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Hey there, I admire your work as an artist, so I thought I'd ask for some tips on how to draw faces from angles that arent front-on? :3

Hi! Thank you!

Sadly, I absolutely suck at giving advice or tips, because I just do it a certain way and hope for the best. So this is not a tutorial at all and I assume that you already have looked at some stuff before to figure out how to draw faces.

For this I’ll simply make a sketch to try to show you how I do stuff… So for this we need a volunteer.

Cas apparently doesn’t want to look at us, so hi Sam! 

It’s easiest to work with references so you can always check back how it’s actually supposed to look whenever you need a bit of help.

So let’s get started!

So this potato with a target on it, is the basic head shape. Art teachers or students might not draw it like this, no idea, but this is what works for me most of the time.

I always try to put some “landmarks” for orientation in the face. Usually that’s the shape of the face and the nose/ brow.

Looks creepy but it’s a start. See how I’ve put in the major “landmarks”? It already looks like a face.

As you can see the edge of the nose and the inner corner of the eye kinda align. (Again, proper art tutorials will tell you tricks for how to navigate drawing the face.)

Something like this comes out. Now you just continue to build up Sammy’s face.

Sam’s kinda skeptical about what I’m doing. But I continue working with my sketch, always keeping an eye on the reference.

“Did I forget Dean’s pie…?”


Yes ~ there we are ! ~ 6 months after Lichtan’s birthday it is to celebrate LAWLESS’ EXISTENCE !! \(*o*)/
~*°.’*°~ ( ᐛ )ᕗ ❤  ~*°.’*°~

so have some handsome-Hyde here ~ >v<) !
yep, the 6.-Servamp-anniversary-Hyde from earlier with those fancy flowers he threw at Lichtan,
hot hot hot as always, ne ~ ? 
looks like he’s ready to marry SOMEONE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yiiiiiisss ~
I wooooonder who receives handsome-Hyde’s flowers ? ~…. <3

his waifu ~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

after having eaten all the cheese-cake Lawless wished for it is to play ‘Hyde and seek’ >W>)!
ik, great game.
But someone’s going to be very happy to hunt Hyde ~~~
======= ᕕ( ò^ó)ᕗ!!  ~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
                      ( )                  ( )
                     / /                    / >

hope u like it :> !

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Helo :) I know you are a jikook/bangtan blog but I saw that you have Lee Hoseok as your background and I love him to <<3 so could you give 5 reasons to love him??? just for fun

This has been in my inbox for a few days, sorry I’m late but I will for sure give you five reasons. I’ll not add vocals and dancing to the list, just so I can add something else :) 

1, He isn’t afride to cry just because he’s a guy, he doesn’t hide how he feels (He is soft and it makes me WEAK)
Skip to 33.53 in this video 
Watch the whole video
This…breaks my heart
I have no words for this, I’m just a crying mess because of this boy

2, His smile is SOOOOOO beautiful

3, How he faced one of his biggest fears: heights. Some people made fun of him for crying, but think about it. The guy has acrophobia, he was shaking to the point of not being able to stand. There’s nothing funny about that. I’m so proud of him for being so brave and doing something like that. 
This clip

4, His love for his mother. 

5, His laugh, it just makes me smile everytime

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I'm starting to think Ezra will die in the finale (I hope he doesn't). Here are my motives: 1. There is a photo of Ian Harding in the set with blood on one side of his head (I think Wren shoots him). 2. Apparently Ian said that at first he wasn't pleased with the finale (maybe because his character dies?) 3. The name of the episode is "till death do us part" (ezria gets married and death do them part) 4. Apparently Marlene said that 3 of the 4 couples will have a happy ending. What do you think?

1. Interesting! Never knew that.
2. I don’t recall him saying he wasn’t pleased, rather that he was a bit confused at first and required a lot of time to process.
3. Could be!
4. Marlene never specified a number :)

This morning in “things my binky obsessed son has done,” he’s:
1. Gotten up to get his bottle, noticed two binkies on the floor nearby, stopped, stared at the bottle, stared at the binkies, stared at the bottle, stared at the binkies, and finally compromised by picking up the bottle and one binky.
2. Been unable to drink from the bottle because, ya know, there’s a very important hand binky in his other hand (this is of course aside from the binky in his mouth).
3. Given up on the bottle so he could hold two extra binkies.
4. Gone around the room and picked up every other binky and held them over his head triumphantly.
5. Played an elaborate shell game of some kind where he seizes my hand and makes me hold the binkies, including taking the one from his mouth to put in my hand, before choosing a different one and putting it in his mouth instead. Repeat process like four times.
6. Gotten mildly irked when he moved on to a different game so I put the binkies down.
7. Taken my hand again and made me hold a binky.

When I say he’s obsessed, I ain’t kidding…

(And yes there are numerous binkies just around. All things considered I feel that’s just wise parenting…)

I have a complicated relationship with this time period for various reasons, but I cannot deny the absolute GENIUS of the entire concept of this time. More than music, it’s probably the best demonstration of bringing to life a vision in one’s mind. He created an entire enterprise around this album in a way that’s much deeper than it seems if you consider the climate of music in the mid 80′s and sorry to take it there, but especially the difficulty in crossing over as a Black artist. This is a time when Billboard dropped all the music by Black artists on their “Black Albums” charts, music award categories would lump everyone together in “Black” categories, and our artists weren’t being played on MTV. It as a different time…

But this project…

He pushed through all the muck in an extremely calculated way while still being able to stay true to his cheeky nature. 3 of the songs on this album are still solely performed by Prince (The Beautiful Ones, Darling Nikki, When Doves Cry), there was a stunning 6-month 100 stop tour to promote the album, and he built a fanbase of MILLIONS screaming and loving on this thing that was just a seed in his mind the year before…and not just people who looked like him, many who didn’t! 

May we all be as driven to push through obstacles  to make things happen, and may we all recognize and respect the process of preparation and how our dedication, tenacity, and hard work leads to insumountable success!

Today tipping my hat to Purple Rain.

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NTAMW calls his 3-day old son "the little man" but can't hold a respectful conversation with his 20-year old daughter because he keeps falling back to infantilizing, lecturing, mansplaining and stating the obvious.


Keyakizaka46′s First Album More Information Revealed

The title of the 1st Album is “Masshiro na Mono wa Yogoshitaku Naru”. It will be released on July 19, 2017.


1. Overture (NEW)
2. Silent Majority
3. Te wo Tsunaide Kaerou ka
4. Kimi ga Inai
5. Sekai ni wa Ai Shikanai
6. Kataru Nara Mirai wo…
7. Hiragana Keyaki
8. Futari Saison
9. Seifuku to Taiyou
10. Dare Yori mo Tataku Tobe!
11. Otona wa Shinjite Kurenai
12. Fukyouwaon
13. Bokutachi wa Tsukiatte Iru
14. Eccentric

1. Getsuyoubi no Asa, Skirt wo Kirareta (NEW): Kanji Keyakizaka46
2. Shibuya kara PARCO ga Kieta Hi (NEW): Hirate Yurina
3. Shoujo ni wa Modorenai (NEW): Goninbayashi
4. Noriokureta Bus
5. Tokyo Tower wa Doko kara Mieru? (NEW):  Kanji Keyakizaka46 
6. 100-nen matteba (NEW): Nagahama Neru
7. Chinmoku shita Koibito yo (NEW): Ushio Sarina, Kato Shiho, Saito Kyouko, Sasaki Kumi, Takamoto Ayaka
8. Tuning
9. Aozora ga Chigau
10. Yuuhi 1/3
11. Neko no Namae (NEW): Sugai Yuuka, Moriya Akane, Kato Shiho, Sasaki Kumi
12. Taiyou wa Miageru Hito wo Erabenai (NEW): Kanji and Hiragana Keyaki Pair
13. Abunakkashi Keikaku (NEW): Kanji Keyakizaka46 
14. Jibun no Hitsugi (NEW): Hirate Yurina

・"Silent Majority” Music Video
・”Sekai ni wa Aishikanai" Music Video
・ “Futari Saison” Music Video
・ “Fukyouwaon” Music Video
・The Documentary of Ariake Colleseum


1.Overture (NEW)
2. Silent Majority
3. Te wo Tsunaide Kaerou ka
4. Kimi ga inai
5. Sekai ni wa Ai Shikanai
6. Kataru nara mirai wo…
7. Hiragana Keyaki
8. Futari Saison
9. Seifuku to Taiyou
10 Dare Yori mo Tataku Tobe!
11. Otona wa Shinjite Kurenai
12. Fukyouwaon
13. Bokutachi wa Tsukiatte Iru
14. Eccentric

1. Getsuyoubi no Asa, Skirt wo Kirareta (NEW): Kanji Keyakizaka46
2.Kimi wo mou Sagasanai (NEW): Kanji Keyakizaka46
3. Shibuya Gawa
4. Natsu no Hana wa Himawari Dake ja nai (NEW): Imaizumi Yui
5. 1-Gyou Dake no Air Mail (NEW): Yuichanzu
6. AM1:27 (NEW): Kobayashi Yui, Suzumoto Miyu, Hirate Yurina
7. Koko ni nai Ashiato (NEW): Aozora to MARRY
8. Eien no Hakusen (NEW): Hiragana Keyakizaka46
9. Ballet to Shounen (NEW): 156
10. Bokutachi no Sensou
11. Hohoemi ga Kanashii
12. Wareta Smartphone
13. Abunakkashi Keikaku (NEW): Kanji Keyakizaka46

・"Eccentric" Music Video
・ “W-KEYAKIZAKA no Uta <32mem ver.>” Music Video
・The Making of “Silent Majority” directed by Ikeda Kazuma
・The Making of “Sekai ni wa Aishikanai” directed by Ikeda Kazuma
・The Making of “Futari Saison” directed by Ikeda Kazuma
・The Making of “Fukyouwaon” directed by Ikeda Kazuma

(CD only)

1.Overture (NEW)
2. Silent Majority
3. Te wo Tsunaide Kaerou ka
4. Kimi ga Inai
5. Sekai ni wa Ai Shikanai
6. Kataru Nara Mirai wo…
7. Hiragana Keyaki
8. Futari Saison
9. Seifuku to Taiyou
10 Dare Yori mo Tataku Tobe!
11. Otona wa Shinjite Kurenai
12. Fukyouwaon
13. Bokutachi wa Tsukiatte Iru
14. Eccentric




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Hello! I checked Google and ur wcif, but I can't seem to find it. If u don't mind, wcif Noel's laptop? The marble one. Thank you!! I love u and ur blog btw <3

hi lovely, thank u so much!! i believe it’s the deco laptop from this set, which comes in a functional version too!!

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Hi there! I was wondering if anything or anyone in the studyblr community was proposing a correspondent "system" so you can find someone to talk to in your target language. I know there are lots of apps but it never really hooked me (it rather looked like meetic tbh..), and I'd really like to improve my English with someone native from the community, so if anyone wants to learn or improve French or needs help! Thanks <3

Hi! I haven’t heard of such a thing but it is such an awesome idea! I will publish this and anyone interested can reply and then you can message and sort something out! x

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Zarry fic!!!! Please!!!!!

Ahhhhhh okay so these are my top five favorite fics ever:

1. your love is a waiting game

It’s been four days without Harry and Zayn’s feeling brave. He loves him, but he’s not waiting for him, not anymore. If Harry can’t love him – won’t love him – then he’ll find someone else.

2. built this bed for me and you

“So what is today’s date then? In full please.”
“February 11th, 2013. I just turned nineteen.”
Dr. Carlton’s face clouds over. He becomes unreadable, professional. “I’m right, right? I’m nineteen.”
“You’re – that’s not quite right Harry,” Dr. Carlton says carefully.

or, Harry has retrograde amnesia and can’t remember the last six years of his life.

3. slide (or literally anything grace writes tbh)

Zayn’s dad explained it to him in a small speech, the day she was born.

“No one prepares you for it. There aren’t any manuals. Sometimes being a good parent means simply keeping your kid alive. Keep them breathing, make sure they’re safe, love them until you could burst with it. On days when everything feels especially hard, just remember that your kid is Number One. Everything else becomes secondary. Less than. Minuscule by default. And believe me when I tell you this: when she eventually paints you a picture, sings you a song, does a cartwheel… always be sure to clap. If you’re proud, make sure to say so.”

An AU about being a father, having faith, and growing up.

4. we are spirits of a different sort

O hell! to choose love by another’s eyes…
Or, if there were a sympathy in choice,
War, death, or sickness did lay siege to it,
Making it momentany as a sound,
Swift as a shadow, short as any dream

5. we’re still roaming

“Zayn gradually discovers that Harry Styles is, in fact, the devil. And, like the devil, Styles is exceptionally charming and probably very well-intentioned. He brings baked goods to their Events meetings. He smiles a lot and wears tight jeans that are very distracting. On the surface, he is everything that the Co-Chair of a Parent’s Association should be. But what Zayn very quickly ascertains is that Styles can be all of those things and also somehow manage to embody every single horrible stereotype about PTA parents at the same time.”

Zayn’s bored and decides to volunteer for the PTA at his daughter’s school. He may or may not come to regret this decision.

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Hi Anne, I'm sorry if this question is kinda random but I can't find an answer anywhere on the interwebs. I bought BV season 1 on Vlive but I don't have any mobile devices to watch it on, do you know of anyway to watch it on a laptop? Like maybe with a streaming device? I just can't afford to buy a smartphone or tablet. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer~~<3

hi anon~ sorry but I’m not sure if anyone found a way around this because it’s really a restriction of V Live. at this point, BV Season 1 is already under the category of VOD or video on demand and you can only watch it on mobile:

VLIVE is really good at these restrictions. It guarantees that it’s difficult for someone to pull out these videos, so it guarantees that they make money.