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Ah, so very interesting story here.

Mum has always liked manga and drawing. Back when she lived in Japan, she and her brother had a very impressive collection together. In college, she was in her school doujinshi club (doujinshi meant something very different back then than now, it just meant amateur comic, not necessarily derivative fanwork). Then, she got in an arranged marriage (very common back then) and abandoned her hobbies to be a Good Respectable Wife. They got divorced then she got married to my dad and had me, but then they moved to the States and mum started working on her Masters then Ph.D, so no time for hobbies. When I was very, very young, she would draw for me and that’s definitely the starting point of my own interest in drawing, but she didn’t have the time or energy to draw as I grew up. She continued to be super workaholic (and divorced dad), but never discouraged my own fandom tendencies, always joining in during what little time she had (we loved LotR and PotC together back when I was in elementary school).

Getting long, so beneath cut, but fascinating story if I do say so myself, please read on if interested ^ ^

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Do you think that they will film the malec kiss/ love scenes from the shoulders up like they did with the wedding kiss so matt and harry dont have to touch each other I wonder if freeform has separate rules for the straight couples and the same sex couples well see when luke and jocelyn have a kiss/ love scene

I have actually no idea how they are gonna film these scenes i.e how “explicit” it might get. Tbh, I haven’t really thought about it because it still feels so …. wild? Like… we will actually see Malec making out??? Very soon? In the near future? (I am still trying to not lose my mind when Matt talked about “hard and fast”….I mean….what the hell???) I dunno…my brain just can’t comprehend this somehow.

Sure, we won’t see an explicit sex scene like on f.e. Spartacus; this is Freeform we are talking about and not HBO. And I haven’t watched “Pretty Little Liars” yet so I dunno how “far” they are going when showing a love making/sex scene/heavy make out scene, no matter if it is an lgbt couple or a straight one.

But from what I have seen so far, especially watching all these interviews and how much both Matt and Harry love Malec and how important it is to them to portray them in a real and honest way, I think we don’t have to worry about them being “weird” about touching each other or whatever. First, they are actors, second they knew what they were getting themselves into when accepting the roles and third they are friends and comfortable around each other.

That being said, I personally don’t even need an explicit sex scene to begin with. (I would totally lose my mind when there would be some heavy making out against a wall…uhm…yes.) I would be already happy with them simply lying in bed, probably both being shirtless, smiling stupidly at each other while their fingers are entwined. No words needed. Just silence and the constant beating of their hearts while looking each other in the eyes. Maybe some kisses from time to time. But mostly, just them, enjoying the presence of feeling of each other.

Paper Cranes

When little Yuuri first found out about Viktor he wouldn’t stop talking about him.

Viktor this, Viktor that, everything the boy could talk about was ice skating and Viktor Nikiforov, his latest performances, his records. It’s absolutely adorable, however, it also gets a little tiring, especially if you had an inn to run.

So his mother told him the legend about the origami cranes and taught him how to fold them, it was just an idea to keep his occupied, even if only for a little while.

Yuuri made it his goal to finish folding a thousand paper cranes so he would be granted a wish which he would use to finally meet his idol Viktor Nikiforov.

It takes him years and he doesn’t fold them as regularly anymore as he used to as a kid, but sometimes he would look at the jar with the origami cranes and fold another dozen of them. He would go back to folding them after watching Viktor’s new performances, after a win and especially after a fail.

Viktor enters his life and the paper cranes are soon forgotten, resting in the jar somewhere in his closet. It’s when he packs his things to move to St. Petersburg when he finds it again.

He takes them with him to Russia and finishes folding the last few cranes.

It’s their first anniversary when he gifts Viktor the jar with the paper cranes because he couldn’t wish for anything more with Viktor by his side.

“For the man who fulfilled all my dreams and wishes.”

Here’s a glass of Whatever (Cassian x Fem!Reader)

from the five word prompts list

“here’s a glass of whatever”

Here’s a glass of whatever.” Y/N said as she took a seat next to Cassian in the crowded bar. They had been sent by the Council on a mission to Ord Mantell, where they were to portray themselves as a husband-and-wife smuggling team in a bid to find out who had been hijacking supply freighters destined for Yavin IV. Cassian nodded stiffly at Y/N, refusing to make eye contact.

“You know,” Y/N said as she shuffled closer to Cassian, whose body grew rigid in response. “If we’re supposed to be married, you probably shouldn’t look like you hate me so much.”

“I don’t hate you.” Cassian replied, glancing at Y/N momentarily before returning to his scan of the bar.

“You don’t like me, either.” Y/N pointed out, taking a sip of her own cup of the drink the bartender had given her. It was orange, with a strangely earthy taste that was not altogether unpleasant once you got past the overpowering hint of dirt.

“You are reckless. You constantly put yourself and your teammates in danger.” Cassian snapped, and Y/N rolled her eyes in response.

“Are you still talking about Malastare? Andor, that was one time and you were barely injured.”

“It took me two days to find all of the leeches, Y/N!”

“You know, a lot of people pay a good amount of credits for a Mandalorian Leech treatment.”

“You are insufferable.” Cassian growled, taking a deep gulp of his drink with a grimace.

“You really will love me once you get to know me.” Y/N replied, taking Cassian’s hand as she felt them being watched. “I promise.” Y/N added before turning Cassian’s face toward hers and pulling him into a kiss. Cassian froze in the moment, before instinct took over and he responded to the kiss, his hand leaving hers to cup her face. Y/N felt a thrill run through her body as Cassian deepened the kiss, losing herself in the moment before remembering what they were actually here for. Pulling away, she glanced around and found the Kobok they had been targeting all day watching them.

“Well, well.” Y/N said, pulling away from Cassian with a smirk. “You surprise me more and more, Andor. But, unfortunately, duty calls and I think we’ll have to put this on hold.” She gestured subtly at the Kobok, and Cassian went to stand. Y/N put an arm on his shoulder, pushing him back down in his seat.

“I’ve got this one.” Y/N said, winking at Cassian before standing up.

“Please don’t set anything on fire this time, Y/N.” Cassian said, and Y/N rolled her eyes once again as she walked away from Cassian and toward their mark.

“One time, Andor. I burn down a tiny little tower one time, and you never let me live it down. I swear, you’re worse than Mothma.”


This is What I Wore #52: First Outfit of 2017

I’m skipping 11 outfits (wow I just realized that’s a lot) just to have continuity with my previous post. 

Last year, I wore a black & white outfit and well, here I go again. If you’ve noticed… my tshirt has holes in it already haha! That’s because it’s a very old shirt. This is a shirt THAT I’ve been dying to wear ever since I bought it and it was stuck in my closet for about 3 years. It is only now that it got to see the light (and also a rainbow.)

And these shoes, OH MY, are divine. A leather sandal is something that’s been on my Ukay Hunt List for the longest time and I finally found it! And of course… it was on sale and it was my size. Just my luck! I can’t wait to pair this with other bohemian looks I have in mind, because lately I find myself transitioning into that style. 

And lastly, this look is so simple so I added another thing which completed the look! A black fedora that I got on sale from Cotton On, that also haven’t worn in more than a year! I’m really just a dust collector.

Top: I am the sun, I am the Moon Tee (Tiangge Find, P230)
Bottom: Plainn Black Shorts (Gift)
Shoes: White Leather Sandals!!! (Ukay Ukay, P80)
Hat: Black Felt Fedora Hat (Sale from Cotton On, P200)

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Rika’s back and MC gets left had gotten me just so hard, it's so beautifully written that it made me cry. I just absolutely love it, hope you continue it

Thank you so much! AND I’M SO SORRY!! 

I didn’t mean for it to make you cry *hugs* but it makes me really feel proud that this made you feel emotionally connected to MC  ;3;/ 

If you want to join me in being angst trash then you should listen to “Don’t Forget Me” by Way Out West. I originally did part one while listening to this… Sorry for being off topic but your ask filled me with determination! I hope you guys don’t feel like my writing is dying out lolol <3 -P

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brady skjei, lars eller, pricey (and btw nuge loves horses almost more than he loves hockey!!!)

brady skjei - rangers

oh my god he’s so cute im in love with him. he’s mine. we’re done here. when you look up “American Heartthrob” in the dictionary, brady’s picture is there. i have nothing funny to say because i am officially in love. (have you guys noticed i have a type? because i have a type. bye)

lars eller - capitals

looks like he should have a show on HGTV where he goes into like, gross twenty-something’s houses and re-designs it for them. either looks Really Good in pictures or gets caught making terrible faces. looks like he would be really mature and sophisticated but makes fart jokes on the reg. probably knows how to cook like, grown-up food, but generally eats kraft mac & cheese in his designer kitchen instead. dad material.

carey price - habs

the most beautiful man alive?? prince charming?? canada’s sweetheart?? Mr. Done With Your Shit?? too good for all of us?? sorry this is supposed to be first impressions and funny. right… really soft spoken and quiet, but has a wicked dry sense of humor. could probably be dating like eighteen people at once, but is loyal AF to his chosen partner. Says “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed” regularly. Has probably made people cry by doing so. Annoyingly good at everything he ever does or tries to do. rumored to sweat glitter, has not been confirmed or denied

Admin: I wanna apologize to @twixremix and @succboii who saw my offensive drawling.
So here i me flushing the forbidden drawling down the toliet, the same place were all my hopes, dreams, and shippings of me with cartoon charaters go….
I might quit the burnsmithers fandom cause i cant keep my homophobic mouth shut…
I should stick with what i know best, just neddy chan….
(Sigh) then again i wouldnt be drawling this crap if you guys didnt get me into the fandom….
And if someone just rp with me so i wasent bored.


im not opposed to this ! they’d be forever butting heads over who tops though, among many other things :’)

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To date you Blackguard would mean I hold genuine interest in seeking more than just a one-night stand. More than just holding the reigns of a multiverse spanning empire. To put that much effort in would have you know there would be little I wouldn't do for you. Some say you can't place a price on love. I have to disagree. Mechs must know how much they're willing to invest in you, in your future with them, and to know when to lay down their cards when they've lost. You're just shy of priceless.


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fun facts! about! my month!!!

  • I have broken my rule about leaving the house at least once a day more often than I have kept it!
  • I have drawn so many people sucking face that when a friend tweeted about how hard it is to draw people kissing I had to really struggle to remember how that felt
  • I should REALLY leave the house!
  • The last time I left the house i played Layers of Fear w my gaming group, kinda, only I was replaying to catch up with the rest of them so they got to act all smug as I demanded to know whether or not I could die!
  • I think I’m gonna make all my deadlines!!!?

okay when will jungkook drop his cover though

*Thirst af bitch voice* neeeed more klance

maybe a kiss, not like this

I mean, i am not forcing the creators or hating on them or anything but i am definitely crying about it………..i am desperate, okay!