(i hate you melissa)

Isn't there a reason why Daryl hasn't "settled down" yet?

Beth is dead.

Carol is (now) taken.

Jesus looks at him like he is his whole world.

Daryl stares at Jesus like he finally found his home.

Mean Dance Moms: Part 3
  • Holly: Jill, I'm sorry I made fun of your crappy extensions. It's not your fault they're so crappy. (Falls and is caught)
  • Kelly: Melissa, I don't hate you because you're a brown noser. You're a brown noser because I hate you. (Falls and is caught)
  • Christi: Holly, I'm sorry I laughed at you that time Abby slept with you in your bed. And I'm sorry for telling all the moms about it. And I'm sorry for repeating it now. (Falls and is caught)
  • Kelli (Jaycee Wilkins Mom): I just wish we could all go back to the way things were when our kids were still minis. I wish I could just choreograph an amazing number that would always win first place and showcase all of our kids talents. I wish-
  • Jessalyn: Her daughter doesn't even dance here!
  • Abby: Does your kid even go to this studio?
  • Kelli: No but I run a well respected studio called 'Club Dance' that might very well be one of the top studios in the country.
  • Abby: Go home.
  • Melissa: I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me but I can't help it that my daughter's the best member of the team. (Falls and no one catches her)
  • Abby: Walk it off. Save your tears for the pillow, Melissa.
  • Spencer: I've been here for two days, and I already never want to even see London again. Melissa lost my phone charger, and then my bank account wouldn't let me use my debit card because it assumed fraud.
  • Spencer: I miss you. Even more than I hate Melissa.
Half A Heart || Blake & Melissa

It was deep into the night. The moon, now high in the night sky, flooded the city with its light that was when the sound of his phone ringing disrupted his almost-sleeping-but-not-quite-there state. From the moment he saw the caller ID light up, he knew something was wrong. Terribly wrong. It took him all his strength to answer the call, afraid of what awaited him on the other end. His fears turned out to be true, something had happened to Melissa. Without wasting another second, the tattoed boy slid on his shoes and stormed out the door. The first wave of nausea rose into his throat and he began swallowing and breathing heavily. 

A cold sweat was gathering on his forehead and chest. It was agony. He could feel panic crawling up his throat as if it was clawing its way out. Slipping behind the wheel, he steered the car away from the parking lot and onto the now empty streets as with  trembling fingers he dialed up his best friend’s number. Each word he spoke to Ryan was choked between sobs, and he had to inhale sharply between each word to actually make an understandable sentence.

The drive to the hospital was a complete and utter blur, he didn’t remember stopping at a red light or paused at a stop sign but now there he was yelling at a nurse that at that moment seemed to be the only thing standing between him and the girl that had stolen his heart. The old lady was mere seconds away from calling security when the familiar voice of his sister echoed in his blurry mind, feeling the strong grip of his best friend’s arms pulling him away. “I-I just…I just need to see her. Why won’t they let me see her." He murmured in between sobs, the throb of blood in the thick veins sticking out on his neck as fear and guilt burned in the light brown of his eyes.


I hate to break it to you Abby, Melissa and Jill but MattyB’s video has had almost double Christmas All Year Long’s views (released over 3 months ago) in one week !!
Hope you have realised what an opportunity you’ve missed out on, have fun sabotaging their music careers xoxoxoxo