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Recent JPN Teen Magazine Situation

when i first saw the translations of the new jpn teen magazine here i saw ppl being upset (which i dont blame) but i already knew right away it was fishy and figured those are all old interviews/festa from the past. and looking into it, i was right lmao, so no we gonna go into the details right now and compare the old to the new

part 1. sexy or cute question 


pt.2 describing the members







Pt.3 KBOYS x smart Magazine 2015 SS issue 



the text segment, i highlighted the things they said that was used for the new magazine

what hoseok “said” in the new magazine

q: long or short (hair) which do u like?
q: pants or skirt
“one piece (dress)”
q: sneakers or heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable (w.e the fuck this means)
 "high heels and fancy looks are no good"

old interview

what yoongi “said” in the new magazine 

q: long/short (hair) which do u like? tall/short?
“doesnt matter”
q: pants or skirt
“skinny pants" 
q: sneakers or heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable
“dressing up in different fashion”

old interview 

what jin “said” in the new magazine

q: long or short (hair) which do u like?
q: tall or short?
“doesnt matter”
q: pants or skirt
“skinny pants" 
q: sneakers or heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable
“clothes that dont match ur age is no good”

old interview 

what tae “said” in the new magazine

q: long or short (hair) which do u like?
“short or long black hair”
q: tall or short?
“doesnt matter" 
q: pants or skirt
"skinny pants/skirt”
q: sneakers/heels?
q: smthn thats nonnegotiable
“fashion similar to mine”

yall get the idea, im too lazy to do the other three lol you can find the old interview here

as for the ugly skin type preference question, im just gonna assume they used old interviews as well like i mean…thats what they did for the other questions so like lol namjoon, jin and tae said they liked pale skin back in the old days, jimin and hoseok never said anything which is why the magazine said it didnt matter, yoongi was fucking weird bc im pretty sure vato said he didnt care at all abt appearance multiple times and as for jeongguk, early 2014 he said he preferred pale skin and then after ahl he said he preferred tan skin which is why the magazine said he liked both

so BAM none of this shit is new, thank god, its all old shit piled up together, modified and then got called “new”

HOWEVER with the skin preference question i didnt appreciate how some of ya tried to defend bts smh what was said was ugly but luckily its in the past, just be aware of the things bts said before and know its wrong, you can still support them while doing that


“The fuck are you wearing ?” - Wolverine x Reader

I saw a deleted scene from Reel Steel where Hugh Jackman is shirtless and then puts on a shirt, and besides the fact that he’s incredibly sexy, I couldn’t help but think…”What the fuck is he wearing ?” cause that shirt is…I don’t know I just find it funny. So…Here we go with a short and shitty Wolverine thing, because…Yeah. Boom, here, hope you’ll like it

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


It was still rather early in the morning when you felt Logan’s side of the bed shift, and you groan as he slipped the arm that was under your head away, and stood up. You slowly opened one eye. In the light of the rising sun, you could see his naked silhouette gathering some clothes from his wardrobe. Damn he looked good. You wanted him to come back to bed…

-Logan, honey, it’s like - you quickly looked at your alarm clock- 6 am…Oh my god it’s 6 fucking am ! It’s Sunday, and you’re up at 6 am. The Hell is wrong with you ? 

You heard him chuckle as he put on some boxers and pants. You gave him a disappointed pout, because you wanted to check him out some more, and he just smiled at you, giving you one of his sexy wink he reserved for you only.

-I promised Cap’ we’d go on a motorcycle ride today, road trip you know. So we can talk about old times and such. 

You rolled your eyes to the sky, but couldn’t help the smile creeping on your face. To the surprise of many, the Wolverine was actually a great friend. Once you went threw his layers of being a bit rough and broody and a “lone wolf”, he was great to be around. He was always there for his close one, and if someone needed him, wether it was to talk, get drunk, or just hang out…He was up for it. Still, you sometime had trouble sharing. 

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I Hate History

 Author: bvidzsoo

 Warning: light swearing, smut

 Pairing: Park Chanyeol x female reader

 Word count: 5, 925

 Summary: You always hated history. Maybe because your previous teacher was a nightmare, you weren’t sure….One day, a very hot and young teacher introduces himself as Park Chanyeol, your new History teacher. In some ways you’re glad that you have a hot teacher, but you also find him weird. Things turn out diferently when you have to make a project with him.

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Edgy Fluff Hcs

A promise is a promise and i am a onion of my words;

  • Dark tends to have a lot of muscular problems due to how stressed and overwhelmed he is in a constant daily basis, he often suffers a lot of spine/back pain and headaches due to this. 
    Anti is totally aware of this and that is why when Dark is laying down ( when he ever lays down) Anti sits on him so he doesn’t move and starts doing massages on his upper back. 
    You can hear the cracking Dark’s back while he does so, those were very needed.
  • Then Dark stretches like a grumpy cat and is tbh so pleased but won’t thank him cause that would mean being nice.
  • Anti says ‘you’re welcome’ anyways. 
  • Dark is fan of romantic movies with sad endings, Anti prefers action movies or horror with gore. 
    Even though its not what he prefers Anti sits through Dark’s old-timey novellas without complaining.
    He says he can hear Dark’s faint heart beat faster while he watches them though he is showing no emotion.
  • When dark is-uh- preparing the meat for a dinner he often invites Anti to do it because he knows how much he enjoys the gore of it. 
    Anti looks like a 5 year old with a new toy every single time. 
  • As i already said before, Dark washes Anti’s hoodies cause the virus is just lazy. But he does not stop there, poor man ends up doing the full laundry very often. 
  • Anti knows how soul wrecking (from his point of view) is to wash clothes so in a exchange he ends up cleaning Dark’s room. When it ever needs some sort of cleaning. 
  • Dark has a tendency of scratching the back of Anti’s ears when he does a good job on something. Anti loves it. 
  • Even though it is rare, when Dark has his downer moments Anti is the one to drag him out of his room or even medicate him accordingly. In these Dark is almost unresponsive so that takes a lot of effort. 
  • In the other hand when Anti has his psychotic episodes it always ends up with Dark hugging Anti tight and locking him on place so he does not create any more havoc on their home. Anti does the impossible to break free, from mutilating the back of Dark with his claws of chewing his neck out, still does not work because Dark is determined in not moving, no matter how much it hurts. It takes at least a week for Dark to recover from the bad ones, which is why under his neat suit sometimes he is wrapped in bandages.
  • Even though these two are constantly colliding due to how different they are, they managed to have a working and healthy (in their sense) living environment. These took years to generate. You can say they finally learned to appreciate the differences they have.
  • Dark has a collection of ties, Anti tries to help by stealing getting him new ones, even though he is not aware, Anti has a terrible fashion sense and the ties end up being awful in patterns.
  • Dark still uses these ugly af ties his fav one is the one with the ugly flamingos on it. 
  • The main reason Dark got into cooking ( and is now a amazing chef) and hunting is because in the early days Anti would simply not eat at all.
    This would end up in him being a sack of bones for days which Dark found both disturbing and worrying. 
  • “What type of food you like?”
    “A type i cannot get locked up in here.”
    “Try me”
  • Oh and let me mention of cheesy Anti gets when he tries to calm down a furious Dark.
    “No it is not, i would sell Mark to Satan for a corn chip and you know that. I’m here and I listen, please calm down, it’s okay, tell me what is bothering you.”
  • Anti wears Dark’s suits when he is out of clean clothes, these often are too big for him so they look hilarious on him, except the pants, the pants are always too short for Anti.

I have more so ya’ll let me know if you want me to write more.

If you think you’re worthless, stop scrolling right now and read.

I’m writing this for a specific mutual, but it isn’t only true for one person, so read on.

You know those inspirational posts you see people reblog every day?

Stuff about people all throughout history who failed and went bankrupt and were depressed and were told they weren’t good enough - and yet somehow they rose above it and defied all those notions to become heroes and legends and history makers and culture movers. And the post always ends with “so don’t be hard on yourself when you mess up” and it’s all nice and sweet and pretty. Maybe you scroll past them. Maybe you hardly ever see them on your dash at all.

Maybe you’re among those who reblogs these posts.

But maybe every time you hit the reblog or the like button, your brain is whispering “this isn’t about you” and “yes people can do amazing things, but not you” and “ah yes amazing stories, too bad it will never happen to you” and you listen to these whisperings and you laugh and shake your head…

Because you know exactly where you stand: worthless. irredeemable. a loser. a lost cause.



Listen to me.

As your friend.

As a stranger who doesn’t know you. Who doesn’t have to know you, or your failings, or your depression, or your anxiety, or your embarrassments, or your deepest darkest most heinous crimes.


Just stop.

Look up. Look around you. Open. Your. Eyes. Are they open? Good. Keep them open. Don’t ever close them again. See the world. See you: a human being, valid, flawed, journeying, changing, growing, scraping, failing, rising, a masterpiece that will never be made again.

You are beautiful. You who think you are overweight and lazy. You are beautiful. You who think you are stupid and uneducated. You are beautiful. You who think you are a loser, and amount to nothing. You are beautiful. You who bleed and ache and never rest. You are beautiful.

You have worth.

Want to know a secret? If you wake up in the morning and tell yourself you’re not going to amount to anything that day, then you aren’t going to. If you go to bed at night thinking nothing will change tomorrow, then you are going to change nothing.

Because you’ve resigned yourself to that lie. And it is a lie, friend. A straight-out, soul-condemning, out-of-the-pit, self-deprecating, self-pitying lie. A lie you don’t have to believe. A lie you should not believe.

If you stand in the corner and bow your head and stare at the ground, you’ve already lost the battle without fighting. This is a surrender in which there is no honor, and in it there is no hope.

Life isn’t easy, friend. Life isn’t fair. It’s hard. And getting things done is hard. Some days, just getting up out of bed is hard. Just breathing. Just doing homework. Just going to work. Just trying to keep the dishes and trash from overflowing.

But we do it anyway.

Why? Because there’s life to live. There are choices to be made. Jokes to laugh at. Awkward conversations to be had. Art to mess up and start over on. Jobs to work. Pizza to be eaten.

We do it anyway.

So guess what?

You do it anyway too.

Why? Because of this:

You are special.

Right now, this second, turn off the voice that hears these Disney-fied words and scoffs and ignores them. Listen.

There is not a human being who has ever lived or ever will live on this planet that is not important, that is not here for a reason. No life is worthless, and most certainly not yours. My God doesn’t make worthless things, and he doesn’t make mistakes. There are no extra pieces in this universe, no spare parts. He made you. And he made you for a purpose, and that purpose is not to sit in your room, afraid to try, afraid to love, afraid to hope, afraid to climb and fall and hurt and get back up again.

Want to know another secret? You aren’t alone. Every single human being in the history of everything has struggled with feeling worthless at some point in their life. Every single one. That is not a lie. Your feelings of worthlessness are not what is special about you. You are what is special about you. The God who created you is what is special about you.

No matter what you’re going through, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what you have failed to do, someone else has gone through worse. Sometimes, a lot worse.

Oh, now you feel invalidated. “Why can’t I just believe in myself? Other people have it worse, I shouldn’t complain, I should just try harder, but I know trying harder isn’t going to help, so what’s the point.”

Guess what?

Stop that too.

Stop it dead in its tracks.

Kill that thought. Every day. Every morning. Every minute it shows its ugly lying face. Kill it and put it to rest. Stack headstones on top of it and move away, far far way, friend.

Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t know where you’ve been, but you don’t know where I’ve been either. Don’t ignore hope because you think it’s for other people. Don’t keep yourself from making an effort, and pushing yourself forward. Bury the lie. You have worth. You are loved. You are important. God does not make worthless things.

One of my favorite lyrics says “How does it end when the war that you’re in is just you against you against you? You’ve got to learn to love, learn to love your enemies too.”

Learn to love.

Your enemy.


Start learning to see you the way God sees you.

See you the way I see you.




Just at the very beginning.

Every single day you wake up is a brand new start.

A bright new chance. Every. Single. One. You will never stop getting chances for as long as you are here, so why dismiss them? Isn’t that the most beautiful thing there is? You get to keep trying. Every single day. You have the gift to go again, try again, start again, live again, breathe again, hope again.

Guess what. When the morning is wasted, the afternoon is still there. When the afternoon is wasted, the evening is still there. When the evening is wasted, the night is still there. And then morning comes again.

So the next time you see a motivational post, an inspiring reblog, a story about how someone overcame something horrible, and turned it into something amazing, look long and hard and take courage, find hope in that. Stop dismissing it as being from a universe you have no part in. Stop putting yourself to that measuring stick and turning away because you’re not there yet.

You’re looking at the end result. At some point, they were standing in your shoes. They couldn’t see the end. They couldn’t see what they might or might not amount to. They had no idea, just like you now. Just exactly like you.

Hope, my friend. Every time you start to think “I can/will never” do this or that or amount to anything or accomplish anything… Hope. Stop those thoughts immediately. Kill them. Bury them. Never stop burying them. They are lies and you are better than them.

Drive them out. Open your eyes. Look around. Pick yourself up. Brush away the tears. “I will try. My God doesn’t make worthless things, so I am not worthless. My God does not create without meaning, so I have meaning. I am here for a reason. Today I will live to find out what that reason is for today. And tomorrow I will hope again.”

Life is hard, my friend. Stop beating yourself up. You are worth more and capable of more than you can ever imagine or hope or dream. Don’t let your past or present failures stop you or beat you down. Keep going, keep hoping, keep killing the lies. You are bigger than them, you go beyond them. And God is greater, and he knows your heart. Trust him. Wake up. Open your eyes. Move forward. Keep your eyes open.

“You’ve got all that emotion that’s heaving like an ocean
And you’re drowning in a deep, dark well
I can hear it in your voice that if you only had a choice
You would rather be anyone else

I love you just the way that you are
I love the way He made your precious heart

Be kind to yourself
Be kind to yourself

I know it’s hard to hear it when that anger in your spirit
Is pointed like an arrow at your chest
When the voices in your mind are anything but kind
And you can’t believe your Father knows best

I love you just the way that you are
I love the way He’s shaping your heart

Be kind to yourself
Be kind to yourself

Well how does it end when the war that you’re in
Is just you against you against you
Gotta learn to love, learn to love
Learn to love your enemies too

You can’t expect to be perfect
It’s a fight you’ve gotta forfeit
You belong to me whatever you do
So lay down your weapon, darling
Take a deep breath and believe that I love you

Be kind to yourself
Be kind to yourself
Be kind to yourself

Gotta learn to love, learn to love
Learn to love your enemies
Gotta learn to love, learn to love
Learn to love your enemies too

chivalrouswarrior  asked:

Why is the fandom so fascinated with the idea that the Others (White Walkers) are somehow good? Many of the characters in the series are clearly evil (Euron, Ramsay, and Gregor come to mind) so why do people have such a hard time accepting that the primary antagonists of the series are evil as well? I apologize if you have already answered this question before, but it's something that has always perplexed me.

Originally posted by spacetool

Yeah, I’ve been strugglin’ with this one for a while now. There’s zero indication in the books that we’re headed for a twist of this kind–even if we get the show’s reveal regarding the Others’ origins (which I have issues with, especially RE the timeline), that’s not the same thing as their intentions being misunderstood, let alone relatable or benevolent. A lot of the argument revolves around this line from GRRM:

“I mean the orc-like creatures who always do dress in black and…they’re really ugly and they’ve got facial deformities or something. You can tell that if somebody’s ugly, he must be evil…We don’t need any more Dark Lords, we don’t need any more, ‘Here are the good guys, they’re in white, there are the bad guys, they’re in black. And also, they’re really ugly, the bad guys.’ ”

This quote, however, doesn’t suggest that there are not embodiments of evil in ASOIAF. It just suggests that it’s lazy and problematic to have your villains always look evil and ugly and your heroes always look heroic and attractive. That’s why Cersei is beautiful, why Qyburn looks friendly, and why the Others resemble not Tolkien’s orcs but his elves. On the flipside, it’s also why Yoren is ugly, smelly, and grumpy while still being the truest of Night’s Watchmen and why Mance is mild-mannered and utterly average-looking despite his reputation (which precedes him by two books) suggesting a larger-than-life badass. And yes indeed, regardless of what he says on the subject, GRRM certainly hasn’t shied away from creating unambiguously monstrous characters; the closest one gets to sympathizing with Gregor is that he has migraines, and Euron… honestly, the Crow’s Eye just ends that particular argument. 

It’s whatcha got inside that counts (GRRM being the world’s biggest Beauty and the Beast fanboy), and despite the Others being beautiful on the outside, they are pure death on the inside, as both Old Nan and GRRM’s pitch letter make unmistakably clear. To grab another relevant quote from the author, this time describing the Others to an artist:

“The Others are not dead. They are strange, beautiful… think, oh… the Sidhe made of ice, something like that… a different sort of life… inhuman, elegant, dangerous.”

So the appropriate reference point for the Others would be fairytales (and as much as Tolkien’s, Terry Pratchett’s Elves), which is why they steal children, kill livestock, toy with their human victims, and walk on the snow like Legolas. Or take this one:

“…and it is important that the individual books refer to the civil wars, but the series title reminds us constantly that the real issue lies in the North beyond the Wall. Stannis becomes one of the few characters fully to understand that, which is why in spite of everything he is a righteous man, and not just a version of Henry VII, Tiberius or Louis XI.”

And what does Stannis have to say about the role of the Others in the storyline?

“When the cold winds rise, we shall live or die together. It is time we made alliance against our common foe.”

The idea that a revelation is coming wherein humanity has misunderstood the Others’ intentions and that the latter are just trying to survive, responding to a pact being broken, or whatever else misunderstands the structure of the story. ASOIAF is not about people being bigoted against the Others and needing to recognize their commonality; that story’s in there, but it’s about the wildlings, not the Others. ASOIAF is about people having forgotten the Others. It’s not dehumanization, it’s mythology and the mists of time obscuring the horrible truth: the monsters in the children’s stories are real, and they’re back.

The argument goes that ending the story with a showdown with the Others (which, for the record, has been consistently set up throughout the series) would betray the anti-war message, but one of the key tenets of the anti-war message is that the war has made us fatally vulnerable to the Others. Take it from the man who’s going to let them in:

“Crow’s Eye, you call me. Well, who has a keener eye than the crow? After every battle the crows come in their hundreds and their thousands to feast upon the fallen. A crow can espy death from afar. And I say that all of Westeros is dying. Those who follow me will feast until the end of their days.”

That’s why it’s so important when Stannis makes the decision to turn his back on King’s Landing and go north to find “the foe I was born to fight.” That really loses its charge if the apocalyptic supernatural threat is not, in fact, an apocalyptic supernatural threat. 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Got back from the Kingsman double bill a bit ago and am trying to put my brain into words even though I’m very tired and a bit numb and I smuggled five hours’ worth of gin into the cinema in an Evian bottle so I’m as drunk as Harry at breakfast time.


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The Same.

-Junhoe x Reader

-When Junhoe agrees to babysit his niece, he would never in a million years expect the little tyke to turn his life upside down in the most unexpected way possible.


-I notice there isn’t too many writing of iKon maknae line out. I really wanna change that because all 7 of them are so awesome. I don’t wanna get stuck on just doubleB, which I do notice most of my writing is for them. I hope to put out more of the other boys.

Originally posted by secondleadclub


“H-Hello?” The shaky voice spewing out from the speaker of your phone had your entire apartment halts in movement. It can’t be… Couldn’t be…

“Y/n?” Then it speaks up again, clearer this time, not a trace of hesitation in the way it so velvety wrapping your name in its soft tone. It was as though God had temporarily pressed pause on the movie that is your life. The TV was still blaring but falling on your deaf ears. The air sullen, sinking fast as cold wind rushing in from the seemingly warm spring day outside. Everything took on such a solemn note, almost peaceful. Your dog, Mattias, had stopped squirming around on the carpet, instead laying there with his legs up in the air gazing at you with inquisitive eyes. He must’ve heard it too.

“Jun..Junhoe?” You’re scare to speak up, to confirm that it is what you and your handsome boy, who was now moving on to licking his paws on the floor, heard.

“Yea, it’s me.” There it was again. Your brain still couldn’t register the familiar sound as anything but hallucination. It can’t be. You distinctively heard that annoying ringtone that you for the millionth time made a mental note to change but probably won’t.

“Uhm… Did you- I mean, hi.” Stuttering like a fool, you shut your eyes and grit your teeth in embarrassment even though he wasn’t there to see. The poor couch that had once hosted the owner of that voice during his many lazy day during his game session nearly break from you throwing your whole weight onto it out of utter mortification.

“Hi… I-I. I’m so sorry, Y/n. You know I wouldn’t call unless it was really dire.”

“It’s alright. What’s wrong?” 

It was so strange to hear him speak with no hidden sadness, not even a trace of bitterness lace in the soothing voice. For so long you had longed for him to sound out your name in the amicableness from before. Not the before of the weeks leading up to the painful break up. The before of playfully throwing veggies at each other while dinner bubbles away on the hot stove. Back when you cracking up in ribs splitting laughter whenever he does something completely stupid during your annual Y/n + Junhoe grand adventure. In those days where you could confidently claim you had him begging for in between lustful moans of the night. In the days where you were still his girlfriend. 

“I’m really panicking right now. Hani, my niece, I’m suppose to babysit her today and… God, Y/n. I don’t know what to do. I tried everything. I even freaking threaten to take her home if she don’t stop. I don’t know what else to do- I. Why did you made it look so easy when you babysat her. What do I do?” His voice wavers worse than a baby tree in a category 1 hurricane. He rans without even breathing and judging his heavy breaths, he must be really desperate.

“Slow down, Junhoe. Breathe. Listen to me. Breathe! It won’t do neither of you good if you pass out. Now, slowly, tell me what happened.” A few long breath could be heard huffing into the receiver end of his phone before a long sigh follows up with dead silent. You lean back in your chair, discomfort forcing its way out from how strange this all feel. 6 months, 6 months of nothing since the break up. He didn’t even grace you with the tiniest bit of salvation for your  aching heart even after you saw him arm in arm with the gorgeous cheery brunette that practically bounce her way down the busy street. 

“It started out so nice. We went to the park, we played, we watched movies. Then all of the sudden she won’t eat, she won’t play, she won’t listen to me. She just sat there and sulk. Then she threw a fit and spilled her lunch all over herself. I got irritated and she cry and now I wanna cry to and now she’s- She’s mad at me and I’m mad at her now too… and then…” The passion in his words dies out leaving you on the edge of your seat, anticipation coursing through your mind with all the worst scenarios. Above it all, why did he just call his girl. Why you.

“And then?” You whisper gently, careful not to shook anymore stress on the man that must be tearing his hair out by now.

“And then she, uh, she asked for you. She told me that it was all my fault you never come around anymore. You would know what she wants and all I do is just mess everything up. She’s crying so much that I don’t know what to do anymore, Y/n.”  The softness in his voice falters with the last syllable of your name. The before of sadness feigning its joyful counterpart of the break up week suddenly flood your mind with its present.

“I’m so sorry, Junhoe. I tried to explain to her that I had to leave…” You had always felt guilty for leaving everything in this wonderful part of your life you shared with him. Most of all, you felt the guilt of ruining the ultimate trust he gave you when he introduced his wonderful family to you.

“It’s not your fault. Kids, they just don’t understand breakups you know.” You cringe at the way the cursed word rolled off his tongue. Breakups. It’s such an ugly word to be tainting such a beautiful man with a kind heart and loving soul.

“Yea… I’m still sorry… for everything.”

“Thank you”

You both stay silent for how long, you didn’t really know. No doubts the rush of reminiscing, of running through all the wonderful memories you both made together also affected him because you could’ve sworn you heard that infectious chuckle of his. Somehow, somehow that made you smile even under all the tear you were shedding. 

“Did you want me to calm her down?” Deciding the silent was deafening enough, you speak up to clear the air. “Junnie? you there?” 

“uh, uhm, yea.” He cleared his throat, not a question in your mind that he caught himself on the endearing nickname you had always used. You on the other hand, hadn’t even caught it yourself. “Can I bring her over to your place? You still live in the same place right?”

“Yea, of course. You sure you don’t want me to come over there instead, easier?” You muse over his strange request seeing how it was much easier for one adult to make a trip rather than a 5 years old and a man child.

“I- I’m moving. Most my stuffs is already packed up so I figured it’d be easier over at a place with real household items.”

“Oh, I see. Why didn’t you just call your sister? Or your mom?”

“They’ve been so stress so I agree to help out… I don’t wanna be useless. I’m sorry.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. Just come over, you know your way. See you soon.”

“See you!”

30 minutes. 30 minutes it took you to realize what you had just agreed to. 30 minutes to realize the man you’re still hopelessly in love with that was no longer hopelessly in love with you was driving over with his 5 years old niece. 30 freaking minutes to realize you look like shit and your apartment even worse. 

“Shit. Why did I do this to myself” was the last thing you could utter before huffing away to a hot shower and a quick 10 minutes hair make up session. Praise the lord for the walk in closet because your mess of a room had just cleaned itself in the 2 revolution the long hand of the clock took. You had just thrown all the windows open when that familiar ding dong yanks your attention toward that white door. Your heart drums with all its might knowing just who stands just beyond that piece of wood. Nerve wrecks every cell in your body as you reach out to the cold piece of metal keeping you away from him. 

“Hey! Oh my God, Hani! Come here you little monkey!” 

“Auntie!!! YAY!” 

No sooner than the door slam into the wall with all the might a 5 years old could exerts, she was already in your arm clinging on like the monkey she is. 

“You’re so heavy now. I don’t think I can carry you anymore… Oh no, I’m gonna drop you!”

Loud shrieks tearing through the house luring a very exciting doggie charging toward the familiar laugh of the five years old. They were best buddies, inseparable since Hani was barely walking and Mattias was barely learning how to properly use his tiny puppy paws.

“MATTY!” She yelps for you to let go before the two of them dance happily in circle, whizzing away to your bedroom. Silent sinking over the warming apartment once again as you eye an awkward Junhoe standing there juggling with what you presume is Hani’s luggages. 

“Hey you!” You headed for a hug before crash and burn into that invisible wall of boundaries. Were your hugs still welcome? Would it makes him feel odd being pull into the arms of his ex?

“Hey. Sorry for barging in. I, you know I wouldn’t bother you unless I really needed to.” Tottering over, you couldn’t help but wince at the way his eyes tracing out the metal edges of your lock box, for certain recalling the many times exhilaration ran through his fingers as he type in the code to your place.

“Yea, it’s no problem. I miss her. Come on in…”

He shuffles in, shucking off his shoes and placing them where he had always for the past 3 years you had occupied this quaint apartment. You remember the day when you both finished putting the place together. He had so specifically left an empty spot just on the bottom shelf of your shoe rack. You tilted your head in confusion, wondering what his reasoning was. To which he simply said “What? I gotta leave my shoes somewhere…”. Needless to say it jolted his heart to see the spot remains empty. Staring about now, he’s drinking in as much of this familiar yet strange space that was once 2nd home.

“The lock… It’s the same code. I saw you staring.”

“Oh” A nervous chuckles adores you with its crisp sound. “I see.” 

“How’ve you been? how’s the girlfriend?” Bitter is all you can taste saying that word.

“I’m good. No girlfriend… You?” Bitter is all he could taste thinking about another man touching you.

“I’m okay… No boys, just Mattias over there. I saw you with that girl…” You feel disgusted with yourself for even prying so hard but you needed to know. You just want to feel that security of having him to yourself.

“Oh, just a friend. We were actually lost, the whole group got separated and yea, we didn’t wanna lose each other too. She’s not from around here and getting lost would be a big problem.” Your heart grin from hearing the perfectly logical explanation of why she was clinging onto him so tightly.

“Ah, I see.” he sways around a bit, awkwardly smiling at you.

“Should I give the little one a shower? You said she spilled lunch all over herself…” This was strange. Way to strange for your liking. There stand the man you had seen countless time trekking across this place butt naked with a bottle of water in his hand. Yet here he was, acting like he just entered a stranger’s home. It hurts.

“Yes, thank you. You know I was never good with this… you did most of it. I don’t know what I was thinking accepting to babysit.” Your voice cut his trance short as his soul nearly leaving his body. Holding out the two backpacks full of stuff, he smile awkwardly, not really sure where the lines were being drawn.

“It’s no problem. Just, you know where everything is… I’ll be back.”

He watches as you disappear into that room, that sacred place of love, of lust, and of the life he misses so dearly. He’s scare, terrify in fact to peer through the door once again fearing he might find things he wouldn’t like. Things that remind him you’ve moved on. So he settles on the couch, listening to the loud giggles emanating from the bathroom. The golden rays dance on his skin just the same as it had many afternoons before watching you cook from this very couch. As if sensing his memory lane, Mattias had taken upon himself to crawl right next to his other master that he loves so much but haven’t seen in a long time. If he could speak, you were sure the pup would throw an even bigger fit than Hani.

“Auntie can we go get ice cream later?” The little tyke hopping excitingly in one place, sprinkling little droplets of water all over your floor.

“Yes, if you eat lunch and take a nap and listen to your uncle.” Wrapping her in a big towel, you dried her off before pulling on the small PJ with bunnies print you had gotten for her birthday not too long ago.

“Okay. I feel bad for making uncle sad. I didn’t mean to cry but I miss you. Uncle wouldn’t let me call you so I cried.” Her eyes reddening from the overrunning guilt. You couldn’t help but feel your heart cracking a bit further knowing this was half your fault. You knew you had to cut off all contact for Junhoe’s sake, for your sake. Never once during the breakup did you both consider the collateral damage and casualties you’d both leave in the wake of the separation. 

“It’s okay. He thought I was busy so he said that. Next time, how about I call you first??” You coo, pulling the sadden girl into your arms.

“Yea! I miss Matty too.” 

“We can take him to the doggie park later too. If your uncle says okay.” You force a smile for the kid but deep down, this was all too close to heart for your own comfort.

“Auntie… I know you and uncle doesn’t love each other anymore. It’s okay if you don’t want to see me. I just miss you, he misses you too. We just wanna see you. I know it makes you sad to see uncle. He’s very sad too. I saw him crying when he saw me looking at your pictures on the computer.” You were in the process of getting lunch ready but now, now you found yourself standing there like a statue being rain on. You hadn’t cry about Junhoe in so long. You thought you couldn’t anymore but little Hani’s honest words… They cut deep. So instead, you drop to your knee and let the little one hold you close, petting your hair as you shed your tear.

“Hani, I love you uncle very much. I miss him too. It’s just sometimes, sometimes adults have to do things they don’t like for the people they love. Sometimes we have to say goodbye but that doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. Doesn’t mean I don’t wanna see you. I wanna see you everyday. Matty wanna see you everyday. Next time just tell your uncle to call me, okay?” You smile to calm the little one down.

“You swear?”

“Pinky swear. Now let’s get you lunch and nap.”

Hand in hand, you both turn to walk toward the bedroom door when you could’ve sworn you just miss the blur of the tousle of black hair rushing away from the door. Pushing it to your weary mind playing trick, you both skip happily to lunch time. 

Your kitchen hadn’t had this much laughter since, well since before the breakup. Lunch came and go in a flash and you were now tucking the little one tightly under your blanket. She smile cheekily before planting a big kiss on your cheeks, whispering sleepily to not tell her uncle. 

Sauntering back to the living room now, you wonder where the dog and his master had gone in the 2 hours it took for Hani to finally tuckered out. You let our eyes wander not even a minute when they land upon the sweet sight of Junhoe’s large body cuddling up a sprawl out Mattias. The dog had him whipped since the first day you both adopted him from the rescue. Always napping together, could never got himself to put the four legged son in time out. Junhoe tightly shut eyes wincing a bit when Mattias stretches himself, kicking and whining in his dream. This is the sight you had always come to associate this place with, your life with. Who would’ve thought in such a short time, you’d lose all the hope and dream of a fun filled future with the sleepy man before you. Settling down just beside the boys on the floor, you reach out to scratch Mattias’s belly before hovering above Junhoe’s dark locks. He loves getting a good scalp massage to fall asleep to and you honestly love giving him one. You stare for a moment before the sinful lull of selfishness taken over. Dropping your fingers onto his fringe, you sweep the soft strands out of his forehead, lingering on his soft skin, basking in the cologne that still remains the same after 6 years of being together.

You could feel his eyes stirring a bit, life returning to his sleepy gaze as you shoot away toward the kitchen.

“Hey, where’s Hani?”

Damn that husky voice. Junhoe possesses the voice of angels, so delightful and sweet. When he sings, you could feel your heart skip several beats from how beautiful he is. But then there was the gruff in his voice when he just waking up, so low and so rough that it got you lost in him.

“She’s sleeping, probably 10 minutes now. You want lunch? I can reheat some stuff for you…” You avert your gaze, hand wiping the same spot for the 5th time in the past few minutes.

“I’m okay.” You could see him glancing around, taking note of the changes with a few nods of his head. “Everything is pretty much the same here…”

“Not everything. Lots of things changed.” You rush out the answer, hoping he hadn’t heard it.

“Yea it is. You extensive mug collection is still on the cabinet that’s way too high for you to reach. The bowls and plates still in the left bottom cabinet. You even organize your fridge in the same way. Matty’s bed is still in the corner next to the sliding door. I haven’t seen your room yet but I’m sure it’s the same.” He lists with a slight chuckle with all the intention in the world to lighten to mood.

“I moved the utensil drawer. It’s above the bowls and plates now. Made more sense that way. You grab your utensils then you grab your food holders. I don’t leave my water in the fridge door anymore, I got a big water cooler now. Easier that way.” You were feeling your tear creeping up on you, wiping that spot for the 10th time. “I can’t cook dinner for two anymore. It took me 3 months to even remember not to buy two serving of everything. Veggies don’t fly in the kitchen anymore, they’re just boring old veggies that lay around where you put them down. I don’t come home to your voice singing out my name anymore. I can’t jump into your arm. I can’t kiss you. I can’t cuddle you on rainy day. You don’t make me tea anymore. They’re all still there you know. You never took your tea collection when you left. I-I can’t go to bed expecting the sheet and cover already warmed up. I don’t have to complain about you leaving your products all over the bathroom sink. I guess that’s one good thing. I can’t take care of you when you’re sick and gross and icky. I don’t travel anymore. I don’t go get a salt and butter donut then a coffee every Sunday morning anymore. I’m not yours… And I can’t call you mine… So please tell me, Junnie, in what world is everything “the same””. 

You spin around briskly, throwing the towel onto the floor throwing your hands up in an air quotation mark in snide. You can’t bother hiding the tear anymore. All your emotion of 6 months of constant suppressing exploded. He stood there wide eyes but already lunging forward to pull you into his chest. 

“Damn it, Junhoe. Why did we even break up in the first place?” You sob into his chest feeling the knots in your hair loosen with each pass of his fingers. You feel all the frustration of going against the grain of life seeping out.

“Because we weren’t going anywhere… remember? We got stuck in this routine life that was just stomping in one place. I was struggling to move up in the world and you, you weren’t getting any warmer with the idea of settling down and getting marry. But I have a feeling you’re not asking for the reason…” He coos so tenderly the painful reminder of why you were sleeping alone every night.

“No… Why did it all seemed so complicated back then…Why did we agree to this shitty lonely life.” Your arms tighten around his body, squeezing out all the darkness as he chuckles.

“Because we were dumb and young.”

“We’re still the same age now as when we parted you freak!” He laughs at the seemingly ease you could crack a comeback even when you’re ugly crying.

“Fine. Because we’re a bit wiser now than we were before. We’ve been together for so long and I think we just needed a reminder of what it feels like to be on our own. Honestly, I hated every single second of the past 6 months. I knew it was mutual and I have no right but God, I got so angry when I saw your Instagram that you were getting tea with that guy from your work. Tea is my thing. You were only suppose to drink the one I pick. Then I laughed because there I was, getting angry over tea. But you know what? I realized i miss you so damn much.”

You nearly choke on that sentence. You wanted so badly to come home to that sentence but you couldn’t bring yourself to ask for it. Not when you both decided to part way. His lips find themselves resting on your damp cheek as he whispers “i miss you” over and over until you dug your face so far into the crook of his neck the kisses couldn’t reach you anymore.

“I knew I said we always do the same thing and it got so abhorrently boring but I miss it. I would sell my soul to have those “boring” date back. I knew it was just a fluke this morning when you called me Junnie over the phone but it had my heart doing flips and my stomach sick with butterflies. Then earlier when you told Hani you miss me, I’m surprise I had enough self control not to kiss your lips off then and there.” 

You sob out a laugh from the sweet words of your sassy man and he returns the same. You both stood there for so long just looking at the familiarities of each other and how they’re all suddenly seems to be glowing with all the lights of the stars above. His hands move to cup your cheeks gingerly to which you respond with the flutter shut of your eyes. Then you feel the intense heat of summer spreading from his soft lips. It breaches the barrier with the thrust of his tongue greeting yours. It burns down your throat as he moans into you, satisfies with your welcoming touches. Searing down your chest, your heart works itself into a stupor, drugging all your veins with love as you clutch onto the fabric of his shirt, pulling him closer. Finally your spent lungs gave out from the intensity of its all with a heavy pant.

“Please tell me we’ll get back together after this because if not, this would all be soooo embarrassing. Also, I’d really like it if you help me move. It’s been hell doing it myself.” He retorts, eyes gloss over with every drip of love he could offer despite the cheeky remarks.

“Yes, weirdo. I mean, who’s gonna fill that empty spot on my shoe rack. I guess I should also pay you back for moving me into this place.” a soft thud of your fist playfully tickles his chest as a much crisper laugh tears through your apartment. You didn’t wanna leave his arms and it seems he has no problem with it. You stay there in the kitchen that held so much memory and surely host of new ones. Your arms tight around him as you rest on his strong stature. He presses kisses here and there, relaying how much he needs you close. Once the tiredness settled into your legs, you drag him over to the couch surprising a still sleeping Mattias awake. He gladly gives up part of the couch for you to fall onto with Junhoe flushing tight against your back.

“You know earlier, when you were struggling with 2 backpacks and a fussy Hani, you really looked like a real dad. Kinda cute.” 

“Yea? Does it uh, does it makes you feel a certain way…?” He winks teasingly, words playful as he presses a kiss onto your lips.

“I don’t know. Should I be? Why don’t you enlighten me.” You refuse to relent to his mischievous words.

“If I look like a dad and you think it’s cute… Doesn’t it incite a motherly feeling in you? I mean, you look like a fearless mom that could handle a zombie apocalypse earlier laying down the law with Hani. I’m not saying you have to feel motherly any time soon… Just you know, eventually.” Hope glints gleefully in his eyes as he not so inconspicuously letting his finger rubs your own very specific one.

“Koo Junhoe, isn’t there something you need to ask me first before I should be feeling motherly?” You retort, flicking his forehead, watching him wincing in pain.

“Let me worry about that part, okay babe? I promise you, I’ll be here for the rest of your life. I will never, ever leave again.” Clutching onto your hands tightly, he let his heart speaks knowing he’s in a good place from here on out.

“I love you, Junnie.”

“I love you, baby.”

You both remain silent, basking in the peacefulness of a revived love. You spend your time staring at him, letting your fingers relearn all the dips and curve of Junhoe. He did the same, index running along your nose ridge, brushing your hair out of your face, poking your cheeks. Nothing but small giggles and kisses could be heard for the next hour until the gentle voice of a very sleepy Hani burst your bubble.

“Does this mean I get to sleep over whenever I want to again?”

Junhoe breaks into a laugh as you motion for the little one to come over. She jumps right in and wiggles herself neatly in the crack between yours and his body. She calls for Mattias as the happy pup wagging his tail your way, settling just beneath your feet continuing to snooze away. Her eyes close once again as you press a soft kiss on her hair, Junhoe doing the same.  He whispers to a giddy Hani before beaming brightly at you.

“Yes, kid. It does.” 

since i can’t seem to stop cranking out pynch oneshots this week have another one (with a side of bluesy because why not):

It may have started as a joke, but Adam’s not laughing now.

It’s been a few months since everything happened. Some things (Blue finally being able to kiss Gansey) have been easier to adapt to than others (Noah’s disappearance, Ronan and Adam finding themselves co-parenting a half-goat girl) but they’re making it work.

Truly, Adam’s biggest problem at the moment is trying to decide if he wants to keep one or both of his jobs over the summer to save up for any college expenses not covered by his (very, very generous) full-ride scholarship.

And Ronan’s current outfit. That’s definitely jumped to the top of Adam’s list of problems.

Henry had decided they needed more fun in their lives and that it was time they acted like the teenagers they are before September rolls around and everyone goes their separate ways (well, Henry, Blue and Gansey are going one way and Adam and Ronan are going two other ways but the point still stands).

His lease for the Litchfield house is up at the end of June and he decides to have one last blow out party to celebrate.

But not just any party.

A costume party.

“You do know it’s fucking June, right?” Ronan had muttered when Henry had burst into Monmouth carrying streamers and cans of glittery spray paint.

“That I do, Lynch. Which is why it’s a costume party and not a Halloween party.” Henry had said with a grin.

And that was that.

Now it’s the morning of the party and Adam’s having a hard time keeping his mouth shut as he sprawls out on the bed and watches his boyfriend get ready. Ronan, pissy about dressing up (“It’s a costume party Lynch I think you can chill out on the whole ‘I don’t lie’ thing in this particular case”) had decided that if he was going to be forced to be someone else for the night, then naturally it would be at Gansey’s expense.

One orange polo shirt and a pair of pressed khaki shorts later and Adam is having a crisis. He’s never really been into Gansey’s particular aesthetic (neither had Blue, actually, which Adam privately finds hilarious) but there’s something about Ronan wearing his signature items that’s doing something to him.

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Remember the people who complained/complains about Rose being drawn skinny (without claim AU) with good arguments?

These people had and still has the power of doing it because this character had been fat in the whole series without a massive art style changing how her body looks. (Ignoring minor details and bad people that insult, please, this post is not about talk about that)

Now you can’t do the same with Steven anymore (the character with most inconsistent art style in the whole series)

While he was pretty much presented as a fat kid without a doubt.

(First episode)

And then we got things like this.

(The trial)

Not one, not twice but several times at the point that this is the predominant style.

These ones, literally, no belly, not fat or even looks like how the used to. (The ‘new art style’ aka: chibi shrinking also affects most of the characters, making them smaller and thin, even Greg)

And the first art style which has been used to introduce the characters is now completely gone from the series since a lot of time. He’s supposed to be growing to be something like this. 

But honestly at this point… Does the Crew really care about the characters design/animation quality anymore? And make the characters look like they were supposed to look?

Steven “Crewniverse Zine” #3 for SDCC 2017 ! (Part 2) (off the record)

Is their show, after all, they have the right to do anything that they want…. That’s right. So, yes, guys, they made Steven Quartz Universe, not fat canon.

There may even be explanations for this, which does not imply that it is just bad/lazy animation… (Mathematically speaking…)

That’s why would still like and LOVE to know what they think. @stevencrewniverse @rebeccasugar or any Crew member about this.

And you know why I care so much about this?


And this is not only about Steven but the whole animation style that used to be way better!

AND even if I’m not fat, I’m aware of the several stereotypes that affect fat people when it comes to the media presentation, characters… I was so happy to see Steven as a nice fat character, a protagonist. I’m still happy with Greg (Ignoring his current chibi style) and I love him and I still proud that he’s nice character, and also a fat character that is not dumb, not a joke, not the      “Siddle stupid friend that thinks he’s ugly and it’s there’s just as the shadow of the ’‘pretty boy” protagonist’’ or any other stupid fat trope. I thought this show was kinda about fighting stereotypes inclusion with positive symbolism to support minorities or something. If I’m honest, I’m pretty sad about its current state.

Here you have more and better examples about the animation quality issue

What do you think people? Would you like to see this Steven come back?

PD: very sorry for my mediocre English!

A Slippery Situation

This fic was borne out of a silly conversation with @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash on this post. I hope that I did the idea justice. :)

Summary: Negan eats some questionable soup while working late and encounters an alternate version of himself. This “Other Negan” may be a little older and shorter than him, but he might just have some things to teach Negan about oil wrestling and the love that a man can share for his ruggedly handsome TV clone. 

Word count: 4,301

Warnings: Smut, Negan, Negan being Negan, Comic Negan being Comic Negan, submission, domination, anal sex, unsafe sex, oral sex, semen, drugs, mention of incest, mention of masturbation, and oil wrestling! Enjoy!

A Slippery Situation

From the very first spoon-full, Negan knew that the soup tasted funny, but went right ahead with his meal anyway. Hell, most things that came in cans had started to taste funny as they exceeded their best before dates by months and years. Besides this, the Sanctuary’s cooking staff were notoriously terrible at their job, so everything that left their kitchen tended to taste a slightly “off” at best, and barely edible at worst.

“I’ve gotta find some new kitchen bitches like fucking yesterday,” he grumbled to no one in particular as he raised the spoon to his lips and grimaced at the slightly sour taste that invaded his mouth.

The soup was so bad that on another day he probably would have had one of his men bring it back to the kitchen and tear a strip off of whoever was in charge of that night’s meal, but he was far too busy for those kind of shenanigans today. He braved his way nearly to the end of the bowl, trying to fill his empty stomach with the disgusting liquid while actually tasting as little of it as he could manage. He mostly succeeded and only retched once near the end when the soup had begun to cool to room temperature and the taste could no longer be masked by its initial scalding temperatures.

“Fucking good for nothing, lazy asshole fucking, so called fucking cooks. Fuck, fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuck!” he exhaled a long sigh of profanity after regaining control of his gag reflex, and pushed the nearly-empty bowl of soup away in disgust.

As he sat alone in his room, going over battle plans in preparation for another day of squabbling with Alexandria, he felt his mind wander back to the god-forsaken soup. Fucking Christ, how he wished he had time to personally march down to the kitchen and force-feed the cold leftovers of his meal to the first member of the staff he laid eyes upon. A tension headache began to gnaw into the centre of his forehead and he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, slamming his eyes shut.

“Oh fucking great! Just fucking marvelous! A fucking headache is all I need now…”

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anonymous asked:

I don't want them to be messing with us all these jokes and constant mentions about reysky especially today are getting my hopes up.

You know what? I want to help you maintain your hope, so I’m going to give you the best answer I can come up with at this very moment. It’s lengthy, but I think it’s just what you need.

I look at it as a way of telling us that Rey Skywalker is endgame (biologically or adopted and honored), and that we should not be overthinking this and having more fun. Of course, because of the actors’ NDA, they simply cannot confirm or deny anything. It doesn’t mean they can’t troll us from a certain point of view! ;)

Our reaction to Rey’s mysterious lineage was not what LucasFilm expected, at least not in the massive scale as it is currently. It is out of control, and it has reached a point where some people believe that her being a Skywalker weakens her character, but I do not believe it so.

I think people are fatigued by the obvious, because it was supposed to BE obvious. Rey’s lineage is not the twist here, if we search for one.

Why do I believe this?

1st: The lineage twist is infamous and predictable because of The Empire Strikes Back. To repeat the same twist in Rey’s lineage is not a solid execution on the writer’s part, and it would look extremely lazy in terms of story development, where it becomes the shock value that usually is required to allow conflict and growth to the character(s) involved. When Kylo Ren was revealed to be Ben Solo, it was revealed in a nonchalant manner, placing the shock value on the emotional and dark decision of the patricide he committed. Lineage was not his shock value, so why should Rey be different? Why not focus more on her actions and its impact on others, like the fandom often speculates with Kylo’s? Rey Skywalker gives that breath of ease, because it will not require a lot of backstory.

This is why I don’t always believe when other theorists claim that Rey coming from a different lineage will make her more interesting and impactful, because then they’re committing the same actions they accuse others of: Placing Rey’s importance according to her bloodline. Her actions often come second in these speculations, and that is unfortunate. What is worse is that there is even less evidence that strongly supports them. What is ugly is that few (thankfully) imply their desire for Rey to step down as the protagonist and place Kylo Ren in that position.

JJ Abrams himself has since commented that there was simply not enough time to reveal everything in one episode, and left Rian Johnson to develop Rey’s story even further. It’s a risk they chose, to keep the dialogue involving Rey’s lineage for TLJ and beyond, to give TFA more focus on the overall plot. The one scene Abrams got away with is when Rey encountered Luke. The central character of this trilogy, Luke Skywalker, always knows who Rey is.

2nd: Daisy Ridley. She has stated in the past that the visual context in The Force Awakens make it obvious who is Rey. Now, is this in reference of imagery or dialogue? This is still unknown.

If we look at the imagery for Rey in TFA, it remarkably parallels her to Anakin and Luke’s respective journeys, both being Skywalkers. Her appearance eerily resembles Shmi Skywalker. The bracelet on her left arm, the clothes, her beauty. All of it is simply remarkable and just cannot be a simple coincidence.

Maz’s quote refers to a ”whomever”, meaning there is no regard if it’s a person or people. Maz doesn’t know who Rey is waiting for, she simply wants her to stop the urge of returning to Jakku when there is nothing there for Rey. Her true destiny lies with Luke, where the light is guiding her through the Skywalker lightsaber, to which it called to her.

Also, the light. I think this is Anakin Skywalker through the force.

The lightsaber went to Rey not because she is stronger in the force than Kylo Ren, but because Ren rejected the light, thus making him no longer a “worthy” candidate to lead the path of the Skywalker legacy. He chose to worship Vader’s legacy. How is Rey a Skywalker because of this?

Because the Sequel Trilogy was not going to be about Anakin’s only grandchild, it was always going to be about Anakin’s grandchildren. The lightsaber rejected a confirmed character with Skywalker blood, to someone that believes herself to be a nobody. It’s the classical hero’s journey, and it’s awesome.

The music made by the brilliant Sir John Williams parallels Rey to the Skywalkers. He’s one of us, did you know that? He believes that Rey is a Skywalker too. It’s very important to add that if it wasn’t because of Rey, John Williams would have not return to score for The Last Jedi; it’s his favorite character in Star Wars. Listen to The Jedi Steps and you’ll see how Luke and Rey’s theme blend in as one wholesome melody. It’s magnificent.

3rd and last one for now: Rey was kidnapped from her clan. The abandonment of her on Jakku is most likely the “twist” because I don’t think it was part of the kidnapping. Something happened along the process, and we do not have this information, or anything involving Rey and the reasons of why she’s there. This was strongly implied by JJ Abrams in the 3D Blu-Ray edition’s film commentary.

It means what I’ve believed for a while: Rey is an unreliable narrator. She does not remember her parents, or who left her there. According to the books, she believes she was left there by “mistake”, but how is she certain? She believes her people will return, but who are these people if she doesn’t even remember them? I think that when we read or see Rey’s point of view, we are observing a persistent projection of her post-traumatic stress symptoms and other emotional traumas. I’ll cut her some slack and remind you that she did heard a (male, apparently) voice (in the novelization) promising her that the person was going to return for her. Why was this cut from the film? My answer is: It would have been obvious.


I hope this helped you out. Keep the faith alive!

A detail I want to speculate with you: When Rey hears the male voice, this does not necessarily mean that the person was there physically with her at the time of her kidnapping or abandonment. Like Rey’s dreams with the ocean on Ach-To, this voice was speaking through the force. She may have been hearing this voice (in her dreams) when she was already on Jakku and could not pinpoint what and who it was.

Jealous! au - Wooseok

Hey guys! It’s been a while! College is difficult and very time consuming (as a lot of you know) but I finally finished something for once! This scenario kinda seems all over the place cuz I was inspired by multiple things, but couldnt fully elaborate on just one. Nonethless, I hope you enjoy it :)

Originally posted by yeo1

(god i miss wooseok so much and this gif has a bf feel im dead)

  • Ok so lets just jump into this u and wooseok are a new couple
  • Like lets just say about a month there’s some substance there but not what it could be
  • How yall met was actually a funny story
  • (not important to the actual plot but let me live im inspired)
  • Ok so u guys met when u both were checking out at a convenience store, u were behind him in line
  • And u know hes tall af so ur like looking up like wtf whose mans is this why he so tall
  • And he just feels someone looking at him so he looks back and see u just looking up at him with a half puzzled half annoyed expression
  • So being the piece of shit that he is he decides to mock ur expression which makes you shook
  • You didnt realize that 1 you were making that face and 2 you were making that face at a very cute boy
  • And so ur first reaction is to just laugh and say “sorry I didnt realize i looked that ugly looking at you”
  • And his response is “ugly? I thought it was pretty cute”
  • Now both of yall are shocked u cuz wow is he just super nice or a fuckboy and him because wtf did he just say why did he say it out loud
  • So his cheeks get really red and based on that u decide hes just super nice and you give him your number instantly lol
  • U basically force him to take it but its ok he couldn’t say no
  • So u guys have an instant attraction which starts it all lmao
  • Ok so now to the actual plot
  • So u guys dont live together yet cuz that would be weird & he got pentagon
  • But he still is at ur apartment a lot so u guys do a lot of the long-time couple things like going to the grocery store together
  • And yall lazy af so these count as dates cuz then afterwards u cook something and watch a movie lol
  • Anyways so u and wooseok at the store being cute af you’re pushing the cart and hes holding the cart behind you trapping you and thats how yall walking cuz you’re embarrassing
  • And so yall are just walking through the aisles just shopping and picking out things to buy and he stops you for a second and grabs a certain snack and is like “i havent had these in forever! I didnt even know they sold them anymore!”
  • And without thinking you just say, “my ex used to love those so much. He would wipe out stores when they came back in stock he spent so much money on them.” and ofc youre laughing while youre saying this because its a funny memory theyre fucking snacks
  • And wooseok just stops, shoves the box back in its spot, and is just muttering, “nope. Were not having flashbacks. Not today.” while he’s gets back in his position behind u and pushes you away from them lol
  • So u decide to make this a game because its fun to mess with wooseok
  • Whenever he is about to pick up something you just mention something about your ex lol
  • Like wooseok reaches for milk? You instantly say “thats the kind he liked. Never drank any other kind”
  • and wooseok gives you a look cuz he knows what you’re doing but still ends up picking a different kind lol
  • Then when yall get to the eggs you pipe up “he lovedddd eggs”
  • And hes like “r u fucking kidding me. We need eggs tho…”
  • And is being dramatic af looking at u and the eggs deciding what he should do
  • And ur trying to hard to not laugh and ur like “wooseok just get the eggs”
  • But hes still fighting with himself lmao
  • So ur just like “we need them…if it makes you feel any better i’ll start thinking of you when i see eggs…”
  • And that has his attention and as he grabs them he’s like “why?”
  • “Because you look like an egg”
  • And he gives u an annoyed look but u know he’s secretly grateful lol
  • And after placing the eggs in the cart he returns behind you, kisses you on the cheek, and stays quiet lol
  • So weeks pass and you think the situation has blown over you basically forgot it happen
  • And wooseok doesn’t hold grudges, but he never forgets lmao
  • So u guys are just making breakfast one morning
  • And I would say wooseok would jokingly pretend to hold a grudge
  • So out of nowhere he will pipe up and be like “my ex used to make eggs soooooo well”
  • And youre just like “do they wanna come over and make them for us then? We both know I cant cook”
  • And his jaw basically drops on the floor and hes like “…youre…not jealous?”
  • So youre like “what? Why would i be?”
  • And hes childishly like “this is similar to the market incident…”
  • So youre like “oH…are you talking about when we bought these eggs that my ex used to love oh so much”
  • And hes like “sTOP” so 2 for you, 0 for wooseok hes not good at making you jealous lol
  • So ofc sometimes pentagon are gonna see this in action and be concerned…like are they in love or do they actually hate each other? Why do they constantly insult each other? Lmao
  • So one time u and wooseok are ruthless when insulting each other and some mentions of exes are brought up just to joke with each other
  • But ofc pentagon dont notice this theyre dumb and dont understand relationships obvs (jk u and wooseok just confusing and childish)
  • And so as u guys are at each other throats and play fighting yeo one is like “hey, Y/N can I talk to you for a moment?”
  • And youre like “sure?” and follow him out of the room
  • And hes just like “is everything ok?”
  • “What do you mean”
  • And he takes a deep breath and hes like “just so you know if things with you and wooseok arent going well I’m on your side and I’m here for you”
  • And ur problematic af and ur just like “oh really? Thanks for letting me know :)”
  • So u go back in the room with wooseok and tell him what he said and after being slightly offended he goes along with ur plan to prank pentagon
  • So at dinner you all are eating around the table and casually youre just like “hey guys wooseok and I are fighting without any context whose side would you be on?”
  • And instead of throwing themselves under the bus theyre all like “oh no tell us whats going on whats wrong”
  • And wooseok is just like “answer the question”
  • But ofc everyone is still shook and just trying to get answers and ur dramatic ass *improvised* plan is to pretend to start crying and start walking out the door
  • Moments later wooseok comes to you and yall are giggling like idiots thinking u fooled them and made pentagon feel guilty
  • So he brings u in acting like you made up and youre done crying
  • And pentagon all of a sudden start clapping and are like “Woo! You should be an actress Y/N!”
  • And you hear shinwon quietly shade you by saying “you should work on the crying tho….”
  • And yours and wooseoks faces fall and youre both like “you guys knew?”
  • And hui is just like “if the crying didnt give it away, the obnoxious giggling in the next room did”
  • And e’dawn is just like “yall aint slick”
  • And trying to defend your ass you’re like “well u guys should feel guilty yeo one actually said he would be on my side”
  • And everyone is shook and he’s trying to frantically explain himself
  • While all of this chaos is ensuing, wooseok wraps his arms around you from behind and mutters “just remember I’m the more attractive boy always on your side”
  • And in moments like these you cant insult him its not possible hes so loveable so u just cuddle him back
  • Therefore jealous wooseok is rare but joking idiot wooseok isnt

anon asks:

Hi! I really enjoy your asoiaf m/eta - I was wondering, do you think that Jaime is on his best way to become Tywins “true heir”, a scenario in which Brienne has a role similar to Joanna’s? I.e. Jaime’s genuine affection for her becomes his only sympathetic quality in the end, much like Tywin’s genuine love for his wife appears to have been is only truly likable trait? Not to reduce Brienne (or Joanna) to that alone, but it would emphasize Jaime’s doom and her rise nicely.

Hi, thank you! A couple things first, before I sink my teeth into the rest:

a) this is in no way an objective statement, but no matter how his arc ends, even if it goes the darkest way possible, Jaime has plenty of sympathetic traits (not necessarily qualities, mind) that allow me to find him relatable, and this makes him ALREADY incomparable with Tywin;

b) I don’t believe in love being a sympathetic quality or a mitigating factor per se, and I don’t think people who love are necessarily one step closer to *goodness* than people who don’t. For example, while I don’t see Stannis as necessarily incapable of love—I quite like the idea that under his stern facade there’s a lot of feelings, for his child, for Jon, for Davos, and maybe even for Melisandre, on top of his complex issues with his own brothers—even if we stick to the interpretation of Stannis as a loveless character, I don’t think this diminishes his fundamental goodness. On the other hand, there are the Lannisters, who are fifty shades of questionable, but they ALLL love so much!

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Alright it's 2050

You gave up hope that a Trump was ever going to step down.

The new one said he couldn’t, because America is in danger and he has to remain in power for the safety and wellbeing of the American public.

Bannon or some form of him is in charge of all forms of news.

If he says the economy is growing thanks to our generous Chancellor Trump, then it’s growing and anyone who says otherwise is a dangerous terrorist dissident who’s merely trying to weaken the American empire.

Those who oppose the new order are just trying to disrupt the peace and justice of the empire.

The media is controlled by those who know what they’re talking about, the corporations, who have your best interests in mind, of course. 

DeVos or some form of her is in charge of education.

Which is segregated once more, not de jure, but just de facto.

Because only the rich can afford the decent schools.

The poor may be educated, but these schools are inefficient, poorly funded, and not equipped to give their children proper education.

They’re also all private and not state funded at all, which means that poor people are fucked, they can expect to live their lives working low paying jobs with no chance of advancement.

What else can they do? 

Work HARDER, of course.

Take on more jobs.

If they’re too lazy to, then they deserve to stay where they are. 

THIS of course affects people of color more than anyone because anti discrimination laws have been reappealed.

Because colored people getting more benefits than white PEOPLE is RACIST.

So we’re just holding hands now, just like those bleeding heart liberals always wanted, and letting people decide whether or not they want diversity in the workplace. 

And it’s fair now, isn’t it?

Everyone gets an equal shot.

No chance of bias, and if there is, then you didn’t want to work there anyway. 

Equal shot. 

It just so happens that the rich, the always rich, have more resources.

And they have better schools. 

Natural selection right, of colored people wanted better schooling, they would WORK harder, RIGHT?

Also education is religious now, as it always should’ve been. 

Since all schools are private, a lot of them are full of rich white kids.

THEY of course are dutiful little conservatives just like mommy and daddy.

they’ll grow up to perfectly replace them.

White culture, so rich, so important. 

It’s superior to other forms of culture because, natural selection. 

If other cultures wanted to be valued, then they wouldn’t KILL each other, right?

How can you respect a culture that kills, right, a culture that’s been antagonized and subjugated under your own for so long that its meaning has warped. 

Speaking of religion and culture, gay marriage is on the books still, of course, but seeing as gays have no anti discrimination laws on the books anymore and the federal government allows off parents to “convert” their children if they desire, why would you out yourself?

Trans people don’t exist.

That was just a dumb millenial fad, it went away after we decided they don’t exist anymore, or at least not as anything but a public menace since men dressed as women are just trying to sneak into women’s bathrooms.

As for healthcare, well, survival of the fittest.

Those without money aren’t contributing to the human race, right?

Worthless creatures just removing their dead weight.

It’s how nature works. 

Natural selection. 

It’s just a shame their bodies have to litter the public streets, why couldn’t they roll under a bridge somewhere, right?

All healthcare is private and owned by companies that can charge whatever they want.

Why not?

If you have money you’ll survive, and if you don’t, well, you shouldn’t be a drain on our working class, right?

No more social security, but hey, that was a waste of our tax dollars. 

We can take care of ourselves, we don’t need hand outs, our family has been wealthy for centuries, living off of those who might have needed social security. 

Besides, why do you want to live so long, anyway? You’re working until you physically can’t. 

You’re wasting valuable air.

Oh and btw, I hope you like cities and urban overcrowding because the majority of people will live in both.

We’ve made no attempt to regulate our housing economy, so apartments and work cubicles are in abundance.

Houses are for the super rich who can afford the land they’re build on. 

You don’t even have to walk to work anymore, you live in your workplace, eat, sleep, and defecate in there. 

Those rich enough of course, will live in lovely 2 million dollar flats far away on the hills where they can look the other direction, not at the ugly steaming mess of poverty but at the lovely green acres of meadow stretching out behind them.

There’s of course a nuclear plant beyond that, but if you ignore it, it’s a lovely view.

Additionally, that’s about the only green you can see.

Preserved green.

Everything has been flattened by companies looking to develop on it or to find resources.

Without regulation of any kind, companies can do whatever they like. Build pipelines in grids across an entire continent. The braces America never got to remove.

But hey!

It’s helping the economy!

People are maintaining these pipelines!

And best of all, when they die of health complications, they contribute to the economy because any money would’ve made goes to their families, who then spend their money on rent or food.

This helps the economy.

Trickle down economics; money trickles.

It trickles from oil pipelines.

It trickles through the blood of dying patients who can’t afford medical care. 

Right into the pockets of those who truly matter, those at the top of the business hierarchy. 

Business, my friends.

Economy and business will flourish. 

Human lives are a cash flow, a constant cash flow, and we’ve finally cured ourselves of all that useless prolonging of useless lives. 

And food!

Don’t you worry, you’ve still got beef.

Unfortunately, due to the overuse of water to both produce cash crops and feed and water livestock, it’s at the cost of ground water, but that’s alright.

As the ozone traps more and more heat, the ice caps are melting!

They’re fresh water, you see, they’re going to fix the acidified ocean!

Just add a little fresh water and bam, no more toxic, plastic-filled waterways! 

Eventually we’ll get around to fixing it, but in the mean time, the ECONOMY.

Keep dumping in the ocean, it’ll fix itself. 

Plus global warming, right?

More water is a good thing, it’s always good. 

Besides, even if it’s bad, you’ll be ok. 

You can afford the sustainadomes. 

Scientists are working on creating a sustainable environment within a segregated, cleansing dome with fresh water and clean air and trees to replenish the latter and medical care and shopping malls and a perfect little world within a globe. 

It’ll be paradise.

There won’t be any animals other than rats, insects, and other pests capable of living off of human waste.

But that’s fine.

We don’t need any pesky other animals living on OUR planet.

And soon, that will include the weak humans too, the ones who live in the urban areas, who can’t afford to live in the sustainable environment with you.

Natural selection.

It comes for all.

Soon all those pesky non working lazy resource draining lowlife violent criminal wastes of space will die.

You just have to outlive them and of course you’re going to.

You have the money for healthcare, a nice house, breathable air, drinkable water, and beef, of course, beef.

You’re here because you deserve it, because your hard working ancestors deserved to make millions off the backs of people whose lives you stole.

Natural selection.

The weak and useless die, and that’s how it always will be, nay, what it should be.

You’re a little unhappy, I mean there’s not much to do, but so what? That’s the price of power.

When you shut yourself in completely and never again look at the poverty stricken masses of what was once your race but isn’t anymore, because culture and money transcends basic shared human DNA, you can sleep well at night.

Soon the only sound will be yours.

You won’t have to hear them for much longer.

Natural selection.

Cruel but fair.

Life isn’t fair.

You’re here because you’re the strongest and the luckiest and the smartest.

They’re there because they were born without what you have.

And that’s just.

Natural selection.

Lean On Me (Ravi Scenario)

A/N: This is a continuation to my Hongbin scenarios which you don’t really have to read before this I think but read here if you’d like. There will be a second part to this scenario too.

Lean on me is my fave song from my beb and I listened to it a million times to write this. :)

Genre: Fluff :)

“You’re always welcome at my place, you know that.”

“Thanks, Wonshik.”

The sound of Wonshik’s voice on the phone calmed you down. It always did regardless of any situation and it was definitely needed at the moment.

You and Wonshik met around the same time you met your now ex, Hongbin, through your mutual friend/roommate who works with him. Your friend had invited you to their work party in hopes of you meeting someone new even after your firm conviction that you’d stray far away from dating after your last tragic relationship. Ironically, this mindset changed when that someone so happened to be Hongbin. Wonshik was one of the number of friends introduced to you by Hongbin that night and the one you seemed to click with the most considering you never thought you would by your first impression of him. By the end of the night you exchanged numbers and from there you talked from time to time. Over a years time, he grew to be a close friend you could confide things to whenever Hongbin was too busy and he was a friend you could turn to in the case of a bad break-up like now.

You walked from the park where you broke off with Hongbin to Wonshik’s apartment, not caring for the time it would take you to get there as long as you were as far away from Hongbin as possible. When you finally reached Wonshik’s door, a feeling of regret telling you to turn back and make things right again came over you. You shook those thoughts away as you thought about the amount of chances you’ve given him. This would be the last time you’d guilt yourself in trying to save yourself from a break-up. Doing your best to keep your composure, you greeted Wonshik with a warm embrace when he answered the door before leading you inside. His hand rested comfortably on your back as he led you to his kitchen where you sat in one of his dining chairs while he walked up to his fridge.

“Are you hungry or thirsty? I could order some food or we can watch something-”

He turned around to get a response but saw you quietly sobbing. He stood flustered for a moment but then quickly pulled up the other chair next to you. The same scene played out like times before with him rubbing your back telling you not to cry while he wiped your eyes with his sleeve. Though you were upset about your break up, you also felt bad for Wonshik having to put up with your ugly sobbing and now, tear filled sleeves which only made you cry even more.

“I’m sorry this feels like the hundredth time I’ve come to you crying,” you choked out between your sobs. “And look I’m even ruining your clothes. I’m such a mess.”

Wonshik laughed softly which made you look up at him confused.

“You know, I didn’t really like this sweater that much anyway.”

“Didn’t Hongbin-”

“-Yeah, for my birthday. Though I explicitly told him I didn’t want another sweater like last year. The idiot.”

You giggled a bit as Wonshik joked with you that by time you slowly stopped crying. Once he noticed you were a bit more calm, Wonshik got up and turned on the kettle. Whenever you had a bad or lazy day it was routine for you to comfort yourself with hot chocolate. This was something Hongbin made sure to take advantage of whenever you would come home tired from work and something that always made your heart warm up to him when he did.

“Here.” Wonshik handed you a steamy cup which its aroma filled the air of rich chocolate.

You were surprised but pleased to taste the warm chocolatey drink on your first sip. You hadn’t recalled ever mentioning hot chocolate being your comfort drink when you were upset so you thought it had to have been a coincidence that he had given it to you now.

“Hot chocolate is your favorite, right?”

You nodded slowly then tilted your head slightly, “how’d you know that?”

“I remember the first time we met at that party. Everyone was drinking alcohol but you came drinking a cup of hot cocoa. It was so cute.”

You were shocked he would even remember such a thing considering you didn’t at all. You found yourself blushing at Wonshik’s kind gesture. It had to be the heat of the cocoa causing your cheeks to burn up you told yourself. For the duration you and Wonshik had been friends, you have never found yourself this flustered by him or his acts. Maybe it was the fact you were a emotional mess at the moment from just breaking off your year-long relationship. Regardless, you drifted off, mentally telling yourself to stop whatever you were feeling right now.

Wonshik tilted his head, looking at you confusingly, “____? Are you okay?”

You snapped out of your thought.

“Um yeah. I’m just kinda worn out. I mean I didn’t even get much sleep last night.”

“You can rest in my bed if you want.”

The thought of bed and Wonshik together suddenly made your heart strangely beat faster. 

“I appreciate that but you know I’m fine with just resting on the couch,” your words pitched.

“Are you sure? I mean I just want you to be comfortable.”

“The couch is very comfortable.”

“____ take my bed. It’s not like I’m going to be in it with you.”

The look of Wonshik’s face read that he regretted those words as soon as they left his mouth, all while your face was burning up even more.

“Right ha. Well I’m just gonna go lay down now then um thanks for the hot chocolate.” You sipped quickly before making your way to his room to avoid him seeing your red face.

Wonshik scratched his head and mumbled to himself, “Nice one, Wonshik.”

You shut the door to Wonshik’s bedroom but were too embarrassed to even sleep. You rubbed your cheeks countless times, cursing yourself in your head before settling under his bed covers. Was Hongbin right? Did you really like Wonshik? You dived your face into the pillow trying your best to close your eyes in hopes of driving these thoughts away. After what seemed like years, you fell asleep.

You woke up calm, barely remembering you were even in Wonshik’s room. You sat yourself up so you could admire your surroundings since considering all the times you’ve been to his apartment, you’ve never seen his room for longer than a quick glance. Wonshik was always strict on not letting you in which you never really understood why. His room was comforting regardless of the mess of clothes around and his sheets carried his familiar scent which wrapped warmly around you, giving you no intention to want to get up. You leaned back on the headboard; Your thought back to the embarrassing exchange you had with Wonshik earlier left you thinking it’d be better to stay in bed for a while longer. While contemplating what to say when you face him, you heard the muffled sound of music coming from outside the room. As if the sound had hypnotized you, you got up and followed it leading you to Wonshik’s studio room. This was yet another forbidden room to you due to his request. The door was wide open with no one present as the beat filled the room. You nodded your head to the catchy beat as you stepped through the room and sat in the chair in front of a sound system. There were so many weird buttons and you being a little too curious were about to mess around with them until a familiar raspy voice made you jump.

“So I see you’re awake.”

You turned around, embarrassed for getting caught while Wonshik looked at you questionably with his arms crossed.

“I was just heading to the kitchen when I had this sudden urge to groove,” you tried to play off trying to touch his stuff by acting cute.

“Cute.” Wonshik couldn’t fake being mad at you if he tried.

You got up from the chair in a more normal tone. “But really I like this beat. It sounds really good!”

He smiled with his forehand over his mouth. “Thanks. There are lyrics to it actually.”

You were already begging him to let you hear them before he could finish his sentence. He paused for a moment before stepping closer to the sound system to press some buttons that brought up the sound of his voice over the track. You sat back down in the chair to admire the song when the first lines caught your attention.

You were sad huh
Come here lie in my arms
It was tough huh
Even though it’s things that always happen
For some reason your
Tears seem hotter today
Here lean on me

You brushed the relative lyrics aside but thought the words were a bit ironic to your current situation. You convinced yourself the lyrics must be a coincidence but as the song went on you questioned them again.

Even if it’s embarrassing you can cry in my arms
I’ll keep your secrets
No I’ll forget them too
You’re right you’re right
She was bad
You’re right, that jerk was wrong
What you said is right
I can see why you’re mad
They say there’s more assholes than cool people in this world
But don’t worry because I’m here for you

You now thought there was no way the lyrics could have been a coincidence. You tapped the keyboard to stop the song before hearing the rest. Wonshik, who was secretly eyeing you the whole time while the song played, froze when he saw you stop the song.

You didn’t know how to approach the question so you blatantly asked, “Is this…about me?”

Wonshik was quiet for a moment, fiddling his fingers before answering, “Well I didn’t really plan for you to find out this soon.”

anonymous asked:

i'm not trying to start drama but i don't know anything about s.e hinton as a person and you seem to have info. can you explain how she's rude and why you don't like her? :O

ok so sit tight kids i’ve been working on this for AN HOUR bc i started and i just got angrier and couldn’t stop so i’m putting it under a cut bc it’s long and ranty

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When I was four I could see fairies.

They were tiny - no bigger than the last joint of my pinky finger – and translucent, their tiny organs visible through their glassine flesh. Sometimes they would flit about my head on papery wings and sometimes they would dance amongst the flower heads, their tiny mouths open as they sang melodies in an octave I couldn’t hear.
Nobody else could see them though; and as I grew older, they either became invisible to me as well – or I grew up enough that my imagination couldn’t sustain the reality of them. In the end I realised that they were just imaginary friends, exactly like the ones other children had.
So I forgot about them.

Being raised by a solo mother wasn’t all bad. While we were excruciatingly poor, my mother devoted her time to me as much as she could. She was the central focus in my life, the person who loved me the most, the person who gave me life.
Why she never re-married after my father left her, I’ll never know. She was beautiful, my mother, in a fragile, ethereal way – as though at any moment a strong wind could blow all the substance out of her and leave only a skeletal web of spider-silk strands behind.
She attracted men, certainly. She was never short of friendly masculine helpers and admirers, but she shyly shunned them all, to spend time with me, her only child.
School wasn’t easy for me, even though I had a good life. I was not a bright child or an eloquent child; I struggled and often fell behind. By the time I was twelve, my only remarkable skills were my ability to endlessly daydream and a decent reading level.
But I was happy enough.

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anonymous asked:

again the martin anon, explain to my how someone who's bisexual is homophobic? & how is someone who worships black music like crazy racist? and honestly where do you get him being sexist from? I mean you don't even check your sources before blurting out horrible things about someone. Maybe he's not a pure angel but guess what, no one is. But calling someone a rapist goes way to far. I wholeheartedly agree that rape jokes aren't funny and suck but sometimes you say things you regret. It's human.

If you scroll down like ten posts on my blog you’ll see an entire list of sources about this exact thing.

But since you sealions are too lazy to actually do anything on your own here’s the list of why Martin Freeman should die:

Four things I learnt when my work went viral after being tweeted by a white supremacist.

So last week or so my twitter blew up because an alt-right white supremacist wankbag called Paul Watson posted this tweet, featuring the family I designed for the roman episode of the animated show “The Story of Britain.”

Watson works as a “journalist” for Info Wars, the site founded by Alex Jones a site that Breitbart and the daily stormer look down on for been too crazy.

The show itself is about  families in a different time periods running from the stone age up until the signing of the Magna Carta.

As you can see, Watson took offence to the family being non-white and proceed to get his arse handed to him not only by Mike Stuchbery  here but by the internet at large.

In response, he made a video trying to counter the arguments with unfounded and frankly dodgy sources.

You can see his eyes are red because he’s been crying.

What I learned.

1. Racists will turn on anything to suit their agenda.

The main argument I kept seeing was that Watson and his followers had nothing against black people, or even the idea that some Romans were black. They just didn’t like the idea that the family was described as typical in the animation’s title. They are, of course, conflating the term “typical” with “majority.” They think that, because I chose a non-white family to represent the Romans, I thought all romans were black. Even though you can see white characters in the background.

The guy with the fantastic chin is in fact a cheeky caricature of the chief animator and one of my best mates, Angus.

This also got tweeted by a journo who works for the sun (basically the Daily mail–Fox news but if it was written for people with a seven year old’s reading speed)

who went through all the footage–more than an hour of episodes–to find almost all the non white people in the show.

Thus, I saw a lot of replies propping up the outrage at a non white family with the hashtag “whitegenoside,” A term white people like to use when they believe their significance in their own geological culture is not first and foremost all the time, every time.

I in no way wanted to suggest that all romans were black, but that was what they took away from the one screenshot and ran with it because it suits their agenda.

What’s more, it’s on the BBC’s children’s YouTube channel. Although I encourage people of all ages to watch, I doubt that Watson was just perusing the channel on his own time. More likely, someone with a beef against the BBC sent it to him, which brings me to:

2. Right wing racists are at constant odds with the BBC and cannot fathom that it’s an organisation made of individuals.

I saw a lot of “BBC’s agenda” and “what the BBC wants” in the discussion of the episode. The way these people talk about the BBC, it’s as if it’s a massive corporate machine like Tyrell Corporation in blade runner. A huge pyramid that pumps out content that fits within its own personal political viewpoint.

ow, I have my own reservations about the corporation, it’s nowhere near perfect. But the people that I have met that work there do want to do good in the world and, as an institution, it’s one I stand by.

As for the corporation itself, it doesn’t work the way they (and probably you) think it does. Although there are several main buildings for the BBC, they are mostly used for admin offices and recording studios. Most production is made by separate companies.

For example, although I credit the BBC with commissioning several projects that I’ve worked on, I’ve never worked for the BBC directly. Projects are commissioned by the corporation, then that commision goes to a production company, and then the production company hires me as a contractor to direct the show.

All the design choices were mine. Just mine. I got some notes from on high, but they were mostly about length, and what eras and characters should be included (the main one being that they really wanted a Boudicca episode because hot damn why not?).

So the idea of a huge machine-like corporation dictating every element of production is not only wrong, it robs all the cast and crew of any creative agency.

3. Paul Watson is a terrible journalist and only tweeted this out to stir shit.

So when Watson tweeted this out, he did so only to stir up his followers’ blood and get some good, cheap outrage to pass the time between moaning that Brexit isn’t happening fast enough and hate-watching “Tropes vs. Women.”

Granted, a tweet is not an article, but if you say you’re a journalist on your linkedin page right under “Federal Boobie Inspector,” you should at least have some respect for the content you make public.

Its super easy to find out who directed the series. It was nominated for a BAFTA. I brag about it all the time. At no point did he look up who directed the show, realise that Ben Tobitt the doctor probably didn’t direct it, and get in contact with me.

He could have asked me all sorts of questions, like:

Q. Why did you make the roman family non white?

A. Because I have these studies to back up the design. Also britain has always been a multicultural island, going back further than the Roman invasion. Also, I wanted to draw a hot dad that looked like Idris Elba.

Cos bloody hell why not, right?

Q. Did the BBC demand that you have a family in the show be non-white?

A. No, and again I wanted to have an episode where the dad is my hot, steamy love letter to the Cadillac of men that is Idris Elba.

Q. Am I a shit stirring racist gobshite who works for a conspiracy theorist that wants to incite the second American Civil War?

A. Spot on there, mate.

In the end, Watson probably didn’t want to follow it up because he was lazy and just wanted to rage tweet. But also I reckon that, in the back of his head, he knew I would have research to back up my designs, making him look the racist fool he is. Then he tweeted it anyway, got his arse handed to him by someone who knows their shit and is now the laughing stock of the internet.

4. If you plant a seed of controversy, it will likely grow into a massive wank fest.

I directed “The Story of Britain” all the way back in 2014, back when Obama was president and Brexit was merely a gleam in Nigel Farage’s beady little toad-like eye. This was my first big directing gig and I was nervy as all hell, but got though it withthe best animation crew, some marvelous writers and researchers and just the best producers, engineers, and artists you could hope for. I knew that it was well known in the academic world that there is evidence of African and Asian people in Britain looong before 1960. But I also knew this fact was still undersold in most historical dramas and documentary recreations, so if I put some black and brown people in there, it would seriously piss some people off. But here’s the thing: it never came up with the BBC. The producer, the executive producer, the historical researcher, none of them mentioned the black and brown characters.

(Although there were some comments on Roman Daddy here cos phwoar why not eh?)

Why? Because it’s an indisputable fact that Britain has always been multicultural and multiracial.

Now, this may mean that I have seen a lot of ugly shit on twitter, but it has added to the conversation going on about the whitewashing of history. Not just with Hollywood casting white actors as Egyptians and such, but the erasure of people of colour from western civilisation. Normalising the truth of a multicultural past will hopefully make a less white supremacist future.

So before I get too far up my own arse, here’s a nice picture of Roman Daddy.