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The Story Of A Girl Who Has A Crush On A Cute Cashier

“It’s okay, you can do this, talk to her. She’s just a girl. Just a gal. Like you. There’s nothing weird about this. She’s human, you’re human. Everything should be fine.” I whispered to myself until I noticed what I was doing and stopped. I approached the front desk and looked at the cute cashier.

I only gave her a glance but it was enough to see what I wanted to see. I saw her beautiful neon blue hair, her adorable freckles and her pink eyes. I saw the little chub to her cheeks and I saw the smirk on her face as she played a game on her phone while waiting for customers. I saw enough to know I was in love.

“Hello.” I said, and my voice cracked. I fucked up. I fucked up so bad. I put down my things on the counter and remained quiet.

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The One

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N) -off screen lol

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean gets nervous when talking to the Reader over the phone.

Word Count: 1k-ish

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Heyy guys!! This is my entry for Shannon’s aka @splendidcas  Birthday Fic Challenge!! Prompt is bolded!!  I hope you guys like it!! I literally typed it up this morning so I’m kinda proud!! Feedback is always welcomed!! Also, watch out for a second part!!! *wink*

P.S. thank you to Arie and Ree for convincing me to post it, even if I was losing hope!!! *hugs*

The One - Part One

My finger hovered over the call button, my heart racing. It shouldn’t be this hard, right? Since when did I get nervous when calling a girl up? It wasn’t like me.

But here’s the thing.

This wasn’t just a girl. It was the girl.

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Love Affair Part 1

Summary: Your married to Danny (Luke Evans) for a few years now. You guys started out strong, but over time the marriage slowing starts to fall a part. One night you decided to take off and enjoy yourself at a local lounge. There, you meet a man name Negan (JDM). He gives you all the attention of been needing and over time, you two begin to become close. How would things play out for the two of you? How would Danny take it once he finds out? 

Requested By: @mikki-hear

Warning: Cussing

Love Affair Part 1

Chapter 1

For the past couple of hours, I’ve sitting in a beautiful elegant restaurant. I’m in my favorite black lace dress and matching wedges. My hair done, nails done, and make up perfect. I should be having the time of my life, but, I wasn’t. 

Because yet again, I find myself completely alone. Danny, my husband, once again forgot another anniversary. Just like he forgot holidays and birthdays, he just forgot them all. I tried calling, but I never got an answer back. I just got the check and headed on home.

When I got there, Danny wasn’t even home. Guess he was working late, again. I headed upstairs and got ready for bed, then went to sleep. I was only sleep for a couple of hours when I heard a noise from the hallway. I got up to check it out, it was Danny, drunk.

“There’s my girl.” Danny said, smiling as he stumbling into the bedroom. “How was your night?” 

“It was fine.” I said, crossing my arms as he kicked his shoes off. “Where have you been?”

“With the boys.” Danny said, falling back on the bed. “We were watching the game and had drinks. My team won by the way.”

“That’s good.” I said, as he turned on the TV. “Glad you had fun.”

“Everything okay babe?” Danny said, putting his hands behind his head and looking over at me. “You look upset.”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I said, nodding my head. “Actually… I’m not.”

“What’s wrong? Broke a nail or something?” Danny said smirking.

“You forgot again.” I said and he rise an eyebrow. “Our Anniversary. Our five year anniversary.” 

“Fuck.” Danny said, closing his eyes and rubbing his face. “Babe.” He looked over at me as he sat up. “I’m sorry. I had a long day at work and I just wanted to take my mind off of things. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. I’ll take you to dinner tomorrow night if you want. We can go to that sushi place that opened up.”

“It’s alright.” I said, shaking my head. God, I hate sushi, you should know that. “I think I’m going to go back to bed.” I crawl back to bed and laying on my side, looking away from him. “You should to, you got work in the morning.” 

“How about we don’t go to sleep and I…” Danny said, putting his arm around me as he start kissing my neck. “Can start making it up to you right now.”

“Please Danny.” I said, looking up at him as he looked down at me. “I’m not feeling well. I just want to sleep, please.”

He let out a sigh and nodded his head. I wrapped the blankets around me tight, trying not to cry. Danny always made promises that he’ll make it up to me, but he never does. He things sex is a cure all, when what would really cure it, is him just being there for me.

Chapter 2

The next morning, Danny said for me to be ready by seven so he could take me to dinner. I got ready and sat there on the couch, waiting for him. I kept looking at the clock, watching time go by. I let out a sigh, when I saw it was nine a clock.

 I did my usual routine when he didn’t show up. I went upstairs, got ready for bed and went to sleep, alone. And like his usual routine he comes in, making noise and smelling of beer. He would give me another excuse and another promise to make it up to me.

I really thought he was going to make it up to me the following week, my birthday. He had bought us tickets to the phantom of the opera, a play I’ve been dying to see. I got dress and waited for him to get home, so we could head out. 

Yet again, I was sitting there waiting and waiting. I shook my head when I saw he was already over an hour late. I started heading upstairs to get ready for bed. I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing myself all doll up and going no where.

“You know what?” I said, talking to myself in the mirror. “It’s your birthday and you deserve to go out.” 

I headed downstairs and called a taxi. I decided to visit a lounge that had just opened a couple of months ago. It was nice, wasn’t too nosy at all. I took a seat at the bar and order a drink. I just sat there, string it around as I looked at the happy couples.

“I should have just stayed home.” I said, in a low voice.

“Why you fucken say that?” I looked over at a man sitting next to me as he looked over at me. “So, why do you fucken say that doll face?”

“No reason.” I said, looking back at my drink.

“So it fucken has nothing to do with the couples sucking each others faces?” He said. I looked over at him as he chugged his drink and slammed it down. “Cause that’s why I was fucken thinking I should have stayed home.”

“Yeah.” I said and he looked over back at me. “That’s why I said that.” I went back to my drink. “This sucks.”

“Fucken tell me about it.” He said, waving at the bartender to pour him another drink. “I”m Negan by the way.” He offer me his hand. “What’s your name doll?”

“(Y/N)” I said, shaking his hand.

“Well nice to fucken meet you doll.” Negan said, smiling as he kiss my hand. Then he saw my wedding ring. “My fucken bad.” He let go of my ring. “I didn’t know you were taken.”

“It’s okay.” I said, string my drink. 

“So why are you fucken here alone? Where is your husband at?” Negan said, drinking his whiskey.

“I don’t know.” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “He’s probably at the spots bar with his friends. We were suppose to go to the opera today for my birthday but, he never showed up.” I took a drink. “He never shows up.”

“Wait.” Negan said as we both looked at each other. “It’s your fucken birthday and your husband isn’t with you?” I nodded my head. “Take it hes going to say “He forgot”?” Using his fingers to do quotes. “What a douche.”

“Yeah.” I said, taking another drink. “He always forgets. Like our anniversaries, valentine’s day, dinners I had plan. Pretty much everything.”

“You know what? We need to get you a fucken cake.” Negan said, grabbing a menu and flipping to the dessert page “Which one do you want doll? Pick one out and I’ll fucken pay for it. I’ll pay for your drinks too.”

“Oh no Negan.” I said, shaking my head. “I don’t want you to pay for me.”

“Too fucken bad.” Negan said smiling at me. “It’s your birthday after all. Now” He pointed at the cake slices. “Which one do you fucken want?”

“Alright.” I said smiling as I looked at the cakes. “How about this one?” I pointed at a cookies and cream cake. “We can share it.”

“That’ just happen to be my fucken favorite.” Negan said, smiling at me.

We sat there, drinking and eating together. We talked for hours, laughing like we didn’t have a care in the world. Laughing, god I haven’t done that in months. I almost forgot what it was like to laugh, what it was like to be, happy. 

Negan was so carefree and open, you could tell that by his cussing. It was over the top, but I liked it, it was, colorful. He told me about how him and his ex had broken up a couple of months ago, he was taking it a bit hard. He wanted to more and she wanted less, so he choice to walk away from it.

 He said he hadn’t been out the whole time til tonight and he was glad he did. I had to admit, I was glad we both decided to go out tonight. I needed this, I needed someone to talk to. Someone that made me feel like I was someone again and not a nobody.

It was almost midnight when we decided to head out. Negan called a taxi for us and made sure I got home. Lucky me, Danny still wasn’t home, but for once, I didn’t care. 

“So doll, this is were I fucken leave you.” Negan said, walking up to my door.

“Yeah.” I said, smiling. “Thank you Negan. I had fun tonight.”

“No fucken problem birthday girl.” Negan said, stepping closer to me. “Here’s a fucken birthday kiss for you.” He lean down and kiss my cheek. “Happy birthday (y/n).”

“Thank you Negan.” I said, blushing a bit. “So goodnight.”

“Yeah.” Negan said, looking down as he smile. He was blushing a bit too. “Goodnight doll face.” He looked up as he started walking backwards to the taxi. “So I’ll call you tomorrow and we can catch that fucken movie we were talking about. If that’s still alright with you doll?”

“Yeah that’s alright.” I said, smiling as I open my door. “But friends.”

“A course.” Negan said, smiling. “Just fucken friends.” He open the taxi door. “Goodnight doll.”

“Goodnight Negan.” I said, going inside and closing the door. I lean up against the door and let out a happy sigh. “I hope you do call tomorrow.”

And Negan did just that. Anytime we had plans, Negan always showed up. When he was running late, he always gave me the ends up about it. God, he was so much different than Danny was. 

We were hanging out almost every day, if we weren’t hanging out we were on the phone. We were going to the movies, lunches, over to his place to watch TV, and we event went shopping together.  

It was like that for weeks and I couldn’t be happier. Even with Danny forgetting our plans or coming home smelling like booze, it didn’t bug me. Hell, the man didn’t even notice when I came home after he did or didn’t come back home till the next day. 

But like I said, it didn’t bug me, it didn’t bug me one bit. All  because I had Negan, someone that was always there. I was happy and I was grateful for that, grateful for Negan. What else could make me more happier? My question was soon answer, when me and Negan went to a local diner one day. That day, everything change for us. But would it be for the better? 

Love Affair Part 2

Note: This was suppose to be a one shot but it’s going to be too long lol. So most likely a three part one at the most. (Gifs props to maker/some mine)

I tag you guys because I thought you would like it. Anyone else would like to be tag, just message or comment me.

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I’m Something Beautiful With you

Anonymous Requested: Jimin or Jin for 12 please!! “It’s our first Valentine’s Day together and I think you went a little overboard.” Part of my Valentine’s Day prompt series.

Genre: Jimin x Reader

Words: 1822

Originally posted by chimchams

“Be My Valentine.”

That’s what the heart the medium sized bear held that Jimin dropped off at your work. You should’ve known then what you were in for. He’d come in struggling to hold the bear and plopped it down on the counter with a smile so big his eyes seemed to disappear.

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I’ll never do it again

can you guys please write a jaebum fluff/angst/smut? it’s your birthday and he forgets until someone reminds him and he buys you flowers. he makes it up to you with getting down on you

This is for you anon! Hope you like it! :)

Summary: Jaebum forgets your birthday so Jackson tries to make it better. Later on, Jaebum makes it up to you.

Members: Jaebum x Reader, appearances by Jackson

Type: Angst/ Fluff/ Smut

Length: 1682

~ Admin Rated M

Originally posted by sugaglos

    You woke up this morning with the biggest smile on your face. It was your birthday. Your boyfriend, Jaebum, always made this day special for you. He either took you out to your favorite restaurant or planned a surprise party with all of your closest friends. You were excited for what he had planned for this year. You turned towards him and saw that he was still sleeping. You looked at him lovingly, taking in his striking features. It always amazed you how he was so good looking even with his hair messed up from sleep, if anything, that made him even more attractive. You kissed his cheek and he woke up instantly. “Y/N, I’m trying to sleep,” he mumbled.

    You giggled, and hopped off the bed. You grabbed some clothes and jumped in the shower. When you got out, you noticed Jaebum wasn’t in bed. You thought maybe he was in the kitchen making you breakfast, so you finished getting ready for the day. You headed towards the kitchen once you were dressed, and noticed Jaebum in the dining room on his laptop eating cereal. You paused for a moment, and looked inside the kitchen. There was no food. Disappointed, you went ahead and poured yourself a bowl of cereal. You kissed his head as you sat down, and began eating. You looked at Jaebum. His expression was  quite vague. You couldn’t tell if he was pretending not to remember or if he actually forgot your birthday. When he finished his cereal, he kissed you and put his dishes away. He then went to your shared room to get ready. You quickly finished your cereal and headed towards your room.

    “Where are you going?” you asked.

    “I’ve got practice today, remember?”

    “I thought you would’ve taken today off.”

    “Why would I? Today’s no different from everyday I go to practice.”

    That was when it hit you. He actually forgot your birthday. You had taken off from work just to spend the entire day with him, and he completely forgot.

    “Why aren’t you dressed for work?” Jaebum questioned.

    “Oh. I took the day off.”

    “Why? Are you sick?” he asked with a concerned look on his face.

    “No. I..uh…just thought i could use this day to myself. Like a relax day or something.”

    “Oh okay. Well, have fun,”he said as he kissed you and headed outside, “have a great day. I love you.”

    “Love you too,” you muttered.

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Little Green - Pure as Snow (Jongdae, pt.4) [Chronicles of the Wolf series]

warning // triggers. please, be aware.

[ Jongdae | Little Green ]
  \ pure as snow


Jongdae was surprised to arrive at the meeting place first. Sure, he did rush, and he did manage to get lucky swiping past those guards traipsing and joking around. But when he came to a halt in front of the tree they’d separated from, only to find that Minseok wasn’t there, Jongdae was a little disappointed. Maybe he could’ve stayed longer.

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Abeshiya fic: Christmas with you

Title: Christmas with you

Day & prompt: Abeshiya week 2016, Day 7: “Holidays” Christmas

Warnings: None, SFW

Pairing: Abeno x Ashiya

Summary: Christmas party in Underworld,  Ashiya has bad luck and Abeno is knight in shining armor ;). 

P.S: Sorry I know, I am late >//////< But still wanted to do at least something for the final day of Abeshiya week. Dedicated for my cutie Chellie @tokiyasstar thanks to who I had motivation to do and finished this. Thank you baby. :*

Rippou had weird ideas, he always did… But Ashiya didn’t expect for him to do something like this…  After listening many stories about Christmas from Ashiya… Rippou decided: This year Underworld will have its own Christmas too! At first Ashiya thought it is kind of charming idea but not for too long. The way Rippou, Ashiya’s youkai friends and other inhabitants of Underworld were understanding humans traditions about Christmas were… mildly speaking kind of particular. And the same preparations for Christmas were already kind of scary that much that ideas from Nightmare before Christmas were seeming sweet and light. But even then Ashiya couldn’t miss his friends’ first Christmas and immediately decided to participate in Christmas party organized by Rippou and happily was helping everyone in preparations. Though Abeno of course was trying to persuade Ashiya that it is veeeeeeery bad and stupid idea and it will be safer for him just spend all Christmas day with his family… He had right of course, but Ashiya didn’t listen… As always. 

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The Voices of Us Pt. 1

Summary: Youtuber!Au. In which Lance falls in love with Keith’s voice, Hunk is turning twenty-one, Shallura is the workout couple, Pidge is pining, and Keith is extremely concerned why all of his friends are YouTubers. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

A/N: This lovely fic is dedicated to the even lovelier @sopaladone for letting me use their headcanon! I hope you like it! (This is a multichapter fic, ‘cause that’s really all I’m good at.) 

Warning: Language, Pidge is genderfluid but mostly goes by ‘they’ pronouns, and Klance is strong with this one. 

AO3   [2]  [3]

“Lance, why the fuck is Red wearing a dress again?” 

“Because he wanted to feel beautiful!” 

“I swear to God, Lance if you don’t take the dress of now, I’m gonna throw away all of your Shakira posters!”

Lance gasped, his eyes growing wide as he nearly dropped the cat in his hands. He forgot about the video he was recording as he glared at Keith. “You wouldn’t dare,” he whispered. Keith glared back. “Watch. Me.”

Inhaling through his nose, the Latino slowly turned back to his camera and gave a tight smile. “Looks like ‘Adventures with Space Cat’ is going to be put on hold for now.” He leaned in. “I’ll do it when he’s not home.”


He turned around and glared at Keith again. “Alright, alright. Dress is coming off!” Red meowed as he took off the frilly pink dress, something Lance thought was the equivalent to a cat yell. If Blue, his idiot cat, would let him, he’d dress her up and do Space Cat with her. But no, she just had to be a little shit and scratch him every time he tried dressing her up. Red was the temperamental one, so why did Blue give him a hard time?

Putting down the cat and giving the ‘outro’ (as he liked to call it) to end his video, Lance stopped recording and turned off the camera. The chair squeaked as he spun around. “Dude.” He gripped the arms as he leaned in, the chair squeaking again. “Dude. I gotta do an ‘Adventures with Space Cat’ video soon. My subscribers are going nuts for it!” 

“Do it with your own damn cat then.” Keith picked up Red when he ran to him. The cat started to purr as he scratched underneath his chin. Lance pouted. “They’re going to notice if it’s a different cat. And Blue won’t let me dress her up. I still have the scar from the last time I tried.”

Keith put down Red and grabbed his phone and his wallet. “C’mon. Allura was pissed the last time we were late.”

Muttering about editing his video, Lance stood and followed Keith out of the door, grabbing his keys on the way. It was their unspoken rule that at least one of them had to have their keys on their person at all times if they were both going out at the same time. Normally, it’s Lance. (The one time it was Keith’s job, he actually forgot his and locked them both out. It took the landlord two hours to get there to unlock their apartment. Since then, it was always Lance’s job.)

The L.A. sun beat down on his neck, but he was used to it at this point. He grew up right on the beach, most of his adolescent life working at the Pizza Shack with his sisters and brothers and parents. Though, he would never get use to the amount sweating that came with the Californian heat. 

“What are we even doing at this thing anyways?” Lance, asked, his eyes training on a couple of girls that walked by. Attractive, he thought. Keith coughed to gain his attention before shoving his hands in his pockets. “She wants to do some combined-video-thingy or some shit. I don’t know, man, you have to ask her yourself.”

Keith, despite having all YouTuber friends (and roommate), had absolutely no idea what anything on the website was. Nothing made sense to him. It constantly drove Lance up the wall because he could be talking about one of his videos or collabs and the boy would constantly interrupt him to ask what it meant before giving up. Lance didn’t tell him about his videos anymore. 

The place they were meeting at was some smoothie bar that Shiro and Allura found ages ago. They made the best strawberry banana smoothie in Lance’s opinion. Most of the group was already there, minus Hunk. (He was most likely running late because of his own video. It happened a lot.)

“Lance! Keith! Over here!” 

Allura waved them over, a huge grin on her face as she did. Of course she chose to sit outside, and of course it had to be on the hottest day of the year. This girl literally had no idea just how much Lance was dying right now. He thought that the Brit would be dying in this heat, but she seemed to fit in just fine. What was she made of anyways? Alien blood and rainbows?

“You are finally here. Come, come, I got your smoothies for you already!” She ushered them to the large patio table and sat them down, her grin never faltering. Lance was weary of the smoothie. “Uh, Lure, I know you mean well and all, but how long has this smoothie been here?”

“Yeah, and do we have to pay you back or something?” Keith asked what Lance didn’t want to. Broke college kids never had enough money to spend on things like smoothies. Especially smoothies that cost six fucking dollars.

Allura waved her hand. “No, no, it’s on me. We’ve only been here for a few minutes.” She looked around. “Did any of you invite Hunk?” 

Pidge shook their head. They put down their phone to look at the girl. “Didn’t you say that he was uninvited?” 

“Just making sure. This would be a bust if he came.” She pulled out a scrapbook from her purse and placed it onto the table. ‘HUNK’S BIG BIRTHDAY VIDEO/PARTY’ was written in big stick-on letters, each a different color of the rainbow. The moment Lance saw it, he immediately started to wish that he stayed home and feigned illness. At least then he would be able to edit his video.

She opened the scrapbook to the first page. “Shay wanted us to throw him a surprise party with a Hawaiian theme since he can’t go home for his birthday this year. Poor Hunk. He doesn’t have enough money to fly home, and all these finals make it practically impossible to go anywhere, and-”

“Stay on topic, Lure.” 

“Oh. Right. Anyways, Shay came to me a month ago or so and asked for my help with planning the party. I’ve got everything figured out-what decorations to use, what food to make, the date for the party, everything. I just need you guys to help actually set it up and makes sure people come.” She turned to Lance. “Lance, I need you to put it on your channel.”

He put down his smoothies, his arms crossing over each other as he frowned. “What? Why me?”

Shiro spoke instead. “Because you have the most subscribers. And you live-vlog everything. I’d be easy for you to draw attention to this.” 

Looking at it logically, it made sense for him to do it. But it was Hunk’s birthday, so shouldn’t it be on his channel instead? Then again, this was Hunk’s birthday. It was his best friend’s birthday. He should totally do it for him. Sighing, Lance nodded. “Alright, what next?”

“Pidge, I need you to invite this list of people-” she handed them a long piece of paper “-by Wednesday. They should RSVP by at least next Tuesday. The party will be next Saturday.

“Keith, you’re in charge of the music. Make sure it’s actually something that Hunk likes. We don’t need that emo music that you listen to blaring through the speakers again.

“Shiro, I’m putting you in charge of finding the decorations and such. Please don’t get them from that party store you went to last time. Those weren’t really that good, and most of them were falling apart halfway thought the party. Poor Coran was in tears when his cup’s handle broke.” She fell silent, everyone remembering the sight of Coran sobbing when his drink fell on the floor. It took forever for Alfor to calm him down.

Lance grabbed the scrapbook from Allura’s side. Every page had some sort of Hawaiian theme. She really put a lot of thought into this, huh? he thought, flipping the page to one with pictures of beaches. He smiled. Hunk was his best friend, his honorary brother, his other half. If people could have friend soulmates, Hunk would be his. He deserved a good party-a good twenty-first.

“Do you want me to tweet about something big happening? I could do it in a way that Hunk wouldn’t know about it.” He was already unlocking his phone and pulling up Twitter. The tweet was already halfway written when Allura grabbed his hands. 


When Keith was home alone, he blasted his music throughout the apartment. His roommate hated what he listened to, often criticizing it to the point that it was the same as complaining. But when he was alone, no one could say anything about what he listened to, and he could sing along without anyone finding out.

His phone was hooked up to Lance’s speaker in the kitchen, Mr. Brightside was blaring, and he was dancing while making a pot of chili. He couldn’t help but sing along; it was a song that practically everyone knew. The chorus picked up, and he got a little bit bolder in his singing. Lance wasn’t home, so why should he hold it in? 

“Jealousy, turning saints into the sea. Swimming through sick lullabies. Choking on my alibis…” 

His hips swayed to the beat of the music. He wasn’t a good dancer-not as good as Lance because let’s face it: nobody was-but he wasn’t necessarily bad. He was definitely a better singer. 

“I never… I never… I never! I never!” 

“Shit, man. I didn’t know you could sing!” 

Keith yelped, dropping the wooden spoon as he spun around. He fumbled to turn off the music. “Damn it, Lance, announce when you’re home!” 

Lance was leaning on the door jam. He didn’t have a dumb grin or a cocky smirk. He actually had the same face he wore whenever he was trying to figure out a tough problem. The silence that filled the room was nearly deafening, so Keith went to turn the music back on, but he was stopped when Lance finally spoke. 

“You’re good.” 

He turned around. “Huh?” 

“Yeah,” he said as he pushed off the door jam. He walked over to the stove. “You’re actually really good. You should sing more often. Is this ready?” 

Keith smacked his hand away. “Leave the chili alone, damn it.” Pulling his hand back, he leaned on the kitchen counter. His shoulders bunched up as he looked away. “Don’t get used to it. I’m not singing in front of you ever again.” Muttering, he added, “Or anyone else.” 

His roommate gaped. “Keith, you can fucking sing! I bet if you made a channel, you’d-“


The Latino threw his hands up before slamming one down on the counter next to him. “C’mon, people love you already, you have an amazing voice, and you’re not bad on the eyes.” He looked him up and down before nodding. “You’re bound to get some attention.” 

“Can you shut up already? I told you I’m not singing again.” Keith ignored the comment about him being ‘not bad on the eyes’ (oh, who’s he kidding? That left him flustered as hell) and pushed off of the counter. Lance would kill him if he used the spoon that dropped, so he went to go get a new one. Or maybe he should get a ladle. It looked about ready. 

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll shut up about it if-”

“Thank you!” 

“If,” he continued, “you sing on my channel on my next video. Just see what people say and see if they want you to create your own channel.” 

He pointed at the cabinet above Lance’s head then grabbed two spoons. His roommate got the hint, grabbing two of the six bowls that they actually own. One of them, he decided, will have to ask for more as their birthday present. It would most likely end up being Keith. 

“What do I get if they don’t?” He had to see what Lance was offering. Their last bet ended up with him cleaning the entire apartment. It was surprisingly clean when Keith got home, and he was afraid to touch anything for a few days. 

Lance tapped his chin, genuinely thinking about it. When he figured it out, he snapped his fingers. “I’ll make my Mamá’s famous enchiladas.” 

Victoria’s famous enchiladas? Already, this boy was making a compelling case. He scooped some chili into one of the bowls and handed it to his roommate. “So all I have to do is sing on one of your lame-“


“-videos and wait for your subscribers to say yes? And I get enchiladas if they don’t like it?” 

The boy nodded. “Yeah, and if they like it, all you have to do is create your own channel and actually post on it. You could probably get equipment from Pidge or something. I don’t know where they get that stuff.” 

“No one does.” Keith raised a spoonful of chili to his lips and blew on it. He didn’t miss the way the other’s eyes flashing down to them. Oh, that’s leverage to use if he needed something done. Sighing, he stirred his chili. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but okay. I’ll sing. Just for your next video.” 

Lance whooped, pumping his fist in the air and walking out of the kitchen. “I got Keith fucking Yun to sing on my fucking channel! Woohoo! I gotta go text Pidge…” 

Keith would be lying if he said he didn’t stare at his ass as he walked out. What? He was gay as hell and Lance had a nice ass. Sue him. 

He shook his head. Just what did he get himself into?

“Hey, Starchild. I need you to get that-goddamnit you died!”

“Sorry, man. Looks like I’ve gone onto the afterlife. Remember me when you win.”


Pidge glared Kevin-aka Starchild-and nudged his shoulder. “You fucking idiot, we could’ve gotten that item!”

Kevin waved his hand. “Just win this for us, Gamerson. Win it for me.” He wiped his eyes of the fake tears before dropping his controller. “Dude, what the fuck, you just died.”

“Like hell was I going to face that boss alone!”

“Pidge, we’re literally just playing Little Big Planet 3. It shouldn’t be hard.”

They glared at Kevin, the grip on their controller tightening. Whispering, they said, “No man gets left behind. Even if it’s an idiot who died by running into the enemy.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s just go back.” He dug through the bag of chips. “Hey, did you hear about Ivy?”

“Yeah! Her boyfriend cheated on her then she fucking wrecked his shit. But I don’t really know what she did though.” Pidge took a sip of their coke. “Damn, I’m gonna need another one. So what did she do?”

Kevin jumped onto a platform and waited for Pidge to jump up to him. “She created a new account on WoW and dragged his ass. Stole all his shit. Recorded it all and put it on her channel. At the end, she broke up with him and called him out. The girl’s got moxy. Fucking hell, Gamerson, get your head in the game!”

“Damn, Star, this isn’t High School Musical!” 

“No shit. I’d be bopping right to the top if it was.” 

That went on for six more minutes until they finally beat the boss. It wasn’t even that hard; they just kept getting distracted by High School Musical puns. Pidge paused the game and cut the sound. “So that was interesting. Thank you so much, Starchild, for coming onto my channel and playing this game with me. If you want to go his channel, I’ll have the link down below. Seriously do because he has the best shit.”

“Aw, thanks, man. I didn’t know you felt that way!”

“Shut up. Anyways, please like and subscribe, and I’ll see you like Sunday or something. I don’t know when I’ll actually post this. Game on, my friends.”

They cut the camera off then turned to Kevin. Their stomach growled. “Wanna go crash Hunk’s video and steal his food?”

“Let’s go.” Kevin was already out of his seat and running towards the kitchen. They stood up with a little more care, making sure that their skirt was right before walking out of their room. What? Skirts were comfortable and freeing, and they got like a shit-ton in their closet for days they felt more feminine. (Those days were rare, but not as rare as their masculine days. In fact, if they actually calculated how many days they felt feminine and how many they felt masculine, feminine would beat out masculine by two weeks. Mostly though, they tend to be more gender neutral.)

“…And then we’re going to put on-guys, what are you doing?” Hunk stop midway of his sentence when the two YouTubers reached for some of his ingredients. They looked at each other. “Nothing…” They both drawled.

Hunk glared at them. “Just take the food already and go.”

The larger man resumed his video, and the others scurried into the living room. There was still an hour before Kevin had to go to class, both videos were filmed, and there was nothing to do. Great.  “So,” they drawled. “What now?”  

Kevin groaned and ruffled his dark hair. He looked at his phone. “I gotta go to pick up my sister then go to class. Wish I could stay though.” He looked at them, his blue eyes reflecting the sun’s gleam. “I had fun playing with you, man.”

“I did, too. Have a safe trip.”

“See ya, Gamerson!”

Pidge watched as Kevin walked to his car before sitting down on the couch. The skirt bunched up around their legs. Okay, so there was a good reason why they wore a skirt and why they wore a headband to ‘keep their bangs out of their eyes’ and why there may or may not be a little lip gloss on today. That wasn’t the first time they collabed with Kevin, and they actually hung out on a regular basis. Something-a tiny little something-fluttered in Pidge’s stomach when the two hung out together. They never acted on it; they can’t really.

Kevin had a girlfriend.

Pidge didn’t even stand a chance. But it didn’t hurt to look nice for him right?

They could hear Hunk saying something about putting his dish into the oven before he said that he’ll be right back. Two seconds later, their roommate walked in.

“Okay, so you need to tell that boy or so help me I’m going to drag your butt down to his apartment and say it for you.” Hunk wiped his hands on his apron (this one had a that classic ‘Kiss the Chef’ thing on it) as he sat down. Pidge curled into a ball. “I don’t-what are you-huh?”

Hunk groaned. “Pidge. You like Kevin. It’s kinda obvious. I mean, you’re wearing a skirt! And your favorite shirt! And is that-is that lip gloss? Since when do you own lip gloss?”

They wiped their lips free of it before muttering that they don’t. Lie.

“Whatever. Come taste this crème brûlée when you’re done sulking.” He stood up and when to the kitchen again, muttering about editing that part of the video out. The apartment carried voices extremely well, and most times, they would be heard on the other’s videos.

Pidge played with their skirt. They had to get Kevin out of their mind, and they had to do it now. Their eyes landed on their laptop, a slow grin stretching its way onto their face. “I think it’s about time to update that Klance fanfiction,” they said as they grabbed the laptop. “Oh boy, is Keith gonna get a kick out of this one.”

Ten minutes after updating, Keith texted them. 

From: Dick Overlord 

-> What. The. Fuck. Why do you do this to me?

Pidge smiled.

To: Dick Overlord

-> I KNEW you read them.

From: Dick Overlord 

-> Shut the fuck up. 

They tossed their phone onto the couch and listened to Hunk cook. Maybe he was right. Maybe they should tell Kevin. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Their life was filled with so much ‘maybe’s and ‘if’s that they don’t know what is real and true. Pidge sighed. 

What have they gotten themselves into? 


Originally posted by laygion

One sleepover, one chocolate and my entire feelings!

“Are you going for the sleepover this time?” My older brother Baekhyun asked me.

“I don’t know yet..” I answered, surely all blushed.

He sighted.

He knew how madly in love I was with our best friend. Actually he was the only one who knew about this. I would have kept it for myself, yet he got to know this by accident.

“You are too drunk Y/N! Mom and dad will be mad at me for letting your drink so much if they see you like that. Why did you have to drink that much?!” My brother asked me as he tried to get me out of the club we had gone out together.

“You don’t understand me Baeky! I. Am. In. love.!” I said little by little all quiet but loud enough for him to hear.

He couldn’t believe it. I was never like that for a boy. And all these were before he even knew that boy’s name.

“Oh Sehun!” I said again. But these were my last words before I started crying right there.

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Inked Flowers

Originally posted by exoturnback

botanist! baekhyun au

genre: fluffy angst 

warnings: none really 

hope you like 

~admin Kyndall

You tightly gripped the man’s arm as you tried to keep him still. The red neon lights dyed the shop a vibrant red.The humming of the tattoo gun almost drowned the grunts of pain the brunette was making. He ran his fingers through his silky hair and sighed at the dull stinging on his wrist. You felt a strange prick of empathy for the seemingly innocent man in front of you, maybe a conversation would take his mind of the pain.

“So what do you do?”

“Well. I am a botanist,” he said in a tight voice but it explained his choice of tattoo. It was a tiny ,but ‘manly’ as he called it, cherry blossom. “ I actually opened up shop yesterday.” You uniformly looked up to see if the talking was helping him cope with the pain. You noticed his delicate features where looking back at you in the bright smile. 

“isn’t a little strange for a botanist to have a tattoo even if it is of a flower?”You asked as you continued with the tattoo gun on his wrist. The stems curled out towards his forearms and licked the palm of his hand. 

“It is always something I have wanted to do. I like trying new things even if they are permanent.” He smile grew even larger making it harder to keep your eyes on the task at hand and not on his face. His angelic  presence didn’t fit your parlor in the slightest with the hard rock music, hardcore body mods and crippling smoke that made him cough every once in a while. 

“So what’s your name?” His voice cut through thoughts sweet and smooth like honey. 

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It was 3 minutes after the V-Day when Merlin gave Eggsy this address. Written on a piece of paper in a sharp handwriting which suited a man like Merlin in every possible way, it was given Eggsy in a jet before he tiredly fell asleep in a chair.

‘Come there only if you really need, lad’, told Merlin and got back to playing with his tech stuff, because the world was really going to shit.

Eggsy forgot about it as soon as they landed back in London. Kingsman needed new Arthur, the Queen needed explanations, the world needed reordering and pretty much all of the above was done by Merlin and what was left of once a secret powerful organization. Kingsman wasn’t so secret anymore, but Eggsy wasn’t going to tell his mom about what he actually does. He did beat the shit out of Dean, though, and this time there was no one to stop him. Merlin gave him the look, of course, but never commented. There was better stuff to do.

A month passed in chaos. Two months. Three.

By the end of the sixth Eggsy suddenly realized that he is sitting in the dark in HQ because he doesn’t want to go home. He didn’t want to answer questions about a job he wasn’t actually doing and find new bullshit reasons to explain why he sometimes had a look like someone has died.

Eggsy told everyone that he lost his girlfriend during Valentine’s massacre. 

That wasn’t far from the truth.

Eggsy avoided thinking about Harry as much as he could, but he couldn’t control this. He doubted that he ever would learn how to. A feeling of utter despair and a pain worse than being stabbed by a knife was constantly there, on a level of his diaphragm, reminding of itself with splinters of glass.

Sitting in the dark and soothing himself for half an hour in silence became sort of a thing for Eggsy after a while. Just moments to think and calm down. Moments, when he didn’t have to pretend that he lost a loved one during the V-Day. Moments, when he allowed himself to remember that he did

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IRL Date

Author: missingotaku but my main account is imalivegrace

Words: 2557

Genre: Romance

Ship: Syndisparklez

Warning: Light swearing

Teaser: This is a request from a lovely anon who asked me to write about a moment in season one where Tucker tells Tom and Jordan to go on a date to get their stuff back. This is what it would be like if it was in real life.

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More than this - Stiles Stilinski / Theo Raeken {part 9}

*gif is not mine, found through google image search*

[part 1-8 (Masterlist)]

A/N: Hey guys, again sorry for the long wait, i have soo much on my plate right now and i still need to finish a request. I know i know, you guys miss Stiles but in this chapter, there is no direct Stiles x Reader interaction, BUT he is mentioned and IT’S IMPORTANT for the following chapter! So don’t skip this if you’re just here for Stiles. For those who are disappointed with the lack of Stiles x Reader, please be aware that this is a journey (omg i sound like a show writer i hate myself lol i’m jeff) Don’t worry guys, i love you to pieces.

Warnings: None, fluff, fluff FLUFF. (okay kiinda a subtle mention of sex ya know me)

(y/d/n) = your dad’s name

I was lying on my bed, head on Theo’s chest and our legs entangled. We we’re watching a movie on Netflix together. After the party, Theo decided to stay over because my parents weren’t home for the weekend, so we spent the whole Saturday together. It was now Sunday morning, and tomorrow the holidays would begin. No school, god bless.

Theo drew little circles with his fingers on my back while I was quietly sniffling at the sad scene in the movie. I didn’t like romance movies that much, I preferred horror, thriller, that kind of stuff. But when I did watch a romantic movie and the scene was sad, I usually cried like a baby. By the time the credits were rolling I was practically bawling.

“Oh my god Babygirl, I didn’t think you’d get so emotional.” Theo chuckled, rubbing my back.

“Shut up! It was heartbreaking okay? Can you imagine how her life will be, now that she lost him forever?” I tried to wipe the tears away but it didn’t work, since new tears were already running down my face.

“Stop crying (y/n), I can’t stand it when you’re upset.” He said, pulling me into his arms even more, hugging me more tightly.

Theo sweetly kissed my head and kept rubbing my back in a soothing manner. It took a few minutes and I stopped crying, feeling rather tired now all cuddled up, the only thing I heard was Theo’s steady heartbeat and his slow breathing.

But as soon as I felt like falling asleep, he broke the silence.

“Do you ever wonder…how we ended up like this? I mean, at the beginning it was supposed to be a casual hook-up. And now..you got me wrapped around your little finger.” Taking my finger in his hands, he playfully bit it, making me laugh.

“Well, I am glad we ended up like this. That it’s not just a one-time thing.” I stated, touching his cheek.

“Me too.” He said with a serious smile on his face, pure adoration in his eyes.

Since my parents would come home soon, the two of us decided that it would be the best if Theo left. I helped him gather up all his things and led him to our front door. He swung his overnight bag on his shoulder and stood in the doorframe, ready to head home.

“So..this was nice. I mean, the weekend together.” He mumbled, a shy smile on his face.

“Yes yes it was. I liked spending so much time with you. In bed for example.” I grinned, taking a step further.

“Oh that’s what you’re thinking about.” He smirked. “Well, now that you’re on the family trip for the next week, you will unfortunately have to wait for it.” I shivered at the way he let his fingers glide over my forearm, the desire in his eyes making me blush.

“How am I going to survive a week without” I leaned in, “this.” I whispered, then closing the distance between us and kissing him passionately. Before things got too heated we parted again, breathing heavily.

“I’ll miss you” he hummed while hugging me tightly.

“I’ll miss you, too.”

I watched him as he got into his car, waving one last time before he took off.

An hour passed and my parents arrived from their work trip, greeting me enthusiastically.

“So how was the weekend honey?” my mom asked me while we were at the dinner table.

“It was…fine.” I said, before immediately shoving a fork of pasta into my mouth, hoping no one spotted the soft pink that crept up my cheeks just by the thought of the time I spent with Theo.

“Oh, I almost forgot! You know your dad and I have been planning our camping trip the last few days, and guess who decided to join us!” I looked up from my plate raising my eyebrows at my mom who’s smile went extremely wide.

“The Stilinski’s!” my mom clapped her hands happily and I almost choked on my pasta.

There is no way in hell that my mom just said I was going to spend the next week on a campsite with-

“That’s great isn’t it? I talked to John this morning and he said he’s so happy to come with us! You and Stiles have been friends since you’ve been three years old and now that you two made up we thought this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate that!”

“Wow, uhm, yea that’s..that’s awesome.” I chuckled nervously, playing it off like I was totally okay with it because I didn’t want to disappoint my parents. Our camping trips have always been a tradition and they plan everything weeks in advance.

After dinner, I went to my room to pack my bag for tomorrow. I had a list of things I needed for our trip on my desk and began to put all the things on my bed that were on it. When I put the item in my bag, I made a little checkmark on my list. This way I was done in no time and I could make sure that I didn’t forget anything. Checking the “red big sweater”, I was finished.

It was about nine pm and I was laying in my bed, thinking about the trip and how it was going to be like to spend a whole week alone with Stiles after what had happened between us. We were practically friends again but there was still some kind of unspoken tension between us. It wasn’t like it used to be, even if we denied it.

That night I slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming about strong arms holding me close, whispering sweet nothings into my ear, a person with green and sometimes amber eyes.

As soon as I woke up Monday morning, I could hear my parents arguing downstairs. Every holiday, the morning of our departure, hell broke loose. There was no other time in the year when my parents, especially my mom, were this stressed.

“(y/d/n), did you put the air pump in the trunk already? I am not driving back like last year because we forgot to bring it!” I heard my mom yell.

“First of all Love, we wouldn’t have had to drive back if you’d gotten over yourself and just slept under the sky, it wasn’t even cold! And secondly, you wanted to drive back too because you forgot the hand sanitizer.” My dad replied.

And this is how it would go all morning.

Did you think of the paper towels?

We can’t forget the first aid kid!

What if I don’t have enough socks?

Do you REALLY need this sweater in three different colors?

Briefly going over my list and bag again, I was ready to go. Before I left the house I threw on a light jacket and stepped into my beloved Doc Martens. After entering the car, I plugged in the aux wire to my phone. Even though my parents hated my taste in music, I got to be in charge of the playlist because I despised  driving with a passion. Short routes were fine, but everything as of an hour made me sick, which is why I had to take medicine for travelling.

Listening to Work Song by Hozier, I nodded my head and tapped my fingers on my legs in the beat of the music, letting my mind drift off to escape the time and traffic.

When, my, time comes around

Lay me gently in the cold dark earth

No grave can hold my body down

I’ll crawl home to her

(The Song has nothing to do with the storyline, I just adore this song. It’s so beautiful, go listen to it.)

[Part 10 here]

We Got Married - Joshua

Author: Admin Lilly
Genre: Fluff
Words: 2223
Summary: You’re an idol and you’re being paired with Joshua on We Got Married.
A/N: I honestly only watched Solar’s and Eric Nam’s WGM so I kind of oriented myself on that??? I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

Your hands started sweating when the car stopped, nervousness washing over you and dulling out your surroundings. All you could focus on was the wave of excitement rushing through your body.

Your management said that this was a great idea, even your band members were supporting it. At first you were hesitant. Getting married to a guy you didn’t know at all? Basically faking a relationship for the entertainment of people in front of a TV?

All of that sounded like a big nope to you, in your opinion relationships and marriages were something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

And even though you liked We Got Married and loved watching it, you never thought you’d be on it yourself.

Now you were and you were about to meet your future husband. You obviously weren’t indifferent about the choice, but you didn’t have the highest hopes. You honestly just wished for someone decent, someone you could spend the time with comfortably and who wouldn’t make too much of a fuss about the whole thing.

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My eyes popped open when the vibration of my phone under my pillow woke me up from the dream I was having. I sat up in my bed and wiped the mixture of sweat and tears from my face. Reaching under the pillow to retrieve my phone I checked who the caller was first.

I looked at the clock as I put the phone to my ear “What?” I answered

“Is this how you seriously answer the phone Alex?” Cyn asked

“When it’s eight in the morning and people waking me up then yeah” I said but was silently thankful for her call waking me up so I wouldn’t have to once again live through the end of my dream

“Well I’m sorry for interrupting your beauty sleep” she said sarcastically

I fell back on the bed and sighed before pulling a pillow under my head “Aight so what you want Cyn?” I asked

“My car won’t start” she said

“What that got to do with me?” I asked

“I need a ride and you’re like my only hope so can you please come pick me up” she said

“Still don’t know who that has anything to do with me” i said closing my eyes

“What do you need to do that’s so damn important that I have to come out of my bed to come pick you up?” I asked

I had no intentions of leaving my crib so whatever she about to tell me better be some life or death type shit or she can get the thought of me picking her up out her head and go hop her ass on the bus or train.

“I have to go to my appointment at the hospital and then I have to swing by the shop to see if my new workers are well adjusted” she said

“Oh nah, that’s a lot coming from a girl that’s not trying to break a nigga off with shit” I said

“I know you are not trying to say I got to exchange a sexual favor just for you to come pick me?” she asked

I can only imagine look on her face when she said that, she probably had her eyebrow cocked with a skrewd face “I mean it’s the polite thing to do” I said

She kissed her teeth “You’re so full it, I’ve told you the requirements that are needed for one to have their way with me and I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your chances have been voided from the beginning” she said

Damn, I’m not even that bad for my chances to be as she says “voided”. I think she’s just over exaggerating.

“I ain’t even hardly much do nothing to you” I said kissing my teeth

“Alex, let’s not even go there because you know what you did but yeah make your choice are you going to come pick me up or not?” she asked

“I don’t really know, I’m kinda tired and I would like to catch up on some sleep” I said trailing off

“Okay, pick me up in an hour see you then" she said before hanging up the phone in my face

I looked at my phone like it’d just grown four heads, this chick got to tighten up with the disrespect.

“I got half a mind to take my ass back to sleep” I mumbled to myself

* * *

I watched as Cyn strutted her way towards my car, even though she had her shades on I could still see the annoyance written overall her face.

I would love to know what hospital she going to dressed like that.

“I told you an hour Alex” she as she entered the car and strapping herself in

“I had to eat and shit, you wanted me leave the house hungry?” I asked

Of course I purposely took my time getting ready, had to let her know that she wasn’t running shit ‘round this way.

She took off her glasses and hit me with the meanest glare she could muster up “Just drive” she said

“Ask nicely” I said

“Alex please you’re going to make me late and I’m going to miss my appointment” she whined

“Then ask nicely” I said

“Can you please drive?” she asked sweetly

“No problem” I said pulling off from where I was park

She huffed and folded her arm.

“Why you forever wearing black?” I asked her as I pulled onto the highway

“It’s my favorite color” she said burying her face into her phone

“So just because it’s your favorite color you got to wear it all the time?” I asked

“That’s the way it works in my world” she said looking up and tucking her phone in her bag

I left it at that and for the rest of the ride to the hospital was silent “I got to stay with you?” I asked as we walked through the double doors of the building

“Yes, please don’t leave me” she said

 “I don’t really fuck with hospitals like that Cyn” I said looking around at the scenery of the hospital as I scratched my head

 “You’ll be okay, I’m the one getting the blood drawn not you so can you just please stay plus it will save you the trouble of having to come back and pick me up” she said

“Who the hell said I was coming back to get you in the first place?” I asked

“Alex please, I’ll make you dinner” she bribed

My eyebrow shot up “Anything?” I asked

“Yes, whatever you want I’ll make it” she said reluctantly

“Aight, cool c’mon then” I said leading the way to the waiting room

She went to go fill out her paper work while I sat down and started playing with my phone. A few minutes later she came and sat down next to me.

Not paying any attention to her I just kept messing around on my phone but I could still feel her hard glare on the side of my face “Didn’t ya mama ever tell you it’s rude to stare?” I asked her

“I was waiting for you to look at me” she said

Slowly picking my head up and turned it towards her “What?” I asked

“Can you be nice to me like you were for last couple of days?” she asked “I like when you’re like that and you’re always complaining about my attitude but what you have to realize is that you have an attitude too and it’s really hard to be nice to some with an attitude. I mean, I am your girlfriend” she said with a little laugh

“Fine, my bad for attitude; you chill with yours and I’ll chill with mines” I said

“Ok!” she said happily and hugged me from the side causing me to stare at her from the corner of my eye “Oh, sorry I forgot” she said and straightened up in her seat

I shook my head and buried my face into my phone. It felt like we were in that waiting room forever before Cyn’s name was called.

She looked at me when she stood to her feet “C’mon” she said

“You better cook me the best dinner I ever tasted” I said as I stood up

She giggled softly “I’ll try” she said


“You’re for real over exaggerating how much pain you’re in” Alex said

“How do I fake this pain? I really do feel like my arm is about to fall off” I whined

He’s acting like he’s a mucho man but I’m sure if he was in my position he probably would have been feeling just like I am.

“You’re nothing but a crybaby; you got  like what, two shots? Please” he said shaking his head

“And I got blood drawn too, so shut up Alex!” he chuckled at me as I pouted “C’mon” he said holding the door of my shop open for me to walk in

“Thank you” I said

As I made my way towards my new workers I smiled at them “Hey Cyn, I didn’t know you were coming through today” Samantha said

“I know, I just wanted to see how you guys were coming along so far” I said

I desperately needed a break from me and Traci’s shop” we’ve been working our butts of in here ever since our fathers bought it as our graduation gift.

“We’re doing great this is literally the easiest job I’ve ever had in my life” Monica said to me but her eyes were focused past my head

I smiled “I’m glad you think that, oh I almost forgot. This is my boyfriend guys, Alex these are the new workers for the boutique” I said

After the dinner with my parents it was actually getting way easier for me to I introduce Alex as my boyfriend.

They both said hi to him and he shot them both head nods and I can’t really say that I expected anything else from him.

“Oh Cyn, since you’re here I want to show you something” Samantha said

“No problem, I’ll be back in a minute and then we could go” I said to Alex

“And then you gon’ go cook for me right?” he asked

“You want that today?” I asked

“You woke me up today right?” he asked sarcastically

“Alright fine” I said before following behind Samantha “Oh my gosh, you did this?” I asked as we ventured to the store where everything was switched around and organized perfectly

She nodded “You like it?” she asked

“Yes! Everything looks so organized and well put together” I said “You’re making my job so much easier” I glanced over at the front  counter and what I say made my smile drop, I looked back at Samantha and gave her a fake smile

“That’s what I’m here for, you said you needed a break so relax” she said

“Thanks” I said not being able to keep the smile on face

* * *

I was mad right now and that’s because I told Alex to take me home but here I was at his house with my arms crossed.

He stood in front of me and placed his hands on either side of my body trapping me from going anywhere.

My eyes traveled over his tattooed chest and arms. My eyebrow shot up as I looked up at his face “Yes?” I asked

“You still making me dinner right?” he asked

“No” I said rolling my eyes

I didn’t know why I was so upset with him, he’s my man but technically he wasn’t so I’m not supposed to be mad that he was entertaining some girl flirting with him but I was.

“You lied, I thought you don’t like lying” he asked

“I didn’t lie I just changed my mind” I said

“Oh you must be mad?” the dimple in his left cheek sunk in as he smirked

Looking up into his sparkling green eyes I scoffed “For what, I don’t have a reason to be mad?” I said

“You look and sound pretty damn mad” he said

“You’re the one that was flirting with someone that works for me like we don’t have a deal going on right now making me look bad” I said

“I wasn’t flirting with her” he said a little bit too quickly

“You guilty?” I asked

“You jealous?” he countered

“No, I’m not jealous!” the smirk he had his face only grew from my words “You sure?” he asked closing the space between

“You’re too close” I said putting my hands on his chest trying to find the strength to push him away but nothing happened

His face was literally centimeters away from mine and I could feel the coolness of his breath tickling my lips “So what’s problem? You my girl right?” he asked

“Yes but not-”

“So act like it for a change” was the last words to leave his mouth before his lips touched mine

Forgotten Birthday

Summary: You thought that your friends would be there for your birthday, but after they ignored you, you felt depressed.
Member: Taehyung x Reader
Type: Angst/ fluff-ish
Length: 1,188 Words

This was also a birthday scenario that ended up getting lost in the shuffle and is late. Sorry. But I hope you like the scenario <3

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You hated the feeling of being alone. Of course, you should have been used to it by now. You knew that being best friends with a kpop group meant you would not be able to turn to them all the time. Half the time you were watching them on different livestreams or going to their fan meet-and-greets as well as their concerts. One good thing about being friends with them was that you could always get into their events for free. Not to mention that these guys are just the sweetest boys in the world. But at the end of the day, it sucked that you weren’t able to spend time with them as much as you wanted. Also the fact that you couldn’t be seen with them outside of the dorm or your apartment. They could not be seen with you outside, and that meant your friendship was a bit frustrating.

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One Day

Characters: Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow

Pairing: Snowbarry

Summary: A seemingly regular day at S.T.A.R labs, turned out to be not so regular after all.

He entered the lab at his normal pace, that is, in a flash, went straight for one of the several chairs behind the computers and sat down heavily, making the chair slide several feet away on its wheels. Smiling goofily, he glanced at the only occupant of the lab, quickly opened the take-out box of sushi and dug in enthusiastically. 

Several mouthfuls later, he looked up curiously at her, sitting one chair down, hair blown back with the gust of air he brought with her, lost deep in her thoughts. There were only two lights on in the room and it was more shadows than light. Her face was glowing with the light from the monitor screen, her eyes slightly wide. He was sure she wasn’t even aware of his arrival, so deep in her mind she was. It was something pleasant, he could tell. There was this slight uplift of her lips, a dazed smile that gave her thoughts away. He could not help smiling himself. 

Looking at her now, who would have believed she was the girl from a year earlier, with grim expressions and melancholic eyes, someone who felt like her responsibility to protect everything and everyone ever since she was not able to save that one person. Someone who had been blaming herself for the death of that person and for whom getting out of bed each morning, defeating the crippling grief and fighting to make space for others was a daily challenge. 

Not anymore, he thought with happy satisfaction. 

She changed. She overcame all her fears and nightmares and they have only made her stronger. She started smiling more, cracking jokes, trying to come up with meta nicknames, even did karaoke. She started living her life again instead of bearing it. And he liked this Caitlin, this open, sensitive and caring person with her intelligence and bursting ideas that never cease to amaze him with their brilliance. 

He cleared his throat loudly to get her attention. It didn’t work. She kept staring at the base of the screen, with that same little smile. He pushed his chair closer to hers. 

“Caitlin?” he called softly. 

Nothing. She was too deep in her thoughts. 

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Where The Sidewalk Ends (Pt. 3)

A Dean x Reader series

Part One | Part Two

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! Here is the third part to my new series. This is literally all I ever think about (I’m kind of obsessed) and I couldn’t wait to write another part and share it with you! You guys have been so awesome with this series and all the lovely messages and asks I get for it always make me smile! Big thanks to the amazing @manawhaat for being a kick ass beta, and filling in holes when my brain won’t​ work. Let me know what you guys think! I love hearing from you! xo

Word Count: 2,870

- language
- marijuana usage
* I think that’s it but if I missed anything, let me know!

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“You didn’t give me your number.”

You stood there and stared at him, words simply unable to form in your sleep fogged brain. This beautiful green eyed creature stood in front of you, the smile that haunted your dreams just hours before spread across his freckled face. You suddenly felt like a cave troll, bringing your hand up to try and smooth down the rat’s nest that was your hair.

“I guess I forgot,” you said, looking down at your bare feet, noticing that the deep purple nail polish was starting to peel from your toes. “Weird night and all that.”

Dean rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet, his hands in his pants pockets.

“Are you gonna invite me in?”

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Carter Reynolds Imagine for anon

You rolled over in your sleep, buring your head into Carter’s pillow. He was already up, you knew he was and why. 

Today, you were getting surgery. You were getting your appendix taken out, because you had develpoed Appendtitus. *a/n: i don’t know if that’s how you spell it lol* Your sides were in extreme pain, and Carter wanted to let you sleep as much as you could before he had to drag you to the hospital against your will. You were terrified of hospitals. Carter always held your hand at regular check-ups, how are you going to survive this surgery? 

Your surgery was scheduled for five in the morning. Why, you didn’t know. You didn’t get to eat last night, and you couldn’t this morning so you were happy that you would probably have breakfast at a decent hour when you woke up from the surgery. 

You sighed into the pillow, as you heard footsteps coming to the bed. You snuggled yourself deeper into the navy blue comforter, trying to act asleep. You really were exhausted, you were so anxious last night that you could barely close your eyes, let alone doze off. 

You felt Carter’s warm hand run through your hair. You stirred a little, but didn’t respond. He kept doing it, he knew how it calmed you down when you were nervous and such. 

“Baby.” Carter said, rubbing your shoulder, “It’s time to get up Y/N.” His voice was soft. 

You shook your head, throwing the covers over your face, “No thanks." 

"I knew you were awake.” Cater breathlessly chuckled, and came closer to you. He grabbed you by the waist, pulling you closer and sitting you up with ease. You shut your eyes and hissed at the pain in your sides. You rubbed your eyes, and curled into a ball, “I’m not going." 

"Babe you have to. You’re hurt, Y/N. Let them help you.” HIs arms linked around the small of your back, pulling you into his chest. You opened your legs so he could stand between them, your feet dangling off the edge of his tall bed. 

“But they’re scary.” You whined quietly, your head thudding against Carter’s hoodie adorned chest. 
“I’ll be with you the whole time, I promise you.” Carter entwined your fingers, leaning in and giving you a sweet kiss. You smiled into the kiss, and broke away so you could yawn. 

“What time is it?” You asked, rubbing your eyes again. Carter checked his digital alarm clock. 
“Almost four.” He looked at you with tired eyes. You frowned a little, and leaned your head forward on his chest, “Do I need to get dressed now?" 

"I guess, if you want to." 

"So are you telling me that if I wanted to, I could go naked.” You smirked on his chest, and he broke away from you with a shocked expression, “Hell no! You can wear my sweatshirt though." 

You sighed in content, you loved wearing Carter’s clothes and he loved it too. He said you looked so cute, because you were so much smaller than him and his clothes were so big on your body. 

Carter left the bed, digging around in his closet before pulling out his grey Magcon hoodie that was your personal favorite. You smiled, reaching out and doing the "grabby hands” like a child. Carter chuckled, tossing the hoodie to you before digging around in the closet again. This time, he pulled out the sweatpants you always kept here. 

You put on the clothes, brushed your teeth, washed your face, and straightened your hair. You were moving very slow, your sides were in extreme pain, and you were not in the mood to be up so early. 

“Are you ready?” Carter asked you, from his bed. You rubbed your eyes, yawning and shrugging. 

“Well, your mom just texted you. She’s waiting at the hospital, we have to get going.” Carter came over to you, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your lips. He noticed how quiet you were. 

“Y/N, there is nothing to be scared about.” He reassured you, and you shook your head, “You’re not getting your appendix removed in an hour." 

"That’s right, I’m not. It’s already been removed.” He raised an eyebrow, and you sighed in defeat. You forgot about that.  

“It’s not that bad. I’ll be there when you fall asleep, I’ll be there when you wake up. They have good pudding though, so everything will be okay. I promise.” He finished with a kiss to your forehead. 

“Well, as long as the pudding’s good.” You chuckled, rolling your eyes. “But thank you." 

"That’s what I’m here for, babe. Now let’s go.” Carter took your hand, pulling you out of the bathroom. You yelped in pain, holding your side. Stupid appendix. 

“Sorry baby. I almost forgot.” Carter forwned, and literally swept you off of your feet. He piced you up like you were a baby, and you cuddled into his chest, inhaling his lovely scent as he carried you to his car. 
It was cold outside, but you ignored the chills that ran down your spine. You were too nervous about this surgery. What if something were to go wrong? The thought of that has plagued you for days, ever since you were informed that you had Appenditus. 

Carter opened the door, setting you carefully into the passenger seat before running to his own side. He started the car, and held your hand all the way to the hospital. You don’t think you’ve ever held someone’s hand so tight. 

“Hi Y/N, I’m Dr. Walters. I’ll be performing your surgery today.” A friendly looking middle aged man shook your hand in the prep-room. Carter and your mother were standing by your bed, spending the last moments with you before they wheeled you off to get your appendix removed. 

“Hi.” You replied shyly, shaking his hand with your own trembling one. 

“Do you have any questions, or concerns?” Dr. Walters asked, flicking through his clipboard of papers. You gulped. Well, I have no idea what’s going on and I’m concerned about everything. You thought bitterly, but just smiled and shook your head, “I think I understand. But uh… will it hurt?" 

You hand absentmindedly trailed down to your aching side, and Dr. Walters chuckled. What was so funny? 

"You will be medicated, so no. The surgery will not hurt. But afterwards, you will probably be very sore, so be sure to stay off your feet.” Dr. Walters nodded, and you looked to Carter. He was smiling softly at you. You smiled back, but it was full of nerves. 

“You’ll be okay.” He mouthed, and you sighed, nodding. Your mom rubbed your shoulder, she knew how frightened you were. 

Suddenly, a nurse walked into the prep room. “Dr. Walters, is she ready? The operating room is ready for her." 

Dr. Walters looked to you, and you shakily nodded, "I-I’m ready." 

"Okay. Well, Mrs. Y/L/N, if you could sign this paper, we’ll be off." 

Your mom took the paper, and Carter stood up. You immediatley grabbed his hand, pulling him to you. You sat up in the bed a little, ignoring the pain in your sides. You pulled Carter’s lips to yours, catching him in a passionate kiss. Nothing too dramatic, you were in front of a doctor, a nurse, and your own mother. 

"I love you babe.” Carter said on your lips, and you smiled. You still felt giddy whenever he said those three words. 

“I love you too.” You whispered as you pulled away. “You’ll be here when I wake up, right?" 

"Of course we will be honey.” Your mom pat your head, and Carter nodded, “I promise." 

You smiled at your loved ones. Your mom kissed your cheek, and Carter stole another kiss before you were wheeled to get your operation. 

You were so groggy. Your eyelids felt so heavy, you were in a room of black. You willed your eyes to open, but your were inwardly groaning just at the thought of it. 

You ignored your mind, opening your eyes slowly. The room was a blindingly white color. You blinked a few times, not moving your head. 

"Y/N?” A voice called out to you. You shifted your dizzy head, your eyes focusing on Carter. You let a small smile grace your lips, “Hi." 

Carter hopped up, leaning over your bed. You looked up at him, as he leaned down to kiss you. 

"I told you you’d be okay.” He said into the kiss, you could basiclaly feel his smirk as you giggled and pulled away. 

“You’re lucky I love you, Reynolds." 

"Yes I am.” He pecked your lips one more time, “I’m very lucky."