My half assed attempt at a comic. This time again featuring Sonja and the first timers: Mot and Dianite. I like to think that our local Foxx looks a hell of alike to Bat from behind while wearing the flower crowns haha. Also no Mot isn’t accidentally copping a feel, I’m just too lazy to do proper posing since my hand hurts and its so hot! orz

Zay’s kind of a slacker, so he doesn’t join the baseball team with Lucas, but he does come to all the games with Farkle and Riley and Maya because Lucas is his friend and baseball’s actually kind of fun when it doesn’t involve sweating

And the whole group cheers for everyone on the team but especially for Lucas and Billy

and Riley makes posters for both of them and hands one to Maya to hold (Maya pointedly gives the poster to Farkle, who cheerfully holds it up the whole game while Riley explains the sport to him)

and Maya and Zay head down by the field to heckle members of the opposing team which makes Billy laugh until Lucas yells at them

and later they meet up with Smackle at Topanga’s to celebrate the team’s win (because she might not like baseball, but she does like food and hanging out with her friends)

and for once there are no issues going on, and everything is perfect, the end~

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How would a game of twister be with Seokjin, Taehyung and Hoseok??

Unrelated, but here is ‘Falling on them while playing Twister’ too!

Seokjin / Jin - A game of Twister with Jin would end up being super complicated, but super fun. He would try his best to kind of avoid having to reach over or under you, ending up tangling himself into a little knot and falling over before getting anywhere lmao.

Taehyung / V - Taehyung I can see kicking ass in a game of Twister. Like, I don’t see him being afraid to kind of get up close and person and make things to his advantage, if you know what I mean? Kind of like, sabotage. But it wouldn’t be noticeable.

Hoseok / J - Hope - With Hoseok there might be a lot of ‘Oops’ and ‘Sorry!’s. He would bump into you every now and then, letting out a laugh and apologizing before trying to kind of readjust his position on the mat. If you two were stuck in that awkward one person making a bridge over the other person kind of situation, I can see him pulling out the old “Well this is awkward” card to loosen up the tension.

- Darby

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Jupiter ascending - what is that?? #help #confuseded

Hello, confused anon! Jupiter Ascending is a scifi movie that was released earlier this year in February. Lots of fun explosions, visually stunning, and had an awesome lost princess and a werewolf winged boyfriend with space rollerskates. It was campy and ridiculous and had Eddie Redmayne whisper cry things. 

It’s pretty late right now for me otherwise I would try and hunt down some great stuff other people have said about how the lost-princess story is a typical kind of fantasy story girls come up for themselves and there were also lots of good posts when the movie came out talking about why it was great to tell this kind of story as well. All in all JA was entertaining and a huge beautiful mess with a bunch of favorite cliches. Also bees. 

Oh Vigilant

Fast –
but oh so slow does pass
our minutes
I see them tick
in wise
yet hopeful gaze.

Oh Watchful, you do see so much
with having seen so little.
Your heart has known enough by now
to turn softest soul to brittle.
And yet
and yet and yet,
oh Vigilant,
hope has not deserted thee.
I wonder how
and why
what where
and when
such thing will be.

“Hope is not defined by age
nor loss of it you see-”
Wise men preach pedantic ponderings
while the wisest man will plea.
“A wish upon a star, my friend,
shan’t do a thing for you.
Hope is fleeting.
Intangible and cruel.
Give up.
Give in.
Give not to nothing
a single silver spool.
Nor golden comb
ne’er a rose’s thorn.
Give not a single thing from you.
Waste not the thoughts you think on things
you thought you ought to think.”

I think on you
when I think such things
and laugh at simple scorn.
How silly would the wise men feel
should they look upon the sun
cradled in a china cup
cradled in your hands
cradled in your innocence
your hope
your life
How fast
how slow
the days may pass
you’ve shown me one thing true.
Hope is not defined by age,
oh Watchful Eye,
so long as I am I
and so long as you are you.


Basically, I just realized I never posted the Wirt-poem that I wrote way back in… December? Might have been November… anyway! Since I never ended up using it in Two Roads, I thought I’d share it with you because I’ve been on a Two Roads kick. Not that this is necessarily Two Roads-centric, it isn’t, but this is definitely something Wirt wrote in honor of his little brother while away at school, if you couldn’t already tell. I don’t think I’ll be using it in anything, so yeah, just decided to put it out there since other Wirt-poems will be showing up in Mystery Best Friends ‘verse. Figured I might as well get the first Wirt-poem I ever wrote out there! By the by, Wirt and I are both uncertain about the title, but I dunno. It works for now.

Again, I’m not a poet, I just write one on the internet.
(See, it’s funny because it’s like the whole “I’m not a doctor, I just play one on TV” thing, get it? Yeah, I know I’m still not funny.)

OMG He forgot them!?

No! Leo! Let me hug yu! O.O

(Everyone look so amused, the only paranoiac and kind of worried is Zapp xd)


Hi there! Here is my take on Gabe from psionicsiblinghood. Sorry it took so long to post these last couple analyses—school stuff had to come first. :/ Hopefully, though, I will be able to do one per week from now on.

House Parties || Avery and Peter

Avery stepped out of the shower, drying himself off. He had taken a swim before, but wanted to look more than decent for Peter. He dried his hair, airing it out and went to select a pair of swimming trunks. Finally, he settled on a pair of cobalt blue ones. He paired a muscle shirt with them, as he wanted to get some grilling done and make Peter dinner. He had set up his iPod and dock in the gazebo by the pool and the grill was all good to go as well. His swimming trunks hung low on his hips, showing off his piercings that Peter seemed to enjoy. Avery then put some cologne on and began to apply sunscreen onto himself. He imagined that his hands were Peter’s and his stomach gave a lurch. He realized that it may be kind of fun to be friends-with-benefits with the other boy for a bit, flirting and being sarcastic with each other. Now, he just wanted Peter to get there so he could rub the boy down with sunscreen and get him into the pool. The night was theirs.

literally who allowed tooru to be so cute.

Misunderstandings (Prince Roberto)

Part 4 of 6 (finally) redninjakitty14rp (ugh, sorry for the ridiculously long wait >.< but! It’s here now so…)



Prince Roberto of Altaria. You weren’t supposed to be friends - you weren’t even supposed to have met and you certainly weren’t supposed to fall in love…but…all the same, you did.

Prince Roberto of Altaria. Friendly. Carefree. Charismatic…with a gentle, caring and sincere side. During the time you had spent as the royal designer, you had gotten to know him better. His fun side, his kind side…his hidden side…and gradually, without you even knowing…you fell in love. But worry and doubt was laced in your thoughts. The two of you were close, of course…but Roberto was close with everyone and over time, all you could wonder was…would the two of you ever be more than friends?

Your question was answered. Her name was Natasha. Princess Natasha. She had the same cheerful, outgoing aura as the prince himself. They were peas in a pod - anyone could see that and, as painful as it was, so could you. You didn’t hate her, how could you? She was kind and generous, loving and thoughtful, caring and good natured - everything a Princess should be, everything you longed to be. Clearly, Roberto felt the same way. When she had come to visit, the two of them clicked instantly, he was laughing at her side within seconds and each one of their playful chuckles was like a shot to the heart.

For a while, you endured it, not wanting such ‘trivial matters’ to disrupt your work but over time, you noticed that Roberto was never alone anymore - Natasha was always by his side, laughing and joking - even when discussing designs you felt like a third wheel. After around a month since Natasha’s arrival, you had had enough. You couldn’t take it anymore…and so you did the most convenient thing possible. You left.

It was a late Friday night. The sky was clear and the absence of wind made the air feel warm. You had gathered all your things and left a note to explain the situation…but as you neared the towering door a strong hand stopped you.

“…Haya? Where are you going so late at night.” The Prince questioned you as you hid your face. Chuckling, he continued, “and what’s with the suitcase? Haha if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were leav…ing…” He stopped short at the realisation and spun you around, gripping both of your shoulders. “What are you doing?! D-don’t tell me…you’re really going?!” His dark orbs were dyed with worry and confusion as he desperately seeked answers.

The deep and sincere look in his eyes mesmerised you, somehow forcing you to tell the truth. “I’m sorry Roberto,” you found yourself saying. “I-I love you so…it would be better if I left…“ You smiled weakly, looking up at his bewildered face. Much to your surprise, his expression melted into a heartfelt grin as he pulled you into his broad chest. “P-Prince Roberto?!” “Thank goodness…haha you had me worried there Haya!” He joked, “…though I’m glad…” He whispered, suddenly turning serious. “…all this time…I was terrified that I would have to remain you’re ‘good friend’ for the rest of my life…I was starting to imagine what on earth I would do if you fell in love with someone but…thank goodness…” As you listened to his words, you still didn’t quite understand. “What…are you saying?” You could sense him smiling as he leaned his chin on top of your head comfortably. “I’m saying that I love you Haya. I always have…and I’m so glad that I can finally tell you…all this time, I was terrified that it woulf ruin our friendship and trouble you…haha, pretty pathetic aren’t I?” You shook your head furiously, warmth rushing through your body. “You’re not pathetic! You were just being considerate and…well…Infelt the exact same way…” He pulled away at your words and gazed into your eyes. “Truly?” He asked.

He smiled a wide grin as he looked down at you and bent down to press his lips on yours. “I love you Haya.” He was gentle at first but gradually, the kiss grew more and more passionate. So much so that when he pulled away, you were gasping for air as you stared up at him. He chuckled and reached down to pick up your suitcase in one hand and your hand in the other. “Come on, we can just leave your suitcase in the corner of my room.” He murmered, beginning to lead you away from the door. “…Your room?” Your question was met by a grin as he said. “Of course! You didn’t think that I was going to let you go tonight did you?” At his words, you felt the blood rush to your cheeks as you mentally prepared yourself for the night to come…


Aaand that is that! Hope you liked it!
Stay Beautiful~


so for my bday back on the 4th my best friend bought me volume 1 of meakashi’s manga and it was in amazing condition and i love it so much and ill treasure it forever and now i can see satoshis face with a simple flip of a page any time

but my point for making this post was something else, i managed to notice the tiniest error in the translation on one page. when shion is explaining to satoshi about why she has a such a huge dislike of canned food, she says her dad told her once that there might be real human meat in canned food sometimes and it scarred her forever basically. but it wasnt her dad who told her that, it was kasai. you can even see in the background thats its definitely kasai whos holding some canned meat and scaring a little shion. and this small moment was kept in from the vn too.

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Tbh I could see Dan going back to law school, but for the political and philosophical side of it rather than the lawyer side of it. I think he'd definitely go into more opinionated videos, and he'd use his videos to teach people. Kind of like Charlieissocoollike's fun science videos, but much more Dan and more about life and how to do real-life things. I see Phil getting much more vocal, and talking more about his ideas instead of things that happen. More'Why'talk instead of 'what happened' talk

where do you guys see Dan+Phil in 5 years or so? talk to me abt future phan!

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Gaining a little bit of confidence from his friends Feliciano and Kiku, Ludwig stepped rigidly up to lovino. He tapped his finger on lovinos shoulder and took a deep breath. Though his heart hammered in his chest he managed to say through a twitching smile, “I’m sorry, but I just received a call for you. From heaven? I think they’re missing an angel.”

Initially, Lovino’s plan was to ignore whoever was tapping his shoulder- it couldn’t be someone all that important if they were going to bother with that. If it hadn’t been for the awkward pick-up line and the familiar voice, Lovino definitely would have just kept on going. Instead, he nearly spilled coffee on himself from squeezing his coffee cup a little too hard from the surprise, feeling his cheeks turn a rapid shade of red from both first- and second-hand embarrassment. Oh, shit- of all of them, it was one of the cheesiest and overused ones in the world. Nonetheless, he took a deep breath and awkwardly turned around, making brief eye contact before feeling himself just get warmer

Out of reflex, Lovino felt a laugh bubble in his throat to relieve how uncomfortable he felt in that instant- especially with someone of interest bothering to say it to him. And those little giggles turned into louder ones until he was practically crying, and definitely not with the intention of being rude. He grabbed the other’s hand in case his first instinct was to bolt, though Lovino was pretty sure he couldn’t stop someone much more muscular than him from doing that if Ludwig really wanted to. 

Slowly straightening up and wiping his cheeks with the arm holding the coffee cup, Lovino’s forced smile faltered for a moment before being replaced with a much more genuine one.

“That was a good try- a good joke, too, since we all know the truth is is that I’ve crawled up from hell instead. Didn’t know Satan was calling me back already, look at the time,” Lovino replied, his tone initially just as embarrassed and agape as he was before, but slowly softening up. “It was a good try, though. Did Feliciano set you up with that?”

[Samson] Let’s get to the Well before the Inquisitor! Follow me! 


*loud noise of something cracking*

[Inq.] …That must’ve hurt. 

Samson always struck me as the slightly crazy sort of guy, the kind that wouldn’t turn his back on having a bit of fun with his friends and doing naughty stuff once in a while for the laughs. Kinda like Leliana and Josie. 

So, he sees a bit mothafuckin hole and what does he do? He jumps right in, of course! Huh. No big deal.

But I am still amazed how he never broke his legs. He’s crazy, but I never imagined he would be that much crazy. That crater wasn’t exactly shallow. But never mind THAT. How much must that armor weight?

There was some serious miscalculation from his part.