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Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby

Opening Texts in an LDR
  • Me: *Opens Skype with shaky hands* *sees 6 new messages from dominant*
  • Me: *Talking to stuffies* Okay guys, we can do this. I'm gonna read all these messages without getting worked up! *Opens chat*
  • Sir: Hi baby doll.
  • Me: *Shuts off phone screen* *Screeches happily, wiggling about* Gahhh he called me baby doll. *Grabs pillow and hugs it close* *Turns screen back on and continues to read*
  • Sir: I liked that outfit you showed me. You're so pretty.
  • Me: *Shuts screen off again* *Grabs every stuffie on my bed, heart pounding* Lord, I'm such a coward, but I'm gonna need all of you to read these messages. *Opens messages again*
  • Sir: I miss you like crazy.
  • Me: *Screams into my pillow*
  • Sir: I love you to the moon and back darling.
  • Me: *Falls onto bed exhausted and happy before replying with way too many emojis*

Imagine Steve, even after all this time, still being the small spoon.

Imagine Bucky wrapping his arms around Steve’s middle and pulling him close, so that his chest is pressed against Steve’s back.

Imagine them falling asleep on the sofa, with Bucky lying behind Steve protectively, able to watch the door and watch his sleeping boyfriend.

Imagine Steve turning over in his sleep, nuzzling into Bucky’s neck and breathing in his scent.

Imagine Bucky being woken by Steve’s movements, only to find him nestled against him, still safe, still warm.

Imagine Bucky kissing Steve’s forehead as he watches him sleep.

Imagine Steve sighing happily, dozing lightly, with parted lips pressed against Bucky’s collarbone.

Imagine the look on Bucky’s face when the team walk in and see them. He doesn’t even have to say anything, he just glares like - “don’t” - ‘coz his baby doll doesn’t get enough sleep.

Imagine Bucky loving Steve, and Steve loving Bucky. 'Till the end of the line.

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i just thought of a prompt where bucky goes on a rampage after seeing steve got hurt in front of his eyes and went into a coma. he won't rest until everyone responsible pays but even then, he still breaks down bc his baby doll won't wake up

“Stevie,” he sobbed brokenly into Steve’s neck, “please wake up for me darlin’. I got ‘em all. It’s safe now, sweetheart. Please just come back to me.” 

Steve had been in a coma for over a week. In that time, Bucky had been there every step of the way; he had taken down the fuckers who dared to hurt him and sat by Steve’s bed, reading to him, kissing his soft cheeks, in the hopes he’d open his eyes. 

He hadn’t. 

“I love you Stevie,” he whispered, kissing Steve’s downy hair, “I love you so much baby doll.” 

Steve didn’t wake up then, but he squeezed the hand in his. It was something. 

LDR Headcanon’s!

2p!America/Allen Jones-

  • You’d likely have met him on some type of gaming system, and he’d demand to know how you managed to kick his ass.
  • He appears so over confident in your first few weeks of knowing each other, trying to let the impression stick.
  • He’d likely, before any real relationship began, become clammy and nervous about asking to go out.
  • He’s one to call if you show even the slightest signs of discomfort or trouble. Or…sometimes when he just needs to hear your voice.
  • Not necessarily one to send letters, but does include sappy cards when he sends holiday gifts.
  • He’ll send you random photo’s of himself and his brother, and anything he thinks will make you smile. Also videos of him playing baseball.
  • You name on his phone changes from ‘Baby Doll’ to your real name depending on how frequently you’re talking (he wants to see your name if you’re busier)
  • No matter how long you’ve been together he will constantly flirt with you out of nowhere.
  • When it comes to gifts he wants to get you something you specifically ask for, too scared that if left up to chance he would mess it up.
  • He wouldn’t mind you visiting but he’d prefer to come to you, so he could mark his territory, so to speak. All your neighbors will be well informed that he is your boyfriend.
  • Contrary to if you visited him, he’s content with staying in and being attached to your hip.
  • He doesn’t want to leave and will extend his trip another week, despite any inconvenience.
  • The moment he gets home you can expect phone calls, and requests of pictures of you to increase, God does he miss you.

badboy!calum who calls every female specimen “sweetheart” in a way that’s almost insulting, judging by the way his lip curls as he does it with dark eyes and almost a demeaning connotation but when he sees you and talks to you the sweetest nicknames tumble from his lips like “baby girl”, “doll”, and literally anything other than “sweetheart” because he respects and cherishes you to the highest rank of a person. even his friends notice it and tease him relentlessly about it whether you’re with him or not but even he’s not going to deny how fucking whipped he is over every aspect of you.

Imagine seeing Woozi’s baby pictures and cooing at how cute he was ((and still is))

BONUS: When you’re so preoccupied with the pictures, you didn’t notice a pouty Woozi at the corner of the room, planning ways to try to take his pictures away from you.

Domestic Life: Part 5 [She's Mine Now: Part 3]

[ Getting close to the end of She’s Mine.]

Warnings: graphic imagery, Profanity, torture


It’s been nearly a week since she’s gone missing. It’s been a 24/7 search ever since he found her bloody shirt discarded on their living room floor with that picture. That Fucking picture. She looked nearly dead. It made his blood boil. Another bowl of cereal goes flying across the room smashing into the wall and landing in shattered pieces on the floor. Another growl of frustration rips through his lips. This was killing him.

He didn’t know if his baby doll was dead or alive. His chest hurt, it has for days. He didn’t understand it. Of course he enjoyed her being around, she was one of the only people who at least tried to understand him. She saw passed the crazy. Hell at times he wondered if she was crazier than he was. He chuckled at that, leave it to him to find the only broad in Gotham who could put him in his place and not back down when he got angry. He knew he had a temper, it was what kept him the Clown Prince of Crime, people feared him. But not her, never her. Ever since that first day he saw her he had an affinity to her. So for her to be gone, taken from him, especially like this, was enough for him to want to burn down the entirety of Gotham to find her.

He just didn’t understand this desire to be with her, in the past when one of his possessions, and that has included girls, had been taken he of course had gotten unset. Even burned down a few buildings. But in the end it was ultimately because someone took something that was his, not that he actually ‘cared for’ the broad. They were just pretty playthings to him.

But she was no toy, she wasn’t his possession to play with and dispose of as he wished. Could she have actually gotten to him? Could he actually care about someone other then himself? That certainly would explain why all this was driving him so far up the wall. Ugh, it hurt his head just thinking about these… feelings.

J is snapped out of his mental spiral when Frost walks in. “Sir the men found something. It was pinned to your Lamborghini sir.” Even though Frost was J’s best man he shuttered any time he had to deal with his boss in a bad mood. Never telling who he’s gonna take it out on. He cautiously starts to hand his boss the envelope that was found on the Joker’s favorite car. The envelope had the same sloppy writing on it as the picture J found the night she was taken. He spotted it before Frost even got a chance to hand it to him.

“Give me that!”

He snapped ripping the envelope out of Frost’s slightly trembling hands. ( I’m almost done. Then you can have her back.) Was all that was written on the note.

Furious growls started ripping from J’s throat as he takes a moment to mentally prepare himself for whatever may be in the attached photos. With a frustrated sigh he flips the first photo over. His heart drops, the pain in his chest increase exponentially. The first photo was a close up of his baby dolls collarbone. It was deep black and blue, even in the photo he could tell it was most likely broken. Then his eyes land on the main focus of this gruesome photo. The words ‘Joker’s Broken Doll’ had been crudely engraved into her fair skin, leaving deep gashes that would without a doubt leave scars. The Joker’s face contorts in a flurry of emotions, predominantly anger, disgust and above all fear for his girl.

He flips over the next photo. It’s a close up of her face, a look of sorrow and what could only be described as surrendered filled her teary face. She was beaten, broken her cheeks swollen so much he could barely make out their distinct lines. There was one last photo.

He didn’t know if he was ready to see what it contained. But he flipped it anyway. What he sees makes the Joker, the Prince of Crime, Gotham’s most notorious villain fall to his knees with tears in his eyes.


He was stuck on a loop. The photo gripped tightly in his now trembling hands. It was a full body shot showing the extent of the torture (y/n) had been put through. She was completely bare. Lips blue not only from the bruises but also the cold that could clearly be seen on her skin. Her skin… She was a distorted mixture of purples, blues, and greens. Almost every inch of her was bruised. He could see one of her sides and been nearly kicked in. Blood flowed from her mouth and nose. Her bullet wound was exposed and not in the best condition. Her right arm, wrist, and left leg were severally misplaced making her look like a broken rag doll. He was crying, he didn’t even notice.

The anger was swelling in him more than it has ever done before. She wouldn’t last long like this. Then he saw it. A glimpse of Wayne towers reflected in a mirror. He had them! Whoever the fuck ‘them’ was. And they were gonna pay, dearly.

With a renewed sense of purpose and a blood lust so strong he could nearly taste it, he pulls himself off the floor. Smoothly his hair back he looked at Frost who was shaking, this time not in fear of the Joker but rather the furry he now held at seeing (y/n)’s broken body.

“Let’s go get her.”

Frost said with an anger in his eyes the Joker had never noticed before. He liked it. Striding through the shambles of his home the Joker starts barking orders, gathering supplies, and thinking about the many slow and painful ways he would pay this son of a bitch back for the things he did to his Princess. He was out for blood and wouldn’t be satisfied until he had it. And plenty of it.

——————————– A short time later———————————–

Frost gave Mister J the signal that everything was loaded. J strode towards the door grabbing his purple jacket and blood tainted gloves from the counter as he passed.

“ Let’s go play a game.”

Joker’s tone was deadly, steady and low. Someone would die tonight that everyone was sure of.

- To Be Continued-

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Tony adopting a little girl from the orphanage and taking her shopping for toys and books, swinging her up on his hip when she gets tired and petting her hair when she falls asleep on his shoulder. Tony taking his baby doll to the closest amusement park and letting her ride as many rides as she want because she deserves all the love in the world. Tony being protective of her when she’s in high school and keeping an eye on every single date she brings home. Tony crying when he gives his baby away to her wife-to-be on her wedding day and not being too ashamed to cry like a baby when they kiss.