(huff huff)

  • Hufflepuff: *dressed in a Santa hat, holiday sweater and tangled in Christmas lights* IT'S CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!
  • Slytherin: ...
  • Slytherin: It's November 1rst...

Yukimura’s Six-Day Countdown ! Happy Birthday, Lord Yukimura ! 

I have a special piece waiting for the seventh day. Stay tuned!

the cover pages of chapter 4 in the kevedd fanbook:


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this one is a NSFW chapter (warning contains M/M SLASH)

Ravenclaw: *Walks up to a random Hufflepuff and links arms*

Hufflepuff: …

Hufflepuff: Uhm, Hello?

Gryffindor: *walks up”

Gryffindor: Oh! I didn’t know you had a boyfriend!

Ravenclaw: …

Hufflepuff: DAMN RIGHT I’M HER BOYFRIEND! You can go now!

Gryffindor: *leaves*

Hufflepuff: … Are you okay?

Ravenclaw: Yeah… Thank you… Sorry for putting you in the middle of that.

Hufflepuff: *hug* Don’t worry about it! Glad you’re safe!

Okay Hufflepuff Rant coming through

So, I see so much stuff about Hufflepuffs being cuddly and nice and sweet, and it’s great, because they’re not wrong.

We’re sweet, we like to do nice things for people, it makes us feel good inside. We love to cuddle and snuggle up with people, we love big sweaters and fluffy blankets.

We love to bake and we love sharing what we make with others. We get emotional easily, we put others before ourselves. We love sunshine and sugar and everything nice, it’s true. But that’s not all we are.

We are determined, if we want something, we work for it, even if it’s hard or painful. If it’s worth it we’re in it until we get what we want, or because it’s the right thing to do.

We are stubborn, we don’t like being told what to do. We do things our way, or grudgingly, and trust me we can hold a grudge. If you piss us off we arent just agitated we are royally pissed, like, Ashley-Ketchadorian-you-were-supposed-to-be-watching-the-door pissed.

We swear like sailors, not around family or little kids, but by ourselves or around friends, you better fucking believe we’re going to say whatever tumbles out of our mouths.

We love our friends and accept and comfort them, but if they do something completely stupid, you better believe we’re going to chew them out for it.

Snappy comebacks, good Lord here’s one nobody ever adds. Most people think it might be the slytherins with a quick tongue, or the clever ravenclaws, but oh no, no no no it’s us, the Hufflepuffs. Not even a second to actually think before words come flying out of our mouths. Whether to add to a witty conversation or to bicker with someone, Hufflepuffs will surprise you with this one.

Another thing, there’s also a lot about how sweet Hufflepuffs are, but when they get mad, they get mad, as I mentioned briefly above. But to add to that thought, Hufflepuffs don’t just get mad, Hufflepuffs will verbally d e s t r o y you, if you give them a reason.

So yeah, we bake and we loves cats, good God we love cats, and we love everything and everyone, but we are a lot more than that too.

Have a nice night everyone. :)