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Matilda of Tuscany was a powerful feudal ruler in northern Italy and the chief Italian supporter of Pope Gregory VII during the Investiture Controversy. Sometimes called la Gran Contessa (“the Great Countess”) or Matilda of Canossa after her ancestral castle of Canossa, she was certainly one of the most important and interesting figures of the Italian Middle Ages: she lived in a period of constant battles, intrigues and excommunications, and was able to demonstrate an extraordinary force, even enduring great pain and humiliation, showing an innate leadership ability. // alison pill as matilda of canossa

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @liketheshewolf !!

okay so i mentioned it before but i’m going to stop selling my HQ/kagehina merch completely! i won’t reprint the book and i’m not sure if i’m ever going to upload it (tbh i don’t think i will, i’m sorry)

still available until the 17th of December:

fanbook pdf, fanbook physical copy, postcards & stickers

and again, i want to say thank you for your incredible support ;; even after so long i still can’t believe how lucky i am. it’s not a given at all that so many of you were interested. and then, even after receiving their orders, took the time to give feedback, post reviews, make cute short videos and so on 💘 you’re honestly amazing and i love you