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Yo!! So I finally decided to do something for reaching 6k followers, (thank you all for following. I’m honored.) and I decided that I would do an art raffle with three winners.

1. To enter on this, you gotta reblog and like this post at the same time so that it is easier for me to find your entries.
2. This will end on December 14th, the day the new episode comes out so you can request something from it if you want too. I will announce the winners whenever I can.

One simple rule… NO REQUESTING NSFW. I will not draw anything that is nsfw. So to the winners, please do not plan on requesting any “stripper au” stuff or anything that involves a lack of clothing on any character. I am a minor and would really prefer not to draw anything of that sort. Thank you for understanding and now here is the list of prizes.

1st place gets something fully colored with full bodies and a background. Along with the choice of who and what is happening is yours. This will be limited to three people only.

2nd place gets something fully colored as well, except they get a simple flat colored background and is limited to two people only. The choice of who you want drawn is yours.

3rd place only gets one flat colored character with no background. Again, the choice of character is yours. Although to make 3rd place seem a little more better, you get an option to receive an icon (to use anywhere) of your favorite yoi character.

So yeah! Like and reblog this thing if you want some free art!


Hey everyone, it’s HT here! 2016 was a wild year with its ups and downs and it’s finally drawing to an end. I’ve been all over the place as I’ve passed my IB diploma and took an internship and got into architecture at university, but this year’s been lots of fun despite the struggles and I’m glad I made it through, and I couldn’t have done it without your continuous support love and support. This blog’s also hit 8,000 followers and I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you, regardless of whether you’re a distant follower or a close friend. I wish you all a very merry Christmas if you celebrate it and a happy new year! Stay warm, safe, and happy. ❦❆

Bold = friends, faves, my FAM (one does not simply escape from the box)

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Special thanks to @edendaphne for allowing me to use her art for the thumbnail!

“Dude! You caught the bouquet!” Nino exclaimed, looking at Adrien in awe and respect.

“I am aware of that,” he said, adjusting the arrangement before swinging them over his shoulder like they were a suit coat.

“Looks like your best man is a double,” Alya piped in.

“What do you mean by that, my dear, sweet wife?” Nino asked, grinning at his new bride.

“He’s a catch that can catch,” she joked.

“Oh stop that, you two. This is your day. You can worry about my love life tomorrow,” Adrien laughed, giving his best friend a pat on the back.

“I hope it won’t be too long before we get to see you in a church again,” Alya said.

“I would need to get a girl first, now wouldn’t I?”

“Well, maybe if you’d stop being married to your work you’d notice the girls around you who want to be with you.”

“Yes, because all I want in life is a girl whose goal is to marry rich,” Adrien sighed, glancing at the bouquet. He knew Plagg would tease him about it if he brought it home with him, as though it were proof that he couldn’t get over his teenage love for Ladybug.

“Oh! Marinette!” Alya exclaimed, gesturing her Maid of Honor to join her.

“Looks like the squad’s back together,” she smiled, nodding at Adrien in greeting. He had left to study in New York soon after graduation years ago, and she hadn’t seen him in person until today, despite him being the best man. She knew she’d be staying up late with Tikki to talk about it.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Adrien said, leaning in to kiss Marinette on the cheek. “Three years? Four?”

“I don’t think I’ve seen you since Hawkmoth disappeared,” she smiled.

“I’m convinced that he’s Ladybug,” Nino cut in.

“I’m sorry?” Marinette and Adrien turned to him in surprise.

“He’s joking,” Alya said, nudging her husband in the ribs. “Adrien disappeared when Ladybug did, but Chat Noir’s been seen around the city looking for her.”

“I’m only half-serious,” Nino said. “I think Adrien would make a beautiful girl.”

“Yes, well, my modeling days are over,” Adrien said, pointing to a scar on his jawbone.

“Where… did you get that?” Marinette suddenly cut in.

“He won’t tell me. Every time I ask he changes the story,” Nino said, rolling his eyes.

“Will you excuse me? I have to use the bathroom,” She said, rubbing her temples. Before anyone had the chance to answer she had fled the scene, feeling the air escaping from her lungs.

“Are you alright?” Tikki asked, flying out of Marinette’s handbag.

“Tikki, did you know?”

“Did I know what?”

“That Chat is in Paris. That he’s looking for me.”

“No, I didn’t know that he was looking for you…”


“But I knew he’s in town.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I only knew because I saw him as a civilian.”

Marinette froze as she heard her kwami’s words. “You…” she began. “You know who he is? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It wasn’t too hard to figure out. Besides, he’s at this wedding.”

“What do you mean? He’s here? As a civilian? We’re… friends?”

“You were, at one point.”

“Why is he looking for me?”

“He’s in love with you.”


“You still like Adrien.”

“That’s…” Marinette’s voice trailed off as she realized she couldn’t fight the truth.

“Do you want to meet him?”

“I…” Marinette’s voice shook. She missed her partner terribly, but she was scared to meet him after all these years.

“Do you want me to get him?”

“…What?” Marinette gasped, astonished at her little friend’s proposition. “Tikki! What if someone sees you?”

“You could just walk out as Ladybug.”

“No way! I haven’t transformed in years!”

“Alya would like it.”

Marinette sighed, knowing Tikki was right- A Ladybug appearance would make her best friend’s wedding day even more miraculous. “I…” Her voice trailed off. “How will I know it’s him?”

“He’ll let you know. He’s been waiting for you all of these years, you know.”

She set down her bag and looked in the mirror, her earrings catching the light. She couldn’t bear to take them off, even when she slept. She thought about her time as a teenager, running away in the middle of the night to save Paris with a man she loved by her side. She had often wondered if she had fallen for him after they parted ways, but perhaps she just missed his companionship. He was her most precious person, after all.

“…Spots on.”

She felt the all-too-familiar warmth encompass her as her dress turned red and her false lashes into a mask. She glanced into the mirror, expecting to see her teenage crime-fighting outfit but was surprised to see something see something different- a red dress with black spots with matching gloves. She felt encouragement in her chest to go out the bathroom door, one step at a time.

Adrien felt Plagg sneeze from the flowers and excused himself from the room, hoping no one had heard him. “You okay in there, bud?” He asked.

“Why did there have to be daisies in there?” Plagg whined, rubbing his nose.

“My scar is hurting again,” Adrien sighed, touching his chin.

“I’m not surprised. She’s here, after all.”

Adrien froze at his kwami’s words. “‘She’? As in…” His voice trailed off, a mixture of excitement and fear. “How do you know?”

“I can feel her kwami.”

Adrien gulped for air as he felt his throat close. Ladybug’s here? At Nino’s wedding? She’s a friend of Nino or Alya? “Plagg… do I know her personally?” He asked, his voice shaking.

“You went to high school together.”

He felt his legs give out beneath him and hit the ground. Ladybug went to high school with him. She was around his age. They had probably talked between classes, or at least seen each other in the hallways. “…Do you… think that she ever recognized me?” He asked.

“I dunno. I don’t really care either way.”

“Plagg! I need you to-” Adrien was cut off by screams from the dance floor. He immediately bolted out, his hand wrapped around his kwami in case he needed to transform. What he saw, however, surprised him much more than any Akuma he had ever fought.

Alya was wrapped around a girl in a black and red dress, sobbing.

Ladybug. His air escaped him and he forgot how to breathe. After all of these years, after all of the nights running out into the city as Chat Noir trying to find her, there she was… in a dress that would make his father jealous. He moved as though he were possessed, running towards her.

“Can you believe it, man? Ladybug showed up for the wedding!” Nino said, slapping Adrien on the back and back into consciousness. This was no place to reveal himself.

“She’s more beautiful than I remember,” He whispered.

“I’m sorry, my dude. I didn’t catch that.”

Adrien moved towards her as she broke away from Alya, ignoring his best friend. “Ladybug,” He said, placing his hand on her’s shoulder. She stiffened at his voice and whipped around at the sound of his voice. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at him and he knew that she recognized him.

He knew that she realized, in that moment, he was Chat Noir.

He leaned in towards her, heart racing, and placed his hands on the small of her back and her neck. “I’ve missed you, my Lady,” he whispered in her ear.

She froze at his words and looked up at him in awe. “Chat?” she whispered, drawing herself to his chest. “You’re… Adrien Agreste?”


“I’m…” She was at a loss for words, tracing the scar on his cheek- the proof that Hawkmoth got away all those years ago. “Had I known you were so close to me all this time, then I could have spent my nights these last few years differently.”

“I’ve missed you too, my Lady.” He kissed the back of her hand. “May I have this dance?”

“Of course, Chanton,” She smiled. It was the most honest smile she had given in years. Even without his mask, he was the man who loved her, flaws and all, to the point that all of her anxiety melted away with his Cheshire grin. “But you know what would make our friends even happier?”

“What would that be, bugaboo?”

“If you slip away and transform into Chat Noir.”

“Only if you promise not to leave at midnight.”

Ladybug giggled and bit back a joke about being his princess. She was so happy to see Chat again, alive, that he was the same person as Adrien Agreste hadn’t quite clicked in yet. Besides, he didn’t know that she was Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

“What just happened?” Alya exclaimed, pouncing on her idol as Adrien walked away. “Why are you here? What were you two whispering about? Where have you been all these years?” A hundred questions tumbled out of the blogger’s mouth as she struggled to pull out her phone to record.

Ladybug said nothing as she waited for Chat to make his appearance. She had a special place in her heart for both him and Adrien Agreste, and now that she knew that they were the same person those feelings were beginning to fuse together. Her heart was a cocktail of Eros and Philia, swirling together and overflowing like sand that her hands couldn’t hold.

But which feeling will stay? Eros, the feeling of desire? Or will it be Philia, the feeling of friendship?

genzelda  asked:

I want to hug your icon. Can I hug the Icon?

come on down and try your luck

unless you were being literal, which is probably the safer option:

—— First of all… THANK YOU.

Today marks my second anniversary. It’s been exactly two years since I made the very first post on this blog, and I attempted some sort of interaction with other roleplayers. Forgive me if I get carried away in what I’m about to type, I’m being a little emotional right now and I feel like pouring out my feelings. I might have not been here for quite as long as some of you but I do remember the time when it wasn’t all about your excellent photoshop skills or how you format your replies, it was definitely more about the portrayal of your muse, polishing your writing skills, and simply fun. Good times, good times… I paid so little attention to what my theme was supposed to look like, I couldn’t care less about gifs and icons that I used to include in my posts. I also remember feeling so intimidated by literally everyone I came across - well, nothing has changed in this case, except for the fact that I’ve got quite a few valuable friends now. 

For the past two years, I have devoted myself to portray my general muse as accurately as I could, and I’m still determined and full of passion to continue improving his character along with my writing, since English isn’t even my first language. In addition to that, I haven’t changed my FC all this time, ever since I established this blog, not even once, however there were some critical points when I couldn’t bring myself to write anything for weeks. I feel so deeply attached to Kiki that I don’t think I will give up on him any time soon. But the main and most significant thing that makes my stay here so enjoyable and worth my while is… you.

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Rebel With A Cause (Pt. 3)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I hope you guys weren’t expecting anything but super-angst. Also, there’s Rogue One spoilers at the end in case you haven’t seen it (but idk why you’d be reading this if you hadn’t seen it). Merry Christmas :)))

Person / Character: Cassian Andor
Premise: Cassian rescues you from the Death Star.
1st Person Perspective


I thought I was dead.
It certainly felt like it.
At least, this is what I assume it feels like to be dead. I wouldn’t actually know, as I’ve never died before.
But it wasn’t the numbness or the darkness or anything that made me feel dead. It was the dreams about Cassian.
We were so happy. We danced in a kitchen that belonged to us to some discs Cassian had found on a mission - Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra. I made cookies while he stole kisses and bites of dough. We were in a walk and he hit me in the back with a snowball, so I shoved him into a snow bank. I laid in the bathtub and he read me his favorite book from the window sill where he perched. He lifted me in his arms and carried me into his U-Wing; we went on adventures in his ship. We watched the stars from the roof of the Rebel base and he made a fire for us to toast marshmallows over. He fed me a s'more and wiped the crumbs off my cheeks. We went skinny-dipping in a huge ocean on some far-away planet. We rested in a field somewhere together in the morning summer light. I put flowers in his hair while he sang songs to me in a language I didn’t know.
That’s why I thought I was dead - surely this was Heaven.
That’s why, when his face appeared above mine, I didn’t realize that I was still alive, and that he was saving me.


“Y/N,” I shook her gently. She was slumped over in her chair, her head lolling downwards. I knelt at her feet with my hands resting delicately on her knees. “Y/N, I need you to wake up.” The feeling of her in my hands again made me feel complete. But I couldn’t relax yet, not while we were still in danger. I began unstrapping her wrists and ankles.
The knife wound in her chest was deep. It didn’t seem to have punctured her heart or her lungs, but Jesus, it had to have been close. I would take care of that as soon as we got away.
She shifted slightly. “Cassian?”
“Y/N!” Her eyes were finally open, even if slightly. “Oh my god. Oh my god, you’re awake.” My heart nearly exploded as I threw my arms around her. “Oh my god, I was so afraid - ”
But she pulled back, disgruntled. She looked confused. “I don’t understand,” she coughed. “I thought - what are you doing here?”
“I’m rescuing you,” I said, concerned. She stared at me like I was a ghost. I pressed my hand to her face. “Y/N…I’m here to take you home.”
She closed her eyes and pressed her cheek into my palm. “You’re real?”
My breath caught momentarily in my throat. “Of course I’m real.”
When her eyes opened, they were filled with tears. “Oh my god. I thought I was dead. Cas - oh my god.”
I grabbed her waist and pulled her into my lap. She buried her face in my neck. “Baby girl,” I breathed, running my fingers through her hair. “You’re here. You’re alive. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” I felt I needed to hold her closer, but I couldn’t possibly. I pressed her against me as hard as I could. I kissed her shoulder and let her take a moment to recuperate before I said, “Okay. We need to go. I gotta get you out of here.” She lifted her head up, sniffing, and nodded. I helped her to her feet and she grimaced in pain. “Can you walk?”
“Yeah, yeah.”
She stumbled instantly.
“Are you sure?”
“Alright.” I grabbed her hand. “Follow me.”
We took off through the halls. I wished I had time to look around and see this weapon the Empire had created, but I needed to get Y/N out of here.
Explosions rocked the base. The X-Wings had managed to blow a big enough hole in the shield for my U-Wing to squeeze into a docking bay. As we hurried through the doors, I stopped short.
Darth Vader stood in between us and my ship.
Y/N fell sideways, and I caught her. She was clutching her chest; fresh blood was curling around her hand. “Cas…” she whispered.
I couldn’t waste any more time - I had to get her and my fleet out of here before anyone died. But Darth Vader was in front of me.
“You,” Vader breathed. “The Rebels brave enough to take on half of the Galactic Empire.”
The utter lack of emotion in his black, soulless eyes gave me pause, but Y/N said, “And you’re the one stupid enough to stand in our way.”
I turned to her. “What are you doing?” I hissed. “Don’t provoke him.”
Her eyes met mine, and I was surprised. They were glittering with rage. Blood dripped from her lips. She looked fearless.
Vader took a step forward, and I lifted my blaster instantly. “Stupid?” Maybe I was crazy, but he sounded humored through his voice filter.
“Let us be, Vader,” she demanded.
Vader didn’t say anything. I had no idea what he was thinking, which terrified me. Until he stretched his hand out towards her, and she doubled over in pain, crying out. “Y/N!” I held her upright. As I watched, the cut in her chest began to rip wider.
I fired. Vader deflected the shot, but it was enough to get his attention off of Y/N. Or perhaps, he stopped of his own accord. “I should rip her in half,” Vader said with menacing serenity. “But instead, I’ll send you back to the Rebels as a warning, that you may know you cannot win.”
Vader flexed his fingers again, and I heard the sick snapping of bones. Y/N collapsed, gasping heavily. Her ribs were visibly caved in.
My heart stopped beating for the next hour, until hers did too.

The second I was in the ship, I gave the fleet the command to return home. I didn’t get a single reply. Everything had gone silent. “No,” I whispered. I laid Y/N down on the padded bench. She had gone completely white. I had no idea how much blood she had lost total. “Y/N,” I whispered. “Can you hear me?”
I viciously wiped the tears away from my eyes. “You - you listen to me. You can’t - you can’t die, okay? Just give me a minute. Please, Y/N.”
“Sure.” I ran to the console and searched the scanner. Nothing. Everyone was gone.
I didn’t have time to grieve. I had to get Y/N home.
I took off as quickly as I could and immediately blasted into hyper speed.
I returned to her side to find her eyes closed.
“Y/N,” I said anxiously. She looked up at me. “Please just hold on a little bit longer.”
“Cassian.” Her voice was practically inaudible. “Kiss me one more time.”
I shook my head. “Don’t talk like that!”
I took a deep breath and knelt down. Her lips tasted like blood, but they were hers. I kissed every inch of her face, willing myself to remember every square inch, because I knew deep down inside what was about to happen. I was still desperate.
“Y/N,” I said in her ear. “Wh - what am I supposed to do without you?”
She sort of laughed. “You know.”
“No, Y/N - help me. Please.”
She nodded vaguely. “Do not,” she said, “forget hope.”
“I see none without you,” I replied, brushing hair out of her eyes.
“Cassian…” She took a shuttering breath.
“Y/N - no - please,” I whispered. “Please don’t leave me.”
“Finish this,” she muttered. “Destroy the Death Star.”
“I will, I promise.”
Her final words were, “I love you, Cassian Andor.” She went still.
I pressed my face into her chest. “I love you,” I sobbed.

I loved her. I loved her bravery, her emotion, her desire to fight and to do good, her endless strength. And I hated the world for taking her away from me.
But soon after, I met Jyn Erso. I nearly couldn’t look at her the first time we spoke; It was almost like she was the reincarnation of Y/N. I saw her soul through Jyn’s eyes, and I saw her smile on her lips. I knew that she had been sent here for me. I knew that it was Y/N staying by my side, like she had always said she would.
Jyn believed in this idea of hope, like Y/N. She fought for this idea. Together, we died for this idea. I kept my promise, though, and together, Y/N and I - with our fingers intertwined - watched the Death Star explode from far, far away.

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hey guys….this is me……..babbling again, being annoying!
nah but sup this is the harry potter accent challenge that my lovely gal @ameljiabones made! :) and i was tagged by my darling friend @delacour-flcur!

i ramble. yikes. so sorry guys.

but if you like listening to a girl from new york talk about how much she loves quidditch and george weasley then you should listen to this bwahah.

enjoy. :)

After much delay, it’s time to announce the OC Week event!

This event is made for OCs - or Original Characters - created specifically for the Danny Phantom universe.    People of all talents, be it art, writing, cosplay, roleplaying, etc, are welcome to enter.

If you don’t already have an OC, you are more than welcome to make one up and work on them over the course of the event!  OCs made specifically for AUs can also count.  If you want to use another person’s OC for any prompts besides the last one, ask for permission from the creator.  You do not have to use one OC for every day - if you have more than one OC, you’re welcome to use as many as you like for as many prompts as you want!  

  The official tag for this event with be #DPOCWeek with no spaces.

  • March 13th // Daily Life

On the first day of this event, give us a little glimpse into the every-day life of your OC!  It will help introduce them as well as aid in worldbuilding for your character.

  • March 14th // Soul Shredder

In the show, the Fright Knight’s sword Soul Shredder realizes a person’s deepest, darkest fear.  What kind of nightmare would the Soul Shredder create for your OC?  Delve into the things that drive them and what terrifies them most.

  • March 15th // Swap

This day is open-ended.  Is your character good?  What if they were evil?  If your character is a human, what if they were a halfa or a full-ghost?  Swap their role with a show character’s, or maybe swap bodies with another OC?  Anything you can do to change their story, do it, and explore how it changes your character.

  • March 16th // Episode

For this prompt, try to imagine what an episode of Danny Phantom would be like featuring your character.  If your OC is a ghost, how would they antagonize Danny, and how would it be resolved?  If your character is from a different time period, how would they interact with the DanPhan crew?  You can go as big or as small as you want with this. 

  • March 17th // Age

You can either use this in the obvious sense, as in the age of your OC, or perhaps take your OC on a trip through the ages with time travel or AUs.  If your character is a ghost, show us how their life was when they had a life.  Show us your OC at different ages. Anything involving the prompt “age”.

  • March 18th // Wardrobe

Take this day to go over the clothing your OC wears - perhaps use it to dress them up or just showcase the kinds of clothes they wear.  Just because the characters in the show wear the same clothing every day, it doesn’t mean your OC has to!

  • March 19th // Other People’s OCs

Now that you’ve had six days to work on your own OC, show some love to another person’s!  They can be interacting with your own or you can just make something for an OC you admire.  If you get express permission from the OC creator, maybe do your take on their OC?

As per usual, use appropriate trigger warning tags should they be relevant, and credit the people whose OCs you use.  

Special thanks to @manlyspectre @saisai-chan @fyeahdannyphantomoccliches @proserpine-in-phases and @hollow-requiem

Thank you, and have fun!!

Bakura Icons (1/3?)

I Have To Split These Into A Couple Of Posts For Fear I’ll Break Tumblr With The Amount Of Them, So Here’s The First Load :D

Feel Free To Use/Resize To Your Liking/Etc. I’d Appreciate A Like Or Reblog But I’m Not Worried So Pretty Much Just Have At~

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Ken and Hyuk @ VIXX N Kpop (2015/10/02)


2x06 // 7x23

Why do you think he let you live? I don’t know, I waited until I got back to the city to call the police, from a payphone, I was too scared to let them know who I was. And who was the girl? That’s just the thing. They searched the woods with cadaver dogs, they never found a body. So you never figured out who she was? I checked local papers, no one in the area had been reported missing. When I got older I checked with missing persons, even the FBI database, for anyone matching her description, or any crimes involving those symbols or that mask, but there was nothing. It’s like it never happened. And after a while I just … started to wonder if it had. That day in the woods, Kate, that’s why I do what I do. I’m driven to figure out the story, because I could never figure out that one.

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StarMyuh (High School Star Musical) - First Impressions

I’ll make it in a character-by-character way, and then put my general/final thoughts.


The male protagonist, obviously. He’s an average guy?? No big flaws or anything, but no big skills either. Just that one thing protagonists need: “a dream”. He’s in love with the dark-winged-magical-antisocial senpai. 


LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO MY NEW SON:: This guy. I know he’s good with cooking, he’s good with people, he’s too good for this world. Clumsy and shy af. Stage fear (I want backstory ty).Aquarius!! One more to my list of babies w/ my zodiac sign. SMOL MAKOTO TACHIBANA. Will also be friendzoned just like Makoto by the male protagonist a.k.a. his tomodachi5ever. If you don’t like him, fight me please.

I didn’t want more than one fave in this omg. Let’s move on.

>>Redhead Camus

I forget his name a lot bc it’s hella big ((Update, I just googled and the easier is Kakeru. More like Kaker00d, you gotta chill bruh)). The one thing standing between his face and my fists is Hosoyan, because I WANNA FIGHT

Really though, he could be Camus’ kid. He even has his own classical-japanese-style to call other people peasants

I’ll leave this here


Yes, yes, Kaneki Ken, yeah. Currently in that teenage-rebel phase. Do you remember that Tokiya x Hayato thing, that they were brothers and Tokiya hated living in his shadow? Now, imagine if it wasn’t a lie. I guess it’s pretty much like that. His bro is called Haruto, by the way. This kid’s gonna be a drama queen mark my words.


YES I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR HIM. He looks a lot like Tokki, but has Masato’s quiet approach. Also seems to have a HEAVY bad luck. Kind of a lone wolf? I am curious because he’s so quiet and mysterious, and we all know where this takes us eventually. As far as I’ve seen, he also has Tokiya’s popularity lol. Drives a cool motorcycle. 

>>Kao Council

A handsome guy that I don’t know, Shun from Saint Seya that took care of his hair, Rei Ryugazaki 2 and Masamune from Norn9. Really, I feel uncomfortable with the similarity. They’ve performed THE BEST SONG IN THIS SHOW SO FAR. I WANT THE FULL VERSION ASAP. IT’S TOO GOOD. 

They’re in their third year in this Academy, and somewhat guide the kouhais by teams?? Idk. Oh, he’s missing here, but the dark-winged-magical-antisocial senpai I mentioned before is also part of this crew. But he likes to dance by himself??? Twice in the first episode omg chill. He’s voiced by Junichi Suwabe, who has now a fame of dubbing characters that don’t give two shits about chores. This can’t be a coincidence.

PAUSE FOR THE VERY CLEVER REFERENCE::: The Rei I mentioned before is called Hiragi, but he has Rei’s voice actor. So while discussing with the antisocial senpai, he gets this line thrown in his face:

I HAD TO PAUSE THE EPISODE TO LAUGH LIKE OMG GOOD REFERENCE RIGHT T H E R E. Oh, should I mention the sexual tension between these two? I’m not trying to ship, it’s just plain clear.

I don’t think I have much more to talk about characters. Let’s talk about the anime.

The animation is very good, and they manage to make the dance moves smooth. Not surprising, coming from this specific animation director. The cast of seiyuus is full of amazing people. They do an amazing job with their characters, specially Suwabe and Kensho. The music is excellent, as expected. Still, I feel like they’re moving the story a bit too fast, and things seem rushed, which might make me impatient or kinda irritated for not getting something bc they skipped it. The characters seem ok, but not so different of what I’ve seen before. At least, so far. But again, it’s just the first episode.

I will continue to watch it, obviously, since I’ve been hyped since the moment they announced it. The only warning I have is for people uncomfortable with nonsense here and there. But if you managed to watch all of that Utapri muses thing, I’m sure you’ll be fine.