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collection of stuff i want to see in steven universe:

  • garnet and pearl from the old days
  • garnet and amethyst from the old days
  • rose and any/all of the gems from the old days
  • how pearl and rose met
  • how pearl went from being a pearl to being a renegade pearl
  • at least one episode that just talks about what the war was like generally
  • white diamond? pink diamond?????
  • amethyst meeting the other CGs
  • the first day of baby steven’s life
  • the CGs as babysitters
  • greg as a dad to a much younger steven
  • sadie liking a girl
  • sadie dating a girl (kiki??)
  • canon proof of the lars is trans headcannon
  • ruby and sapphire kissing on the lips
  • blatant exchanges of affection between pearl and rose
  • the rest of the CGs in spacesuits (we’ve already seen pearl’s)
  • garnet doing standup comedy
  • stevonnie in battle
  • more semi-sort of-temporarily-healed corrupted gems like centipeetle
  • centipeetle’s true form
  • pearl making the first strong step towards being gay for another gem
  • garnet and peridot fusion
  • steven fusing with a CG
  • steven fusing with any gem at all
  • lapis getting to have a genuinely good time with no troubles
  • more pearls
  • the first time rainbow quartz was made
  • the first time opal was made
  • that massive fusion w/ all the CGs and rose
  • was alexandrite a coping mechanism for the CGs in the earliest stages of their grieving?? did alexandrite ever even form before that??
  • greg steven and amethyst roadtrip time
  • pearl developing her swordfighting skills
  • connie saving the day
  • connie bringing peridot to the local library
  • where lion came from
  • visuals of homeworld

and much more! reblog with your own if you want :^)

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she means:Adrien Agreste could have become a rich spoiled rude arrogant asshole with his upbringing but instead he became a ray of sunshine even though his father barely notices him and his mother is gone and the only company he had for years was Chloe but now he has Plagg and Ladybug and Nino and an entire class of amazing friends and instead of becoming a bullying villain he became a superhero

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