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How to Pet a Cat’s Belly Safely*

*The safest method I’ve discovered is to not do it at all, but this is how you do it without triggering the demon bear-trap reflexes on some cats.

My cat, Baby, sunbathing. 2/29/16

  • Step 1: Become friends with cat. The surest way to know is if he flops down and shows you his belly, or if he slow-blinks at you. (That means he trusts you! Congrats!)
  • Step 2: Pet cat from head to tail as usual, but on his side instead of his back. This is a good way to feel out if he’s going to let you continue to his belly or not.
  • Step 3: This is more of a whenever-you’re-petting-in-general rule: Keep an eye out for “warnings” from your cat. For example, my cat will lick my hand before she bites it, then she’ll bite gently. Then, if we keep bothering her, she’ll bite harder before hissing and running away. Tails get swishy and with wider arcs, “slapping” against things.
  • Step 4: Betray cat’s trust. Remember, she showed you her belly because she trusted you not to touch it. I did mention the safest method was to not do this at all, but if you must: stroke from her upper chest down her belly with a flat hand. 

DO NOT scritch, rub, or pet her belly like you would pet a dog’s belly. This is 100% going to get your hand shredded.

If your cat still scratches you doing this method, then nothing** will work. She’s just not a belly-rub kind of cat. Don’t try it again with her, but feel free to try with other cats. Some will appreciate (or at least tolerate) it. 
(**in my experience)

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Hi, I wreally love your theorys and I would like to ask you what do you think about Fishleg's Dragon cards.How do they function ? Wich facts does Fishlegs write on them ?What do you think ? Thanks

Alright! Let’s talk about those dragon cards! Since you’ve waited so long for my response, I made sure to make it extra detailed. :) Thank you so much for the kind words, and I hope that this analysis works well for you. I really did have a lot of fun diving into these cards.

Fishlegs’ dragon cards are somewhat difficult to read in the HTTYD 2 screencaps. I tried to take pictures of them and decode it, but because every HTTYD movie differs in how it depicts Futhark, and RTTE has its own alphabet, and the images are slightly blurry, I could never make out much text from these screencaps. I can tell that the dragon on the right in the second picture is “Red Death,” though slightly misspelled.

Thankfully, the latest season of RTTE gave us more images of Fishlegs’ dragon cards, such as in “A Matter of Perspective.” 

The Futhark from the television show is usually very easy to transcribe into the English alphabet. While there are a few words here and there I’m not certain about, we can still get some decent information from these dragon cards.

The text of the first card reads “Eruptodon. | Power up. | The Eruptodon is a Boulder Class dragon that feeds off lava.” The text of the second card is “Cavern [Crasher] | [Tame?]able | able slide at ge… rare… dueller (sic)” Note: dueller is Fishlegs spelling “dweller.”

Looking at text from cards in “No Dragon Left Behind,” we see:

While we can only get unhelpful bits and pieces of the Whispering Death card and the third one lying at the far right corner, the Slitherwing card is easily readable. The word “loated” is spelled that way… my best guess is that Fishlegs was intended to write “loaded” - in which case the Slitherwing card reads “This dragon is loaded in poisonous venom.”

From this text alone, we can glean, extract, and theorize about several bits of information:

  • The top of the card labels the name of the dragon. That is probably to be expected, but we can nevertheless see that fact verified through Race to the Edge’s decoded texts.
  • The first line on the bottom of the card gives information about the dragon’s unique abilities. I’ll get into that more later.
  • The bottom main text on the card provides a quick summary of the dragon, containing the main key fact about the species that marks it as unique. These succinct descriptions are about the dragon’s physical abilities - be it the ability to consume lava, or the containment of dangerous venom.

But there appears to be a lot more to the cards. Fishlegs doesn’t just use written words to demonstrate information. He also uses visuals and symbols to succinctly provide quick details about the dragons.

First, let’s talk about the first line of text - what is labeled for the Slitherwing and Eruptodon as a “power up.” I absolutely love that term because it harks back to Fishlegs’ nerdy commentary in the first HTTYD, where he goes off listing dragon statistics in numbers (ex: “jaw strength eight”). A power up is another Fishlegs nerdy thing. I’m not sure what power up is supposed to refer to exactly, but I imagine it pertains to how potent a dragon’s specific skill is. For instance, the Slitherwing’s power up could be the ranking of how venomous it is (given as Fishlegs marks a note about the dragon’s venom in the notes). For the Eruptodon, maybe it refers simply to mere physical strength and “defeatability.” Basically - how powerful overall the dragon is.

Either way, Fishlegs ranks these “power ups” out of five. You’ll notice there are five circles next to the word. Some of the circles are left open while others are filled in. They’re filled in left to right, suggesting that all the filled in ones are what apply to the dragon, while the entire number of circles is the potential maximum score. It’s like rating things out of five stars on Amazon. The colored in stars are the stars you’re ranking; the entire line of stars is how many stars you can give the product total.

So the Slitherwing’s power up is three out of five:

While the Eruptodon, a more intimidating dragon apparently to Fishlegs, is given a four out of five. 

I would guess that dragons like the Foreverwing or Bewilderbeast would be given a five out of five, if Fishlegs decided to provide that information on their specific card.

Fishlegs doesn’t always rate a dragon’s “power up.” The Cavern Crasher has different text on that line. Fishlegs’ finger is in the way during that scene in “A Matter of Perspective,” so I cannot read it all, but my best guess would be that it’s something like “tameable.” (The symbol Fishlegs’ finger is covering does not look like part of an M, though, to note). Regardless, talking about how hostile or friendly a dragon is would be very useful information on a quick card.

Whatever it is, the Cavern Crasher is given a three out of five rating.

There is a third marking pattern that we see in Fishlegs’ cards. Instead of giving dragons ratings out of five, sometimes he provides a series of colored symbols for the dragons. We see this both in RTTE and HTTYD 2. If you look closely at the screencap for the Whispering Death card in “No Dragon Left Behind,” you’ll notice that it has, from left to right, orange, yellow, blue, and green dots. The Red Death has different colors, starting with reddish and orangish, while the third dragon card we can see in the same screencap has orange(?), white(?), blue, and yellow.

There’s a bit more to question about what these dots mean. It’s to note they always appear in fours, though. I suspect Fishlegs color-coded a list of important features and places them on the cards for rapid information. For instance, maybe the cards mark if a dragon breathes fire (all three dragons start with a red/orange color, and that would correspond to fire) or spews some other substance like ice.

So. We’ve got that down (more or less). But there are several other symbols that need to be covered. They’re the symbols on the top left and top right corners of each card.

So, before I begin with my theorizing, it’s to note:

  • For the top left corner, the Eruptodon, Cavern Crasher, and Slitherwing all have the same symbol. Two of the dragons in the HTTYD 2 share another symbol, while the Red Death has its own third symbol.
  • For the top right corner, the Red Death, Eruptodon, and Slitherwing have the same symbol. It looks like a sideways D with the arch on the top. The rest of the dragons share a second symbol that looks like a circle overlaying an x-y graph.

The first thing I would have expected would be that these symbols mark Dragon Classes. But that’s not the case. The Eruptodon is a Boulder Class, the Cavern Crasher and Slitherwing are Mystery Classes, and the Red Death is a Stoker Class. Neither the top left nor the top right corners correspond to the dragon classes. The closest we can get is the top left; the Cavern Crasher and Slitherwing are both Mystery Class, so maybe we could say the Eruptodon was “mis-marked” as a Mystery Class.

Otherwise, we have to make new guesses about what these symbols mean. It’s very hard for me to find patterns, to be honest. Here are a few possibilities:

  • The top left corner could give a ranking of what class the dragon is - not as in Stoker, Mystery, Boulder, etc. - but as in numerical. Fishlegs fishes through his dragon cards in HTTYD 2 while making a guess at what creature Drago has - “a class five leviathan” is his first guess. Later, Fishlegs screams that the Bewilderbeast is a class ten. It appears that the dragons are ranked in classes also based upon their sizes, and the left could provide a marking for how large those dragons are. Since the Red Death is so much larger than the Eruptodon, Cavern Crasher, and Slitherwing, it’s not too surprising it has a different marking than those dragons.
  • The top right corner could mark dragons who have projectile abilities (shooting fire, spitting venom), while the dragons with the circles do not (Cavern Crashers emitting mucus from the skin but not firing it through the mouth). A third symbol would provide some other means of defining a dragon’s projectile ability (we do see at least three different symbols in that corner).
  • Or, one of the corners provides information about the correct ordering of the cards - assuming Fishlegs wants to have an “order.”
  • Insert various dragon features here!

What I find interesting about Fishlegs’ dragon cards is not just what is on them: it’s what’s left off. Fishlegs talks on an on about numerical draconic statistics - Speed eight, armor sixteen, plus eleven stealth times two, etc. We see none of these numerical devices on the dragon cards anywhere.

What this suggests is that these cards are meant to be very quick prompts for Fishlegs. He’s not wanting to dive into information about these cards and use them as references… so much as memory-refreshers. Fishlegs can fish through the cards, remember all the dragon species that are out there, and do a quick recall-and-identify with the pictures and text blurb. The cards therefore jog his memory by providing visuals and an important fact to help him remember what this species is… and then he can yak on about the rest of the dragon.

There is a little bit of a challenge to the idea in that in “No Dragon Left Behind,” Fishlegs appears to not only be reading the information about the venom, but he appears to also be staring at the card to figure out what the antidote is. He acts excited upon stumbling upon the idea of an antidote, keeping his eyes on the dragon card text while he lists off the antidote ingredients. It seems like he’s reading from the card… but we’ve seen the card and know it doesn’t have those facts. But all we can do about that is postulate that Fishlegs is staring at the card, recalling what this creature is, and excitedly bursting out what he suddenly remembers about the Slitherwing.

And I suppose that’s not too far-fetched, considering that Fishlegs knows his dragons extraordinarily well. He knows all the tidbits and interesting facts about these creatures. He doesn’t need to write down all that information to recall specific facts about the species - besides, he has the Book of Dragons back on Berk for all the details. He just uses these cards as a way to keep a quick document of all the dragons he could encounter, allowing him to spot and classify a creature instantly. The cards are memory joggers more than anything!

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10, 24, & 25 Art Senpai OWO! ^^ <3

10. What do you like most about your art? 

 uhh… i like how i lineart I guess. But i’m very bad at coloring.

 24. Do you have a shameful art past? 

 Not really? I was pretty chill and did my own thing with art. i especially hated tracing.

25. Draw a picture!


Happy 450!

((Happy 450 guys!

Now, I know this is cliche, but I just wanna say, thank you all so so so so so damn much! I know I joke about hating my art and you guys following this blog was a mistake, but… wow… Knowing that 450 different people bothered to follow this blog is mesmerizing to me and my tiny little ego.

So, for 450 I decided to have a little bit of fun with you all! You know those “ask me things about myself” memes tumblr people do for shits and giggles, I decided to have my own little go at one but with a bit of a twist, here goes:

Twist is that instead of giving out personal information, I’ll give you a picture of one of the following things:

1- An old drawing, like, a really old drawing, something that hasn’t been put on the internet before.

2- A unique physical characteristic I have that distinguishes me from all the other humans on this world (ie. bizarre marks, scars, freckles, etc..)

3- A place in my surrounding environment that I visit constantly or interact with on a constant basis in my daily routine.

4- A sketch of whatever comes to my mind at the time.

5- A personal favorite Camp Camp screenshot of mine ;)

6- A random picture I have in my iPad camera roll.

7- One of my favorite album covers/ band logos.

8- MY NERD ZONE!!! (AKA a fandom I’m in that isn’t CC)

Send the any of these numbers in the ask box and I’ll reply with the corresponding photo and a bit of a description!

If you have questions, feel free to DM me and I hope you all have a great day!

PS. The reason I’m doing this for 450 and not 500 is because I felt bad for not doing something for 400 and I wanted to give you all something sooner than 500 because I neglected 400, so I split it half way. Also, I love run-on sentences!))

what she says: i’m fine.

what she means: niall james horan really defied all of the odds and went to harry’s show last night AND he did it lowkey. he didn’t attract too much attention, didn’t really take pictures, took a couple of friends but stayed by himself in a corner and he just watched, like he was truly only there for harry. it wasn’t the first time he saw him perform but it was the first time he watched harry from the outside, from the crowd, where nothing he was doing was really directed at him, and yet he still had that same fond smile on his face which he gave harry so many times over the years before. 

Very important observations from seeing DEH from the fourth row yesterday
  • It’s not an illusion. Mike Faist really is that tall. And yet his pants are so insanely tight like do they even make jeans that tight for legs that long or did they have to custom-make them? I need to know
  • Half of it was hidden behind the bed, but from what I saw, there is a deck of cards, what appears to be an old blanket, a tackle box, and a safe on Connor’s shelf. There is also a Harley-Davidson sticker on the side of it
  • Evan has a three-ring binder and two massive books on his side-table, like thicker than some dictionaries I own
  • Some of Jared’s shirts include one with pictures of flying pigs that says “don’t stop believing,” another that says “coffee is for quitters,” one with a faded superhero logo (I think it was the Flash?), and one that says “Pokemon made me do it.”
  • Evan has a Dell laptop, Jared, Alana, and Zoe all have Macs
  • Zoe and Connor both wear multiple bracelets
  • Connor looks so completely sad during Waving Through a Window and it hurts
  • The one time the actual Connor smiles is when he’s talking to Evan in the computer lab
  • Idk about Ben, but when Evan is singing about climbing the tree in For Forever, MLB starts crying
  • Imaginary!Connor has this dorky grin almost all the time, but especially during Sincerely, Me
  • Cynthia cries into Connor’s pillow during Requiem
  • There’s a point where imaginary!Connor playfully hits Evan and it was so loud like I can see why the Newsies ended up bruised after fight scenes with Mike he does not hold back
  • After the Sincerely, Me reprise, he looks so bummed out that he doesn’t get to be friends with Jared
  • When Zoe is upset or stressed out, she taps her foot
  • When Heidi is yelling at Evan, he gets tense and teary-eyed, like he’s never heard his mom yell like that and it terrifies him
  • Will. Fucking. Roland. Holy shit, this guy needs more credit. I wouldn’t have even noticed if it didn’t literally happen ten feet in front of me, but during Good For You, when Heidi comes back in and he isn’t at all the focus or even in the light, Jared absolutely breaks down. Like, his body heaving as he desperately holds back tears, teeth clenched, clutching his chest, leaning against the wall on the edge of the stage. And just before he turns back and starts singing again, he pulls himself together and lets out this furious shout and it hurt my soul
  • Okay so I’ve seen this show three times now and idk if Mike was just super into it yesterday or what but holy shit the scene where it’s revealed that Evan attempted suicide was different and even more painful. Like, imaginary!Connor was literally screaming “EVERYONE WILL HATE YOU!” and then when he asked “how’d you break your arm?” he said it like he was taunting Evan with what happened, but then once it was all out in the open, his entire demeanor changed. He started slouching a little, his voice got quieter, higher, and started breaking, and then he fucking cried. Like tears just streaming down his face and falling to the stage and when he sang the reprise of For Forever, he smiled, as if the lie was the one hope he had, the one thing he was clinging to, and it was so good that it took away the pain, but his eyes were still red and glistening in the spotlight and ahh I have never felt so much for a literal figure of someone’s imagination
  • During Words Fail, Zoe is just staring at Evan with wide, tear-filled eyes, Cynthia is outright sobbing and can’t bring herself to look at him, and Larry isn’t crying, but he looks so betrayed, like Evan just punched him in the face
  • Kristolyn Lloyd and Michael Park each put an arm around Mike Faist during curtain call