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Aliens vs 'Red ones go faster' and other bits of very human nonsense

Simon surveyed the ship through the viewport. He’d been brought on by the Karrat’s Hiranthi Spaceport ship construction crew to ‘consult’ on the first ships being sold to the humans. While very good at marketing to all other local species, humans were a new problem all together.

Simon stared at the blank silver hull shining in the spotlights of the construction station. He looked perturbed, frowning at it.

“It’s a little dull… can you make the outside of it red or something? Give it some colour?”

“Which one is ‘red’ again?”

“The colour of that armour plate there, on your shoulder.”

“I see. Why that particularly light-refflecting frequency?”

“It’s… an old Earth saying… ‘red ones go faster’”

“.. Why would the outside colour of a hull affect the speed?”

“It just does, ok?!”

That cycle, Hiranthi Spaceport ship construction outsold all other constructors and had the highest ratings, with many humans commenting on the awesome colour choices and design aesthetics. 


belonging // theo raeken

summary ; in which y/n finds theo sleeping in his truck but he refuses to take her offer of a home. so… what’s the saying? if you can’t beat ‘em, join them in sleeping in their truck as a persuasion technique until they give in and come home with you? eh, something like that. [250817]

author’s note ; in light of 6x12, this happened. it wasn’t requested and i should probably be writing all the requests i have instead but i felt so sad about theo having to sleep in his truck all alone someone help my bby bean :( alsO the gifs aren’t mine, credits to maker ! thanks for reading, loves x

warnings ; homelessness, swearing, making out, implications of smut, real cliche fluff too though :))

word count ; 4.1k (ok damn what)


stay safe + ily🦎

Had it not been for the quiet, defeated, “Fine, I love you too,” that you’d muttered through the speaker of your phone before you hastily pressed your thumb to the ‘end call’ button, Theo would’ve assumed that had managed to put you into another one of those moods.

By those moods, he meant the moods that he could only pull you out of by murmuring hushed apologies and his hands softly cradling your rosy cheeks as he peppered quick kisses all across your impassive, pallid features. Once he noticed your nose scrunch up in the most adorable way and heard a giggle tumble from your lips before you could compose yourself and act stolid and as if you hadn’t shown any emotion or animation, he knew that he’d been forgiven.

But then again, you might’ve been angry with him this time. He never knew with you; you weren’t predictable in any sense of the word. It was one of the many things he loved about you.

The singular, tantalising beep indicating that you were done talking to him provoked a sigh to escape as he brought the phone away from his ear and peered at the bright, illuminating screen to conclude that he was no longer on a call with you. He pressed the lock button located on the side of his phone and tossed the expensive object to another seat with an amused roll of his eyes, settling back into the cool leather of the seats situated in the back of his truck just after - getting as comfortable as he could (which was not very comfortable at all) in preparation for the long night ahead.

As he thought more about the events that had occurred earlier that day, a condemning, guilty frown found its way onto his lips. Conscience-stricken emotions whisking haphazardly in the pit of his stomach as he remembered the look of dispiritedness, dejection and sadness written on your features once you discovered that Theo no longer had a home, and was spending the cold winter’s nights alone in the back of his truck.

He remembered the slight trembling of your bottom lip as your glassy eyes darted left and right over his living space, confined in the cramped backseat. He remembered the crack in your voice and the heartache and empathy painting over and shadowing your usual contented, joyful, happy demeanour as you asked him, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

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anonymous asked:

Um... I know you said NSFW requests but I dont really have any on my mind ehehe... BUT! Do you think you could do the RFA and an MC who loves housecleaning and house-work? If not thats okay I just thought it would be nice >w<

This is so friggin cute! Thanks for sending this one in, I had so much fun writing it. Honestly, I love washing dishes (mindless work so I can think over plot lines) and vacuuming carpet flooring. Something about a spotless, clear carpet and those light/dark patterns that the vacuum makes going back and forth…mostly its just an illusion of productivity lol wow I’m such a weirdo ok lets move on

Pupper Yoosung:

  • If he’s not raging at LOLOL, then he’s busy dealing everything university has to throw at him or at least he should be
  • As a uni student, the poor boy has little to no time to keep his dorm room clean I relate so hard pls help so isn’t he damn lucky to have you
  • Poor baby didn’t even realize how much of a mess he made until he looked away from the computer screen and saw how different it all looked wait is that the actual colour of the kitchen counter??
  • He’ll protest when he sees you picking up after him or cooking him dinner
  • “MC, no you can’t clean my mess I’m a big boy
  • But low-key he loves being pampered. It just makes him feel all warm inside that you love him enough to want to take care of him

Baehee Jaehee:

  • She’s a pretty clean woman to begin with - a clean environment makes for a productive mind and all that - which is surprising given how busy she always is
  • Poor baby doesn’t even have time to eat decent meals or catch her breath I’m lookin’ at you mista trustfund kid
  • So can you imagine the utter relief on her face when she finally drags her ass home from work late at night only to find a hot homemade meal prepared just for her!?
  • She feels kind of bad that you’re alway fussing over her health and making sure she doesn’t need to worry about housework after spending obscene hours at work
  • Ofc you reassure her that you actually like cooking and keeping your shared apartment clean - it makes you feel useful and honestly a clean living space just makes you feel 10x less stressed
  • And it hasn’t escaped your notice how OCDish Jaehee is about cleanliness and the kind
  • The cute coffee bean that she is she’s always giving you handy lil tips just like that whole duct tape and cat hair thing - tbh it probably comes in handy when you shed a ton of hair around the house

Lovely Zen:

  • Ok this idiot - the workaholic with only beer and water in his fridge - probs isn’t a clean guy lets be honest
  • Dating you doesn’t change his crazy work schedule (and multiple workouts per day -_-) so he makes it home barely in time for dinner, if at all
  • At first, he isn’t used to eating such wholesome meals but after a stern glare on your part and a “aww, Jagi, you’re so cute when you’re trying to act all tough” from him (that got him a night on the couch for sure) he quietly adheres to your domestic side
  • His fav part is coming home early sometimes and just leaning against the doorway to watch as you vacuum the living room, your iPod blasting, and singing at the top of your lungs
  • Honestly, these little wifey quirks of yours turn him the hell on u n l e a s h  t h e b e a s t
  • Since he ran away from home, its been entirely too long since he’s really been a part of the family home lifestyle and so he really cherishes this side of you that allows him to have that in his life again

Daddy Jumin:

  • Wanting to cook him homemade meals instead of the chef? He can understand that. In fact, he loves it. Loves coming home to the smell of something you’ve made with your own hands, just for him. It’s just another piece of you that ties you to him as his wife possessive fucker
  • Getting down and dirty on the roof top garden to grow your fav flowers and herbs? He can deal with that. What Mrs. Jumin Han wants, Mrs. Jumin Han gets, yeah?
  • But then he came home to surprise you for lunch and found you washing the dishes….um what?
  • this poor little confused cinnamon roll
  • “But MC, what about the maid? You don’t need to be doing this. You’ll damage your soft skin and….”
  • You tried to explain to him how therapeutic it was for you to clean the penthouse. Things like washing dishes allowed you to just let your mind wander and it made you feel productive. Besides, being cooped up in the penthouse was boring AF. I mean, there’s only so much time you can spend being pampered and laying around on every piece of furniture before you start going bonkers
  • He was annoyed that you would do this when he was at work so he wouldn’t know about it and really wanted to put his foot down on this no wife of Jumin Han would be getting her hands dirty with manual labour but you wouldn’t hear of it. You sort of came to a compromise where you could clean the kitchen after using it, but the maid would most def be cleaning the rest of the penthouse. 

GOD Seven:

  • Oh lord this hot mess lives in an even bigger mess
  • Like it gives you actual anxiety seeing the state of the bunker Vanderwood relates so hard omfg
  • So while your precious little tomato head is working obsessively, you’re tackling the Loch Ness monster that is the dirty laundry and chip bags amassing on the dirty floor.
  • His jaw actually hit the ground when he finally crawled out of his office that he’d been holed in for hours on end
  • “MC, when did we get a new carpet in the bedroom?”
  • h o l y f u c k b o i
  • “no, Saeyoung, that’s the actual colour of your floor”
  • That was actually your first task when you came to the bunker and you kept it up ever since, all the while slowly training your husband to stop being such a piece of shit Vanderwood’s words not urs
  • Like Saeyoung felt guilty enough to make a conscious effort to clean up after himself. He felt like enough of a failure already and hating himself for making his wife clean up after his stupid ass was wholly unnecessary
  • But he also loved that he had someone by his side who loved him and stuck by him despite all his messy habits cut the bby some slack he deserves to be shown all the love in the universe so he took all your scoldings quietly and just gazed at you with hearts in his eyes, still having a hard time believing you were real

- admin Shay

Stage Drama- "We need to get him out of here"

You knew Shawn hadn’t been feeling well. He just wasn’t himself today. The little things showed. The way he was closing his eyes more often. The way rubbed his temples when he thought no one was watching.

You asked him repeatedly if he was ok and he always insisted he was just fine. So you let it slide. He probably just needed to sleep off the jet lag or something like that.

You were hanging out with Shawn and his band back stage. Charlie was opening right now which means Shawn will go on soon.

“Shawn could I talk with you?” You asked. His head snapped in your way the minute you said something. A sign of confusion crossed his face. He got up and walked by your side away from the group.

“What’s up babe?” He questioned lacing his fingers with yours as he bit his bottom lip. You smiled at his nervous habit. You found it kinda cute that asking to talk to him in private made him nervous.

“Listen I know your not feeling well. And don’t try to deny it. And I know you are still gonna ignore your body and go perform. Just do me a favor, if you really aren’t feeling well, just say something. Don’t be so damn stubborn for once. Please? For me?” You begged swiping some hair up out of his face.

“Babe, I’m fine. Stop worrying,” he said trying to drop the conversation.

“Shawn, I’m your girlfriend, it’s my job to worry,” you respond. There wasn’t any attitude in your statement, just truth.

“I know baby. I love you for that,” he said placing a soft kiss on your forehead.

A little over an hour and a half later Shawn was out there rocking the stage. You were standing off to the side as usual. Just out of site of the fans, but the perfect view of Shawn.

Right now he was about half way through bad reputation when something seemed off. He was falling behind the beat. His eyes started to shut and barley open back up. It didn’t occur to you that something was seriously wrong until it was to late.

His eye closed and he slowly started to fall back. You didn’t think twice before running out. Adrenaline and worry rushed through your body. A cringe formed across your face when you watched the back of his head smack the ground. In less then a second you and about 5 other people were next to him immediately. The screams from the crowd were overwhelming. You knew they were all just worried but it didn’t help the situation at all.

“We need to get him out of here,” you hear Geoff yell across to the team who was out there. One of Shawn’s guards picked him up. We all walked off stage except for Andrew who stayed behind to talk with the crowd.

“We will update you as soon as there is an update,” Andrew said into the mic then walked off with everyone else. They had already brought Shawn into his room where they had laid him down on the couch in there. Everyone was pacing around making calls getting different thing for him once he woke up, while you were just sitting next to him on the floor.

About 30 seconds he started moan hinting he was becoming concussion again. Everyone heard it, but kept their distance knowing he was gonna need some time. You grabbed his hand lacing your fingers with his.

“What happened,” he rasped his eyes still closed with a look of pain on his face.

“You were in the middle of a song when you passed out,” you whispered not wanting to over power him.

“Where am I?” He questioned again.

“Your in your room on the couch,” you answered him. You looked over your shoulder. Geoff was standing there offering a water bottle. You leaned over letting go off Shawn’s hand.

“Please don’t leave me,” he whimpered.

“I’m not going anywhere baby. Just give me a sec,” you said grabbing the water bottle. You uncapped it the put it in Shawn’s hand.

“Here’s some water babe. Drink up,” you commanded lightly. It’s pretty clear now that shawn won’t be going back on. Usually by now if something like this were to happen he would already want to be back on the stage. You can tell by the look of the teams faces they can see this as well. They all step outside probably to try and figure what to do.

“Do you want anything hun?” You asked leaving a kiss on his cheek.

“I want to go back to the bus. I’m sleepy,” Shawn mumbled into the couch. It then hit you that Shawn probably had a concussion. You panicked a little inside when you thought of the consequences. He can’t sleep for more than 2 hours the first night. He probably would have to move the shows this coming up week. He would be super disappointed, you could already tell. He always was when he missed something important like a show. But with the lights and the screaming and the band, that would make it so much worse.

“Ok babe,” you stood up putting your hands out in front of you to help him up, knowing he was probably pretty weak. He sat up slowly taking his time. He put his hands in Yours and slowly began to get up. Once he was up you wrapped a arm around his waist giving him some support. He put his arms around you leaning in trying to get some support. You would never tell him this but you were struggling to keep your balance. He was tall and had lots of muscles. You were short and not very strong. You could hold your own, but you were struggling with Shawn.

As you began to walk through the halls of the arena there’s less weight on you. Shawn was still sweaty from the show. You didn’t mind getting his sweat on you. You’d do anything to help him feel better right now.

“We’re almost there,” you whispered up at him turning a corner. Management knew better than to ask Shawn for anything tonight. He was so out of it. You felt like it was a whole new Shawn. About a minute later you guys were entering the bus.

“Can I take a shower in the morning? I don’t think I can make it through one right now,” he mumbled now leaning on the table relieving the pressure from you.

“Of course babe, let’s go get you ready for bed,” you whispered not wanting to scare him. He trailed behind you as you walked to the back of the bus. That’s where you and Shawn stayed. It was a queen bed with a closet to the side of it.

Shawn just sat down on the bed not having enough energy for anything else. You helped undress him then went and got your self ready for bed. When you finished up you helped Shawn get under the covers. You pulled them up to his chin leaving kisses all over his face.

You got in behind him being the big spoon tonight. Although he would never say he loved being the little spoon as much as he loved being the big spoon. Whenever he had a hard day or wasn’t feeling well all he wanted at the end of the day was to have back pressed up against your chest with one of your arms around him and the other in his hair.

“I love you baby,” you whispered in your ear. All you got in return were soft snores. You sighed in content knowing he loved you too.

Possibly a part 2. Let me know if you want one

Making it Right (Bucky x Steve x Reader)

A mission gone wrong has left you bedridden in the hospital. Feeling guilty and responsible about what happened to you, Bucky and Steve decide to keep you company.

(A fluffy and light-hearted story)


A/N: This was written for my sister, who was actually in the hospital for a quick surgery (everything went well!), hence the inspo for the plot haha and since a lot of people enjoy Bucky and Steve as much as she does, I thought I’d share the story here as well!

The gif acts as a bit of a ‘prequel’ to the story. It’s surprisingly hard to find relevant gifs for fanfics sometimes, so you have to get creative with what shows up haha


“How are you feeling?” Steve asked.

“I’ll live,” you replied.

You lay in a hospital bed, IV connected to your arm, and a little groggy from all the medication. It hurt to move thanks to your fractured ribs, but you sat up slowly anyways.

Steve, who was sitting next to you, stood to help but you shook your head.

“It’s fine,” you said, with a small smile. “I can manage.“

“Are you sure? You look awful,” Bucky commented. He was standing by window. Steve shot him a horrified look, but Bucky kept his eyes trained on you. Despite the lack of tact, you knew he’d meant well.

“Honestly, you guys sound like frantic old ladies,” you said. “I’m tougher than I look.”

“You almost got yourself killed Y/N,” Steve interjected. More softly, he added: “I’m just sorry I couldn’t do a better job of protecting you.”

“Me too,” Bucky said, taking a seat by the sofa. “I shouldn’t have let my guard down. If only I’d been paying more attention, that last rat wouldn’t have slipped under my radar and gotten to you-”

“Bucky,” you said with a frown, “there was nothing you could’ve done. That mercenary jumped down from the ceiling, landed on top of me and knocked me out. There was no way we could’ve prepared ourselves for that. Hell, I don’t even think that guy necessarily intended for me to break his fall. He had a bad aim.” Perhaps the grogginess from the drugs had made you slightly delirious, but you couldn’t help but snigger.

Steve clenched his jaws. “Y/N, this is serious. Had he landed any differently he might’ve killed you.”

“I should’ve shot him before he hit the ground,” Bucky grumbled.

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Mother-Daughter Slaves

I want to thank Lilly known as lilly-slut for this story.


I had in Craigslist advertising for a model. After a few weeks, I got a response from Lilly. She was 18 years, had long dark hair and and a great body, nice curves. We arranged to meet at a hotel in Charlottesville VA. It was a Tuesday at 6pm. We were to meet at the hotel bar. Turns out she brought her mother. At first my heart sank. Obviously her mother was there to make sure everything was on the up and up. She introduced herself as Megan. She also had a nice body, nice curves with past the shoulder blonde hair.

We went upstairs to the hotel room and I started taking pictures. Lilly was dressed in a floral print micro mini sundress with strappy black open toed stiletto heels. Megan was dressed in a red tank mini dress also with black strappy open toed stiletto heels. I began taking pictures for about 20 minutes. We then decided to take a break. Then Megan asked me:

“Are you by any chance interested in older women?”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 39”

Then it occurred to me, I could sell both of them as a mother/daughter combo. As much as I’m sure Lilly herself would’ve gotten me a lot of money, both of them would probably gain me double.

I began taking pictures of Megan for about 20 minutes. Then got both of them for another 20 minutes building up a nice portfolio. Little did they know that these were profile photos for our webpage for potential slave buyers. When we were done, I offered them a drink.

“Yeah if you got something strong” replied Megan.

“How about a screwdriver?”


“How about you Lilly?”

“I’ll try a screwdriver as well”


I made them both a drink. Then the 3 of us started making small talk and I mentioned how money these photos would make. After about 20 minutes, Lilly started feeling a bit light headed.

“Ooh my head, starting to feel dizzy. Gotta get outside”

“You ok sweetie?. You probably shouldn’t have had that drink” replied Megan.

“Gotta get outside. Oh. Oh” then Lilly collapsed unconscious"

“Lilly you ok?” As Megan gave her a slap in the face. Then all of a sudden, the drink began taking affect on Megan.

“Oh my god, what is in this drink you gave us?” as Megan collapse to the floor as well.

“Gotta get outside as” as Megan started crawling towards the door.

“Let’s just say I gave you both a sedative to relax you both. We’re gonna take a little ride.”

Finally Megan passed out. I got my cell phone to contact my partners Bruce and Rick.

“Got em”

“Got them? Thought it was just one person” replied Bruce.

“No. This girl’s mother came. Guess she wanted to make sure everything was kosher hah hah.”

“So you’re saying we have a mother-daughter?”

“Yes sir. Help me with them.”

I got out a bag. It included rock and proceeded to tie both women hands behind their backs then their ankles together. Then I looked under their dresses. Found neither was wearing a bra. Lilly wasn’t wearing panties and Megan was in black thong panties. Really made my dick hard. Then I took more rope to attach their ankles and wrists putting them in a hogtie. I placed ball gags in both their mouths and placed hoods over both their heads and then proceeded to place them both in garment bags.

Bruce and Rick arrived and we placed both bags in the van. 2 more to a notch in our belts. We then proceeded to drive back to our slave training facility in rural Virginia. After about 45 minutes we arrived. By then the two women were starting wake up. We took Megan, then Lilly on what seemed like a perp walk 3 floors underground. By then it was about 845pm. We removed the hoods and gags and gave them water. In a dog bowl. We put collar and leashes on both and they were forced to drink from the bowls with their mouths. Then we stripped the slaves down except their heels and placed them on arch back devices. It had their restrained by their wrists, arms, neck and ankles. We put the gag and hood back on. We placed earbuds on both slaves ears and they had to listen to what we call a disorientation tape that details their new situation. And attached to both slaves were alligator clamps to their nipples, a butt plug up both asses and a wired metal dildo in their pussies. A vibe was attached to both clits that was on timer to go on and off every 4 minutes. This would assure they were edged all night. Also the water we gave them was laced with a stimulant that increased their sexual urges. This part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation. This was the beginning of their transformation from independent women to obedient slaves.

Too be continued

Roommates Pt 1

Short series, so there will be another chapter coming up. slightly mature. A lot of drama. Justin moves in with Y/N, it causes complications.

“Yeah, its no problem!”

“Thank you Y/N, i’m sorry for asking last minute, it’s just cause you’re living close by and i really didn’t know who to ask and you were the first person that came to min-

“It’s fine Jaz” I say again.

“Ok. I love you. I promise we’ll catch up later.”

“Yeah bye Jaz.”

I hang up the phone. I let out a well deserved sigh. When your best friend of nearly 10 years calls, whines and cries like a little 5 year old, asking desperately for a favour, you just can’t say no. Jazmyn’s younger brother suddenly needs a place to stay for a while because he ‘accidentally’ got kicked out by his roommates. I mean there had to be a good reason for you to get kicked out. I just hope he isn’t a handful to look after. I hope he isn’t that messy roommate who doesn’t pay rent, eats all the food and comes home at 3 in the morning. I really liked having a small home to myself and wasn’t really looking for a roommate just yet. But I guess I can’t really do anything now. I guess Justin could stay here for a while, just until he could get back on his feet. 

I’ve known Justin for 10 years as well. Justin, Jazmyn and I use to run around their house and play together when we were young, like I was the third sibling. But I haven’t seen him since he was 15. I really no idea if he had changed or not. I just hope that he hasn’t like they say he has. Apparently he was a massive playboy, an arrogant immature ‘jerk’. 

“Knock, knock.” 

A sudden knock at the door appears. I didn’t really expect a friend today, so I’m guessing it was Justin’s arrival. I quickly walk up to open the door. Wow he really did change. He was tall, muscular and his hair was a dirty blonde. He wasn’t the little floppy haired boy i remembered. 

“Hey Y/N” he says cheerfully. 

He had a backpack on and a duffle bag along with him and not to mention a huge smile on his face. 

“Wow, you look really different Y/N” He smiles cheekily at me. 

“I could say the same about you.” 

I giggly jump at him, wrapping my arms around his structured frame, with his left arm still holding onto his luggage. He really did grow up nicely. Well what did i expect, he’s 20 years old now, we all change overtime but this boy definitely changed a lot in the 5 year span. 

“Uhh, Y/N” he slightly coughs out. 

I didn’t realise how tight I was hugging him. I quickly jump back, ripping my body away from his. He still had his white sneakers on, his backpack on and heavy luggage in his hand. 

“Oh sorry. I’ll show you your room. Follow me.” 

I lead us to the spare room which is next to mine. 


I dramatically wave my arms towards pretty empty room. I mean it had a bed, closet, side table and a clear desk for him. Jazmyn had left this room last year and i haven’t had anyone stay here since so it was pretty new beside a few decorations she left behind. 

“I hope this is ok” I clutch my hands together tightly, nervous that he wouldn’t like it or something. 

“Uhh make yourself at home. you can change it if you want to. I don’t mind. It’s just that Jazmyn left all her fake cactus plants here because she didn’t want the vase to crack while moving the-“ 

“Y/N” he speaks, knocking me out of my rambling mess. 

I look up to meet his brown pupils. He looks back at me. I didn’t even realise how light his eyes were. He had such nice eyes. The colour was a perfect honey brown. His skin was even nicer. It was a perfect light tan, it was so smooth, not a blemish in sight. 

“Uhh…Y/N. I’ll just settle in now.” 

I snap of my eye candying.

I quickly look down to hide the warmth quickly approaching my face. Gosh what was I thinking. I quickly turn around and walk out the door a bit faster than normal. I smack myself mentally. He had been here for 5 minutes and you’ve already made him feel uncomfortable. Get yourself together! I march pass his room and to my room. Frankly still mad at my past actions. This was not how you greet your guests! I needed to find my wallet and phone. I had to meet my boyfriend at 12pm and only had 5 minutes left. I quickly rip off my pj’s and change. I kneel down to my bedside table, grabbing my belongings. 

“Justin! I’m going out for a while.” 

I call out his name in a hurry, slipping on my white converse shoes. I jump up and peck my head at his door, wondering if he had heard me. He was slumped on his bed, clicking on his phone. He peers up at me. 


“Ok, see ya, don’t hesitate to call me. I have to meet someone in 5 minutes or –else we could definitely hang out.” 

I quickly smile before rushing out the door.                                                                          

“Sorry.” I quickly apologize before slipping into the opposite seat from my boyfriend. 

“Seriously, Y/N. Why are you always late.” 

He narrows his eyes at me, disappointment written all over his face. 


“Stop saying sorry, you were like freaking 1 hour late. what the fuck were you even doing.” 

“Uh, I had to-“ 

“Whatever Y/N.” 

He waves his hand in front my my face, almost like shooing a fly away and rolls his eyes. He grips his drink and sips his coffee, ignoring me completely. 

“I said I’m sorry, ok?” 

I hated when Andrew was like this. He always would hold grudges over the smallest things. 

“Whatever. Ok Y/N. Just order something and we’ll go home.” He says emotionless, eyes not leaving his phone screen. 

Not being able to stand him anymore, I stand up and pace myself out of the shop. We were suppose to finally have a date, after weeks, he finally agreed to go out with me on a ‘date’ to ‘enjoy’ each other’s company for what felt like freaking 10 years. We had been together over 1 year now. Andrew was not like his the first months of dating but now he acts so harshly towards me, almost treating me like a stupid damn dog, even a dog would get better treatment. 

“C'mon! stop being a dramatic bitch and come here Y/N!” 

I spin my body around, fire igniting all over. We were standing outside a coffee shop and were going to have an argument again. This situation was so familiar. I did not want to put up with this again. I scoff at him and think about stupid we looked as a couple. I stomp into my car and drive back home, desperately needing to shut myself in my room, blast my music so loud until the neighbours make a complaint. 

I march into my house, slamming the door before slipping off my sneakers and walk to get a cold drink of juice. I grab the whole carton and take a big gulp. The cold beverage felt so relaxing. 

“Ughh” I sigh out loud appreciation. 

I see why this juice was slightly pricier than the others. It’s promised ‘refreshing’ taste was definitely refreshing. I spot Justin walking out of his room. 


“Hey Y/N. Did you just get back?” 

He walks towards the couch, plopping himself down. I take a seat on the kitchen stool. 

“Well, have you settled in fine?” 

“Yeah, I know where everything is. I didn’t know i get my own bathroom.”

 “Yeah, you do. It’s more convenient that it’s linked to your room right?” 

He stands up and re seats himself across the marbled counter top. He plops his hands under his face. His face was only a centimeter away from mine, his breathing warm, flattering against mine. 

“You look nice today.” He says casually. 

I wore a long sleeve crop and a cute skirt, nothing really special. 

“Were you on a date or..?” He speaks again. 

Wow his face was too close for my liking. I nervously inch away from him, a little scared i make a stupid mistake, especially when i was in this state. 

“Not really.” I say, ignoring the fact i was lying, I did not call that a ‘date’. 

The door flies open, revealing a Angry Andrew. 

“What is going on Y/N.” 

He quickly eyes between you two, eyes still blazing with fire from the earlier argument. He storms in and yells at you, totally ignoring the fact their was a guest in the room. 

“He’s my roommate. Jazmyn’s brother.” 

“When the fuck did you get a roommate?!” He raises his voice, angry at the fact you didn’t tell him. 

Well I’ve been trying to tell you, idiot. 

“Why didn’t you tell me! When did Jazmyn get a brother? Why didn’t you discuss this with me first?!” He continues to fire ridiculous questions at me. 

“I’ll just go..” Justin finally speaks, his voice reminding me he was still here. 

“ok, sorry for-“ I try to apologize for Andrew’s unwelcoming outburst. 

“Y/N. Come here. Now.” 

Andrew deathly eyes out his instruction, voice loud and serious, ignoring the fact I was trying to apologise to Justin, ignoring the fact we were not alone. He made me look so weak and pathetic. I hated this feeling. I felt like crawling under a rock at this point. Andrew was always demanding, angry and controlling. But he did not need to do this in front of Justin. 

“Fucking come here!” He yells even louder, his voice rising a hundred times more. I quickly stand up and walk towards him. He yanks my arm harshly, pulling me towards him. 

“Can we do this outside.” 


I drag him into my room, away from Justin. I shut the door before spinning on my heels. I didn’t know how to start this conversation suddenly, not really having any energy to keep up with him. 


“He’s Jazmyn’s brother, he’s in college. He just moved in this afternoon.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Y/N you know I want to know what’s going on in your life!” 

He clutches my hands, bringing them together. I sigh softly, completely drained from fighting. 

“Don’t worry ok? I love you. Only you.” 

I wrap my arms around his waist, wanting to wrap this conversation up. 

“Sorry Y/N” He says as he wraps his arms around my neck. 

I mentally sigh. I prayed this wouldn’t happen again, even though i knew it would definitely happen again.

I finally reach home after a long day at work. Gosh my ankles hurt. I couldn’t wait till I take a warm shower and freaking sleep! I needed sleep! I open the door, slinging my bag onto the couch. I groan at the comfy couch beneath me. Maybe I shouldn’t have a shower and should just fall asleep now. 

Justin suddenly walks out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He casually walks into the kitchen, completely unaware of Y/N coming home. 

I hear sudden footsteps. I see Justin freaking half naked, his bare structured torso glistening. He was too much. This was too much. Before I could escape, he spots me. 

“Oh hey Y/N.” 

I smile briefly at him. 

Keep your eyes up. Keep your eyes up. Be normal. I mean I’ve seen many guys half naked, i didn’t know why this was any different. 

“I just came back from the gym and decide to take a shower.” 

He lightly chuckles, reaching up to run his fingers through his damp hair. That was the last straw. I couldn’t take it anymore. I stand up completely. 

“Uhhh- I’ll just take a quick shower too.” 

I keep my head down, unable to look anywhere but the ground. I didn’t trust myself. I quickly pace myself to the shower.

“Can we catch a movie today?” 

“Y/N I’m busy today, how about tomorrow?” 

“You always say that.” 

“C’mon babe dont be like that. You know i’m busy at work. I promise tomorrow ok?” 


I hang up before mumbling a bye. I put on a random movie. After a while i was starting to get bored and cold. 

“Justin!” I yell for him from the living room. 

After a moment he stumbles out of his room, looking groggy. He wore a black hoodie and grey shorts. Wow he looked like a model even though he just woke up. Why did he even stay in school, he should’ve just went out and became a model. This kid. 

“Mhmm, what is it?” 

His voice rough and deep, making my insides jump a little. On the other hand he looked as if we wanted to drop dead, his eyes were barely open, his hair ruffled and messy. 

“Can you keep me company?” 

I really missed Andrew and he was never around. I haven’t seen him in nearly a week! I mean Justin and I did get closer the past week, even though i always went work and he was always at college or out with friends. I just secretly hoped I wasn’t pushing the boundaries right now or made him feel uncomfortable. Was I asking for too much? 


His facial expression were hard to make out, not really knowing what he was thinking. Did i seem desperate? 

He shuffles onto the couch and lays his head on my lap, completely closing his eyes instantly. I smile, grateful that he was willing to keep me company even though under all the circumstances. It was 1am and it was so cold. I slowly drift off to sleep, my mind flying away.

“What is happening here?!” 

Andrew’s loud voice knocks me out of my dream, his voice was loud it’ll probably knock a dead person alive from it’s grave. I get up from Justin and I’s position. First thing I do was obviously explain that it was not what it looked like. 

“Andrew, we were ju-” 


I hard fucking slap to my left cheek, so hard it made me stumble back a few steps. 

Tears instantly spill from my eyes. I tightly clutch onto the heated slap. It burned so bad. It not only burned but the embarrassment that came with it. I sparely glance my eyes at Justin. He looked just as surprised as I was. He was now definitely completely awake and aware of what just happened. I rush out of the door, grabbing my keys and running to my car. I’m over this. 

“Come back here!” I hear Andrew’s voice. I ignore it. I keep walking. I walk a little faster, not sparing a second to look back. 

“Y/N” Andrew grips my wrists and spins me around at once. 

“Look at me Y/N. How could you do this? Fucking explain cause i really want to know. W-was it him? Did he seduce you?” 

“Its over Andrew.” 


I don’t reply for a moment. I had no breath left. He repeats his question again, still not believing his ears. 

“You heard me.” 

He scoffs loudly at me. I turn away, out of his grip and continue to walk to my car. 

“You fucking bitch. I can’t believe you’ll cheat on me like this. Now you’re walk away from me?! Seriously? All because that stupid kid appeared in your house two weeks ago.” 

I ignore him, especially his last comment.

“Cheers to being single!” 

You raise your what felt like 100th shot in the air, clinking glasses with a few of your workmates. You gurgle the stinging liquid down your throat. Gosh this felt relaxing. You felt out of this world. You felt the sadness fade away completely.

“Another one!” 

After a couple more hours, everyone insisted we finish up. You hazily stumble your way to the car. After a hell of a car ride you walk to the door. You were so glad you didn’t get hit and extra glad you didn’t hit anyone. You pound repeatedly onto the door, being too lazy to find the key and open it yourself. 


You let my body clash against his, allowing your whole body weight to be supported by his. 

“Woah woah, slow down Y/N. Are you drunk?” 

He holds me up, examining you with a worried expression. You wore a tight black dress, done your hair and makeup, surely you looked nice. You confidently make a move. 

“Let’s have some fun today.” 

As seductively as you could, you touch down his chest through his white tee. You bite my lip in anticipation as you feel his muscles through the thin fabric. He really did get hot in the past five years. You glance down eagerly, wanting to see what was under these clothes already. You could hear his breathing getting heavy, which was a good sign to carry on. You slip your hands under his shirt, feeling his warm smooth skin. You could hear his breath hitch. You push him against the wall before dropping to your knees. He stands still, his breath unsteady and shaky. 


You palm him through his sweatpants. 


You peer your eyes up at him. 

“Please just stop this.” 

He grabs your wrists away from his hardening crotch. He was getting harder by the second, even by look at the sight of you being on your knees in front of him. He glances down at you, your eyes seductive as ever, hair blown out as ever and dress sexier than ever. Fuck, this was harder than he thought. 

“Does Justin not like me?” 

You pout your lips out. Justin scoffs mentally, you did not know how much he wanted you. 

“Just stop.” 

Justin almost begs you stop torturing him. You were drunk. He didn’t want you to make a mistake. He forcefully walks away with all the self control he had left and stomps to his room to take care of his now current problem.

You wake up to a pounding headache. Wow what even happened last night? Not a blink of what happened yesterday travels back. You slump out of bed. You glance down to notice you were still in yesterday’s dress. 

You sigh in disappointment. You remembered you went out to drink with your workmates, no wonder you had a nasty hangover. You wriggle out of your dress and take a fresh shower to clean off your dead body. 

Almost zombie like, you slump your way to the kitchen. You spot justin eating his colourful fruit loops. Justin takes another bite despite aware of your presence. He tries to ignore you. 

“Justin, morning.” 

You hazily greet him. 

Justin recognizes the fact you were so normal, your voice steady like usual. You didn’t remember yesterday. But Justin on the other hand remembered it all too clearly. 

“Y/N, do you remember yesterday?”

taako and mango go to merles room to ask him something, before they get there they see dav leaving merles room shirtless, aight yeah thats about normal everyone knows theyre husbands. sees john leaving also half naked. ok weirder but i guess it makes sense theyre dating. then fucking PAN comes out having to duck so his horns dont hit the doorway and then he disappears in a flash of holy light down the hall. merle what the fuck is going ON with your love life

Songfic: A thousand years

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks. Really sorry.

Prompt:  For the songfics could you do 104 A Thousand Years by Christina Perri? Oh my gosh, that’s honestly one of my favorite songs, I’m so glad it was on the list. And for the fic could you make it fluffy please? Thank you! ☺️

Warinings: pregnancy, fluff, idiot Chris haha!


I exhale while I looked at him. He was so damn handsome. Even with that worry look in his face. Those sweet blue sky eyes… and the frown above them.

“So… what is it, babe?” Chris held my hands and kissed my knuckles.

“Chris, I… we…” I changed the direction of my life-changing speech “have only dated for a few months, we’ve had wonderful times together, I love you” I smiled, knowing that tears were close, really close to make their spectacular entrance.

“I love you too.” That’s the only thing he said “I think you knew that and I know that you love me, but I sense that there’s something else” I nodded and looked in my bag. I handed him a sonogram.

“I’m pregnant. I know that this wasn’t planned. I just found out and I’m terrified. Chris, please say something”. And out of the blues, I felt like… shit. He dropped my hand and ran his fingers through her barely-growing hair.

“Chris?” I insisted. He didn’t respond. I sighed. “Alright, then. I can’t imagine what you’re thinking, but when your girlfriend tells you she’s pregnant, you have to say something.” I stood up and made my way out of his place.


Chris didn’t stop me when I left. That made me so angry and sad. And angry again. It was a rollercoaster. I imagined that the news would turned out different. I hope it’d end differently. Now, he had been calling like crazy, but I wasn’t ready to face another rejection. Not for me, not to our baby.

I had told him that I was scared to death and he just stood there.

I felt so stupid for picturing the moment I told him in a totally different context. Him picking me up, making me spinning around. And I didn’t get a fucking word. I sighed looking at the photo on my desk. It was from our very first date. We had met on set. As a writer I got the chance to talk with the actors when they had questions about the script. And he had a lot of questions. Like, “would you like to go on a date with me?” and I said couldn’t even speak. I nodded.

Our date night was a mess. I was so late with the delivery of work that I forgot to call him to cancel. When I actually called him, he was outside of my house. I apologized over and over again. He just laughed and asked me to wait there. He picked me up in the office, took me to set. He had arranged everything. Someone was waiting for me with wardrobe and makeup. When I was ready. He had projected a night landscape on screen, the lights were almost off, making the atmosphere romantic and… special. Somehow, I knew that anything was going to be the same ever again. I had met the man of my life.

“Ok, tell something you’re embarrassed of?” he asked while he served another glass of wine.

“Are you for real? This is the first date I should impress you, not telling my weakness” I laughed and he looked at me, those penetrating and curious blue eyes were wondering in my being. It made me nervous. “What? Do I have something on my teeth?” I ran my tongue around my teeth and he just sighed. He didn’t lose his smile. Fuck. What was with him?


“Then?” I inquired.

“For the record I was already impressed before this date took place. Looking at you running on set, answering my questions patiently, I was impressed by you agreeing on this date. I just… I’m impressed by you. And I just pictured that I’ll find that out your embarrassing moments later, maybe in weeks, months or years. We’re going to know each other for a long time, y/n. I can’t wait to know you. Because to be honest, I want to.” I didn’t know what to say. To be honest, that was a speech. A breathtaking, beautiful and chilling speech. I bit my lips.

“I can’t dance” I murmured. He smiled “That’s something you should know. I… want to dance, but I just can’t.” he grabbed my hand and kissed my knuckles. And that was how all began.

It’s corny and that’s what most girls would probably say after the first date with Capitan America. But I didn’t meet that facet of him. I met the pet lover and the sweet, funny Boston guy… where was him when I told him that there was a little person made by US growing inside me?

I guess that’s why my hopes were up. And amazing beginning, an unrealistic almost a fairytale story. But was it close to finish?

“Y/n? Do you have a moment?” my boss asked I nodded and he told me to go to the set. I put my ID and went down. The lights dimmed as I walked in. there was the same night landscape Chris and I saw in our first date. I looked behind and the doors was closed.

The spotlight made a way I started to follow. Flowers and candles everywhere. There was a shadow. I felt my heart racing I knew who it belonged to. Instinctively, my hand traveled to my not showing belly.

“What’s this?” I asked. He leaned and grabbed my hands, approaching me to his athletic body. He was using dark jeans and a dark gray sweater. I arched my eyebrow.

“I’m getting one step closer” I took my distance and put my arms around me.

“Chris… I don’t understand” I murmured. I saw the corners of his mouth getting up.

“Would you like to dance with me?” I look somewhere else as an ironic comeback. He knew that my abilities for dancing were closer to the floor than actually moving my feet. He didn’t let me answer, he grabbed me and started to smoothly dance. He, unlike me, knew how. His strong body guided my clumsy body.

“There’s no music” I tried to take a step back but he didn’t allow me to. It started a sweet melody by piano and violin. But it wasn’t from a record. I looked around and there was a band. “Chris?”

“A few years ago, I was the sexiest man alive. You know? Right now I’m only the stupidest man alive. I let the love of my life walk away from me with our baby.”

“Wait, what?” I inquired, this time, I took my distance. He was standing in front of me, he looked different. What did I miss?

“I love you. I loved you since the very first time I saw you running here, literally. I knew that you were the woman I needed to meet. That I needed to love. I have loved you since then and then I actually loved you and here we are. When we met, I asked you what embarrassed you the most. The thing I’m most embarrassed is letting you go, but” and suddenly, he knelt “I loved you. I love you, and I will always love you. I’m sorry I reacted that way, I’ll make it up to you and our baby. But right now, I just want you to know, that you’re not alone in this, y/n. I don’t have any doubts, when I look at you, everything disappear. Just, don’t be afraid, I’m not leaving you again. Let me love you forever, be my wife. y/n, will you marry me?” he opened a little red box. There was a ring on it. I was already crying.  

“Yes” I answered. “Yes, yes, and yes!” he stood up smiling and slid the ring on my finger.

“I’m so sorry, baby” I cried while he hugged me. He kissed me and knelt again. “Hi, baby, this is daddy. I just wanted you to know that I’ve loved you for a thousand years, and I’ll love you for a thousand more. Just like I love your mommy even when she’s the worst dancer ever.”


Healing. It was a task that Michonne and Rick were perfecting. Life falling in love, it had crept up on them, slowly at first, then appearing all at once, as though it had been simply lying in wait the whole time. It began in the unlikeliest of places, when both of them were at the lowest of lows, staring at each other through a prison fence. They had carried their guilt like a yolk, each of them bearing the weight of what this world had become, what they had become to survive.

It began with the physical, a stitched bullet wound, cuts and bruises patched up until they faded into scars. He had saved her life and she returned the favor, limping away from the battlefield time and time again until she’d lost count of how many cycles they had been through. Fight. Win. Repeat. It became a fact of life, the price you paid for surviving at the end of the world.

The stakes were higher now. They weren’t just fighting to live, but for a life, for a future for the children they raised together, for Glenn’s unborn son or daughter. Losing was not an option; death was not an option. She wasn’t leaving Rick alone in this world, no matter what enemy came knocking at their door. So, she fought tooth and nail, certain that Rick was doing the same. When she won, he found her, bleeding but breathing, their son by his side.  

Now the healing began.

Michonne awoke to find Rick still beside her, clutching her hand as though it were a lifeline, his fingers slack within her own. The pleasure of a newly found mattress was diminished significantly without Rick’s body pressed against hers. She wondered if they could manage it.

“Rick,” it hurt to even speak, her face swollen to what she was sure were incredibly unflattering proportions.

He stirred immediately, his blue grey eyes almost glowing in the dark as they flickered open and immediately toward her.

“You ok, hun?” his voice was a raspy whisper, heavy with sleep and concern. She smiled, only managing to lift the corner of her lips.

“I’m ok,” she assured him. He sat up, groping for a pitcher of water at his side. He enticed her to take a few swallows, the lukewarm water cooling her parched lips, before sipping some himself.

“What hurts?” he asked, seizing her hand again.

“Nothing,” it was a bold-faced lie, but she had taken worse pain.

“You sure?” he wasn’t fooled, leaning forward to inspect her in the low light. “Can I get you something?”

“Come here,” she tugged gently at his arm, doing her best to scoot over in the narrow bed, making as much space as she could manage.

He followed her lead, trying not to wince at the wound on his waist that he was attempting to downplay. Michonne guided him beside her, arranging the blankets so that he could fit. It was warm in the room, the windows closed to the cool autumn breeze just outside, the temperature almost stifling to stave off the possibility of fever. Rosita lay indisposed just a few feet from the couple, Tara at her side. Rick settled quietly on the mattress beside his wife, his eyes flickering briefly at the two young women before moving back to Michonne’s face.

“How’s your hip?” she wished she had the wherewithal to lavish him with the attention he had given her the past few hours. She would not know the extent of the damage until she saw it with her own eyes.

“I’m fine,” he insisted, smiling in the dark.

“It doesn’t hurt?” she pressed, reaching for him.

“Nothing I can’t handle,” he brushed his lips against the back of her wrist.

“You should take some medicine,” she suggested, glancing at the bedside table where the pain pills sat.

“So should you,” he looked amused at her assertion. Michonne had to admit that he had a point. She did not like the way the medicine made her feel, as though she were filled with lead– not in pain, but unable to move. Numbness was a feeling she was well-acquainted with, and one that she was unwilling to revisit.

“Half,” she compromised. Rick rolled over, securing the pill and the pitcher. He maneuvered them both up, breaking the chalky tablet apart between his thumb and forefinger. He coaxed one between her lips, then placed the other half in his own mouth, swallowing it dry. Michonne did not lay back down again until he’d taken a gulp of the water.

Within minutes, the pain began to dissipate, the heaviness washing over her like a wool blanket, pulling her to sleep. There wasn’t much time to rest; the war had just begun. Still, she allowed herself the luxury of one night of vulnerability.

“Go to sleep,” Rick’s lips were at her ear, his voice authoritative, even as he lost the battle to his own exhaustion.

She fell asleep in his arms, feeling content despite the discomfort. Whatever this world was now, she still had Rick beside her.

They were going to win. It was only a matter of time.

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Week 23: Night Light

First, before we talk about this week’s challenge, I want to send a heartfelt thank you to @rkcustom1 and @theshyxibitionista for stepping in while I was away.  I know this blog was in great hands and I never worried once that they would let me down.  When I asked RK if he wouldn’t mind filling in for a bit, he didn’t hesitate at all to say “of course!” He didn’t know how long I’d be gone, or if I was even coming back.  But he and Shy jumped in head first!  This blog is just as much theirs as it is mine, and I’m so grateful for them.  Please take a second to thank them for jumping in for TEN challenges!!  

Also, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!   I’m just speechless at some of the creativity and talent you bring to our blog.  Without your participation this blog wouldn’t work.  I’m so appreciative of you guys who look forward to seeing these challenges and taking a step out of your comfort zone to take pictures of subjects you wouldn’t have thought twice about before.  You seriously make my day!!  THANK YOU!!!!  If I had to option to go back and “like” all the pictures, I would!  But Tumblr doesn’t let me.  Poo. So just know I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

Lastly, I realize we have a lot more followers now!  So, for those of you who are saying to themselves, “Who’s this chick?” HI!  I’m Monchichitamberine!  I started this blog because I’m an amateur photographer who LOVES challenges!  I noticed I had lots of friends here who’s skills were top notch and I wanted a place for us to just enjoy the hobby.  This blog brings me great joy and I’m glad I’m back.  :)


Week 23: Night Light

There’s something about photography at night that makes you feel like you’re in another world.  The world quiets for a moment and details you wouldn’t have noticed before, seem to pop before your eyes.  There’s so many different types of night photography that I’ll leave this up to you to show us what your view of the world is after the sun sets.

Street Night Light - Great way to achieve the bokeh efffect (remember what that means?)

Look how the colors pop against the dark! Contrast. :)

Natural Night Light - Check out all the challenges this guy fulfilled in one shot!  Can you name them?

Pictures like this require a bit more elbow grease, but it’s so well worth it. 

Light Trails - Try it!  This will require longer exposure, filters, and even a tripod, but don’t let that scare you!  Smartphones are equipped with long exposure settings and filters.  Use your timer and prop your phone to achieve the look you’re going for.  (Head’s up: Long Exposure will be a challenge soon!  Think Boom Boom Boom!)

Let’s try to keep these photos in color this week.  The night is already dark enough, so let’s bring some color into it!

Because this challenge requires you to venture out at night, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful.  Don’t go out alone if you can avoid it.  Bring a buddy, or plan a night out ahead of time with friends so you’ll be with someone at all times.  I have a friend that has literally chased the moon and stars with me for challenges in the past and we always have a laugh about how crazy we look. :) Safety first, okay?  

I hope you guys have fun with this one!  Take LOTS of pictures and play with those settings!  @rkcustom1 will have some great tips for night photography, so keep an eye out for those!

Submissions are due Saturday, June 10th!  Happy Snapping!


Cosplay Confusion

52 words too long but shh.  I dunno what the point of this is, and it’s the fastest I’ve ever written anything, about 15 minutes, so it’s crap, but have a nice picture of Sam’s biceps anyway.

First time going to a comic convention and boy you were excited! Excited to the point of squealing regularly, pinching yourself with disbelief and frantically checking for your badge every thirty seconds in case it had jumped out of the securely zipped pocket of your closed bag and run away.  It hadn’t. Better check one more time though, just in case.

You were going alone, not having any friends who understood your obsession with getting to see all the latest comics, getting first look at trailers, buying far more merchandise than you could afford, and gazing in awe at the amazing cosplay on show.  It was a shame, but you were hoping to be in queues behind some friendly people who you could geek out with. What it did mean was that you just didn’t have the confidence to dress up yourself. If you’d had one other person to go with, fine, but doing it alone was one step too far.

Still, you had a t-shirt with Cap’s shield on, and in case you got cold, a Winter Soldier hoodie, and you were going to have fun. So, you got off the bus, stood back for a second to take it all in, then plunged in, and let yourself get carried along with the flow.

A few hours later and you had to get outside, see daylight, feel fresh air on your face, go through the 50,000 photos you’d taken and maybe delete some because each time you’d turned around there’d been another amazing bit of artwork, or film prop, or best costume ever you’d had to take a photo of, and your phone was slowly losing the will to live.  You wandered a few streets away, just to get away from the bustle a little, found a shady bench, and sat down.  The street was oddly empty and silent. As you scrolled through your pictures, a shadow suddenly fell across the screen. You looked up and..

“Oh my god!”

Two sets of eyes turned to yours.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean that to come out quite so loud, it’s just, wow. Yours are the best I’ve seen so far!”

Two sets of eyes now turned to each other, puzzled, but you were too busy circling them to notice.

“Seriously, this must have taken hours of work!”

“Excuse me ma’am?”

“You’ve even got the voice down!”

The two men – ‘Captain America’ and ‘The Falcon’ – looked slightly taken aback by your enthusiasm. You couldn’t help it, it was like seeing the comics and the films come to life, only right in front of you. Touchably close. You couldn’t resist it, you reached out one hand gingerly, and touched ‘Falcon’s bicep.

“Sheesh, commitment to the cause, that is above and beyond!”

‘Falcon’ grinned widely, and flexed a bit, making his biceps bulge, until ‘Steve’ scowled at him.

“Sorry,” you giggled.  “Would you mind if I took a photo? I swear, you two should win a prize or something…”

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but now’s really not a good time. I’m afraid we are going to have to ask you to leave the area, I’m not sure how you got through the road blocks, but it’s for your own safety.”

“Ah you’re brilliant! You’re not even breaking character, that’s hilarious!”

You prodded ‘Steve’ on his chest, which was deliciously firm.  “Muscle suit or real thing, Stevie?” you said, winking at ‘Sam’. “Do you two get all competitive when you’re preparing for something like this?”

“Ma’am, I think you have us confused…”

He didn’t get a chance to speak, before Sam slapped his arm with a cry of “shit, Loki!”, pointing over your shoulder. You couldn’t help yourself, mouthing ‘Sam, language’ and then cracking up as you found you’d said it in unison with ‘Steve’. You turned to see what they were both looking at.

“No WAY! Look! How does he even get that helmet to stay on! He must have elastic round the back of something, or it’d just slide down his nose!”

The man walking down the street towards was dressed as Loki, all leather trousers and shiny horns.  Even the way he was walking was perfect, and you couldn’t take your eyes off him.

“He’s even got the strut down, oh god, I have to film this!”  You fumbled in your bag, desperate to film him in motion, then swore as the phone slipped and fell to the grass. As you bent down to pick it up, you felt a hot wave of air pass over your back, then there was a crack, and as you straightened up, you saw the tree behind you slowly topple, a glowing blue hole shot straight through the middle.

“What the…?” you said, then shrieked. ‘Sam’ had wrapped his arms around you and suddenly the wings of his costume had extended and now you were… flying.

“Like the man said, I think you may have us confused with someone else,” he grinned at you, before depositing you behind a truck a few hundred yards away.  You stared at him, wide eyed as he took a few running steps forward then took off again, skimming back down the street to where ‘Steve’ and ‘Loki’ were… fighting. OK, so they’d got a flying suit that worked somehow right sure, but how the hell had they got Cap’s shield to do that boomerang thing? And Loki’s sceptre, that must be some kind of LED or something, to make it glow like that…

A blast of light shot out of the sceptre, and you watched it rebound off Cap’s shield, as Sam flew in, boots first, and knocked Loki to the ground, before wresting the sceptre from his grasp and then, with one punch, knocking him out.

You slowly eased yourself down to the pavement, back against the truck, knees up to your chest.

“Toto, I’ve a feeling I’m not at Comic Con any more…” you whispered to yourself, then yelled as a figure appeared over the top of the truck

Folding his wings, Sam landed in front of you, holding all your dropped bags out.

“So you wanted a photo? And my arms, tell me more about those….” He gave you a wink as he helped you to your feet. Comic Con was even better than you’d ever expected.

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Cut right to the quick of it. Right through the muscle. Puncture the flesh and sinew. Right through to the jugular. To the heart of the matter.

Nicole is a vampire. And Waverly is not.

Chapter 1
Her life was supposed to be boring. She was born to provincial potato farmers a few fathoms outside of Dublin. She was supposed to marry the son of another farmer, or, perhaps, if she was lucky she’d marry a merchant. At least that’s what her father said before he succumbed to the sickness. The one that made him cough up blood.

Nicole never really cared for the sight of blood.

The irony had never been lost on her.

Her life was supposed to end 200 years ago. Boring, non-descript, and insignificant. She never got around to marrying that farmer. She fell in love with the night and it kissed her deeply. Blonde hair, eyes so brown they seemed red. They met for months every night after the sun went down. That should have been her first clue, but months past and Nicole fell hard for Sasha. It was forbidden then, to love a woman. Even more forbidden it was to love a vampire.

The knowledge came almost a year in. But if Nicole was being honest with herself, she had known, suspected Sasha’s true nature from the beginning. There was evidence. The night time rendezvous. The lack of hunger. The way Sasha would linger at her neck and pant, far beyond the lust they both felt. It was restraint. It was craving. And Sasha never left so much as a nip there, until she had to.

The coughing started. The blood came soon after. Just like her father. It wasn’t long until she started to wither. Sasha watched her with her embered-eyes. Not being able to do anything.

That’s not true.

Not willing to do anything.

Because the one thing she could do, she refused. Nicole refused.

It would take her soul.

And the one thing Sasha would never do is take that from Nicole.

She had explained it to Nicole. What it felt like to have that part of herself missing.

She could eat, she could love, but it never filled her up. Not like it did Nicole. It wasn’t fair.

As Nicole’s illness took more and more of her soul away from her anyway, Sasha decided. She knew.

Nothing was ever fair.

The streets of Purgatory are empty at this ungodly hour. Nicole takes the last sip of the coffee she’d made in her apartment earlier. Throwing her travel mug in the backseat of cruiser before slamming the door thoughtlessly.

“Crap,” she utters, looking quickly up and down main street to see what the disturbance might have caused. A dog barks twice in the distance, but other than that nothing else seems out of the ordinary.


The lights are on at Shorty’s.

“Crap.” She says it again. Because it’s early, yes, but it’s late for her. She needs to go to bed before the sun rises fully.

But something is pulling her there. Pulling.


She’s seen and felt a lot of things in her decidedly not boring life, or un-life, rather. Though this is not completely unique, this feeling, she’s never felt it this strong. And certainly not at all in a very long time.

The door opens easily under the pressure from her fingertips. A slight squeak feels like a herald in the silence, but no response. There is no one in this corridor. She follows the soft blaze of the lightbulbs from the bar area.

Odd, suspicious noises are coming from there.

She’s been here a few times before. But never under these circumstances.

She reaches the end of the hallway and turns into the doorway of the bar area, hand at her hip, ready to pull her gun if need be.

What she sees pulls a hearty laugh from her throat, but it goes unnoticed as the sole occupant in the room is being doused by a cheap lager.

She doesn’t know why she says it. Her filter must be broken by the late hour and the need for sleep.

“I didn’t know shorty’s had wet t-shirt competitions.”


She knows why.

It’s because the wet waitress is Waverly Earp.

That explains the pull.

Nicole has seen her a half a dozen times. While chatting with Gus. While sweeping the bar for unruly patrons. But they’ve never interacted, because, well, Nicole was afraid something like this would happen if they did.

But she’s already started.

Might as well finish it.

Maybe with a sliver of her dignity intact.

“You, ok?” She asks, trying to make her tone light, but it just comes out flirty.

“Yea. I’m ok. Just a bit jumpy.” Waverly says patting herself down with a towel. “Had a crazy night.”

Nicole accidentally watches the path of the towel before she makes herself speak, “Sorry, I wasn’t here to see it.”

Wow, Nicole, you are a disaster.

Just finish it already.

“I’ve been meaning to introduce myself.” She extends a hand out to Waverly trying to portray a confidence she doesn’t quite feel. But if she’s learned anything as her 2 centuries as a vampire, it was how to pretend. “I’m Nicole. Nicole Haught.”

anonymous asked:

Roadhog or McCree's reaction to finding their S/O completely wasted and far away from the base? Small fics if that's okay.

Coming right up! ^*^


Mako had been searching for god knows how long.. He still hadn`t found you..
The team had a big party and he somehow lost you.
He asked anyone he could, they all said they had seen you drink a lot, but never anything about where you could be…
finally he asked Lucio, who mentioned he saw you stumble out of the front doors, that`s when Mako completely lost his shit.
He sped outside, looking everywhere and anywhere.
The more time he spent, the more his mind started coming up with things that might have happened to you..
What if you stumbled upon the wrong people and they ended up torturing you? Using you for their sick pleasures? Killed you?!
His mind went on for eternity..
He finally found you after 2 hours of searching. You were on a bench, just… laying there.
He ripped his mask of and pulled you into his arms. He stayed there hugging you for a while before shifting his grip on you to a bridal style.
his eyes stared into yours, Mako`s eyes were glossed with tears..
“S/o… Don`t ever do anything like this again..” Mako said, almost pleaded, this really beat him

Keep reading

sailorcrazypinklady  asked:

1. I kind of want2borrow that love-sick drug! I think it a lot,I LOVE THE WAY YOU DO CONSENT IN EVERYTHING!Thank you!(I know, it shouldn't be a big deal, but it is)3. Please tell me Ani isn't going to just give up there?Like if Obi-Wan had a"I'm genuinely unhappy with my love for you"reason ok fine,but"But judgy people might judge!"is not an acceptable reason2not do something that will make them happy!Especially since Anakin is ok with the'Jedi first'thing&I know that would really matter2Obi!

‘He loves me…he loves me…he loves me and yet…’ Anakin stared at the sleeping shape only a meter from him in the dim light, Obi-Wan curled up on his side facing the tent with a blanket over his form.

Obi-Wan refused to talk about it, refused to as much as acknowledge the fact that he felt something more then fond friendship for him and it was driving Anakin up the walls. And if their troopers didn’t stop looking at him with such sympathy each time he tried to get Obi-Wan alone, he might honestly bash his own head in.

‘Perhaps I should just…let it be?’

He sighed and then blinked when he heard some shifting, Obi-Wan rolling onto his back with a low noise.

Anakin shifted onto his elbow and watched the other, Obi-Wan’s mouth slightly open and his eyes closed, face soft with hair feathering out across it. He looked…

‘No… I’m not giving up. Not yet…he loves me. I know he loves me. I just need to…convince him.’ Anakin shifted and reached out with the Force, gently brushing the others hair away and smiling when Obi-Wan shifted at the touch.

“…I’ll convince you yet Obi-Wan.”


Of course in the end he didn’t actually have to do anything to convince Obi-Wan.

Not really.

Instead he just had to be involved in a shuttle wreck, almost die in the following ambush lead by Ventress and get laid up in the med bay of the Resolute.

Honestly he wasn’t even that badly hurt, fading bruises all that was left beneath bandages.

And yet apparently he had scared Obi-Wan.

Because the other Jedi hadn’t even waited until Kix had left the area before he was there, arms wrapped tight around Anakin’s sore form, hands fisted into the medical gown and lips on Anakin’s.

A desperate, needful kiss.

Until Obi-Wan pulled back, staring at him as he sat at the others medical bedside.

“…Don’t ever do that again.” Obi-Wan whispered. “You…you stupid…idiotic…”

“Hey, I’m fine.” Anakin reached up and cupped the others face.

“You were barely BREATHING.” Obi-Wan hissed before swallowing hard. “…Moot point telling you that we can’t do this huh.” He looked away. “I’m…compromised anyhow…keep thinking about if you’re safe or not.” He whispered.

“Hey.” Anakin made him turn back, catching the others eyes. “Look, we’re Jedi, its dangerous, its always been dangerous but…that doesn’t mean we should stop living and being human does it Obi-Wan? You’re allowed to feel.”

“We’re not suppose to let it control us.”

“Are you letting it control you?” He stroked the others face, feeling the beard prickling at the skin of his flesh hand.

Obi-Wan looked down at Anakin’s chest. “…The first thing I did when I heard you were ambushed…was to change my attack plans to make sure I was close to you, to…to…be there.” He whispered. “I set a lot of people in danger with that change.”

There was a dark corner of Anakin’s mind that was utterly thrilled to bits, that Obi-Wan would just…do anything for him. He shifted his mech hand to cup the others chin and make him look up, smiling at Obi-Wan.

“Obi-Wan, was anyone hurt?”

“Not this time.” He whispered, leaning into the hands. “But what about next time?”

“Then you’re more careful next time.” Anakin stroked the others cheek gently, smile softening when Obi-Wan leaned into it. “And so will I. I didn’t want to get injured you know.”

Obi-Wan snorted then sighed. “This is…such a terrible idea… we won’t be able to hide it. Not really.”

“The council already distrust me, but if you really don’t want to, then we don’t Obi-Wan.” Anakin murmured.

“But I want to.” Obi-Wan sighed quietly. “…Perhaps…I should go in harder for the reforms.” He looked away, dislodging Anakin’s hands.


“Me…Plo and Depa have been…talking. About how…stuck the Order has become, about how change is needed…” He looked back at Anakin. “So far we haven’t really…done anything but…perhaps its time.” He breathed out then leaned into the other, resting his head on Anakin’s shoulder. “…Because I’m not ready to give you up.”

“Then you don’t.” Anakin pressed a soft kiss to the others forehead. “And if you need any help with those reforms…I’m here. For you. My lovesick Jedi.”

Obi-Wan snorted into his shoulder but smiled. “…Alright…lets…try it.” He chuckled softly.

Another Love - Request

Requested by @oaisara:  hi ok this is a random idea i had before falling asleep last night so sorry if its weird but can you write one where the reader is dating dean but they go on a hunt and a witch or something curses the reader and cas to fall in love with each other so her and cas are constantly flirting and making out and it kinda annoys dean obviously but sam laughs about it and its just really funny and light hearted??

Characters: Dean x reader, Castiel x reader, Sam, Rowena (small cameo).

Word count: 1,915

Warnings: none, I think.

A/N: I’m so so sorry for being late! I was ultra busy but I hope it was worth the wait. As a jealous girlfriend, I have no idea how to stay chill if things liek this happened so I hope I did a good job at this. Enjoy!

Originally posted by collinbatesworld

Dating Dean Winchester wasn’t an easy thing. His self-loathing and temper, his co-dependent relationship with Sam and that odd relationship he and Cas had could’ve made anyone run away. However, (Y/N) was a ride or die, and she wasn’t going to get scared because of simple things like so.

Of course, there was also the monster hunting, but (Y/N) was quite an expert on that. The Winchesters had started and finished the Apocalypse, freed Lucifer from his cage and set him back in before he came out again, freed the Leviathans and the Darkness, opened a door to Purgatory, and died more times than they could count; and still, (Y/N) hadn’t run away.

Dean was so thankful for her. He even texted Chuck to express his gratitude, a gesture Sam never imagined his brother would do. She was bad-ass, smart-ass, sassy as Hell, and so good to him… It was like a gift from Heaven, a gift he didn’t deserve to get.

(Y/N) had tried to work his self-esteem a little bit, but Dean would always be Dean and although he would never be completely accepting of himself, he had gotten better over the year him and (Y/N) had been together.

At first he had been a bit down, repeating over and over again that he didn’t deserve her, that she had to be with someone better; and (Y/N) made sure to take those ideas off his mind. Then there was the paranoid attitude, in which he would get jealous of every single human that dared to get closer than three feet from her – he was scared to lose her, to have her leave him for another guy; then again (Y/N) took those ideas off his mind. Dean was now fully aware that it would always be him. No matter what happened, (Y/N) would always choose him.

Or so they thought.

None of them liked hunting witches, and certainly witches didn’t like to be hunted down. Hence, when they tried to yank a witch in Alabama, she made sure to keep Dean busy for as long as she needed to escape. He would either jump off a bridge or find an opposite spell, either way, she would have time to escape to México.

From the very first second Dean stepped on in Alabama, the witch could tell his one and only was (Y/N), and that she was the main target if things got rough. She also noticed how loyal Sam was to his brother, as well as Castiel, and she could tell the angel was weaker, so naïve to the carnal emotions of this mortal world. It was the perfect match, and the perfect distraction.

They didn’t even notice when she threw the spell, less to say recognize the exact words, but (Y/N) and Castiel were on the floor, shaking uncontrollably and having pink smoke coming out of them. The brothers hadn’t seen such thing before; therefore they got more concerned about their friend and girlfriend’s health rather than paying attention to the escaping witch.

Once the witch vanished, the pink smoke disappeared, leaving a very confused set of hunters at an empty house in Alabama. Dean immediately held his girlfriend tightly against his chest, something he tended to do after either one of them had been in danger during a hunt – it showed how scared he was of losing her. The unexpected thing was when, after pulling back, (Y/N)’s eyes met Cas’.

Something fluttered inside both of them. Something strange, unfamiliar; something that they knew was wrong, but felt so right… They were instantly in each other’s arms, something they had never done before.

“Are you okay?” She asked with true concern, connecting her (Y/E/C) eyes to his blue ones.

“I’m good now.” Cas replied, stroking her cheek gently, as if she was going to break if he were too harsh.

Sam and Dean stared in shock. Dean mouthed his brother a “what the hell is going on?” to which Sam replied with a shoulder shrug.

“I’ve never noticed how blue your eyes are.” She mumbled, leaning a tad bit closer to the angel’s face. The angel blushed a little before licking his lips.

“My vessel’s eyes.” He murmured.

“Right, I forgot…” She giggled uncomfortably.

“What is going on?” Dean asked angrily.

“I think the witch casted a spell on me… Or maybe it was just his…” (Y/N) started, not being able to look away from Castiel.

“Don’t say it.”  Dean begged, making Sam laugh.

“She made them fall for each other.” Sam exclaimed. Dean nodded, finally understanding the situation. His angry look softened, turning it into a rather mocking one.

“That bitch.” He mumbled.

“I don’t mind falling for such a beautiful human.” Castiel commented.

“Never expected Cas to be such a cheesy guy with the ladies.” Sam told Dean as both brothers analysed their behaviour.

“That’s because she’s the only lady I’d like to be cheesy with.” Castiel spoke, although he didn’t look away from (Y/N). The huntress was now red, but she was so dumbfounded by the angel she didn’t care to cover it.

“Cas, I…” They kissed.

“So that’s how she looks like from afar…” Dean muttered.

“Aren’t you a bit jealous?” Sam furrowed.

Dean shook his head. “Nah, I know this is a spell… Also, it’s kind of hot.”

“You’re gross.” Sam groaned. He walked over to the angel and huntress, splitting them up – which caused both of them to whine. “Enough! Let’s get back to the bunker and find a solution.”

“But I need him.” (Y/N) complained, trying to reach out to Cas for Sam was puling each other apart with his long arms.

“Sam, I didn’t take you and your brother out of Hell for you to pull me apart from my true love!” Castiel roared.

“Cas…” But Cas was gone, he had teleported to be by (Y/N) side. The huntress had jumped over him so now her legs were wrapped around his waist while his hands held her hips – they looked like human koalas.

“For the love of…” Dean’s face made Sam lose his seriousness. It was a mix between confusion, jealousness and that shrug he made when he tried not to laugh.

“Okay, not fun. Let’s get back to the bunker.” Dean ordered, signalling all of them to get out of the house and to the car parked outside. “Do you seriously have to carry her?” Dean asked when he saw Cas carrying (Y/N) out rather than letting her on the ground.

“What if Sam tries to pull us apart again?” She asked back, giving Dean her usual puppy eyes – which Sam had taught her how to do – that always worked on him.

“Fine, but you can’t be all over each other on the car. It’s dangerous.”


“But nothing.” Dean interrupted both love-birds. They looked at each other sadly and agreed before getting inside the car.

“How does it feel to be parenting your best friend and girlfriend’s love spell?” Sam asked Dean with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Shut up.”

The drive was long. (Y/N) and Cas sat next to the other and even shared their seatbelts. Dean was managed to not split them apart, just because he knew it was a spell and nothing else. Sam couldn’t help but to make some bad-taste jokes about her wanting an angel rather than an ex-demon, and how Castiel could take her back in time to those concerts she and Dean wanted to go so bad, etc.

They stopped by at the motel they had been staying at and Sam and Dean had to pack everything up as fast as possible while (Y/N) and Cas ate each other out in the car – not literally, they were just so into kissing they looked like Leviathans – which made Dean want to cry while throwing up and inspired Sam for some more jokes, which were happily told during the drive back home.

The first night, (Y/N) didn’t sleep with Dean. She and Cas decided to spend the night on the couch. She would sleep as the angel watched over her protectively. Then, during breakfast, they couldn’t help but to be the cheesiest fucks ever.

“Want more my sweet human?” Cas asked with the sweetest tone possible.

“Yes please, my beautiful angel.” She replied in that same voice. Cas feed her with another spoonful of whatever she was having for breakfast as Dean looked at them disgusted.

“She’s never that cheesy with me.” He complained.

“You’re never that cheesy with her.” Sam replied as he continued to read a lore book in which, he thought, an opposite spell was.

“Hey, babe,” Dean called, “mind passing me the jam.”

“Don’t ‘babe’ this divine being.” Cas hissed, giving Dean the jam.

“Sorry.” Dean said. Sam laughed a lot more; it had been years since he laughed that much and that often.

A whole week went by and neither one of the Winchesters could find a solution. Desperate times need desperate measures, but they were too stubborn to confess their failure to Rowena, so they pushed themselves harder in order to find a solution on their own.

They tried a few spells, which only turned them a lot cheesier, and a lot more affectionate. They would make out all the time, whether there was someone in the room or not. Also, they would sleep together and even shower together – although Cas would stay outside the shower and just talk with (Y/N) as she washed herself. Dean was thankful that it was a non-sexual relationship, but he was starting to fear that, if they didn’t fix it, it would eventually turn that way.

“Let’s call Rowena.” Dean told Sam.

“You sound desperate.”

“I admit it’s fun to see them being silly and all… But she doesn’t pay attention to me anymore.” Sam chuckled.

“You sound like a baby.” He mocked Dean.

“How would you feel if your girlfriend suddenly hooked up with your best friend?”

“Fair point. But it’s just a spell, Dean.”

“Just call her, please.”

Sam nodded and called the witch, who arrived just a few hours later.

Before taking the spell down, she mocked Dean along with Sam. They called him all kinds of funny names and mocked his jealous rage. Dean limited himself to roll his eyes and sigh heavily with each comment.

“Can you just take that spell down?” He finally asked. Rowena nodded and with a flick of her hand Cas and (Y/N) were off the spell.

She was sitting on his lap, and what started as a staring marathon turned into both of their eyes widening, redden cheeks and a lot of strings of “I’m so so sorry”.

“A flick of your hand?” Dean hissed, “You could’ve done that half an hour ago.”

“I like to see you desperate, that’s all.” And before Dean could complain, (Y/N) was all over him.

“Babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. That goddamn witch and her goddamn spells, I had no control over my body, I’m sorry…” Dean smiled proudly, for he was finally receiving the attention he desired.

“Dean, I’m very sorry. You know angels don’t feel, and that was purely witchcraft. I would never try to touch your partner.” Cas apologised. He seemed to be terrified at Dean’s possible reaction, and was keeping a fair distance between them.

“Back to normal, Sammy.” Dean smiled, looking over at his brother who had a mocking smile on his face.


“Okay, but what about a threesome?”

“Dean, you’re disgusting!”

anonymous asked:

Who asked the other out first ?? Do the others know about you two ?? If yes, how did they found out and how did they react ??? -curious anon 👀

Osomatsu: Ok, as we already explained before here. That was our first date, one that Choromatsu didn´t even know we were having. *laughs*

Long story ahead. You´ve been warned *laughs*

Choromatsu had come home irradiating the same gloomy aura for the tenth time, we didn´t even were safe on the weekends when he turned into a zombie, barely eating, drinking… breathing. He spent the whole day just laying around, sighing and feeling pathetic about himself.

The thing with Choromatsu is that, despite his own wishes and efforts, he is the less stoic person in the world. If he´s sad, he either cries or punishes everyone by killing the good mood.

So, yeah, Choromatsu had a severe depression. The reason? He had been rejected for the 20th time. That´ll kill anyone’s spirit. Well, except for me. I had confessed about 50 or 60 times by that day, and rejected of course. I didn´t delve too much into it, most of the times the words just slipped my mouth before I could notice, and always in the most inappropriate places, so it was an expected result.

Now, everyone in the house were getting tired of Choromatsu´s lack of spirit. He was acting like he was the only one in the world that ever got rejected. You know? We sextuplets knew that feeling pretty well.

In any case, ok, we could granted some merit and cut some slack to him. He was the one who used to fly higher with his expectations, having as result: his hard falls. Apart from Karamatsu, of course, but that idiot just doesn´t know how to fall, he keeps rising himself up higher. We will pray the day Karamatsu falls, it´ll start the life on Earth again or something.

Anyway, everyone in the house left to eat dinner outside, I think they went for ramen that day or something, Choromatsu didn´t go, he wanted to drown in self-loath and die alone at home. I told my family I was going to stay with him and try to cheer him up. We used to buy these popsicles that comes with two sticks, split it and eat one each while talking about stuff. We were on 11th grade and we haven´t done that since we were in 8th grade, I thought that, maybe, using our former ways of talking to each other would help that time too.

When I came back I went directly to our bedroom, I knew he would be there. I wasn´t mistaken. Choromatsu was laying down like a dead body on the couch; half of his limbs were hanging from a side.

I took a deep breath, ready to face him.

“Hey little brother, I brought you something.” Opening the popsicle’s bag and dividing it, I sit next to him on the floor.

“Ah… Osomatsu, I didn´t hear you…”

I know.” I thought.

Grabbing his part of the treat, he thanked me, not without gifting me the most pathetic and depressed sigh one could ever hear after joining me on the floor.

“Oook, I think we should talk.” I said trying to sound determined.

“About?” Choromatsu was looking at me as if life itself had abandoned him in the middle of a street under the rain.

“Did you just seriously ask that? Buddy your mood sucks.”

I admit it, it wasn´t my best attitude.

“Oh… I´m sorry.” Impressively, Choromatsu didn´t answer back, he sincerely apologized… and it was scary.

“Er… ok, umm Choro? I know it could be hard on you and everything, but don´t you think it´s time to try and move on? Did you like this girl that much?”

“It´s not… the girl… it´s not about this particular time. I´m just wondering if there´s something wrong with me, it doesn´t matter how much I try. The girls just don´t like me…”

That was a valid feeling; I think we all asked in some point if we had some type of disease. The girls simply didn´t want to date any of us six.

“Well Choromatsu, I know it could hurt and everything but, you can´t just give up on life like that.”

I actually didn´t know what to say or how to cheer him up with that feeling. My plan was simple, listen to his pain and try to hate this girl together with him so he could feel better at the end. This deep contemplation of his life, I wasn´t ready for that.

“Yes, yes I can. I just don´t have any hope towards anything anymore.”

“Umm… this may sound stupid but, every time a girl turns me down I tried to refugee myself in side crushes. Like I know that finding someone new to like will help me to take my mind away from this person.”

“That won´t work.”

“Why? You can´t say something won´t work if you haven´t tried it.”

“Because she was my `side crush´, supposedly this will help me forget the other person.” He was eating the popsicle as if he has a vendetta towards it.

Well, at least he was releasing tension.

“Oh wait, did you just said that was your `side crush´? So this wasn´t that serious right? Hey, tell me, who´s your big crush, do I know her?”

I was honestly trying to just make some talk, to see if Choromatsu would just forget about the other matter.

“I don´t think I want to talk about this right now.”

“Eh? Why not? C´mon, tell me, tell your Onii-chan who this person is… wait, unless is that cat idol you´re liking recently, then I´ll kick your ass.”

“No! of course not, I mean, I do love her but…”

Choromatsu started talking about the artist as if I really cared, honestly, most of the time he´s talking about that idol I don´t pay attention, I´m actually more interested in this `big, big crush´ of him.

“Yeah, ok, good for you.” Not sure if I interrupted him to be honest. “Now, Onii-chan wants a name, give me this person´s name and we can go and stalk her together.”

“Huh!!?? Are you insane!? You don´t say `stalk´ somebody just like that” He was making a fuss out of nothing, but it was ok, he needed to relax.

“Then just give me a name, I want to know, c´mon, tell me who this big crush is.”

“Eh, I don´t know if my heart is ready to share this information right now, a second heartache would be too much, I just went through a har…” Opening his eyes wide he went silent, shutting his mouth with his hands.

“Huh? Wait, what? What does giving me a name had to do with a heartache? … … … … Choro?”

The mood went from awkward sibling talk, to just awkward.

“I… because… is someone you know, and…”

Choromatsu doesn´t know how to lie.

At all.

“Then why would it be bad for your heart to tell me? It wouldn´t be the first time we like the same girl so that´s not it.”

Blushing aggressively, he froze in deadly silence, avoiding my sight with every molecule of his body. I then fell into realization of what he was implying… or at least, what I wanted to believe he was trying to say.

“Choromatsu? Hey c´mon say something, don´t make me fuel my hopes here making me think weird things.”

“Wait, eh?”

I didn´t realize either what I was saying until the words were already spoken.


“Osomatsu-niisan… fueling hopes?” he whispered with a dreamy tone in his voice, as if a light had appeared at the end of his dark tunnel. “Are you talking about what I think you´re talking?”

“If what I´m talking is the same that what you were talking then yes.”

“So… is it ok for me to think we are thinking the same?”

“Well…” I stuttered. “If what you´re thinking is the same thing that I´m thinking, then, yes?”

“Agh, you´re just repeating things! Just tell me, what you said, it meant that you´re on the same page in this than me?”

“I know I´m on a page, and I think you´re on that page too, but it´ll be too risky to assume it´s true if it isn´t.”

“Well, yeah, then it´s the same topic right? It´ll also be a risky confession on my side if I accept what you´re thinking is the same as what I´m thinking.”

We stared into each other´s eyes. More confused than ever.

“I don´t know what we´re talking anymore, or if we´re actually understanding each other right now.” I said, betrayed by a sudden blushing.

“We´ve been on the same page for years, always knowing what the other is thinking without words… why would this time be different?” clenching his hands Choromatsu was starting to blush too.

“Because it´s scary to jump from that cliff and fall into an inevitable death.”

“I… don´t know what…”

I knew Choromatsu wouldn´t move. And as how things were, I was too scared to do any type of movement, but I´m not like that. It was all or nothing. Before he could make another sound, I got closer.

And closer, until our lips finally met.

We broke the kiss, feeling the burning in our body, the adrenaline of sharing something so intimate. But mostly, the happiness of having the same feeling.

“So we were on the same page.” He said locking his yes with mines, sheepishly smiling.

“Yes. Once more, we were.” Brushing the underside of my nose with my index, we kissed a couple of times more.

Osomatsu: And yes, that was our very first kiss.