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hey! so recently i reached my first thousand of followers (yay, thank you!) and also changed my url from romanticallyfearless to isntcools and thought it would be cool to make a follow forever to celebrate and show you guys how i appreciate you cuties a lot :)
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watched the third Naruto movie since I’m giving my wrists a break at the moment and just all the good Kakashi moments

Just the amount of dad!Kakashi was what made me so damn happy

the way Naruto looks up at Kakashi, you know dads mad at u fool

I just love how he literally always has to pick Naruto up and drag his ass away, like child, you’re lucky you gotta chill dad

Kakashi’s fucking closet solid snake cosplay

Dad over using his boyfriends eye


hollysparkswrites  asked:

Favorite Merthur Headcanons?

Favorite? Oh, I am so so so so bad at picking favorites in anything. Here are some that I like though (read: I just made up):

  • You know that blue cape Merlin gave Arthur? Yeah, it is Arthur’s absolute favorite piece of clothing. There is a silent rule that nobody is allowed to point out that the king of Camelot has been wearing the same damn blue cape for years now and its not even in fashion anymore. Merlin thinks it is adorable and uses his magic to keep it in the exact condition it was in when he gave it to Arthur.
  • Arthur is actually really fucking impressed with that fiery dragon spell Merlin does. Sometimes, when they’re lying in bed at night and Arthur is feeling sentimental, clingy, in need of general reaffirmation of their relationship, or just plain soppy, he loud whispers to Merlin asking him to do the spell. Merlin doesn’t have to ask which one he means.
  • Gwen straight up slapped Arthur one time because of how much of an idiot he is with Merlin’s birthday. At first, Arthur always missed Merlin’s birthday and even though Merlin never made a fuss, Arthur got in lots of trouble from Gwen because she knew what it would mean to Merlin for Arthur to do something for him for his birthday. Then, after two years of being yelled at (and one goblet of mead in his face), Arthur started remembering. But then he got too into it. Like a challenge. It didn’t help that Gwaine joined in and started making elaborate birthday plans for Merlin to show his bff how much he cares. Arthur kept outdoing himself, but at the cost of Gwen and everyone around his sanity. Well, except Merlin, who was Not Allowed To Know (he always knew). It got so bad that Arthur started getting paperwork ready to declare Merlin’s birthday a national holiday. He even wanted to start talks with neighboring kingdoms to make it a holiday throughout the 5 kingdoms. Merlin’s Day. Gwen put a stop to it when Arthur started talking about building statues.
  • Merlin made up a reason that he couldn’t use magic to open jars because he knows Arthur feels useful and ‘manly’ when he opens them for Merlin. This worked until Merlin was really busy one day and just wante some damn jam on his bread and he thought Arthur wasn’t around so one flash of his eyes and the jar lid popped open. Little did he know Arthur had purposefully tightened the lid so he could pop out of nowhere and be Merlin’s jam hero and use the opportunity to flex because he is like 100% sure his arms got bigger and he is also 100% a show off for Merlin. Needless to say he did not take kindly to the deceit. Merlin had to cancel his tavern plans with Gwaine that night as it took so long to convince Arthur out of his sulk. Don’t worry. Arthur got to flex in various other positions. Some of them even involved jam.
  • Merlin has an Arthur Radar. It is not what you think. He just gets very suspicious around the same time Arthur gets ideas to go do dumb and dangerous things in the name of honor and general arthur-clotpolness. 
  • Arthur low key really likes picking Merlin up. Merlin indulges this because it usually ends with Arthur throwing him over his shoulder and Merlin gets to pinch his royal prat’s bottom.
  • Gwaine is not invited to Merlin’s training sessions anymore because the last time Merlin got annoyed with Arthur consistently beating him with a sword so he used his magic (which was not allowed as the whole point of this was to teach merlin to use a sword well, even though he can just use magic all the time, but melrin just went with it because a training arthur is usually a happy one and also is a lovely sight to see) and when Arthur was sent flying, face first, into mud, Gwaine laughed and patted Merlin on the back. Merlin managed to convince Arthur not to charge one of his best knights with treason, but just barely. Arthur is looking into getting ‘laughing at the king falling in mud’ be put into law as high treason.
  • Merlin takes all the damn covers.
  • Arthur and Merlin are really pda heavy when drunk together. Like Gwen had to separate them before they started dry humping on the damn throne during one Yule celebration. Arthur made it very clear the next day that anyone who brings that up will end up in the stocks. Gwaine has been in the stocks like 7 times. Percival got in it once because he was overheard telling Gwaine not to mention it, but ended up mentioning it just as Arthur walked in to start training for the morning. Arthur doesn’t even bother ordering Merlin to the stocks for it because he’d never get out of them otherwise, and he prefers him in their bed instead of the stocks. Gwaine calls this favoritism. Merlin calls it compensation for having to deal with Arthur’s snoring.
  • Arthur talks in his sleep and one time Merlin got him to admit it was him who ate the pastries Merlin’s mother baked a few days ago before she went back to Ealdor. Arthur admitted to nothing in the morning.
  • Merlin uses Arthur as a blanket of sorts sometimes when on hunts/camping. Arthur thinks its Merlin wanting cuddles and some kisses but really its just he is really fucking cold and its much more pleasurable to have an Arthur blanket than use a simple spell. 
watching the puppeteer
  • (it's been twelve years since one of these oh my goodness)
  • marinette: *playing with chat noir and ladybug dolls*
  • marinette: *as chat* i love you my lady
  • manon: he wouldn't say that
  • marinette: i mean, let's talk about the akumas lol
  • manon: i like the akumas
  • marinette: sweetie nO
  • *children playing with dolls and mari wins*
  • marinette: pull ur shit together
  • marinette: no bc u see this chat doll is my most prized posession mkay
  • manon: can i have the ladybug one then
  • marinette: i don't see why not
  • manon: sweet
  • nadja: hello my child i have returned for thee
  • nadja: oh manon, you can't always expect to win
  • marinette: wow that's some good life advice right there if i do say so myself
  • nadja: anyhoo give mari her doll back
  • manon: *manages to rip the arm off the ladybug doll*
  • nadja: gdi child let's leave before you screw up again
  • manon: *screams about dolls and somehow manages to score the lady wifi doll from mari while her mum ain't looking*
  • *at the tv station thingy*
  • manon: *playing with lady wifi doll and a freaking ladybug magazine like good lord get this child an actual ladybug doll like where is that ml merch at*
  • manon: *le cry and scream*
  • hawkmoth: aaah, what could be more pure than an innocent child's emotions?
  • hawkmoth:
  • hawkmoth:
  • hawkmoth: lol learned that one from neglecting my son
  • hawkmoth: hey there smol bean how would you like to be my new child
  • manon: sounds legit
  • *at subway train station thingy*
  • alya: LOOK IT'S ADRIEN
  • marinette: o shit waddup
  • alya: *fucking FLINGS them onto the same train like wow*
  • *meanwhile manon is being a creepy little shit elsewhere*
  • marinette: god damn look at adrien that's a fine piece of ass right there hooo boy i do enjoy looking at him
  • adrien: *waves*
  • alya: *gets transformed into lady wifi by manon*
  • marinette: o shit waddup
  • adrien: oh no one of my only friends is in danger i better help
  • *bada bing bada boom cat boy is here*
  • marinette: o boy i better transform
  • marinette: tikki, spo-
  • marinette: sweet jiminy you scared the dickens out of me
  • marinette: anyways yeah lady wifi reminded me of this one bitch who was talking shit this morning and she's tryna get my ladybug and chat noir dolls
  • chat noir: omg wait you made a chat noir doll
  • chat noir: that's really adorable hold on
  • chat noir: let me relish in this moment forever
  • chat noir: someone actually cares about me
  • chat noir:
  • chat noir:
  • chat noir: and the feeling of loneliness and utter despair is back
  • chat noir: anyways i should probably get those dolls so where do you live
  • marinette: at the swankiest bakery in town
  • chat noir: okay thanks good to know for future reference
  • marinette:
  • chat noir: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • marinette:
  • chat noir: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • chat noir: gotta blast *run runs*
  • marinette: shit tikki we gotta transform and get to the bakery before chat does or else he might find the marichat smut i wrote
  • *bada bing bada boom ladybae is here for the party*
  • *at le ba k ery*
  • lady wifi: *casually stealing dolls*
  • ladybug: hey there shitface
  • lady wifi: gdi the goody two shoes are here
  • chat noir: there's only on goody two shoes and i'm not her
  • ladybug:
  • lady wifi:
  • chat noir: geddit? because i'm literally walking sin
  • ladybug: fuking tru
  • lady wifi: *hits one of marinette's MANY MANY MANY pictures of adrien with a pause button*
  • ladybug: o shit
  • chat noir: wait are those pictures of me
  • chat noir: that means that marinette
  • ladybug: hOw StUpId cAn YoU gEt
  • chat noir: *goes to destroy the wifi signal and all that jazz*
  • *cool ass fighting*
  • *lady wifi flees*
  • chat noir: did you get the dolls?
  • ladybug: i only managed to grab mine lol
  • chat noir: *sheds a single tear* that's okay
  • chat noir: but don't let her make me a puppet, you know i like to be in command
  • ladybug: that was sinful aS FUCK MY GOODNESS
  • *chat noir runs off to detransform*
  • *sweet baby nathaneal is transformed into the evillustrator and then rogercop also but NATHANEAL YEET*
  • ladybug: *doing mission impossible stuff*
  • chat noir: *sneakity sneaks*
  • ladybug: *FUCKING WREKCS HIM*
  • chat noir: oh boy oh boy please let go of me waht did i do to deserve this
  • ladybug: lol sorry thought you got posessed
  • ladybug: *stares at chat noir's body*
  • ladybug: god damn
  • chat noir: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • ladybug: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • *children break down the door*
  • puppeteer: CHAT NOIR COME TO LIFE
  • chat noir: nuuuuuuu *leaps in slow motion to get the doll but fails*
  • ladybug: shiiiiiiiiiit
  • chat noir @ladybug: suck my ass
  • ladybug: gladly
  • ladybug: i mean YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE
  • *more cool fighting*
  • ladybug: *accidentally hits chat with her yoyo*
  • ladybug: oh my goodness gracious i am so sorry i didn't mean to no no oh boy please don't be hurt i haven't confessed my love for you yet god dammit
  • *rogercop and evillustrator show up*
  • ladybug: are u fuking serious
  • *even MORE cool fighting*
  • ladybug: *flings chat noir off of the FUCKING ROOF*
  • ladybug:
  • ladybug: ...he'll be fine
  • *ladybug is totally badass and saves the day*
  • chat noir @ladybug: fyi you can pull on my heartstrings anyday
  • chat noir: OF COURSE I HAVE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • ladybug: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • chat noir: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • *hawkmoth screeching in the distance*


Part one

When the final curtain falls for Tanz der Vampire

In a recent post by @grafenkind the sad news was announced that Tanz will not continue after June of 2018 in Vienna, now, these are still rumours, but the chance is big that it will end then and there. This made me remind myself of the thought I have often: What to do when it’s all over? And I don’t mean just the Vienna production, I am also talking about the German production, the Hungarian production, and so on. Honestly, I don’t think that Tanz will be around for much longer in these years, this is not because I am a pessimist, I want this show to continue for many years to come, but it’s not possible.

Let’s first talk about the Vienna production. When it got announced in the spring, tickets could be bought for the months of (late) September until December, that’s where I thought it would end, this would be a 3 month special for the 20th anniversary and that was it. But luckily I was wrong, and now it can be seen until June. A musical needs to end at one point, and to have that moment come in half a year from now is sad. I would never be satisfied, even if it would end 3 years after the first performance. Of course when the Vienna production ends you could always pay a visit to Germany to see it, but I also don’t think that the German tour production will last much longer. There are only so many Stage Entertainment theatres Tanz can go to, and they are running out. They have already been to Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Hamburg and in a few months time they will go to Cologne. And I’m sad to say it, but that might be their last stop, they will come close to having done the tour production for 2 years when they reach the end of the season in Cologne. Even the Wikipedia of Tanz says that Cologne will be their last stop.

This is a highly successful musical, it has existed for 20 years, and that’s also where the problem is, how long can you keep on going after 20 years? Of course we all know these famous musicals like The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables which have continued to exist for longer than 20 years, but their advantage is that they have always been performed at one theatre and have never moved. (At least that’s what happens in the West End, I can’t say anything about Broadway because I know nothing about Broadway.) Her Majesty’s Theatre is known for housing The Phantom, but that’s not the case with Tanz, Tanz has never been in one location for a very long time. Tanz in Austria has always been in Vienna, but it has been moved from the Raimund theatre to Ronacher, and the longest run was 2 years and a few months from 1997 until 2000. The longest German production was a bit longer than 3 years from 2000 until 2003. There have always been multiple years in between productions, the people of Austria had to wait from June of 2011 until September 2017 to see Tanz again. There simply has never been a time in which Tanz has played continuously for years and years.

So when July rolls around, we will probably all be sad, the German production will have ended, the Vienna production will have ended, there will be a few performances of Tanz in Budapest, but after that, the curtain will close for Tanz, and we’ll probably have to endure some years without Tanz. I think (although this is planning very far ahead) that there will be a 25th anniversary, but those years in between will be filled with a severe lack of Tanz. I am not only going to be sad for not being able to see it anymore, but also sad for the joy I got from following the actors on social media, which will also stop. For all of those long-distance Tanz fans, who have never been to the show, it must be a relief in the slightest to follow those actors, to see what’s going on at Tanz although you can’t be there youself. That was also my feeling when Bal Vampirov stopped in June, I have never seen the Russian production, but to see that the curtain would fall for the final time broke my heart a little.

I am thankful for being a fan in a time when going to Tanz is a possibility, if everything goes according to plan, I will have seen it 7 times in the span of a year and a few months, you might be wondering why I am seeing it so often in such a short amount of time. Because I want to experience it as often as I can before it stops completely. The last thing I want is to regret not seeing it when I could have seen it. The message that I want to spread is: If you have the opportunity to see it anywhere, do it, because this musical will cease to exist at some point, and now is the time to see it.

yukionna1us  asked:

Sorry if I'm bothering you but... The ensemble from the DwD stage play doing the tango with a very confused and horrified Lindo while everyone else watches in confusion, and amusement.

DwD plot twist: no one can dance except for one

After much delay, it’s time to announce the OC Week event!

This event is made for OCs - or Original Characters - created specifically for the Danny Phantom universe.    People of all talents, be it art, writing, cosplay, roleplaying, etc, are welcome to enter.

If you don’t already have an OC, you are more than welcome to make one up and work on them over the course of the event!  OCs made specifically for AUs can also count.  If you want to use another person’s OC for any prompts besides the last one, ask for permission from the creator.  You do not have to use one OC for every day - if you have more than one OC, you’re welcome to use as many as you like for as many prompts as you want!  

  The official tag for this event with be #DPOCWeek with no spaces.

  • March 13th // Daily Life

On the first day of this event, give us a little glimpse into the every-day life of your OC!  It will help introduce them as well as aid in worldbuilding for your character.

  • March 14th // Soul Shredder

In the show, the Fright Knight’s sword Soul Shredder realizes a person’s deepest, darkest fear.  What kind of nightmare would the Soul Shredder create for your OC?  Delve into the things that drive them and what terrifies them most.

  • March 15th // Swap

This day is open-ended.  Is your character good?  What if they were evil?  If your character is a human, what if they were a halfa or a full-ghost?  Swap their role with a show character’s, or maybe swap bodies with another OC?  Anything you can do to change their story, do it, and explore how it changes your character.

  • March 16th // Episode

For this prompt, try to imagine what an episode of Danny Phantom would be like featuring your character.  If your OC is a ghost, how would they antagonize Danny, and how would it be resolved?  If your character is from a different time period, how would they interact with the DanPhan crew?  You can go as big or as small as you want with this. 

  • March 17th // Age

You can either use this in the obvious sense, as in the age of your OC, or perhaps take your OC on a trip through the ages with time travel or AUs.  If your character is a ghost, show us how their life was when they had a life.  Show us your OC at different ages. Anything involving the prompt “age”.

  • March 18th // Wardrobe

Take this day to go over the clothing your OC wears - perhaps use it to dress them up or just showcase the kinds of clothes they wear.  Just because the characters in the show wear the same clothing every day, it doesn’t mean your OC has to!

  • March 19th // Other People’s OCs

Now that you’ve had six days to work on your own OC, show some love to another person’s!  They can be interacting with your own or you can just make something for an OC you admire.  If you get express permission from the OC creator, maybe do your take on their OC?

As per usual, use appropriate trigger warning tags should they be relevant, and credit the people whose OCs you use.  

Special thanks to @manlyspectre @saisai-chan @fyeahdannyphantomoccliches @proserpine-in-phases and @hollow-requiem

Thank you, and have fun!!

In some miraculous turn of events I managed to get the ask box down to under 100 asks. And by that I mean we currently have 98 messages in the box. So if I’m not answering your message I will eventually get to it. It just might take a weekish to answer it if you send it in today.

Life updates:

  • I got winter hours at the Schuyler Mansion! I’m excited to research and give special tours. So if you come for a tour during the off-season there is a 50% chance I’ll be your guide! :)

  • I saw Fun Home with @speakwithoutasound and it was AWESOME :’)

  • The semester is almost over and that can’t happen soon enough.
  • I’m still struggling a lot with depression, but hopefully I’m on the right medication. But the struggle is real right now, holy heck.

  • Every time I mention Eliza’s orphanage I get chills and want to cry because it’s one of the most beautiful things ever.

That’s about all!

I think the thing that upsets me most about Mon-El is his wasted potential as a character. In my opinion having him as a romantic interest for Kara was a mistake because he could have been utilized so much better as just a friend. I really did like him for pretty much all of 2A because you saw him as someone who had to put aside everything he was taught about Krypton as a child because this Kryptonian was the last thing he had even remotely connected to his home planet. And for Kara, he was someone who could truly understand what it’s like to loose your entire planet, something Alex and Clark though they might try just can’t really grasp. He could have been an emotional support for Kara and still formed a close relationship while staying Platonic and I think T would’ve been better for the both of them but instead they spent a solid chunk of 2B unfolding a “will they won’t they” romance plot.

Request for @the-girl-in-the-fandom-world and her empath!dadsona/Robert. TW for alcohol/alcholism. PART 1/?

“Go team,” He muttered as he enjoyed his shot of whiskey and watched his team go on the Game playing on the tv.

“Enjoying The Game?”

He turned and regarded the owner of the voice. It was the guy that Mary had gone to hit on since she said ‘she always loved fresh meat’ though it looked like he had not taken the bait. Now cool features were regarding him with acceptable distant warmth. Looked new, he was sure that he had never seen the guy before, was kind of hard to not remember a guy that clearly looked like a native, dark fingers holding loosely onto a bottle of draft.

“I am now that we’re winning,” He grinned back.

“Ah, we must be rooting for different teams,” The man said, glancing at the tv. Honestly he looked clueless as he watched it. He had a nice profile and was definitely a good looking guy, no wonder Mary went to hit on him.

“In my opinion, my team is far superior,” He said back. Maybe he would see if this guy was up for some no strings attached fun.

“I have to disagree with that,” The guy said with a slight smirk. “Based upon our win/loss record, I’d say that my team is superior.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, since as it stands right now, my team is beating yours.”

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