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Literally nobody cares about why you're inactive. You're an ask blog, your entire job is to draw and entertain people but you can't even do that. "Oh no someone got involved with my life, guess I'll just be a depressed ass forever" - is your entire attitude and it is funny. Your drama probably doesn't even compare to the rest of the world. Do you really think your problems are worse than someone's in a 3rd world country? That's pathetic if you do lmao.

my life but every time i get an anonymous ask trying to call me out for being upset with my personal life situation in any way, shape, or form it gets faster.


bonding moments w/ my bby boi lance <333


It doesn’t matter where I come from. I know who I am.

there’s a lot of misconceptions about asexual people and quick reminder that we’re in a spectrum. some of us are sex-repulsed, some of us are sex-positive, some of us love orgasms but only solo, some of us only want a relationship that isn’t sexual, some of us are cool with getting our partners off but don’t necessarily need it for us, some of us would be down with sex

here’s a nice explanation on what is sex-positive, sex-neutral, and sex-repulsed in regards to being asexual

on top of it: asexual ≠ aromantic. someone who is asexual does not mean no romantic or sensual feelings! also it doesnt mean you can’t look at someone and find them aesthetically pleasing. what defines asexuality is not their labido either, but it’s “a lack of sexual attraction for someone” 

I want to see the conversation they finally have about last year’s banquet though. Where Yuuri is still under the impression he did nothing more scandalous than initiating a dance off with Yurio and is like “I must have been a drunk mess, how could you still want to be my coach after seeing such a display?”

“Well, I mean, you specifically asked me to?”


“After we tangoed?”


“And then you were doing this thing with your hips–” 


“And then I came to Hasetsu and you were so skittish and I…[laughing] Yuuri, really! Nothing? Oh my god, it finally makes sense! Those early weeks of thinking ‘Did he change his mind about me? Does he not like me any–’”

“N-nothing could have been further from the–”

[still laughing, beginning to wheeze a little, Makkachin becoming concerned]