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Happy Birthday Jeno!

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  1. 1st time i voted for presidential election 
  2. never broke something
  3. Never had good dreams as a child, only nightmare. ALso lots of restless nights being awoke because i was too scared to sleep 
  4. 1st fic i read were Naruto and bleach ( it was the same author ) and it was 10years ago. I tell you i seen some shit. ( je sais pas si ça existe en anglais mais ct sur Skyrock franchement ct trop zarb )
  5. I was a bully as a child like i was punching and hurting lots of kids i didn’t like ( especially a boy, but now that i think about him he deserves so much more of my brutality )
  6. Im proud of my teeth
  7. I dont like staying at home a lots of times. 
  8. I fucking love eating pasta only with parmesan nothing else 
  9. Internally i really want to dress like a slut 
  10. I love my legs ? 

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ok so u see this part of the promo that was shown a few days ago?

god i want her to to be a tiny lapis lazuli who’s got dragonfly wings and also maybe cool aviator goggles with compound eye patterns on them. also those two tufts of hair as antennae that would be SO cool 

also i heard there were leaks so if anyone knows what she actually is DONT TELL ME because i dont like leaks and want 2 be surprised (also i will block you + delete your comment if you deside to disregard this)

Get To Know Me

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Relationship status: Singleeeee so hmu ;)
Favourite colour: Pastel pink
Lipstick or chap stick: Lipstick
Last song you listened to: Be Who You Are - The Kooks
Last film you watched: Bad Education: The Movie (gotta love some Jack Whitehall)
Top 3 TV shows: Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars and Stranger Things
Top 3 characters: Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter), Jeff Atkins (13 Reasons Why) and Veronica Lodge (Riverdale)
Books you are currently reading: None I’m so cool but I’ve bought 13 Reasons Why so I’ll be reading that soon

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Full name: Rebecca Cateri (And Becca or Beccy is NOT my nickname!)

Gender: I am a girl… an manly girl :D

Zodiac sign: Aquarius… what does this say about me?

Crush (and why): To be honest… I have a liiiiiittle crush on Viola/Violette. Please dont tell her! /(°o°)\ She is just a so cute and lovely girl. I love to listen to her, when she is talking about her drawings. At the begining she was so quiet and didnt talked that much to me. I think she was a little afraid of me v.v’ But I am so happy that we became friends ^-^

Favorite Color: Hm, I like a lot of colours :D But I think I like blue and green the most

Favorite band/singer: Die Ärzte (its a german punkrock-band)

Favorite Food: Burgers and chocolate (but not chocolate burgers… well… I could give it a try :D )

Last movie watched: Moana x]

Describes yourself in five words: Crazy, self-ironic, childish (Castiel says), extrovert, feisty

First Kiss: With a friend of me. She was Bi-curious and I am bi and she wanted to try out how it is to kiss a girl. After this we kissed a few more times ^^

Make a Wish just for yourself: I want to have ALL wigs. But blue-coloured

Today’s clothes: