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“I’m a loner,” Logan says, as he video chats with his bff Nightcrawler (or Elf, as he calls him) from the headquarters of one of the 17 non-x-men teams he’s on, mid-conversation about the health and progress of various teammates and students. His phone rings. It’s a picture, from Jubilee, of a squirrel that reminded her of him. He replies with an ‘unamused’ selfie, but his day is made. 

On the subject of rewritten fairytales– 

I once taught a fiction class where I assigned that as a topic. (This was a class of mostly students in middle school, for context.) And this one boy, who was probably 13 at the time, wrote a variation on Sleeping Beauty where the protagonist was a prince instead of a princess. 

And his parents knew the prophecy in a surprising amount of detail, and so once he was in, essentially, a magically induced coma, they knew that their son would only be saved by a True Love’s Kiss. 

But the trouble was, they never really were that close to their son, and so they had no idea who he was in love with. So they essentially round up every single woman in the Kingdom who their son has ever met and ask them all to kiss him. Alas, their son stays unconscious and no one’s kiss wakes him. 

At a loss, they ask his BFF (another prince from another Kingdom who was literally named Price Fabulon, pronounced “Fab-you-lon” like fabulous and Mulan pressed together, and I know this because he read his story out loud to the class) if their son might have been in love with someone they didn’t know about. 

Prince Fabulon then surprises everyone by kissing the unconscious prince himself, and it works! And then they get married and live happily ever after. 

And that was the literal best variation of that story I’ve ever read in my entire life. I hope wherever that boy is, he’s met his own prince somewhere. 

  • Taehyung: Jimin I just wanted to say I'm sorry for picking a fi-
  • Jimin: Save it! I have a new best friend now! *Jumps into Chanyeols arms*
  • Taehyung: Fine I'll go talk to Jungkook then! *Walks over to Jungkook only to find him in an impenetrable circle that is Seventeen*
  • Taehyung: Oh I see how it is! Fine I'll just be my own best friend! *Storms off*

I am 7 years late to this fandom

Can you believe straight people can watch the search for spock and not…wonder for a second…why the hell all that gay stuff is happening

How deluded must u be


Daisy Ridley and Dev Patel backstage at the 2016 Oscars


*cough,cough* don’t you think you’ve got too touchy with Winwin from the beginning?😂

Reasons Jack has been exiled to the couch
  • cold toes
    • specifically, cold toes near Bitty’s thighs
  • Distracted Bitty with [Redacted] and caused a pie to burn
    • bitty felt bad about halfway through the night and climbed on the couch with him
  • It was his turn to clean the sheets after [redacted] but he forgot, Bitty did it but since Jack couldn’t be bothered to change the sheets why should he get to sleep on them
    • he never forgot again
  • Woke bitty up at 4am on his day off to go for a run, bitty refused, and locked the bedroom door.
    • when he woke up again at ten, Jack was pouting on the couch
  • Accidently let Chowder know that what they had gotten him for christmas
    • it was a signed sharks jersey
    • chowder cried when jack spoiled it, and when he opened it
  • Jokingly referred to Bitty as a house husband
    • Bitty laughed
    • Jack’s true mistake was saying this in front of Shitty
    • who proceeded to climb into Jack and Bitty’s bed because “I’ll appreciate you Bits, you are more than your baking to me”
    • Jack could either triple spoon his BF and BFF or sleep on the couch
    • He chose the couch when Shitty demanded he be the middle spoon