(his beloved friends)

you know, it’s funny that fandom has such a dear wish for steve and bucky’s relationship to center around this overprotective, overbearing steve guiding bucky slowly back into functioning society, treating him like glass. because steve? is….really…not about that life. 


guys. guys, i know what we want to read into this. but think about how steve sounded. how he looked. this isn’t steve letting bucky whale on him because he’s willing to endure whatever pain to see his beloved best friend remember him. it’s steve being a stubborn little shit and refusing to give up. this isn’t steve protecting bucky from anything, and it’s not steve pleading for anything from him (beyond his initial “please dont make me do this,” after which HE DID THIS.) it’s steve challenging bucky. it’s steve taunting bucky to remember. it’s steve being the same little guy from brooklyn who never knew when to back down from a battle. “im not gonna fight you,” THAT’S RICH, STEVE!!!!! he’s fighting bucky even as he’s throwing away the shield, setting new terms to this battle, his terms. bucky wants a mission? too bad! steve’s a friend. bucky wants to engage in fisticuffs? too bad, he’s gonna have to punch this talking pile of meat instead. bucky wants to be a mindless assassin again? too bad, too bad, steve’s with him to the end of the line AND IT’S NOT A PROMISE, IT’S A THREAT. truly. the way steve says it, bloodied and battered, steve’s not going for sweet nothings here. he’s saying, in all his desperation and resignation, in all his defiance, “you’re not getting rid of me now. live with it.” 

and then! and then! civil war! all of steve’s conversations with bucky are so stern!!!! like steve! please lighten up! if youre brainwashed friend wants to pretend he doesn’t know you, you’re supposed to beg and plead for him to remember, not say, you LITTLE SHIT, “i know ur nervous and u have plenty of reason to be but UR LYING!!!!” omg no chill at all. steve’s relationship with bucky in this movie is half about his friendship and half about protecting an innocent man from a death he doesn’t deserve. that means he’s constantly backed into a corner, constantly clawing for whatever scraps he can get from bucky that confirm what he’s fighting for is even still there. he softens a little when bucky talks about those newspapers in his shoes, but even then, he’s like, “I DON’T REMEMBER ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH,” when bucky is struggling to remember about the other winter soldiers. fanon!steve would’ve cajoled, would’ve snapped at someone else trying to get bucky to remember. canon!steve is like, “you’re my buddy and all but your brainwashing is super inconvenient, and pretty selective, so give up the goods!!!!!” he brings bucky along because he is the best poised to end the other winter soldiers, not because he wants to keep bucky close and protect him. he defends bucky not because bucky is his friend and therefore automatically worthy of defense, but because bucky doesn’t deserve death for something he wasn’t in control of at the time. and these attitudes don’t come at the expense of friendship-motivated reminiscing later, either. steve can be pragmatic and sentimental in turns with bucky, and that’s–

that’s great. a steve that makes allowances for bucky, allowances that aren’t grounded in his own ideals of right and wrong, allowances that aim at infantilizing or taking away bucky’s agency, is not a good steve at all. i love that their relationship is this uncertain dance of memory and nostalgia mixed with violence and hard choices, i love that steve makes no apologies for bucky being his friend, but doesn’t try to defend bucky just for that reason. steve’s protection of bucky, by bucky’s own admission, isn’t worth it unless it revolves around steve’s most enduring character trait: his unbudgeable commitment to doing what’s right

anyway. lots of rambling thoughts on this. i just want to see more of steve and bucky where steve is a stubborn shit and isn’t treating bucky like glass.

There’s one thing about Steve that pisses me off – the most - in the CW, I don’t know if you would agree with me, but is the fact that he knew about the assassination of Tony’s parents but he didn’t have the decency to tell him. No. He spend all the movie judging Tony and his decisions but he doesn’t do anything to help. I mean in the MCU, who Captain America would be if it wasn’t for Howard Stark? Howard was the one who created the machine for the serum; when no one believed in Captain America enough to help him rescue his beloved friend Howard was the one that flew him - during a Nazi bombing – so he could do the mission he got famous for; Howard was the one that created his weapon; and Howard was the only one that kept searching for him when he got lost in the ice. So even though Steve didn’t like Tony – and he shows that in every movie – he had an obligation to tell him the truth because of Howard.  


NEWT SCAMANDER has severe social anxiety

NEWT SCAMANDER can’t look people in the eye when he talks to them

NEWT SCAMANDER thinks he annoys people

NEWT SCAMANDER is riddled with scars from his creatures

NEWT SCAMANDER became a surrogate mother to a cluster of Occamys 

NEWT SCAMANDER kept the obscurus that killed the 8 y/o girl he befriended in africa, because, despite it being the manifestation of her pain and sorrow, it was still a living thing

NEWT SCAMANDER named every single one of his creatures

NEWT SCAMANDER built habitats for all of them by himself 

NEWT SCAMANDER feeds them all, nurses them when they’re sick, and makes personal connections with each of them 

NEWT SCAMANDER took the time to learn the mating dance of the Erumpent

NEWT SCAMANDER lives in the shadow of his older brother

NEWT SCAMANDER worked with dragons during the war (Charlie Weasley, anyone?)

NEWT SCAMANDER cried when he had to pretend to give up Pickett

NEWT SCAMANDER was dragged out of the Congress of Magic screaming for mercy, not for himself or Tina, but for his creatures

NEWT SCAMANDER carries around ‘Swooping Evil’ and has earned it’s trust enough so that it let another human use it as a springboard, AND it listens to him when he says no

NEWT SCAMANDER was the only one who was able to get close to Credence after he was unleashed

NEWT SCAMANDER understands, not only the signs of extreme fear (and probably a panic attack) but the feeling of being an outcast, of not fitting right in your own skin

NEWT SCAMANDER never raised his wand against Credence, only apparated closer or away

NEWT SCAMANDER found it easier to befriend a muggle and open up to him than to talk with other wizards

NEWT SCAMANDER is completely unbiased because of his deep compassion for ALL living things

NEWT SCAMANDER apoligized to a monkey after it feked around with his wand

NEWT SCAMANDER doesn’t give two shits about money. He gives Jacob, who is presumably obviated, half a dozen silver lines eggshells 

NEWT SCAMANDER made such an impression on a muggle that even when presumably obviated he created pastries that looked like his friends beloved creatures

NEWT SCAMANDER understands that humans are the worst beast of all

NEWT SCAMANDER was able to pick up not only on word choice but on the feeling of evil he got from Grindelwald

NEWT SCAMANDER is able to think through panic 

NEWT SCAMANDER was friends with a LaStrange–because lineage doesn’t matter to him

NEWT SCAMANDER has a fighting spirit. We saw it when Queenie said ‘Hogwash’


Title: Snow Laden Confessions 

Pairing: Sidlink

Rating: Explicit

Summary:  Sidon and Link confess their love for each other after being stranded during a bad snowstorm, then proceed to find a unique way to keep themselves warm -wink, wink, nudge, nudge-

A/N: i hate thinking up titles : D

This has also been posted on my AO3 so if you’d prefer to read it there! Comments, reblogs and kudos are very much appreciated! Thanks!


Don’t make this weird, he thought fervently. Whatever you do, do not make this weird.

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anonymous asked:

do you think jess knows rory best?

Short answer: Absolutely not. The long answer is multifaceted. So, here goes nothing. 

1. At the very least, Lorelai exists. The idea that Jess knows Rory better than her mother and best friend is absurd. I don’t think I really have to say anything else here. This point speaks for itself.

2. Jess and Rory knew each other as teenagers. They dated for a few months and then Jess basically disappeared from her life for years. Adult Rory is not the same as teenage Rory. By the time Jess sees her again, she’s not the same person she used to be. She’s grown. She’s changed. Of course she has. Nobody is the same person as a teenager as they are in their 20s, and they shouldn’t be. I absolutely hate when I see people criticize her for changing. When Jess sees her as an almost 21-year-old woman and says he knows her better than anyone, it’s honestly ridiculous. He hasn’t seen her in years. He doesn’t know anything about her. He knows what he wants her to be and he knows what he expects her to be, but he doesn’t know who she actually is. Listen, Jess knew Rory as a naive teenager, this sweet and “perfect” girl. That’s how he saw her and that’s how he’ll always see her. It’s not by any fault of his own. He just doesn’t know the other parts of her because he’s not in her life. She’s not a person to him. She’s an idea. Rory developed so much throughout the series. College/adult Rory is miles away from high school Rory. She’s been through a lot and those experiences have changed and shaped her. That’s how life works. Jess is not the same person as an adult as he was as a teenager, so how could he possibly expect Rory to be? We never see Rory assert that she knows Jess better than anyone when they are in their 20s and beyond because it would be just as incorrect coming from her. 

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It Comes Back To Reichenbach

It seems to me that how you understand S4 comes back to how you understand Sherlock’s fake suicide in The Reichenbach Fall. What actually happened there?

Sherlock prepared a number of different scenarios. He was concerned that he would not survive. He knew John, Lestrade, and Mrs Hudson would be at risk. He knew he had to play along.

He was not required to make John a witness to his fake suicide. He was not required to keep John in the dark about it, either. Not for two years. That was Sherlock’s decision, against the advice of his brother. 

This is the point where I think either you agree that Sherlock’s fucked up badly, or you think he sacrificed himself for the greater good and should be praised for it. Either John has a right to be deeply hurt and angry, or John should be thanking Sherlock for his noble sacrifice. 

Many fans are deeply invested in Sherlock being having been required to lie to John in The Reichenbach Fall because so much depended upon it, including John’s own life. We wanted that hurt to mean something big and emotional, but what we learned from The Empty Hearse is that it meant nothing. It was just a miscalculation. 

That’s why Sherlock can arrive back in John’s life making jokes and being jolly. He didn’t understand the hurt he caused; it never crossed his mind that he had torn John to shreds. He had no idea he was loved. It was an emotionally tone deaf, cruel mistake, one Sherlock learns from in S3 and will not make again.

With the perspective of S4, we can say that S2 Sherlock didn’t believe he was capable of having a friend who cared so much about him. He’d believed his whole life that that would be impossible, he was unlovable, only entertainment at best. He constructed a self-image where he wouldn’t and couldn’t have friends who could be taken from him and hurt, and he didn’t know why. 

Knowing what we know now, It looks as if he might have deliberately destroyed his extremely close relationship with John out of some kind of subconscious fear of loss and pain, out of fear that someone would take his beloved friend and kill him just to watch Sherlock squirm. But he doesn’t know that he’s reliving a traumatic memory from his past. And that means he doesn’t really understand why he’s crying on the roof before he jumps.

Either you believe Sherlock is emotionally aware and noble at the end of S2, or you think he fucked up. Which side you land on may determine how you read S4.

Chris Evans Imagine: The Secret Behind the Dodger Tweets

Imagine that every time Chris posts a countdown tweet with a picture of Dodger, everyone assumes he’s just excited to be reunited with his beloved canine friend.

What everyone doesn’t know is that you took all of those pictures so he’s also publicly but surreptitiously counting the days to his reunion with you too.


Man Features: 17 more days baby!

You: I know, I don’t know who’s more excited - me or Dodger.

You: …

You: Probably Dodger.

Man Features: 😲😢 You wound me!

You: Don’t you dare try and tell me you’re more excited to see me than you are to see Dodger. As long as we all know where we stand in this house 😂

Man Features: Dodger at the top of the hierarchy 😂

You: Precisely!

Man Features: 😂😂😂

Man Features: Love you.

You: Love you too! Hurry up home! 😘


Originally posted by akross-the-universe

A/N: This monster of a fic is finally finished and i’m actually crying tears of joy rn bc this was such a long fic to write. plus it’s about my favorite underrated trainee from pd101, kim donghan @smols-n-tols bc they know how much pain i’ve been over this fic lmao

Pairing: PD101′s Kim Donghan x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Humor/Friends to Lovers!AU

Word Count: Roughly 11k (almost made it to 12k r i p)

Scintilla, noun: a barely visible trace

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title: wanted
rating: K+
characters/pairings: sakura, sasuke, naruto / mentions of sarada / implied sasusaku and naruhina
summary: in which sarada takes after her father and makes both of her parents very proud.
author’s note: this just a fun short little piece inspired by a headcanon i came up with a few days ago
disclaimer: naruto and its characters do not belong to me. all copy rights reserved to shonen jump, tv tokyo and kishimoto.

“Naruto, there’d be a good reason for me to be here, or Kami so help me, I’ll dismember you and feed your dick to Kurama.” Needless to say, Uchiha Sakura did not like to be disturbed on her way home from eight hours of stitching together recklessly injured shinobi. Especially not via a slimy toad blocking the door to her office, croaking miserably as she packed up her belongings for the day when she had planned on heading some to her husband and relaxing.

“What she said.” Sasuke wasn’t any more impressed with the blonde idiot. A rather large, mucus colored toad stuck to his left leg and croaked incessantly whenever he took a step in the wrong direction from the Hokage’s tower. He was tempted to just kill the little thing, but reasoned that he’d rather not have the Ero-Sennin haunt him from his grave, nor be sent to Mount Myoboku for a thousand years of toad-centered torture.

It was nearing 5PM and Naruto had called his beloved friends and former teammates into the Hokage’s office for what he designated to be an urgent meeting. Sasuke was convinced otherwise, seeing as they’d been here for ten minutes and Naruto had done nothing but make instant ramen and ask Shikamaru to remind him to pick up his dry-cleaning.

“Relax, Sakura-chan,” the blonde coaxed, stirring the cup ramen, “It is important, that’s why I called you.”

He glares at Sasuke as he catches a kunai between his fingers, twirls it and sends it flying towards the wall behind him, before giving Sasuke the middle finger. Impatient bastard.

He shifts a hefty stack of papers—what Sasuke presumes to be housing permits and budget plans, judging by the stamps—and reveals a large book in brown leather casing.

“Due to the growing trust and allegiance with the Five Kage, we’ve been able to create a bingo book the covers the span of all five nations,” he starts, “This is the newest edition and it doesn’t just list criminals; it prints commonly found flee-on-sight orders and bounty hunter posters.”

“So? You called us here for a bingo book, Naruto?” Sakura chides. The rosette was far from impressed; the hospital would surely receive the newest edition in a week’s time—why had Naruto interrupted her night of wine and bubble baths with her husband for the sake of a bingo book?

“Yes, actually,” he slurps his noodles in between speaking. “For one, both you and Teme are in it.”

The two Uchiha share a look, and stare back at their friend, unfazed by his news. Sakura’s been aware of the bounty on her head since the day she became Tsunade’s student—gang leaders, drug lords and rogue ninja would give just about anything to have her dead, given her impeccable medical mastery and ability to reduce any poison to water. Sasuke’s been wanted—criminal or not—since he was eleven years old.

“Not as criminals, of course,” he spoke to Sasuke. Naruto had worked long and hard to get him unlisted as a criminal in the bingo book, but like Sakura, he couldn’t help the hefty bounty on his head in exchange for his sharingan.

“Tch, get on with it, Naruto,” Sasuke growled, looking away from him and growing impatient.

“How about you wait three seconds and let me,” he snarled back. “You’d think you’d be a little more patient and willing to hear about matters concerning your own daughter.”

“What about Sarada?” Both asked in unison. Sasuke’s focus was sharp and deadly, Sakura’s head snapped up dangerously quickly; the Uchiha didn’t fuck around when it came to their only child.

Worst case scenarios flooded Sasuke’s mind. He knew he’d missed a large portion of Sarada’s childhood and prayed to Kami that his absence didn’t lead her to take the same blind and vengeful path he had—he figured it’d be nearly impossible; Sarada didn’t have the same dark ambitions he had as a teenager, even if he wasn’t around to fully raise her, Sakura was, and under no circumstances would she have lead their daughter down that dark road. It had to be impossible. Sarada was a well-ranked kunoichi by Konoha standards, Naruto even went so far as to call her the best in the village and name her Police Captain.

Come to think of it, Sarada had been out of the village for some time now. His seventeen-year-old daughter had embarked on a six-week long mission in Cloud. She’s leading a squad of ANBU and shinobi from the A-class Military Police Force to infiltrate the headquarters of mad scientist who’d been taking civilians and shinobi hostage from a nearby village, and performing experiments on them.

What if she’d been caught up with the scientist? Rumor had it that his man had some distant connection to Oorchimaru—had the old snake bastard planned on involving his daughter in the same disgusting mess of revenge and power that he’d done to Sasuke? Had the bingo book been updated and reprinted that recently?

“It seems like your daughter is quite feared by some,” Naruto flipped open the book, going to the “U” column, “Interestingly enough, she’s listed under all three categories: criminal, flee, and bounty.”

Sakura was deadly quiet, fists clenched and ears open. Her little Sarada was not a criminal. Whatever was printed in that bingo book must be a mistake—a ploy from a rival village to get back at her and Sasuke by framing their daughter.

Naruto flipped the book around, letting Sakura and Sasuke take a look at Sarada’s profile. Her name had been listed on over twenty-two flee-on-sight orders from various villages and gangs, as well as several hefty bounties on her head. And sure enough, the Village Hidden in the Shadows had listed her as a criminal, charged with killing their ruler.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about the criminal warning, Sakura-chan—the Village Hidden in the Shadows has no real connection or allegiance with any of the five major countries, and person Sarada killed that they claim as their ruler was a criminal himself, some sick child molester,” Naruto explained, “This is just a rough draft, I’ll have it cleared up with Gaara and the others.”

The coupled nodded and continued to flip through Sarada’s section of the book. Twenty-seven. Uchiha Sarada was seventeen-years-old and had twenty-two flee-on-sight orders in thirteen villages and five bounties on her head.

Sakura opened the binder spine, and carefully picked up a slightly yellow sheet of paper, and held it closely.


Hidden Leaf Village Ninja • Rank: Jounin
17 years old. 5 foot, 3 inches • Black hair, black eyes


Captain of the Konoha Military Police Force. Heir of Dr. Haurno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke. Wields the sharingan of the Uchiha clan. If forced to engage in combat, do not make direct eye contact.

Commonly found with the following ninja; do not engage in combat or threaten:

Uzumaki Boruto
18, blonde hair, blue eyes, two whisker marks on either cheek; son of Uzumaki Naruto, Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.

18, blue hair, gold eyes; son of Sannin-nin Oorchimaru.

Sarutobi Konohamaru
26, brown hair, blue eyes; grandson of the Third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village.


The other twenty-one flyers read similar messages, some labelling Sarada as a ss-rank ninja, warning not to be within so much as 400 feet of her at any given time. The bounty flyers listed her name, age, weight, parents and sum for the head, dead or alive, set at 3.4 million ryo or more.

Sasuke blinked carefully, scanning the paper in his hand and those in the binder. He knew Sarada would eventually collect a bounty on her head—it was a conversation he and Sakura had had too many times before. They were both well aware of the status and power they possessed, and that which Sarada held as well; they knew that others would seek out their daughter and her kekkei genkai for a reward. They never expected, however, for that price to be well over a million ryo.

“You two did well,” Naruto grins, “Sarada’s pretty badass. Of course, the bounty on Boruto tops 4 million, but he is the son of the greatest Hokage ever.”

“Cha! That’s my baby! Make those little boys cry, Sarada!” Sakura cheered. She couldn’t wait to tell little Ino-pig; she bets her wimp ass son didn’t have a single flee-on-sight order.

Sasuke kept quiet, but the grin on his face spoke a thousand words. That’s my little girl.

Discourse: Pineapple Pizza

Originally posted by sanders-aside

Request: I’m gonna write an Ethan x reader where they just fight about pineapple pizza // It’ll be written just for you even though I love pineapple pizza rip

Summary: You and boyfriend Ethan can’t quite decide what pizza to get for dinner tonight. You just don’t see eye to eye on a delicacy known as Hawaiian pizza.

A/N: You guys remember the pineapple pizza/oatmeal raisin cookie fight I had with @sweetnestor. This is me writing a fic I truly hate as an apology lmao. As a writer, we must suffer for our art sometimes. I’m totally kidding lol I offered to write a thing for her though and here it is! I actually really enjoyed writing this fic, it was a lot of fun! I like pineapple pizza very much in case anyone was wondering, I just had to take one for the team and do this for her rip me. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1231, i like this length :D

Requests are closed at the moment Friends, sorry!

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Just for you

Originally posted by mysekaisbaek

Part 1

Request: “Can I request a two part angst with Baekhyun where you were best friends and he loved you but he was two late to confess because you were dating Sehun. Then 3 years later you guys met each other and… will you finish it because that’s all I have. 😘”-anon

Genre: Angst. Prepare yourself because there ain’t gonna be no fluff.

Characters: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: He has been waiting so much time for this. Knowing each other for so long, he knew you were the right girl for him. But when he gets the courage to confess his feelings to you, he is faced with the fact that you’re already taken.

Today was the big day for him. The day he would have to finally man up. The day he would take actions for what he has felt for a long time. The day were he will put his fear of rejection aside and take up enough courage to tell you everything he wanted to all this time.

He convinced himself, it was the day. Because previous days he would think of doing it but end up dismissing the idea and not doing anything. But this time was different, this time he was going to do it.

He had everything sorted out, well almost everything. He did invite you for dinner at a nice restaurant but was he didn’t know exactly was what he was going to say to you. Or more specifically, how he was going to express his feelings to you.

The anticipation was eating him alive. Of course you were his best friend, known you for years now. But that didn’t stop himself from getting anxious for your reaction. What would you think of him? Would you feel the same? And If you didn’t what would happen with the friendship you both had?

If there was something putting pressure on him more than the rest for his worries of the night, it was that. He didn’t want the bond between you two to end at all, but he wanted to be honest with you. You were his best friend after all and he told you everything that was bothering him or things like that. Everything but his feelings, and that was going to change.

He was already at the table he reserved for the both of you in the restaurant. He had a nice buttoned up shirt and dark jeans. He wanted to seem like he put some thought to his outfit but not too much that would make him seem like he was trying too hard. And it was really a rarely the times he got to dress in anything other than his usual clothes so he figured he’d give them a shot. After a few moments of looking back and forth waiting for you, there you came. You walked in with a casual medium length dress, hair behind your shoulders and a loving smile making everything he noticed about you even better.

You spotted him and walked to the table. Baekhyun stood up and walked to your seat and pulled out the chair for you. You were flattered by his actions and grinned to him “Such a gentleman Baekhyunie~ Please take a seat, don’t worry about me” he grinned back at you and sat down in his seat.

He sat a cross from you, starting to feel his heart flutter. You both talked to each other a lot and it was a normal thing to eat together but this time was different. This time he had been holding back his feeling and he was planning on letting them go for once. This time was the time for Baekhyun to finally let you know.

“So, how has my bestfriend been in these few weeks?” you asked Baekhyun, “You know, we should go eat together a lot more and even more now if you’re the one paying.” He laughed and replied “What are you talking about I pay for you all the time!” you laughed along and said “I know, I’m just teasing you.”

“I’ve been fine as ever, not much has happened since we last talked” he admitted. You looked at him suspiciously “Not much? From Chanyeol’s point of view, you seemed to be stressing a whole bunch about something he refused to tell me himself” you said to him.

In that moment, he cursed at Chanyeol in his head. His beloved close friend was well aware of his struggling with feelings towards you and even encouraged him to talk to you. What Baekhyun didn’t know is that Chanyeol was spilling the truth (well, not the complete truth, thankfully) to the one person it was about. He made a mental reminder to choke Chanyeol as soon as he sees him again for almost snitching on him.

He gasped “You’ve been talking with Chanyeol about me behind my back?” he added “I did not expect this from you, tsk tsk. If you want to know how I am, just ask me, not that idiot.” You then said “Well he did tell me something you haven’t told me. Come on Baekhyun, I’m your bestfriend, shouldn’t you feel comfortable enough to tell me if something is bothering you? I know I’m not always full of advice to give you but I’m always here to listen to anything you want to rant or just talk about” you finished, putting your hand on the top of his arm that was resting on the table and caressing it while looking at him with a sweet smile in your face.

He reciprocated a small smile to you as he put his other hand on top of the hand you were caressing him with. “It’s now that, I know I can trust you Y/n, but it’s just not that easy” he admitted while avoiding eye contact. He knew that if he looked up to your doll like eyes again while you touched him so softly, he’d crack and tell you everything in that moment and he didn’t want that. He wanted to wait a bit more, enjoy this moment with you just for a little longer just in case things went badly after he confesses to you.

You were about to ask him what exactly wasn’t so easy to talk about as he just claimed but your thoughts were interrupted by the waiter greeting the both of you and asking for your orders. You sighed quietly and smiled politely to the waiter to then look at your menu quickly and choosing the most appealing meal you could find. You knew something was up with Baekhyun and obviously you wanted to know what was bothering him so much. It did worry you a bit but you decided to let him talk to you about it when he was ready to. You didn’t want to rush him and possibly make him feel a bit more stressed because of it.

After the waiter left, he got oddly quiet. You guessed it was because of what you had previously were talking to him about and felt a little bad. You looked down at your lap, messing with the skirt of your dress, thinking of how to enlighten the conversation of at least change the subject he was clearly not comfortable enough to talk about in the moment. And then something popped into your head.

“You know,” you started telling him “you’re not the only one with secrets” that made him look up to you slightly confused. “There’s something you haven’t told me?” he said tilting his head unconsciously like a puppy. You giggled at his gesture and nodded “Yep, I was planning to tell you later on the week but I guess I can tell you now” you said and he nodded waiting for you to continue.

You inhaled and exhaled, feeling a bit nervous for what your best friend thought about what you were about to tell him but you pushed your anxiety aside because you knew he would support you through everything, like he always had.

“Well I have two things to tell you actually” you started saying “The first one is that I was offered a really good job outside the country. They’re going to pay me a really good amount per hour and also pay for my transportation. I know what you’re gonna say; it’s far away. But I’ve thought about it for sometime and I think it’s a good idea” you ended. He didn’t have any specific expression on his face, it was very serious and blank, but you knew him well enough to know he didn’t feel the happiest about it.

He continued to look at you and sighed, taking this information in. You, his bestfriend and girl he was madly in love with was going to move far away from him for sometime, who knows how many years. It pained him the thought of not being able to see you often as he would, not being able to share more times together or not having a chance at a relationship with you. Distance was going to be a pain in the ass, he knew skype calls and text messages wouldn’t cover or makeup for anything they can do in the moment together. But he also knew how hardworking you were and if you were even considering it, it must be because you wanted it.

“What did your parents say about this?” he asked “I know they wont be pleased with not having you around them”. You replied “I haven’t told anyone besides you, Baekhyun” and added “I was going to tell everyone this weekend but, I guess I just couldn’t wait to tell you”. That made Baekhyun’s heart skip a beat. You didn’t say it with the intention of making him feel some type of way but the your voice was so soft and lovely in his ears, he couldn’t help but to feel special.

He quickly snapped out of his little daze when the waiter came to their table serving them their orders. They both thanked the waiter as he walked away and began eating. Baekhyun paused himself, wanting to continue the conversation and said to you “Well, you better not think you’re getting rid of me that easily Y/n. You’ll have to do more than just move far away to do that” you laughed at his comment and said “Oh I’m sure it wont be easy but don’t worry because you aren’t getting rid of me either. I’ll come back for the holidays and gossip with Chanyeol to keep tracks on you” and he laughed loudly at that.

“But there’s also something else I have to tell you” you said catching his attention. He lifted his look from his food and stared at you waiting for you to continue. “You know Sehun from our hometown?” you asked and he responded “Oh Sehun, the one who was in our elementary school?” you nodded. He said “Yeah I remember him, barely but I do. What about him?” you then paused for a minute trying to collect the words to say and ease this to him. He was always understanding and supportive when it came to the decisions you took but even then, you didn’t fail to feel nervous as the words were about to come out of your mouth.

“He contacted me not so long ago and we started hanging out” you said “He’s actually really funny and cool. He dances amazingly too, like a professional dancer-” and without noticing you proceeded to rabble on about him to Baekhyun. Baekhyun began to feel jealous as you talked a bout another guy so deeply to him. He balled his fists under the table so you couldn’t see them as  thoughts about where this was going clouded his mind. Something told him to stop listening, to just get up and go. But he didn’t. He couldn’t.

He cut you off, unable to let himself hurt even more and asked “Your point is?”. You stopped your rambling and cleared your throat to talk. “I’m in a relationship now, with Sehun” you said looking at his face to see his reaction when you announced to him the news. But you began to feel strange as there was no expression, he was just blank.

In Baekhyun’ s mind, he was in chaos. He knew this would happen sooner or later if you didn’t feel the same for him but he didn’t know it would hurt this bad. It was like a blow to the heart. He didn’t even get to tell you how he felt, damn it, he thought. If he would have talked to you sooner. If you wouldn’t have met Sehun again. If you actually would have fallen for him, he wouldn’t be hurting so badly. He thought about all of this but he knew deep inside, there was no point to think about the it’s and what if’s.

The reality of the situation was presented to him with a spoon full of sugar but it tasted to bitter to him. He couldn’t swallow and digest it. The thought of you being in love with another man made his stomach turn. The thought of you being touched, kissed, caressed, loved by someone else made him sick. He wanted to spit out this awful truth but he couldn’t. He loved you and loving someone means taking care of and wanting only the best for them. And if loving you meant he’d just have to let you go and let you be happy with another man, he was willing to do just that. Just for you.

You stayed seated anxiously as the minutes flew by and you waited for his response. He stayed dangerously stiff also, not flinching at all when you moved in your seat. You wanted to know what he was thinking, what was running through his mind that had him so lost in thought. You wanted to say something and pull him out of his thoughts but you didn’t for some reason, you just sat there waiting for him to speak again. And he did.

Baekhyun sighed as he directed his eyes back to your face. The face he looked at with so much love was now full of worry. He took his hand from under the table to take yours. His thumb caresses your hand as he savored this little moment in his head. He pasted a smile on his face for you as he finally responded “I’m really happy for you Y/n, I hope he makes you really happy” in a caring tone. You smiled at him as the weight was lifted of your shoulders. Seeing him so supportive made you happy and glad you told him before anyone else. You squeezed his hand in yours and said “Thank you so much Baekhyun, you have no idea how much this means to me” making him squeeze your hand back and reply “Just as long as he’s a good guy and treats you right, I’ll approve it. If you’re happy, I’m happy”.

You felt your smile grow even larger if it was possible and looked at him. You both pulled your hands away and went to continue eating. As you were about to lift up the fork, you felt your phone vibrate in your purse. You took your bag and looked at your phone. It was a message from Sehun saying  he’d come to pick you up and he was waiting outside. You looked out and quickly spotted his car.

“I’m sorry Baek but I have to get going” you said to him as you began to lift up and stand from your seat “Sehun came to pick me up”. His gaze never left his plate as he nodded and said “Oh okay, I’ll see you around then”. You said your goodbyes and before walking out you hugged him from behind and said “Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it” and he replied “Anything for you, Y/n” and with that you un wrapped your arms from him and walked away.

You got outside and walked directly to Sehun who was leaning against his car in the parking lot. “Who was that?” he was asked and you couldn’t help but laugh at his straight-forwardness. You kissed his cheek and walked to the passenger side telling him “Baekhyun his my bestfriend, don’t stress about it”. You both sat in the car and you continued saying “In fact, I want you two to met soon” and he nodded his head. “Well if he is your bestfriend then he must be a good guy” he said and you mumbled “He sure is” as the car drove off and you were on your way home.

Baekhyun stood up later after you left and called the waiter to pay the bill. At this point his appetite was gone and he just wanted to leave, wanting nothing more that swim in the bed sheets of his room and sleep, hoping to dream with a reality far better than this one.

He stepped out of the restaurant and walked to his cars with his keys in hand. He opened the door and sat down in the driver seat. Closing the door he took a deep breath, still taking in what just had happened. Turning on the car radio in hopes to distract himself, he rested his head on the staring wheel and listened to the songs being played. After a while, he lifted his head and started the car. He could already feel the wetness in his cheek from the tears that had ran down his face. He couldn’t help them. He was alone and vulnerable so he let himself go while he was driving home. His vision was cloudy and it was almost not possible to see the road correctly but he couldn’t help it. He just loved you that much.

A/N: So sad! And the best/worst thing is that there wasn’t someone who was being the antagonist, both characters were doing what they thought was best. There will be a second part where they meet again though, so yeah. Any questions or thoughts leave them in my inbox! Take care, sweeties *waves goodbye*

Dress code

Lance didn’t expect for this to happen, honestly he didn’t but Allura was one of his beloved friends and he would do anything for her. 

*flashback to 20 minutes earlier*

“LANCE!” a familiar voice screamed from behind him and boy did he know that tone, “yes allura?” he said while turning around “Lance i just wanted to say that you are the best friend a girl could ask for and your skin is absolutely beautiful and- oh! are you working out,” she rushed out while squeezing the nonexistent muscle in his arm.”i’m pretty sure you’ve been going to the gym.” Lance could barely conceal a eyeroll “Allura you’re either buttering me up cause you’ve done something or you need something.” sighing she let her shoulders slump and mumbled something unintelligible “Allura i know its hard to do things when surrounded by the beauty of me but i don’t know what you’re saying” “alright, we need to switch pants.” she blurted out “ok” i swiftly agreed not seeing an issue with this “but before you say no i just want to say this is for a gra- wait what?” i chuckled at her shock i mean honestly she should have expected this from me “why not? i’m hot as hell i can work anything, plus i’d look great in those shorts” I mused.

*back to present time*

And that’s why i’m here now sitting in first period with booty shorts on so Allura doesn’t fail her science lab. I didn’t regret wearing those shorts for one second, in fact i might have to borrow them more, Keith just couldn’t keep his eyes off me. “Hey shiro?” i said “yeah?” he responded not looking up from taking way too detailed notes “Can you tell Keith to keep his mouth closed? He might get flies.” Keith blushed furiously and my amusement lasted all of two minutes until the teacher dress coded me saying that my shorts were “inappropriate” and “violating school dress code” honestly the only true thing she said was that they were “distracting certain students from their learning”. 

Skinny Dipping

No, it’s not what you think.  But it is slightly NSFW.


Starfire hummed to herself as she headed for the Tower’s indoor swimming pool. The day was hot, and while the Tower’s air-conditioning was working properly and maintaining a pleasant seventy-five degrees throughout it, she still felt the need to refresh herself. She pouted a little as her mind went back to her boyfriend’s morose refusal to join her. He could be so infuriating with that obsession he had with paperwork and crime pattern research.

A small smile spread over her face, just a little crooked. To be sure, it would all go on his tab, and she would have him pay it in full come the evening. But for now, she would have to enjoy her swim by herself.

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Today is  Finis Sparkman‘s funeral, so it’s the unfortunate day that his family, friends, and beloved drum corps will ever see him again. We at Marching Band Memes# would like to say that we have Finis ‘ family, friends, and fellow corps members in our thoughts (and prayers for those team members who are religious). I know personally that it isn’t easy to lose someone and to have a hole on the field will do nothing but be a reminder of the unfortunate truth of what has happened in the past. Those who I know that currently march and previously marched Music City, you guys are strong and this challenge is just the biggest of them all, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel discouraged because of it. Let this be what pushes you to be better and achieve more than ever.

Rest In Peace Finis Sparkman!

~TubaPresident - Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps Alumni

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“A beautiful tale huh? Well, might just give it a read through to see, heh heh. Though, it is your book. You really don’t mind lending it if so?”

Bartz asked as he watched his friend fold his wing behind him, he shook his head and smiled happily as he was glad to see the other once again after some time he’s been traveling the world.

Genesis shakes his head “I do not mind at all, If you do read it. I would wish to hear what you think of it. There are many interpretations of the book. Everyone has a diffrent ending” Genesis would lie if he said he didn’t miss the others company, but genesis had needed some lone time to talk with his past ghosts. 

“It’s about three friends in a war who made a promise too eachother… in the past I used to compare the books main characters to me and my two friends… I never imagened that our life would become the story thou…

So I was thinking about Morgan’s story, and the fact that he probably is from another timeline… So what if in his past he lost everything because of Grima, his family, his beloved sister, his friends, and kingdom, and he couldn’t do anything to prevent that? He came back in time, to stop his mother before she lost herself, and save everyone (acting like a tactician), but in the travel he lost his memory as well, forgetting his mission. He just remembered that he had to find his mother, above everything else.

Poor children with too sorrow on their shoulder.

A Choice with no Regrets and Eruri in a Nutshell.

I swear that I still can’t understand the Eruri shippers.

Ok First of all the reason why Levi joined the recon corps was to kill Erwin Smith, TO KILL, not to snuggle, not to smooch each other, not to check him out, but to kill him.

Other reason was to have a happy life outside of the drained where he and his beloved friends isabel and Farlan lived and wanted desperately to leave. (Is that a Crime?)

I don’t think the Levi will forgive or forget Erwin and Mike for pushing him against a filthy water the first time they meet each other. (Remember that he have an ost with cleanliness)

A Friendly Reminder that Erwin used to have a girlfriend before that he loved named Marie, which it means that Erwin isn’t gay.

Erwin selfishly, egotistically carried the papers of Loboff with himself, even knewing that Levi was behind them to break free with his friends, using Levi the whole time.

They told Levi’s friends to not move from the castle but Erwin also knew how reckless they were, so he should’ve anticipated that.

Erwin never told to Levi that he was carrying the Loboff papers before the mission, causing that Levi risk his own life looking to kill him, and the death of his beloved friends.

The pride of the Ackerman’s and the reason of their hunting and barely extinction is because they protect the persons they love with their great strenght and power, so imagine how broken the pride of Levi could’ve be carrying the guilt that he couldn’t protect his beloved friends.

Levi decided to stay in the Recon Corps because Erwin make him realized that his childish attitude could be the end of him.

You know why Levi have a deep trust in Erwin? Because he lost the trust of himself.

He don’t regret the choice he make to stay in the Recon Corps because with his skills and power he can help to prevent the death of more innocent people. (Since that you know that he hate unecessary deaths)



The story begins with the Dragon Charmer. A young, blooming soul, daringly taking the first steps on the rough path. The words escaping Aries’ mouth are almost never soothing to the ear, but nevertheless true. They say, the truth always hurts. But Aries knows sometimes it’s exactly the only thing that can help.
The determined Dragon Charmer enters the beast’s cave. Its walls are burning and vibrating with unspoken curses. The air is hot, suffocating. They step nearer, without a single spasm of reluctance. A solitaire tear of freedom slides down their face, though. It’s simply unbelievable! They’ve finally reached it. They’re going to do it. Right now, right there. Aries draws out their silver blade, stained with years of war, years of white and black fury, right behind the gigantic beast. Aries knows it hears them. It might devour Aries’ whole life out of their body. It could turn cities, empires into ashes with a mere breath. And the beast knows what they’re about to do. It has lived a long, dull life. Taking the life of others doesn’t make yours any better. It just leaves all their lingering problems on your shoulders. Lifetimes of loneliness and hope, all carried by an equally lonely beast. Neither of them is afraid, though. Neither wants to give up on the aching tales that, sooner or later, will be spilled all over the unknowing world. No one never wins. But where would be the fun if they did?


In another corner of the world, in a village you might call boring, you, perhaps, might even have trouble finding on the map, there’s a nice and very charming house marking the last portal to another realm. The ‘Doorgiver’, as they jockingly like to call themselves, lives a quiet life. They wake up early. They dress up, eat some butter bread and drink a glass of honey tea, while in their hands the morning newspaper reads old stories. “The mayor’s changing offices again,” Taurus mumbles their breath, not really surprised. After they’re done eating, Taurus walks down the rose alleys into the village, and does their groceries as any other inhabitant of the place. On every monday and thursday. Never later than midday.Tuesdays, Taurus gives some meditation lessons to the local yoga club. Sometimes, they’ll all go together to the cinema in the evening. On every wednesday and friday, they take long walks into the forests surrounding the village. There’s an odd door carved into a tree, not far away from the main path. But it’s not their door, and they hardly mind it. Once they knocked curiously on its dark motive, but no reply came back anyway. On saturday, Taurus invites some neighbors over, and have tee or lemonade. Sunday mornings they wake once with the sun. The village is always quiet on sundays. Taurus has, as usual, a nice breakfast, puts on clothes and walks up to the front door. “Yes?” They ask. The strange-dressed man before them gives Taurus a mischievous look, but says nothing. “So you remembered the right door to knock at.”


It’s the show night. The clowns put on they’re funny little hats and funny big shoes, the beautiful dancers pamper their bodies with glowing moon-powder, the tiger keeper whistles calmly to his beloved friend. “5 more minutes!” The voice calls. Everyone must be ready. Everyone must enjoy the spectacle. Only old, bitter fools would want to spoil it. Old, bitter fools like the Trickster. Rejected by the clowns, dismissed by the magician, Gemini never found their place between earth and air. “Belle, it’s time for your dancers.” Gemini observes how a suite of jeweled dancers walks prettily onto the stage. Music, sparkles and hearts. Not much later, after the dancing act ends, the circus workers take their place. But only to begin installing great metal walls around the spectacle arena. And, after that, all kind of feral animals take the spotlight. Some bite, some spit. Some kill the tamer. The public couldn’t care less. The show must go on. Even the magician and the clowns are done as the Trickster makes their way onto the stage. They’ve no distinct job in this place. No real jokes, or talents. Gemini’s dressed in a long, plucked coat, with mismatched shoes and a topper they stole from the magician’s car. Their presence is noticed. They’ve got a quirky way of putting their mind into words, an unexpected sense of irony and definitely a great many secrets. The public cheers. They love them. Some, in awe, raise up and applaud with excitement. Everyone wonders how they could forget the Trickster; their favorite part of the show. Meanwhile, back in their small cabinet, Gemini closes their very own pandora box.


Once upon a time, there was a crown. And this crown, like no other of its kind, was a gift of the water gods themselves. For its jewels are real ocean drops, its gold always shining an unusual blue. It’s something hundred of monarchs started wars for. Something that flooded cities and destroyed civilizations. Something that felt into wrong hands, was misused, and eventually returned to its rightful owner. Now, a childlike (though old enough to have lived the creation of this world) Heir’s head is where the wet dome rests most of its unending days. The Heir is small and pretty. They like to soothe the crown’s pointy ends, polish every water droplet and sing. But underneath all of that porcelain skin, there’s resistant silver. Layers of tears, of sorrow and fear too. Cancer plays with the beautiful roses in the gardens, gets enchanted by their sweet perfume, and hides hurting after they’re remembered by a bleeding finger of how cruel these games can be. At midnight, they walk outside again. Only that this time they’ve got absolutely nothing to fear. It’s the time when their crown shines the brightest. When lullabies, and wishes, and souls fly up to the mooned sky and cry happily.
Cancer misses touches of the dark, but midnight moments seem forever enough.


Unless the high pyramids would flip over and open a passage to an undiscovered land, the gold of deep rivers be forgotten, or the day the sun won’t rise up again, there isn’t much for mere mortals to care about. Of course, there is death. And loss. Also, they passionately hate peace. But enough about mere mortals. There have been times and situations where the only thing of real relevance was whether the Gods liked or liked you not. The only thing that could save or kill you. Lost in the desert, under murderous rays of ultraviolets, alone. Alone with the Gods. The world has known their wrath, their fury and misery. It fell and disappeared with it at once. But, it also bloomed and shone with their mercy, and care, and love. For each whispered prayer, each obedient sacrifice, each offered soul reborns and makes the bond with the Gods stronger. From their light throne of paradise gold, Leo nods at the sight of gratitude and fear coming from their silly followers. Even a bird would know better than fly too far and enrage them. Even a shadow would know to hide under its motive than defy them. Because they’re greatness embodied into human face. Into human alikeness and voice. But do they love them? Do they really feel like a human? They’re a pitiful, weak race. Nothing in comparison to Leo’s grace. Above heavens, loneliness is hard to bear. But sky wine with bubbles of pure pearls helps the soul forget.


Spookish, indefinite figures marsh down the wooden walls of the inner forest. They clash into thick, dark doors of a thin, tall house. A house that itself looks like a giant bookshelf. A house with a few dozens of stories. With an undefined amount of stories, of all kinds and uses. With long, curtained windows all over, big doors and plants fading into the forest’s decor at the top. If one didn’t look specifically for it, they wouldn’t even notice its presence. It’s like some undiscovered door hides it all behind a veil of secrecy. Like the only way to gain access is by some sort of extradimensional portal. The Timeless Scholar has been many times unpleasantly struck with the realization that, someone, somehow, could get inside and take on them vulnerable and unprepared. Or, worse, derange their sweet bookish solitude. Honestly, Virgo would rather have their throat sliced than someone laying one finger on their works. So much knowledge, in peril of some unknown, rather stupid and curious fool. Never! The Timeless Scholar decides to shut the door down. They aren’t sure how they did it, but it works. Keep the fools away! Virgo murmurs to themselves. Sometimes, they still hear knocks from the other side. But they never pay any attention. After all, the only thing to be trusted is what lays on the forest’s side.


In the light of morning, a Flower Cutter fights the urge to cry truth. Next to them, rows of smiles and glittering shoes captivate the transparency of day. They dance into circles. They sing to the lovely, perfumed plants. The Flower Cutter watches them right from the heart of the event. They see, they hear everything. Libra answers always. With the same natural easiness, same unnerving spirit. But shouldn’t be there some pain, some disgusting feeling at all? Some depth? Libra laughs at the thought of it, because, why, yes of course it is. It’s a full world of it. At the bottom of their heart, grasping new roots every time they breathe in. Making itself at home through the thorns and petals of lilies, swallowing all the numbness and hate out. Libra feels a stranger and a dear old sibling of life at once. Coming from the heavens, there’s rain. Rain and colours. Everywhere, colour models the world how it pleases. It gives it hope. It feeds it hate. A little of everything. It’s funny. How some think that suffering and loneliness does only bad. It’s a shame they still choose truth, Libra thinks, and the flower’s head meekly hits the ground.


Spices, feathers, spiders, black gems, dead names. The cauldron sparkles joyfully under the stir of a silver-headed spoon. Hoarded behind the window’s curtains, the candles squeak oddly. There’s wax everywhere on the floor underneath. The silky, old things catch fire, and a hellish warmth bursts into the room. Though, the squeaking! It annoys the Witch terribly. Scorpio leaves their comfortable armchair at the chimney, and proceeds to blow the fire off. Around them, six cats meow more or less in distress, the seventh looking considerably bored from her high-placed lair. Scorpio curses the candles, and they shut up in fear. No more squeaking, at least! they think. The fire also calms slowly down. Beside one of Scorpio’s dark robes, discarded in one of the corners of the room, a familiar meows keenly. Yes, yes. It’s 7 in the evening, after all. The Witch fetches some bowls, and feels them up with food and milk. After they’re done, Scorpio returns to their comfortable place and closes the eyes tiredly. What a distasteful situation. Shall the fire come once more to their house, they’ll send it straight back to hell. Shall the obsessive thoughts set their mind ablaze again, the Witch will know how to have it instantly disappear into a shadow of nothing.


The Professor grins from behind their rose-tinted car window. They roll it down, saluting the watchman. “Sorry, Professor, but the observatory’s closed today. There’s a fire code announced.” “Fire code, you say? Oh, bad luck. Bad luck for me, indeed.” Sagittarius wheels anyway down the entering road. The watchman calls them to stop, but they don’t even listen to him. When they reach a spot far enough for the watchman to find them, the Professor leaves the truck behind and walks along the contaminated waterline. It’s glowing with deadly substances. Sagittarius’ eyes burn every time they stare at the fantastic, surreal colours. All neons, he feels like a traveler who finally found the path to heaven. Of course, heaven’s a very malleable word. Shall it be a dreamlike garden, with clouds for flowers and ambrosia for water? Or a room full of unopened passages. A room leading to a thousand places, a thousand such gardens. The truth is, the lethal waterline never ends. It’s a great guide, but a terrible destination. It’s thrilling, it’s almost entrancing. It captivates the thirsty mind, lures it to know, to desire adventure. Sagittarius kicks their shoes off, and jumps into the water. It surely won’t hurt as bad as the first time. Above them, the sky pulses in bright pinks and glistening oranges bursts.


A troupe of blood-red dressed soldiers march towards north. None of them dares look back, or, worse, doubt their cause. Gossips never erupt in the camps, and no one allies with no one. They’ve all got the same mission. World domination. They’ve all got the same means of winning. Leading hounds of hell everywhere it’s needed. They all follow the same leader. The Great Marshal. A fist of iron, a mind of composure, a soul of spiteful determination and inflexibility. Capricorn is definitely a human to be feared, to be obeyed no matter the situation. They have a suite of cruel weapons, and will gladly use them to punish you for your unruliness. They hate unruliness. They, and that curious sibling of theirs. But no one dares to say a word about the Great Marshal. Only this small information that slipped somehow out is a dangerous taboo.
Nights and days, on boats or tanks, they travel the world. They live on subdue, glory, supremacy. Capricorn kills what must be killed, spare what shall be of use later. No one, ever, disagrees with their decisions. All of their faithful soldiers would follow them to the bloody hell, and back. Of course, countless armies tried to pin them down. To make them retreat, to take away all what their beloved leader gained after so many hard won, fair battles. But the blood-red soldiers know better than let themselves be fooled by such irrelevant, crazy concepts. For their ruler is undying. They’re something this world will hold for greatness a long time after they, the soldiers, will perish away, and new ones will replace them.


There are few things that the Alien Minister (officially admits) they don’t know: firstly, Earth’s days have come to an end. It won’t last long until its shallow crust will fulminate into fire blades, cutting and throwing pieces of soil everywhere in the Universe. It will be forgotten as quickly as it has been created. But the question remains: whose going to save it from its awful sorrow? Well, of course Aquarius cares. Not the affectionate, dependent kind of caring. But from afar, regretting all the great communities and societies they assisted, they influenced from their very first tender beginnings. Not weeping, but pitying what could have been. The second thing Aquarius doesn’t know, it’s how they’ll manage to rebuild everything. The voices, the freedom, the ingenuity of the new ages. They’ll be alone for a while; that’s obvious. They don’t even mind it that much. But it’s much more entertaining to create alongside others. Much, much more provocative for the mind and the inspiration process. Yet, what could they do? The world’s finally ending. The people wanted it gone, and gone shall they have it. There’s more to being a humanitarian than compassion. Besides, they’ve never set foot in that place anyway. Nothing would really change for Aquarius. Pressing the END button, the Alien Minister leaves behind their spaceship only a pulverized tray of existence.


Pisces stands at the seashore. They look at a point far away in the distance, indefinite and shabby. “Must be my last hope,” they murmur, as the shapeless spot flutters nearer and nearer. The sunset is also just around the corner. Soon, the world will be swallowed by old darkness. How long will it take until they’ll see light again? How much pain will they have to suffer until everything will be fine again? Pisces doesn’t know. The spot finally reaches the place where they’re sitting, and it turns out to be a small bird. It’s feathers are turquoise, with drops of lila pearls at the ends. Its eyes are sun-gold. Its song sweet, sad. “We’re the only ones, little bird.” Pisces begins weeping, knuckling the tears away with incredible misery and grief. What shall they do? All they ever wanted was a place to feel free. To feel safe. To feel young and old and strong and meek and alive. But the world’s almost gone. They’re no dragon slayer. No wise archivist. No god, nor do they have armies to rule behind their shoulders. They have just one, last protection against whatever will happen. Hope. Nestled at their chest, the beautiful, small bird chirps soothingly. “There, there,” Pisces whispers, patting her on the head. Maybe they’ll come back. Maybe they’ll hear the Ocean Child’s cries, and come to rescue them.

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Shipping Shiro with his beloved friends and comrades: "problematic". Shipping Shiro with the bytor who frequently gets on his nerves: "unproblematic". I don't think @ntis now how healthy relationships work.

Lmao tea 👀☕️