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8 Facts about Template

Sooo I got tagged over on dA to spout some facts about a character of mine and I chose Template! Just figured I should share those with you here, too. Some might be already known but some are also new and were never discussed yet.

So here goes:

1.) Template keeps his glasses on at all times, just like his gloves.

2.) I was asked about his greatest fear once, and only could give the edgy answer: He’s the most afraid of himself.

3.) Template is always constantly glitching, but a lot ‘calmer’ than Error.

4.) Templates hobbies include drawing, writing fanfics, watching AUs (it’s like watching a TV show for him) and also of course jumping into different AUs to 'help’ everyone.

5.) He is also a shipper.

6.) While Ink’s tag line is to stay creative, Template’s tagline would a cheesy 'believe in yourself’.

7.) Template never uses strings, bones or blasters as an attack. Instead, he uses his pen in order to 'summon’ attacks.

8.) Template is a poser. He will try to look cool when making an appearance, no matter how stupid or out of place it will be. He’s also no afraid of spouting weird anime-ish one-liners  - which doesn’t mean he can’t be serious either. If he made his entrance and everything, he’s satisfied. 

Whoa, I should go to bed. So late again! D:

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i keep hearing ppl mention diamond but i feel like i missed that part?? can u tell me who they are?? or when they are mentioned

Diamond is one of those details that’s mentioned in passing– blink and you’ll miss it, so don’t feel bad for not having caught it. 

But Diamond was mentioned by name for the first time in Promised Land Part 3, and only mentioned twice. We don’t know their pronouns or anything like that, but the context in which they’re brought up carries a whole lot of weight.

It’s just a hell of a time to decide you’re too pissed to die. Right before you’re probably gonna, uh. Die.

And I’ve got a lot of excuses, sure. My mother, my brother, all that junk that happened in the HCPD with Diamond and Captain Hijikata… but if I’m being honest with myself I’ve always been this way. From minute one.

For the reference, the Hijikata case is what Khan references as the Big Reason Not To Trust Juno. It’s very likely that this is the event that got Juno kicked of the police force and declared a persona non grata in the HCPD.

I’ve been chewing through people to fight for my whole life… Ma, Ben, Diamond… Nureyev.

The fact that Diamond is one of the people Juno’s been living for says a lot, but the fact that they share space with both Ben and Peter? 

There’s really no telling what all went down, but thus far the implication seems to be that Diamond was Juno’s partner, either in the detective sense or in the romantic sense (or likely both), and that they are no longer in Juno’s life.

leah’s got some weird anons so i would Just Like To Say: shipping is fun - the purpose of shipping is not necessarily to be like ‘wow i hope this happens in canon’ it stems from ‘hey i’m passionate about this personally so maybe i can fill in the gaps with my own ideas’ and sharing those ideas with other people and having a whole lot of fun!!!

we do this especially with the knowledge that the duffers are out there to destroy our personal happiness

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I find the detail in the show to be absolutely amazing. Like I always see the reflection of the character’s eyes and what’s they’re looking at and I’ve even seen Plagg’s imprint in the Santa episode in the snow. Or how fluid the character’s hair flows in the wind. The physics of it all is amazing. (Yes there are a few bug like color changes or disappearing) but overall the creators got the detail good!

Bless the animators. They all have worked so hard and those small details as you said give it the amazing quality that a lot of us love and have come to know. Like even when they show a closeup of Marinette’s face and you can see a few freckles?! Totally cool. 

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Aren't you married with a child? Yet, you read Tom Holland x reader fics. Seems like you want Tom for yourself, like all the fans who read those fics & that's why you don't want to see him with another woman like Zendaya even though the facts are out there. You might have problems with your husband & Tom is the perfect guy you wish you had but still, It's weird, unless you got a divorce then ok.

Did you learn this in your Psychology 101 class? Please, tell me more.

Ps. I’m gonna make sure to have lots of sex with my husband tonight. You know since we have so MANY problems 🤔

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Beautiful.... Absolutely beautiful. I'm close to crying right now.

Aaah really? ;A; Thank you so much anon, I’m glad that you were moved by the Sun & Sky drawings! I’ve got lots of more illustrations planned for the AU in the future, and I hope you’ll be able to enjoy those as well <3

Skelebros react to their S/O in skeleton lingerie

Ok so @badchubbybunny and I were talking about lingerie and this happened

UT SANS: pfft. Oh my god, that’s amazing and you look hot as hell. Prepare for /a lot/ of puns and jokes about it. Oh don’t worry, baby, he’s got a real nice time planned~

UT PAPYRUS: His face lights up bright orange the second he sees you. DATEMATE THATS A VERY LEWD OUTFIT! Also um…he really enjoys seeing you like that. Maybe you should wear those more often…

UF SANS: /Damn/ Doll, where’d ya even find those…yknow he doesn’t even care just get over there. And, be prepared…hope you weren’t planning on walking for a few days~

UF PAPYRUS: WHAT. THE HELL. ARE YOU DOING?! He’s furious you interrupted him while he was busy, then he turned around and saw your…attire, or lack of, rather. Ohh boy, you’re in for it now. Hope you like sweaters and scarfs to hide all his…“affection”

US SANS: Hi human, how are yo - OH MY GOODNESS! Please out your clothes back on, he’s v shy and uncomfortable. O-oh, you wanted a massage? Sure, but he might get a little…handsy with your outfit being so revealing.

US PAPYRUS: He whistles and chuckles, motioning for you to do a little twirl when he growls and grabs you, teleporting to his room. You thought Red’s and Edge’s reactions would leave you sore? Oh Sugar, you don’t know the half of it <3

SF SANS: He was cleaning the /entire/ house, like the whole thing, even your room when he found your “outfit” in a box under your bed. He demanded you put it on that second since you tried to hide it. He then decided to teach you a lesson about hiding things from your Master~

SF PAPYRUS: His reaction is pretty similar to Stretch’s. He’s just sitting on the couch when you sway towards him sexily. His attention is immediately directed at you, mouth open and sweating. It just so happens that you decided to do this little “show” right in the middle of his heat cycle and he’s been holding back. Well, now he’s done. Get ready because when he’s done with you, you’ll be his obedient little dog~

If you guys want me to do more stuff like this, just ask plz


It’s unfortunate that a lot of these young adults don’t see how harmful it is to push those negative ass stereotypes “in jest”. What’s funny about a white girl calling you a nigga? That’s comedy? That’s funny? That’s sad to me but get it how you live I guess. Then he tried to say people don’t experience racism every day…..

Boy, you’ve got so much living to do.

One Week in Paris: Part Five

Sooo…. for those who may have noticed, I got back into writing a little and I reread One Week in Paris and I felt like writing another part to this story. A lot of you probably don’t care anymore about fanfic, that’s okay, but if you still do, thank you so much and enjoy this :D 

Previous parts are in this link 

I initiated to pick it up by kissing her again. Her lips felt so soft and sweet, like cherry. My hand found the back of her had, combing my fingers through her locks. I pushed my tongue deep inside her mouth, exploring every inch of her. I let my other hand slide over her back and cupped her bottom. Getting up on my knees, I picked her up. She immediately wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms leaning on my shoulders. While kissing her further and more intense, I walked her over to the bed and gently laid her down.

“So what did you wanna do with me?” she broke the silence.

“Hush, sweetie,” I replied. “I’m about to show you.”

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top 10 naruto quotes?

Hii anon ^^ I had to think enough to remember but I got to these here :

1. Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash! If I’m going to be called trash either way, I’d rather break the rules! And if that somehow makes me anything less than a real shinobi, then I’ll crush all of the so-called “real” shinobi! ( Obito to Kakashi ).

2. It’s almost unbearable, isn’t it… the pain of being all alone. I know that feeling; I’ve been there, in that dark and lonely place, but now there are others, other people who mean a lot to me. I care more about them than I do myself, and I won’t let anyone hurt them. - Naruto to Gaara.

3.Scary, yet beautiful smile - Shikamaru to Temari.

4. Sacrifice is an inevitable part of missions… Didn’t you receive emotion training? - Temari to Shikamaru.

5. I’m not gonna run away, I never go back on my word! That’s my nindō, my ninja way! -  Naruto to Neji.

6. I’m not going to just allow someone to die so easily on my watch! That ridiculous dream of yours… just look now. I won’t let you die… you’re not dying on me, you hear me! No matter the cost, there’s no way that I will let you die!! Just look now… that dream is right in front of your eyes! ( Sakura to Naruto )

7. My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things, and I don’t particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I’m going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone. - Sasuke to Kakashi.

8. I told you that I’ll never let my friends die - Kakashi to Naruto.

9. This time… I hope for you these will be flowers of hope that never die - Konan to Naruto.

10. I think of you as a friend. I used to think “friend” was just another word… Nothing more, nothing less. But when I met you, I realised what was important was the word’s meaning. - Gaara to Naruto.

cute things my victuuri sims have done that are incredibly canon:

  • they always kiss each other good morning. if yuuri is up first he will cancel whatever activity he’s doing to get a kiss from victor and vice-versa
    • on that same note, one always waits for the other so they can go to sleep together regardless of how tired they are
  • one day victor got sick and yuuri brewed green tea to help him feel better and proceeded to cuddle on the couch
  • when one is napping on the couch, the other sits next to them and starts reading a book
  • so, yuuri is a chef in my game. he has all cooking skills maxed, so victor ends up not cooking that much. one day he decided he was going to bake bread and set the house on fire (luckily phichit and yuri were there to put the fire out, yuuri started panicking and nearly caught on fire as well)
    • he did this twice. he set the house on fire trying to bake bread twice.
  • victor gets emotional about his other half on a regular basis
  • yuuri’s amusement bar starts going up just from being in victor’s presence
  • yuri and yuuri get on hardcore gaming sessions together very often. yuri almost always loses and gets very angry about it
  • when yuuri practices on the keyboard victor stops whatever he’s doing to watch his fiancé 
  • one day victor painted a simple painting and yuuri kept walking up to it to admire his fiancé’s work
  • there was a moment in their lives where victor would arrive home an hour before yuuri had to leave for his job, and victor would have to get up before yuuri even woke up to go to his job and they were in constant low moods because of it
  • they went to a karaoke party hosted by otabek and started making out in the bathroom because that’s the kind of people they are i guess
    • they also started singing some bad country song together and they were awful but they had such a great time together i nearly cried
    • (yuuri proposed after that btw nothing like singing shitty songs off-key while giggling to be sure you have to marry him)
  • they woohoo a lot????? sometimes i’m checking on yuri and wonder “what are they up to” and 4/10 times they’re woohooing. the other times they’re being adorable
    • chris walked into them woohooing one time and instead of being embarrassed he felt flirty?????????stop?being so canon
  • on a similar note, they always sit together on the couch. from there they either cuddle, talk about their day or play video games
    • victor is pretty good at video games? not as good as yuuri but much better than yuri
  • yuuri cried when victor sang him a song (honestly my boy same)
  • yuuri is composing a song for victor (he’s working on it it’s been a while now but he’ll get there eventually)
  • they flirt in the kitchen a lot idk what’s up with that
  • they decided to leave a social gathering in their apartment in favor of woohooing in their bedroom
    • also idk if this is programed in the game but one time when people were visiting and victor and yuuri decided to take things to the bedroom otabek was on the room next to them and got very embarrassed???? i’m still puzzled
  • they have a bunch of pictures phichit took of them hanging on their bedroom walls and more recently have added pictures of makkachin and vicchan being adorable
  • they don’t hang out a lot outside but when they do yuuri is sure to show some amazing dance moves and i don’t know where he learned those
  • (cats and dogs expansion) makkachin gets really sad when victor is not at home and will sleep by the door until he’s back
  • vicchan is always around yuuri, following him everywhere and watching him do his chores
【Japan Official Fanclub Magazine Vol.5】 BTS Ranking Q1 - 8

Q1: Which member seems to be suitable to have a heart-to-heart talk with?

1. RAP MONSTER 6323 votes
2. J-HOPE 2728 votes
3. JIMIN 2572 votes
4. SUGA 1525 votes
5. JIN 870 votes
6. JUNGKOOK 189 votes
7. V 163 votes
(RAP MONSTER: I consult with our members.)

JIN: Who do you guys think is #7?
JUNGKOOK: V hyung!
SUGA: Shouldn’t it be Jungkook, since he’s the maknae?
V: No, Jin hyung is definitely in the lower rank.
JIN: Nope,it’s V, right? (laughs)
J-HOPE: The result is… oh oh oh!
SUGA: The difference between #1 and #7’s votes is so big.
V: What does everyone think of me? (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: V is a member that we need to talk him about his troubles. (laughs)
JIMIN: The reasons for picking Rap Monster hyung are mainly “because he’s the leader that united the group”, “it seems that he can give the right advice”.
JUNGKOOK: Hyung usually listens to everyone’s worries.
V: The best leader!
RAP MONSTER: I like discussing about the worries that you guys have!
SUGA: I really want to know the reason why V is #7.
J-HOPE: They wrote “it seems that V will give unexpected answers”.
JIN: That’s right. V would unexpectedly give really good answers.
V: Yay! I got 1 vote. (laughs)

Q2: Who do you want to make lunch box for you?

1. JIN 10292 votes
2. JIMIN 1054 votes
3. JK 928 votes
4. SUGA 772 votes
5. V 539 votes
6. RAP MONSTER 421votes
7. J-HOPE 364 votes
(JIN: It has to be me when comes to cooking!)

JIMIN: Suga hyung have made sandwiches before.
SUGA: Very delicious.
V: Hyung cooks often too.
SUGA: Yeah, I’ve made lunch boxes for our members.
RAP MONSTER: It’s just V and I who can’t cook.
JIN: You’ve burnt a pan before! (laughs)
J-HOPE: Do I give people the impression that I don’t cook?
JIN: Hobi’s cooking level is average.
JUNGKOOK: It’s not very delicious and it’s not awful (laughs).

Q3: Who likes to talk for a long time on the phone?

1. V 5548 votes
2. JIMIN 3512 votes
3. J-HOPE 2142 votes
4. JIN 1915 votes
5. JUNG KOOK 542 votes
6. RAP MONSTER 475 votes
7. SUGA 236 votes
(JIMIN: The calls are short but I call often.)

SUGA: A lot of people wrote “V probably can talk incessantly even if he’s alone.”
V: I won’t even notice if the other person isn’t talking (laughs) It’s right that I like to talk on the phone!
RAP MONSTER: #2 is Jimin and the reason is “he updates Twitter often, so it seems that he will call often”, a very good impression.
JIMIN: I think I’m the type that wouldn’t call a long time but I would call often.
JUNGKOOK: I don’t make calls! Sometimes when I think I have been talking for 30 minutes but it has only been 1 minute. I was so surprised.
JIN: I hate phone calls too. I like to contact people by texting. Even when I make calls, I would be like “hey, check your texts” and then end the call. (laughs)
SUGA: Me too, I always try to send texts.
RAP MONSTER: I like to make long calls, so I can talk for 3 hours.
J-HOPE: I often make video calls compared to the normal calls.
V: You follow fashion!
JIN: I completely forgot such function existed. (laughs)

Q4: If you go to the seaside together, who would be the noisiest member?

1. V 5306 votes
2.JUNG KOOK 3741 votes
3.J-Hope 3565 votes
4. JIMIN 1009 votes
5. JIN 374 votes
6. SUGA 251 votes
7. RAP MONSTER 124 votes

RAP MONSTER: Although I’m #7, I can be unexpectedly quite noisy.
JIN: Unexpectedly, I can be super noisy!
JUNGKOOK: Unexpectedly I’m not noisy. (laughs) 
JIN: Yeah, Jungkook isn’t noisy. I feel like Jimin and I will have fun until we collapse. 
V: Rap Monster hyung unexpectedly is the lively type. 
SUGA: Unexpectedly I’m not noisy. 
JIN: That’s not unexpected at all! (laughs) 
J-HOPE: I think I would change depending on the situation. 
JIMIN: The reasons for #1 V are “because he’s like a child”, “if V goes to play on his own, you probably won’t even know where he ran off to.”
RAP MONSTER: That’s right, but Jungkook would go missing if he secretly goes off by himself.
V: Yeah, Rap Monster hyung who’s next to me, you know someone is missing!

Q5: If you had to pick the first alien in BTS, who would you pick?

1. V 9312 votes
2. SUGA 1678 votes
3. RAP MONSTER 1314 votes
4. J-Hope 818 votes
5. JUNG KOOK 637 votes
6. JIN 371 votes
7. JIMIN 240 votes
(V: I’m definitely the leading #1! (laughs))

JIN: This is made for V, right? (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: The result… eh, Suga hyung is #2 and I’m #3!? So unexpected.
SUGA: After I had the appendix surgery, I couldn’t go to the space. (laughs)
JUNGKOOK: I want to go~
J-HOPE: The reason for Rap Monster is “it seems that his mind can easily be in sync with the aliens’ minds”.
ALL: (bursts out laughing)
JIMIN: This means that I give people the impression that I’m the most normal member.
V: What about me then? (laughs)

Q6: The member can do bungee jump without hesitation?  

1. JUNGKOOK 10657 votes
2. SUGA 1143 votes
3. JIMIN  650 votes
4. J-HOPE 590 votes
5. RAP MONSTER 588 votes
6. V 469 votes
7. JIN 273 votes
(JUNGKOOK: Bungee jump is fun!)

RAP MONSTER: #7 Jin hyung got so little votes. (laughs) There isn’t a big difference between #3 – 6.
JIN: Hey, including #7, there isn’t a big difference. When have I left such impression on you guys? (laughs)
J-HOPE: Those who picked Jin hyung wrote, “Jin hyung has broad shoulders, so the air resistance would be really big.”
ALL: (bursts out laughing)
JIN: Wow, this is very scientific! (laughs)
JIMIN: A lot of people wrote for #1 Jungkook, “it seems that he can jump easily.”
JUNGKOOK: Yes! That’s right.
J-HOPE: For #2 Suga, “Suga has the image that he doesn’t react to scary things.”
SUGA: If it’s for filming, I can jump otherwise I wouldn’t. It’s the occupational disease. (laughs)
V: Actually, everyone is really scared except Jungkook.
J-HOPE: Yeah, everyone can do bungee jump but only Jungkook would enjoy it.
V: I did it once and I thought I was going to die!
RAP MONSTER: I don’t want to do it ever again. (laughs)

Q7: Who do you want to be a comic duo with?

1. J-HOPE 6199 votes
2. JIN 2752 votes
3. SUGA 1677 votes
4. V 1327 votes
5. RAP MONSTER 957 votes
6. JIMIN 950 votes
7. JUNG KOOK 508 votes
(J-HOPE: Let’s make a comic duo with Suga hyung.)

SUGA: Hobi has got to be no.1.
J-HOPE: Many people want to see Suga hyung and I do a comic act.
RAP MONSTER: The silly one (boke) is Hobi and the straight man in comedy (tsukkomi) is Suga hyung.
J-HOPE: Don’t be like that!
ALL: (laughs)
V: Jungkook is #7 so unexpected. Isn’t he funny in Japan?
JUNGKOOK: No, my image in Japan is handsome/ cool.
RAP MONSTER: But Jungkook is the most hilarious, he has the ability to make people laugh.
JIMIN: No, recently Jin hyung is the funniest.
V: Yeah, I think Jin hyung is #1!

Q8: Who can’t get up? (Who’s weak in the morning)?

1. SUGA 6692 votes
2.JUNG KOOK 3590 votes
3.V 2623 votes
4.JIMIN 694 votes
5.RAP MONSTER 439 votes
6.J-Hope 229 votes
7. JIN 103 votes

SUGA: Even though I’m #1, I can get up straight away. I produce music so I often stay up at night, I would usually take naps in between the gaps.
JUNGKOOK: The most energetic in the morning is Hobi hyung, hyung always gets up the earliest.
JIN: Even if Jimin gets up early, he takes a long time to prepare.
J-HOPE: But he can’t get up. (laughs)
JIMIN: I’ve been trying recently.
JIN: Huh˜? But I can smell that someone was late today (sniffs)
JIMIN: I got up straight away in the morning. I’m not that slow these days~ 
ALL: (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: #2 Jungkook actually can’t get up, just like it’s written here “Jungkook might get angry if you wake him up.”
V: During the trainee days, I prepared a surprise for Jungkook’s birthday but he didn’t get up no matter how many times I’ve knocked on the door. I had to pull his legs to the living room. (laughs)
J-HOPE: V stop talking about other people (laughs), someone wrote “it seems that V would crawl back to sleep (or have unprotected sleep) 4 times.” This is so on point.
V: Yeah! If I wake up, I’ll fall back to sleep (laughs)

V’s palm reading; Jimin; Suga; Rap Monster; JungkookJinJ-Hope
Q: What do you want to challenge yourself this summer?
BTS Biography - Jimin
BTS Biography - V (Vol.3)BTS Biography - Suga (Vol.2)

Trans: KIMMYYANG (from Chinese - blinglingGI)

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How is it possible for us to love Jason so much if he's practically never been written well? It's actually kind of fascinating

Jason in the 80s wasn’t written badly, really. Even when they wanted him unlikable he ended up sympathetic (it’s a running theme with DC because they have no self-awareness and are kind of terrible). Honestly, he ended up pretty nuanced and if DC had the talent they could have capitalized on it, but instead they decided to sensationalize the murder of a child and then replaced him with someone more palatable to them. 

But then it becomes underdog syndrome. Even if you didn’t jump on as a Jason fan during his original run (very short and also before a lot of us were born) it’s very easy to start sympathizing when DC starts having their characters talk ill of a dead child. 

Back in 2003 when I first read that panel with Bruce and Tim talking that way about Jason in Teen Titans, I lost about all my sympathy for both of them. I was very young, but even then I could see something weird was going on. It’s hard at that point to be able to separate “this writer is terrible” from “these characters are terrible”. 

The minute you have to prop characters up by putting others down, I immediately zero in on the ones being treated badly. I think a lot of people are the same with the characters they like.

Then Jason’s resurrection made him even more sympathetic, but also new and interesting in the Bat family. This has been true every time they introduce him to a new media form. The animated movie boosted his popularity more, and the Arkham series utterly exploded it so much that he’s one of the most popular choices to appear in the Injustice 2 games, despite being a character no one ever thought about only 10 or so years ago. 

There is a lot of potential with the character, and some good storylines. Comics are kind of terrible in general. Jason is not unique with that. It’s just there’s been an odd disconnect where DC’s intentions and the way the audience receives Jason have been sharply diverged. 

But with his large popularity boost they’ve finally noticed him as something other than another piece of Bruce’s tragic manpain so they’re actually, finally, capitalizing on it. 

Bad writing will still abound. Because this is comics and you can’t escape it. 

ARE YOU STILL SCREAMING ABOUT THOR: RAGNAROK? BECAUSE I’M STILL SCREAMING ABOUT IT. I need so much slice-of-life on the ship fic, I need so much kissing-and-more resolution to the hug scene, I need so much speculation on what happens when they get to where they’re going, I need so much about the various friendships forming, I need so much fic about a whole bunch of people crammed into a relatively small ship for months and the hilarious and awful things that happen because of it. AND FANDOM IS DEFINITELY ON A ROLL WITH IT, THERE’S MORE GREAT STUFF.  (Part one is here!)

The Breath Between Regrets by Vera (Vera_DragonMuse), thor/loki & valkyrie & heimdall & hulk & korg, ragnarok spoilers, 9.5k
   The journey to Midgard should take a year and a day. Long enough for many things.
What the Thunder Said by kyrilu, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   Days after the battle, Thor’s skin is still sparking lightning.
the silver forked sky by powerfulsound, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, nsfw, 1.2k
   There is a storm, sparking under Thor’s skin. Attracted to it, a magpie to shiny things, Loki is helpless in Thor’s wake.
Reunion by riventhorn, thor/loki, nsfw, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   After so long apart, Loki can’t help being drawn to Thor.
Privilege to love by will_thewisp, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 2.6k
   He didn’t know why Loki felt the need to fight him on every ground, to hide things that had no business being hidden, but he was determined to meet him on every occasion. To Thor it seemed that Loki fought with himself as much as with Thor.
followed you down by homovikings, thor/loki & heimdall & valkyrie & tony & sif & cast, ragnarok spoilers, 5.3k
   It’s Asgard but it isn’t.
drowning on your shore by psikeval, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   Loki, entirely solid, does not flicker and does not flinch.
In my Arms by wetdandelions, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 1.2k
   “I’m here,” says Loki. Set after the end of Thor: Ragnarok. PWP. SPOILERS.
In the Flesh by hjbender, thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, intersex!loki, 6.3k
   Loki stares back, gives the stopper a gentle toss. It sparkles briefly in the air before he catches it again. “There isn’t anything else you’d like to give me? Nothing you’d like to say? Because”—he spreads his arms and smiles invitingly, both hands suddenly empty—“here I am.”
Nowhere Is Home Unless We’re Both In the Same Place by Velocity_Owl87, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 1.3k
   After the dust has settled, Thor realizes the implications of Kingship and Asgard’s future mean for him as the new King of Asgard. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to grapple with the situation alone, at least.
Heroes Run Towards Their Problems by Naiveandoptimistic, thor & loki & valkyrie & hulk & korg & cast, ragnarok spoilers, 1.6k
   Post-Ragnarok. Valkyrie is a drunken hot mess. Loki conceals, Hulk worries, and Thor gives some wisdom.
Not an Illusion by janto321 (FaceofMer), thor/loki, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   Loki and Thor find comfort in one another
black sheep and mischief by grim_lupine, thor & loki, ragnarok spoilers, 3.2k
   A bird alights on Thor’s shoulder and pecks his cheek twice, hard enough to make him wince. “What are you doing?” it warbles in his ear. “Wondering what my brother is doing up at this hour, little bird,” Thor replies. “Will you go ask him for me?”
Never Doubt That I Love You by ValkyrieShepard, thor/loki & heimdall & valkyrie & hulk & cast, NSFW, ragnarok spoilers, 10.6k
   After Thor’s proposal, Loki pulls away. As Thor is busy trying to rule his people, Loki finds him again, and the two of them scout a possible planet for their people where Thor tries to get through his brother’s walls. There is much Loki has to work through.
after you, i dont know what i believe in by CallicoKitten, thor/loki & valkyrie & bruce & heimdall & cast, ragnarok spoilers, 9.6k
   aka, the long road to midgard
Crossroads by kyrilu, loki & heimdall, ragnarok spoilers, ~1k
   As Loki leaves Sakaar with a shipload of former prisoners, Heimdall decides to ‘visit.’
victory runes by spookykingdomstarlight, thor/loki, ragnarok spoilers, 3.3k
   A snake couldn’t change its colors, try as he might, trust his own intentions as he wanted to. At this moment, legs braced on either side of Thor’s lap, he couldn’t imagine doing anything to undermine Thor’s rule, his wants, his needs. But tomorrow was another day and Loki’s whims were mercurial.

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For those who don’t know Caleb was in the New Edition Story On BET with Keith Powers and several other amazing young Black actors. I’m so happy that he got to experience that because I see how the older guys: Keith Powers, Woody McClain, Luke James, Elijah Kelley, Algee Smith, and Bryshere “Yazz” Gray boost his head up in Caleb’s Instagram comments. I’m thankful that Caleb gets the support from these older guys as well as the New Edition fanbase because he doesn’t get that same genuine support from the Stranger Things fanbase. A lot of it is overpraise based on guilt or he doesn’t get praised at all. I hope Chosen Jacobs from It (2017) gets this same experience because it’s important to have some sort of brotherhood (and sisterhood) for young Black men and women.

Marks--Billy Hargrove

Written by @rune-of-a-writer

Request: Honestly god bless you for writing for billy… it’s so hard to find stuff for him. would you be interested in writing a billy piece where he and the reader are sort of fwb and both assured the other that feelings wouldn’t develop but the reader catches feelings hard… ending can be angsty (billy doesn’t feel that way about reader/just wants sex) or fluffy (mutual admission of love lolol) I’ll let you decide THANK YOU you’re amazing ❤️❤️

Warnings: Smut, cursing

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x female!reader

Summary: You and Billy both promised each other that during your arrangement you wouldn’t grow feelings for one another. But now that you’ve broken your side of that deal, it’s getting harder by the day.

Word Count: 3,190

Listen To: Meet Me in the Hallway by Harry Styles

You had given Billy a call after waving goodbye to your parents. They were leaving for the weekend to head down to the casino for their anniversary. The second their car pulled out of the driveway you were dialing his number and telling him to come over. It was late, almost 7 o’clock— part of you wished he’d stay the night, but you knew he wouldn’t.

After calling him you rushed to the bathroom to get ready. It’d take him ten minutes to get to your house which was enough time for you. You brushed your teeth and put fresh lipstick on, fixing your pajama shorts and tank top. Once you had finished getting ready, you sat yourself down on the couch and waited for Billy to show up. You didn’t have to wait long because almost two minutes later your doorbell was ringing. Biting your lip to withhold your smirk, you got up and answered the door.

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