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Throat-Punch Thursday (M)

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Summary: Work has kept Y/N from taking care of her physical needs for far too long. After a particularly rough day, Y/N finds a release in her smirking, shirtless, delicious neighbor.

Pairing: Wonho x Reader

Genre: Smut, Oneshot

Word Count: 6,283

Warning: Neighbors!Wonho, sexual themes, mild femdom, spanking, profanity, drinking

A/N: Y/F/N = Your Friend’s Name

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NSFW A-Z (NCT Taeyong)

A/N: I got this template from chantenyongs and I could not find the original creator to give proper credit to.

A = Aftercare

He’d be out like a light as soon as the do is done. Obviously he’d ask you how it was and if you were okay but other than that his conscious is clear and he’s worn out.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

Taeyong will loovveee hissss fiinnnngeeeeeeersss. His favorite thing is seeing you beg for him to touch your core once with just one of his fingers like the tease he is. For you he can’t get over your eyes as cheesy as t may sound. The way they flutter shut when you’re close is a sight he’ll never get tired of.

C = Cum

Taeyong lets you cum first no matter what before coming inside of you. He wouldn’t wear a condom for only two reasons, 1) if you’re on birth control and 2) if you two are trying to get pregnant. If those to don’t apply then you’ll catch him wearing a condom because he doesn’t trust his pull out game.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)

He wants you to top just one time. He’s always the one starting the physicality and playing the final move, he just wants to see how you’d begin and see what you’d do to him even if it’s just one time. You’ll never hear him ask for it though, he’s too shy and would be too nervous to ask you such a favor.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

Taeyong is an adult so I can probably safely assume he’s no virgin but it’s not like he fucked every girl in sight, probably only did it once or twice so I bet he’s pretty knowledgeable about the situation and knows how to make it enjoyable for the both of you.

F = Favorite position

He’s sitting on the edge of the bed (or on a couch), you’re sitting on his lap with your back facing him. Taeyong’s fingers are toying with your clit while his legs are keeping yours spread out for him. His head lies on the crevice joining your neck to your shoulders while your wiggling around from his movements. This is his perfect position before going doggy on you.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

I can’t picture Taeyong being giggly or cracking jokes during sex but bet you’d hear him make snarky remarks the day after.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)

Like JB he likes to keep clean unless he hadn’t had time to shave so usually he’s trimmed down.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

I wouldn’t say romantic but he’s not disrespectful or anything. His main focus is to keep you satisfied before himself. He’d get romantic for special occasions or if you two just made up after an argument.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

He can’t get going without you so let’s say you two are at a distance because he’s at the studio or something. He’ll legit tell you he needs a nude (depending on the stage of the relationship you guys are at) and he’ll use that in the company showers when no one is around.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Lowkey Taeyong’s into Finger Kinks if that’s a thing still??? I also don’t see him having a problem with fucking in public, just as long as you two don’t get caught.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Other than your house or the studio Taeyong likes to have sex in public bathroom stalls. If someone comes into the bathroom they can’t see you two but they’ll get out when they hear what’s going on.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Taeyong’s #1 turn on would be you letting your hair down/taking off a piece of clothing because you’re hot and talking to him in a sexy voice. The thing that keeps him going would be the fact that you haven’t came yet.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He would never use gags on you. Why would he want to keep you quiet? Besides he thinks they’re a bit dangerous because some have choking hazards so he’d like to avoid any serious damage being afflicted on you.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Wouldn’t mind eating you out (would love it tbh) but like I said before he silently hopes you’ll take charge so when you lean down to blow him there’s no way he’d stop you.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

fAsT AnD rOUgH especially with his hands! Imagine taking his dick while he’s rubbing your clit at rabbit speed! Ughhh……

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He has the stamina for a quickie but would like more time to actually communicate with you afterwards. He’d feel bad if you two just had sex and he had to leave immediately before he had the change to even help you get dressed.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He’s pretty new to the whole sex thing so I think he’d be down for anything if you were too, just as long as it was safe and respected both of your boundaries. The risks he’d be willing to take is getting caught by members or even strangers, it all depends on where you two are at while “performing”

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

SM pushes their idols to the max and so this man will push himself to the end as well. He can probably go for 8-9 rounds without clocking out??? He’d stop when he felt the time was right I guess.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

The only toy I can see him having is a pocket-sized vibrator he got as a gag gift one time but actually ended up using it on you.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

He’d tease you for hours if he had the time to, you’d have to take charge or beg if you wanted to move along any more.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

SILENCE WHO? I only know bed creaking, your screams, his praises, and his moans that can be heard through out the entire building.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

It’s cannon that Dotae is a thing so if Dooyoung’s down and if you’re okay with it Taeyong would like a threesome please and thank you.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

It’s always the quiet ones you gotta look out for so I can picture Taeyong’s a good eight inches easy.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

His sex drive would depend on his mood. If today was a good day he won’t say no to sex, but if he just isn’t in the mood there’s no way to make him hard.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

Immediately after checking on you


😊She Didn’t Have Time (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Listen to She Didn’t Have Time by Terri Clark! Grayson and Y/N aren’t dating but they have a thing, and everyone knows. Y/N has a 2 year old daughter and Grayson finds out about her because Y/N has been keeping it from him because she is scared he’ll stop talking to her, but he’s super cute with her kid, and they end up dating.

Warnings: None

A/N: Enjoy! Sorry this took so long!

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Grayson and I were at Passion Berry which was a local froyo shop. I was making myself a strawberry melon cup with boba on top while Gray made one of his famous acai bowls. We decided since the weather was nice we would sit outside at a picnic table. I couldn’t help but notice people were taking pictures of Grayson and I on their phones. I tried to keep my eyes on my bowl, but Grayson gently placed his hand on top of mine and gave a relaxing squeeze. I looked up to meet his hazel eyes and his white smile. “Everyone thinks we’re dating.” Grayson chuckles and I laughed with him. I knew that. Grayson has tried to convince me to date, but I just couldn’t. Not when I have my two year old Allie. Grayson doesn’t know about Allie and he won’t find out. I don’t want him to take pity on me for being a single mother and I wasn’t going to introduce Allie to him either. It would just confuse her.

“Yeah I’ve seen all over twitter.” I giggled nonchalantly. I covered my face with my hands smiling. We sat down at a small table and we ate our yogurt. People were still snapping pictures and giggling. I knew since Gray and I first met that I would be in the public’s eye. Fans have even asked for pictures with me. It’s been sort of crazy, but I’m learning to manage.

“You know tomorrow I have an interview. I’m 99 percent sure I’ll get asked about you. What do you want me to say?” I groaned at his question.

“Grayson…” I trailed off. He wanted me to tell him to tell people we were together. He wanted me to tell him we were dating, but I just can’t.

“Don’t worry. I’ll say we’re just friends.” Grayson gave his best fake smile and went back to eating his berries. I let out a sigh as my phone started ringing. My alarm to go pick up Allie from her babysitter was going off. I stood up and I threw the bowl in the trash.

“Gray it’s getting late. I’ve got to go pick up my sister from practice.” I lied. Grayson shrugged.

“Will I see you later?” He asked and I nodded.

“Of course. I’ll have to come see you guys before your interview.” I kissed his cheek goodbye as I walked to my car.

“Let me walk you.” He says which causes me to stop in my tracks.

“What?” I asked confused.

“To your car. Let me walk you.” He smiled and I gulped.

“No Gray it’s fine. I mean really. It’s right there. I can make it.” I quickly spit out. He tried to follow behind me as we had gotten closer to my car. I could see my dancing hawaiian girl on the dashboard. Before he could protest, I quickly jumped in my car and pull out of the parking lot not even buckling yet. I almost hit Gray, but I needed to leave now. I looked in my back seat and I see Allie’s toys and car seat. I see cheerios all over the seat too. Dead giveaway I had a child. He couldn’t know.


“Allie how are you feeling?” I asked her as I rubbed her stomach. Her babysitter told me that she threw up a couple times and most likely caught a stomach bug. I wasn’t planning on leaving her alone anytime soon or taking her back until she felt better. I told Grayson last night that I wouldn’t be able to go see him before the interview, but he claimed he understood. 

I was giving Allie a bottle when I heard a knock at the door. It was my friend Stella coming over to help me take care of Allie. I lied Allie in her crib and went to open the front door only to see it wasn’t Allie there. “Grayson what are you doing here?” I asked, but Grayson barged in my house and looked around. “Gray.” I tried pulling his arm back, but he jerked away from me.

“You don’t have a baby sister do you?” He asked and looked around. “I was asked how I felt about you having a kid today at the interview.” Grayson stared forward down the hall. He looked back at me.

“I can explain.” I answered, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t really say anything. This wasn’t a small secret I was keeping. I was keeping the fact I had a whole other human life from him. A child. My child. He started to walk around and look around the house.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I should have put the pieces together. Randomly leaving during our dates, never taking us anywhere in your car, I’m so stupid.” He cursed. “They showed me a picture of you holding her in the park. They got the picture from your Instagram! You told me you didn’t have an Instagram and I see it is filled with pictures of her. You have a child and you didn’t feel like I should know?” I could tell Grayson was hurt. I felt so bad, but I just couldn’t. I had no words for him. I didn’t have to tell him anything, but I felt I needed to.

“Gray don’t!” I tried to grab him again, but he kept on walking away from me. Allie started scream and I followed after him quickly, but he turned into my room where Allie’s crib was. Allie was crying and Gray walked over and looked at her. “Grayson I’m sorry.” I apologized, but he didn’t even look at me. He leaned over the crib and started bobbing Allie up and down.

“Shhh shhh it’s okay. It’s okay.” He then started to rock her side to side and do anything possible to calm her down. She then started gurgling and cooing as Gray kept rocking her. “See? You’re okay.” He then looked up at me smiling. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I looked to the ground.

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“I didn’t think you would want to continue what we had if you found out I had a child.” I answered truthfully. I didn’t want his pity or anything. Grayson chuckled as he started bobbing Allie again.

“You really think I’m that shallow?” He asked seeming truly hurt. I had no words.

“I just don’t trust guys Grayson. After I had Allie the dad just up and left one day. He said I was better off without him, just like my mom said. Since then I haven’t tried dating or going out, until I met you.” I saw his frown turn to a small smile. “I’m sorry Gray, but I’ve learned you’re not like other guys. You’re better.” He smiled again.

“Well if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to take you and her out sometime. Maybe we can all go to IHOP or go watch some movie? Like a real date.” He smiled which made me smile too.

“Her name is Allie.” I said softly as he looked at her.

“What does Allie like?” She covered her face with her hands and smiled. “Allie likes being shy I see. She’s so much like her mom.” He chuckled while looking to me. “Beautiful.” He says bobbing Allie up and down. “Come on let’s show Allie what pancakes are.” He said walking out of the room to which I followed behind him.

“I’ll drive.” I grabbed my keys and Gray looked surprised because I always insist he drives. I felt so much better now that he knew about Allie. Like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. We get in the car and Gray sat in the back with Allie in her car seat.

“Ready Allie?” He asked in his childlike voice. She raised her arms giggling. I started to back out of the driveway as I couldn’t stop smiling.

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This Is How It Starts, Our Life Together | Act 1 | Various x MC

Week 1 

Thursday:  Act 1


The trouble is Lord Mitsuhide doesn’t feel sensible around you. Not when you’re pouring his tea and leaning over him, the smell of fresh green leaves in spring tickling his nose. Why Lord Nobunaga would think this a good idea, he’ll never know, only that he’s now stuck between a rock and a hard place working in close proximity with you. A thrill courses through him, but that’s to be expected after five consecutive days together.

“Milord, may I start collating these files?”

When you both look up he feels himself slipping. His gaze sinks to the papers in his hands. He can’t let you know. He’s a gentleman. The perfect gentleman.

“Of course. Thank you.”

But he’s not privy to your thoughts, and if he could comprehend the state you’re in, he would drop those files and run out the door. Or drop those files and run to you. A buzzing under your skin races along your nerves, slithering and swirling through your system, to make an odd, tingling warmth in your stomach. Watching him melts your brain to soup.

You want to slip your sandal off and trail your socked toes up and down his thigh, where his hands perch lazily atop, drumming absentmindedly. You want to slide your fingers under the crisp fabric of his kimono and run your fingers across the muscle and veins and feel the beating pulse under your thumb. But most of all, you want to drag his mouth down and kiss that soft, dissolute mouth senseless.

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Let me help you (m)

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genre: smut

word count: 2,3k

“What the hell is this?” You were sitting infront of your TV, playing one of your favorite video games, too busy to focus on the person in your room. The game needed your full attention now so you couldn’t turn around to see what he meant. “I can’t look. What is it?” “Hmm I don’t know, otherwise I wouldn’t ask.”

Your rolled your eyes. “Don’t act like an idiot. Just try to describe it”, you scoffed.

For a short moment he said nothing, only the screams and curses from your enemies in the game were heard.


“Go away shithead”, you cursed and pressed the buttons furiously to kill the zombie which tried to attack you when Taehyung´s next words made you stop everything immediately.

“It’s small and silver. Oh, and on top of it is a black button.”


No, no, no. As fast as you could you pressed pause, trying to stop his curious head from setting it on.

“Wait Tae, don’t press the-

You couldn’t finish your sentence when his thumb pushed the black button down. You stood in front of your bed where he was lying with your vibrator in his hand, observing the little thing which was now demonstrating what it can do. You couldn’t speak nor move, too embarrassed about this situation.

“Tae, I can-

“I didn’t know you had sex toys.” He grinned to himself. “Why didn´t you tell me. I´m hurt Y/N.”

You were surprised. You thought he would make fun of you for having something like that. But that didn´t change the fact that he still wants to know that I own sex toys.

“Well, actually it’s the only thing I have. The girls and I bought it for fun.”

“And you have tried it, right?” He looked at you with an expression you couldn’t read.

You blushed but tried to fix your color when you saw the cocky smirk plastered on his face. You played with the hem of your skirt, unsure of telling him the truth or not. Of course, you have tried it but for some reason it didn’t feel as amazing as Ellie told you how great it feels. Plus, you didn´t get the kick to use other toys as well.

“Y-yes, but it wasn’t that good”. Damn it, why did you stutter. “I didn’t even have an orgasm with it so nothing speci-”

“Wait, you haven’t had an orgasm?” He sat up to look at you full of wonder and in the next moment full of irritation. “Let me help you then. Let me make you cum with it.”

You nearly chocked on your own spit and when your lips parted in shock he only smirked at you again. Did Kim Taehyung really suggested to help you to get an orgasm with your own fucking vibrator? You were speechless. Impressed but speechless.

You looked at his face trying to find anything which shows that he is only joking but you couldn’t find anything. You gulped when he smirked at you wider, knowing that you only waited for the moment where he would tell that it was a joke, but it wasn´t. He just moved the still vibrating toy in front of his face, waiting for an answer.

“Don’t look like you saw a ghost. You said it wasn’t satisfying. Fortunately, I am here and can help you feeling good.”

You felt like your eyes were falling out of your head any moment. Was he serious? He said it like he was inviting you to go to the cinema with him. This is insane. But the thought of it made you excited, somehow. There is nothing wrong with it and you wouldn’t attend hell as well wouldn’t you? You took some deep breaths, breaking your head with thoughts full of pros and cons which would bring you if you accept his offer or not.

“And?” Taehyung looked at you expectantly. “What do you say?”

What do I say you ask?

“Let’s do it!”

“Relax princess. I’m not going to eat you.” He bit his bottom lip. “At least not yet.”

You gasped. “Taehyung.” He laughed as he took your wrists in his hands to place them on your belly to stop you from hitting him.

“I’m just joking with you. Now come on. Don’t be so shy and let me get rid of your panties.”

You were sure your face had the same color as a tomato and you were sure as well that his gaze wasn’t helping at all to calm down your nerves. Your body was already on fire only because of his little touches and the fact that he will see your most intimate body part. Not only that, it will be even better. He is going to make you cum with a vibrator. Great isn’t it.

“Can’t you do it through the panties?”, you asked shyly, looking to the side so he couldn´t see your face.

“I can, but I don’t want to, plus it will feel much more better if it comes directly in touch with your clit.”

You blushed even harder. He was more excited than you were. You took a few breaths before nodding your head, signalizing him to take your panties off. He smirked before pulling the material down your legs and tossing it behind him, not caring where it landed.

His hands were immediately on your knees, trying to stop you from closing them. He pushed your legs apart and you couldn’t stop the little gasp which left your mouth. His eyes were glued on your exposed core. His gaze made you insecure and the only thing you wanted was him either to do what he wanted to do in the first place or to stop this whole act.

“Stop staring you idiot.” You tried to cover yourself with your hands. “You act like you didn’t see a pussy before.”

He frowned at your action, annoyed that you tried for the second time to hide yourself from him. “I’m not staring.” He patted your knee, demanding you to remove your hands. “Stop it now and let me start.”

You rolled your eyes. He isn’t the one who is lying almost naked in bed with his friend in front of him to pleasure him. You took your hands away, looking at Taehyung as he made himself comfortable between your legs when he took the vibrator to turn it on. You gulped when the buzzing sound made its way to your ear.

Only now you were aware of this whole situation. Your head felt dizzy and you just wanted to stop before it started. This was wrong. He was your friend. Not your boyfriend or fuck buddy. Your best friend for god’s sake.

You couldn’t speak nor do something to stop him when you felt his fingers on your pussy, touching it to part your lips to get a better access to your clit. You gasped when you felt his thumb on your clit, rubbing the little nub before pressing the toy slightly on it. You gasped again but louder. The vibration sent a wave of pleasure through your whole body. You arched your back and grabbed the blanket underneath you when you felt how he put more pressure against your clit.

“F-fuck, Taehyung.” You moaned when he started to move the small silver toy a bit, trying to find the right spot which would make you see stars when you cum. The pleasure you have got was insane, you would never have thought that it would feel so amazing. Taehyung definitely knew how to use it.

“Fuck.” He cursed. In between whines and moans you looked up at him. He was biting his lip, both hands between your legs and eyes glued on your core.

“Tae”, you moaned when you felt his thumb on your slit, sliding back and forth against your wet folds.

“Look at you.” He growled, pressing the vibrator hard against your sensitive nub. “You are so fucking wet, and you didn´t even cum. Fuck.”

You moaned at his words. When he always talked to you like this you would have only rolled your eyes or ignored it, but in your current state it was different. They had such an effect on you, making you probably wetter than you are.

Your legs were already shaking and you had a hard time to keep them open, when the pleasure was too good to concentrate on something else. He noticed your struggle and pushed your right leg down, preventing you from closing them because of your jerkily movements. You searched for his hand, which was holding your leg down, to squeeze it as the pressure on your clit was too much to handle. There would probably be marks on it, both his hand and your leg, but you couldn´t care less. “Shit, T-tae.” You panted. Sweat was coated over your forehead and neck. “What is it baby girl? Are you close? Do you need to cum?” You nodded and a broken moan left your lips. The pleasure was too much, it hurted already but you didn´t want to stop. You needed to cum, no you wanted to cum.

“Cum for me Y/N. Let me see and feel how your juices will coat my fingers when I press them against your hole when you cum.” You whimpered and nearly screamed when your orgasm hit you like a truck or better, like electricity. The only thing you noticed was how he took the vibrator away from you, turning it off to put his words into action when you felt his fore and middle finger between your folds, pushing your juices out to rub the liquid with slow circles on your clit. You whimpered at the feeling and tried to push his hand away. “Stop please.” He looked at you, the lust in his eyes clearly visible as he took his hand away to lick his fingers clean. You bit your lips at the sight. He looked so hot doing it, especially when he started to moan. Taehyung took his fingers out of his mouth and licked his lips. “I have always imagined how you taste, but I have never thought that you would taste this good.” Your reddened. Just when you wanted to sit up straight, his growl made your heart beat stop for a short moment.

“Fuck it.”

Taehyung was moving hurriedly to lay in between your still spread legs, his face only a few inches away from your core. You couldn´t react quickly enough, still too washed-out from the activity a few minutes ago, when you felt his hot and wet tongue on your folds, licking and kissing every inch he can reach. You arched your back for the second time this day because of two similar feelings. Pleasure and Joy. When he started to circle your clit with the tip of his tongue you lost it. Everything in your body screamed for a release. You were still too sensitive and his mouth wasn´t helping at all for you to calm down. You let out a shaky moan when he pushed your legs wider apart, as he entered his tongue in your wet core, trying to get every last drop of your juices. “God.” You moaned out when he started to rub your clit at the same time as he devoured your pussy like it´s the only think he needs to be alive.

You moved your hips in the same rhythm as he tongue fucked you. He hold you by your hips, trying to stop you from moving when his face got up to look at you. Your cum from before was plastered on his lips and chin, even on his right cheek. You whimpered at the loss. “Stop moving babe, or else I will stop.” You wanted to complain when he squeezed your flesh where he hold you down, stopping you from doing so. “Should I stop?” Taehyung´s gaze made feel you small so you only nodded. Pleased with your answer, his head disappeared between your thighs again.  You pushed your warmth into his face at the feeling of soft kisses on your core, feeling his low chuckle vibrating against it. Your fingers were tangled in his hair when he sucked your clit with such roughness, you thought you would pass out.  “F-fuck, fuck T-tae. I´m cumming. Please.” You whined. “Can I c-cum?” You could feel that he was nodding and feeling nothing but the tight coil in the pit of your stomach, you came undone, you had no choice but to give into it. Letting the waves of pleasure wash over you as you moaned his name loudly, body tense after holding it back for so long. He continued to lick you until your high passed. You moaned slightly at the touch and pushed his head slightly away, too weak to use more strength. He got up and came closer to you while licking his lips clean. With tired and weak eyes, you looked at him as he observed every inch of your face if you are alright. You smiled weakly at him and he smiled back when he suddenly moved forward to kiss you on the lips. He moved his lips slowly and when he entered your mouth you could taste yourself. You already felt yourself again growing hot and bothered when he started to suck and bite on your bottom lip again and again. Just when you wanted to unzip his pants to do him a favor, he leaned back on his knees.

“Next time baby girl.” You panted and looked at him confused, not knowing why he wanted to do this another time. He chuckled and signalized you to look at the clock on the wall behind him. You gulped. Shit. In less than fifteen minutes is starting your shedule for cheerleading you forgot about. As fast as you could you jumped out of your bed to take any clothe you found on the floor to take it on to leave the house without getting too late to practice. Behind you, you could hear Taehyung laughing. This shithead knew you had practice. Before you left your room, you turned around to see a still laughing Taehyung in your bed.

“Fuck you, Kim Taehyung!”  

LGBT Headcanons /Orientations

part of Day 4 for @lgbtmntweek, I thought i’d give my headcanons for the turtles (since none of my plans really involve any of them this week) along with my headcanons for some other characters. Mostly 2012 stuff really


- Demisexual

- Appreciates aesthetic attractiveness but not big on a romantic relationship unless he feels he knows them

- Wishes he was a hopeless flirt like Mikey but turns out to actually be hopeless at flirting because he is A Mess™

- Thanks to the heteronormative romances with his childhood heroes growing up, Leo doesn’t consider a mlm relationship for himself an option until it’s too late and he realises he’s fallen for a guy. Cue double whammy of sexual identity questioning followed by an intermission of internal screaming


- Greysexual

- Has zero understanding of relationship drama and hates when people come to rant to him about it. Highly likely to give terrible advice on purpose as a result

- Closet romantic who puts every ounce of energy into not crying during romcoms and period dramas

- Definitely did not make out with Casey that one night they got drunk.


- Bisexual

- Transgender, which is a headcanon I have @onthespectrumwriting to thank for

- Started referring to himself as a boy as a toddler. Splinter found it odd at first but respected Donnie’s gender identity when he could see Donnie was serious about it

- Swears he wouldn’t touch Casey Jones with a 10ft pole. None of his brothers believe him


- Asexual-Panromantic

- Hopeless flirt but pretty light-hearted about it (he’s a sucker for damsels in distress because then he gets to use his cool heroic one-liners)

- More frustrated than he is amused when his brothers fail at flirting (Leo what are you doing that was not flirting that was falling flat on your face)

- Does not get homophobia/transphobia and frankly doesn’t want to understand those people ever


- Bisexual

- Started to crush on Harmony until she realised this cute girl was actually the daughter of her friends’ sworn enemy

- Kind of traumatised that Irma turned out to be Subprime because she had a little crush on Irma

- Kind of crushed on Shinigami but then she flipped out and tried to kill her with her mind powers

- Bi and ready to cry from her bad impressions with girls

- Plays “Hot or Not” with Casey in their corner of the cafeteria


- Bisexual

- Bi Trash™ and ready to thrash

- Also a hopeless flirt for the sake of one-liners and looking cool. Aborts mission if the flirtee is ready to Kill And Means It

- Definitely made out with Raph that one night they got drunk.

- Plays “Hot or Not” with April in their corner of the cafeteria


- Bisexual

- Queen of the bi squad tbh

- Not as keen on boys as she is girls, but enjoys toying with the former if it fits with her job

- Has known Shinigami was The One but the way she was raised and all her self-doubts make her a ridden ball of angst over it


- Lesbian Idol

- Can have any girl in the world because look at her, but is too much into Karai to consider any other girl

- Is better than you. She knows it, you know it, the whole world knows it


- Asexual-Demiromantic

- Trans girl

- Left her timeline to become a timestress apprentice because of how she wasn’t able to be herself in her own home

- Can recite a timeline of events of LGBT rights movements that span milennia across the multiverse and yet confuses Earth slang and lingo all the time

- Went back in time to witness several Pride marches undercover

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Drabble idea: Of maybe Alison leaving a hickey on Emily on purpose while Emily has to go to work.

Can you do a little Drabble about Alison getting jealous over Emily? Maybe another girls hitting on her or something but then they like get over it and kiss (maybe more ofc) and make up 🤑🤘🏼

Combining these two because the mixed idea makes me giggle (also, it’ll always surprise me that PLL has never dealt with a hickey situation):

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babes, could you rec me good soft!zayn fics with protective liam kinda like in can't help falling in love with you? 💛

Your eyes, your eyes (you make me wanna die)

I Know What You Like Baby (let me get you right) (girl ziam)

use your hands and my spare time

The Badboy and The Nerd, How Cliche

This is Mine (or Step the Fuck Off, Bro)

Down Low, Too Slow

bitten lips and straddled hips

Je Suis Amoureux de Toi et de Tous Tes Petites Détails

Learning to Let Go

Practically Insomnia- Ziam

Lungs Filled With Sadness and Smoke


Found A Boy


No One Will Touch You

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can i get that uh,,,sincerely three kinky sin,, with that good toy use n overstim???

Another anon: “how about some sincerely three poly smut because those boys make me w e a k”

- Connor is the dom
- Jared constantly battles for dominance and sometimes you do too but it’s always primarily Connor
- and that boy loves his sex toys
- he’s got a million
- (now your girl here does not know much about sex toys and already knows these will suck)
- anyways Connor loves to use them on you and your boyfriends
- especially if he’s only doing one of you
- he’ll give the other two sex toys and just let you have fun
- but that being said he always uses them for overstim
- especially as a punishment bc in case I haven’t mentioned he has a punishment to kink
- usually he does it to Jared since he acts out the most
- but let’s just say you acted out for our purposes
- Connor will slap a powerful vibrator on your clit and facefuck you will having your other two boyfriends kiss all over your body or add additional stimulation to your clit until you can’t take it
- kinky boy
- Jared often steals Connors toys when he doms or when he’s only with one of you
- he loves making you and Evan wear stimulating toys in public
- sometimes he’ll do it even to Connor
- which doesn’t end well for him
- Evan rarely uses toys unless one of you tells him too
- but he secretly loves when one of his partners overstims the hell out of him with toys
- okay that’s all I got idek with toys sorry

to the girl he’s with now:

he will kiss you like springtime and you will feel the sun chase away the winter of your bones. he will make beds into castles and his couch into home. he will be a safe space, a deep sigh, a caffeine jolt. he will spread your clothes on the floor and spread butter on your toast. and you will love him, because refusing to is impossible.

he will buy you the same gifts he has given to the eighteen girls he’s been with before us. he will take you to the same starry places he bit my lip and called me perfect. he will tell you the same secrets that he fed to me. i got high on it, finally felt complete.

one day the texts stop, one day he starts standing you up, one day he only kisses you when he’s drunk. one day you’re crying with your arms wrapped around a bottle of vodka because you don’t know what you did wrong but he doesn’t really love you but you’ll fucking die for him and

one day you’re alone at night waiting for him to come home even though you know he’s out with someone else who actually makes him whole and i know this because right now i’m writing a poem from the dark space of our kitchen with my bags packed but too scared to leave yet and i just know if he could ruin me he could ruin you

you’re gonna be his little toy because that’s just what he makes girls into
and i fear for you
i fear for you
i fear for you.

—  run while you can // r.i.d

You know what makes me so fucking angry? 

I have a little cousin who is around seven and he is a very gnc little boy, and my family has a gross history of denying him toys and clothes and hobbies that he wants because they are girl things. This week I was in touch with his mother and she was telling my mother how he started asking her if boys can have their ears pierced, too, and that he wants it. She obviously didn’t want that so she told him that he was too young and that he has to grow up first.

And his 1 year old sister got her ears pierced against her will when she was one week old. I pointed that out to her, and she said, “well yeah, but she’s a girl”.

Girls are expected to suffer. Girls are meant to suffer, and to be branded as the lesser sex; the second category, the subhuman. My heart goes out for my little cousin who has so much suffering ahead of her, already marked in her body with metal and pink. My heart goes out for every little girl, because I have been there, and I know the marks it leaves. I know how hard recovering from the trauma of having your girlhood stolen is.

so this is my walternate, walter girl nicole

i dont know what she does but i do know that i had one set goal in mind when designing her: to make her the most fABULOUS walter girl there ever was u_u i even listened to nicki minaj the entire time while drawing her to ensure Maximum Fabulosity. do you guys think i succeeded?

i think this is her solidified design until i shove her in an actual walter girl dress— i lOVE DRAWING WALTERNATES BTW, its so fun having a set color scheme and idea to toy around with u_u someday i hope i can cosplay this chick too

you deserve better [luke]

summary: I don’t even know how to explain it? I had the idea to write that while listening to ‘what would you do’ covered by Bastille 


You were a great A student in high school, you rarely failed the thigs you were doing. You were smart and everyone knew you for it. You weren’t a party girl, you prefered to study until falling asleep. You always planned on having the best grades so you could have the job of your dreams. But you wanted to go out a little so you went to a big party, it was the holidays and you just wanted to have fun for once

You spotted a blond boy talking to some girls and you recognised him. Luke Hemmings, he was at the same school than you. He wasn’t a bad person but hey was known for drinking at parties. You went to talk to him, you drank with him a little. You enjoyed his company and so did he. Things went fast, you end up really quick naked in his room. But you didn’t plan that this night would ruin your whole life.


I was at my best friend’s party and I was kinda bored. There was girls, beers, again a lot of girls and a group of strippers. Yeah, he know how to party. I was about to go home when I made eye contact with her. I remembered her, she was in high school with me. And to be honest it was a big shock. How could she end up here? As a stripper? The last time I saw her was like, 2 years ago?

“Hey you, you’re Y/N Y/L/N right?” I said as I walked towards her. By the look on her face I could say that she knew me too “Yeah. I remember you, Luke Hemmings” she answered me, as cold as ice. Not going to lie, I had a best memory of her when she was in my bed. I took her right arm and dragged her outside the house.

“You’ll have to pay me Hemmings if you’re bringing me at your house” she said crossing in arms on her breast. I openened my eyes wide open “What? No! I lean. We’re not here for that”. She breathed loudly “Then why are we are? I need to go back inside, it’s my job. I don’t think my boss will be hapy if he finds out that I spent the night doing nothing but talking” I looked at her. “I just want to ask questions” I told her, scratching the back of my head.


You sat on a chair. You knew what kind of questions he was about to ask. They all ask the same things and you always answer with the same things. But this time, you couldn’t tell him everything. “Okay. Ask” you told him, a little nervous. “Well, why did you becamme a stripper? I mean I was in high school with you. I knew your reputation: always good grades, rarely go out. And why did you disapear after we slept together? I mean, no one saw you at school after that” You had to cut him to avoid more questions. “Slow down a little. Okay, listen. To begin, I had to move out, my dad got a promotion in another city. And you wanna know why I’m doing this? It’s because I need money. My parents kicked me out when they found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t go to school, so I had to find a job to feed my baby. And I found this one” you answered him, doing your best to not burst into tears.

“This is stupid. You could have found another job! Looks like you like it at the end They’re always others job, like barista? Cashier?. And where’s the dad of the baby?” He asked you, definitely wanting more explainations. How dare he talk to you like that?! He didn’t know anything about you. You felt sick and wanted to yell at him but you knew that you could lost the job too. “You don’t know anything about me” you spated at him “You don’t know what kind of nightmare for me this is. You don’t know how it feels to be with those pigs, making them have a good time when all you want is to die because you can’t handle to live like that. I tried to find better jobs but you see, I didn’t finished school so no one wanted to hire me. But I love my baby girl, she’s my sunshine. I’m doing this so she can have a great life, clothes, toys and food. You can’t judge me when you don’t know me Luke.” You tried to talk to him nicely but you ended up screaming at him.

He stayed silent for 5 minutes and so did you. It was the first time that you told someone about you wanting to die and by his sad eyes, you knew he was truly sorry. “I didn’t mean to upset you Y/N. I’m just sorry for you, you deserve so much better, you’re still young, you can still go back to school and leave this job to find your dream job” you cut him by putting your left hand in front of his mouth “I don’t have enough to pay school Luke. And I dont need your pity. I hate this job but men are saying I’m good at it. I’ll stop this when my daughter have a safe life”

“God you’re so stupid Y/N” he yelled at you “This is not safe for you! Let me help you! I can ask my mother to help you study, or have classes by correspondance. I know we were not friends but since you and I slept together, I kinda think you’re my friend. I can’t leave you like this” he told you to stay here and went inside to come back 2 minutes later with a paper. “This is my number. Call me if you want my mother’s help” he handed you the paper and you had no choices to take it.

Luke was right, you couldn’t do this your whole life. What if your daughter’s friends found out? Everyone would laugh at her, saying that her mom is a “slut” or a “whore”. Luke left the party after that and you went back inside to finish the night. You won a lot of money, it look like they enjoyed having you with them. To be honest, you couldn’t be mad at Luke for trying to help you. You were scared that he would found the truth about you. 

It was around 2 in the morning when you went home alone. You had to walk because you didn’t buy a car yet. The first thing you did when you closed the door was running to your daughter’s room, checking on her, to see if she was sleeping goog.


I went home a little worried about Y/N. It was stupid to be worried about her but she just didn’t deserve all of this. We never talked before the day we slept together and I’m not really the type of guy who would ignore her the next day. I really want to know her when school was starting back but she just ever came and I didn’t know why until today. I decide to go see her at her work one day, to see how she’s dealing with it.


You sat next to her bed and watch her sleep like an angle. God she was so beautiful, she had her dad’s nose and his beautiful eyes. “Hey baby girl, you know what? I saw your dad tonight”

I love when you kiss me.

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I love when you kiss me.

Harry: You giggle as he hovers over you on the couch. A quiet night at his house turns into a night full of laughter, and playful remarks. His curls brush against your face as his lips kiss your cheek. You desperately want to feel his lips on yours but you don’t want to kiss him first. You have a strong desire to feel his lips on yours. “You’re cute when you laugh” he whispers before getting off the couch. He takes your hand and hurries into the kitchen, he spins you around sweetly, before pulling you into his arms, like a perfect dance routine. “You’re not bad yourself when you laugh” you smile before he spins you around again. “you like to dance don’t you?” you question,
“not really, but the smile on your face is beautiful when you dance.” Harry sweetly comments, his eyes shinning down at you. You look at him and a smile appears on your face, he leans down slowly before his lips press onto yours, a sweet kiss taking place. Butterflies in your stomach form and flutter uncomfortably. Harry smiles into the kiss before pulling away. His lips on yours feels perfect, it’s a sweet sensation you can’t explain.

Liam: You lay on your bed quietly, Liam in front of you, looking down at his phone. His eyes beam down at his phone, not taking his eyes off it. Your eyes gleam towards his lips, so plump and sweet. You force your eyes to move away from his lips, the lips you desperately want to lock yours on. Your hormones raging at the thought of his lips on yours, a want to feel them. You scoot closer and get his attention, he looks at you, with a sweet glisten in his eye. He smiles at you before placing his phone down. He knows what you want, he knows you want the attention you crave from him. He takes your hands, and runs his fingers over your knuckles. You lean up and kiss him sweetly, a few pecks before the kiss deepens.

Louis: He looks at you, ignoring the game he was playing moments ago, for an unknown reason. You don’t look away from your book, more interested in the book than Louis at the moment. He pushes the book down, wanting your full attention. You look at him confused, usually he wants to play the game in peace. He gives you a crooked smile, before trapping you in his blue eyes. They have a slight twinkle to them, a twinkle that makes your heat beat faster, unaware of what they are planning, and unaware of what he is thinking. Niall is a hard person to read, you barely know what’s going through his mind. When you notice him lick his lips, you know what he wants, you know what he is planning and you know what he is thinking. He only licks his lips when he has a desire for something, a desire for passion, love, and affection. His smile begins to grow wider before he finds himself hovering over you. His beautiful blue eyes start to sparkle, they have found what they love, his breathing is a little heavy, his own butterflies starting up in his stomach. His finger trails down your collarbone, before he bites his lip, trying to stop the temptation. His eyes leave your gaze, making their way to your exposed neck, before they make contact with your lips. He makes you think he’s going to kiss your lips before you feel tender kisses being trailed down your neck, he slowly moves to your jaw line, messing with your emotions. You can’t resist his soft kisses down your jawline and neck, they are irresistible. You love the way his lips feel when he kisses your soft skin, being gentle and careful not to leave any marks.

Niall: (This is a bit touchy so read at own risk)

You pull at your sleeves, hiding the marks on your beautiful skin, your having an off day, you’re up and down with how you feel, some days you are okay with wearing short sleeve tops, some days you just can’t bare to be reminded of what you did. You can’t help but keeping pulling at your sleeves, paranoid that you’re exposing too much. Your dinner lays untouched, as you’re more worried about keeping your wrists covered. Niall notices your discomfort, he isn’t the one to like talking about these things. Although he would listen to you day and night. He watches as you continue to tug the sleeves, his eyes are soft, showing sympathy for you. He doesn’t open his mouth to say a word, instead he gets up, pulling you away from the table. His cold hands tug you into the living room, where he sits you down on the couch. He doesn’t say a word still, he is still speechless, but he won’t be for long. He starts to pace around the room, a finger to his chin as he deeply thinks of something, something you’re unaware of. You watch as he continues, starting to make you anxious and nervous, the anticipation of what he does slowly eating away at you. You pull once more at your sleeves before Niall looks at you. He sits next to you, making you face him. He takes your arms before gently rolling the sleeves up on each arm. You go to pull them down but he shakes his head, his soft dark eyes looking at you. His eyes move to your hands before he turns your left wrist over. “you’ll never treat yourself right darling but I want to too. If I let you know, I’m here, for you, maybe you’ll love yourself, like I, love you.” he softly sings before he lays a few kisses down in your wrist, where your scars lay. He looks at you before trailing kisses again on your scars. Your heart flutters at the feeling, the feeling of him kissing away the pain he knows that you have to live with. You love the way it feels to have his care, love, trust, commitment and most of all you love the way it feels to have his kisses along your scars.

Zayn: You stand in the spare room, the room that will one day be your kids room, but for now you’ve been holding off on that. Zayn wants to make it ann cave but you don’t want too. You stand in the room looking at the walls, and admiring how you could paint them a pretty purple for a girl or a blue for a boy. All the shelves that could be lined with toys, and baby things. Meanwhile Zayn smiles at the wall where he wants another 3D TV, and turn to the corner where he can see a pool table being placed. You cross your arms not agreeing with him, he knows very well he will lose out on his plans and ideas. He rolls his eyes knowing he has no chance. He takes a step close to you, his arms wrapping around you, before drawing circles on your hips, his hands slowly trail further up your body before he rests them back down at your waist. He leans over your shoulder, his taller frame making this easy for him. He kisses your cheek unexpectedly, and you love that. Usually he whispers something that makes no sense, or tells a joke that isn’t even funny. But you love when he kisses you off guard, even if it is nothing but a kiss on the cheek. He knows secretly he can’t resist just having one kiss, and you know just as well be cant contain himself.


The most wonderful time of the year

Dear Maya
It’s almost Christmas! I have gingerbread cookies in the oven and I just iced some reindeer. I finished shopping today. Time to sit down with a cup of spiked cocoa and relax. (already had a glass of wine!) I love all the wonderful news about our favorite girl. She had a nonstop year! I hope she is relaxing too and I know she’s so happy to be at home with her family.

K: hey Santa I need some ginger if you can tear yourself away from the toy store

R: hi honey. I’m leaving now. I got the 5 foot unicorn. Have you started the cookies I asked for?

K: You better be kidding and not yet. And before you ask - NO I am not making anatomically correct gingerbread people. You are so one track even with cookies

R: So I won’t be nibbling a robust gingerbread bottom? It was only a suggestion. I have a surprise for you. There’s a red bag in the kitchen pantry that says Mrs. Claus

K: ?????

R: go open it. It’s an early Christmas gift

K: OK. Hold on

R: I’ll wait :)

K: O.M.G. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
are you fucking kidding me??? A storm trooper nutcracker?

R: thought you might like that

K: are you kidding? I LOVE IT!!! And the cookbook!

R: I read on twitter that you said your character Maureen was a little nutty

K: I hope your New Year’s resolution is to get off twitter

R: honey you know that’s how I keep up with us

K: yeah whatever

R: they were talking about my guitar case
the fact that you travel with my guitar seems to bother some. Really so fucking stupid. Some insist it’s yours

K: I have my own guitar case. Maybe you need a new one from Santa

R: I like that one just the way it is. I’m glad you like the nutcracker. It was just a little something to get you in the mood

K: the mood?

R: the holiday baking mood

K: ha ha. I know what kind of “mood” you’re in

R: if you are thinking “Christmas nibbling mood” you’re spot on

K: you are ALWAYS in the nibbling mood

R: only because you are so delicious to nibble on

K: did you get the stocking stuffers on my list?

R: I would like to stuff your stocking

K: Shut up

R: don’t be a scrooge

K: never. I’m just sitting here looking at our tree and smiling

R: the tree looks amazing

K: I love how each ornament means something and I love the ones you picked out. That crystal carriage is perfect

R: for my newest princess

K: I love how you’re so sentimental

R: that’s what Christmas is to me. Being sentimental & being with my family. It’s so good to be home

K: I know it’s been a crazy busy year

R: NYC in a couple of weeks and it will start up again.

K: you can read her the NYC books you got last week

R: I can’t wait to read The Night Before Christmas

K: you’re the best Santa ever

R: it’s the most wonderful time of the year

K: you’re wonderful

R: you’re more wonderful. I love you

K: Merry Christmas dude. Love you more

So sweet Maya
I have lots to do in the next couple of days but I’m looking forward to a family Christmas. That’s what it’s all about. Family and sharing the magic together. No Scrooges here! Just love. That’s all we need. It’s going to be OK.