I’m sure at some point the tower was ambushed by enemies, and it’s not like everyone has a suit that they can just will into existence by lightning or call upon with fancy technology

Sometime’s you’re just caught in your pj’s and have to make the best of it

Also tonight near the beginning, Hedwig’s mic cut out and Darren reacted perfectly. He said something along the lines of “I thought this was supposed to be fucking Broadway!” The mic continued to not work so he shouted “I GUESS I HAVE TO USE MY THEATRE VOICE.” Also the mic flew out of his hands at one point and into the audience and he just starting giving the finger.

I don’t have a Twitter, but if my fellow Supernatural fans feel like getting #fuckyousupernatural trending for that shameless betrayal, I’d be right there with you.

Because brutally killing a female character just so your male character can have a reason to be angry is such fresh, new storytelling.

Thanks for slapping your fans right in the face, guys.

Baby Fi in her human form. She basically looks the same except she’s fleshy and has messy hair. :0

The babies AU is different from the normal dumb fanfic-y headcanon I have for Fi. Baby Fi was born without arms while my headcanon Fi was just born as an adult and had her arms cut off in battle. Both of them infuse their cape with magic in order to use it as pseudo-arms (for both sword and human form).

gd walked out on that stage wearing fucking laundry basket netting, swimming goggles, pink skinny jeans, a backpack and fucking RUBBER GLOVES

and yet yall come into MY house and tell me he’s the king of fashion. hes the king of i robbed a fucking laundry mat in the dark and came out with this so fuck it