care for their hospitalized daughter. Again, Sam and Dean don’t blink at this information. NOTHING changes about how they relate to the victim, the mother, or her wife. It’s not even mentioned again, other than showing a touching scene at the end of the episode when the little girl has been saved and the family is happily reunited while Dean looks on.

11.18 was the culmination of all the research, lost sleep, and frustration Dean’s been feeling since 11.14, but also gave us a very textual answer to the question raised by Mildred’s assertion in 11.11 that Dean was pining for someone. If you’ve been asking yourself, BUT WHO IS DEAN PINING FOR? I HAVEN’T SEEN HIM PINING… but Dean yells out Castiel’s name so often and with such a range of emotions that even LUCIFER picks up on it and mocks him for it.

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11.19 was a queer text in every possible way. Not only did we have the Hunter Husbands, the introduction of their relationship status turned the long-standing joke about the “homoerotic subtext of supernatural” on its head. See this post (and this one) in particular, or just give up like I did and read through the 12 pages of posts in my 11.19 tag. Not only was that entire episode a metaphor for toxic heteronormativity and the monster a metaphor for compulsive heterosexuality, but the metaphor LITERALLY PARALLELED A REAL-LIFE MISINTERPRETATION OF THE PROMO PHOTOS. WHICH IS FASCINATING TO ME ON SO MANY LEVELS.

The promo shots for the episode were released, and MANY meta writers and fans online immediately looked at them and screamed OH MY GOODNESS LOOK AT THE ADORABLE HUNTER HUSBANDS! But then ONE ARTICLE discussed the photos and labeled them “brothers,” for the SOLE REASON that the characters SHARED A LAST NAME ON THE IMDb LISTING FOR THE EPISODE. THAT’S IT.

Fandom reaction to this news, that a “legitimate news source” labeled them “brothers,” was mixed. A lot of people changed their interpretation of the photos to fit that sole opinion, with lots of sighing, eye rolling, and resignation. There was another portion of the fandom laughing because OF COURSE THEY’RE BROTHERS YOU IDIOTS ARE DELUSIONAL AND NOW WE HAVE PROOF BECAUSE HAHAHAHA YOU LOSERS SEE YOUR SHIPS EVERYWHERE HOW GROSS. While others of us just quietly sat on our hands and held our tongues, because dammit we know we’re not wrong IT’S SO OBVIOUS but we’re not gonna say anything yet just hold the line and wait until the episode airs before passing judgment.

And then the episode aired. And of course we were right. They’re husbands.

And that’s just so fucking meta-meta-meta I can hardly stand it. :P


11.21… i think i have tagged several screaming posts with something along the lines of ‘the most destiel destiel to ever destiel.’ Dean and Cas’s profound bond is proven to be stronger than Amara’s noncon bond with Dean. Not to mention Dean and Sam have established a weird, hush-hush code for talking about Cas, and an even weirder “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about Cas while Chuck’s within earshot.

So what’s the takeaway from all of this? Essentially if you’re homophobic, you’re really watching the wrong show.