(he's not the sun kat)

He’s in love with him.
It’s not enough.
“But I love him.” he whispered.
“That boy is the sun,” they answered,  
“He was never meant to be yours.”
In the chaos of grief,
he took his sword in hand,
and severed the feathered wings from his back.
And from the ashes of the earth,
he stole the burning wings of a phoenix.
In the end, two hearts became one.
—  Icarus fell, only to rise // k.s. (inspired by @iamyreyi)
Love Cabin// Starkey + Ponyo

Starkey lay on the couch reading Shakespeares Taming of the Shrew. Smee sat at his sewing machine the machine making a delightful hum. Starkey laughed when he came to the part where Patruchio and Kat were arguing about the sun being a moon. This laugh hurt his side which he clutched. He heard the soft dinging of the bell attatched to the bottle. His Ponyo was here! He went to the window. “Well this certainly is a most pleasant suprise.” He leaned on the sil his hair blowing in the wind. He grinned at her, “I love you.”