(i can never decide whether to tag actor or character names

hey, this has been bothering me for a long, long time and i’m finally going to say it. stop with this ‘krp’ bullshit.

korean people are not a genre. we aren’t an aesthetic. do you not find it strange that theres a whole subgenre of roleplay dedicated to korean muses? literally no one else in any other subgenre does this. i have never seen a genre of roleplay for a specific ethnicity. anime and comic rp group themselves as a genre because of the similarities in artistic medium, but

korean people are not an artistic medium. we’re fucking people. you are accessorizing us. this is racist. 

reblogging gifsets of kpop idols you like or kdramas you want to watch and tagging it as ‘omg my muse would definitely have a crush on this person’ is the most shallow, obvious form of yellow fever ive ever seen. whether your muse would have a crush on this idol or actor is not even relevant to the blog, it’s relevant to you, the mun, who sees a pretty korean face and decides that it fits the ‘aesthetic’ of your blog. i’ve never seen anime rp ever reblog gifsets of an anime that’s entirely different from the series that their muse is from and claim that their muse would have a crush on this irrelevant anime character whom they have had no interactions with. so why do you do that to real people? it’s just a tag of korean people who you think are hot? do you not see how fetishizing that is?

and why do you constantly treat korean people like fictional characters you can just fuck around with? does it not strike you as weird to write aus of real people? they’re not even ocs, you just take the idol, their name, their age, their face, and then change everything else around them. these people are not characters, they’re real life entertainers and you treat them like fictional characters, like accessories. writing aus of fictional characters comes from the sentiment of wanting to create something new based on what’s already given of a person who isnt real. it’s fetishizing, it’s dehumanizing, and it’s so painfully uncomfortable to see as a korean person. and it’s not in the same vein as writing an oc and having a faceclaim for them because when you retain the name and ‘character’ of the faceclaim, you’re writing this idol, not an oc, as if the fc werent people. i’ve never seen a ‘benedict cumberbatch au rp blog’ or a ‘tom hiddleston rp blog’ so why is this such a common occurrence to korean celebrities?

so before you write a korean muse using your ‘bias’ as a fc, ask yourself: are you writing out of thirst for your fc or interest for your muse’s characterization? because too many times i’ve come across korean muses with nothing but kdramas and kpop idol gifsets for pages and pages that have nothing to do with their muse and 0 research on our culture (seriously? your muse is special because they’re part of the kim family? 20% of korea has the last name kim, i have the last name kim. i assure you your muse wouldn’t be shit if that’s all they got going for them). i’m sick and tired of having my identity treated like an aesthetic. tone down the yellow fever, thanks.

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It's not fair to vote against Klaine. I love Chris Colfer's books, I've read them all, but the fact is I'm also a Klainer. We want to win to show those homophobic delena fans that they can't beat us, every vote for Delena goes to a Neathendral as Kurt Hummel would call it. So yes. Although I understand why you want to make it all about Chris in the chris colfer tag it's not fair to destroy our hard work for celebrating Chris's character On glee either!

First of all: you (and other Klainers) really have to stop saying that most/all? people who vote against Klaine are homophobic, whether they are Delena fans or not. It’s simply not true (although I’m sure there are a few, as there are idiots in every fandom). And it’s also quite low of you to try to bring a serious (and very real for many people) problem due to nasty, ignorant hate into a stupid fandom fight about a poll for ships.

Also: how nice of you to play the misunderstood victim card here, while in the same breath you’re calling Delena fans hateful names, saying they are homophobic and primitive (and no: Kurt Hummel would never call them that word).

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A lot of the arguments on that post that defend Maya are really missing the mark of correctly rebutting your stance. They're quick to lay blame on Riley who pushed for Maya to get what she wanted, which is true. But our issue isn't with that, it's with the writers. At the end of the day, Maya is a character not a real person who can decide when the story focuses on her. (Part 1/)

(Part 2) The writers and the Maya stans need to realize that the GIRL in Girl Meets World is RILEY not Maya. One of the arguments actually said “it’s not Riley Meets World”… Uh… But it IS! The Spanish title is literally “Riley’s World”. So it’d be nice if they could see that the show’s focus is completely not where it should be. Why wouldn’t we be confused about why Riley isn’t the featured character in her own show?

Yup, I completely agree lol and of course, that argument stood out to me too. 

The Girl in Girl Meets World, 100%, without a doubt, stands for Riley. There are multiple promotional posters that show Riley holding a globe. There’s even one of Cory, passing the “world” to Riley, proving that bmw was about Cory, and gmw is about Riley. 

Riley is the central character, and despite the fact that Maya is also a main character and has a handful of episodes named after her, the title of the show is in reference to Riley - the central protagonist. And I don’t understand why people have an issue with us wanting the show to treat her as such. 

While Maya is an important character, she should not take precedence over Riley, just like Shawn never took precedence over Cory. Because it’s not Maya’s/Shawn’s story. Occasionally the story would shift in Shawn’s favor, but it was always abundantly clear to people that Cory was the lead, and unfortunately that isn’t the case in gmw. 

While Cory’s parents loved Shawn, they always prioritized Cory. While Topanga and Shawn were friends, it was abundantly clear that her priorities also lied with Cory.

Every character on the show, with the exception of Angela, Jack, Chet and probably Rachel, were closer to Cory. Cory’s family prioritized him and so did his girlfriend. On gmw, Lucas desperately tries to maintain a balance between both girls in fear of hurting one girl’s feelings. In Girl Meets High School, he even made a point of asking both girls what they wanted to be called, and was willing to call both of them “his girlfriend”. Imagine that happening to Shawn x Topanga x Cory…. And while the Matthews family adored Shawn and even offered to adopt him in later seasons, Cory was always their priority. That isn’t always the case with Riley x Maya x Topanga. 

And of course, there’s that one person who tried to argue that the opening was meant to showcase the actors more than the characters and since Sabrina is bubbly, they decided to focus on her. Here’s the issue with that. This isn’t a random Disney promo. This isn’t Sabrina with a wand,drawing the Disney logo for the network. This is Sabrina portraying Maya, from gmw, for the new opening credits. It’s Maya being portrayed and not Sabrina. And it’s not for the network, it’s for the show. The show which stars Riley Matthews, its forgotten lead. 

Others try to argue that we should instead blame Riley and Lucas for the triangle, but here’s the thing, Riley’s and Lucas’ behavior is for Maya’s benefit. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Riley stepping back, Lucas not making a decision, college girls pushing her with Josh, Topanga choosing to focus on her, or Angela making the decision to push Shawn x Katy together. Maya’s role in all of this could be argued, however the outcome in which she greatly benefited from cannot. And that’s my issue. Sometimes it’s Maya herself, and sometimes it’s the way the writers throw other characters under a bus for the sake of Maya’s happiness - even original bmw characters and the lead of gmw. It’s Maya’s preferential treatment that pisses me off. And sure, you can’t help how you feel, but here’s the thing, you can help how you deal with it. And more importantly, Maya is a fictional character, and her feelings are in fact controlled, yet the writers decided that it was a good idea to have Maya develop feelings for her the guy her best friend was seeing. Why do they insist on treating the character like this? Why do Maya and Riley need to share everything? 

So yes, I’m annoyed that they often focus too much on Maya, because she’s not the lead. And it’s not just the screen time that bugs me, it’s the way she’s treated that really grates my nerves. Like she’s more important than everyone else. 

PoC in Web Series

It’s been a while since I’ve written about the lack of PoC in web series, and with LLL coming up, I wanted to do a little bit of analysis, raise some questions, and talk about some of the faults of the representation of PoC in web series.  (If you have any questions about which web series I’m referring to, please feel free to ask, I decided against naming them.)

Of all the web series that I have watched or am currently watching, 32 are literary-based adaptations*, and 21 are original content.

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People keep asking me why I made that post yesterday about not getting my hopes up for bellarke in season 2 because the writers don’t like the fans. It’s beginning to get exhausting explaining it to everyone or copy and pasting so much - so as a means of explanation I’ve put a conversation that me and Brianna had when she asked me about it under the read more. It’s moderately long, but I think it explains my reasoning for everything & current attitude towards the writers and primarily Jason.

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