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Rhodey being able to calm Tony down from a panic attack by holding him close and putting his hand on the ARC, pressing down on it lightly, assuring Tony with words and with this gesture that the ARC’s still here, that Tony is okay, no one will hurt him

The team watching this once and they’re all like “Oh, what an effective way to help Tony through this” 

But the first time someone tries it, it sends Tony into an even worse panic attack

Imagine Rhodey bursting in and pushing aside whoever dared to touch Tony, gathering him close and soothing him and it takes longer than normally, but eventually Tony calms and curls into Rhodey’s protective embrace, feeling safe and warm

Afterwards, Rhodey explains in a deadly-calm voice that he is the only one allowed to touch the ARC

That only he can calm Tony down like this

and no one else


12: Having to put up holiday decorations together after a big fight. 

Written for @hannibalcreative‘s  #ThePumpkinIsPeople 

Decorate by nightliferogue (Click for ao3)

“I can’t believe you!” Will yelled as they got out of the car, stomping off towards the house. 


Will stopped just short of the door, turning abruptly, and pushed into his chest. 

“You can’t keep doing this! You…” 

Hannibal frowned. “I was not aware I was doing anything.” 

Will laughed, shaking his head, “You….you weren’t even doing anything!? I can’t,” he turned and headed for the door, yanking it open and heading inside without a word. 

Hannibal followed, his jaw tight as he tried to understand what he’d done to deserve Will’s ire. 

They had been at the store down the road, a weekly outing that Hannibal always looked forward to, and the minute he’d seen the couple every part of him was on high alert. 

The woman in question looked frightened, her red eyes were staring down at her feet as they walked together, and he could see the strain in which her arm was held as she pushed the cart beside her partner. 

He took in several bruises, eyes narrowing and lip curling at the sight. 

Will had not even been paying attention, and he had only leaned over to whisper in his ear, “I do believe that gentleman is more than perfect for our table.” 

Will had tensed, his eyes looked over the couple for a few seconds before he glared at Hannibal and left the aisle completely with their cart. 

He hadn’t spoken the remainder of their trip, not adding in his usual preferences though Hannibal knew them all by rote after months together. 

Now he stood in their garage and wondered if perhaps his comment had been more than presumptuous? 

Hannibal headed inside, putting the keys on the counter along with the bags in his hands, seeing Will putting away groceries with Encephalitis on his heels. 

“I apologize.” 

Will didn’t look up and he sighed, “I was not aware that my comment would upset you, as it is not the first time we’ve killed since the…” 

Will slammed the refrigerator door hard, glaring at him now. 

“The fisherman was to protect us,” he huffed, voice shaking, “To save us, and it wasn’t…” 

Hannibal walked up to him and Will didn’t move, his gaze hardening the closer they got to one another. “You enjoyed killing him just as much as you enjoyed ridding the world of Francis Dolarhyde.” 

Will’s eyes shone with tears, “You can’t keep doing this,” he shook his head, “You can’t keep making me think you’re the patient, different Hannibal, and then rip the rug out from under me whenever you feel it’s convenient!” 

Hannibal’s lip twitched as he looked away, “I do not mean to upset you.” 

“But you keep doing it,” Will accused, voice hard, “You keep making me think you’ll give me time, with everything.” 

Hannibal looked at him, “Will…” 

Will reached out and touched his cheek, “I don’t know whether to kiss you or kill you sometimes, you know?” 

Hannibal let out a breath, “Will I….” 

Will let go and walked around him, grabbing the keys and leaving without another word. 

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