(girls can make toys too you know)


U l t r a v i o l e n c e  [ P a r t   2]


She asks rather teasingly pouting her lips. She’d make a perfect victim if she wasn’t enjoying it so much.

“Are you gonna hurt me?”

“Oh, Carly-girl, I’m gonna hurt'cha really, really bad.”

He speaks slowly, taking the time with each word he says, wide, innocent smile playing on his lips. He looks almost like a little boy who got brand new toy for Christmas and can’t wait to play. She finds it disturbingly adorable.

“How about a drink first?”

Joker furrows his brows, which according to Scarlett, makes him look so much like a teddy bear.

She nods, watching him poor a glass of whiskey. She knows that game all too well yet it doesn’t make it any less exciting. He sets the glass aside, reaches for her wrist and begins to draw invisible patterns on it with his thumb before piercing it with a thin yet very sharp blade. Scarlett lets out a loud cry mixed with hysterical laughter as she watches her blood pour into a glass, mixing with alcohol in pretty whimsical swirls. Joker winks at her playfully as he piks up his drink and finishes it off in few big gulps.

“Oh, baby, you taste so good… What is that? Does it hurt? You poor sweet darling.”

You know what makes me so fucking angry? 

I have a little cousin who is around seven and he is a very gnc little boy, and my family has a gross history of denying him toys and clothes and hobbies that he wants because they are girl things. This week I was in touch with his mother and she was telling my mother how he started asking her if boys can have their ears pierced, too, and that he wants it. She obviously didn’t want that so she told him that he was too young and that he has to grow up first.

And his 1 year old sister got her ears pierced against her will when she was one week old. I pointed that out to her, and she said, “well yeah, but she’s a girl”.

Girls are expected to suffer. Girls are meant to suffer, and to be branded as the lesser sex; the second category, the subhuman. My heart goes out for my little cousin who has so much suffering ahead of her, already marked in her body with metal and pink. My heart goes out for every little girl, because I have been there, and I know the marks it leaves. I know how hard recovering from the trauma of having your girlhood stolen is.


The most wonderful time of the year

Dear Maya
It’s almost Christmas! I have gingerbread cookies in the oven and I just iced some reindeer. I finished shopping today. Time to sit down with a cup of spiked cocoa and relax. (already had a glass of wine!) I love all the wonderful news about our favorite girl. She had a nonstop year! I hope she is relaxing too and I know she’s so happy to be at home with her family.

K: hey Santa I need some ginger if you can tear yourself away from the toy store

R: hi honey. I’m leaving now. I got the 5 foot unicorn. Have you started the cookies I asked for?

K: You better be kidding and not yet. And before you ask - NO I am not making anatomically correct gingerbread people. You are so one track even with cookies

R: So I won’t be nibbling a robust gingerbread bottom? It was only a suggestion. I have a surprise for you. There’s a red bag in the kitchen pantry that says Mrs. Claus

K: ?????

R: go open it. It’s an early Christmas gift

K: OK. Hold on

R: I’ll wait :)

K: O.M.G. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
are you fucking kidding me??? A storm trooper nutcracker?

R: thought you might like that

K: are you kidding? I LOVE IT!!! And the cookbook!

R: I read on twitter that you said your character Maureen was a little nutty

K: I hope your New Year’s resolution is to get off twitter

R: honey you know that’s how I keep up with us

K: yeah whatever

R: they were talking about my guitar case
the fact that you travel with my guitar seems to bother some. Really so fucking stupid. Some insist it’s yours

K: I have my own guitar case. Maybe you need a new one from Santa

R: I like that one just the way it is. I’m glad you like the nutcracker. It was just a little something to get you in the mood

K: the mood?

R: the holiday baking mood

K: ha ha. I know what kind of “mood” you’re in

R: if you are thinking “Christmas nibbling mood” you’re spot on

K: you are ALWAYS in the nibbling mood

R: only because you are so delicious to nibble on

K: did you get the stocking stuffers on my list?

R: I would like to stuff your stocking

K: Shut up

R: don’t be a scrooge

K: never. I’m just sitting here looking at our tree and smiling

R: the tree looks amazing

K: I love how each ornament means something and I love the ones you picked out. That crystal carriage is perfect

R: for my newest princess

K: I love how you’re so sentimental

R: that’s what Christmas is to me. Being sentimental & being with my family. It’s so good to be home

K: I know it’s been a crazy busy year

R: NYC in a couple of weeks and it will start up again.

K: you can read her the NYC books you got last week

R: I can’t wait to read The Night Before Christmas

K: you’re the best Santa ever

R: it’s the most wonderful time of the year

K: you’re wonderful

R: you’re more wonderful. I love you

K: Merry Christmas dude. Love you more

So sweet Maya
I have lots to do in the next couple of days but I’m looking forward to a family Christmas. That’s what it’s all about. Family and sharing the magic together. No Scrooges here! Just love. That’s all we need. It’s going to be OK.