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How are the 2p's like when they're jealous?

The 2Ps when jealous

2P!America: (tries to hold it in but fails miserably)

2P!China: (goes from passive aggressive to just plain aggressive but tries to make it all come off as a joke)

2P!England: (attempts to smile through the anger)

2P!France: (takes it really hard and goes extremely silent because he’s not good at managing or understanding his emotions)

2P!Russia: (gets very annoyed and takes absolutely no shit from anyone)

2P!Italy: (*cue the evil glares and icy hisses and dangerous auras*)

2P!Germany: (laughs it off then eventually forgets about it)

2P!Japan: (isolates himself to sort out his feelings and ways to deal with them, he’s hurting inside and he hates it)

2P!Canada: (unbridled rage)

2P!Romano: (stereotypical jealous bitch)

2P!Austria: (whatever or whoever it is, he’s going to destroy them)

2P!Prussia: (he gets very insecure and self-loathing and hides himself away so no one has to “deal with” him)