(guys i just love her so much omg omg)

Fans of Black Lead Actress: Protect _______ at all costs

Fans of White Supporting Actress: “Becky” deserves all of the accolades and everything that should go to the Lead even though she’s not the Lead. Also, the Lead is so annoying and a total bitch. Look at how awesome and awkward and quirky this White actress is. Also, the white actress should be with the lead because they look better together and have *chemistry*

Fans of Black Lead Actress: Protecting _______ at all costs intensifies

Fans of White supporting Actress: OMG why are you pitting women against each other? Can’t we all just get along? Woman unity! Give peace a chance! Also, you need to support our white fave because, womanhood. 

Fans of Black Leading Actress: Fuck you. Where was this shit when we spent the last year defending the LEAD ACTRESS from your part of the fandom?

Fans of White supporting actress: OMG, you guys are so mean! Black Leading Actress must be so embarrassed by her fans.

Black Leading Actress: I love my fans so much!

Fans of Black Leading Actress: You were saying?

TOG as Sims - part 1

lol I’m so incredibly annoying that I feel the need to share pics of what I’ve been wasting my time on over the past few days. Find under the cut :P

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(by guys I mean ME )

The new clip?????? Omg???? Like seeing Sana’s mom was like a blessing she is adorable?? And you can see just how much she trusts and loves and cares for Sana?? And Sana is so cute with her??? And she told her about /a boy she likes/ I was super nervous the whole time like it was me in that screen omg

I mean I never told my mom about my crushes cuz they are just silly one sided crushes but seeing Sana so comfortable with her mother just warms my heart I can’t

She was just smiling the whole time it was so adorable I love her so much like you don’t understand

And also: they broke another misconception about muslim families, people probs think that muslim girls hide stuff like that form their parents and ‘date’ in secret but NU-UH skam just shows soft muslim mom and daughter moments and MY HEART IS JUST AAAH

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Can I have a gif reaction a fan ask bts and you (their gf) to take a photo with her/him together? Omg, this would be so cute, thank you so much in advice! Love your account<3

V: “You gotta admit that my girlfriend’s pretty, right?” //has only eyes for his one and only//

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Rap Monster: “Sure, but stand on this side of me. If you stand in between us, I’ll get jealous!”

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J-Hope: “Omg FAMILY PICTURE GUYS!” //just overall super excited//

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Jimin: “C’mere, you.”

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“Oh wait, my girlfriend’s looking.”

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Jungkook: “Let me just look at my reflection for a second…” //turns to his gf// “Y/N, how’s my hair…”

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Jin: “Did you know my girlfriend was once a fan like you?” //sweet to his gf, sweet to his fan//

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Yoongi: “Is this going to be photoshopped?”

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~ Jade

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Every time a sneak peek gets posted on Youtube about Kail and Javi I have to mentally brace myself for the onslaught of "OMG WHAT A BITCH JAVI DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER" "THIS DUMB BITCH LET A GOOD GUY GO FOR WHAT???" "JAVI IS SO NICE TO HER WTF HE'S SO GREAT" I just want to bang my head against a wall. We don't have to pick sides in a relationship, can't we just agree they are both equally shitty and mentally unstable people? Javi is so far from a good guy and Kail is so far from a good girl.

Omg I love you. Can we bang our heads on a wall together?

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Hey this blo is really really cute and sweet.Thanks for the blog like..we all appreciate wyvie for being in our lives and this is like so sweet and really would like help her alot ..with just boosting her confidence.Like she needs to know she is beautiful and amazing.And someone (everyone) appreciates her.i know I sound like her mum or something but i promise im not😂.i just care for her alot.THIS IS SO SWEET AND YOU ARE REALLY SWEET AND AMAZING AND SO IS WYVIE 💚


So I made my friend watch Shadowhunters.

Episode 1:

Friend: It’s got potential. It’s actually pretty interesting and that Alec guy is really cute.

Me: It’ll get better, trust me. And of course Alec is just <3 <3

Episode 2:

Friend: It’s amazing! Omg, They are all so pretty but Alec/Matt is just too beautiful. Wait, what? The evil dude is her father? The smol red head is so cute tho. Poor Simon. Izzy is pretty. Jace kinda looks like a golden angel.

Me: I KNOW. 

Episode 3

Friend: OMG. Holy shit, this is good stuff. And these vampires are so much better than Twilight. My poor baby Simon tho. Did I mention how much I love Izzy? AND OH GOD, ALEC IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON ALIVE. Jace, you stupid person, he likes you, that’s why. Climon is adorable! Wait, what is happening to Simon? Don’t tell me he’s having Vampire side effects.


Episode 4:

Friend: OH MY FREAKING GOD! THIS WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! Give me a blanket to wrap around Alec and keep him safe. And HOLY SHIT MAGNUS! AND MALEC. GOD HELP ME. MALEC.


Episode 5:

Friend: THIS KEEPS ON GETTING BETTER. AND WOLVES! CLIMON! ALEC ALEC ALEC! Jace you beautiful jerk! THAT MALEC CALL THO! PLEASE CAN I JUST ADOPT THESE TWO BEAUTIFUL BABIES. Oh, I knew it! I knew Luke was a good guy. Valentine is creepy. Can I just say that I like Clary and Alec as a brotp? Does that make sense? 

Me: I KNOW! And don’t worry, it all makes perfect sense.

Episode 6



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If you're still taking prompts... How about a modern AU where Baek Ah is friends with Soo and keeps trying to set her up with his grumpy older brother (So) because he thinks they'd be perfect for each other.


           “He really is great guy. Trust me noona.” This was the second time this week that Baek Ah was badgering Hae Soo to go out with his step brother. This time he came as far as her workplace to annoy her.

           “I’m not ready for a committed relationship. I mean I just got out of two horrible ones.”

           “Okay, the first one was a bastard, and Wook doesn’t even count. I told you that the second you told me that he had a thing for you. And he was an awful rebound if I’m being really honest.” He was idly texting as he said this. What a pain in my ass this kid is.

           “So I was a bad judge of character. Don’t hold that against me.”

           “But I agreed to let you set me up on a blind date.”

           “Hey there, don’t do that to me. I introduced the girl of your dreams, and you’re here asking me to repay that debt? No, that debt is off the books now Baek. I mean come on, how many years are you and Woo Hee together now? Three? Four years?”

           “Four years and two months.” Soo narrowed her eyes at him.

           He cleared his throat. “But uh—who’s counting right? But seriously though, please just do it for me. This will be the first and last blind date I’ll ever make you go on, okay?” he made the okay gesture with his thumb and index finger.

           “Noona. Pretty please?” He was tugging at her apron, “I think that you two would be perfect for each other.”

           “Didn’t you say that he doesn’t get along with your family?”

           “My family doesn’t try. Even I was a jerk to him when I first met him. There’s honestly no one I trust more. I’d even go as far as to say that I’d trust him with my life.”

           “That is something,” she nodded. “Fine, but if this doesn’t work out I’m going to go tell Woo Hee all the dirty secrets I know about you.”

           Baek chuckled. “Good luck with that. Jokes on you because she already knows all of my secrets!”

~ ~ ~

Hae Soo was running late and show totally forgot the address of the place she was supposed to meet Baek’s brother at. She decided to call him and ask but it went to voicemail. She then tried Woo Hee’s number and she picked up.

“Can you please put Baek on the phone please.”

“Sure. Things aren’t going so well are they?”

“Not at all.” She heard Woo Hee holler at Baek to come get the phone.


“Where was I supposed to meet this Song guy again?” she said, glancing at her watch.

“His name is So. And it’s the intersection with all the street food.”

“That was where he wanted this date to be?”

“Don’t ask me. I did say he was a bit peculiar.”

She hung up the phone, and was about to put it in her bag when she bumped into someone. Her poor phone then flew out of her hands and the screen cracked from the impact. She stared at it in disbelief.

She huffed in rage. The man standing in front of her hadn’t even bothered to apologize yet.

“Don’t you look before you—”

“Hae Soo sshi?” she had never even met this man before.

“How did you…” then it dawned on her. “Are you Baek Ah’s hyung-nim?”

“Yes. I’m sorry for not intruding myself properly, Baek had already shown me pictures of you last week. I guess I shouldn’t have said that either. That sounds creepy now that I’m saying it out loud.” He shuffled his feet.

That punk. How dare he show random men her picture?

“Also, do you need money to fix that phone? It was my fault for running into you. I truly am sorry.” He ran his hand through his hair.

Huh. He’s quite good looking, I’ll give him that. I guess Baek didn’t get that gene from their father, she thought.

“No need. You can just pay for today’s meal. Where are you taking me by the way?”

“I don’t like stuffy restaurants, but there is a teahouse near here that also serves dinner. It’s one of my favorite places to dine. Is that…okay? I mean we can go to someplace else if you’d like.”

Soo was taken by surprise. She had always lamented at the lack of appreciation for tea among the population today.

           I guess I’ve had worse dates, she thought.

           “That sounds…amazing actually. Lead the way.”


It’s totally fine, but it’s not like I'm that much taller than you are, Monaco! …Actually, could you set me on the table? It’s quite high up on this shelf…

She’s Back

Just when Newt thought that his best friend was gone, she arrived in the middle of the Maze Doors, bloody and bruised.

Newt x Reader

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Newt’s POV:

“Over there’s the Deadheads,” I told the new Greenie, Thomas or as I liked to call him, Tommy. He scrunched up his nose. It was his third day in the Glade and he has been asking a lot of buggin questions. He pointed to the Deadheads.

“What goes on in there?” he asked.

“That’s where we bury the dead Gladers,” I replied. He shuddered, earning a chuckle from me. Alby walked up to us, his hands on his hips.

“How’s the tour, Newt?” Alby asked and turned to me.

I shrugged. “Well, so far, he hasn’t tried to run away yet. That’s a good start.”

“Good that. Alright, you guys be careful,” Alby waved goodbye and walked back to the Homestead. I walked the Greenie near the Builders’ area. Gally shot Tommy a glare but he just shook it off. Minho caught up with us and talked for a bit. He threw in his sarcastic remarks here and there.

“Know what, Greenie?” Minho asked, placed his hand on Tommy’s shoulder.

Tommy shrugged, “No.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

Tommy smiled, but later the smile disappeared. Was something wrong?

“Anything in your mind, Tommy?”  I asked.

He was hesitant at first but then spoke, “Are we all guys here? Isn’t there a girl here?”

I stood there, silent. I saw Minho glance at me and I shook my head. Gally walked up to us, his frown noticeable as ever. He must’ve overheard our conversation.

“What did you say, Greenie?” He asked Tommy, his tone sounded like he was threatening the clueless boy.

“I-I just asked if there was a girl here,” Tommy stuttered.

“That’s enough questions for today, Tommy,” I sighed and he cocked his eyebrows. I turned around, not wanting to talk about anything anymore. Y/N, my best friend. I never saw her again.

“Wait, wait, why won’t you answer my question?” Tommy asked. It was silent. I shifted my weight to my leg with no limp. I turned to face them. Minho had his arms crossed and Gally was still frowning. They both took a quick look at me; their faces asked me if it was okay to tell Tommy about… everything. I slowly nodded.

“There was a girl here. Y/N, ” Minho said with a dismal tone. Gally’s facial expression softened. I knew why they were that gloomy. Y/N, the sweetest one here. She was the one who could out sass Minho, the one who could actually stop Gally from being a raging Slinthead. She was my best friend.

“What happened to her?”

I shut my eyes, hurt. It pained my heart just thinking of her. Her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her.

“We don’t like to talk about it. It’s a sensitive topic,” said Gally quietly. He knew that she was my best friend. He looked at me with hurt eyes. I looked at my feet. My heart stung so badly. I missed her so much.

“Especially for Newt,” Gally added making me shoot him a glare. He backed off a bit. Tommy turned to me. I knew that he was going to ask me who Y/N was and why she was so damn precious to me.

“She was my best friend. She was sweet but yet could be savage as shuck. She made all of us laugh and well…” I looked at Minho; my eyes told him to continue the story because it was too painful for me to even describe her.

“Y/N was a Runner. She was the best one I’ve seen, ever,” Minho paused and cleared his throat.

“Three weeks before you arrived, she went into the Maze with us. When it was time for the doors to close, she still wasn’t back and–”

“She never came back since,” I cut Minho off. I didn’t want to take a long time telling him about Y/N. I couldn’t take it.

“Guys!” Winston yelled running to us.

“Hey, slow down,” said Gally as he placed his hand on Winston’s back. The boy panted heavily.

“What’s going on?” I asked and he held up his hand to tell us to give him a second.

“Y/N,” he finally said, standing straight. I pushed Tommy out of the way. Y/N? What about her?

“Y/N?” I asked. I gazed over to the Gladers. They crowded over the Maze walls. I pointed to the Gladers.

“What’s goin on there? What about Y/N?” I asked, my tone very demanding.

“She’s…” She’s what? Y/N was what?!

“She’s back.” That was when I broke into a run. Though my leg hurt, it didn’t matter. Not at that moment. I pushed all of the Gladers out of the way. Once I got to the front, I saw her. Y/N. I ran to her, held her in my arms. She lay in my arms, limp. She was covered in bruises and cuts. Her breathing wasn’t steady at all.

“Y/N…. Y/N, can you hear me?” I asked my voice, shaking. Her eyes opened slightly.

“Newt,” she said my name weakly.

“Call the Med-Jacks! Clint! Jeff!” I yelled. Some Gladers hurried to call the medical experts. Clint and Jeff ran to us and placed her on a stretcher. She gave out a faint groan. They carried her to the Med-Jack hut. I followed them but they told me to stay outside.

“Hey, Newt,” Minho sighed, Gally following him. I replied with a nod.

“So, Y/N’s back,” Gally informed, like I didn’t already know.

“Oh really? You don’t say,” I retorted.

Two hours passed and the Med-Jacks came out of the hut. I went to them as quick as possible.

“What happened to her? How’s she doing? Is she fine?” I bombarded them with so many questions they only bothered to tell me that she was alive. Okay then. I busted into the room and there she was, lying limp on the bed. It crushed my heart and soul to see her so weak. Her arms were covered up in bandages, so were her legs. She groaned in pain.

“Newt?” she said my name half-heartedly. She looked so feeble, so weak. It hurt me so bad. I walked over to her and sat on her bed.

“Hey there, buddy,” I smiled.

“Hey, Newt,” she smiled back. She placed her delicate hand on top of mine. I could feel the small cuts on her fingers and palm.

“How you doin?” I asked. She shrugged.

“Alright, I guess. My cuts and bruises still hurt though,” she replied.

I examined her face. She had a small cut on her cheek and a bruise on her forehead. She had a few scratches on her neck. She winced as she sat upright.

“I missed you so much,” she retorted. My thumb brushed her wounded skin.

“I missed you, too. So much, Y/N, so much,” I sighed.

“How was it in the Maze?” I asked.


I chuckled. Of course it was. It was the shucking Maze.

“I killed some Grievers,” she sighed and my eyes widened. She killed Grievers? 

“How many?”

“Hmm, about five,” she said nonchalantly. Well dang. Remember when I said that she was sweet but savage? She was savage that time. Really savage. Sometimes, it actually scared me.

“Wow,” I said in awe.After some hours of talking, we heard a knock on the hut door. It opened slowly, making a creek sound. Thomas stood there, his hands behind his back. He glanced at Y/N then at me.

“Hey, Tommy,” Y/N smiled.

“You know me?” Tommy asked.

Y/N nodded, “Newt told me everything about you. How’s the place?”

“Not bad,” Tommy replied looking at the Glade then back at us.

“Oh, and Newt, dinner time,” he informed and I nodded.

“Alright. I’ll just get you some food,” I turned to Y/N.

She shook her head.“You go hang with your friends. Don’t worry about me. I’m fine,” she told me.

“No, I’m getting you food, whether you like it or not,” I told her.

“Not,” she retorted. I shook my head at her silliness. Before continuing to go to the Kitchen, I turned to Y/N once more.

“I’m still getting you food.”She rolled her eyes in a playful manner,

“Fine, Slinthead. Bye Tommy.”

Thomas waved goodbye and we headed to the Kitchen. It was great to have Y/N back. I missed her so much. Just hope that nothing like that will happen ever again.                                                                                                            ———————————–

hello hello hellooooooo                                                                                         you people make my day                                                                                      i love you guys so much you don’t even know                                                      please                                                                                                                    omg                                                                                                                  im crying                                                                                                                i love you so much                                                                                                 and                                                                                                                       omg                                                                                                                      life sucks as usual                                                                                                 send me requests!                                                                                                i won’t mind making imagines for you guys                                                            you guys are balls awesome                                                                                 uhh                                                                                                                          yeah                                                         

ok guys, so here it is the story of how this happened to me:

so i’m from new york, and when i heard that tatiana was coming to toronto comic con i could not think about anything other than how desperately i wanted to go. it physically hurt, like i wanted to go to this more than anything. tatiana maslany changed my entire world. i am also a performer (aspiring performer anyway) and finding her, changed me. i fell in love with the art of performing all over again through her, i was reminded of why i fell in love with it in the first place through her, and she moves me, inspires me, blows me away, astonishes me, more than anybody. she is my greatest inspiration and there was nothing i wanted more than to stand in front of her and tell her this. somehow, thanks to my dad, who understood how desperate i was to go to this, i was able to go. (it was an early birthday present, talk about the greatest birthday present in the history of ever…) so i booked my flight and hotel and everything and i was going to toronto for the weekend.  i got to toronto friday night, this is actually my first time in toronto and it’s amazing i love everything about it. so saturday, i woke up bright and early, i honestly couldn’t sleep at all i was so anxious and excited and just a complete wreck about what could possibly happen that day. the panel started at 4 but i got there at like 11:30…so yeah i was waiting around for almost 5 hours. slowly a line for orphan black started to form and we all waited and waited and waited. they announced that they were doing a random lottery type thing where 150 random people will get free autographs. a lot of people were upset that it wasn’t just the first 150 people in line, cause like come on the people who have been waiting in line for 5 hours should definitely get a little something. so we had to pick a ticket and at the end of the panel they said they would call out a color and whoever gets that color gets to go to the autograph signing. this added so much anxiety, i had red, and i was so so so nervous. OY. ok so finally it was 4 and we all run in and me and 2 girls i was with (who were amazing and so kind to me while i was having a complete emotional breakdown thank you to everyone there who was so sweet clone club is so amazing) so we sit in the front row and i’m just staring at her name and i’m like…she’s gonna be sitting in front of me in like 5 minutes idk what’s gonna happen to me…so they show a little season 2 promo type thing and then they announced them and they walked out. and tatiana freaking looked like absolute perfection her hair, her outfit like i was already having a full on heart attack, and jordan is the cutest thing. they were right in front of me. there they were this was actually happening. so the people doing the interview asked them a bunch of questions and i was trying to take some pictures and videos but i COULD NOT PHYSICALLY GET MY HAND TO STOP SHAKING it was uncontrollably shaking so the videos suck. at one point tatiana kind of looked over to where i was sitting and i screamed i love you and she waved, and that alone killed me, i had no idea what was about to happen…so they asked audience members if they had any questions and i just kept thinking to myself, i need to come up with a good question, and i wanted to think of something that she doesn’t get asked a lot. so i’m just sitting there desperately trying to think of something. and then i did! and i whispered to the girl next to me if she thought it was ok and she was like yes yes ask it! so i started to raise my hand. and they weren’t calling on me. but i kept raising it and then the 2 girls next to me started pointing at me and waving in my direction and trying to get attention and then finally THEY CALLED ON ME. so i stand up and i’m all ready to ask my question, and then tatiana looks at me…and i lost it. everything stopped. everything. i started crying, and shaking, and i just poured my heart out to her right there in front of 300 people, the co creator of orphan black, everyone. it just happened. and as i’m speaking somebody runs over to me and hands me a microphone and i just keep saying how i’m gonna cry i’m gonna cry. and i told her what she meant to me, how i believe she is the epitome of why this is the most magical art form, that she is my ultimate inspiration, that she changed my whole life, and i was kind of there but not, like it was so completely surreal, and then finally i look at her eyes, and she’s crying. she’s looking at me, the most genuine, kind eyes i have ever seen in my entire life, looking at me like i’m the only person in the room, not just another fan. i can’t even explain it. it was the most powerful thing i have ever felt. and she was moved to tears. and somebody screamed out “she’s crying!” and tatiana wipes her eyes and says that was so beautiful. and honestly i don’t even know what to say. tatiana maslany changed my whole world. i feel like i have a really strong connection with her as a performer but also as a human being and for her to be completely moved to tears by my words, it was an indescribable feeling. indescribable. so i ask her my question, i asked which is her favorite relationship to portray between 2 clones, and someone goes great question! and then tatiana goes that is a great question! ( i was barely even alive at this point) and i sit down and she answered the question (she said sarah and rachel for s2) and she was looking just at me the entire time she answered my question and i s2g i barely even heard what she said i was just staring at her crying.  and now i’m crying just thinking about it. so the entire panel was amazing of course. they were so funny and perfect. just everything and more. omg i love them so much it’s ridiculous. so finally it was time for them to do the lottery. and he pulls out a ticket and turns it over and IT WAS REDDDDD. i started screaming and freaking out and everyone in my area who had red was freaking out and tatiana was laughing at us and it was amazing. so we all run to the line to get our autographs. we get to the line and we’re just standing there waiting and tatiana and jordan walk out, and tatiana walks towards me looks at me smiles and waves to me..everyone kept telling me how she’s always going to remember me and how people were crying and i just felt so overwhelmed i mean..talk about a dream come true holy shit. i’m standing in line waiting and some lady from the space channel comes up to me with a camera guy and tells me they were so moved by my story and asked me if they could interview me for a segment on monday night…what?!??!?! i was like um i mean if you insist….?!??!what?!??!?! omg. so the lady starts asking me questions about why i love tat and how i came from new york and honestly i don’t even remember what i said but i guess we’ll find out soon…i think it airs on monday and i won’t be in canada anymore so hopefully someone will be able to send it to me. and then not only did they interview me but they filmed the entire thing. they filmed me waiting in line, they filmed the moment i mET HER. so i’m waiting in line shaking, it’s almost my turn. and keep in mind they were pretty strict about just staying at the table and getting a picture signed, they weren’t allowing you to go around and take a picture or anything like that…so finally it was my turn and i walk up to her and i felt like everyone was watching (which was probably because they were) the cameras were filming me and i look at her and i go “tatiana can i give you a hug?” and she stands up and opens her arms and i run behind the table and hug tatiana maslany. the warmest, kindest, most genuine, unbelievable hug i have ever received i never wanted it to end. the greatest moment of my entire life. and i was crying and shaking and just wow i can’t even f;lkjsd;fljsd;lkf shit. so tatiana saw that this was being filmed and started doing poses for the camera and i’m just standing there staring at her laughing and crying and crying and laughing and she wasfucking HOLDING MY HAND guys i’m trying to explain this as calmly as possible but just know that i have not eaten or slept since this happened. this is so surreal and such a dream come true that my stomach has been in knots ever since. so finally i go back around and this girl, just there is no comparison. she is the definition of a kind hearted, down to earth, genuine, real, beautiful human being. she spent so much time with me, and with everyone there just really talking to people not like fans, but like friends. guys she was holding my hand basically this entire time and there are some pictures where she is looking at me with tears in her eyes. i wrote her a letter, so i handed it to her and she was so touched, and she made a funny comment about how it was “so dense” or something it was so cute. and then she ASKED ME IF I WROTE MY TWITTER NAME IN IT LIKE YES OF COURSE I DID TATIANA OMFG. then we talked about so many things omg she remembered that i said i was a performer so she started talking to me about good theatre to see while i was here and she told me she just saw bryan cranston’s show and it was amazing, and then i told her how much i loved her haircut, and she said she wanted a change and then said something about my hair too and omg i was floating on a damn cloud. then she signed my picture. and held my hand again before i walked away and guys. i know we all love tatiana maslany we all love her so much,and when you love someone that much you hope to god that if you were to ever meet them, they would be kind to you and it will be an amazing experience and tatiana maslany was above and beyond anything i could have possibly imagined. she just kept looking at me with tears in her eyes and holding my hand and it was a complete dream come true. like that is all i can say. it was an actual dream come true. the definition of a dream come true. so finally when i had to leave her i walked over to jordan and omg. he already recognized me from the panel and he looked at me and started telling me how they were all so moved by how genuine i was and my authenticity and to make sure i always keep that with me and to never change and i was stunned. it was so sincere and i was blown away that he was saying this to me. blown away i couldn’t even speak back to him i was like stuttering and i think i said something about this cast and how i am amazed everyday iDK i don’t remember tbh i was just like jordan gavaris is calling me genuine and authentic and telling me to never change. AND he takes out his picture and told me he already SIGNED IT IN ADVANCE he had it waiting for me WHAT?!??! and on it he wrote “thank you so much, please never change” holy shit i couldn’t believe it. so finally i leave the area and i just needed to find a wall and fall over. we waited around for a little and when the signing was over tatiana ran over to a group of us that were standing there and took a group shot it was the most precious thing omg she’s so perfect it’s unfathomable how perfect she actually is like. holy shit. so after that i left and i cried hysterically like probably more than i ever have in my entire life. and the more i look at pictures and videos the more surreal it all feels. it was truly the best day of my life. i got to hug my hero, i got to thank my hero, and she was the greatest human being i have ever had the honor of meeting in my 20 years of life. i am so grateful and thankful for the day i decided to watch orphan black because it brought me to tatiana maslany and tatiana maslany is the ultimate gift.

ps. that night i got a notification on my phone telling me that tatiana maslany is now following me on twitter. SHE FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER. i repeat SHE FOLLOWED ME ON FUCKING TWITTER

the most surreal, indescribable, perfect day of my ENTIRE LIFE.

Pref: A Fan Tweets A Picture They Took Of You


“ugh you can just tell how much luke loves her. #jealous”


“you guys i just saw michael and (y/n)! omg omg omg”


“saw these 2 cuties walking around today! didn’t get to talk to them but omg they’re so adorable”



Confession: Kira and I tricked you all into believing we are cool

Too lazy to redo the picture so yep, I strike the old number. This was meant to be out when I reached my +1400 followers, I started it with +1,370 of you last week and I’m already close to my +1, 500 followers and OMG you guys keep coming like if I were giving brownies and cookies for free and just OMG! I have to admit I’m really, extremely surprised I reached these many followers and to have so many good comments about how I portray Kira. I love roleplaying her and I’m happy that a lot of people enjoy playing with her even if I sometimes go overboard with the ranting. I guess it is because she is basically me but with Kitsune powers and woosh! xD

Thank you all so much for following and putting up with me! I love every single one of you and I can’t really explain how happy I am to have found such wonderful people to roleplay with <3 Seriously, I wouldn’t be here every day cause i got no life, literally, posting and loving this as much as I do if it weren’t for the amazing partners I have. The ones listed below are cupcakes that I love to talk OOC and just love to death and how awesome they are <3 The others are all the people that I’ve had the chance to roleplay with and have stick with me since day one and others that I enjoy roleplaying with and are awesome and pros portraying their character. Go follow everyone, repeat e v e r y o n ein this list if you don’t, because you are missing amazing muns and muses . 

My cupcakes:

  • notawerecheetah Where do I even start with her? Cheyyyyy I love you okaaay!? Even when you break my heart and give me the most agonizing angst in the history of roleplay <3 I love roleplaying with you and talking to you OOC and aaah -tackles-
  • isaacmcscarvelahey, thebansheeofthepack, wereyoulonely Don’t get me started with these three. I love them to death and are amazing playing their characters and they are amazing muns. They are always there when I have my moments and freak outs, good and bad. They are perfect and alwayyyys make me laugh in our chat xD

  • liamisnumbernine Ashleeeyyyyy! She is my life savior, when I can’t watch the episode somewhere. She saves me from depression and going insane by giving me the links she has. That’s the mun, who is also a cutie. Her Liam? One of the best in my list and I love our threads and we are always coming up with new ideas that come out of our random talks <3
  • xlikeamonsterx & subalphascott My boyyyys! Amazing muns that I miss talking in group but individually they are my cupcakes because I’m the only girl in the group and I rule in it xD Nah, but they are amazing people and their characters are flawless.

  • wxilingxlydiaxmartin Kayyyyy We don’t talk much, we don’t roleplay but you need to be here. Literally. I adore those moments were we make fun of Tyler or you tag me in something random that happened to you with him and all that crazy stuff. And I know who to count on if I need someone to punch Tyler \o/ xD Anyway, she plays Lydia amazing <3 That’s to sum it up.
  • dorkuslupus:  That moment when I don’t remember if you ever told me your name…XD But still! Another awesome Scott muse and awesome mun I’m keeping. I miss talking to chuuu! But anyway, I love your Scott and you know I love chu too because since we started to plot with Derek we started to give each other ideas for everything we did and aaah love chu buddy!

  • not-my-alpha-mccall Don’t get me started with you. You did threatened me to say something nice so…You are nice, he is nice guys…that’s it xD I have always loved how amazing he plays Scott and since day one we got along so yayy…Probably because he is just as weird as me, but besides that he is an amazing friend and boyfriend. I love you Tyler! ^-^ <3

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