For book!Home I’m making Talia’s character Hopi and I just talked to a Hopi woman from a reservation in Arizona and she said (by some amazing crazy happenstance) that her daughter who grew up on the reservation moved to California and lives three minutes from my house (!!!!??!?!) so I got her contact info and I’m going to get a chance to MEET her and interview her!!?!

the voices of my characters, as i imagine them!!! some are more accurate than the other (leno is 100% accurate whereas mojito not so much….), but overall i’m super happy with the result! Names under the cut ->

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Happy Birthday @autopsy-juice , PT made you a birthday cake!

I know it hasn’t been that long since we’ve been friends but i’m very happy to have you in my life, even if its just as internet buddies. You always know how to cheer me up and inspire me to do better. I hope this day and tomorrow will be fantastic for you because you deserve it and so much more <3

…You didn’t think i’d forget about Zuzu? XD sorry about the cake, he just wanted to grab some for his bae <3