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  • (somewhere in a space rebel base idk)
  • Lance over the comms: Pidge come quick! We found your brother!!
  • Matt: ...... what the fuck's a pidge
Tag yourself - Zodiac Sign edition


  • super loud
  • naive
  • gets excited easily
  • forgets to moisturize
  • accidentially punches ppl too hard


  • sleeps a lot
  • loved by animals
  • edgy artist™️
  • likes rocks
  • forgets where left is


  • too many unread books
  • judges a show after one episode
  • always rambling
  • can’t pick favourites
  • knows all the people


  • blankets
  • always listening to music
  • low-key angry all the time
  • really nice to hug
  • kinda scary


  • knows all the drama
  • IS all the drama
  • has great hair
  • “okay but”
  • v nice


  • too helpful
  • always judging
  • secretly high key freaks
  • everyone would be lost without them
  • lowkey a mess


  • flirt
  • has great style
  • too concerned about image
  • too many emojis
  • an angel


  • high key always angry
  • runs an edgy blog
  • only wears black
  • likes twenty one pilots
  • just wants a hug


  • always preaching
  • uses exaggerations too much
  • nobody knows how they became friends with them
  • can’t cut themselves short
  • big dreams


  • doesn’t use emojis
  • secretly a goofball
  • probs gonna be successful
  • lives off of coffee
  • likes cats better


  • goes to bed at 3am
  • knows all the facts
  • kinda mean
  • watches documentaries
  • p cool


  • listens to lana del rey
  • always spacing out
  • has crazy dreams
  • lowkey manipulative
  • a puppy
Vanoss is not even subscri- THAT SON OF A BITCH!
—  Delirious, exposing Evan for not being subbed to him (x)

Welcome to a world without Light.

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I don’t know them but I’m proud of them