(i guess that's her last name

I would really love to see at Marinette’s graduation a truck load of her family members showing up and giving her 20 bouquets of flowers and teddy bears and stuff and take ten thousand pictures. And then when they call her name for her diploma the whole family pack explodes and gets loud and embarrassing with fog horns and posters and foam fingers and cheers her name until she walks back to her seat. She’s so embarrassed. Then it’s Adrien’s turn (cuz reverse last name order just because) and there’s just Natalie with the streaming tablet for Gabriel (no surprise) and I guess his driver is there too being the only one clapping quietly. Poor thing just looks at the ground while he walks the stage. Then as soon as he gets his diploma, Sabine shouts so freaking loud “THATS MY SON! MY SON IS GRADUATING!” And Natalie and Gabriel are so confused but get no time to react before Marinette’s family explodes once again with the air horns and the noise makers and shouting how proud they are of him. Adrien almost cries on stage and he’s wiping his eyes as he sits next to Marinette. He totally surprises her by hugging her so tight and saying thank you. She smiles and hugs him back.
Then when it’s all over, they take another round of graduation photos. But this time the family makes sure to include their son.