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is boone neutered? what are your opinions on it? I have a dog who isn't neutered, and I have no plans to breed him, I just havent neutered him because he's always supervised and doesnt show any behaviour problems, but I read a lot of opinions on the subject and both sides say you should neuter or you shouldnt

LOL oh man conditioned weight and neutering, we’re just hitting all of dogblr’s hot points today.

boone is neutered, yes. the rescue group vetted, neutered, and did a dental cleaning as part of his adoption package. they (and most rescues in the US) will only adopt out speutered pets due to concerns about accidental litters. i honestly think this is a good thing for greyhounds as in the US, they are virtually impossible to find in shelters/BYB litters because the population is so strictly controlled. Lurchers really aren’t a thing in this country.

as for whether or not your own dog should be neutered, that’s entirely a personal choice and i don’t believe there’s really a 100% right or wrong answer here. its really up to the dog’s individual needs and lifestyles. if you feel completely, forever-and-always, unquestionably accurate that he will never accidentally get out one day or otherwise be put in a situation where there’s a potential for him to sire a litter, it’s not a concern. if he has zero behavior issues (ie no marking, excessive humping, doesn’t go crazy around intact bitches or bitches in heat), it’s not a concern. if you haven’t run into any situations where you’ve thought you wished he was neutered, it’s not a concern.

some dogs do get behavioral issues that get better with neutering. however, just as often it can be solved only with consistent training. i think intact males certainly can pick up some of the less pleasant habits, but neutering isn’t an automatic fix for that, you have to actively work on it.

really the ultimate goal of dog ownership is to ensure your dog lives the longest, healthiest, happiest life it can. but all dogs will die of something, there’s no cure-all. you don’t pass away from “old age” you die because something in your body fails, that’s inevitable. and I don’t believe there’s any concise evidence that intact or neutered dogs live any longer than the other.

so like i said, your choice. personally, if boone had come to me intact i would have neutered him regardless. i do not have complete faith that he will never slip a leash or run into an intact female at some point, especially with how dog-dense this city is. but if he were intact, i really doubt he’d be much different. so you just need to do what you feel comfortable with. but there’s no right or wrong answer. 

i will say that i would always spay a female. i hate dealing with heats, and females i do believe live longer on average if spayed. but for males, it’s much more minor.


new/upcoming Ever After High doll “Justine Dancer”, Daughter of the 12th Dancing Princess

Pros (IMO):

  • Yay! a doll that is unequivocally Dark-Skinned! FINALLY!
  • She’s cute!

Cons (IMO): 

  • the design on newer characters has gotten more simplistic & less interesting. 
  • her outfit & overall look don’t have the cute details that reference her “parents” original story, like older EAH characters do (and older Monster High characters, FWIW).
  • why is her hair barely wavy?

overall, I think she’s a good base doll to re-dress or make into another character/embellish on the Character, but I wish Mattel had made a darker-skinned doll earlier in the EAH line, or at least that they had given this one the attention to detail & design that previous dolls have had.

what are your thoughts? will Justine be attending your local branch of Ever After High?

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You often discuss the reporting requirement under the Bank Secrecy Act and give tips on how to avoid it. FWIW, making cash deposits in such a way so as to avoid the $10,000 reporting requirement is called structuring under 31 U.S. Code § 5324 and it's a federal crime. I realize that you and other sex workers are trying avoid scrutiny by law enforcement, but it wouldn't surprise me if LE was more concerned about taxes than sugaring or escorting.

I totally agree with you. The feds have only ever busted escorting agencies and websites because they didn’t pay their taxes, not because they actually gave a shit about anything else.

I’m certainly not attempting to tell people not to pay their taxes. In fact, I have written many posts about opening sole proprietorships or LLCs in order to be able to pay taxes. However, gift money/sugaring money is this really gray area. You can technically accept I believe up to $14000 a year in gift money from one person without having to pay tax. So for instance, someone who has a business as well as gets a gift from a sugar daddy might be in a predicament. Because technically it is not income but if you pay with that much cash, the IRS is probably going to audit you.

Now what happens if your sugardaddy is no longer in the picture? The IRS will seize all funds and refuse to return any money to you. This happened not long ago to a lady in Iowa who owned a restaurant. The IRS said she was structuring and put her out of business by seizing everything she had in her bank accounts. The poor lady is probably on welfare now. So it’s not so black and white. I’m not advocating for anything illegal because as I said, cash gifts are simply that. But the IRS will not hesitate to take everything you own and most Americans would be smart to remember that.

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fucking hell. gary fucking lester is not two years younger than me

I mean that would make him TWENTY FUCKING YEARS OLD in “A Feast of Friends”.



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subdrop anon - fwiw, your bucky with control issues is amazing. i really, really enjoy the subtle references you slip into your fics re: his issues without the fics being ABOUT his issues, if that makes sense? it makes for a very real and alive character with a lot of nuance, and he gets to do things other than just Recover, all the time, like eat steve out until he cries. i'm sure you've been asked this before, but i can't find it, so please forgive me: do you think he'd ever bottom at all?

thanks! eating steve’s ass is bucky’s ideal therapy, tbh. 

i think he eventually would want to, and i have a lot of bottom bucky prompts sitting in drafts, waiting for inspiration to strike. i think bucky enjoyed bottoming before the war, and i really like how stoat and Z write bottom bucky :D but my bucky is borderline stone top some days…i think it’s going to take him a lot to get to a place where he’s ready to try it again, even though he probably sometimes fantasizes about it anyway.

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yeah i was thinking the same thing; a way to give the story both a “bad” vriska and a “good” vriska :T

Fandom tying itself in knots over their inability to comprehend character complexity?? Here is an easy solution!!! Just split your character in half, make one version the villain and the other the victim, and watch everyone scramble to classify them solely as those types! Prepare for all your headaches to melt away as fandom does what fandom does best and boils everyone down to some sort of simplistic sludge!

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you are tiny and one with nature

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now would be a great time to rob a bank

i was away from my computer last nigh but i would like to acknowledge both these excellent replies

  • me:so this mary sue bang fic is going to be really simple and straightforward and NOT COMPLICATED AT ALL
  • brain:nuh uh
  • me:yes, yes it is. SIMPLE. STRAIGHFORWARD.
  • brain:but what if you made it a tale of them in their middle ages, having a midlife crisis with a dr strangelove meets carnage vibe to it, except if you used zersetzung as a kind of literary device and created a 'room' which was basically a psychological trap fabricated by corrupt russian officials trying to keep a Quidditch World Cup scandal from breaking...

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FWIW- the fact that you and Puffy and some of the others are so positive and willing to entertain various questions and opinions patiently and objectively is why I follow you. I don't always agree with everything, but I love hearing your opinions. I lurked on both sides for a while until I made up my mind that the "others"are bitter and only care about being "right" no matter the cost-and nothing has been proven yet. Don't let those baddies get you down. You are appreciated!

Thank you so much!! :)

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Fwiw, for no explicable reason, my brain has always seen 'charmingpenguincardigans' when I read your url. Which is also nice, I think.

Hee. Also acceptable. How could a penguin with a cardigan on be anything other than delightful? (Or a cardigan with penguins on it!) 

I have been asked so many times why I didn’t just spell out ‘people’. The real answer is that I didn’t think it would fit and didn’t bother to check, but now I’m just using it as an internet Rorschach test. jedimara77, for instance, always reads it as ‘charming poplin cardigans’. I quite like the word poplin, so it works for me. 

That said, I don’t think the current URL is nearly as difficult for people as ‘undahpaaants’ was. The number of As there tripped pretty much everybody.

Someone Already Did the Definitive Pop Culture Parody Of Joss Whedon (It Was Joss Whedon)
Joss Whedon is Topher Brink.

I found this fascinating, even when I didn’t totally agree with the author’s conclusions.  I did, however, agree with him more often than not.  It’s been years since I watched and discussed Dollhouse and this reignited many of my thoughts and feelings about the show. 

FWIW, I feel that all writers are writing about themselves in their work.  There may be one character that represents them or there may be pieces of self in each of the characters they “create.”  Writing is an exploration of self, either reaching for a better self awareness, working out personal problems or dealing with personal tragedies and/or fears.  For me, Joss clearly exposes himself, his doubts, his fears and his concerns in his work.  He isn’t “perfect”, but who amongst us is?  I feel it takes courage to expose oneself, imperfections and triumphs, to strangers.  Joss not only does it in his writing, but he shares himself so often at public events like Comic Con where he is face to face with both fans and critics alike. 

We live in a society where we are constantly bombarded by messages or memes, as it were, telling us who we should be, what we should do, how we should think, what we should wear and so on and so on.  There are conflicting messages, many of which confound and confuse us, others may anger us, while still others force us to comply so that we fit into a mold society has designed and assigned to us.  For me, Joss’ works are about those who struggle against being forced into a pre-assigned role.  As someone who has felt out of step with the world for most of my life, Joss’ writing speaks to me and gives me hope and a sense that I’m not the only one critical of a cookie cutter society.  And, maybe above all else, for me at least, Joss’ self deprecating manner mirrors my own - we are our own biggest critics. 

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Ellen didn't confirm Carmilla was bisexual (or at least I don't think she did, I just jumped into this whole thing). "Carmilla has always identified as a lesbian...[if] she had an encounter with a dude, that doesn’t make her any less than one...a gold star does not a lesbian make." So perhaps a past sexual encounter with a male, but identifying presently as a lesbian. (FWIW I think it's dumb people are mad either way)

Yeah, Ellen confirmed Carm as a lesbian, which had people back to shouting about bi erasure, but the irony that I was pointing out was that the people angry about bi erasure were namely lesbians, while pretty much most bisexuals gave literally 0 fucks and were just like, ok she’s a lesbian.

(Also I’m pretty sure that Ellen also confirmed that the relationship with the poetry dude was just platonic. “She just liked his poetry.”)

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fwiw, while i agree bringing up the 'fat Vriska' thing was tired and not really needed, my impression was that it was also supposed to be a callback to Jane and Caliborn, as a cue for whose side the narrative is on

I figured it was a callback to the original fat Vriska jokes, but yeah, certainly jabs about weight and size have surrounded Jane, and the handling of Jane made it kinda weird that he turned around and did the fat thing here, although of course poor Jane is getting more fetishized than anything else these days. 

So you’re suggesting that low blow was intentional to cue people on in retcon!Vriska being the nasty one? Certainly a lot of that convo seemed to be trying to tip us off about that, although there are holdouts in the update tag who are somehow rooting for this verbal smackdown. 

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FWIW I liked your post re: not writing coming out narratives & avoiding labels & that anon who suggested more queer theory is a jerk. Labels have only ever confused/alienated me--straight, bi, ace, grey, demi--& it was only once I started to think of these labels as modern constructs, politically useful but personally irrelevant, that I stopped feeling broken for not being straight or queer or anything in between & not having a neat, tidy label to hand people when they asked.

politically useful, but personally irrelevant is really the best way of putting it I’ve ever heard to describe my situation.  I’ve gotten to this point now where I’ve started asking people, “Why is this useful to you?” when they ask me what I am.