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Summary: A certain family member comes to visit and he has things to say, much to a young man’s distress.

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, emotional abuse, attempted physical harm

Word count: 4,413

Requested by @princeasimdiya12!! Hope you enjoy it; I really enjoyed writing it ah!!


“You did what last year?”

“Oh c’mon Ford, don’t act so surprised. I’ve been doing dumb shit like that since we were young.”

“Okay, sure, but these were young kids. Don’t you think that was a little bit of overkill?”

Stan shook his head, grinning mischievously in Ford’s direction, making his way through an opened pack of gummy bears he had snooped from the bowl by the front door. When Ford continued to stare at him disbelievingly, Stan waved his hand, talking past the gummies in his mouth.

“Hey, in their defense, none of that even worked! Not even the ‘sausages-as-intestines’ bit, and I thought that was pretty intense.”

Ford’s face screwed up in amusement before biting into a chocolate bar. “I’m sure it was,” he mused sarcastically. A moment passed before Ford’s brows drew down, in obvious confusion.

“Then how the hell did you manage to scare them?”

Stan let out a gruff laugh, patting his protruding gut. “Turns out old people are gross, but else is new?”

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on the Naruto girls’ appearances after Shippuden

(long post ahead)

today, someone claimed that Sakura looking like this

means this

and it’s pretty misguided, if not preposterous, though well intentioned.

a) no one is emphasizing her ‘feminine’ side over her ‘masculine’ side. no, not even the story does that. hell, people shit on her for her ‘masculine’ (aka aggressive, “butch”) side all the fucking time, saying she’s too masculine. she was more ‘masculine’ than ‘feminine’ throughout shippuden because of the call of duty or whatever. some other examples of inner Sakura needing to come out were when Naruto pranked Kakashi and when trying to impress Sasuke, but those situations were when she was a child wanting to have fun (which, by the way, doesn’t make her ‘masculine’). She later unleashes inner Sakura when it’s more appropriate in similar situations, like the many instances of her standing up to Sasuke. her ‘masculine’ side comes out when it’s necessary, just as her ‘feminine’ side does. it’s as OP said themeselves; she’s multifaceted.

b) yeah, Studio Pierrot gave all the girls “prettier appearances,” not Kishi. SP is trash, Kishi isn’t. let’s look at all the girls in 700 just to make sure:

Hinata is dressed normally, not at all OOC. Her clothes aren’t form-fitting at all whatsoever.

Ten Ten looks fine.

Ino looks the same as she always has.

Temari doesn’t look any more beautified than she previously did in the manga. 

Sakura looks beautiful, I mean damn look at those curves. Sure, it can be argued that this is for the male audience, but the way she’s looks isn’t OOC for her. 

Here we have Sakura acting like *gasp* a normal, hormonal teenage girl flirting with a guy she hopes has grown up. She wants to look sexy and feminine because she’s sexual, and has been shown to be thinking about this type of thing even since she was 12. The difference is that she’s not growing her hair out to impress a guy like she did as a child, so all true feminists should be 100% supportive of her actions in this instance. Is Kishi a sexist pig for writing her as a normal fucking teenage girl with sexual urges? No. I don’t buy that for a second. (As an aside, this is a great example of why Sakura couldn’t develop feelings for Naruto. She’s attracted to maturity, which Naruto doesn’t exactly have.)

Basically, OP’s claims that the female characters are depicted OOC at the end of Naruto is false in two ways: 1) in that it’s SP, not Kishi, who made certain characters OOC, and 2) in that Sakura has always enjoyed feeling attractive and feminine because she is straight. OP tries to problematize this, and that’s extremely problematic in and of itself. Misapplied slut pity isn’t a good thing.

Sakura moved away from beauty standards in FOD in a healthy way, and she moved back to trying to look attractive in a healthy way as seen at the beginning of Shippuden. The way Kishi wrote her doing so isn’t sexist or bad for Sakura’s development at all whatsoever. The only way Sakura returning to being feminine would be lesbophobic specifically relating to butch women (because not all lesbians are butch!!!!) would be if Sakura didn’t have a perfectly natural feminine side in the first place. OP’s statement that she didn’t see Sakura moving back to femininity in a healthy way has no basis canon. 

I rest my case.


Fandom: Doctor Who

Pairing: 11th Doctor x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: danncrack

Requested By: fblalala2

Request:  please may I have either an one shot/ or prompt with the 11th doctor based on Y/N wearing something of his and him getting flustered because he has feelings for her. to be honest, i think your work is great so i have total faith (that’s my name) in whatever ideas you come up with :) 

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Lily in Hand

Lily in Hand

Pairings/Characters: Dean x reader, Lisa, OCs

Summary: In which the girl who’s always in for flowers at 8:30 sharp in the morning is late, and Dean senses that something is up.

Word count: 2732

Warnings: Drinking, some profanity as always, but it’s assholes, mostly. Beware of assholes. I mean the people kind. You knew what I meant, you sly dog.

a/n: A hearty dose of secure-in-his-masculinity Dean who really likes flowers and a sprinkle of fake dating, because we all need it. This is my first fic after a long hiatus, so I’m rusty, I know. It’s also for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s SPN hiatus challenge, and I used the prompt, ““It’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying me.” Unbetaed, all mistakes are mine. Also, I apologize to every cool dude named Trent in the world. I see you, man, and this is just a story.




She comes into the flower shop at ten forty-three on a Saturday.

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Humans Are Weird: Aesthetics

I’ve been looking at all the humans are weird/ space Australia posts and had an idea. What if humans are the only ones who make things that aren’t functional. Like someone buys paintings for their shuttle pod. 

X’clarp’shiy walked into the human’s pod. Their features always disturbed him. They had eyes larger than infants and only two of them. 

“What are you doing human Linda,” He chattered into the translator. 

“Oh hey, Exclapshiy,” She made a mutilation of his name and he inwardly cringed. “I’m redecorating.”

X’clarp’shly was confused what was redecorating. 

“What is redecorating,” 

“IT’s where you change the style of your room.:
“Was your room not functional? Shall I call the mechanic.” 
“Oh no,” The human gave a burst of noise, which he detected as laughter. 

“I’m redecorating because I didn’t like how it looked.” 

He made an expression of confused his pincers clicking. 
“ I do not understand.” 

“Well don’t you think it looks prettier now,” The human gestured do an image of flowers, a species indigenous to Earth. 

“But-does it do anything?”

“No, it makes the room more beautiful.” 

 Eventually X’clarp’shly just gave up and went sighing to his fellow crew-mates bemoaning, “Humans are weird.”

3years later

Originally posted by jjks

Word Count : 1661 words

Genre: Fluff

Member: Jungkook



“I’m sorry,” I try to find her eyes, but since they’re carefully focused on the ground, it’s not as easy. Being rejected was one of those things that hurt the most, but having to reject someone is twice as bad, well in my opinion.

There comes a short laugh from her, and she raises her head, her eyes locking with mine. The flash of hurt in her eyes, disappeared just as quick as a match in the wind. I try to reach for her wind my hands but she backs away, shaking her head. “I have to go,”


There’s nothing better than watching the sky from an airplane. It gives you the satisfaction of being above everyone else without even doing anything. It was early, maybe six am, maybe seven, I didn’t have a clock on me and turning on the tv-screen that was built in the seat would cause my little sister to wake up.

To my surprise, I actually woke up earlier than everyone else on the airplane. I didn’t know if it was because I was hungry or if it was because the sun shone from the little gap from our window that we hadn’t completely shut. I was never the guy to sleep with light on in my room, in fact, just the smallest amount of light could wake me up from deep sleep. I hated sleeping in a warm and light room, it disturbed me.

I grabbed my phone from my pockets, hoping it hadn’t been crushed between my butt and my seat last night and luckily it didn’t. However, when I turned on my phone, the entire row lit up and I almost panicked because my sister shifted in her seat. Let me tell you, when she wakes up, she doesn’t stop talking. I mean, I love her and she’s adorable, but I think I like her better when she’s asleep.

I decreased the brightness on my phone screen and started scrolling through my phone when I realized I didn’t have wifi. 

No tv and no wifi?

Seeing that I had some free time, I decided to go through apps and delete those apps, pictures and things I didn’t need on my phone, just to make some space for some awesome pictures I’d be taking in Kuala Lumpur.

There wasn’t many songs I wanted to delete and I barely had any apps, so the next place was pictures and I had over four thousand pictures so this was going to take a while. I clicked the upper bar of my phone so my phone would direct me to the very top, something I’ve learned from watching “10 THINGS YOU PROBABLY DIDNT KNOW YOU COULD DO ON FACEBOOK”

There was a lot of pictures and for once, throughout the entire plane ride, I found myself smiling and laughing at memories. I didn’t realize how many pictures I had and how many pictures that could make my brain drift back to years ago. Suddenly my thumb scrolled over a picture of a girl. She was smiling to the camera, her hands looped through mine and smiling.

It was the last school day of school before summer break sophomore year. She looked younger, we both did. We were both wearing our uniforms, her hair behind her shoulders and a smile planted softly on her lips. Little did we both know that after this picture, we would drift away. We didn’t disconnect completely, but there wasn’t much talking to put it that way.

Last time I talked to her was three months ago and we discussed an assignment, but other than that, we barely spoke. I didn’t realize how much I actually missed her until I was scrolling through the pics of the two of us and one of the old couple next to me, smiled and nodded towards my phone, “Is she your girlfriend?”

“No,” I blurted out, a little to quickly.

“Do you like her?”


The old man nodded, but not really buying it. “What is it?” I asked, curios. I already knew what he was going to say but I wanted him to confirm it.

“You don’t smile at your phone like that because of a picture, unless it’s someone special in the picture.”

And that’s how the question started racing through my brain.

Did I like her?

At the airport, in the cab, at the mall, at the store, in the bus, everywhere on the first week of vacation, I was thinking about her. Where was she? What was she doing? Did she think about me?

Does she still have feelings for me?

My mom noticed how I often kept drifting away and how I kept re-reading messages from ages ago.

“Are you going to tell her that you like her or should I?” When my mom asked me that question, I didn’t question myself if I did like her. Really? What guy would go around thinking about a girl for a whole week to the point where a complete stranger and his own mother would bring the subject up, and still deny the fact that he liked her?

Definitely not me.

Later that night, my mom, my sister and I had to move to another hotel because our hotels ventilation was acting up and all guests had to go to another place. It made me frustrated because we ended up at a hotel where their wifi was down, meaning I usually didn’t have anything to at night. Mom came out of the bathroom while my little sister was sleeping and took a seat next to me on the bed. She smiled and stroked my chin.

Puzzled, I asked, “You good mom?”

“I’m sure she’s out there thinking about you too, sweetie.” I knew she was referring to her. I closed the screen of my laptop and leaned my head against the wall, “I rejected her mom, it’s been three years, I’m pretty sure she has someone else,”

“And if she doesn’t, there’s probably a reason why.”

“What are you trying to say?” I squint my eyebrows in confusion. Mom gets off the bed and starts walking to my sister side, tucking her in the blanket so the cold from the air condition doesn’t make her sick, “There’s only one way to find out do she still likes you or if she doesn’t, and it’s always worth a try,”

“Well, she’s on the other side of the world, were on a vacation mom. There’s no way to find out and I’m not going to ask her over text,”

“There’s always a way when it’s love, honey.” She smiles. I try to find something wrong about that smile, trying to see if she’s faking it, if she’s just telling me because I’m her son, but I can’t seem to find it. It’s hundred percent genuine and for some reason, it makes me feel better. “Thanks mom,” I tell her, sincerely.

She nods, “Always for you, sweetie,” her smile falls and she throws some money at me, lightly. It’s just the way we work, by the way, she’s not abusing me and she’s not bipolar. “Now, go to the 7-eleven and buy some chocolate for me.” She demands. I roll my eyes at her but obey nonetheless, she’s my mother after all. Besides, I could use some fresh air.

…well, air. I could use some air.

The trip to the 7-eleven and back to the hotel consisted of thinking about different ways to tell her. I’d schedule the time on when I should say it, and I tried to rehearse some phrases that would sound the best, but by the time I arrived at the hotel, everything erased itself from my mind when I saw her on top of the staircase to second floor.

Her eyes were completely fixed on mine, her phone hanging loosely in her hands. I was blinded by her beauty. Instead of the usual amount of makeup she used everyday, she was wearing minimal amount. Her eyes were clean and her eyebrows wasn’t all that harsh, there was a beautiful glow to her skin from the heat and her lips was glossy and red. Her hair was curly from the heat also, and it was set up in a bun that just gave off that natural vibe. She was wearing a sky blue top with a muffin on it and a white skirt, making her look even prettier.

“Jungkook…” she whispered, shocked and confused.

My mind wandered back to the time where we were at a field trip with our class and she found a cockroach in her room and called me and cried to me for help to remove it. Knowing her, she was scared, really scared to even look at it so I quickly walked to her room and removed it for her. Later on that night, we were watching a movie and she drifted away, falling asleep in my arms.

Seeing that in my mind made me realize that, I wanted that.

I wanted that with her.

I wanted her to come to me when she’s scared, I wanted her to fall asleep in my arms, but better yet, I want her to be with me. So I did what I had to do.

I dropped the bag of chips that I had in my hands and stormed up the stairs. She looked confused and although it made it harder, I kept walking upstairs until I finally reached her. When I did, I placed my palm on her cheek, “What are you doing?”

“Something I should’ve done a long time ago,” I replied before crashing my lips into hers.

The kiss wasn’t sloppy nor was it soft, it was passionate and I liked it. It made my heart race the minute she responded to the kiss and wrapped her arms around mine. She smiled into the kiss and I felt accomplished.

She was mine.

Guilty Prince

The follow up to Bloody Damsel.

“…come on, baby, just keep breathing, just stay with me…” 

 “…down her arm, carefully, gotta cut this crap off’a her…one, two..” 

 “…just drive, Sam! Shit, SHIT, she’s so cold, oh my god…” 

 “…please, open your eyes.. don’t go.” 

 “…sir, you’re gonna need to step back, you can’t go in there..” 

 “Come back to me.” 





Your head felt like lead. Your mouth was so dry you thought it might catch fire. Coherent thoughts weren’t coming to you easy, possibly because it feels like your brain has a giant dent in it. 
You attempted to swallow but gave up on that idea quickly, far too much effort than you were currently capable of exerting. 

Instead you listened to the sounds around you to try and get a clue as to where the hell you were. It smelled clean, like chemicals. You certainly weren’t at the vampire nest anymore, and you could tell you were lying down on a firm surface. Had you died? Was this some sick version of actual Hell where you had to listen to repetitive, annoying sounds forever?


Oh my god, how was he going to deal with you being… gone?
He wouldn’t, was the short answer.
Sam wouldn’t be able to stop him from coming up with another plan to bring one of us back from the dead. It wasn’t the first time and you felt like it wouldn’t be the last. You didn’t know how many times the Winchesters had cheated death, but surely that tape was running out.

An echo of a memory shook loose of how tightly your arms were bound by those horrible chains. You tried to feel for any pain, all you could feel was a pinch on your right arm and pressure on your finger. Well, definitely not dead then.

Then you felt something like two giant balls of cotton wool wrapped around your shoulders, preventing them from any movement. Not that you were gonna be moving any time soon.
Breathing in deeply, you went from toe to head assessing your state.
You got up to your fingers and all you could manage was a little twitch of your index finger. What you weren’t prepared for was another hand engulfing yours. 

“Y/N?” Sammy? Was that Sam’s voice? You desperately tried to open your eyes, it took you a lot longer than you cared to admit. 

All you could see was white. For a second, you once again doubted if you were alive. When your eyes adjusted to the bright lights and a pale green painted ceiling came into view, you knew the unmistakable beeping and pasty colours meant you were in a hospital. Dragging your eyes over to where Sam was, you saw him leaning his elbows on the bed, both of his hands were wrapped around one of yours, his right hand had a splint on his baby finger. His face was pale, hair unkempt and eyes dark, he obviously hadn’t slept properly in a few days. He gave you a watery smile.
“Hey, peanut. You’re finally awake.”
“Where-” your voice scratched out and threatened to send you into a coughing fit. Sam reached out of view and picked up a cup with a straw. After a few drags of water, you tried again. 

“Where are we? Where’s Dean?” Sam swallowed and decided to answer your second question first. “Dean went to the find the doctor. He was worried that you were taking so long to wake up. It’s been a week.. They had to give you blood, you lost a lot. Your shoulders were partially dislocated and your fingers were minutes away from cell tissue death. It has been a week so you’ve probably got some feeling back in them…” You nodded to confirm. “We couldn’t unshackle you so we had to break the beam. After we did that and I pulled out the tube in your arm, you started bleeding so much.” His eyebrows wobbled and his lips pressed together. 
“We came straight to the hospital after that.” 


“Hey, hey, hey, Y/N, nonono, keep your eyes open baby, come on keep ‘em open for me. SAM GET HER DOWN NOW. Y/N, Y/N!!” Dean shook your face in his hands, your hair spilling over his arms. Your eyes remained closed, and your head was limp. Dean grit his teeth, he couldn’t think beyond ‘SAVE HER.’ he reluctantly let your face drop and sprung up to help Sam. 

“The chains are melded onto the metal beam, so there’s two weak points where they connect. We need something to snap it with.” Sam looked around the room, there was nothing but a few couches and a stack of red stained buckets. Nothing they could use to help them get you down. But maybe if… 

He spun around to face Dean. Dean’s eyes were practically bleeding ferocity. He was like a cornered beast, ready to rip something to shreds if it so much as stepped in the way of his goal. His bloody face and smoking gun at his side didn’t help make the picture any prettier. Sam voiced his idea. “If we both hold onto the beam on those weak points and tug, with our combined weight it might break.” He reached for the buckets and separated two, flipping them upside down and standing on top gave them both the height they needed to reach the beam. 

When both Sam and Dean were hanging from the beam, Sam started to count down. “On three. One, two..” They both jumped up and slammed back down onto the beam, a deafening grinding noise shattered the silence in the room. The beam was giving way. Dean looked at Sam with a little more hope, but the determination in his eyes never faltered. “Again! One, two..” 


The beam smashed to the ground, thankfully a few feet in front of where you had crumpled to the floor, the chains now coiled on either side of you. Dean and Sam both crashed to the floor hard. Sam let out a loud grunt as one of his fingers gave a painful crack when he tried to break his fall. Dean landed on his back, momentarily making him breathless. Without giving himself much time to recover, he snapped up and lunged towards you. Picking you up by the waist, he lent you back against the wall and brushed your hair out of your face. 

“Come on, baby, just keep breathing, just stay with me.” He sounded frantic, seeing how small you looked against the wall made him feel helpless. Sam wasn’t sure Dean knew he was talking aloud. 

Sam crouched next to him and carefully slid the disgusting tube out of your arm. It seemed to take forever before the end popped out. The flow of your blood sped up, prompting Dean to rip the bottom of his shirt to tightly wrap the wound. “We gotta get her to the car, get some bolt cutters for these things. Move.” 

You were sitting on the ground outside the nest, Sam was holding you upright as he knelt down on one knee behind you. Dean had the industrial sized bolt cutters gripping the loop that connected the chain to the thick, warped band around your wrist. “Hold her arm down,” Sam went to flip your palm down so he could press your hand into the floor. “carefully,” Dean’s eyes flashed and Sam mentally rolled his eyes but realised there was no reasoning with him right now. He gently pressed your hand into the ground. 

“Gotta cut this crap off’a her. The hospital is gonna ask too many questions if we don’t. One, two, three!” with a grunt and a strained face, Dean managed to separate the loop, snapping the band in the process.
He repeated the action to the other one. He plucked his keys from his pocket and chucked them at Sam.
“You drive.” 

Dean sat sideways in the back of the Impala. He had one arm wrapped tightly around your waist, pressing your back into his chest, his other hand was gripping the makeshift bandage on your right arm. Blood was gushing out of the small hole at an alarming rate and Dean almost went into overload at the sight of the blue scrap, now dark. How you had any blood left in your body after what he saw in the bucket was beyond him. 

“Do we call Bobby or her Dad for them to meet us there-” 

“Just drive, Sam!” Dean snapped at Sam. Sam floored the gas and you all sped off towards the main road. Your head lolled forward and Dean tilted it back to lean on his shoulder, tucking your hair behind your ear. His fingers brushed over your face and made him flinch. Your skin was like ice. 

“shit, SHIT! She’s so cold, oh my god.” Dean didn’t know that tears had started to drip down his face until they hit your shoulder. Your purple and blue shoulder. With a tight grip on your arm, Dean let out a sob. He thought you might die here in his arms. It looked like you were dead already. He pressed the side of his chin to your temple. “Y/N, sweetheart.. please open your eyes. Let me see your beautiful eyes, please.” Sam glanced worriedly in the rear view mirror.
If you died right now… Dean would break.
“Don’t go.” Dean whispered into your hair. 

The short nurse placed a hand on Sam’s chest, keeping him from moving past the foyer where some paramedics had rushed off with you in tow. The firm look on her face meant she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.
“Sir, you’re gonna need to step back, you can’t go in there.” Dean watched as the doors swung back and forth after being smacked open by the gurney. He breathed heavily, his shoulders bouncing up and down with the movement. “You can sit in the waiting room until the doctor comes back.” The nurse gestured behind Sam and Dean. 

Sam turned around and started to follow the yellow line on the floor that said ‘Waiting Area’, Dean just stood still, staring.
The nurse gave Sam a stern look and opened her mouth. Sam put a hand up in an attempt to stem her protests. “You can leave, just let me talk to my brother.” She pursed her lips but nodded eventually and took off after the others. Sam placed a hand on Dean’s shoulder, breaking him from his trance. “What if she dies, Sammy. What if she dies and it’s my fault, because I wanted to take on a stupid group of Vamps.” 

Sam had to take a calming breath before be could respond. Not often did he see his brother so broken up. So fragile. “She’s not gonna die, Dean. She’s tough, and she’s been through worse. You remember that time she broke her femur flipping off that bike ramp into the lake?” 

Dean almost smiled. Despite the fact that you had broken a very large bone and had to be rushed to the hospital, you were cracking jokes the entire time. Everyone else panicked whilst you whined about not getting to try that ‘totally awesome bike flip’ again. That is until the shock wore off, then you screamed the whole building down. 

The resulting months you were laid up in bed at Bobby’s meant that Sam and Dean had to go on hunts without you, much to your dismay. Whenever they got back, you insisted that Dean told you everything that happened, every tiny detail so that you wouldn’t feel left out. Some nights Sam would find you two asleep in your bed, Dean with his jacket still on and arm wrapped around your shoulders, his head leaning on the headboard. You, resting your head on his chest, hand on his stomach. 

Dean nodded with the most convincing smile he could muster, which wasn’t very. Slapping Sam on the shoulder twice, he trudged towards the waiting room, Sam in tow. And they waited. 

They waited for 5 hours before the doctor called out their names. Dean had his head in his hands, elbows resting on his knees, but at the call he whipped his head up and his eyes locked onto the doctor. A tall woman with red hair, slicked back tight to keep it from getting in her face.
Sam had gone to find a coffee machine after they wiped their faces of blood and balled up their jackets into a plastic bag. They definitely needed some caffeine if they were going to stay in this hospital any longer. 

Dean stood up and walked over to the doctor, expecting her to lead the way to wherever you were. 

“Are you a Mr Sam Winchester?” questioned the doctor. 

“Dean, Sam’s my brother.” 

“And you’re related to the patient…?” 

“She’s my girlfriend.” The doctor could see how anxious Dean was to get to you.
“Listen, I’m going to leave the obvious questions I’m going to have to ask for later. For now, you can go in. She’s not awake, I won’t expect her to wake up for a day or two. The physical trauma on her shoulders and arms might leave her with some numbness in her hands and fingers for a week or so. Your lucky you got here when you did, she…” 
Dean let the doctors voice become a white noise and followed her to your room. By the time he got to the door, the doctor was gone. 

He stood in the doorway, taking in the machines beeping next to you, the tube they had put in your arm, the awful hospital gown they had changed you into. Your arms were discoloured with oddly shaped bruises and there were butterfly stitches on your forehead from where you had been smacked into unconsciousness.
His lip trembled once and his eyes poured with guilt.
Sitting down in the chair next to the bed, he lightly took your hand in his. He brushed his fingers over your cheek and was relieved to feel your natural warmth back and not the frightful iciness that Dean couldn’t get out of his head. Your face was pale, but not as deathly as it was before. Letting a few tears slide down his face, Dean leaned his head forward and pulled up your hand to press it against his forehead, his eyes closed. 

“Come back to me.” He muttered. 

You quietly listened to Sam as he told you everything. Your worry for Dean’s sanity only increased with each sentence. Now you were awake, you were eager to see him. You wiggled your toes experimentally and sat up to slowly slide your legs out of the bed. Sam jumped up to place a hand on your shoulder. “Hey, hey, woah, you can’t get up yet. You’ve been asleep for a week.”
“Exactly, Sammy. I’ve been in bed for a week, time to stretch my legs a bit.” and you wanted to find Dean. You needed to see him.
Sam gave you an agonised look. You raised your eyebrows in challenge. Knowing that he wasn’t going to win, you would only try to get up if he left anyway, he helped you sit up properly. “Just put your arms on my shoulders.”
“I can’t even lift my arms above my elbow, Sam. It feels like there’s pressure on the joints stopping me.” You frowned. 

Sam drew his eyebrows together slightly before it clicked. “The doctor said it might feel like that after they had to pop your arms back in. You haven’t been moving to grease up your joints.” You grimaced at the thought of your arms out of their sockets. “Ew.” 

“Well, they were only half out.” Sam said with a badly hidden grin. He knew you thought bones and sockets and stuff were gross. 

“EW, SAM, STOP IT.” You laughed and nudged his stomach with your knee. He laughed along with you, then you were both interrupted by a quiet voice. 


Dean stood in the doorway holding a Mars bar that the doctor had convinced him to get, saying that if he was going to stay up for days on end then he needed to eat something. Your eyes locked onto his, and you stopped breathing. 

He dropped the bar of chocolate and flew to you, your arms already waiting for him. He squished between your knees, his left hand pushed your head into his shoulder, his other arm wrapped around your back. Your arms still stiff, barely managed to wrap around his waist. Your fingers slid under his shirt and lightly scratched the dimples on his back making him shiver, just needing to feel him.
And you held each other. 

Sam had slipped out of the room at some point. “I’m so glad you’re okay.” Dean whispered and press a kiss into your hair. “I thought you- I’m sorry. This is on me.” You leaned your head back, not willing to be further away from him just yet. His hand travelled down to your neck, staying away from your tender shoulders, bruises peeking out from the neckline of the gown. “You did nothing, Dean. I was the dumb one for not checking how much ammo I had before going into something like that. Had I done that, I wouldn’t have had to reload and leave myself wide open for attack. It’s on me. Not you.” 

Any other day, Dean would have argued. He certainly didn’t agree with you, but for now he let you think he did. You gave him a soft smile, knowing what he was like. 

“Well, are you gonna share that Mars bar with me or are you gonna leave it on the floor? Hint: there’s a right answer, a wrong answer, and a secret amazing boyfriend answer.” 

Dean chuckled, his eyes glistening, and he finally seemed to untense.
“You can have it.” 

“That’s my man.” You beamed up at him, and he beamed back.


A/N: Was that worth the ciiffhanger? I hope so considering I was writing every chance I got. luckily no one at work asked me what I was doing! I’m so humbled by all the kind words everyone has given these little fics. 
i have plans for soo many more, so let me know if you want to be on the tag list! 

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Farkle Minkus x Reader

Request: Can I request a GMW imagine for Farkle. You’re insecure because you feel that you can’t compare to Riley or Maya so you start to distance yourself from the group. Please

Warning(s): Insecuirty, kinda self hate but not really, swearing

Masterlist + Request

*Not my gif

Being part of the group was tough for you. You were always jealous of Maya and Riley, they were so perfect. They were gorgeous and both Lucas and Farkle liked them both, so you were always so mad when they basically ignored you. They would always invite you of course, you were their friend but at times, you just felt so distant. You were tired of being a nobody, so within a couple of weeks, you started ghosting away.

You stopped talking to them, ignored their invitations to hang out. You never went outside your room unless it was for school, food or bathroom breaks. But you stayed inside and didn’t do anything. You always thought of ways to make yourself look prettier, trying make up and everything, but you gave up, accepting the fact that you would never be Riley and Maya.

What you haven’t realized was that Farkle always noticed you. He liked you for you, he liked that you weren’t Riley or Maya, he was always fascinated by you. Farkle had noticed your absence and decided to take matters into his own hands. He walked to your house and your parents greeted him. “Do you know where Y/N is?” He asked, your mom nodded and showed him to your room.

You heard a knock on your door and you looked up from your phone. “Y/N, it’s me Farkle.” No answer. “C’mon Y/N, I know you’re in there.” You sigh, getting up from your bed and unlocking the door. “Where the hell have you been?” He asks, rushing to hug you. You hug back, placing your chin on his shoulder. “I’ve been home, eating, sleeping, the usual.” You mumble, pulling away from the hug.

“Y/N, why haven’t you been hanging out with us?” Farkle asks, sitting on your bed, and you go sit next to him. “I’m just tired.” You mumble. “Stop lying, I know you’re lying. Y/N, why won’t you tell what happened.” Then tears start streaming down your face, you finally blew. “I’m just tired of not being enough. I’m not like Riley or Maya. I’m not confident, adventurous, pretty, I’m just me,” You start. “Riley and Maya has Lucas and you wrapped around their finger. I’m sure they don’t mean too, but they do. You guys would do anything for each other. So there’s no place for me.”

“Y/N, do you really feel that way?” He asks and you nod your head. “Why? You’re prefect. You’re funny, generous, nice and you’re gorgeous. You’re not Riley or Maya, you’re you, that’s why I like you so much.” Your eyes were wide, Farkle likes you? “You like me?” You ask and Farkle smiles, “of course.”

“But I thought you loved both Riley and Maya.” you claim. “I do love them but with you it’s different, I always get nervous when you’re nearby and my heart starts racing. Then I realized that I liked you. You mean everything to me Y/N.” Farkle confessed. You were a blushing mess, and the both of you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face.

“I like you too.” you smile. Farkle’s fingers intertwine with yours, and the both of you sit there, enjoying each other’s presence and for the first time, you didn’t feel distant, and it was all because of Farkle Minkus.

the pauper | kim jongin

» historical au!
» lowercase intended

your life certainly felt like someone was controlling you, and you were right, your parents were steering you away from reality. they made sure you were coped up inside the house, reading countless of books and being a proper lady. but you had enough. you were tired of being a person that is always dolled up for every occasion, pretending to be happy and searching for a proper suitor that would soon provide you with everything. but thing is, no man was enough to suit your taste. it wasn’t like you were picky with men; they were all a gentleman and very kind to you, but you had a knack for a man who knows how to live a little, be fun.

soon enough, you found yourself dressed up and sneaked outside your home without getting caught by anyone. how you managed to do it, you never know. even though you were going to get punished by your parents soon, at least you were going to have fun. even if it would last for a very short time.

the first trip was off to the market, and you were slightly nervous because there was a lot of people. even as a person who was in upper class, born with a silver spoon, you felt small against the people here. you basically know nothing, and you were slightly scared because anyone could take advantage. anyone could take advantage of the daughter of one the most powerful people in your city.

you found yourself standing in front of a frail looking woman who had a table in front of her, various of hair accessories that differed in quantities but all still beautiful. you gave her a smile before picking up a small hairpin and examining it in your hand.

“try it, it would look beautiful on you.” you smiled shyly before lifting it up to clip it on your hair. she gave you a mirror to look at yourself and you almost gasped. how could a small thing make something prettier?

“how much for this?” you hesitated, watching for her expression and the anxiousness built up in you. she could put the price higher and you wouldn’t even have an idea. but no, the smile on her face did not falter.

“you can keep it, dear.”

and then off you were to resume your journey. the people around you made you nervous, and you definitely feel gazes landing upon you because you looked different from them. no, you dressed like a proper silver spoon fed person and this was probably the first mistake you had.

after walking for a few minutes, you heard a voice.


you continued on walking and ignored the voice, mentally hoping that it wasn’t you who the person was calling. you walked faster and almost died on the inside when a hand caught your wrist.

“hey you! who are you?” a low voice spoke, sending shivers crawl up your skin, but oddly enough, it made you feel safe and calm. you took your wrist out of his grasp and looked at the stranger in front of you.

beautiful tanned skin and a smile that complimented his soft but dangerous features. he made you endure mixed emotions in a matter of seconds just seeing him.

you looked away and swallowed, “i’m not supposed to answer that, sorry.” turning your back to walk away and hoping he would not bother you again, your prayers weren’t answered and once again, you felt helpless but happy at the same time. happy because this man was attractive, but helpless because you knew he could take advantage of your vulnerability.

“you’re not from here, aren’t you? obviously. just by taking a glance at you, anyone would know.” he scoffed as he eyed your clothes and you shrinked back under his intense stare. “i don’t know the reason why a person like you is doing here but i could only think that you ran away from your home.”

snapping your eyes to look at him in shock, your expression enough was an evidence that what he stated was in fact, the truth. he studied your expression, finding amusement before letting out a laugh.

“god, that look on your face!” he continued laughing. and you could only think that listening to his laughter was one of the best things you ever heard. it sounded so pure and simple, yet you were a sucker for it in a matter of the first seconds of just hearing it.

you didn’t even notice he stopped laughing. jumping in surprise when a hand lifted up a strand of your hair to tuck it behind your ear, you weren’t sure if the loud beating you were hearing was your erratic heartbeat or the noise from behind you but nonetheless, you anxiously waited for his next move.

he sighed. “you should go back where you came from. people like you don’t fit this place, you’re too innocent to be corrupted in this sick place.” you were about to open your mouth to protest but a loud shout interrupted you.

“i found the theif! there he is! by the girl!” your eyes widened when he frantically looked above your shoulders before returning to look at you sadly. he leaned in quickly to plant a soft kiss on your cheek before whispering, “i’ll see you soon.”

you didn’t even get the chance to speak before he turned his back to you and ran off somewhere. completely disappearing from your sight before a woman walked to you, asking if you were okay but your thoughts remained on the nameless boy.

who was he?


Questions were being asked all around and the moment you saw your daughters hand go up into the air, you froze.

The volunteer came to her immediately, with mic up to her face.

You could feel your stomach begin to churn. You had no idea what was about to happen.

“Hi.” She smiled.

All the captain America cast all awed and smiled back at her. Both Chris Evans and RDJ were expressing how adorable they thought she was, which you couldn’t help but chuckle.

“How are you sweetheart?” Robert asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and huffed. “I’m okay. How are you?”

The crowd bursted out into laughter, Chris leaned into the mic, “who are you here with?”

“My mommy. I asked her to take me here so I can ask you a question.” She giggled.

Your daughter was only 6 years old and to this day she surprised you with her wit and knowledge. She was such a brave little girl, which you were absolutely proud of.

“For me?” Chris pressed his hand against his chest.

She nodded, “will you marry my mommy?” She asked.

You widened your eyes as you felt your body tighten. All eyes were on you, people awing and clapping.

Chris threw his hand out and laughter escaped him.

Your daughter was giggling looking at you then back up to the panel. You wanted to run, far away from that place, but you were scared to make any sudden movements.

“Can we talk to your mom?” Robert asked, flashing a cheeky grin.

You were handed the mic, shaking profusely.

“Did you know about this? Did you put your little daughter up to this?” Robert cackled.

You shook your head, feeling your cheeks burn Crimson as your heart fluttered insanely. “Not at all. Trust me, if I knew this was her evil plan, we wouldn’t be here.”

The cast members chuckled along with the crowd.

“So what you’re saying is you don’t want to marry Chris?” Robert taunted.

You began to panic a bit, the heat radiating off your body. “N-No, I mean yes. I mean-” you let out a long breath. “I don’t even know the guy!”

Robert turned to Chris, a smile forming his lips. “Well, what do you have to say about this kid?”

Chris scratched his nose then shrugged his shoulders. “How about this, how about we get to know each other.” He smirked.

“Woah, are you asking her on a date?” Paul asked, teasing him.

Chris nodded and looked back to you, making your breath hitch. “So what do you say? Will you go on a date with me?” He asked. “Wow, I feel like I’m in high school again.” He chuckled.

You were frozen once again, until Your daughter tugged at your shirt, catching your attention. “Mommy! Say yes!” She exclaimed.

You swallowed hard, hearing everyone chant yes simultaneously.

“Come on, sweetheart. Don’t make the guy beg.” Robert winked.

Taking in a deep breath, your lips curved into a shy smile. “Yes, I’d love to go out with you.”

Everyone, especially the cast members all jumped up and applaud. Chris was a blushing mess as he motioned for you to go over to him on the stage.

The volunteer escorted you over, your heart thudding with every step you took.

He gave you a quick hug, a smile never leaving his face. “Wow, you’re even prettier up close.” He chuckled.

You let out a nervous giggle. “Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself.”

Your daughter was in awe, feeling proud of the situation. Chris gave her a high five, and took a picture with her.

“This was the cutest way to get me to go out with you.” He muttered pulling his phone.

You looked down at your daughter who flashed a cheeky grin. “Yea, too bad I didn’t even know about it until you did.”

He shrugged his shoulders, and passed you his phone to put your number in. “But it worked out. I’m going on a date with a beautiful woman.”

You rolled your eyes, dialing your number and letting it call your phone so you had his.

“She likes pasta.” Your daughter muttered.

Chris tilted his head back and laughed. “Thanks for tip.” He winked. “I’ll be sure to take her somewhere Italian.”

Handing him the phone back, you flashed a smile. “You know, you don’t have to do this.”

He slipped the phone back into his pocket, “trust me, I want to.”

“Alright love birds, we have to get this thing going.” Robert exhaled.

Chris gave you a quick peck on your cheek, making your body shiver. “I’ll call you tonight.” He smiled.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Walking back to your seats, your daughter was squealing in excitement. “Mommy! You’re going to marry captain America!”


Requested by @justanotherdeangirl25


(Just look at that smug bastard, he’s prettier than I’ll ever be with any amount of make up.)

Dear all, for the first time I’ve watched a show and find it tragic that no one is watching it with me. The cosplay-tastic level of the armor and props in this is hilarious. Let’s not forget the stunning 3D effects on the level of the early nineties. I think at some point they were either getting really lazy, or behind schedule and just gave up on even trying the blend in the latex elf ears, and I won’t even go into the amount of lace front wigs.

But it was fun to stream while working, and the plot isn’t that bad. (If you don’t count the very chinese ‘wait how did that just happen’ and ‘???’ moments.) But god damn the actors are pretty. Like illegally pretty. Like what the hell. I feel I’m way more invested in this than I should be. 

WE'RE GOING TO A CLUB! -Tony Perry Imagine

Hey could i have one with tony. Where y/n and tony are dating and the ptv guys invite y'all to go to a club. And once you’re there some girls just stare and desperately try to get his attention but he only pays attention to you. Very long and fluffy


You giggled as Tony’s hair tickled your neck. Your legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck.

“I love you.” He whispered, hugging you close, leaning his head in the crook of your neck.

There was a loud knocking at the door. “MAKE BABIES LATER, WE’RE GOING OUT!” Jaime’s voice sounded.

“But we weren’t…” Tony said flustered, his face burning red as you cracked up.

“Sorry, princess!” You said getting up.

You decided not to change your clothes, jeans and a tshirt. You didn’t feel the need to impress anyone, and Tony had told you many times before that you didn’t need to dress up for him, you were already beautiful.

As soon as you stepped out of the car, you heard loud music playing from inside the club.

This was going to suck big time.

All you really wanted to do was cuddle with Tony. And maybe make out a little.

A lot.

Vic didn’t seem too into it either. Mike probably just dragged him along.

“WE’RE GOING TO A CLUB!” Tony yelled.

“YEAH!” Vic screamed behind you.



“It’s winter, dumbass.” You said.

“You’re a dumbass.” Tony replied,  gripping your shoulders and pulled you close the two of you walked.

“PDA!” Mike shouted. “Ew!”


You, Tony, and Vic sat in an empty booth near the dance floor. Mike and Jaime went off with two girls. They seemed nice. Which usually a lot of the girls were rude.

You rested your head on Tony’s shoulder, Vic sat across form you scribbling what looked like song lyrics down in a notebook he took pretty much everywhere with him, and never let anyone touch. Don’t touch my book! He would always shreik and run away with it. Vic looked up and noticed you looking, he narrowed his eyes skeptically moved his arm so you couldn’t see what he was writing. You stuck your tongue out at him, who in return flipped you off. You looked up ad you heard a small laugh. Tony was staring lovingly at you.

“What?” You asked.

“You’re adorable.” He responded, smiling lightly.

“So are you.” You gave him a small kiss on the cheek and leaned back against him. You looked around for Mike and Jaime, when a tall girl in a skimpy outfit approached the table, staring right at Tony.

“Hey.” She said, leaning down, making her breasts apparent. Uouw stared at her. What, were you invisible? You looked up at Tony. He stared at her.

You looked down at your jeans, wishing you had worn something else. You thought she was way prettier than you were.

“Do you want to maybe…get out of here?” The girl asked him, scrunching her nose at you.

“No.“He said simply. Vic looked up smirking. The girl narrowed her eyes at him, then smiled sweetly.

"But baby-”

“Leave!” Tony shouted slamming his hand on the table. The girl grabbed his arm.

“Bitch, fuck off!” Vic spat, looking up from his writing.

Jaime walked up behind her, and toom the water bottle straight from her hands, took a sip and spat it all over her. “AW, WHAT IS THIS, TAP WATER?”



The girl sneereed the walked off, swaying her hips.

“What a bitch.” Tony mumbled, looking down at you. “What, didn’t she see you?”

“I thought you liked her, for a bit.”

“What?” He stared at you. “Come on, Y/N, you know I love you.”


“Promise. Why would I go after her when I have a gorgeous girlfriend right here?”

“He’s right, you know.” Mike said, returning from wherever it was he went.

You smiled and hugged Tony, resting your head on his shoulder. “I love you.” You whispered, playing with his hair.

“I love you too. So much.”

“PDA!” Jaime screamed.

“EW!” Miek started running around in circles.

You rolled your eyes and pressed your lips against Tony’s. You were well aware of Jaime and Mike screaming about PDA behind you, but you didn’t care. You meant what you said about loving him. You smiled into the kiss. How lucky you were to have the man of your dreams right here with you.

A/N sorry if it’s too short, I tried to make it a bit longer like you asked, but I guess it might not have worked out. I loved writing this one, I thought it was adorable.


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Run For It (Part 1)- Fred Weasley Imagine

Anonymous asked: Can you please write a Fred Weasley imagine where the two of you had secretly had a crush on each other but that isn’t revealed until after Bill and Fleur’s wedding when he saves you and then breaks down and cries when he realises he could’ve lost you? Fluff???? Thanks so much, you’re amazing!!!

A/N: thanks! And as usual, sorry for the wait :) the Cousin Barney bit was in the books but not the movie so if ur wondering what the hell I’m talking about, know its canon I guess lmao. Paragraphs 6-8 are pretty much all from the book tbh, I just couldn’t think of another way to do it in the time limit I gave myself.

You stood with your back to the afternoon sun, trying to soak up these last few peaceful moments before the yard of The Burrow was flooded with friends and family of the Weasleys and Delacours. Butterflies and bees hovered lazily over the recently trimmed grass and hedges, there wasn’t a gnome or stray shoe in sight. The place was tidier than you’d ever seen it. You were staring at the great white marquee and the rows upon rows of golden chairs inside, when you were joined by Fred, George, Ron, and Harry, who would be going by Cousin Barney tonight. He was a double of a red-headed village boy (all thanks to Polyjuice Potion) that you and Fred had stolen hairs from using a summoning charm.
“Well, don’t you boys clean up nice,” you exclaimed. “Hardly recognized you there, Harry!”

Fred groaned, partly because of your bad joke and partly because he was being made to wear dress robes.
“When w-I get married, I won’t be bothering with any of this nonsense. You can all wear what you want, and I’ll put a full body-bind curse one mum until it’s over.” He complained, tugging on his collar. You smiled at him, but couldn’t help but wonder if he had almost said ‘we’. However, you were pulled from your thoughts when Ron handed you a seating plan. This was the part of the wedding you were dreading, having to seat the guests.
“She wasn’t too bad this morning, considering,” George said, looking at his plan “Cried a bit about Percy not being here, but who wants wants him? Oh blimey, brace yourselves- here they come, look.”

He was right. Brightly coloured figures were appearing, one by one, out of thin air at the distant boundary of the yard. Bewitched birds fluttered about witches’ hats, precious gems glittered from wizard’s cravats. The hum of excited chatter could be heard from where you stood, getting louder and louder as they came closer. The first lot to reach you was a group of pretty veelas, who George quickly volunteered to help. Fred was forced to handle a gaggle of middle-aged women. One tried to straighten Fred’s collar and he shot you a pleading look over her wide shoulders. You laughed at him, but stopped quickly once you noticed an old man, who was very impatient stopped in front of you, asking you to speak up and hurry up, he wasn’t as young as you were, after all! He ambled behind you muttering about the younger generation’s lack of thought and care.

Once you had seated them, you were stopped by Aunt Muriel, biting back a groan, you listened to her complaints of how short your dress was. “Showing off your knobbly knees, I suppose? What good will that do!" 

 You were trying to keep the smile off your face, figuring that letting your amusement show would only prolong her rant. Luckily, Fred pulled you away by your elbow.
"Hope you made the most of that, because if things go my way, that’s the last time we’ll be seeing her until her funeral.”
“Fred!” You laughed “How could you say that about such a charming little lady!“
He snickered. "Come on, we better find our seats before we get run over by the bride.”

You sat down in the second row and looked around. The poles of the marquee were entwined with white and gold flowers, some of which you had put up yourself, without magic to try and get them to look right. The process had been long and tedious and you bitterly hoped the guests were appreciating it. Fred and George had tied golden balloons over the spot where Bill and Fleur would soon become husband and wife.

Music began to play, seemingly from the balloons. Bill and Charlie came up the aisle. Fred wolf-whistled, you giggled along with a few others, but it turned into an “ooooh!” at the sight of Fleur, her father, Ginny, and Gabrielle making their procession up the aisle. Fleur’s simple white dress gave off a silvery glow, it seemed to make everyone it fell on look even more beautiful. Ginny and Gabrielle looked even prettier than usual in their golden dresses. When they passed the second row, you waved at Ginny, who returned it quickly. Once Fleur reached the stage, Bill looked like he had never met Greyback.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the tufty-haired wizard began in a sing-song voice. “We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two faithful souls…”
“Yes, my tiara sets off the whole thing nicely,” said Auntie Muriel in a carrying whisper. “But I must say, Ginevra’s dress is far too low cut.” Holding back another laugh, you looked around the marquee, watching the guests.
“Do you, William Arthur, take Fleur Isabelle…?”
In the row in front of you, Mrs. Weasley and Madame Delacour were sobbing quietly into scraps of lace. You grinned and nudged Fred with your shoulder to show him, who in turn nudged George. They both rolled their eyes and smirked. Trumpetlike sounds came from the back of the marquee, meaning that Hagrid was also sobbing into a tablecloth-sized handkerchief.
“…then I declare you bound for life.”
The tufty-haired wizard waved his wand over Bill and Fleur’s heads and a shower of silver stars fell upon them, spiraling around them. As Fred and George lead a round of applause, the golden balloons burst: Birds of paradise and tiny golden bells flew and floated out of them, adding their songs and chimes to the din.
“Was that one of yours?” you asked the twins.
They nodded, clearly pleased with the effect.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” called the tufty-haired wizard. “If you would please stand up!”
They all did, Auntie Muriel grumbling audibly; he waved his wand again. The seats on which they had been sitting on rose gracefully into the air as the canvas walls of the marquee vanished, so that they stood beneath a canopy supported by golden poles, with a glorious view of the sunlit orchard and surrounding countryside. Then, a pool of molten gold spread from the centre of the tent, forming a gleaming dance floor; the hovering chairs grouped themselves around small white-clothed tables, which all floated gracefully to the ground, and the band trooped up to the podium.  

“Shall we claim a table before it’s too late?” George asked. You and Fred nodded and followed George, weaving through the crowd.
“Avoid Muriel!” Fred hissed between clenched teeth, for he had seen her heading towards you again. He steered you away by your shoulders, making you laugh. George took three bottles of butterbeer from a waiter and settled for a table towards the back of the marquee so you could see out. Relatives and friends came over to say hello. Having known the Weasleys for quite some time, you recognised a fair few of them. Fred and George introduced you to the ones you didn’t, and told you funny stories about them until the next round of relatives came over. After you finished your butterbeer, Fred held out his hand and said something, but you didn’t quite catch it due to the chatter and the music and the clinking of bottles and plates.
“What was that?” You asked loudly.
“Do you wanna dance?” He repeated. You grinned and nodded. Dancing with Fred was a lot like being knocked around in strong wind, and you loved it. George gave Fred a look, and Fred kicked him under the table before standing and leading you over to the dancefloor. You watched people spin and twirl around on the smooth gold. It looked like it had been like that for years, not minutes. He took your hand and tugged you into the centre of the couples.
“Been a while since we’ve done this.” You said as he started spinning you around in a circle, a full arm’s length away.
“Too long,” He agreed. “Although, last time we did, we broke a vase and two plates.”
“Minimal damage,” you said dismissively. “Especially considering you were involved.”
“I’m going to take that as a compliment.” He laughed, bending his arms so you were closer together. Fred raised one of your arms above your head and twirled you around twice, both of you watching how your dress flared out around your legs. He pulled you back to him, closer again, and swung your arms around between you, still dancing around in a circle.

You watched another couple, presumably from Fleur’s side, elegantly stepping together in time with the music. One of his hands on her waist, and one of hers on his shoulder, the spare hands were held up at chest height. You couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of how you must look compared to them.
“What’s funny?” Fred asked curiously.
“We really are terrible dancers.”
Fred hummed, before replying “What made you realise?” You jerked your chin towards the couple, Fred looked over his shoulder, before looking back at you and laughing.
“They both look like they have something up their arses.” Fred snickered. It was true, their snooty faces were held up high in the air. They both looked like they could smell something terrible.
“Now Freddy, is that really the right way to talk about your new family?” You said, smirking. Fred just rolled his eyes before taking your waist and holding one of your hands up level with your nose. You understood what he was doing and placed your hand on his shoulder.

You both watched the couple, copying their every move (you might have been dramatizing it just a little bit, but what does it matter?) When he bowed to kiss her hand, Fred did the same, adding in a big flourish and bowing down much farther than he needed to. He pressed his lips to your hand (you ignored the blush that had crept up onto your cheeks) and you copied the girlish giggle, slapping your hand over your heart like the lady did. This seemed to catch their attention.

They glared over at you, whispering angrily to each other. Fred also copied this with a devilish grin. They began to move towards the pair of you, so you tugged on Fred’s hand, hissing “Go go go!” and dancing towards the closest exit as quickly as you could without drawing attention. As soon as you were out of the marquee you ran for it, heading to the orchard. You pulled him behind a tree, where you stayed, doubled over catching your breath and laughing.

“Did you see their faces?” He wheezed. “I hope they won’t be coming around for Christmases”

Dear Future Husband / Part 4

Dear Future Husband Previous Parts

Word Count: 1761


You stood at the entrance of your work, hands clasped in fists at your sides as you waited in distain for Chanyeol to pick you up. He had called you three times at work and you were still wondering how he had got your phone number; although, you wouldn’t be surprised if he copied it from the bills stacked on your coffee table.

A silver car pulled up to the curb, the horn honking several times before the passenger side door swung open.

Chanyeol’s fat head poked out of the opening waving you quickly into the vehicle.

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a/n: okay, this is my submission for jilytober! I’m posting it here rather than on the official jilytober tumblr because it went over the word limit by, ahem, a lot, and there wasn’t the read more option when you submit. I’m sorry!

thank you for asking me to participate in this! it’s such a fun way to celebrate Jily and I had a lot of fun writing my fic. I could write 20,000 words of a happy, long Jily life if you let me. happy Jilytober, everyone! :) 

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The Local Badass (S.Coups AU) Pt.4

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3

Seungcheol smiled as he wrapped his arm around a short haired girl’s shoulders “I don’t remember my precious Jiyu having such short hair” he spoke as the two of them made their way to class “who was that girl you came in with?” she asked “why? Are you jealous?” he coos bumping his thumb against her chin lightly. “She’s just some weird girl who my dad is letting stay with us” he told her as he sat down and she sat in front of him. “Is she like some kind of orphan?” she spoke rudely “not really she had a place to live she just never had parents” he explains “yeah an orphan” she said making him laugh. “Lets not talk about it, lets talk about the date I’m taking you on later today” he spoke as she smiled “really?” she cooed as he nodded “I can’t wait then” she whispered as she turned around. 


Y/N walked into a loud classroom as she did it instantly quieted down “she’s the new girl?” one of the girls said as her group walked into the front of the room to talk to her “what’s your name?” the leader asked as Y/N remained quiet “are you deaf or something?” she asks leaning close to her face making Y/N back up awkwardly “well I’m Pepper, that’s GiGi, and that’s-” but Y/N just walked away. “Yeah what a weird girl” Pepper whines “looks like little Dino won’t be alone anymore” one of the boys said as he made his way up to her “name’s Seojun. You’re way prettier than Dino though, easy way to boost your popularity honey is sit with me at lunch and instantly you’ll become cool” he spoke as he placed his hand on her shoulder. She gave it one glance before grabbed it and pulled it behind his back her fingers laced into his hair yanking his head back “oh baby how did you know I love a good dominate” he joked before she kicked his knee out. The others watched in finding it shocking as she just stepped over the most popular boy in their grade. 

Moving to the back of the room she took a seat beside some random desk beside a boy who was gaping at her. She gave him a look as he frantically stuck his hand out “I am Dino but my real name is Chan” he spoke. Glancing down at his hand she lightly shook it. If this was an anime he would have had terrible anime hearts floating around his head. “That was totally awesome” he tells her “what’s your name?” he asks “Y/N” she spoke quietly as he nodded. 

After class as she was leaving Chan quickly chased after her “Y/N Y/N Y/N” he spoke as he grabbed her arm. His hand quickly moved from it “sorry” he told her as he quickly removed his hand “do you want to eat lunch with me and my friends?” he asked as she looked down before nodded. “Alright” he says sticking his hand out “it will be easier and you know I won’t lose you” he spoke as she simply slipped her hand into his. 

Short Valentine's Day Imagine. (Yongguk)

It was Valentine’s Day and you were home with your jammies on and a bunch of snacks ready to watch your drama.

“Am I the only one that ship Eun-Sang and Young-Do together?”

You thought to yourself while you stuffed a piece of chocolate in your mouth and stared intensely to your TV.

Your phone had vibrated and it was a text from your boyfriend Yongguk.”

“Jagiyaaa, what are you doing? I’m coming home late tonight so you don’t have to wait for me to eat dinner.”

“Okay, get home safely and don’t stress yourself out too much! Love you.”

“I won’t! Love you more. :)“

Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays you and Yongguk don’t really celebrate because of the hectic schedule you both have. You were already use of being alone on this day and just eating snacks and enjoying your drama were you daily routine for this holiday.

-Knock Knock-

“What? It’ can be Yongguk, he usually gets home in an hour or two.. Who could it be?”

You went to the door and looked through the peeped hole and it was the door man from downstairs.

“Oh, hello sir how can I help you?”

“Sorry to bother you Miss ___ I know it’s late but there’s a package for you downstairs.”

“What? A package this late?”

“Yes and the person want you to go downstairs and to sign the paper.”

“Um okay thank you.”

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you the elevator is down so you would have to use the stairs.”

“WHATTT?! That’s like 4 floors down!”

“I know ma’am I was tired coming up here too.”

“Ugh okay, you can go down first I’ll meet you there later.”

You went inside to grab a pair of shoes and walk to the stairway.

“Ugh I have to walk down 4 flo-“

Your eyes widened as you open the doorway to the stairway. The stairs was decorated with rose petals and on the wall had a post it on it and you took it and read it

“Hey remember how we first met? You were at my fansign I remember you the most out of all people because you fainted while you shook my hand haha! - Yongguk”

“Omg, why would he bring this up? That day was so embarrassing!”

You went down another level and it had another post it on it.

“Haha, you have two more floors to go! It’s okay baby I know you can do it, you’re a strong girl. Fighting.~”

You laughed and went down another floor.

“Hey are you tired yet? I‘m getting kind of sleepy can you hurry up? Jk, take your time I’m waiting for you.”

Finally you had reached the last floor.

“Finallyyy, you made it. Yay~ Anyways I just wanted to let you know that you are the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world!” You opened the door to the lobby and notice no one was there but the door man.


“Oh hello Miss ___” follow me.”

He leads you outside and walks you to the nearby park where the walk way was decorated with lights and little hearts.

“Just follow the pathway and you’ll see something nice.”

“Thanks, I’ll give you a big tip later.”

He laughs and walks back to the apartment.

You follow the pathway and you finally reached the end.  You see a blanket and a picnic basket lying on the grass and you could see the back of Yongguk and you stood there smiling.

“I’m here.”

Yongguk turned around with a bouquet of roses in his hands and slowly walked up to you.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby, I know that we don’t really celebrate this holiday as much but since this is the first I wanted to make it special for you.”

You smiled even harder and gave Yongguk a hug.

“Yongguk, being with you is already special. Thank you, but why did you make me come out like this? Look I’m still in my pajamas!”

Yongguk  smiles and leans in gives you a passionate kiss on the lips.

“I like it when you look like this you’re prettier this way.”

The two of you had your little picnic together and watched the stars in the night sky.

“Hey oppa.”


“I still didn’t finish my drama can we go back and go watch it?”

He laughs as he kisses you on the forehead.


You guys arrived back safely to your apartment and both of you were in your pajamas lying in bed watching the drama.

“I’m still mad she ended up with Kim Tan! My poor Young-Do!”

Yongguk laughs as he kisses you on the cheeks.

“You’re so cute.”

“Oppa, do you want to be my Kim Tan?”



“Because I’m your Bang Yongguk.”

“LOL, you’re so cute.”

You give him a kiss on the cheek and lay your head on his chest.

“I love you Yongguk.”

“I love you more ___” Happy Valentine’s Day.”

-admin bambam

Can’t Escape Love

From this request: Can you write a dean x reader based on this quote: “one morning, about 4:00, I was driving my car as fast as I could. I thought "why am I on the highway at this time of night?” Then it came to me. I’m falling in love with somebody I have no right to fall in love with. I can’t fall in love with this man, but it’s like a ring of fire.



Dean thought things had been going well between the two of you.

It had started out like any other relationship—you were a small-town hunter. You ran into the Winchesters while chasing down a shifter. Dean had been impressed with your skill. After the hunt, he’d invited you to a bar to have a celebratory drink. You’d accepted and actually managed to get Dean to try a mixed drink that was named after you.

After a few hours, Dean’s mouth began to run on its own. He asked you to join him and Sam, traveling the country, hunting. Surprisingly, you’d agreed.

The next few months were filled with the invigorating task of learning everything about the other. Dean soon knew your favorite food, favorite song, favorite movie. He knew which type of joke would make you laugh until tears came to your eyes at which moment. He knew when you needed a comforting word versus when you needed a punching bag.

And he knew that he was falling in love with you.

The two of you would share secret smiles, secret glances. He found himself drawn to you, always wanting to be near you. Your laugh became his favorite song, your eyes his favorite color.

And then finally, about seven months after you attached yourself to the Winchesters, Dean stole a kiss from you.

Dean had come across you laying on the couch in the living room. You were absent-mindedly flipping through a tabloid, a small pout on your face.

“Hey,” he said, walking in. “Mind if I join you?”

You gave him a tiny smile and folded your legs up. Dean plopped down next to you and cracked the beer he’d brought with him. He turned on the TV, muting it. He flipped around until he found a football game.

He glanced over as your legs moved. You carefully placed them in Dean’s lap, your feet covered in mismatched socks (one had pizzas on it, the other had kittens. Why did Dean find that cute?). Dean smiled to himself as he looked over at you. The small pout was back on your face.

“Whatcha reading?”

“Story after endless story with photoshopped models plastered on the pages.”

“Well…. If it makes you feel any better, you’re way smarter than those girls. Prettier, too.”

You glanced at Dean, his words surprising you.

There was no going back now.

He gave you the tiniest of smiles.

You sat up and reached forward, cupping Dean’s face in your hands. You pulled him toward you, your lips meeting his.

And just like that, you leaned back down onto the couch, magazine back in your grip. You glanced at Dean over the top of the pages, a tiny smile on your face.

Dean returned the smile before gazing back at the TV. His free hand found itself closing around your ankle, his thumb gently rubbing against a kitten’s face.

And then you were gone.

Dean was roused from sleep around four in the morning. ‘What was that?’

He groggily got out of bed, rubbing his eyes. He stepped into the hall, looking up and down. He didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, didn’t hear any other strange noises.

But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that the sound he’d heard was that of a door shutting.

An uneasy feeling took over Dean. He stepped down the hall, in the direction where he thought the sound had come from.

Your room.

He knocked on the door. “Y/N?” He paused, knocked again. “Y/N?”

He opened the door.

You were gone.


Dean hurried back down to his room and quickly pulled on some jeans and boots before running to the garage.

Your car was gone.

“Shit, shit, shit!”

He jumped into Baby and drove off. Where could you have gone at this time of night?

He drove around, not seeing another car, not seeing you.

“Come on, Y/N,” he said. “Where the hell did you go?”

Then it hit him.

Dean slowed down, looking for the side street. He found it and turned, carefully driving down the country road.

After a few minutes, he saw your car, sitting in the middle of the field.

He pulled up behind it and got out, walking towards your car. You laid on the hood, looking up at the stars.

“You know these are the same stars we have above the bunker, right?”

You didn’t look at him. “Sorry,” you finally said. “I just… had to get out.”


You shook your head. “I just…” You bit your lip. “I don’t know how I got here. All I know is that I had to leave. Then I found myself driving my car as fast as I could. There was no one else around. I thought ‘why am I on the highway at this time of night?’ Then it came to me.”

“What?” Dean asked.

You slowly turned your head to him. “I’m falling in love with somebody I have no right to fall in love with.” You turned back to the sky. “I can’t fall in love with this man, but it’s like a ring of fire.”

Dean walked to the front of your car, standing just in front of your legs. “Y/N.”

You lifted your head and looked at him. He reached out—you grabbed his hands, letting him pull you forward.

“I know this is hard,” he said. “But it’ll be worth it.” He cocked his head to the side. “I’m scared, too.”

The corner of your mouth twitched. “You are?”

Dean nodded. “But… I know that I’d be more scared without you in my life.”

Your smile grew. Dean leaned forward, slowly. His lips brushed against yours, his hands squeezing yours.

And suddenly, you both knew that everything was going to be all right.

Jack Gilinsky Smut

”Y/N come onnnnn, we’ve been in here for over thirty minutes.” I heard Jack complain to me while I looked through a rack of clothes. One of my favorite stores was closing in the mall and they were having a huge sale, so of course I would come in here and try to get as much as possible, but Jack wasn’t having it. He was bitching after just being in here for ten minutes. “God Jack, just go wait for me in the food court, I’ll be there in ten minutes.” I replied in an annoyed tone, and right after I said that, he took off.
Once I had paid for the shit load of clothes I had bought, which turned out to be really cheap, I made my way to the food court with my arms filled with bags. Staight ahead I saw Jack sitting at a round table, but he wasn’t alone. There was about five girls sitting with him, and I could tell from where I was standing that there would be no room for me to sit. “Yours and Jacks new music is so good.” I heard a fake red head say to Jack while placing her hand on his arm. Once I finally reached the table, and wasn’t adkowledged by any of them, I cleared my throat to get their attention. “Hey babe, finally done?” Jack said to me with a smile while beconing me with his head to come sit on his lap. “What’s going on?” I ask then lightly backed my ass up against Jack, making him grab ahold of my waist to keep me from grinding on him again, making a smirk appear on my face. “We saw Jack sitting by himself on his phone and decided to come say hi, we’re all huge fans.” A bottle blonde one said to me excitedly. “Yeah, he looked lonely, I certainly wouldn’t leave my boyfriend by himself, especially if he looked like Jack. You never know when someone can come and take him away.” Another bottle blonde said with a hint of sass, making me lightly laugh while shaking my head. “Jack was actually being very impatient, I said he could go wait for me, and he wanted to, so he left.” I say then got off of Jacks left and grabbed my bags and quickly made my way out the mall. Why wasn’t jack saying anything? Once I got to his car I threw my bags in the back seat and got in the car and rested my head on the dashboard. Sometimes his fans really piss me off. I get jealous easily too. “(Y/N), are you okay babe?” I heard Jack say to me once he finally got to the car. “Yeah, I guess.” I mumble. “I don’t think you are.” He replied, and I could hear the smirk in his voice. “I really am!” I exclaim then look at the window so I didn’t have to look at him. Once we finally got to the hotel that we were staying at with jack and Sam and everyone after a long drive, I didn’t even wait for Jack to get out of the car before I made my way to our room. I don’t know why I was actually giving Jack the cold shoulder, he hadn’t done anything wrong except talk with some of his fans. But then again, when one of the little bitches gave me attitude, and he didn’t defend me. “Babe, will you please talk to me.” Jack said to me once he got inside the room and saw me laying on the bed on my phone. I ignored him while scrolling down my tumblr dashboard when he suddenly snatched my phone out of my hands. “Jack! You know how I hate when people snatch stuff from me!” I exclaim angrily while quickly sitting up on the bed. That was my biggest pet peeve, when people snatched stuff out of my hands. It’s so fucking rude. “Then tell me what’s wrong with you! You were all happy when you were shopping then you saw me talking to some fans and now you’re all upset. Were you mad that I was talking to them?” He asked while stuffing my phone in his front pocket. “I’m not even mad that you were talking to them. It was the fact that one of the girls gave me fucking attitude and you didn’t defend me! Shows how much I mean to you.” I say angrily while getting up then continued talking. “Were they prettier than me? Did they have a better personality than me? Did they-” I suddenly got caught off by Jack smashing his lips onto mine and holding my face with both of his hands. “You’re mine (Y/N), you’re my one and only.” He whispered against my lips while looking into my eyes. “And you’re mine.” I add on, making a small smirk appear on his face. “And I’m yours.” He replied then started kissing me again, but with much more passion that it nearly took my breath away. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I got lost in our kiss while he bent down and hooked his arms on the back of my knees, signaling for me to jump. He gently set me on the bed while resting himself between my legs, without even breaking our kiss. We finally broke away from the kiss for some air making him start to kiss on the side of my neck while unbuttoning my jeans and slipping his hand into my panties. “Already so wet.” He whispered against my neck, making my breath hitch in my throat as he ran his index finger between my folds. “God, I wanna destroy this little pussy of yours, but not today, today I’m making love to you.” I felt myself fall for Jack all over again at his words. They were beyond filthy, but then he said something sweet. You never know with jack. “Then do it.” I whisper, as our eyes met. He gave me one last kiss before making me sit up and grabbing the bottom of my sweater then pulling it off me, then took off his as well. Whenever he got off the bed to take off the rest of his clothing, I did the same while still sitting down. Once I was fully naked, and him as well, his eyes raked over my body, but not in a rude way. He was appreciating my body. “You’re so beautiful baby.” He breathed out then got back in between my legs and pressed his lips to mine in a passionate embrace. It had took my breath away. “Make love to me Jack.” I whisper against his plump lips, and he gave me one last peck before grabbing his dick and rubbing it between my slick folds, making me bite my lip in anticipation. Once he finally sunk into me, a quiet drawn out moan left my lips at me stretching to his girth. He was big. He stilled inside of me and leant down so our chests were touching and buried his face into my neck. “I love you (Y/N).” He whispered against my neck. “I love you too Jack.” I say back, meaning every single word and wrapped one of my arms around his back and began to soothingly rub his back. He slowly began to thrust into me, letting me feel every inch of him. God, it felt so good. He eventually lifted himself up and placed one of his hands beside my head and the other gripped onto my hip, then he moved his hand and placed his thumb on my clit and rubbed it in soft, slow circles. “Mmmm, uhh yes,” I moaned quietly as my eyes fluttered shut out of pleasure. “Look at me (Y/N).” I heard Jack breathe out, and with struggle, I opened my eyes and our eyes met eachothers. And I saw love in his eyes for me, something about the way they bored into me, brought me close to my orgasm. My moans became more frequent and erotic as he thrusted a bit harder, and his abs were clenching, along with my pussy. I’m sure sam and the others could hear from his room, but me and jack were too in the moment to realize, or even care. “Fuck.” I heard him whisper then he looked down at where we were connected, making him let out a groan before quickly picking me up and putting us in a sitting positon, and he was even deeper with this positon. “I want you to cum for me baby.” He breathed as he thrusted from underneath me, and I nodded my head while wiping away some of his hair that got stuck to his forehead due to him sweating. I began to meet him thrust for thrust, and our heaving chests rubbed against eachothers each time we moved. “I’m gonna cum Jack,” I whispered while looking straight into his eyes. “Cum for me baby.” He whispered back then quickly licked his fingers then snaked them between us and began to rub my clit in circles. A loud moan left my mouth as I came around his dick, the most intense orgasm he had ever gave me. I don’t know if the sex was just really good, or if it was because it was so passionate. I don’t know, all I knew in this moment was that he was the love of my life. Hearing Jack quietly groan into my neck brought me out of my haze as he shot his cum into my pussy. We sat there, in a sweaty mess as we tried to get our breathing back to normal, and I felt Jacks cum start to drip out of me and onto both of our thighs, but I could care less at the moment. “Do you now believe that you’re truly my one and only?” He asked me, and I truly did believe him, and I told him that. “I love and want you (Y/N), only you.”

•This was originally posted on my other blog mazzimazsexualfrustrations.tumblr.com if you recognize it, I didn’t steal it cause I wrote it! Request smut, imagines, outfits, whatever.


Arya hadn’t intended to like Margaery or any of the Tyrells when they first arrived in King’s Landing. Their House sided with the Lannisters and she would be Joffrey’s queen. That made them her enemies.

But Margaery had been nothing but kind.

The older girl included Arya in her little court of Reach ladies and girls, bringing her along when they gave their patronage to merchants and helped the poor. Even when they left the city to hawk or sail on a pleasure barge up and down the Blackwater, Arya was allowed to come too. And Margaery  would tell her funny stories about Highgarden. 

Though Arya refused to trust Margaery, she couldn’t help but like her. 

So when the Tyrell girl asked that Arya allow her and her maid to curl and dress her hair, Arya agreed after some gentle pressing. 

“We’ll make you look even prettier,” Margaery vowed, making Arya distrust and like her all the more.

As they worked, Arya couldn’t help thinking  painfully of the Lady Catelyn.

“You could be pretty,"  her mother always told her, "if you would just wash and brush your hair and take more care with your dress, the way your sister does.”

But Arya never bothered. She always had something else she would rather do, and never believed it anyway. Not really. Her sister and Jeyne told her she was ugly and called her Horseface, so Arya thought they must be right.

“See, look how pretty you are,” Margaery said when they had finished.

Only then did Arya realize she had kept her gaze purposefully away from the mirror the entire time. She looked up to see an eerily familiar stranger looking back with her grey eyes. The sight of the reflection made Arya’s teeth sink into her bottom lip.

Seeing herself primped up like Margaery and her cousins gave Arya a queer feeling of embarrassment and curiosity. But more than that, she wondered what her mother would say if she saw her like this.  Would she say she looked nearly as nice as her sister? Or would she not compare her to anyone at all?