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“Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older? Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long,” plays on the tape, a black screen with white words appearing first. Good morning, Zayn, the screen reads before the words disappear. This might be a shock to you, but… before those words disappear as well.

Zayn’s smile quickly fades

My contribution to the Spring 2017 Zarry Fic Exchange

Read my story here and go tell all the participants how wonderful their stories are because I am impressed, as always, by the sheer talent and love found on this side of the fandom.

Thanks to the mods first and foremost and to the writers and readers that keep this exchange the safe and happy place it’s been for me




so this is an undertale imagines blog, i do the following:

  • imagines
  • headcannons
  • reactions
  • matchups
  • ttyls (what is this?)
  • roleplay

i accept the following aus so far:

  • undertale (obv lmao)
  • underfell
  • underswap
  • ink/errortale


  • the ask limit is 6, which i think is a good number
  • nsfw is allowed, but i am 16, so nothing extremely explicit
  • suggestive is fine
  • terf/swerf do not interact
  • same goes for dd/lg and kink blogs

ok now that th serious stuff is out of the way lets talk neat things

  • im mod mercy, i dont feel ok giving out my name yet so just call me mercy
  • my pronouns are he/him
  • im agenderfluid, which i could explain what that means but like, eh
  • its easier to say im a transboy but anyway
  • im gay af
  • im really friendly!!!! dont be scared of me i love talking to ppl online
  • im a minor, 16, so yh

Hey guys,

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GN ghoul: i got a good job in a nice place with a cute boss whose son loves me, she laughs at my jokes and will probably say yes if i ask her out, life is good, what could go wrong? *the king standing right there glaring a hole through his skull* NOPE! fuck this i am out not gonna happen i refuse to die like this!

Mod K:

Any guy who tries to hit on Touka-chan had better watch out.

Imagine an alien species that doesn’t have the ability to smell meeting humans. At first everything seems pretty similar and then lunch time comes around and and one of the alien ambassadors is about to eat something and a human says “Ah, don’t eat that, it smells really off” and the alien ambassador just has no idea what the human is talking about, so they eat the thing anyway and wow that was bad how did the human know

Imagine aliens being fascinated by the concept of smell.

Imagine an entire group of scientists trying to recreate “Wet Dog Smell” into something their species can comprehend.

  • someone: hey i haven't seen you in a while how are you?
  • my adhd ass: i've been in a hyperactive swing and i've been awake for eighteen hours. i learned everything there is to know about chocolate chip cookies by listening to twenty seven youtube videos simultaneously. my leg started shaking twelve hours ago and i can't get it to stop. my last meal was the vague idea of a piece of toast. i have no idea where i am or what day it is, sharon. that's how i am.

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Hi Love you guys and your reactions. Especially the teen tag. But my request is for a child Inquisitor (5-11) having such a natural way with animals that even the dragons like them, and having the inner circle and Krem(because I love him) react. Please & Thank you.

Cassandra: She’s about to jump to their defense when a bear walks up to the party, but all the bear does is sniff the child and lick their face, to which they laugh and gently pat its head. She still pulls them away and warns them against interacting with wild animals, but is nevertheless in awe over how they charm creatures, be it horses, nugs, ravens, dogs, whatever. “I knew a girl that was a little like you.” she remarks. “It is a good trait to have, being gifted with animals. They sense goodness within you.”

Blackwall: He watches with a mix of amusement and awe as all the horses in the stables hurry to greet them every time they walk by, and he’s astounded as animals almost never attack the party. “Maker’s breath. Are you an animal whisperer? That’s amazing.” he remarks.

Iron Bull: He knew they were good with animals, and always admired it, but he stops and stares, slack-jawed, as they hug the side of the head of a dragon, who’s practically purring. They had wandered off from camp, and he ran out to find them. They see him, and he gestures for them to come back. He warns them to be careful of wild animals, of course, and not to wander from camp, but– “Wow, Imekari. That was– I knew you were good with animals, but… an ataashi whisperer. Wow.

Sera: She tries to get them to help her with pranks– she knows they like animals, so she figures they won’t mind helping gathering lizards to put in Solas’ bedroll. She stops as the lizards, big and small, seem not intimidated by the kid, and she watches as they crawl along their hands and arms, and as the child giggles in delight. She also sees how happy the horses are to see the Herald, among other animals in the Inquisition. “Wow,” she comments and giggles, “critters like you, eh? Means you’re good. Good for you!”

Cole: “They feel safe around you,” he says happily, “calm and sweet, sometimes bearing food, not wanting violence, a friend. You are a good person and a good friend.”

Varric: Their nickname becomes Charmer for their ability to charm any creatures. He gives them all sorts of books and stories about animals and encourages their interest and ability with animals. “They’re your first rapt audience, Charmer.” he says with a grin.

Dorian: He’s never really spent that much time around non-human or elven or dwarven or qunari animals before (Mod Sarah headcanon: they’re all under the species Homo sapiens, only perhaps separated by subspecies, assuming we’re using a Linnean system for Thedosian creatures) so it strikes him odd the first time he really stops to watch animals fawn over the Herald. He watches for a long time, awed by how readily these animals seem to relax around them, and comments to them later how impressed he is and how much he admires their skill.

Solas: He has met people like them before, readily capable of soothing animals– he’s pretty good at it, too, but not quite as good as them. He likes spending time with the kid as they spend time with animals, and he gets to talking with them. It’s nice to get to know each other and bond over the animals.

Vivienne: She doesn’t have much of an interest in animals, and comments little on it, but she admires how they keep animals from attacking the party. She introduces them to the horses she and Bastien keep, and smiles as they enjoy interacting with the horses and petting them gently. If they behave themselves well, she talks to the advisers about getting them a pet of some sort– even a nug, to her distaste, if they care for it properly. “It will be a good way to introduce them to responsibility. I have no doubts they’ll make us proud.”

Josephine: She thinks it’s adorable and oh so charming. She gives them all sorts of trinkets and books about animals to keep them occupied, and likes to see who and what they’ve befriended. It still makes her nervous to hear from the others about dangerous animals being friendly with the Herald, and she always warns them away from them– no matter how friendly they are, they’re still wild animals, not pets and not to be toyed with, but it amazes her all the while.

Leliana: She likes them. She likes them because the nugs, even the wild ones outside the gates, know no fear of the Herald, and her ravens (even the particularly ornery one, Baron Plucky, that her agents fear) flock to greet them when they come upstairs. She never comments on it– she just admires how much the ravens croon as they gently stroke their beaks and feathers.

Cullen: Fereldens are inclined to like people who are good with animals, especially dogs, and most of all mabaris. They believe the dogs can pick out good people, and Cullen agrees. So when he sees the dogs brought in by scouts and some recruits, they all seem to love the Herald, licking their face and wagging their tags rapidly. Like Leliana, he seldom comments on it, but he loves it.

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If nO hOnEyMuStArD hOw AbOuT cHeRrYbErRy b0i

Y’all honestly, please stop asking about ships please