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What would it be like after sarumi started dating, yatas mom insisted them coming over for a few days. And when they arive, momsaki hugs misaki and says "my son" with so much love and then w/o hesitation she hugs saru and says "my other son" with just as much love. saru & misaki's reaction?

I could almost see Yata’s mom doing that even if Fushimi and Yata weren’t dating, she clearly thinks highly of Fushimi when he’s just Yata’s friend and I think she probably has some idea of that fact that Fushimi hasn’t got much in the way of a real family. When Yata tells her that he and Fushimi are dating now she’s probably not very surprised, like she knows Yata’s had a crush on Fushimi since middle school and it’s about time those two finally got together. Yata’s still a little nervous about bringing Fushimi home though, like his mom seemed fine with it when he talked to her on the phone but who knows how she’ll be in person. Fushimi’s a little nervous too even though he’s not admitting to it, obviously there’s no point in telling his own mother (since they haven’t even talked in years) and now he’s suddenly meeting Yata’s mom not as Yata’s best friend but as Yata’s boyfriend and he’s not entirely certain that Yata’s mom won’t be upset by him somehow.

Then they get to Yata’s house and his mom greets Yata with a hug before turning to Fushimi and calling him her son too. I think Fushimi would just immediately stiffen in surprise, like his body has this automatic visceral reaction to someone calling him their son (particularly in a sincere manner, not mocking like Niki would be or cold like Kisa). Yata’s mom just strokes his hair and tells him that she’s glad to have him as part of the family. That’s when Yata finds his voice and is all embarrassed as he’s like ‘mom we haven’t gotten married yet what the hell’ and Yata’s mom just laughs and teases him a bit, like Saruhiko was in our house enough growing up what’s wrong with me calling him my son too. Yata would probably accept it pretty readily after that and in particular I can see both him and his mom smiling all fondly at Fushimi, who’s trying to recover himself and act like he doesn’t care what Yata’s mom calls him even though he’s obviously really touched. Also imagine Yata’s mom telling him that regardless of his relationship to Yata, even if they decide it doesn’t work and break up some time down the road, Yata’s mom will always think of Fushimi as part of their family. That really gets to Fushimi too, having grown up with no family and now besides Scepter 4 and Homra here he’s got Yata’s family as well, with Yata’s mom fussing over him and treating him like a child, and even as he tries to act unaffected his voice is clearly shaking as he quietly thanks her.


postpartum, i limp
out of the raging waters
the love lake full of blood,
the crater where my heart
once learned to grow

shards of bone pierce
through my purpled skin,
my lungs deflated now
the party is over

i do not see the vultures
but i feel them watching

i see the atrophy
devouring my fingers
but when i try to scream
my mouth is full of dirt
and i choke

when the winged things finally
land on my sagging shoulders
scab-skinned and repulsive
there is nothing left
for me to say

so they eat me alive



I said we were dating by accident but i meant like the verb of going on dates and they got awkard lol i hate myself


I never thought I’d get to see club penguin’s iceberg tip but here we are, probably 10 years since I stopped believing it was possible, and dreams have come true. (Excuse the sniff in the middle - I was holding back tears)

okay so I just feel the need to say why Brooklyn nine nine is the best show so strap yourselves in it’s gon be long

* first off, hella diverse cast
* and no “token” characters there just for the sake of diversity, each character has very different personalities from each other and represent the actual population
* despite totally different personalities they are all really good friends and care about each other so much- each character’s relationship is different and I find that beautiful
* amy santiago is never played off as “just Jake’s love interest/girlfriend” she has all her own plots and stories and is amazing and strong and the best
* healthy communication in amy and jakes relationship !!! making sure it doesn’t stop them from doing their job to the best of both their abilities !!!
* Terry is a very macho “man’s” man but isn’t afraid to show his feelings and it’s real nice to see them show how being emotional doesn’t make you a weak man
* the solidarity between the girls because we gotta stick together
* “I met god” “what does she look like?” “Ethnically ambiguous”
* constantly calling out the world for all it’s shit (homophobia, racism, gun laws, corruptness of the police, sexism, I cOULD GO ON)
* and now the reason I decided to make this now: THEY JUST MADE A WHOLE EPISODE ABOUT HOW BULLSHIT RACIAL PROFILING IS
* a show about cops still managed to find a way to talk about it bc they know it’s an important issue and did it in such an incredible way
* showed two sides of dealing with the situation, holts plan and terrys, and neither were ideal, both would have backlash for Terry more than the dickhead who stopped him tbh
* and showing Jake doing hella suspicious shit and not getting stopped
* (but this time with a whole ep not just mentions bless)
* also Jake and amy having to explain it all to Terry’s kids was v upsetting to see how scared they were at first that this would happen just because they were born as they were
* AND mentions of transphobia and telling the twins it’s okay if they don’t identify as female, what other show would

this ain’t even everything it was just getting v long

BASICALLY no show is as woke as brooklyn nine nine, it’s hella funny too with great plots and ships too if that’s what you look for and everyone should watch and @ fox if you don’t renew I will fight it is better than all other shows