(hiss hiss fume)

Few things piss me off more than the fact that we still live in a world where the fact that I’m a girl in my twenties without a serious boyfriend is a shocking fact. I wrote to an old (high school) teacher telling her about my grad school plans and that I got a wonderful research internship to go along with it next year and that I’m really excited about all of it because I finally feel like I’m headed in the right direction. And what did she reply? “Are there any boys in your life?”

Does it matter? I mean is that still more important than my education and my career? 

I don’t actively date because I prefer to spend my free time studying and reading and advancing my intellectual capacities and thereby investing in my future hopefully as an academic. I hate partying and I hate nightclubs and I hate the whole student party lifestyle, and more importantly, I’m perfectly happy being single. I’m extremely introverted and selective, and I’m at my best when I’m single. I’m more focused on my studies and my self esteem is at its highest. So I don’t run around forcing myself to adhere to a lifestyle I dislike in order to act desperate and throw myself at guys. What’s more, I refuse to settle for someone who fails to meet my standards and waste valuable time in doing so. If someone exceptional comes around, then sure, I will gladly date him, but until then, I’m perfectly HAPPY being myself. 

But no, that’s not freaking acceptable in this day and age.