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This Love Came Back to Me

Six months after Donna’s left New York, Harvey shows up at her door.

A/N  I was listening to This Love by Taylor Swift and I was having darvey feels and this happened ?? Idk how I feel about it tbh but I neglected studying for my midterms next week to write this so it’s getting posted.

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Six months.

That’s how long it had been since Donna walked away.

From Specter Litt. From New York. From Harvey.

From her whole goddamn life.

She kissed him and he couldn’t forgive her and she couldn’t stand the silence and bitter glares and the anger so she left.

And he didn’t come after her.

She wished she could have said that she was surprised.

But all she felt from the moment she walked out of her apartment to when she got on the plane to when she landed in Chicago and those first few days after was disappointment.

Grating disappointment mixed with sadness and ire of her own but never surprise.

Donna had known he wouldn’t choose her.

So she did what she should have done years ago and put herself first.

She let him go.

To proclaim that she didn’t miss him would be a lie and Donna had lied to herself long enough. However it was just something she had to live with. She would never do anything about it.

She tried to do something once and it blew up in her face.

Thus, Donna Paulsen fell into a life without Harvey Specter, embracing her new routine and environment as best as she could.

After all, there were worse places to be than working for Jessica Pearson.

The older woman had her own opinions regarding Harvey and by extent her but she never voiced any of them out loud. Except for the rare occasion where she and Donna would drink a little too much wine and Jessica would mutter about how he’s a goddamn idiot.

Donna didn’t disagree.

But he was happy and Donna had always meant it when she said that was all she wanted for him.

Even if it came at the expense of her own happiness, even if it hurt like hell, he was happy.

And this was the reason why the last person Donna ever expected to see at her door after midnight was Harvey himself.

She blinked, taking in the man she hadn’t laid eyes on in so long.

A part of her idly wondered if she was dreaming. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time.

“Donna,” he said, those two syllables falling from his lips in the way they always had.

The way that made her knees weak because no one else ever said her name like that.

The way that used to wrap her in hope because he never said anyone else’s name like that.

It was then she knew that she was awake.

“Harvey,” she breathed, trying to gather her thoughts but her mind was racing at full force. “What are you doing here? Is everything okay?”

His tie was loosened around his neck and his hair looked as if he had run his hands through it one too many times and panic began building in her as she automatically envisioned everything that could be wrong.

“No. I mean yes. Yes everything is fine. I just…needed to see you.”

He was struggling to string a damn sentence together and Donna’s wariness only increased because Harvey was hardly ever at a loss for words.

“Why?” she asked, echoing a word from another century.

“Why did you kiss me?” he had questioned, eyes blazing.

“I told you. I had to know,” she repeated.

“Know what?”

“How I feel about you!”

Tears brimmed in her eyes as she exploded, while a breeze caressed their skin where they stood on the rooftop as if in an attempt to put out the fire.

“And how do you feel?” he had asked softly.

“I love you.”

Three words that were supposed to mean everything.

For her, it was nothing more than a death sentence.


She shook her head because he didn’t have the right to say her name like that anymore before brushing past him because she couldn’t do this.

“Wait,” he had said, reaching out to grab her wrist.

Her heart was in her hand as she turned around and met his gaze.

A thousand different emotions warred in his eyes. Like a fool, she searched to see if she could find love among them.

“I’m sorry,” he told her, his voice barely a whisper. “But I can’t…you know I can’t forgive you for this.”

In an instant, something in her snapped.

Pulling away from his grip, she took a step back.

“Well I’m not asking you to. Contrary to what you believe the world doesn’t revolve around Harvey Specter. This isn’t about you.”

His expression hardened at her statement.

“Then what the hell is it about?”

“Me! And the fact that for the second time in over a decade I put myself first to try and figure out my own feelings!”

“You put yourself first by kissing someone who has a girlfriend.”

Donna took a deep breath before she spoke again, dislodging the knife he had just planted in her chest.

“You don’t get to put all of the blame on me Harvey. You kissed me back.”

She watched as he was rendered speechless because he couldn’t deny it but he couldn’t accept it either.

He didn’t have a damn thing to say.

And this time when Donna turned her back to him, he let her leave.

Now, she watched as he appeared to struggle to find his tongue.

“I made a mistake,” he finally said.

“About what?” she questioned, hating herself for the way her heart skipped.

“About us.”

The entire world stopped spinning at his declaration.

“What are you saying?” she whispered.

“I’m saying I love you,” he said quietly. “I’m in love with you. I always have been.”

Just like that, the floor gave way from beneath her feet and she was falling again.

Maybe she never stopped.

Time and space were suspended as they both stood there staring at each other, waiting for something to happen.

They had been waiting for years.

“Why now?” she asked, unable to keep the fear out of her voice.

She couldn’t be sure that this moment wouldn’t completely disappear.

She couldn’t be sure that this was real.

“What changed?” Donna added.

“Nothing,” Harvey sighed and she noticed how tired he looked.

Her heart cracked at the bags under his eyes and the creases on his forehead.

She knew she didn’t look much better herself.

“I’ve been miserable for the past six months,” he continued. “And then today…well today was our anniversary.”

The corner of his mouth quirked up in a sort of half smile and Donna’s chest seized.

He remembered.

“I thought you’d forget,” she said softly.

“Never,” he replied, his eyes wide as if such a thought was absurd.

“I’ve just been thinking about you all day,” he admitted after a while. “About us. And all of the regret that I have when it comes to us. And I don’t want to feel that anymore.”

A lump immediately formed in Donna’s throat because that was the reason why she had kissed him all those months ago.

Now it was the reason he came for her.

It was possible that the universe wasn’t as cruel as she thought. That perhaps fate did have something more in store for them.

“Besides Mike told me I needed to get my shit together,” Harvey mumbled and she snorted.

“Well he’s not wrong,” she quipped.

A grin appeared on his features and Donna automatically mirrored his expression because god she had missed that.

“I booked the first flight I could get. Then I tracked down Jessica, interrupting her in the middle of a date with Jeff which she’s very pissed about by the way, just to get your address and well…here I am.”

“I didn’t think you would ever show up at all,” Donna stated.

Guilt flitted over his face because he knew that was on him. He had broken her heart far too many times and planted the seed of doubt in her brain over and over again.

“I’m sorry that it took so long,” he said lowly. “I’m sorry I blamed you after you kissed me. I’m sorry I didn’t fight for you when you left. I’m sorry for every shitty thing I said to you because you didn’t deserve any of it. God Donna I’m sorry for the past thirteen years.”

“Hey,” she interrupted tenderly. “We had some damn good times together. You don’t have to apologize for the entire time that we’ve known each other.”

“We did have some good times,” he smiled softly, his eyes just barely lighting up.

She wanted to get lost in them.

“I know it’s been a long time,” Harvey said, his expression becoming serious. “And I understand if things have changed for you-”

“Harvey,” Donna cut him off because she couldn’t stand the anxiety that radiated off him. “My feelings for you haven’t changed.”

He visibly let out a breath as relief washed over him.

“I love you,” she declared, every syllable coated in pure affection.

Three words that meant everything.

“I love you,” Harvey repeated, his voice rough with emotion and all of a sudden her arms were around his neck and his were wrapped around her waist as they collided into one another.

They were two storms meeting in the dead of night, a force of nature that shook the earth because they were done with being careful.

All of the stars looked down at the man and woman who had finally found their way to each other while every other moment simply ceased to exist because they knew they would never be as significant as this.

This was what destiny had been waiting for. This had been written in stone since the beginning of time.

Donna frantically pulled Harvey inside before shutting the door, her lips never leaving his. Before she knew it, they had made their way into her bedroom and tumbled clumsily onto her bed.

A giggle escaped her throat and Harvey gazed at her in wonder.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he muttered, voicing her own thoughts.

“Me neither,” she whispered.

All of her dreams were coming true. Except reality tasted so much sweeter.

“I’m never letting you go again.”

Fireworks exploded within her at his promise.

“Good,” she replied, knowing without a doubt that he meant every word.

His mouth met hers again and this time he kissed her at a slower pace, as if they had all the time in the world and they did.

He took his time in removing her clothes, laughing softly at her impatience as she glared at him. His fingertips on her bare skin burned and she wanted nothing more than to be reduced to ashes. His lips scorched her neck and her fingernails dug into his back as she pulled him closer and closer, burying herself into everything he was.

Donna and Harvey were the only two people to exist that night, with the moonlight shining through the window just for them as they unraveled in each other’s arms.

A feeling of unadulterated content pooled in Donna’s stomach as she rested her head against Harvey’s chest, her eyes beginning to fall shut as she listened to the steady beating of his heart.

He came back to her.

They were alive again.

She finally found something more.

Overcome Your Programming And Be A Better Man

When I was a freshman in high school, I made a series of battle plans along with my older brother and his friends that detailed how we’d take out our entire school once we obtained guns and bombs.

This happened while huddled over my dining room table, and it was funny. We drew blueprints. We made maps. We organized lists of ammunition and inventory and all the different things we’d need to make our military raiding of our own school a success. We figured we’d all have cyanide pills to take ourselves out before we got arrested. We knew we had to take over the nurse’s office first – it’s where all the medical supplies were and it also had no windows, which made it a perfect place for our final showdown when we were inevitably backed in by police as we burned out in a blaze of glory in our bold last stand.

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we won’t give up til we’re broken

This was written post 2x18. I had every intention to go back, heavily edit, and write in some smut. But I re-read this and was just bitter and salty. So you get the original version, warts and all. Just go ahead and assume that then they bang…

we won’t give up til we’re broken | on AO3

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lawsonpines13  asked:

"I'm rigth here. I'm not going anywhere" Harvey/mike (obviously!)

Mike knew the interviews for Harvey’s new secretary were not going well after at least thirty would-be Miss America contestants with pointy shoes, glossy hair, quick wits, and solid-gold resumes had walked in and out of his office for interviews, and still the desk outside was vacant.

When Mike stepped up to Harvey’s office he could see that the man wasn’t even pretending to work. He was staring out the window, his chair swivelling back and forth, one hand resting idly on the keyboard of his computer. Mike was one of the few people who normally didn’t have to knock before entering, but seeing as Harvey didn’t have a secretary anymore he did him the courtesy.

Harvey looked up when he heard the two hollow raps on the glass and nodded Mike in with a quick tip of his head.

“Hi, this is the Victoria’s Secret audition right?” Mike let the door fall closed behind him.

“Only if Victoria’s Secret is a —“

“Where did you find these people, anyway?” Mike dropped himself onto Harvey’s sofa, wordlessly telling Harvey that this was not going to be a short conversation. “I didn’t know that The Ford Agency had a MENSA branch, that’s brilliant…”

“Ask your girlfriend about it, she’s the one who set up the interviews.” Harvey put both hands on his keyboard and pretended to do some work on his computer.

Mike nodded. “I’d say she has good taste but…” He looked out the the empty desk that used to belong to Donna. “I’m guessing you disagree.” Mike would ask Rachel what the hell she thought qualified someone to be Harvey’s secretary later. Harvey hadn’t called her by name. He had chosen his words carefully to blame Mike.

Harvey exhaled in frustration and kept his eyes on his computer. “What do you want, Mike?”

“I’m bored,” he lied. “Give me something to do.” It was easier than explicitly offering to help.


“Harvey, you have too much on your plate right now to not have a secretary. Let me help, tell me what I can do.”

“Okay, get me a coffee. With vanilla.”

“Coffee.” Oddly enough that had always been Mike’s job and not the secretary’s, but at the moment Harvey was just trying to get rid of him, and that wasn’t helpful for anyone. “Eventually you need to hire someone —“

“So don’t offer to help if you’re not going to.” Harvey crossed his arms, leaned back in his chair and glared at Mike. “And for your information, I did hire someone, she’s starting tomorrow. End of story. Are you getting me that coffee or not?”

Mike didn’t know what to do at first. He had offered to help. Maybe the man really needed caffeine. So he stood up with a nod.

“Don’t, Mike. Sit down. I…”

Mike lowered himself slowly onto the couch again, careful not to derail what might have been an apology hanging on the tip of Harvey’s tongue.

“What’s your problem?” Mike asked as delicately as he knew how when Harvey couldn’t find his words.

“I hired a new secretary, but it’s only a matter of time before she takes off and I need a new one. That, or… it’ll get…” Harvey waved his hand around, loosely indicating sex.

“So hire a guy,” Mike suggested, even though it was beside the point. “Can’t you get Cameron back?”

Harvey’s eyebrow quirked a little at the suggestion. “Do me a favour and don’t bring up Cameron again.”

“He walk away with your good pen or something?”

“Or something. He made a pass at me.” Harvey rolled his eyes.

Mike nodded. He wasn’t surprised. So Harvey couldn’t hold on to a secretary who wasn’t into him, and wouldn’t hire back someone who was. Stubborn.

Mike scratched his head and sighed. This wasn’t about sex, it was about loyalty.

“I’m tired of replacing everyone all the time,” Harvey admitted. “Same thing, over and over. I like where I am, I’m staying. Everyone else comes and goes. I’m done with wasting my time trying to find the right person for the job.”

“You found me,” Mike offered lightly. Being the least qualified person in the building to work there didn’t mean he wasn’t the right person for Harvey. For the job.

Harvey softened a little. “Remind me how many times you’ve tried to quit.” But he didn’t argue about Mike being a good find.

“Well, the first time was just a cry for help.” 

“Sitwell, Forstman…”

“But I did it for us, baby.” 

Harvey laughed. Thank god he knew Mike was kidding as much as he was being honest.

“If it’s any consolation, I’ve got it out of my system.” 


Mike wasn’t in the mood to point out to Harvey for the millionth time that the only reason he’d ever considered taking something else was to keep them both out of prison. So he said nothing. He just waited for Harvey to hear himself. He was being childish.

Harvey combed his fingers through his hair and exhaled. This whole thing was really taking a toll on him.

The phone rang. And rang. And rang. Harvey completely ignored it.

Mike cleared his throat. “You want me to get that?”

“I want you to piss off and stop helping.”

Mike went a bit cold at that. Clearly he wasn’t doing any good here. It was time to go. He stood up, buttoned his jacket and made his way to the door while Harvey buried his face in his hands behind his computer.

Mike touched the handle and the phone stopped ringing. He tapped his finger twice against the smooth metal before turning back to Harvey again, one hand still on the door, ready for his escape.

“You know, a lot of people can only be told to piss off and stop helping so many times before they actually do it.”

Harvey heard him but wasn’t looking at him.

“You talk about everyone in your life like they’ve always got one foot out the door. Like they’re waiting for a reason to get out of your life. But you’re wrong,” Mike insisted.

The “w” word earned Mike a bit of attention. Harvey slid his gaze over apprehensively. His eyes were so tired, red-rimmed and heavy-lidded, that for a second Mike was really, sincerely angry at Donna for leaving, even though he knew he didn’t have the right to be.

“I know I’m not your secretary,” Mike continued, but Harvey interrupted:

“It’s not about the fucking secretary—“

“Yeah, I got that. Listen to me. I’m not your secretary, and I’m not your associate, and things with us aren’t like they used to be.” He knew Harvey would know better than he did what that meant. “But we’re still a team, and I need you to believe I belong here, because that’s what I want. Long haul. I never left because I wanted to, I don’t want to now, and I probably never will. You’re not as easy to leave as you think you are.”

Mike could see in Harvey’s expression that even though he didn’t really believe him — and Mike wasn’t even really sure if he believed himself — that it meant something. He needed to hear it.

Mike began to turn and put his weight on the door when Harvey’s voice interrupted him.

“I’ve lost you and Donna before,” said Harvey, who could have used the words to scold him but there was a painful apprehension in his voice as he attempted to meet Mike halfway.

Mike ease off on the door and looked over his shoulder.

“But not at the same time,” said Harvey. “I don’t know what I would…” He shook his head, at a loss. Truly. And Mike felt for him. But Harvey shook it off quickly, whatever it was, straightened up in his chair, and centred himself with a hard sigh, searching for something on his desk to occupy his attention with.

“I’m right here,” Mike promised sternly. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Harvey caught his gaze only for a second before the phone rang again. This time he answered it. And that was Mike’s cue to slip away. For the moment.

Will You Be My Date? - Requested (Calum)

Anon asked: Can you do one when you go to prom with a guy, but it was a bet and once you get there, he ditches you, and then one of the boys come be your date and he admits he liked you for a long time and that he was going to ask you to the prom, but he was too late? Sorry if it’s confusing. I love your writing by the way! Great blog!

Thank you and I hope it is long the line of what you wanted!

“Oh sweetie, you look gorgeous”, you walk into the living room.

“You think?” you do a little twirl, looking down at your dress.  

“Yes (Y/N), you look absolutely amazing”, your mom is almost in tears. “Let me get my camera”

“Mom no”, you roll your eyes.

“Let me do it, allow me this please. I need to capture this for later. One day you’re going to be happy I made pictures of this, trust me”, she points her finger to you.

“Fine mom! Just do it already”, she pulls out the camera from her pocket and starts snapping pictures. “I think you have enough”, you laugh after a while.

“I just want to be sure. Better have too many”

“Okay, but put it away, he’s here”, you say as the bell rings.

“No, I want one with you and Ralph”

“Don’t embarrass me”, you warn her before you open the door.

“Ralph, come in”, your mom pulls him through the door. “Go stand next to (Y/N), so I can take some pictures”

He does as he’s been told and takes place next to you. “Hey”, he smiles down to you with his usual charming smile.

“Hey”, you smile back. He places his hand on the smalls of your back and let your mom take the pictures.

“These pictures are perfect, I’m going to show your dad these”, your mom says and she spurts off.

“Bye mom!” you laugh.

“Oh yeah, sorry. Have fun kids!” she yells, but she’s already out of sight.

“Sorry”, you smile.

“It’s okay”, again that smile that makes your knees go weak. “Can we go?”

“No, we need to wait for the boys, if that’s okay?”


“You look really nice Ralph”

“Thanks, oh I forgot”, he hands you a little box with a corsage. “Hope you like it”

“It’s gorgeous. Thank you”, you take it out of the box and put it round your wrist.

“I think they are here”, the doorbell rings again.

“Hey guys”, you open the door and give them a big smile.

“(Y/N), you look amazing”, Calum looks you up and down, his mouth slightly open from admiration.

“You look dashing yourself Cal”, you giggle as he’s still watching you with adoration.

“You look great too Michael, I’ve never seen you suited up”

“Thanks babe, you look really hot you know”, he says and gives you a little peck on your cheek.

“Thanks Mike”, you laugh. “Were are your dates?”

“We need to pick them up”

“We better go then”, Ralph speaks up.

You all walk out. “What the hell did you bring?” you say as soon as you see the car.

“It’s my dad’s minivan. I needed something we would all fit into”, Michael defends himself.

“Not the limo I was hoping for”, you joke.

“Not up to the standards of the lady?”

“Well you know me”, you wink.

“If I had known I would of brought my car”, Ralph says, clearly not impressed with the ride he is going to get.

“Let’s go”, Calum says ignoring Ralph’s comment.

“What girls are we picking up?” you ask as Michael starts driving.

“Luke and Ashton”, Calum smirks.

“What? I thought you had real dates”

“They are our real dates”

“That’s cool, but I thought you had girls. I mean I’m fine if you want to date them”, you tease.

“Oh please. I couldn’t find the right girl to ask, Luke’s date is sick and Mikey couldn’t get a date”


Calum rolls his eyes. “So this way we can take Ash too”

“That’s sweet”

“You know us”, he winks.


Michael parks the car, Ralph is the first one to jump out and walks to the entrance of the school. “So eager he forgets his date”, Calum holds out his hand to you.

“To excited I suppose”, you try to justify it as you place your hand in Calum’s.

“Don’t get that. I would never get so excited that I would forget you”, he helps you out of the car.

“That’s because you are you”, you want to give him a kiss, but hearing your name makes you pull back.

“(Y/N)! Come on”, Ralph calls to you. You give Calum an apologizing look and quickly walk to Ralph. “Finally”, he puts his arm round your waist and pulls you with him as he walks to the gymnasium with big steps. “There are my friends”, he points to them and when the notice the two of you he waves. “Let’s go and say hi”, again he pulls you with him. You get an off feeling when they are laughing and chuckling when they see you and Ralph together. You shake your head and tell yourself not to be so silly, so you flash a big smile on your face. “Hey guys”, Ralph lets go of you and his friends look at you witch makes you really uncomfortable. “Here she is”

“Didn’t think you would pull it off”, one of his friends says.

“She’s here isn’t she”, the smirk on Ralph lips confuses you.

“She is. Mate well done, but I have to hear it out of her mouth”

“Go on love, tell him who’s your date”

“You are”, you frown not getting what is going on.

“I’ll bring your forfeit round tomorrow”, his friends says laughing and patting Ralph’s shoulder.

“Still don’t believe she bought it”, Ciel the most popular girl from school adds herself to the group. She puts her arm round Ralph’s shoulder and he immediately wraps his arm round her waist. “Did you really think asked you to the prom cause he liked you”, she asks you superciliously. “You’re so naïve”, her voice sounds sweet but nippy too. “Keep that gullibility, it looks cute on you”, she gives you a fake smile and presses her body closer to Ralph’s.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), it was just a stupid bet”, he shrugs like it’s the most normal thing in the world. “Thanks for being such a good sport”, he nudges your shoulder and turns to his friends, leaving you standing there dumb. It slowly sinks in and you quietly recede. Tears are streaming over your face as you run outside. You sit down at the step at the entrance, not being able to walk any further. You let your head fall in your hands.

“(Y/N)?” a soft voice comes closer, hands wrapping round your shoulder. “Sweetie, it’s okay”

“I’m such a fool”, you look up met by dark brown eyes.

“No you’re not”

“What am I doing wrong Cal?”

“Absolutely nothing”, he pulls you closer, firming his grips on you and you rest your head in the crook of his neck.

“But why doesn’t any guy want me then? I’m the stake of a bet! A fucking bet”, tears are falling down harder. “How did I ever think a guy like that wants a girl like me”

“Don’t say that”

“I must be such a monstrosity if a guy only wants to be with me when it’s a bet”

“Okay, now you need to stop. You are a fucking amazing girl. Seriously he’s the idiot not to see how a great girl he had in his hands. If I was him I would have known”

You distance yourself from Calum so you can see him. “Really?”

“Yes and he’s an asshole. I wanted to ask you to the prom myself, but he too fast. You know why I was too late?” you nod no. “I was too late, because I was scared to ask you”

“Why were you scared?”

“Cause I like you”

It’s silent for a bit where you just look at each other. “You like me?” you finally speak when it’s seeped in.

“I do and I have for a long time”

You press your lips to his. “You should of told me sooner”, you smile when you pull back.

“I should have”, he wipes the tears from your cheek. “If I had known you would react like this, I would have”, he pecks your lips again and stands up. “(Y/N)? Will you be my date to the prom?” he holds his hand out to you. You place your hand in his, he pulls you up and intertwines his finger with yours. 

“I would love to”, you smile.


Do Not Defend Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar confessed to molesting 5 young girls. There’s your bottom line. He touched his sisters in their sleep. This is beyond ‘childly curiosity’ as some are calling it. He was 15.

This family has an international platform to preach their beliefs. Up until now, I thought they were fascinating, albeit not solid role models. I thought they were strange and a little eccentric, and I obviously have known all along that their beliefs on many things are beyond incorrect, but overall I believed them to be harmless. Live and let live.

This situation arriving has opened my eyes. The word I now use to describe them is hypocrites. I knew their stance on homosexuality and I know how wrong it is, but I (as a gay male) would generally overlook that, and *try* to focus on their love as a family.

Let me be CRYSTAL clear. You do NOT get to bash gay and trans people and have it be ok. But you especially do not get to point fingers at gay/trans people and call them child molesters and put yourself on a pedestal above anyone else when you know that your son has molested 5 children, and you also don’t get to work for a company that denies LGBT couples the right to adopt children for those reasons (or any) when you yourself have done it. Michelle, Jim Bob and Joshua Duggar are the very definition of hypocrites. I will not name the rest because they have a chance to redeem themselves.

God may forgive Josh Duggar. It’s entirely possible. God is all loving and all knowing. However, his parents, Mike Huckabee and now Jessa’s father in law are defending this man, saying it was a 'mistake’ he made as a 'young teenager’. And that 'Jesus sacrificed himself’ and 'took the punishment’ for Josh and therefore they all are 'rooting for him’.

I do not have enough disgust in my body or mind for these people. YOU DO NOT get to call yourself a credible person, politician or Christian if you condemn homosexuals for entering into loving, committed relationships, claiming God hates their “lifestyle” and the “choices they have made” no matter WHAT kind of moral life they lead, and then let a child molester off the hook because he 'apologized’ to God and feels sorry about what he did. No. You are wrong. There is no debate. There is no argument. Wrong. 110%.

I am disgusted by anyone who thinks the Duggars are examples of good family values, I am disgusted by anyone who thinks they are a good example of Christianity, and I’m disgusted by anyone who says they should remain on TV. They have lost all right to judge, not that they had it before, and they have lost their right to be considered role models.

This is not Christianity. God loves Josh Duggar, but Josh Duggar doesn’t get a pass. And every single homosexual that this family has slandered are better than him.

How to Spot When a Politician is Lying

If you know the old adage, you know the joke to the title, if you don’t let me enlighten you. A politician is lying when they open their mouth. However, that is hardly helpful in this instance no matter how truthful the statement may be. I posted an article earlier today that lays out a few guidelines that helps people detect when people are lying to them, especially politicians. I wanted to make that even clearer for you by pointing out concrete examples of when particular politicians had used those same techniques to lie to the public, or at least  not be completely honest about their affairs. One doesn’t necessarily have to lie to keep from being honest. So, to help the public and educate the electorate, I present “How to Spot When a Politician is Lying.”

            1: Attacking. This seems to be the favorite maneuver of the right-wing and especially of Donald Trump. Why? Because if you’re always on the attack you are seen as strong. Only a wimp apologizes, even if they are wrong. This is Donald Trump’s go to especially if he is caught up in a lie. “Illegal’s are raping Americans.” It took Fox News and conservatives awhile to find one example of this, but when they did, they stopped searching because they had the proof they thought they needed to prove Trump was right. However, Trump was insinuating there was a HUGE wave of illegal aliens raping across the land, and no matter how hard Fox News and conservatives search to prove this they are never going to find that, so Trump goes on the offensive and attacks anyone and everyone who refutes his claim. Jorge Ramos anyone?

            One of Trumps favorite lines when anyone says anything bad about him is, “Good, now I can attack.” He does it gleefully. He isn’t always doing it to defend a lie, but he does it often enough that his base misses when he is doing it to cover himself. The immigrant salvo was just the first, and it wasn’t the last.

            2.: Being Too Specific. Not too many liars want to use this tactic. After all, most politicians are wary of fact checkers nowadays. However, habitual liars do this on a regular basis because it is human nature to believe someone who has a lot of detail to their story. You think to yourself, “if they have that much detail they can’t be lying about it.” But in actuality most people, even those with very good memories, don’t remember that much detail in most things. So, someone who gives you lots and lots of details in a story is often lying. That isn’t always true, but Carly Fiorina has been known to use this practice in her business history, and she certainly used it during the second GOP debate when she made the bold statement about Planned Parenthood. The statement about seeing an aborted fetus on a table with its legs kicking and its heart beating with a Planned Parenthood doctor standing over it saying that it must be kept alive so that its brain can be harvested was a lie. She knows it, and yet she persists in the lie because she can’t let go of it otherwise her base might crucify her for it. She is probably taking a page out of Trump’s playbook and never apologizing to keep from being seen as weak - and being the only woman in the Republican race that might be the kiss of death.

            3: Denial. Denial is used so often it isn’t even funny. And no denial is NOT a river in Egypt. I cannot name a better example of denial than former President Bill Clinton who stated categorically, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Which, unfortunately we all learned later that he did. The men who decided to prosecute him in Congress were no better, but what can we say, they are politicians and they are all want to lie and have sex scandals.

            4. Failing to Reply. This is as common as denial and anytime that a politician is asked a direct question just listen to them and see if they are actually answering the question or whether they are giving a platitude. I could give you a dozen examples of politicians using this technique, especially during the last Republican debate, however I’ll go back to Donald Trump because people have seen him do it so often. When asked a question he gives some vague notion of how he will fix the country without actually answering the question, but he will always say that he will “make the country great because he is great” or something to that effect. It is commonly known as a misdirect. I know you want X, but I can’t give you X, so I am going to give you Y, which is bright and shiny and worthless - but looks cool.

            5. Appealing to Religion/Nationalism/History. The article I posted only had an appeal to religion, but I have seen politicians use patriotism and history just as often to try and divert attention away from themselves and try to get away with a lie. Religion is just a scapegoat at the moment with the Republican party because their base is so zealously Evangelical, however you can just as well appeal to them with patriotism and nationalism. Currently, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee are using this to deflect criticism of their policies which basically calls for the breaking of laws of the Constitution which they say they want to defend. They can’t put their religion above the laws of the country, which is basically what they say they want to do and something that Republicans feared John F. Kennedy would do in 1961. Now, because they are the ones who want to do it and they aren’t evil Catholics, it is okay? I don’t think so. One Christian sect is no different from another in the eyes of the government, and the man or woman who sits in control of it cannot let their personal religious beliefs determine how they run government.

            Well, that’s about it for me. I hope it was at least a slightly educating experience and will help you see through some of the obfuscating smoke that politicians like to throw up before your eyes to hide what they mean. None of them ever like to be caught up in their lies, but we can’t make the right choices if we can’t see the truth, and the current crop of politicians are chock full of liars. An educated and well informed electorate is paramount to good government, and we can’t have a good government if we are always falling for the lies our politicians are trying to feed us.

Calum imagine (Soulmates AU)

I know this might sound crazy, but there’s a chance we are soulmates


Summary: After many many years of experiments, scientists found the way to bring peaceful sleep and dreams to the patients that have been diagnosed with insomnia. The side effect of the serum that cured the ‘disorder’ was that it linked the people with their so called ‘soulmates’. The serum was injected into the patients’ upper arm and it had long-lasting effects. All of the patients found their soulmates, which brought the idea of injecting the serum to everyone. This plan’s led to happy and satisfied society, since everybody gets to find their other halves.
That’s the basic description of the world we live in…

-          Henry Bedingfield, All about our world

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reysskywalkering  asked:

Skimmons lab partners AU (can you imagine it, at first Skye's like hell yeah partnered with the class nerd no work for me, and then things happen)


14. lab partners AU (also put here on Ao3)

It all started when Skye’s old lab partner dropped out of class in fear that she would set him on fire since that one time that she was fiddling with the Bunsen burner and his notes just so happened to catch fire. It was an accident. Mike doesn’t believe her.

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