Adventure time

6 year old disappeared for a bit tonight and I got curious. I went into my bedroom where he can usually be found watching tv or snuggled in my “warm blanket” but no kid. I look in my bathroom and this is what I see:

Kiddo standing in the middle of my floor, buck naked…. poop… on the sink… on the floor… on the wall… on a washcloth… on the toilet seat lid… on the tips of his fingers…

Me: Hey Poo. What’s going on?

Him: *furtively glancing about*  Well, see, I had to poop and I tried to wipe and it just got EVERYWHERE.

Me: So you tried to clean it up?

Him: *still looking nervous*  Yeah, but it just kept getting on everything.

Me: *grinning*  OK man… no problem.  It’s night time so let’s just go ahead and get you a shower tonight and we can get all that off you.  How’s that?

Him: *looking relieved*  That sounds good.  Squirty poops are tricky.

Me: Yes they sure are.

So, he got his shower and I helped make sure he was clean and now he’s all tucked in and asleep. The things we mamas do for our kiddos.