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So! A little thing from my watercolor sketchbook because I don’t have time for normal sized artwork at the moment. 

I was about to divorce my husband because our marriage had become boring and tedious. But then I found these “sexy dance” videos on the internet and began to study them to dance for my husband. I give thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua because it saved our relationship. It has revived the flame of our love and we are very happy now.

Magdalena Velasco
Queretaro, Mexico


My baby at 16
- M xx

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Lams fluff pretty please for my birthday tomorrow?

Yes of course! Sorry if this is late! Happy Birthday!


Moonlight shone in, stars twinkling silently by her side, winking and shining inside through the curtains. John sighed, turning on his right, feeling the cold side of the bed. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up, holding the blanket closer to his chest. Checking the time, he rubbed his eyes.

2:32 AM

With a groan he threw his legs out, stepping forward out of his room. Silently padding down the hall he could hear the tip tapping of the keyboard. He silently cursed to himself for tiredly believing Alex when he said he’d be done by midnight.

Midnight his ass.

“Alex?” An tired ‘hmm’ was his only response as he turned into the office, seeing a shaking Alex facing his keyboard, hair pulled back into a bu, glasses sat on his nose.

“Alex baby it’s two thirty in the morning.”

“John it’s only - “His eyes widened when he checked the clock, he could have sworn it was eleven five minutes ago.

“Alex you’ve been writing for hours. You’re ahead of schedule, come back to sleep.”

“I need to finish this John…”

He stepped forward, placing his arms around the shorter man’s shoulder and kissed the top of his head. Alex’s eyes fluttered shut as he leaned back into the warmth, the shaking lessening. 

“You can finish it when you’ve slept for more than five hours baby…” He kissed the top of his head, slowly taking the hair tie out and running his fingers through his hair.

“Mmmm…John I have to finish.” His whine was needy and tired, eyes barely open at this point. “Baby come on…” His kisses began running down the back of his neck, lingering a bit more as Alex melted, softer under his touch.

“Alexander come back to sleep…” John sung teasingly, making up a tune as his fingers trailed down his arms. “It’s so dark outside…”

“I know…” Alex muttered, eyes fully shut, words barely sounding like English, words begining to come out in a mix of languages. “Necesito…gotta finish mon essai…”

“You’ll finish it tomorrow baby girl…you’ll beat Jefferson and Madison.”

Alex practically purred at the pet name, smiling cheesily, “Mmmhmm…”

Grabbing by the arms, John helped him stand from the chair, picking him up, legs wrapped around his waist, face buried in John’s neck. He winced a bit at the glasses digging into his skin but ignored it, saving his work before making his way up the hall.

 “Why do you write like you’re running out of time?” He sung, laying Alex down on the bed, taking his glasses off and putting them on the bedside table, “Now back in bed…”

“Hmmm, te amo…love you Johnny.”

John laughed at the pet name, crawling onto his side, pulling Alex to his chest, peppering his faces with kisses. “Love you Alexander. Best of husbands, best of men.”


What if Hannibal creator, The Love God Bryan Fuller would try to fix whatever the hell was in the Sherlock finale, part one (it’ll take some time, as you can imagine) 
following that thought https://vladsmoppets.tumblr.com/post/158972262208/it-is-created-with-the-undying-love-for